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2 Offered April 25, 2011
3 Commending Hollin Hall Automotive.
4 ––––––––––
Patrons––Surovell; Senator: Puller
5 ––––––––––
6 Unanimous consent to introduce
7 ––––––––––
8 WHEREAS, Hollin Hall Automotive, known throughout the Fort Hunt, Mount Vernon, and Northern
9 Virginia area for its quality customer service, celebrates its historic 50th anniversary in 2011; and
10 WHEREAS, established as a Gulf Oil franchise by Leon D. Harvey, Sr., Hollin Hall Automotive has
11 also been a Chevron and Shell station and was a charter member of the Virginia Gasoline Marketers
12 Council; and
13 WHEREAS, Hollin Hall Automotive was operated for decades by Leon D. Harvey, Sr.'s wife, Ruth
14 Ann, from 1966 while raising seven boys in the Fort Hunt Community; and
15 WHEREAS, Ruth Ann Harvey still can be found running the cash register at Hollin Hall Automotive
16 today at age 88; and
17 WHEREAS, today, Hollin Hall Automotive is an independent station actively involved in the Mount
18 Vernon-Lee Chamber of Commerce that continues to be family owned and operated with Leon Harvey's
19 son, Tom Harvey, and his wife, Judy, as proprietors who have worked at the station for over 45 years;
20 and
21 WHEREAS, Hollin Hall Automotive continues to treat customers to full service that includes
22 pumping gas, washing the windshield, and checking the oil while its state-of-the-art facility with the

23 latest diagnostic equipment enables its highly trained technicians to provide superior automotive repair
24 and maintenance; and
25 WHEREAS, Hollin Hall Automotive has been recognized for its exemplary service and commitment
26 to quality as one of the top repair facilities in the Metropolitan Washington D.C. area by the
27 Washington Consumers' CHECKBOOK Magazine and as an ASE Blue Seal of Excellence classification;
28 and
29 WHEREAS, an integral part of the community, Hollin Hall Automotive has been a generous
30 supporter of local schools, organizations, charities, and events in the Mount Vernon area throughout the
31 years, stepping up to lend a helping hand when the need arises; and
32 WHEREAS, Hollin Hall Automotive has trained hundreds of Fort Hunt residents with automotive
33 repair skills and provided hundreds of quality jobs to community children over the last 50 years; and
34 WHEREAS, Hollin Hall Automotive has become an institution in the Fort Hunt Community
35 generating good will among dozens of communities through its quality service and good gestures such
4/27/11 14:9

36 as providing an industrial quality battery for its emergency generator that powered the Tauxemont
37 Community's water system during Snowmaggedon in the Winter of 2010 allowing that community's 106
38 families to have access to water for drinking, cooking, and other uses at a time when it was difficult for
39 them to leave their homes; and
40 WHEREAS, proud to be a part of the Mount Vernon community, Hollin Hall Automotive looks
41 forward to continuing to provide outstanding service to its loyal customers in the future; now, therefore,
42 be it
43 RESOLVED by the House of Delegates, the Senate concurring, That the General Assembly
44 commend Hollin Hall Automotive on the occasion of its 50th anniversary; and, be it
45 RESOLVED FURTHER, That the Clerk of the House of Delegates prepare a copy of this resolution
46 for presentation to Tom Harvey, owner of Hollin Hall Automotive, as an expression of the General
47 Assembly's congratulations and admiration for the business's 50 years of outstanding service to local
48 residents.

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