THANKS FOR THE BIKE Written by Jashwa Riesenbach 4 Draft: 4/3/06


Jashwa Riesenbach FADE IN: INT. ASHLEE'S HOUSE - EARLY MORNING - LIVING ROOM ASHLEE (15) is sitting on the couch alone watching The Power Puff Girls. She laughs at something on the show. STATIC SHOT: EXT. ASHLEE'S HOUSE There is snow on the ground and it is lightly snowing. Through bay window, Ashlee sits on the couch watching the same cartoon. The garage door is half open. BOB (16) sneaks up to the house. He ducks under the garage door and walks over to Ashlee's bike which is leaning against the wall. The bike is white and pink. It has tassles hanging from the end of the handlebars. Bob takes the bike and ducks back out of the garage. He hops on the bike and rides off quickly. The cartoon Ashlee is watching cuts to the credits. Ashlee stands up and walks into the kitchen as she hums The Power Puff Girls theme song. INT. ASHLEE'S HOUSE - KITCHEN Ashlee turns around and walks over to the pantry. She opens the doors and looks around inside. Ashlee spots Pop-tarts and takes a pack out of the box. She turns around and walks back over to the island. She walks to the door from the kitchen to the garage. She turns the knob. Ashlee turns back towards the kitchen and pauses. She turns back towards the door, opens it, and walks into garage. INT. ASHLEE'S GARAGE The garage is dark except for a small amount of sunlight shining through the door. Ashlee looks at the partially open garage door. She feels around for the garage door opener on the wall. She finds it and presses the button. The garage door begins to close and the garage light turns

FISH EYE LENS: Bob tries desperately to look through the peephole. DAVID'S APARTMENT .. Learn to take a fucking joke. EXT. Ashlee's weeping can still be heard. he hops off the bike as he's riding. The garage light automatically turns off. David stands over Bob. She cries hysterically. Bob rings the doorbell. BOB Oh. Bob falls face first onto the ground. He walks the bike down the walk and drags it up the stairs. BOB Dude!!! Stop fucking around! DAVID Oh. He stands in front of the door waiting. Ashlee stumbles over to the wall.MORNING Bob rides up to the apartment on Ashlee's bike. She looks at the place on the wall where her bike once stood. Bob rolls over and stares up at David. looking down at him with a huge grin on his face. DAVID'S APARTMENT . Bob rings the doorbell. He waits for an answer but does not receive one. He leans against the door and tries to look through the peephole into the apartment.. Ashlee collapses against the wall then slides down the wall to the ground. As he gets to the walk. come on.FRONT HALL DAVID (16) looks through peephole. David steps back from the door. INT. The garage door closes completely. BOB I don't have time for this shit! .on. He laughs and opens the door quickly.

I mean. dumb ass. DAVID Screw you.Look. BOB It's not mine.. He runs out the door and pulls Ashlee's bike into the hall. DAVID (CONT'D) Ribbons? There are ribbons on the handlebars. David chuckles and looks at Bob as if he doesn't believe the bike is not his. Bob stands next to the bike smirking. Bob swings his arms and rolls to his feet. BOB Look at this. come on. David reaches out towards the handlebars. DAVID What is it? BOB It's a bike.. BOB It's not! I stole it from Ashlee. Bob stands back from the bike defensively. He runs his fingers through the ribbons that hang off the handlebars.. DAVID What ever helps you sleep at night. DAVID .. David watches Bob with a puzzled look on his face.

.. just forget I said that. So I was walking by her house. . "Hey. DAVID So you were about to tell me about how you stole it from Ashlee." With a blank look.. BOB Okay. David pretends to rethink his thoughts. DAVID Yeah I know. BOB And I notice that her garage door is open... Bob begins to move towards David aggressively in an attempt to intimidate him. David reaches his hand out and places it on Bob's shoulder. DAVID And you think to yourself. like I know you.. Bob winks at David while at the same time intentionally twitching his whole face.Ashlee rides that?! BOB That's not all she rides. Bob looks at David. I think I'll steal Ashlee's bike today. right? DAVID Yeah. DAVID I mean.

DAVID You are one fucked up kid. David hesitates. What do you need me to do? BOB It's nothing really. you’re my heDAVID (INTERRUPTING) I never said yes. David shakes his head back and forth. BOB Oh come on. . He puts his hand on David's back. BOB Thanks man. He looks Bob dead in the eye.BOB Pretty much. I'm joking around with her. Just like I don't have anywhere to put the biDAVID No. I need you to do me a huge favor. BOB Why? DAVID Ashlee dumps you. DAVID What is it? Bob stops leaning on the bike and starts to walk towards the door. Anyway. so you steal her bike? That's fucked up.

David starts walking down the hall. DAVID'S APARTMENT . Bob is standing at . Bob takes the bike. David looks at the ceiling trying to remember the particular incidence that Bob is talking about. David walks turns away from Bob and the door. You're my hero. BOB Thanks. David walks to the top and pulls the pull-string of the attic light.BOB Please dude.ATTIC David stands at the top of the stairs. They reach the end of the hallway. But only cause I'm a nice person. man. DAVID No! BOB So I save your life and this is how you pay me back. Don't you have a closet or something you just throw it in. DAVID You fag. INT. He looks back at Bob pretending to recall the story. DAVID (CONT'D) Grab the bike. I'll do it. David grabs the rope hanging from the ceiling and pulls down the attic stairs. He runs to catch up with David then follows behind him. DAVID Okay.

How and why. You live in an apartment. BOB Can you be serious for one second? DAVID I can try. then back down at Bob. I'm coming. exactly. DAVID To store bikes in. then looks around the attic. BOB No. Man. DAVID You coming or are you just gonna stand there all day. no. bike under arm.. David looks down at Bob. He sets the bike on the ground and puts down the kickstand. He walks over to the stairs where David is standing. BOB Where do you want me to put it? David points at a spot about 10 feet in front of the small attic vent. David swings his hand towards the stairs and bows at Bob. deep in thought. BOB So yeah.the bottom of the stairs.. I was just thinking about something. Bob walks over to the spot. you live in an apartment. DAVID I sure hope you weren't thinking about how observant you are. Bob picks up the bike and walks up the stairs. do you have an attic? David stares deeply at Bob. I don't know. Bob .

Ashlee pouts and trys to look intimidating. ASHLEE'S GARAGE Ashlee rests against the wall where her bike was rocking back and forth.LIVING ROOM . innocent smile. Ashlee's DAD sits in the Lazy Boy with his feet up. He is smoking a pipe and reading the newspaper. He is wearing a robe and slippers. ASHLEE Can you get me aDAD (PASSIVELY) No. The stairs shut leaving only the light from the vent. Ashlee enters the room. She wipes it away violently. creating a spotlight on the bike. ASHLEE But daddy! I need a bike! Dad moves the paper from in front of his face so Ashlee can see him and removes the pipe from his mouth so she can hear . INT.1994 There is a Christmas tree with no presents under it. FLASHBACK: INT.walks down the stairs. Three empty stockings hang from the mantel of the fireplace. ASHLEE Hi daddy! DAD What do you need? Ashlee sways back and forth with a sweet. David turns off the light and follows Bob down the stairs. She mouths rapidly about her bike. A single TEAR drops from her eye and rolls down her face. Above the mantel there are four annual family portraits. She walks over to the Lazy Boy and stands in front of Dad. Some light shines in through the vent and the stairs. ASHLEE'S HOUSE .

She runs out of the room as the newspaper floats .LIVING ROOM . Dad goes back to his pipe and paper. Ashlee sits right outside the doorway crying. Ashlee's Dad sits in the Lazy Boy with his feet up. ASHLEE'S HOUSE . Three empty stockings hang from the mantel of the fireplace. Ashlee snatches the newspaper from Dad and throws it at the ground. He is smoking a pipe and reading the newspaper. ASHLEE Hey.him. DAD What do you want? Ashlee smiles at Dad.. FLASHBACK: INT.1997 There is a Christmas tree with no presents under it. Dad ignores it. DAD (IRRITATED) NO! I’m not gonna tell you again. DAD (IRRITATED) No! Ashlee leaves the room. DAD (PASSIVELY) No! Ashlee gives Dad a real angry look. ASHLEE (IRRITATED) But. daddy. Above the mantel there are seven annual family portraits. He is wearing a robe and slippers. Ashlee enters the room. ASHLEE A bike.. She walks over to the Lazy Boy and stands in front of Dad.

but can't because the Lazy Boy is in the way. Dad blows at the fire frantically until it goes out. Three .LIVING ROOM . Ashlee sits right outside of the doorway ringing her hands. content. DAD (ANGRY) What the hell do you think you're doing? Get back here young lady! Dad puts down the footrest of the Lazy Boy and leans forward to get up. He is smoking a pipe and reading the newspaper. ASHLEE'S HOUSE .down to the ground.LIVING ROOM . Ashlee enters the room. picks up the paper. He is wearing a robe and slippers. Dad attempts to look where Ashlee went. Ashlee's DAD sits in the Lazy Boy with his feet up.2000 There is a Christmas tree with no presents under it. Ashlee pulls a lighter out of her back pocket and sets the newspaper on fire. Dad. Three empty stockings hang from the mantel of the fireplace.2002 There is a Christmas tree with no presents under it. He looks back and sees that Ashlee has already gone. FLASHBACK: INT. Dad reads the remains the newspaper as if nothing has happened. and continues to read. She strolls away. He leans back in the chair. ASHLEE'S HOUSE . ASHLEE Hey. FLASHBACK: INT. He gives up immediately. DAD Yes? ASHLEE (IRITATED) Bike this year? DAD (PASSIVELY) Nope. She walks over to the Lazy Boy and stands in front of Dad. Above the mantel there are ten annual family portraits.

Above the mantel there are twelve annual family portraits. He is smoking a pipe and reading the newspaper. INT. Ashlee's DAD sits in the Lazy Boy with his feet up. The bike is covered in dust and spider webs.ATTIC . Pull through roof to David’s attic INT. Pull through floor of attic into David's room . He is wearing a robe and slippers.DARK Ashlee sits against the wall rocking back and forth with the exact same rage in her eyes as in the preceding flashback. ASHLEE'S GARAGE . DAVID’S APARTMENT – VERY EARLY MORNING The grass is green. She walks over to the Lazy Boy and stands in front of Dad. ASHLEE’S GARAGE – NIGHT The wind is blowing strong and snow is falling hard. The wind howls. sunlight creates another spotlight on the bike.empty stockings hang from the mantel of the fireplace. ASHLEE Yo.SUNRISE The room is completely dark. the trees have leaves. DAVID'S APARTMENT . Pull though roof to outside Ashlee’s garage EXT. Ashlee enters the room. and there is no snow to be found. DAD No bike. As the sun rises. EXT. Ashlee stands and stares at Dad with rage in her eyes.

. BOB (FRANTIC & SLURRED) I--------Ash-------Water------Me.INT DAVID'S APARTMENT . David's phone rings. PROSECUTER (O." David answers the call. He watches a courtroom drama.. He finally hits the power button. DAVID (INTERRUPTING) Bob. The screen reads "Bob C.) Answer the question! Did you or didn't you kill James Smith for the sole reason that he stole your car. He smacks the front of the TV several times. DAVID Hello. Nah'mean? I loved that car. He grabs his phone and runs over to the TV. I can't understand a word you are saying.DAVID'S ROOM David lies in his bed resting his head on his palm. He can't just take my baby and expect to get away with it. DEFENDANT (O. The son of a bitch had it comin’.S. Okay? BOB (FRANTIC & SLURRED) Can't---------Time---------FUCK .) Yeah. But I couldn't let him do me like that. David opens his phone and looks at the screen. He hits the mute button repeatedly but the TV won't mute.S. He picks up the remote and points it at the screen. Calm down and then try to tell me.

David starts to walk towards the door without any of his books. MR.NOON David sits in the front of the class. WEGGERTS knocks on the door. get the door. Mr. MRS. Bob's answering machine immediately starts playing. MEGAN gets up and opens the door. DAVID Fucking phone! David calls Bob's cell phone.MATH CLASS .Small gurgling sound is heard through phone then everything goes silent.. David looks at the screen which says "Call Lost". . MR. that's fine. Weggerts enters the room and walks over to David. He leans on David’s shoulder. Can I talk to you for a few minutes in my office? DAVID Um. DUNNING Megan. INT. You probably won't come back in a while. Mr. WEGGERTS You may wanna take your things with you. Weggerts stops him.. HIGH SCHOOL . DAVID Bob? Bob?! BOB?!!! The phone beeps. MR. WEGGERTS (WHISPER) Hi. David hangs up. Yeah.

WEGGERTS' OFFICE Mr. WEGGERTS Earlier today we received word that Bob is no longer with us. DAVID Yeah. what about it? MR. Weggerts looks down at the desk for a few seconds. INT. Weggerts follows. Weggerts opens the door for David. OFFICER RILEY is standing in front of Mr. He walks back over to Mr. Weggerts' desk. David stands. Mr. MR. WEGGERTS You can sit down. He looks back up at David. WEGGERTS We've heard that you were friends with Bob Crunstann. DAVID No. Weggerts walks past David and Officer Riley. WEGGERTS Well. HIGH SCHOOL . Officer Riley leans forward in his chair. Mr. I'm fine. Officer Riley sits down. David walks into the office and Mr. it appears I have some bad news. He was found face down in creek by . watching them.David walks back to his seat and picks up his books.MR. He sits down behind his desk. Weggerts and they walk out of the room. MR. MR. sit down. OFFICER RILEY Son. if you like. David sits down.

Nobody stops walking until they reach there next class.HALLWAY David runs down one hallway. Apparently you were the last person Bob talked to before he died. DAVID How did this happen? Why?! OFFICER RILEY Well to be honest. Weggerts grabs Officer Riley's arm. He starts to say something. CHURCH – MORNING . What did you guys talk about? David zones out. I don't remember! David stands up and runs out of the room. then another. All the class room doors shut and David is alone in the hallway again. stopping him from leaving. He lies on the ground and watches all the people walk by. we were hoping you could help us answer that. OFFICER RILEY What do you mean you don't know? You had to talk about something. then stops himself. David. He turns to Officer Riley. The bell rings and David's legs give out from under him. Weggerts. Officer Riley starts to follow after him. DAVID We did. He lies on the ground with a blank stare. David sits and stares at Mr. DAVID I don't know.the cannons. Mr. He looks back at Officer Riley. INT. then another. HIGH SCHOOL . INT. He gets to the end and turns down another.

ASHLEE (PUZZLED) Have you seen my bike? David looks sick. People sit in the pews. Then back at Bob. Ash. Ashlee mindlessly stares at the minister. David enters the church. She snaps out of her stare and looks up at David. I’m sitting right there. DAVID (WHISPER) Hey there. He starts to stand up. Bob’s mother cries in the front row. FLASH TO: . Ashlee reaches back and grabs his hand. MINISTER Hello. David points at his seat and pushes on Ashlee’s seat to stand up. She is no longer upset. David. Ashlee gives out a single loud weep. The minister walks up to the front of the church. He slides over to be directly behind her. David stands up and slips back to the row behind Ashlee. My name is Father… Ashlee is crying a few rows behind David. David looks back at her.Bob lies in a casket in the front of the church. He walks up to Bob and puts his hands on the edge of the casket. ASHLEE (MONOTONE) Hi. then goes back to her normal sobbing. David leans forward so his head is next to Ashlee’s. He goes and sits down in a seat at the back of the church. David looks back at her. DAVID If there’s anything you wanna talk about. He ignores it and tries to bring his attention back to the ceremony. David turns back to her.

He looks at the teens in the truck. David runs out of them and down to the side walk. Bye. EXT. four teens sit on the sides of the bed of a pick-up truck drinking soda and smoking cigarettes. CHURCH – LATE MORNING The front doors of the church fly open.DREAM SEQUENCE: INT. David turns his head to the side so he can see the teens. Out front of the convenient store. Light bursts into the room through the vent recreating the spot light on Ashlee’s bike. He looks back at Ashlee. He walks down the sidewalk with his head down and his hands in his pockets. View moves backwards down the stairs very quickly. EXT. The attic is dark. View moves slowly up the stairs to the attic. The stairs slam shut. still staring at the same place. They open. CONVINIENT STORE – NOON David walks down the street with his head down and his hands in his pockets. DAVID’S APARTMENT – HALLWAY The attic stairs are closed. He stops and picks his head up. He comes to a convenient store. INT. He turns back to the ground and walks a few more steps. Ashlee makes nothing of it and brings her attention back to the ceremony. . I didn’t even know you had a bike! I gotta go. ASHLEE Hello? My bike? Have you seen it? David nods his head back and forth. David jogs over to them. CHURCH – CONT’D Ashlee is shaking David’s arm. David hurriedly pulls his arm away from Ashlee and runs out of the church. DAVID (DEFENSIVE) Huh? No! I don’t think so.

Teen pulls back into their shell. DAVID Aren’t you Ashlee’s friend. Jack? JACK (JOKING) What’s it to ya? David steps back thinking he’s over stepped his boundary. DAVID Well I wouldn’t call him an asshole. so I’m a littleJACK You were friends with that ass hole?! David climbs onto the edge of the truck. He told me that she dumped him but he never said why. I just came from my best friend’s funeral. then back at Jack. DAVID Kinda.DAVID Hey. David looks at Teen. Did you here what happened with him and Ashlee? JACK (17) glares at TEEN. JACK That lying son of a bi… He dumped . DAVID I’m sorry. butTEEN You’re wrong. JACK Yo.

Don’t worry about it. I swear to god if I could I’d bring him back to life just so I could kill him myself! But the important thing is he’s gone. JACK (CONT’D) Why did you walk over here? David turns away and starts to walk back to the side walk. She’s fucking 15! Mother fucker got what he deserved.her. JACK Wait! David stops dead in his tracks and turns back to Jack. DAVID It was nothing. . Now! DAVID (ALARMED) What’s the deal with Ash and her bike? She seems wayJACK Last thing her dad bought her before he died. He steps off the edge of the truck and turns to walk away. You would be too. Now get. And. David looks extremely uncomfortable. He dumped her cause she wouldn’t fuck him. JACK Sex. you wanna know why?! David opens his mouth to reply. JACK (HOSTILE) Answer me.

He puts his head back down and his hands back in his pockets. David scurries off. He laughs. TEACHER Excuse me! But. Ashlee kicks the door open from outside the room. The TEACHER sits behind her desk. Students are talking separately amongst themselves. INT. She swings her fist violently across her face sending him flying to the ground. Ashlee storms over to David. The entire class stares at them. Teacher jumps to her feet. ASHLEE I know you have it! DAVID Look. David’s lip is already starting to swell. ASHLEE Up! David casually stands up. He quickly struggles to his feet. As a natural reaction the teacher stops talking and falls to her seat.Frightened. I don’t knowASHLEE Shut up! Ashlee grabs David’s collar. He holds his thumbs in his side belt loops. ASHLEE . ASHLEE Get up! Ashlee kicks David gently. HIGH SCHOOL – HOMEROOM – MORNING David sits in a seat in the back of the class room. She points at him then raises her arm. whatAshlee points at teacher then flings her hand to her waist.

EXT. That’s probably your safest bet. He stumbles and looks back at Ashlee. ASHLEE Good. Ashlee pushes David down into his seat. Teacher runs to the phone and dials recklessly. DAVID’S APARTMENT – HALLWAY David shuts the stairs and walks to his room. Blood trickles from his nose as a single tear falls from his eye. I swear. DAVID Guess I’m taking you to school tomorrow. INT. HIGH SCHOOL – FRONT DOOR Ashlee walks out the front door and stomps away from the school. ASHLEE Where is my bike?!!! I better have it back by tomorrow morning! DAVID (STUGGLING) You will. David shuts off the light and walks down the stairs. INT.Where is it?! DAVID Where is what? Ashlee gives another blow to David’s face. She storms back out of the room and slams the door shut. . DAVIDS APARTMETN – ATTIC – NIGHT David sits on the top stair looking at the bike.

DAVID’S APARTMENT – DAVID’S ROOM David collapses on to his bed. FISHEYE LENS: Ashlee stands pushing the doorbell repeatedly. David rolls over and grabs the clock. He cries into the pillow. Ashlee is standing furious with a small purse. DAVID Yeah. I know. ASHLEE It’s morning. He stares at it for a few seconds then blinks his eyes a few times. He opens his eyes really wide and tilts his head back. David quickly comes to. FADE OUT: INT. She reaches into her purse and pulls out a large hand gun. INT. The doorbell rings a rapidly. David opens the door. The handgun is much larger than the purse. He stands up and puts on a robe. It reads 5:30. David slowly pulls himself to the edge of the bed. He hugs his pillow to his face. still half-asleep. David buries his head back into his pillow. Would you put that thing away? . He looks though the peephole. DAVID I was going to bring it to school. ASHLEE It’s morning. He stares at the clock. to the front door. DAVID’S APARTMENT – HALLWAY He walks. DAVID’S APARTMENT – DAVID’S ROOM – MORNING The doorbell rings. She points it at David’s face.INT.

Ashlee embraces the bike. ASHLEE Take me to it. Startled. ASHLEE After you. Ashlee sees the bike. keeping the gun to David’s head the entire time. David watches her. She giggles then walks her bike down the stairs. Ashlee follows. David and Ashlee walk up the stairs. The gun shoots a bullet strait through David’s forehead. Hold your fucking horses. She looks back at David. DAVID I get it. We cool now? Ashlee smiles. There are speckles of blood on Ashlee’s face. David pulls down the stairs. He turns around and the barrel of the gun is staring him strait in the face. he backs up. She pulls the TRIGGER. David walks turns around and walks down the hallway to where the attic stairs are. Blood pours from the hole in which the bullet entered. She points the gun at David’s head again. DAVID Okay. It’s back here. DAVID It’s up here. She shoves David out of the way and runs over to the bike. Ashlee pulls back the hammer on the gun. DAVID There.Ashlee motions with the gun for David to walk back towards David’s room. Blood splatters on the wall behind him. David turns on the light. Ashlee motions with the gun for David to go up the stairs. .

and spins it backwards over her shoulder at Dad. DAVID’S APARTMENT – HALLWAY Ashlee slowly walks the bike down the hall. She crouches down then slides back up between Dad and his newspaper. Ashlee walks the bike to and out the front door. Ashlee jumps to her feet. In a single motion. Ashlee looks at Dad with a puppy-face. DAVID’S APARTMENT Ashlee leaves the door open. DAD I said no! Now piss off!!! SLOW MOTION: Dad backhands Ashlee across the face. Ashlee turns back to Dad and follows the fire poker with her eyes to the point at which it punctured . ASHLEE (SWEET) Please_____ reconsider. Blood flows down the stairs one step at a time like a slinky.INT. Ashlee slowly looks up at the fireplace tools. ASHLEE’S HOUSE – LIVING ROOM – 2002 (CONT’D) Ashlee stands and stares with rage in her eyes. EXT. INT. DESERT – DESERTED ROAD – LATE AFTERNOON A tumbleweed rolls across the road. She presses her finger at the hooked point on the end of the fire poker then quickly recoils from the pain. She falls to the floor between the Lazy Boy and the fireplace. At the edge of each step the flow momentarily stops until enough blood accumulates for the blood to push over the edge. She gets on the bike and rides away from the apartment grinning. grabs the handle of the fire poker. The hooked point on the end of the fire poker digs into the top of Dad’s head. FAST MOTION: Ashlee rides by on her bike. FLASHBACK: INT.

In the wallet there is a PICTURE of Dad holding Ashlee high in the air by the waist. The top half of the sun sits on the horizon with the road ending in the center of it.Dad’s scalp. Ashlee pays no attention to the picture. Ashlee tosses the fire poker to the side of the Lazy Boy without the fireplace. The picture is from circa 1994. DESERT – DESERTED ROAD – SUNSET FROM BEHIND ASHLEE: The sun creates a reflection on the road and sand. 1 PICTURE . turns her head to the side. close-mouthed smile. She snaps the wallet shut and flings it into her Dad’s lap. Ashlee bends down with her hands on her knees. The sunlight engulfs her. ASHLEE (SWEET WHISPER) Thank you for the bike. INT. and kisses Dad’s lifeless cheek in a stream of blood. Ashlee grips tight on the handle of the fire poker and rips it with great angst out of Dad’s head. Ashlee leans back slightly. . The pocket holds several hundreds of dollars in mostly large bills. Daddy. Dad opens his eyes wide in astonishment. Dad is blinking and moving his eyes all around but can not move any more than that. Dad stops moving his eyes. Ashlee removes all the money. Ashlee opens the wallet. He is dead. Pieces of bone and brain cling to the bloody end of the fire poker. She pulls back revealing a lips-print of blood. blood splatters onto the floor where it hits. As she does this. She has a big.Ashlee’s arms and legs are relaxed but extended. She leans in towards her dad so her lips sit softly next to Dad’s ear. She looks into the pocket of the wallet that holds the bills. Ashlee reaches into Dad’s right pocket with her left hand and pulls out his leather wallet while keeping her right hand on the handle of the fire poker. Ashlee rides off towards the sun. She swings slowly by the fire poker around Dad so she stands in front of him. she gives out a sort of growl. As the fire poker hits the ground.

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