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Ge Nae atta iy Peg Sra its Sr ee ta Ork Faces ( ( ( © O et tt ite Highlight the Formess Greyflled Ad small flecks squares with Skull White represent chipped amour Using a Fee Decal brs, create 2 square grid on the relevant part of the model with Fertess Grey I Siver to i] wurre ware ova pisicw Nores Lines: Fess Grey With a Fine Detail bush, outine a Base: Bolgun Metal To get patchy, dark metal look for ‘Ork weapons, start with baccoal of Bolgun Metal. Fil inthe triangular de pat wth Fortes Grey. @ 2h cnet ‘Apply a wash of Chace Black all ‘ver the mel areas to dull ‘down and provide shading I SHY Cd O prt sat ve hip Mt ve > | Highlight Miri Stver Panton chips and scratches with the Maigret Of ode See eeesaaraes |

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