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Syria troops kill protesters in country's bloodiest day of turmoil
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Dozens reportedly killed as live bullets and teargas used against rallies after Friday prayers Syria endured its bloodiest day yet of the Arab Spring as protests against President Bashar al-Assad brought turmoil to dozens of towns and cities across the country and security forces reportedly gunned down dozens of people. Despite a string of government concessions earlier in the week, including the lifting of the hated 48year-old emergency law, tens of thousands of demonstrators demanding greater political freedom and an end to Ba'ath party rule took to the streets after Friday prayers. Security forces around Damascus and other key cities ignored appeals to eschew violence, opening fire with live rounds and using teargas against several pro-democracy protests, activists and witnesses reported. Although information was difficult to obtain, at least 88 people were reported killed, including two in Douma, one in Homs, and at least six in the southern town of Izraa, and others in Moudamiya, outside Damascus, the activists said. With more casualties being reported by the hour, there were fears the final toll would be significantly higher. The White House urged the Syrian government to stop its violence against demonstrators and called on Damascus to follow through on promised reforms. Barack Obama called on the Syrian government to stop using violence against demonstrators and accused Assad of seeking help from Iran. "This outrageous use of violence to quell protests must come to an end now," Obama said in a statement. "Instead of listening to their own people, President Assad is blaming outsiders while seeking Iranian assistance in repressing Syria's

citizens through the same brutal tactics that have been used by his Iranian allies." More than 280 people are believed to have been killed since the unrest began six weeks ago. Twenty-one protesters were killed this week in Homs. Activists and observersin Damascus who described today's events as a watershed moment, said their impression was that protests had been bigger than on the past seven Fridays and more bloody. The protesters' demands varied from place to place. In Kisweh, near Damascus, people called for freedom. In the Mediterranean city of Banias, they chanted: "The people want to topple the regime." Other protesters directed their anger directly at members of the ruling family. "God, freedom and Syria only. God is greatest!" was another rallying cry. In some Damascus neighbourhoods, statues and posters of Assad and his late father, the former president Hafez al-Assad, were torn down, and there was chanting against Maher al-Assad, Bashar's younger brother, who commands the army's elite 4th division. Its soldiers, regarded by many Syrians as a private militia, have been reportedly responsible for shootings in Deraa and elsewhere. In the Damascus district of Midan, 2,000 people chanted: "Zanga zanga, dar dar, Maher is a bigger moron than Bashar!" Another Assad family member, Rami Makhlouf, a business tycoon who is the president's cousin, was also a target of the protesters' wrath. Fulfilling an earlier vow to step up the protests on what they called "Great Friday", demonstrators also rallied in the eastern towns of Deir alZor and Qamishli. In the city of Hama, where Hafez alAssad ruthlessly crushed an armed Islamist uprising nearly 30 years ago, a witness told Reuters that security forces opened fire to prevent protesters from reaching the Ba'ath party headquarters. "We saw two

snipers on the building. None of us had weapons. There are casualties, possibly two dead," the witness said. After prayers finished in Deraa, where the protests first began on 15 March, several thousand protesters gathered, chanting anti-Assad slogans. "The Syrian people will not be subjugated. Go away doctor [Assad]. We will trample on you and your slaughterous regime," they shouted. Unrest was also reported in Raqqa, close to Damascus, Sayda Zeinab, Harasta and Barzeh in Damascus, Tartous, a coastal town, the western port city of Latakia, and the northeastern towns of Ras al-Ayn, Amouda, and al-Hassakeh. The scale and nationwide reach of Friday's protests suggested Assad's concessions, far from defusing popular discontent, may have been seen as a sign of weakness by demonstratorsnow doubly determined to achieve their aim. But there is as yet no clear agreement on what their aims are: accelerated democratic reform, greater economic opportunity, an end to corruption among Syria's wealthy elite, or all-out regime change. In a sign of improving opposition organisation, activists co-ordinating the protests demanded the abolition of the Ba'ath party monopoly on power and the establishment of a democratic system. They did not call for Assad to stand down. In their first joint statement, seen by the Guardian, the self-styled "local co -ordination committees", representing provinces across Syria, said that "freedom and dignity slogans cannot be achieved except through peaceful democratic change". "All prisoners of conscience must be freed. The existing security apparatus has to be dismantled and replaced by one with specific jurisdiction and which operates according to law." On Thursday, Assad signed a decree lifting the emergency law, imposed by his Ba'ath party when it took power in a coup 48 years ago. He also

replaced the cabinet and approved new rights of peaceful protest. But other laws still give security forces sweeping powers. But the first application to protest under the new law ended in the temporary detention of the applicant. Fadel al-Faisal from Hassakeh was held for several hours after filing a request to hold a demonstration. Joe Stork of Human Rights Watch said the reforms "will only be meaningful if Syria's security services stop shooting, detaining, and torturing protesters". Syria officials have blamed armed groups, infiltrators and Sunni Muslim militants for provoking violence at demonstrations by firing on civilians and security forces. Earlier, Reem Haddad, spokeswoman for the ministry of information told al Jazeera: "I think if the people protest peacefully, if they cause no harm, if they don't burn or destroy, I think [security forces] will allow them to do so [protest], and I think after a certain time they will actually disperse them, tell them to go home." Asked at what point forces would open fire on protesters, she said: "If they are shot at, which has been the case previously." While calling for an end to the violence and democratic reform, western and other Arab countries have mostly muted their criticism of the killings and repression in Syria for fear of destabilising the country, which plays a strategic role across the Middle East. Katherine Marsh is a pseudonym for a journalist living in Damascus • Syria • Middle East • Protest Katherine Marsh Peter Walker Simon Tisdall© Guardian News & Media Limited 2011 | Use of this content is subject to our Terms & Conditions| More Feeds

Hungry or guarded
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The hungry person at the all you can eat buffet is happy to take one more item. She doesn't spend a lot of time comparing this to that, or saying 'no thank you' or avoiding certain items. If it's interesting, "sure I'll try a little bit. I can always come back." The guarded person walking down the street avoids eye contact with the

homeless person, doesn't answer a request from the petition-signer and certainly doesn't help a Boy Scout with that old lady. And this is precisely the dichotomy every cause, every candidate and every marketer faces. Either you're selling to people who are hungry for what you offer, who are open to hearing what you have to say, who are fans... Or you're selling to people who are

actively protecting themselves, guarding against interruption or a mistake or worse. How can you possibly have a strategy about what you're going to do next until you determine which mindset you're marketing to? Here's the key truth: in any given moment, in any given situation, a person is either hungry or guarded. You need to decide which sort of person you'll be telling your story to,

because one approach won't work on the other type of person. [PS the mindset can (and does) change as people go through their day. At the bookstore she might be hungry for a new idea, and just a few minutes later, at the bus stop, she wants to be alone...]

by L Ron Hubbard. A person classified "1. "I feel strongly about this for a number of reasons. but. I tend to run toward things I don't understand. equated "homosexuality with being a pervert".) In his resignation letter. Haggis was walking to a record store when a young man pressed a book into his hands. During the flight. Haggis had demanded that the church publicly renounce Proposition 8. the San Diego church's "public sponsorship of Proposition 8. a publication urged Scientologists to cultivate celebrities: "It is obvious what would happen to Scientology if prime communicators benefiting from it would mention it. and they revere him as "the source" of the religion. from its inception. Many of them were young and had quit school in order to follow their dreams. without criminals and without war. The thought that he might be entering a cult didn't bother him. Haggis's letter raised awkward questions about the church's attitude toward homosexuality." Haggis reminded Davis that a few years earlier his wife had been ordered to disconnect from her parents. One day in 1975. his resignation from the Church of Scientology felt like a very public act of betrayal. "To see you lie so easily. when an actor on the set gave him a copy of Dianetics. I met Haggis. one of the first levels in what the church calls the Bridge to Total Freedom. a new level. (There are now satellites in Paris. Scientologists believe that Hubbard discovered the fundamental truths of existence. Haggis wrote the screenplay for Million Dollar Baby. 'What's this letter Paul sent you?'" Davis says. Travolta and Sky Dayton. Haggis related a story about Katy." The book was Dianetics: The Modern Science Of Mental Health. In 1955. whose extensive writings and lectures form the church's scripture. (The church considers psychiatry an evil profession. In fact. Wood declared that the death was "accidental"." At the time. she says. a computerscience professor at Carnegie Mellon University." The state of Florida filed charges against the church. including Archer. Ted. Scientology became a potent force in Hollywood." At the end of the 60s. Davis responded. saying. He and Gettas took a course together and. but they were also smart and ambitious." In his resignation letter. David S Touretzky." Haggis says. in New York. "Scientology put me into the big time. Düsseldorf. And.) Over the next decade. Vienna. which won the Oscar for Best Picture in 2004. The presenter John Roberts asked Davis about the church's policy of "disconnection". which was published in 1950. which succeeded in taking away the civil rights of gay and lesbian citizens of California – rights that were granted them by the Supreme Court of our state – is a stain on the integrity of our organisation and a stain on us personally. at least among those in the entertainment business. (The church says there are no fixed fees. I would be dead. Florence. and the church. Tommy Davis. I refuse to consent." Haggis wrote. and they began sharing a onebedroom apartment. Since the early 80s. She became comatose. at a discount rate. "You have a mind. the founder of Submitted at 4/22/2011 6:24:30 PM On 19 August 2009. Haggis wasn't an obscure dissident. he drifted. the year that Haggis became a Scientologist.) He had made his ascent by buying "intensives" – bundled hours of auditing. By the time Haggis began reading it. but she told a reporter. "I hereby resign my membership in the Church of Scientology. "Tommy. in Hollywood." Online." Haggis says. which reported. I have been shocked on too many occasions to hear Scientologists make derogatory remarks about gay people. and preparing for two events later that week: a preview screening in New York and a charitable trip to Haiti. "This is the owner's manual. Today. Haggis was born in 1953. Our public association with that hate-filled legislation shames us. helped her lose her craving for cocaine. Tommy. New York. A St Petersburg Times exposé had inspired a fresh series of hostile reports on Scientology. adding. (In 1988. (Such remarks don't appear in recent editions of the book. 57. and where man is free to rise to greater heights. she checked out against doctors' advice. and he wrote and directed Crash. (He is not a defector. "You and I both know there has been a hidden anti-gay sentiment in the church for a long time." the man said. too. Hubbard's Tone Scale. in which members are encouraged to separate themselves from friends or family members who criticise Scientology. when he was 22. Haggis and Gettas were having arguments. "All the way to the top. are the aims of Scientology. a nurse. a year after the church's founding. "Covertly Hostile" – "the most dangerous and wicked level" – and he noted that people in this state engaged in such things as casual sex. and died of a pulmonary embolism before church members finally brought her to the hospital. a thriller starring Russell Crowe. sadism and homosexual activity. Ontario. which won Best Picture the next year. I am afraid I had to ask myself: what else are you lying about?" Haggis forwarded his resignation to more than 20 Scientologist friends. He had read a recent exposé in a Florida newspaper. "A civilisation without insanity.) McPherson spent the next 17 days being subjected to church remedies. which was the highest level available when he became affiliated with the church. the founder of EarthLink. Scientology postulates that every person is a Thetan – an immortal spiritual being that lives through countless lifetimes." Haggis was prominent in both Scientology and Hollywood." The number refers to a sliding Tone Scale of emotional states that Hubbard published in a 1951 book. "Silence is consent. "'Destroy the letter. To Haggis's friends. he had been in the organisation for nearly 35 years. but after leaving school. The Science Of Survival. As Haggis saw it. Haggis said he felt "dumbstruck and horrified". it required study at sea. there was the death of Lisa McPherson. Haggis explained to Davis that. "it drew my interest. according to the church. "This is the most severe case of dehydration I've ever seen. Haggis came across an appearance that Davis had made on CNN in May 2008. She had crashed a car in Clearwater. Haggis wrote. "People started calling me. who starred in Fatal Attraction and Patriot Games. "We all know this policy exists. Scientology. Davis. Las Vegas and Nashville. "It wasn't so expensive back then. Hubbard said. for the first time. The actor Kirstie Alley. a high school dropout. "It was pitched to me as applied philosophy. "because of something absolutely trivial they supposedly did 25 years ago when they resigned from the church"." he said. The proposition passed." He concluded. He decided at an early age to be a writer. "Katy is '1. and Haggis declined to pursue it. Haggis continued. he had explored outside perspectives on Scientology. Although he is less famous than certain other Scientologists. for example. the cumulative cost may exceed half a million dollars.000 and. "For 10 months now I have been writing to ask you to make a public statement denouncing the actions of the Church of Scientology of San Diego. The friend began warning others. he was a celebrity. "My career immediately took off. The Devil's Rain. She was taken to hospital. the Scientologists told him that taking church courses would improve the relationship.5m copies. we are talking about serious. under withering questioning from experts hired by the church. Scientology has advertised courses promising to help aspiring actors "make it in the industry". became Hubbard Qualified Scientologists. I asked how high he had gone in He estimates that the coursework alone now costs nearly $300. They were surprised." Haggis wrote. Haggis said. among other things." Hubbard wrote." he said. such as Tom Cruise and John Travolta. Dianetics had sold about 2. the youngest of three daughters from his first marriage. The Next Three Days. He fell in love with Diane Gettas. was introduced to members. In many respects. two communities that often converge. He had heard about Scientology a couple of months earlier. Haggis opened the book and saw a page stamped with the words "Church of Scientology".1'. Haggis and I travelled together to LA. "Donations requested for 'courses' at the Church of Scientology begin at $50 and could never possibly reach the amount suggested. he had been an Operating Thetan VII." The testimonials of such celebrities have attracted many curious seekers. the church established its first Celebrity Centre.2 What happens when you try to leave the Church of Scientology? (World news and comment from the Guardian | guardian. given that some wellknown Scientologist actors were rumoured to be closeted homosexuals. from a friend who had called it a cult. London. if only a fraction of these accusations are true. "Without Scientology. he had chosen not to learn the details of McPherson's death. The Church of Scientology says its purpose is to transform individual lives and the world. a Scientologist who died after a mental breakdown. which has long been portrayed in the media as a cult. Most important. Florida – where Scientology has its spiritual headquarters – and then stripped off her clothes and wandered naked down the street. Last March." The initials stand for L Ron Hubbard. resign quietly' – that's what they all wanted. In Variety. Haggis was typical of the recruits from that era. The charges were dropped and Wood resigned. Haggis said that. who lost the friendship of a fellow Scientologist after revealing that she was gay. Before the 2008 elections. Munich. The medical examiner in the case. where he was presenting The Next Three Days to the studio. adding. that figure has reached more than 21m. has done extensive research on Scientology. the St Petersburg Times. and grew up in London. In previous correspondence with Davis. at the time." she has said. It's WHAT page 3 . OT VIII. such as doses of vitamins and attempts to feed her with a turkey baster. shortly afterwards. was making his first movie. He was in the editing phase of his latest movie. a staff member at Scientology's San Diego church had signed its name to an online petition supporting Proposition 8. which asserted that the state of California should sanction marriage only "between a man and a woman". and then quote LRH in their defence." he wrote. received a letter from the film director and screenwriter Paul Haggis. John Travolta. In 1975. hanging out with hippies and drug dealers. with the additional auditing and contributions expected of upper-level members. that senior executives in the church had been subjecting other Scientologists to physical violence. in 1995. where the able can prosper and honest beings can have rights. he said. in the company of several other Scientologists. "I had such a lack of curiosity when I was inside. left the University of Kansas in 1970 to get married. is part of Hollywood society: his mother is Anne Archer. the chief spokesperson for the Church of Scientology International. Joan Wood. In February 2000. "There's no such thing as disconnection as you're characterising it. For example.1" was. indefensible human and civil-rights violations. has depended on celebrities to lend it prestige. had a construction company.") Haggis and I spoke about some events that had stained the reputation of the church while he was a member. angry and confused. where his father." he told a church publication. initially ruled that the cause of death was undetermined.

Haggis and a friend from this circle eventually got a job writing for cartoons. Hubbard – who by then had met and married another woman.3 WHAT page 2 continued from stunning to me. He became an executive assistant to Hubbard.") The Food and Drug Administration has compelled the church to declare that the instrument has no curative powers and is ineffective in diagnosing or treating disease. the church settled with ChristoffersonTitchbourne for an undisclosed sum. "The process of induction is so long and slow that you really do convince yourself of the truth of some of these things that don't make sense. "We would meet at a restaurant across from the Celebrity Centre called Two Dollar Bill's. Alissa. He continued writing for the pulps. Haggis found the E-Meter surprisingly responsive. Hubbard died. Short. "Hip hip hooray!" Miscavige was a Scientology prodigy from the Philadelphia area. In 1983. 'Can you remember an earlier time when something like this happened?' And if you do. at 20:00 hours. As Haggis put it. "Then. he'd already been through several years of auditing. got a restraining order. Scientists dismissed Hubbard's book. Haggis had begun advancing through the upper levels of Scientology. and he didn't want to upset the balance. He was 74. I was still the selfish bastard I always was. another young writer who was a Scientologist. which considers it sacrilegious for the uninitiated to read its confidential scriptures. the church faced two of its most difficult court challenges. but I never really did. in fact. of a stroke. The group now has 6. and set up an office where he tested his techniques on the actors. The other court challenge in 1985 involved Julie ChristoffersonTitchbourne. When Haggis finally reached the top of the Operating Thetan pyramid. with Hubbard in seclusion. he expected that he would feel a sense of accomplishment.) The secret OT III documents remained sealed. The church. who perform tasks such as counselling. the Los Angeles Times called it a "pseudoscientific cult". Lawrence Wollersheim. on the grounds that it offended Scientologists. by several devoted followers of Hubbard's work. the materials state. "If you're having a fight with your girlfriend. He claimed that. but was spurned. and as his career took off. The book. with brown hair and sharp features. he had acquired several ocean-going vessels. Two weeks later. With Hubbard's death. maintaining the church's vast property holdings and publishing its official literature. but they must agree not to raise children while in the organisation. He staffed the ships with volunteers. and they started hanging out with other aspiring writers and directors who were involved with Scientology. "If they'd sprung this stuff on me when I first walked in the door. He began codifying a system of self-betterment. trim and muscular. "I did experience gains. he subsequently portrayed psychiatry and psychology as demonic competitors. and the church was met with derision all over the world. They get a small weekly stipend and receive free auditing and coursework. The device. and the next year he dropped out of high school to join the Sea Org. Miscavige was 25 years old. but the Los Angeles Times obtained a copy of the material and printed a summary. After the war.5m. their first child.) In 1986." The jury awarded Wollersheim $30m. the auditor will ask. "There's always disgruntled folks who say all sorts of things. and began getting work as a screenwriter. or E-Meter. he liked his circle of friends. He visited Hollywood. He returned to writing science fiction and produced a 10-volume work. largely from ex-parishioners. 36 years after the publication of Dianetics – "L Ron Hubbard discarded the body he had used in this lifetime. but the Times' report had already circulated widely. he had failed to graduate from George Washington University. As Scientology grew. Scientologists gathered in the Hollywood Palladium for a special announcement. In 1966. he admitted. "These are the changes measured. He had gone Clear by the age of 15. (The church denies this. the plaintff's evidence indicated that he had never been wounded in battle. where he got a job moving furniture. the curtain rose on a man who was going to impose his personality on an organisation facing its greatest test. In 1978. become a better person. Haggis and Diane Gettas got married and. his first writing jobs had come through Scientology connections. who gave him special tutoring in photography and cinematography. The church says that being at sea provided a "distraction-free environment". and led the crowd in an ovation. He later wrote that he was gravely injured in battle and fully healed himself. Hubbard said. "I wasn't a celebrity – I was a lowly sitcom writer. Lafayette. came and was drafted to write speeches. The object of Dianetics is to drain the engrams of their painful. A young man. Haggis wrote scripts on spec. "It's a level beyond anything any of us ever imagined. using techniques that became the foundation of Scientology. David Miscavige. measures the bodily changes in electrical resistance that occur when a person answers questions posed by an auditor. He decided to devote his life to the religion. He was now entrenched in the community and had invested a lot of money in the programme. That October. in some ways. The many discrepancies between L Ron Hubbard's legend and his life have overshadowed the fact that he was a fascinating man. Witnesses for the plaintiff testified that in one sixmonth period in 1982. When Hubbard went into seclusion. it was increasingly attacked. Haggis was spending much of his time and money taking advanced courses and being audited. "I tried to find ways to be a better husband. Dianetics counselling had dramatically alleviated the symptoms. he had been sickly and struggled with bad asthma. a kind of data bank that is filled with traumatic memories called "engrams". Although there were rumours that he was dead.000 members. Dianetics. Gettas gave birth to their first child. Haggis. Dianetics. Scientology celebrities. Mission Earth. an appellate court reduced the judgment to $2. He was a workaholic. Hubbard disappeared from public view. His wife was deeply involved in the church. in pulp magazines such as Astounding Science Fiction. The jury sided with ChristoffersonTitchbourne. "When people die. and the church members who had gone to Portland felt an enduring sense of kinship. and bombed. "destroying the people but freeing their spirits – called Thetans – which attached themselves to one another in clusters. Hubbard served in the US navy. They carried banners advocating religious freedom and sang We Shall Overcome. because I'm such a curious person. Dianetics purports to identify the source of self-destructive behaviour – the "reactive mind". leaving a person "Clear". then called Teegeeack. the church transferred millions of dollars to Hubbard through a Liberian corporation. saying that Christofferson-Titchbourne's lawyers had presented prejudicial arguments. (A year and a half later. his marriage dissolved. He was born in Tilden. the process leads participants to recall past lives." Xenu decided "to take radical measures". Mary Sue Whipp – set sail with a handful of Scientologists. awarding her $39m. often under pseudonyms. showed up. who was writing for the NBC series The Facts Of Life at the time. It was also easy to dismiss people who quit the church." the church contends in a statement. many of them teenagers. shouting. Surplus beings were transported to volcanoes on Earth. she said that Hubbard had been portrayed to her as a nuclear physicist. ("Thoughts have a small amount of mass. In 1980. in 1980. He claimed he had been kept for 18 hours a day in the hold of a ship docked in Long Beach. Scientologists streamed into Portland to protest. appeared in May 1950 and spent 28 weeks on the New York Times bestseller list. The auditor often probed for what Scientologists call "earlier similars". then he'll ask. and deprived of adequate sleep and food. as was his sister. was part of a confederation of 90 planets under the leadership of a despotic ruler named Xenu." he says. The judge declared a mistrial. Although Haggis never believed in reincarnation. The Church of Scientology was officially founded in Los Angeles in February 1954. The incentive to believe was high. Moreover." Press recalls. He met Skip Press. sought $25m for "infliction of emotional injury". a former Sea Org member. trying to block access to the documents.) The Sea Org became the church's equivalent of a religious order. often compared in the press to a polygraph. shortly after." Then again." The Times account concluded. "He has now moved on to the next level. who called themselves the Sea Organisation. "A major cause of mankind's problems began 75m years ago." His life was comfortable." But by the time Haggis approached the OT III material. he settled quietly on a horse farm in Creston. Hubbard and his followers cruised the Mediterranean searching for loot he had stored in previous lifetimes. but he had larger ambitions. each volume of which was a bestseller. 'What about a time before that? And a time before that?'" Often. California. Miscavige announced to the assembled Scientologists that for the past six years Hubbard had been investigating new. but much of his energy was devoted to publishing stories. was a "precision science". Sea Org initiates – some of whom are children – sign contracts for up to a billion years of service. he married Margaret Grubb. As for Hubbard's claim that he had cured himself of grave injuries in the second world war. Within a year. they drove to Los Angeles. Haggis explained. and he ended up in Los Angeles. he said. he was actually driving around the Pacific Northwest in a motor home." Haggis told me. was born the following year. and said that Hubbard's income was generated by his book sales. Nebraska. he spent less and less WHAT page 4 . the death of its charismatic founder." At night. I just would have laughed and left right away. In a courtroom in Portland. allowing Hubbard "to continue his research into the upper levels of spiritual awareness". Miscavige was one of the few people who maintained close contact with him. In 1933. Sea Org members can marry. During the second world war. the litigants filed OT III materials in court. when the planet Earth. including Scooby-Doo and Richie Rich. He offered his findings to the American Psychiatric Association and the American Medical Association. which involved the use of an electropsychometer. in 1911. damaging qualities and eliminate the reactive mind. This level is. He stayed for four days. As he puts it." the Times wrote. a defector who argued that the church had falsely claimed that Scientology would improve her intelligence. Kathy. these clusters attach to other humans and keep perpetuating themselves. including Travolta. It was one of the greatest triumphs in Scientology's history. The church defines an Operating Thetan as "one who can handle things without having to use a body or physical means". but hundreds of Dianetics groups sprang up across the US and abroad. and even her eyesight. done in an exterior state. Meaning that it is done completely exterior from the body. In 1985. In 1963. By now. Fifteen hundred Scientologists crowded into the courthouse. in his motor home. in fact. Although he refused to specify the contents of OT materials. the chief problem was overpopulation. He named his system Dianetics. directors and writers he encountered. The church denied this. (Eventually. growing up. the 24 of January. higher OT levels. Thus. stepped on to the stage. AD 36" – that is. I think I did. The church attracted dozens of lawsuits." In 1977." Miscavige began clapping. whom he called Polly. but he remained confused and unsatisfied. In Los Angeles. he "experienced a miracle". as now." Miscavige said.

was at the party. Haggis's friends came away from the meeting with mixed feelings. like her sister Katy. being afraid or unable to talk. "became more livid and irrational. Rinder. Those conditions echo the testimony of many former Sea Org members. was "hoo-ha": "Chairs being ripped apart.4 WHAT page 3 continued from time with his family. Miscavige came to the Hole one evening and announced that everyone was going to play musical chairs. Mike Rinder had been the church's spokesperson. in one case. Haggis recalls that the demands for donations never seemed to stop. Haggis tracked down Marty Rathbun. punching each other and. until 2005. he got on his motorcycle and waited until a gate was opened for someone else. "They used friends and any kind of pressure they could apply. signing billion-year contracts – and their parents go along with this?" Haggis told me." Some members have been in RPF for more than a decade. had been beaten by Miscavige. A son. discipline. Marty Rathbun had once been inspector general of the church's Religious Technology Centre. The California penal code lists several indicators: signs of trauma or fatigue." Rathbun got 55. Bruce Hines. Davis told me. The next morning. Haggis came home from work to find nine or 10 of his Scientology friends standing in his front yard. I'm not Lindsay Lohan. One was Gary Morehead. 1997. In the days after. Lauren says. Rinder and De Vocht all admitted that they had engaged in physical violence themselves.) Defectors also talked to the FBI about Miscavige's luxurious lifestyle. The first instalment had appeared in June 2009. assigning him in 2004 to the Hole – a pair of double-wide trailers at the Gold Base. you'd be attacking the COB" – the chairman of the board. the FBI was conducting its own investigation. and it had never occurred to Haggis to ask where they had gone. The game was meant to demonstrate that even seemingly small changes can be disruptive to an organisation – underscoring an "administrative policy of the church". "At the high point.) Haggis called several other former Scientologists he knew well. Rathbun. they're ashamed of what they've done. no credit cards." Much of the alleged abuse took place at the Gold Base. was born the following year." he s a i d . the freeloader tabs are an "ecclesiastical matter" and are not enforced through litigation. and they're going to force their spouses – and on and on and on. who played JR's alluring secretary on Dallas. Michael Nozik. Rennard had grown up in a Scientology household and joined the church herself at the age of 17. she had scarcely ever heard anyone speak ill of Scientology. Haggis says he didn't think about the consequences of his decision: "I thought it would show up on a couple of websites. told the paper that he. I mean. tax-deductible. Only the last person standing would be allowed to stay on the base. When emotional. the manual labour maintains church facilities and instils "pride of accomplishment". distracting his producing partner." Many of the participants had long been cut off from their families. she was gay." Rathbun said in the declaration. Rathbun. "I gave them money just to keep them from calling and hounding me. all of whom said that Miscavige had never been violent.000 on coursework. Rennard says she spent about $150. then in Happy Valley. (Church members had lodged more than 2. who had been the head of security at the Gold Base. ensnaring the agency in litigation. You don't have anything." Haggis said. Alissa found herself moving away from the church and did not speak to her father for a number of years. manual labour – that so deeply touched me. they just disappear. James. he said that from 2003 to 2005. This would be the last time most of them spoke to him. Defectors describe them as punitive reeducation camps. "In 1995. In 1991. as well as the cost of auditing. the church agreed to drop its legal campaign. doing manual labour and extensive spiritual work. One said he had escaped from the Gold Base by driving his car through a wooden fence. "They leave. They became a couple. and made sizeable donations himself. "We were required to do group confessions all day and all night. He said that buses were going to be leaving at 6am. "They were 10 years old. and for decades the base's location was unknown even to many church insiders. Their greatest fear was expulsion: "You don't have any money. ripping a chair apart. he told Whitehill he had developed a "blow drill" to track down Sea Org members who left Gold Base. making donations. too. and that Miscavige grew frustrated with him. In 13 years. As people fell out of the game. church officials and members came to his office. he would have conversations with them.) Whitehill and Venegas worked on a special task force devoted to human trafficking. He declared that people whose spouses "were not participants would have their marriages terminated"." According to Rathbun. it's just nuts!" The church provided me with 11 statements from Scientologists. Davis told me that a musical chairs episode did occur." In October 2009. In February 2010. he left the church in 1996. and had also overseen Scientology's legaldefence strategy. Agents Tricia Whitehill and Valerie Venegas interviewed former church and Sea Org members. they're lost. In California. His daughters were resentful. of children drafted into the Sea Org. but I didn't change my mind. The girls demanded to be sent to boarding school. physical force was sometimes used. owing a debt to one's employer. spiritual or psychological pressure failed to work. reporting directly to Miscavige. and when he returned he discovered that in his absence many jobs had been reassigned. You don't have job experience. in 1997. The Church of Scientology had recently gained tax-exempt status as a religious institution." Rinder said. there were about a 120. Haggis asked himself. in 2000.000 on courses and auditing. "I listened to their point of view. and married in June. which uses Hubbard's educational system. no telephones. "I didn't even know why he wanted us. Few had any savings or employment prospects. He invited them in to talk and referred them to the exposé in the St Petersburg Times that had so shaken him: The Truth Rundown. He explained that Miscavige had been away from the Gold Base for some time." Haggis said. one of the participants. "Scrubbing pots." Hines said. any place of 'confinement'… nor is there anything in Church policy that would allow such confinement. the church presents them with a "freeloader tab" for all the coursework and counselling they have received. a court determined that Haggis should have full custody of the children. Miscavige had aeroplane reservations made for them. De Vocht. the bill can amount to more than $100. When she was in her early 20s. Haggis raised a significant amount of money for it." The church says it adheres to "all child labour laws". If you did try. After reading the St Petersburg Times series. The church characterises Scobee. Tom De Vocht." Rinder said. and people being threatened that they're going to be sent to far-flung places in the world. first in LA. it horrified me!" Many Sea Org volunteers find themselves with no viable options for adulthood. According to De Vocht. The St Petersburg Times noted that Miscavige played Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody on a boom box as the church leaders fought over the chairs. (A few nights after the musical chairs incident. for hours. "Every day. says he was confined to RPF for six years. And he could put you on the streets and ruin you. "It's the fact that the domination you're getting – hit in the face. and that minors can't sign up without parental consent." Haggis says. At the time Haggis was doing his research. (Davis says that Sea Org members enter RPF by their own choosing and can leave at any time. no job history. 12 years old. "I directed them to certain websites. A few days after sending his resignation letter to Tommy Davis in February 2009." Nozik told me. when I was put in RPF. The powerlessness of everyone else in the room was nakedly clear. He recalls that the properties were heavily guarded and that anyone who tried to flee would be subjected to further punishment. "Many of them actually pay it. he sped out and didn't stop. says the event lasted until 4am: "It got more and more physical as the number of chairs went down. the job now held by Davis. she accepted the fact that. many lacked a driver's licence or a passport.000 on various Scientology initiatives. noting that the Scientology officials. Rathbun called Haggis and asked if he could publish the resignation letter on his blog." he says. kicked – and you can't do anything about it. who says Haggis was shocked by their conversation. you don't need my permission. at a place called Happy Valley. (The church says that blow drills do not exist. One by one. the story was in newspapers around the world. as his marriage was crumbling. Morehead says. Miscavige expected Scientology leaders to instil aggressive. They had no money.) Over the years. there was one near the Gold Base." Lauren says. Miscavige has an office there." Proposition 8 passed in November 2008. Deborah Rennard. "You're a journalist. he "It had become the accepted way of doing things. a defector who had been a manager at the Clearwater spiritual centre. Rathbun said that he was resistant. "I would gladly take down the church for that one thing.000. WHAT page 9 . even violent. he and his security team brought more than 100 Sea Org members back to the base. Still others had been expelled or declared Suppressive Persons. he had witnessed Miscavige striking other staff members as many as 100 times. appalled him. a defector turned research physicist. the defectors' accounts are consistent only because they have "banded together to advance and support each other's false 'stories'". Despite his growing disillusionment with Scientology. so Haggis enrolled them at the Delphian School. called Study Tech. he estimates. although he asked Rathbun to excise p a r t s r e l a t i n g t o Katy's homosexuality. By the time she graduated. According to a court declaration filed by Rathbun in July. "There were between 80 and 100 people sentenced to the Hole at that time. Sea Org members who have "failed to fulfil their ecclesiastical responsibilities" may be sent to one of the church's several Rehabilitation Project Force locations. If they try to leave.000 lawsuits against the Internal Revenue Service. a Scientology outpost in the desert 80 miles southeast of Los Angeles. m e n t i o n i n g Exscientologykids. "The issue wasn't the physical pain of it. "The thing that was most troubling to Paul was that I literally had to escape. there were 12 of us. As part of the settlement." In what seemed like a very unguarded comment. Haggis went to a Fourth of July party at the home of Scientologist friends. they had disappeared from Scientology. The stories on the site. "What kind of organisation are we involved in where people just disappear?" At his house. I'm a writer. Scobee said that nobody challenged the abuse because people were terrified of Miscavige. he spent more than $100." Rathbun told me. Amy Scobee had been an executive in the Celebrity Centre network. De Vocht and other defectors I spoke with as "discredited individuals" who were demoted for incompetence or expelled for corruption.000 hits on his blog that afternoon. Haggis had learned from reading it that several of the church's top managers had defected in despair. The defectors told the newspaper that Miscavige was a serial abuser of his staff. and never has been. The rest of the defectors' accounts. and $300. Haggis estimates. who is not a Scientologist. there is one in Los Angeles. He and his wife began a divorce battle that lasted nine years and." The church claims that such stories are false: "There is not. plane tickets being purchased. they've got no money. My God. Haggis finished telling his friends what he had learned.

I don't currently have a hospital bed. This was maybe a week before my Dad died. She won't always run to my bed in footie jammies. I'm guessing. I was not in my regular bed. This was a living room where a very ill person would mostly die soon. Then one day? I won't get it any more. And. I've sometimes failed to make things that will help and comfort people. To them. She cranked and cranked. "Shakey's Pizza Parlor. For two fucking years. she screams " DAD-dy!" like the most impossibly great thing in the world has just happened. In practice. I'd die a little. But. From what I can gather. It's what they do. And. or please anyone. They crank. she tells me to make her hot milk and turn on Toy Story 2. And I didn't have time to think about my family. Sometimes I do my job at 5:30 PM or 11:30 AM or really any time in between. I forget what the crank on the second hospital bed looked like. a depressing amount of the time--really up until this week--I would do my job until I hadn't the slightest idea what time it was or what bullshit I was typing or what my crank was ever meant to be attached to in the first place. if I noticed what time it was. So. Dad would lay in the hospital bed that filled our living room while my Mom slowly cranked. They gave away cool styrofoam boater hats with a red paper band that said. Sometimes I do my job at 6:00 AM Pacific Time. a staggering amount of the time. I'd want very much to go home. My Dad couldn't really help her. She's been awesome. typing bullshit that I hoped would please my book editor. crank-less. I had to stay in that other building and keep typing bullshit that I hoped would please my editor. and. I'd die a little. the hospital bed's shitty little crank functioned mostly as a recalcitrant and pinch-inducing mechanism for eroding my father's dignity. every single morning at almost exactly 6:00 AM Pacific Time. big-girl bed. And. this has been my on-andoff job for the past two years. I'd crank and crank. healthy-Dad. Six breadplate-sized dents that were still there a year and a half later on the day my Mom and I moved out." My Dad always called me "Big Guy. 4. He watched while his wife turned a shitty little iron crank. I'd try and try. The job. Plus. Which is to say not working. "G'mornin'." and I always loved when he said that. I'm also all too aware that this feeling will not always be reciprocated in quite that same way or with quite that same enthusiasm that we both enjoy right now. Without Dad. let alone aesthetic speculation. So. Not about pleasing people. I'd start thinking about hospital beds with cranks--then on to dents. The one my Dad laid in for a couple months in the fall of 1974 was an alarmingly stiff and sturdy affair. I try to type things that will help and comfort people. Mom and I tripped over the crank a lot. that? That choosing? That's what my book needs to be about. There's no point in doing anything if it doesn't eventually please my editor." Which I thought looked smashing. I was not even at home. Which is nice for everyone. Right by my bed. But. In fact. Mom cranked. Who is awesome. The last time I saw my Dad. I'll only get that particularly noisy and personalized wake-up call for a little while. The hospital bed's defining feature was the theoretical ease with which the human trunk slumped in its top half could be raised or lowered by turning a shitty little crank at the foot of its lower half. and so on. more often than my heart can bear at 2:34 pm Pacific Time on Friday April 22nd. He'd try to make jokes. So. But. rented hospital bed. It's a job I often did poorly. the raw tonnage of the iron motherfucker left permanent dents in our ugly. Dad laid there and watched. I think he wanted to help out. 3. Dads do their job. At least in the way it's worked to date. And. he was in a different hospital bed. I do remember thinking it was weird how quickly the space filled with huge floral arrangements. We didn't need a house that big for just the two of us. right? No. She's my favorite part of the bed. But. and screams. And even though the bed's wheels had been thoughtfully nested in plastic casters. I'd want this. because as I thought about her. And as I thought about my Dad. the making. Who is awesome. That was me. Up to the last time my sweet Dad ever said anything to anyone. Mom sweated at the crank. LaRosa's over on Cheviot had way better pizza plus a pretty good jukebox. worst of all. tears out of her regular bedroom. I'm told that the last thing my Dad said to anyone was something he said to my Mom. Frankly. and a pack of outdoorsy men with giant red hands who were new to sobbing inconsolably in front of each other. I'd type and type. We were just sick. " DAD-dy! DAD-dy! DAD-dy!" until I wake up and say. Thing is.5 Cranking (43 Folders) Submitted at 4/22/2011 4:38:56 PM 1. But. and rooms full of sobbing outdoorsy guys. I was sitting in another building. (Dad had always been the funniest person any of his friends knew. But she was there that whole time. and--even before she gets her hot milk or takes off her pull-up or tells us to turn on Toy Story 2--she dashes into our regular bedroom. but I seem to recall that it worked just fine. they used to take me to Shakey's. And. Because an annoying. I've often failed. So much. 5. But. by the way. This has constantly hung over my head. Sweet Bug! Did you have nice sleeps?" Sometimes she tells me whether or not she had nice sleeps. the shitty little crank was ugly and obtrusive and hard to live with. And. To my knowledge. Way too big. He watched. He told my Mom: Take care of The Big Guy. I've chosen which one has to go. Just like I thought my Dad was The Greatest Thing in the Universe. an antiqued rococo credenza. the frame of which was forged of impossibly heavy iron. But. Nothing wrecks your living room decor quite like a giant. And. even when my shitty little crank was not attached to anything. Many mornings over the past six months or so. the living room wasn't much fun to hang out in any more. Just like I think she's The Greatest Thing in the Universe. I've tried to do my job. my three-year-old daughter wakes up. I did keep cranking. covered dishes and casseroles. We weren't Jewish. I should ask my Mom if she's ready. rambling. Anyhow. although I'm confident that I will always think my daughter is The Greatest Thing in the Universe. our modest but very comfortable bed is not fitted with a shitty little crank. you know what? Something impossibly great has happened. I'd wonder whether she had seen my side of the bed empty again. Because. They crank and crank and crank and crank. disagreeable little man like me gets to have this alarm clock in piggypatterned footie jammies run up to a regular. Especially my editor. it's a job where I often didn't pull my load or live up to even my own expectations and standards. I type. Galbraith Road. 2. It made me know that my Dad and I were best pals. Only now she was the one sleeping on the wrong bed. at almost exactly 6:00 AM Pacific Time. this has been my job. And. If there are things to say about that week. I don't specifically remember the day our particular clutch of burly rental guys came out to remove the first hospital bed from our living room. Jammed cattywampus between a teddy-bear brown sectional. I'd always wonder whether my daughter had run into our bedroom yet. Dad couldn't help. Way too big. I only get a shot at it once a day. Which is far from my editor's fault. She couldn't really help my Dad. Dad's tired upper half would haltingly rise and bob with reluctant help from the bed's upper half. And. Not about CRANKING page 12 . that hospital bed had been heavy. Just under half her life ago. trying impotently to make her best friend just a tiny bit more comfortable as his body worked to finally finish eating itself. And I can't live with that for another day.) The hospital bed creaked. God knows I've failed to please my editor. Mom did all the cranking. There are limits to the physical comforts you can offer a woman who's determined to stay by her husband's second hospital bed until it's time. It made me feel strong. She was forty then. and what had until recently been my Father's favorite armchair. regular. I was seven. Anyhow. As he laid in that second hospital bed. my Mom and I haven't talked much about it. 6. Who is awesome. my cranking has produced joyless and unemotional bullshit that couldn't comfort. Dad watched. when I thought about my empty spot on the bed and how disappointed she'd be to scream " DAD-dy! DADdy! DAD-dy!" then see I'm not even there. I'd think about my Dad. That one was a much more functional and aesthetically appropriate unit neatly fitted into an overlit semi-private room in the highly-regarded Jewish Hospital located on E. I know I'm still not ready. What I do know is my Mom lived by that second hospital bed most every minute of Dad's last week. make hot milk. runs up to our regular non-hospital bed. I had to keep working. He was in the hospital bed. Not now. Just like she'd been by the first hospital bed in her living room for the months before. with half a dozen jaggy coats of putty-flesh latex paint doing a shit job of concealing the dings and dents kissed by dozens of clutches of burly rental guys trying to navigate unaccommodating residential doors. The theoretically useful but ultimately shitty little crank made the hospital bed look like those old-timey cars we'd see in the bad silent movies they showed down at Shakey's Pizza. I was "The Big Guy. But. the being at home. And. It made me feel tall. is awesome. At almost exactly 6:00 AM Pacific Time. Like the bed itself. I'm not sure even forty years is long enough to prep for them. Sometimes I do my job while my family goes to birthday parties and holiday dinners and a couple vacations and I don't even know how many (non-Shakey's) pizza nights--all without me. I have a modest but very comfortable regular bed in a regular bedroom where I sleep with my regular wife. by then it might be 6:10 am Pacific Time. I still love knowing I was my Dad's best pal. but mostly I try to type things that will please my editor. In the almost forty years since Dad's last week in any hospital bed. It will be gone. Every single morning. he couldn't help out. the hospital bed left little room for easy socializing. I really liked Shakey's. Who is awesome. jumps out of her crank-free. Really heavy. Pretty bad condition. Because. I'll let you guess which. But. yeah. Often as not lately. Sometimes the cranking made something special that will be really useful to people who badly need the comfort and help. broccoli-green carpeting. Both of which I'm totally fine with. and watch Toy Story 2. I know I've failed to be home for several of my daily shot at " DAD-dy! DAD-dy! DAD-dy!" It's now become unavoidably clear to me that I've been doing each of these things poorly. non -hospital bed and make him feel like he's The Greatest Thing in the Universe. help. But they sure tried. he couldn't help out. Without a crank in sight. It's a job I often did late. 7. I didn't know how to help anyone. the pleasing. Mom and Dad despised the saltinesand-ketchup style of pizza served at Shakey's. Who. and covered dishes. he and my Mom had wanted to time things so that I could be with him as long and as late as possible--but not so late that I'd have to see him in the kind of condition I have to assume he was in during the full week he was too ill for his boy to visit him.

species of birds that are threatened — each one may have its own guardian. “The inlets and the marshes. and the legal authority to speak for that being. perhaps. Citizens and communities cannot. with a right to speak for the interests of that being. Douglas. As mankind extended his regard “to the lower animals.” Legal recognition of ecological rights was originally proposed in 1972 by University of Southern California law professor Christopher Stone. a nonprofit group that’s worked with dozens of Pennsylvania communities trying to restrict natural gas drilling and sewage sludge dumping. Were nature’s rights recognized before the Deepwater Horizon wellhead blew. including Supreme Court justice William O. too: The Endangered Species Act says that species have value.” If Gulf communities became legal guardians for nature. the CELDF’s associate director. And someday. for seagrass. appoints various federal agencies as trustees of damaged Gulf habitats. anybody in the community can stand in the shoes of the river.” said Mari Margil. they would also have recourse should the government’s estimate of Deepwater GIVING page 9 . government asks BP to pay for restoration. But there are important differences between the trusteeship sought by natural rights advocates and the trusteeship of the Oil Pollution Act. Under that law. states and the federal government. is that unless you experience direct harm. In its aftermath. Constitution] explicitly limits the ability to bring a claim in federal court to humans.S.’ Stone’s landmark essay “ Should Trees Have Standing?” (. executive director of the Center for Earth Jurisprudence. the beaches that are damaged. not just public conscience. and could allow people to represent nature as legal guardians or trustees.pdf). “Where natural rights would have the greatest influence in the context of oil and oil spills is before oil spills occur. it has to be someone with a conservation biology background. The Oil Pollution Act. They’re not just valuable because they’re someone’s property. Others embraced it. was derided by some scholars. future disasters might at least be averted. when you’re trying to prevent damages from occurring.” said Siemen. “Obviously. but they’d be there to give input. anybody in the community can stand in the shoes of the river. so to speak. for whatever might be granted. can be at the table where those regulations are drafted.” chided one attorney. arguments against the intrinsic rights of animals and ecosystems to exist were no more coherent than historical arguments against the rights of foreigners.” said Kathryn Mengerink. species and populations — have a right to exist. only federal agencies can represent the Gulf of Mexico’s nature.pdf) and ultimately determine what the U.”‘Nothing in the text of Article III [of the U. natural rights are not usually framed in terms of individual creatures — though laws against cruelty to animals implicitly acknowledge their rights — but rather populations and ecosystems. In its modern form. who floated the idea as an academic exercise but became convinced of its justification. he would have found a sympathetic ear in Charles Darwin. and influenced legal activism in the decades to come. In many ways. the OPA’s trusteeship only kicks in after a disaster. If nothing else. so would the standard of his morality rise higher and higher.’ Similar statutes wouldn’t have allowed Gulf communities to stop deep-water oil drilling — indeed. It became an environmental rallying point. Pittsburgh— legal standing to enforce the rights of ecosystems and natural communities. Environmental lawyers say courts should recognize this right. director of the Environmental Law Institute’s Ocean Program. A natural rights strategy for Gulf citizens can be found in statutes drafted by the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund.”)‘The way our laws are constructed. “Our brooks will babble in the courts / Seeking damages for torts. The statues explicitly grant towns and cities — most notably. you don’t have legal standing. habitats. the destruction might have been avoided. pollution’s toll would be fully acknowledged in courts of law. who in The Descent of Man wrote that humanity’s social impulses produced an ever-expanding circle of empathy. “The guardian for fish. “The way our laws are constructed. Meanwhile. To Stone. children or women. so to speak. “There is room in our legal system to expand the concept of guardianship. BP might not have been given a free pass. Environmental philosophers and other people say that biological communities — ecosystems.6 Giving Nature Its Own Rights Might Avert Future Oil Disasters (Wired: Wired Science) Submitted at 4/22/2011 3:37:05 PM Hundreds of lawsuits have flowed from the Deepwater Horizon catastrophe.S. which will guide the environmental assessment of Deepwater Horizon’s damage(. laws recognize those rights. “The way that environmental laws work now. many Gulf communities wouldn’t have wanted to stop it — but the statutes would have given the public a chance to participate in drafting drilling regulations. filed by citizens.” said Patricia Siemen. (Had Stone written a century earlier. the Gulf of Mexico’s ecosystems will also file suit.

But a weird development on Wednesday may turn out to be a game-changer for both sides. Katie Casey. bad investments. That law firm.” The Dodgers players seemed mostly unconcerned with the announcement. who dropped the actual cup under the team bus during a post-game celebration. ‘The Cup Is Under the Bus!’ (The Daily Fix) Submitted at 4/21/2011 11:15:05 AM Real Madrid’s celebration of its Copa del Rey victory over FC Barcelona has turned into an internetage international joke thanks to defender Sergio Ramos. “ Money has dried up. “Major League Baseball sets strict financial guidelines which all 30 teams must follow.” Cronin writes.” Yahoo’s Tim Brown says that the statement is somewhat worrisome. Here’s a Spanish-language broadcast of the incident. we’re not getting new players. bad Manny Ramirez testosterone levels. in a worst-case scenario. “is framed about a young Irish woman. the owners are expected to immediately appeal. “”Has there ever been a red-headed quarterback in the NFL who’s really done well?” King reports that a coach asked one reporter last week. dragging out the legal process yet again.” Sen writes. it is hard to understand the commissioner’s decision today. bad verdict. “The answer to that undoubtedly lies in the Mets owners’ efforts to find an investor to pump some $200 million into the operation. And Peter King of Sports Illustrated reports that TCU quarterback Andy Dalton. Selig announced that Major League Baseball would appoint a representative to take control of all business and day-to-day operations. “We’re not getting a new manager. Instead he had to field questions about Bud Selig’s shocking decision to take control of the storied franchise from owners Frank and Jamie McCourt. According to Sports Business Journal’s Daniel Kaplan. fill it with sewer water. In the meantime. as his ownership reign has been a huge mess since he bought the Dodgers from Fox (which. Bingham McCutchen. is owned by News Corp. she wants to go to a baseball game. pay back the loan with money he has yet to win in a case against the lawyers at McCourt’s former firm who crafted his pre-nuptial agreement.7 Untangling the Huge Dodgers Mess (The Daily Fix) Submitted at 4/21/2011 9:24:12 AM Pity Don Mattingly. Jamie (which was kicked off by Frank McCourt firing his wife as CEO of the team). “ It sounds idiotic. “Eventually one side was going to blink and break. and advises McCourt to cooperate with Selig. but two sources told the Times’s Steve Dilbeck that McCourt would. may be facing an extra level of scrutiny from potential suitors. “Dig a pothole in the middle of your street. which has come into play because of the messy public divorce between McCourt and his wife. make their stadium bond payments and cover all their operating costs. beating Atlanta 6-1 Wednesday and telling reporters that they’ll see nothing different.” No matter what happens with the legal wrangling. One of those lawyers confirmed to the Associated Press that they have “had discussions about representing some additional players who want to have a voice in the matter. who doesn’t want to go to a Frank has had them all. The team has already gotten a considerable loan from MLB and the owners are currently being sued by Bernie Madoff trustee Irving Picard for $1 billion. with the appointed mediator. the writer of “Take Me Out to the Ballgame. a redhead. Brian Cronin’s stellar series of Sports Legends Revealed took a look at the notion that Jack Norworth. Bill Madden of the New York Daily News wonders if the Mets will be taken over by MLB after Selig set the precedent with the Dodgers on Wednesday. the Los Angeles Times reported that not only did McCourt take a $30 million loan from Fox Sports to meet payroll. “Bad lawyers. the NFL Draft will take place next week. and within hours Frank McCourt would walk along and step in it.” Found a good column from the world of sports? Don’t keep it to yourself — w r i t e t o u s a t dailyfixlinks@gmail. You can email Nando at nandodifino@yahoo.” Speaking of the Mets. Conor Sen of Minyanville.” Yahoo’s Dan Wetzel believes that this represents a possible break on the players’ side of negotiations—perhaps pointing out that some of the mid-level players are concerned that the bigger names aren’t looking out for them. most notably payroll. unprecedented backlash from fans. “The actual song. a group of players unhappy with the negotiation process have talked to lawyers in Philadelphia about being represented at the table alongside the big names and owners. “This may look like a simple case of billionaire owners getting in over their heads.S. a two-time All-Star whose given name is Theodore Roosevelt Lilly).” Brown writes.”* * * On a much lighter baseball note.” had never attended a game before penning the tune in 1908. including a shocked announcer exclaiming.” Madden writes. Cronin determines the legend to be fact. “The cup is under the bus!” as police and other observers try to figure out what’s happening: . their head of security. reminding Martinez that MLB loaned money to Texas last year. Judge Magistrate Arthur Boylan. bad divorce. If the players win the likens the Dodgers situation—along with that of the cash-strapped Mets and NBA’s New Orleans Hornets—to that of the failing Greek and Irish economies.”* * * The NFL’s labor talks came to a halt on Wednesday. but it’s actually representative of problems facing wide swaths of society right now. The smart money was the first signs coming in July or August. “It’s basically going to be the same product we’ve had. “which presumably will enable them to refinance and start paying down the estimated $300 million team debt. McCourt decided to play the role of the defiant owner and hint that he will not go gently into that good night in response to Selig. The prenup in question allegedly failed to spell out who was the real owner of the Dodgers.). telling both sides he has other judicial matters to attend to and will most likely not return to the table until mid-May. Adding to McCourt’s woes is an 11% drop in attendance from 2010. Associated Press Frank McCourt: one lawyered-up individual. like the Journal.” Wetzel writes. and the Rangers still made late trades for Cliff Lee and Bengie Molina that helped them reach the World Series. an event that brought up the fact that the Dodgers had let go of Ray Maytorena. This action came weeks after the beating of a visiting Giants fan in the parking lot of Dodgers Stadium. “ This isn’t going to end the lockout but it’s a controversy that the owners will no doubt enjoy and watch closely. they did bring in Ted Lilly. is currently suing McCourt in a sort of pre-emptive strike before he sues them. and in response they’re scrambling for short-term loans and looking to cut payroll in order to maintain solvency. but is there any way that could be a factor? We’ve wondered. bad economy. they may be next on Selig’s list. in December and never replaced him with a full-time employee. to be fair. There was little time for cake on his 50th birthday Wednesday for the Los Angeles Dodgers and we’ll consider your find for inclusion in the Daily Fix. while reminding readers that the popular seventhinning stretch refrain is just part of a much longer ballad. U. we’re not getting rid of players. and a failure to sign any marquee free agents this past offseason (although. not the middle of April.” General manager Ned Coletti took it a step further. On top of all of this.” catcher Rod Barajas told Michael Martinez of Fox Sports. On this basis.” McCourt said in a statement. the teams are going through liquidity crises. “The Dodgers are in compliance with these guidelines. With some research. Judge Susan Nelson is expected to issue a ruling on the players’ injunction against the owners’ lockout.

the deepest ever attempted in the Arctic.31am. so people can pan and zoom through the image for an interactive and incredibly detailed photo experience. It took four more hours for Greenpeace to bring in its inflatables and a further 50 minutes in the choppy moonlit sea to intercept it. it is already rusting and its paintwork is streaked from years of drilling in harsh west African. holds 11 licences in Baffin Bay covering over 80. plus NGOs Oceana and WWF. and two more ambled over. With Time Machine. and has put up a bond of $2bn. gangways. the GigaPan team took their creative and technical skills to the next level with the GigaPan Time Machine. One of the critical elements of making Time Machine work was developing algorithms that allow the site to shift seamlessly from one portion of a video to another. if not impossible. the climbers made it to a gangway 80ft over the vessel's starboard stern. and the$40bn disaster in the Gulf of Mexico last year. mostly above the Arctic circle. watching paint dry or grass grow is actually pretty cool. At exactly 5. The result is a video that viewers have the ability to zoom in on while it’s playing and see incredible detail. Cairn respects the rights of individuals and organisations to express their views in a safe manner. Cairn seeks to operate in a safe and prudent manner. thanks to its support for the latest HTML5 features and its stability for the past few years the GigaPan team at Carnegie Mellon University has been making it possible to explore breathtaking panoramic photos from around the world. plans to spend more than $500m (£300m) in the next few months looking for oil in some of the most dangerous and coldest waters in the world. raising the spectre of the Exxon Valdez spill in Alaska in 1989 when more than 1m barrels of oil were spilt. which specialises in drilling in extreme environments.000tonne semi-submersible platform Leiv Eiriksson at around midnight. The company has not released a detailed spill response plan for the Arctic Submitted at 4/22/2011 6:09:04 PM Environmental groups fear oil industry is not prepared for potentially catastrophic impact of oil spills in the Arctic The fight to stop the global oil industry exploring the pristine deep waters of the Arctic has been dubbed the new cold war. "This is Greenpeace. France and Spain on its passage through the Mediterranean and into the Atlantic. a showcase of creative web applications submitted by developers around the world. Yesterday. like fleas to the backside of an elephant. which ensures it can smoothly run complex web applications without crashing. But for Greenpeace and others the risk of a devastating spill is too great. which will be the only company to drill deep wells offshore in the Arctic this year. looks huge. Alaska and elsewhere in the Arctic. around 13% of the world's undiscovered reserves. Chevron and others have licences to explore in Baffin Bay. Any major delay could cost it millions and set back its plans for the Arctic by a year. Google Blog team . head over to GigaPan’s Time Machine to zoom around in space and time with some of the samples. chains. helipads and radar. or watch a caterpillar bite off a leafy green for lunch. As four crewmen peered over the side from 30ft above them. which brings this same kind of visual interactivity to video using the power of HTML5 and modern browser technology. Time Machine is featured on the gallery of Chrome Experiments. the cameras capture these image mosaics at regular intervals to create a video with hundreds of millions or even billions of pixels in each frame. have all said that the oil industry is not prepared for a major pollution incident. or create your own Time Warp by building your own animated tour through any of the sample videos.000 a day and the company." But the Arctic venture." Cairn says it has prepared comprehensive oil spill plans. spars. a Turkish campaigner. say environmentalists. You can understand why the captain did not want to stop. I ask you stop your vessel". pipes. Take a look at a table full of potted plants grow and bloom into flowers.Other leading environment groups. It is taking the Leiv Eiriksson and the Ocean Rig Corcovado – a drill ship now stationed near Aberdeen – as well as a fleet of backup vessels. steaming due west at a stately six knots in the sea of Marmara. Others. The US government estimates there are 90bn barrels of oil. The plan was to stop the vessel in its tracks not by taking over the bridge. including the respected US thinktank Pew. We have stopped it because it's blazing a trail for other major oil companies and sparking the start of a dangerous new Arctic oil rush. and built using the latest web technologies. on a VHF channel. the former international rugby player. The Greenpeace boats approached the vessel cautiously in the three foot swell. to give people the experience of zooming and panning across a video of almost limitless resolution. north Atlantic and Asian waters. the 11 activists who had occupied a gangway 80 ft above the water were forced down by a gale as the vessel entered Greek waters. run by Sir Bill Gammell. came the captain's cutting reply and the Leiv Eiriksson steamed on. Last year the company claimed it had discovered a "working hydrocarbon system" or possible signs of oil in Baffin Bay after drilling several 300ft wells. and then queueing it to align perfectly in time before the swap. From 100ft away in the pale dawn light it is a 15-storey industrial castle.8 Activists prevent Arctic drilling (World news and comment from the Guardian | guardian. and early on Friday it escalated as environmental activists from 12 countries occupied the world's second largest rig on its way from Turkey to Greenland to drill among the icebergs. but by radioing the captain and asking politely. Shell.000 square kilometres. the climbers made a cat's cradle of rope to hang banners and a tent from. the 11 climbers began to leap on to its hull and headed for a ladder. girders. The Greenlandic Bureau of Minerals and Petroleum has established some of the most stringent operating regulations anywhere globally. "I do not recognise you". Failing to consider the impact of ice on a potential Arctic oil spill renders the EIA [environmental impact assessment] unfit for purpose. Cairn Energy said in a statement: "Wherever it is active. I'm informing you that we have put climbers on your rig. this is Greenpeace. Cairn. The sophisticated cameras the GigaPan team uses for their photographs capture hundreds or even thousands of digital pictures and stitch them together to form an interactive panorama. as well as by taking advantage of Chrome’s speed and stability to render the content smoothly as videos start and stop dynamically. seemingly unconcerned. Fat chance. because drilling is only possible in the JulyOctober "summer window" when the ice has retreated. "This is the most controversial rig in the world because it is the only one destined to begin risky offshore drilling in the very deep waters of the Arctic this year. "Any Arctic spill would be very difficult. the Chinese-built mobile Italy. The GigaPan researchers were able to accomplish this successfully using HTML5’s video tag feature. Exxon Mobil. which mirror those applied in the Norwegian North Sea. It plans to drill four exploratory wells to depths of around 5. The Scottish oil company Cairn Energy has hired the Leiv Eiriksson for around $500." said Greenpeace campaigner Ben Ayliffe. But the elephant barely registered. Just 10 years old. asked Korol© Guardian News & Media Limited 2011 | Use of this content is subject to our Terms & Conditions| More Feeds Browsing through time and space with GigaPan and Chrome by A Googler (The Official Google Blog) Submitted at 4/22/2011 5:11:00 PM From the presidential inauguration to the World Series to gorgeous cityscapes. But it later said that the oil was not present in recoverable quantities. The protesters found the 52. With Time Machine. heading for the Dardanelle straits and the open Mediterranean. Undaunted.000ft. including BP and Rosneft. bristling with cranes. While you can’t fast-forward to the weekend (yet). is just the start of what is planned to be a risky offshore oil rush. derricks. No arrests were made. to contain and clean up. Even from three miles away. Twelve hours after boarding the Leiv Eiriksson. • Oil • Energy • Oil spills • Fossil fuels • Oil • Greenpeace • Activism • Arctic • Cairn Energy • Energy industry • Royal Dutch Shell • Exxon Mobil • Chevron • BP John Vidal guardian. plan to extract oil offshore from Siberia. Activists are now expected to dog the progress of the slow-moving Leiv Eiriksson as it passes Greece. Posted by Rachel Durfee. Its latest environmental impact assessment says it has not been possible to model oil behaviour on ice. Time Machine works particularly well on Google Chrome. It is scheduled to stop in Britain to pick up supplies before the last leg of its journey to Greenland in June. GigaPan pioneered the hardware design that captures these photos and used innovative rendering techniques—similar to those of Google Maps—to create seamless transitions between photos. This is particularly challenging because a seamless transition between videos requires starting a new video before the old one is finished. Zoom in to examine a specific plant or even a single leaf.

Brousseau recalls. If these men were capable of lying to protect the church. Everyone else could see it. and the church isn't required to do so. with assessments focusing on wetlands." Both Cruise's attorney and the church deny Brousseau's account. He was unhappy with Miscavige. "Power corrupts. Shelly. The court ultimately ruled against recognizing the cetaceans’ standing. "One would think that if such a thing occurred – which it most certainly did not – there'd have to be a but Headley and other defectors suggest that Miscavige lives more like a Hollywood star than like the head of a religious organisation – flying on chartered jets and wearing custom-made shoes. said Cynthia Sartou. you're going to read something about me in a scandal that looks like it has nothing to do with the church. "I feel much more myself. purple cows live in fields where it's possible to reinvent what people expect. in June 2006. According to Rinder and Brousseau. Davis and I also discussed Hubbard's war record. therefore. "My bet is that. and suddenly you think of yourself as not that thing. and noted that the tales about Miscavige always hinged on "inexplicable violent outbursts"." I once asked Haggis about the future of his relationship with Scientology. but says he has no desire to be part of a hierarchical organisation. an agreed upon standard. such as John Peeler. it's called inurement. Then. (The church denies this characterisation and "vigorously objects to the suggestion that Church funds inure to the private benefit of Mr Miscavige. Rathbun has confessed that in 1997 he ordered incriminating documents destroyed in the case of Lisa McPherson. You are very limited in your right to even comment on what they do. This could happen if there’s political pressure to settle with BP." he admitted. Can't get rounder than round. I don't know why I couldn't. Miscavige showed Cruise a Harley-Davidson motorcycle he owned. Scientology is based on a lie. Brousseau locked himself in his room and called Rathbun.9 WHAT page 4 continued from The law prohibits the head of a taxexempt organisation from enjoying unusual perks or compensation. The spill’s deep-sea effects in particular may be underestimated. whom he considered "detrimental to the goals of Scientology"." he recalls.” she said. We discussed the allegations of abuse lodged against Miscavige. which has generally been advanced in connection to individual animals rather than ecosystems. only state and federal government agencies can represent nature. On 9 November. • Scientology • Religion guardian.30 one morning. It was Tommy Davis. this would be added support. See Also: • Nature to Get Legal Rights in Bolivia • Pennsylvania Towns Give Legal Rights to Mother Nature • Gulf Coast May Be Permanently Changed by Oil Spill Improving the trains (Seth's Blog) Submitted at 4/22/2011 4:31:00 AM While making the trains run on time is a good thing. Cruise says he was introduced to the church in 1986 by his first wife Mimi Rogers (she denies this).uk© Guardian News & Media Limited 2011 | Use of this content is subject to our Terms & Conditions| More Feeds GIVING 6 continued from page Horizon’s environmental damage prove low. Brousseau says his defection caused anxiety. Davis and other church representatives met with me. At 5." Davis said. we obtained what archivists assured us were Hubbard's complete military records – more than 900 pages. If you define success as getting closer and closer to a mythical perfection. “It would be the public. "The only people who will corroborate are their fellow apostates. Miscavige's official title is chairman of the board of the Religious Technology Centre. In general." After filing a request with the National Archives in St Louis. In response to nearly a thousand queries. because they were injuries that never existed. it leaves a bit of space. Bush. 'God. then said. 2) Community of creatures around a “cold seep” on the Gulf of Mexico seafloor (Derk Bergquist/ Marine Resources Research Institute. South Carolina Department of Natural Resources). When Cruise married Katie Holmes in 2006. Constitution] explicitly limits the ability to bring a claim in federal court to humans. but it’s unlikely. Those people who walked away from me were never really my friends. “You are very limited in your right to sue.” said Mengerink. I asked Haggis if he felt that he had finally left Scientology. So far. and there hasn’t been a shift in the value system of humans toward caring and protecting. judges have been inconsistent in their treatment of the idea. "Cruise asked me. therefore. particularly if the field is competitive. Davis refused to disclose how much money Miscavige earns. it wouldn’t simply be the federal government who has the opportunity to support those rights. especially those who are closest to him. . while Miscavige was away from the Gold Base. While Rinder and Rathbun were in the church. or had witnessed Miscavige beating other church staff members. but wrote that “nothing in the text of Article III [of the U. “In a system of natural rights." he said. Dianetics is based on a lie. Her current status is unknown. “If we adopt more environmental laws. she disappeared. he said that if it was true that Hubbard had not been injured. Whether natural rights statutes will hold up in court remains to be seen." He went on. left the Gold Base and drove to south Texas to meet Marty Rathbun. "These people have long memories." He thought for a moment. but there's a sadness. Davis now calls Brousseau "a liar"." I had wondered about these stories as well. Davis went home without Brousseau. "I was in a cult for 34 years.) Twelve other defectors told me that they had been beaten by Miscavige. “For a natural rights movement to be successful. Most of them. The Next Three Days premiered in Manhattan. Since leaving the church. In 2005. making them run early is not." he told me. they had repeatedly claimed that allegations of abuse were baseless. however. "And I'm supposed to be working for the betterment of mankind." he says. could you paint my bike like that?'" Brousseau also says he helped customise a Ford Excursion SUV that Cruise owned. who had been in the Sea Org for more than 30 years. His word is absolute. People could hypothetically sue the federal government to do a better job. Haggis has been in therapy. In late September. there has to be a huge shift in our consciousness. "I really wish I had found a good therapist when I was 21. he insisted that he was only trying "to see a friend of mine".” said Sartou. noted that Miscavige's demeanour changed "like the snap of a finger". (Rathbun now makes his living by providing Hubbard-inspired counselling to other defectors. "The fact of the matter is that Mr Hubbard was a war hero. Last April. "If you identify yourself with something for so long. the Scientology delegation handed over 48 binders of supporting material. within two years. John Brousseau. he and 19 church members had tracked Brousseau down. Davis attacked the credibility of Scientology defectors. Under further questioning. Sea Org members typically receive $50 a week. "It's not really the sense of a loss of community.” But Siemen warned that laws alone aren’t enough. Under the Oil Protection Act." He concluded. which he has found helpful. who alerted the police. filled several job vacancies without her husband's permission.S. the Scientologist who died of an embolism. in part because he had worked on a series of special projects for Tom Cruise. but he dominates the entire organisation. if the science becomes skewed by corporate or political pressures. or if some damages are simply overlooked. and Miscavige has called him "the most dedicated Scientologist I know". Davis told me. His voice filling with emotion. Davis said no when asked if he had ever "followed a Sea Organisation member that has blown [fled the church]". his wife. Nowhere in the file is there mention of Hubbard's being wounded in battle. in which the court had to decide whether “the world’s cetaceans have standing to bring suit in their own name” in challenging the Navy’s use of whale-harming sonar. after Rinder defected. but he wouldn't disclose where that is. then those laws won’t be enforced. whom he calls "bitter apostates". He produced affidavits from other Scientologists refuting the accusations. it's extremely difficult to become remarkable. One promising sign came from the federal Ninth Circuit court’s 2004 decision in Cetacean Community v.” Images: 1) Striped dolphins swimming through oiled water (NOAA). might they not also be capable of lying to destroy it? Davis later claimed that Rathbun is in fact trying to overthrow Scientology's current leadership and take over the church. In a deposition given in July." • This article first appeared in the New Yorker. After the screening. "I was getting paid $50 a week.") By contrast. shallow-water fisheries and other ecosystems that are both commercially valuable and relatively easy to study. He has learned how much he blames others for his problems. executive director of the Gulf Restoration Network. Soon afterwards. his former brother-in-law. Davis said. he said Miscavige had beaten him 50 times. At the meeting. then "the injuries that he handled by the use of Dianetics procedures were never handled. "I definitely know where she is". and he imposes his will even on some of the people closest to him. If you don’t trust the government to do its job. Miscavige was his best man. he was leaving his motel room when he heard footsteps behind him.

“ Or maybe we’ll just never know. “These guys won’t board a flight until they’re being paged on the airport intercom.” Coach Doc Rivers has set that tone. “Maybe it’s buried in a box in someone’s basement. a team from San Francisco. “Whoever locates the purpose for their rage. which the Chicago Blackhawks won. Type A planner in the telling of the Boston Herald’s Dan Duggan.000 to lose to the Boston Red Sox in 1918. but the best – will win this round. N.”* * * There’s been an unusually strong crop of stellar stories to have popped up in the last few days to take you into the weekend: * ESPN the Magazine’s editors instructed Wayne Drehs to find the puck from last year’s Stanley Cup final. It’s been heartbreaking for the Knicks and their fans. Babe hit one over his head for a triple that scored two runs. beating out Pacers-Bulls. Don Babwin of the Associated Press says that the contention may hold some merit. While much of North America braces for one of the lowerstakes sports weekends in a while. But surpassing the indignity of a slow start is a revelation that came to light this week thanks to the Chicago History Museum.” Gay writes. featuring Brian Wilson and Cody Ross of the San Francisco after two games in Boston. “Sure enough. which involves the first time the National Center for Lesbian Rights advocacy group has ever sued another pro-homosexual organization. “ The last minute of a Celtics game is like watching a groom throw on his jacket and knot his tie as he’s sprinting down the church aisle. this first-round series should be one of the more intense in recent history. instead of Montreal—because of the rabid nature of Canadiens fans.Y. as the game was played under protest after D2 was accused of cheating … for having too many heterosexual players. He’s seen his share of highs and lows with New England’s fans and press. when Ruth—then a Boston pitcher—came to bat. saying that he had heard some Cubs players were offered $10. What he found was that nobody could find the pucks from the last few Stanley Cups. Using data from SeatGeek. even with the help of the FBI. “ Flack just stood there. NESN’s John Beattie writes that the games have commanded an average of $287 per ticket. according to Frank Isola of the Daily News. and there is still some bad blood lingering between the clubs over the hit that ended Pacioretty’s season.) Eli Sanders of Seattle’s alt-weekly the Stranger brilliantly chronicles the federal case that this has become. Maybe it got scooped up that night and ended up in a box with other used pucks and is now used in some rec league in Manitoba.* ** One Boston team enjoying itself less is the Boston Red Sox. “ That’s revenge. At 7-11. But the Chicago puck hunt created an especially weird labyrinth of dead ends. but he comes off as an always-on. with Boston winning by a combined five points. and turned a catchable ball into an error that gave the Red Sox a 2-1 win. In a story that involves even Babe Ruth. Bruins bruiser Zdeno Chara broke the back of Montreal’s Max Pacioretty with a hit against the boards. producing playoff battles that are worthy of much more than just firstround billings. whoever best disguises their treachery. and New York is expecting.. Before winning the World Series in 2004. but the eyes of a sporting nation are again on Boston. Bruins defenseman Andrew Ference reminded Montreal fans of that Thursday night. might be the greatest thing you’ve seen this week. But the final score was just the beginning of a case that has reached federal court. a standing-room only crowd for its first home playoff game since 2004. The Journal’s Jason Gay says that this is what the Celtics do: thrive on pressure situations. the Boston Marathon and morning baseball have all passed. . With at least two more games to be played. The rivalry goes so far back that 93year-old former players are asked to reminisce over it by local newspapers. The rivalry is so intense that the Bruins opted to house the players outside Canada— opting to stay Lake Placid. EPA Kevin Garnett leads a Celtics team whose fans call its successes and failures “wicked” more than any other fan base. Back in March. Neither team has won a home game in the series. In the documents. (The limit was two per team. Babwin says that Flack was picked off twice in the fourth game of the series. a city whose NHL and NBA teams are locked in playoff matchups against two storied rivals. the series between Boston and New York has produced higher ticket prices than any other playoff matchup. as he flipped off the crowd at the Bell Centre in the middle of the game.” * The 2008 Gay Softball World Series ended with the Las Vegas Vipers defeating D2. Take the playoff matchup between the Bruins and Montreal Canadiens. In another instance. evening things with a 5-4 win Thursday night.” Drehs writes. Found a good column from the world of sports? Don’t keep it to yourself — w r i t e t o u s a t dailyfixlinks@gmail. especially in the case of Cubs outfielder Max Flack. Flack was waved back by pitcher Lefty Tyler. It still hasn’t been located. You can email Nando at nandodifino@yahoo. This isn’t the first time he’s been joined by a celebrity. that 1918 win had marked the last time the Red Sox took home a title. The series moves to Madison Square Garden tonight. In fact. but his “Dynamite” cover. 31-28. * Keenan Cahill gained Internet fame for lip-synching popular songs and posting them to YouTube. the team is in the American League East’s basement.10 Boston Preps for Sports Nirvana (The Daily Fix) Submitted at 4/22/2011 9:51:16 AM Patriots and we’ll consider your find for inclusion in the Daily Fix.” On the hardwood.” Sporting News reporter Sean Deveney told Babwin. Boston sits happily in a state of Sports Def Con 2. one of Chicago’s notorious “Black Sox” players who was implicated in the throwing of the 1919 World Series. whoever is the bigger man and manages to play the best hockey – not even necessarily the most emotional hockey. Maybe it’s framed as the centerpiece on someone’s fireplace mantel. which commanded $271 per ticket.” Bruce Arthur of the National Post writes. which posted a deposition from Eddie Cicotte. Montreal took the first two games of this month’s series before Boston came roaring back. the Celtics and New York Knicks have played two of the closest games in the NBA playoffs. Cicotte hints that the team wasn’t the first to be offered money to throw the World Series. as the games haven’t just been close—they’ve both been decided in the final 30 seconds of regulation.

He has five of the 76 worst seasons in terms of field-goal percentage since the 1979-80 season. Their cooking pots still stood in the atrium area nearby. as well as firing missiles from the roof of the buildings into civilian areas. the city's main thoroughfare. At the foot of the building lay the body of a sniper. We will not forgive anybody from Misrata. In an office that had belonged to an architect there were graffiti written in green ink-– Gaddafi's colour – in Arabic. In a sign that the regime was giving up on Misrata. A torn photograph of a woman – a wife of one of the snipers perhaps – lay on the© Guardian News & Media Limited 2011 | Use of this content is subject to our Terms & Conditions| More Feeds Jason Kidd’s Statistical Oddities (The Daily Fix) Submitted at 4/21/2011 5:03:32 PM Point guard Jason Kidd is an integral part of the Mavericks’ push toward the franchise’s first NBA title. the proportion of his field-goal attempts from beyond the arc was one of the six highest in any single season since the NBA introduced the three-point shot. several Gaddafi soldiers had been sleeping on dirty mattresses next to the elevator works." On higher floors there were empty tins of tuna and tomato paste. saying it is for the Libyan people to decide who their leaders are. where brothers. which Gaddafi's forces have been desperate to capture.) In fact. "Every night we attacked them with our RPGs [rocket-propelled grenades] and Kalashnikovs. had been trashed by the snipers. several banks and the Italian-built hotel where Mussolini once stayed. Since Kidd takes so many 3s and hits a respectable 34% of them.1%. a member of the "City Centre" rebel cell that finally liberated the building. Numerous snipers were either killed or captured. including this one. Mattresses and blankets indicated that several snipers had been sleeping in the stairwell on the first floor. for a true-shooting percentage of 50%. "They killed a lot of civilians. saying it was still dangerous. with a view across Misrata. favoured by pro-Gaddafi snipers Rebel fighters in the besieged city of Misrata have won a significant victory by retaking key buildings that had been occupied by Muammar Gaddafi's forces for more than a month. which housed some of the city's best coffee shops." The snipers had been cut off from the rest of Gaddafi's forces for a week or more. fathers and colleagues of the victims wept and swore to avenge them. which offered a view down the main street. Kidd was 37 on Feb. he’s even better in that department than he was earlier in his career. The once-smart offices on the sides of the building. Kidd. mattresses and sandals. which is littered with abandoned tanks.11 Misrata rebels strike back against Gaddafi snipers (World news and comment from the Guardian | guardian. The Tameen office block. Up here the snipers would have had a clear view of the city. 1 and turned 38 last month. Kidd has been an above-average player — even if his stat line wouldn’t suggest it. That’s primarily because Kidd was taking more of his shots than any other NBA player from three-point range. Abdul Ati al-Obeidi. According to rebel fighters. Entering the Tameen building through the reception. His stats this season make a good case for true-shooting percentage as a better shooting stat than field-goal percentage. because he had no J. relatively safe in the centre of the building. 1: the NBA’s all-time assists leader. It had been burned. Reuters Kidd handles the ball as well or better than he did in his first goaround with Dallas. Retaining this extent of point-guard skills is unusual for a player of Kidd’s age. in a full-throated endorsement of the opposition in its fight to oust Gaddafi. they set them on fire. blackened by smoke. Several fighters were killed. Snipers had caused havoc in the city after they were sent in on 19 March. "In this area. A day after the US began flying armed drones to bolster Nato firepower. On the roof there were thousands of spent bullet shells. the US senator who arrived in Benghazi yesterday to meet rebels. Just one player had more assists than Kidd in a season in which he was 37 or older on Feb. Robert Gates. averaging the same number of assists per minute while turning the ball over at a rate 33% lower than when he was a young 20-something in Dallas. on Thursday – would be a crime against humanity. Coaches usually Submitted at 4/22/2011 6:08:56 PM Libya rebels seize tallest buildings. leaving the rebels in control of the northern end of Tripoli Street. it was possible to get a glimpse of how they had been living." On the top floor. We will win in the end. He also said the use of Predator drones – announced by US defence secretary. nearly twothirds. so it’s rare for a player who misses so many to have had as many seasons as a regular as Kidd has had. covered with a blanket. cabinets had been pushed against windows for protection. rebel forces were moving freely around the area near the Tameen building. called for increased military support for the opposition. but coupled with his other skills it makes him an aboveaverage player in terms of win shares per 48 minutes. On Friday morning. Dozens of spent bullet shells and cigarette butts littered the floor around the chair. They would have seen the destruction in the area nearby – buildings pockmarked by gunfire. three seasons into his second go-around with Dallas since playing two seasons and part of a third with the Mavs at the beginning of his career. all the families had to leave because of the threat of the snipers. strewn with debris. In fact. A sniper's chair had been placed under a small window. and everything that moved down below. a stat that takes into account all facets of the game and usually dings players severely for missing many of their shots. . with files on the floor and upturned sofas. whose tenants were mostly insurance agents. Yet in all but three of his 17 seasons. prompting scenes of grief at the main hospital. remains a talented ballhandler and playmaker. training and stepped-up airstrikes. Several other buildings nearby were also cleared. including weapons. it is for all the people. While Kidd fills his basic pointguard duties even more efficiently than he did as a young Mav. 36. • Libya • Middle East • Muammar Gaddafi • Arab and Middle East unrest Xan Rice guardian. the city's tallest building. (In his first go-around with Dallas fewer than one-third of his field-goal attempts were from behind the arc – his jumper was so iffy his critics used to call him Ason Kidd." One of the rebels had already penned a riposte: "Misrata is strong. the Libyan deputy foreign minister. John McCain. his scoring style has changed markedly. He’s also a bit of a statistical oddity. The White House disagrees. towards their main base in the vegetable market. One of the rebels said that if Gaddafi's forces could not get their dead back to base. the few dozen snipers that still occupied the building this week had changed into civilian clothes before trying to escape down Tripoli Street on Thursday. He had the lowest field-goal percentage this season of any NBA regular." said Abdullah Hafiz. a journalist and rebel. he’s scoring a point per possession used by a shot. "Capturing this building was very important. was captured after bombardment by rebel blankets. and a few discarded green uniforms." He then cleared the area. 24. A rebel with a loudhailer warned them not to try to enter any of the shops: "This is not your property. John Stockton. After taking over the Tameen unable to receive supplies. Glass and tyres and twisted metal on the streets. Kidd is second on that list. That’s not great. We will fuck your daughters and your wives. we are warning you gays and dogs. they dropped their guard while celebrating. and is also accurate from the free-throw line. In some offices. picking off civilians and rebels at will. It read: "If we survive. featuring gaping holes where shells had struck. and numerous discarded cases of antitank missiles that had been fired into the city. the top Republican on the Senate armed services committee said the US and other countries should recognise the opposition's political leadership as the "legitimate voice of the Libyan people". said yesterday that the army may withdraw and let surrounding tribes deal with the rebels. Many glass panes had been shattered by rebel fire. Firefighters were cleaning the streets. The rebels had learned their lesson on Thursday night. Even if it is government property." said Hadi Tantoun. A few civilians ventured cautiously on to Tripoli Street. too.

Or later. As a favorite novelist of mine used to say: " So it goes. I hope she doesn't cancel My Book Contract. and this purchase is part of our effort to minimize our impact on the environment. at the risk of invoking Godwin's Law. And I will tell her and my regular wife that I think they're the Greatest Things in the Universe. but at least no one would be demanding my book have fucking pussy willows on the cover. and certainly not because of (or in spite of) any tacit demand for empty cranking. maybe an eventual stride over the Alps. I'm done cranking. Because it is very. Okla." It's a very long. it was theorized by my agent that sending this "email stuff" might please my book editor just enough that she might not cancel My Book Contract.. Now. an entity that enables us to participate in the wholesale energy market. Theoretically. No fucking way. support the market and drive down the cost of clean energy. I truly hope my book pleases her. The Big Guy. Like I say. But.8 megawatt facility will be built as a direct result of our financial commitment and should be operational in late 2011. much like my editor.0. And. An article that's clearly not a chapter of "email stuff. Who knows? We'll have to see. In any case. I seriously doubt it will please my editor. ironically.. such as this PPA. These purchases represent long-term. Except as noted. Including. Which would suck." And. Our commitment to greening our energy supply is also strong. My book needs to be about choosing a hard thing and then living with it. If you've made it this far.30 -Thanks for listening. But. 2011. To be someone special's Dad for as often and as long as he can. it does occur to me that said contract is the last and only thing my publisher has to intimidate me into doing things I don't want to do. Because it's your thing. All I know is tonight's Friday. Not about abandoning your priorities to write about priorities. As I'll explain in a minute. For doing what needed to be done. And. I will finish my book very soon. Certainly not missing from my handsome and very practical rhetoric--it's been missing from my actual life and living. I may even think to myself about how proud my funny Dad would be of his pal. 10. as far as My Goddamned Book? Truthfully? Wanna hear the really complicated part? This is not me quitting the book. We’ve made the commitment to be a carbon neutral company. unlike last Saturday morning and countless other days before it.what I finish will be my book. plus the additional $350 million we’ve invested in renewable energy projects. I will finish my book because I want to finish it. this. my integrity. And. it will be done my way. like my editor (who is awesome). So. we’ve just published a white paper(PDF) on the topic." Me? I'm off to prep for "DaddyDaughter Night. which makes the Sooner State a great place to harness clean. So. you. you do nearly always survive them." And. messy and uncomfortable story about hospital beds. Our infrastructure team will continue to seek similar opportunities globally as Google’s businesses continue to grow. the game ends. maybe after I make hot milk and watch Woody worry about cowboy camp. I'm done fucking that up. let's be clear-. Including those regular people. Who is awesome. it most likely means I don't have My Book Contract any more. Now.uh. we purchase high-quality carbon offsets for any remaining emissions. " messy. Just like he did. Threats--like hurricanes and rectal exams--are only scary until they arrive. This will enable even more companies to invest in sustainable energy solutions. data center. Global Infrastructure team ." My book will help and comfort the people that I want to reach. We’ve agreed to purchase all of the energy from NextEra Energy Resources’ Minco II wind facility in Oklahoma for the next 20 years. yes--you Back to Work fans knew this one was coming--my book will have my cover that I choose. ” Cranking” was written by Merlin Mann for 43Folders. tomorrow or further on? and was originally posted on April 22." I'll figure this out tomorrow. Even when it gets really hard. Once that threat is made good. they're just the basis for funny stories. and not because of (or in spite of) any editor. well.. It will be. Including any good thing the crank is supposed to be attached to. again.. the real work. As a company we hope that purchases like these. but this time we will be applying the power to our Mayes County. But if it goes away today. And. it's ©2010 Merlin Mann and licensed for reuse under CC BY-NC-ND 3. where the wind comes sweepin’ down the plain by A Googler (The Official Google Blog) Submitted at 4/21/2011 10:20:00 AM Rodgers and Hammerstein weren’t kidding when they wrote what is now Oklahoma’s official state song. If you’re interested in learning more about the whys and wherefores of our renewable energy purchases. nerds. And. Things I think will harm my book. See: my agent very helpfully suggested I send my editor a chapter full of "email stuff. " Why a footer?" Oklahoma. So. I hope we keep working together." My editor really likes "email stuff. It took a long time for me to really get that. Our hope is that by laying out our reasoning and methods we’ll make it easier for others in the industry to explore similar arrangements. and my life. I guess. no. In a quest to make something that has increasingly not felt like my own. if you didn't survive? It wasn't because of a lack of fear. 8. that's Daddy-Daughter Night. Or Monday. Well. And. my book agent says my editor (who is awesome) will probably cancel My Book Contract if I don't send her something that pleases her…today. By tonight. Not because of (or in spite of) any contract. very important to me to finish it. the universe doesn't particularly care whether you're scared. feels more and more unbearable to me. which will be fully operational later this year. The gusts on the plains are fierce.-. there you have it. Once they're over. I will be available in my regular crankless bed to ask my daughter whether she had nice sleeps. renewable wind energy. tomorrow morning. It's such a funny thing. Oh. I don't control anything that anyone does. They can sue me and yell and stuff. And. This 100. to quote my editor (who is awesome). and only if I'm extremely lucky. a hopeful escape attempt. We’ve managed to reduce our energy consumption by over 50 percent by building highly energy-efficient facilities. Even when it gets hard. I'm not sure precisely what that change will look like. to reduce emissions further by increasing the amount of renewable energy we use to power our operations. I've unintentionally ignored by own counsel to never let your hard work fuck up the good things. as I sit here. Which. But. will have realized that this is not a chapter of "email stuff. She's awesome. But. wooly. It will not have fucking pussy willows or desert islands or third-rate kerning. I really hope she doesn't cancel My Book Contract. And. For now. which is why we’ve just signed a power purchase agreement (PPA) for wind energy—our second in less than a year—in Oklahoma. my book will be awesome. Posted by Gary Demasi. through Google Energy LLC.12 CRANKING continued from page 5 cranking on bullshit. The purchase is similar in size and structure to the agreement we signed last July for wind energy in Iowa. no fucking way am I missing two in a row. And. This is me doubling down on the book--on my book. I'm ready to make a change. I like my editor. but. You'll hear more when I hear more. that part's gone missing for just a little too long now. histrionic. at the crack of 6:00 am Pacific Time. We’ve been exploring ways. I have a pretty good idea that this particular performance of "Edelweiss" you're enjoying right now may immediately be followed by a dramatic chase. but we know that efficiency alone isn’t enough to eliminate our carbon footprint. Tonight is DaddyDaughter Night. and styrofoam hats. piggy jammies. meaningful actions to reduce our carbon footprint and power our operations with clean electricity. yes. 9.

with a genetic makeup of three-quarters Columbia Basin genes and one-quarter Idaho genes. and others in the largest wind farm and solar project in the world. While the investments won’t supply our operations with energy. Posted by Bill Weihl. complete with speakers and contests to strengthen Googlers’ green acumen. a “soft release” strategy is being adopted. are being gently re-established into the area. so those pygmies that give birth in the enclosures will have their offspring released before they adapt to human interaction. which resulted in a lack of genetic diversity which subsequently lowered reproductive rates and increased the rabbits’ susceptibility to parasites.. We hope the new website helps you start asking bold questions that lead to innovative solutions to make the world a greener place. We doubled down on greening our energy supply with our second power purchase agreement(PPA) in less than a year and made several new investments: at a solar photovoltaic plant in Germany(our first in Europe). Calif. First. the rabbits will move to smaller enclosures while they adjust to the wild. bringing them back from the brink of extinction. Our campus garden in Mountain View We’ve been carbon neutral since 2007 and—Earth Day or not—we’re always asking ourselves what we can do to make the world greener today than it was yesterday. By cross-breeding the Idaho pygmies with the Columbia species the resultant offspring have had better health and their numbers have increased to around 100 Fewer rabbits caused a level of inbreeding within the species. Step by step. after a mere 16 of the remaining little fluff balls were taken into captivity in an attempt to save their species in 2001. These new rabbits. whether by bike or by pogo stick. captive-bred rabbits will be moved to a six-acre enclosure to develop the foraging and burrowing habits needed to survive in the wild while protected from hungry predators. This Earth Day. the pygmy rabbits don’t share the same reputation as their larger cousins: Pygmies do not breed capriciously in the wild. not the dinosaur) and coyotes killed rabbits let into the wild. we launched a new website with many of the questions we’ve been asking over the years that have inspired our environmental initiatives. the rabbits had southern cousins in Idaho that belong to the same species — although they are genetically distinct and have shown to be separated for more than 10. the largest corporate solar installation in the U. Biologists are wary of following the failure of an experimental reintroduction in 2007. That’s one of the reasons why bringing them back from the extinction feared in the 1990s is such an achievement for the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife. In addition to our new site. They’re also what made us decide to donate to Googlers’ favorite charities based on how often they self-power their commute. when raptors (the bird. we’re celebrating Earth Day with an animated. we’ll compost the leftovers). the southern rabbits have also been enlisted as endangered but their numbers have improved in recent See Also: • 10 Critical Endangered-Species Battles • 8 Most Overlooked Endangered Species Candidates • Oil Disaster Shows Need for Endangered Species Act Overhaul • To Save Animals. and companies across the world. What can we do to make renewable energy cheaper than coal? How can we run a data center using 50 percent less energy? And what does it take to green our energy supply? It’s questions like these that led us to install solar panels on our Mountain View campus in 2007—at the time.S. will be doing the same. we’ll continue to ask ourselves what else we can do to bring us closer to true sustainability. Newborns will be better-equipped to deal with the wild than their parents raised in captivity. we’re holding an environmental fair for Googlers. We hope that you. interactive doodle on our homepage and events at Google offices around the world. and a cookout using—what else— parabolic solar cookers(don’t worry. With adults weighing in at under 500g. Green Enegy Czar . It will be the first time that the endangered species has been seen in the wild since 2004. Image: lauredhel/Flickr Source: Wired. Wired UK Rare pygmy rabbits are being reintroduced to their native Columbia Basin in the United States. the Columbia Basin will soon once more be home to a pile of mini-bunnies.13 Celebrating Earth Day by A Googler (The Official Google Blog) Submitted at 4/22/2011 11:33:00 AM Happy Easter: Pygmy Rabbits Reintroduced to Wild (Wired: Wired Science) Submitted at 4/22/2011 10:00:02 AM By Alice Vincent. Put a Price on Them • DNA Testing Finds Endangered Whale Meat in Restaurants • See Them While You Can: Endangered Butterfly Gallery • A Third of ‘Extinct’ Mammals May Still Be Alive Today. Conservation biologists within the department found that the rabbits’ breeding difficulties were down to a vicious cycle of dwindling numbers. we believe they make business sense and will spur development and deployment of compelling clean energy technologies. with individual rabbits being released as they become acclimatised. Instead. Fortunately.000 years by fossil and genetic evidence. This week. bringing our total invested in clean energy to more than $350 million. we’ve had a busy few weeks continuing our green streak. Like the Columbia Basin pygmies. At our headquarters in Mountain View. Paws’ crossed.

com/toolbar to download the new Google Toolbar 7. getting you results even faster. don’t forget to test your search skills and try solving today’s A Google a Day question at www. This change is currently available for all google. the U. English edition of Google News got two new features: automatic personalization and a recommendations gadget. so this could be the one phone to rule all the carriers.7inch display with the same 960 x 640 resolution in the iPhone 4's retina display -. we can see this things flying out of hands left and right. active solar cycle. When flares like this are directed at Earth. Automatic personalization and Recommended Sections in Google News Yesterday. early stages of massive explosions that send hot charged material ripping through space. we can now generate a prediction for “gadgets. we’ll make sure you get a chance to see breaking baseball news. But. and sunspots dancing across the solar surface. Google Fellow Could the iPhone 5 look like a beveled iPod touch? (Engadget) Submitted at 4/22/2011 6:53:00 PM Best Sun Images From Solar Space Telescope’s First Year (Wired: Wired Science) Submitted at 4/21/2011 2:06:53 PM | Next >> • • • • • • • NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory.” you’ll see search predictions and results appear as you type in the Toolbar search box.resulting in a slight drop from that phone's vaunted 326ppi density. The home button is quite obviously enlarged. well. before you head off for the weekend. Or. A continuation of the concepts laid out in our post-CES look at what's next for Apple. It’s currently available in English. possibly adding some thumbable gestures into the mix.Ed. The new Toolbar also sports a cleaner look. Once you enable Instant under “Toolbar Options." said former SDO project manager Elizabeth Citrin of NASA's Goddard Spaceflight Center. along with a Qualcomm Gobi chipset with support for CDMA and the telescope has watched the sun shift from its quietest period in years to the beginning of a new. the design here is said to be thin. Please see our terms for use of feeds. we sped up search by bringing more predictions to autocomplete and enabling Google Instant in the new Google Toolbar 7 for Internet Explorer. which we updated with new features to help you find more articles on topics you’re interested in. But many more have searched for [underwater gadgets]. Finally. we're certainly willing to be surprised. metalbacked. it looks a little too thin to be packing all that and a bag of antennas as suggested and. Learn more about personalization features in the Help Center. you’ll see suggested topics to follow based on stories you’ve clicked before. Could the iPhone 5 look like a beveled iPod touch? originally appeared on Engadget on Fri. and is more personalized—showing you only the tools you use the most. Google Toolbar 7 with Toolbar Instant We continued to bring the speed of Google Instant to more places with this week’s launch of Google Toolbar 7 for Internet Explorer 8 and 9. 2010. "It is already transforming heliophysics (the science of space weather) in the same way the Hubble Space telescope has transformed astronomy and cosmology. according to anonymous sources quoted by Joshua users in English. Above: First Light SDO saw its first erupting solar prominence on March 30. and sporting a 3. longer and more complicated queries so that now we make predictions based on the last word or words of your search. it might wind up only ever having domain over a single ." said NASA solar physicist Madhulika Guhathakurta. 22 Apr 2011 19:53:00 EDT. "The images of the sun are spectacular and the scientific value of data is immense.| Next >> View all Images: NASA/SDO See Also: • New Space Telescope Delivers First Mind-Blowing Video of the Sun • Spacecraft Sees Earth Eclipse the Fiery Sun • Sun Video Shows New Solar Cycle Is Far More Active • Cute Little Spacecraft Will Take Amazing Pictures of the Sun • Video: Magnetic Twister Erupts on Sun • Huge Magnetic Filament Erupts on the Sun See that up there? That could be your next iPhone-. Solar scientists think the eruption was triggered by a twist in the sun's magnetic Posted by Amit Singhal. More predictions in autocomplete One of the main ways autocomplete predicts searches while you type is by looking at the most popular searches on Google. In the new Recommended Sections in the righthand column.” You’ll see a dropdown box below the end of your search with predictions for just that word. It's seen loops of plasma that dwarf the Earth tracing the sun's magnetic field. Visit www.or it could be a tearshaped dream. For example. previously you wouldn’t have gotten a prediction for [online store with underwater gadgets] since few people have searched for that exact query. Since then.14 This week in search 4/22/11 by A Googler (The Official Google Blog) Submitted at 4/22/2011 4:01:00 PM This is part of a regular series of posts on search experience updates that runs on Fridays. we look back at the mind-blowing sun photo factory's greatest hits. tapered. as well as in Google News. Permalink| This is my next| Email this| Comments Video: Robo-Camera Rig Animates 15 weeks the Under cover of night for three VIDEO: page in March and April.agoogleaday. they can wreak havoc with satellites and power grids. You’ll also find more personalization for the tools you use most in this new version of Toolbar." In this gallery. revealed its first look at the sun to the world one year ago today. "This magnificent observatory is exceeding expectations.S. When logged into your Google account. you’ll now see stories based on your news-related web history. Place your bets in comments below. This week. For instance. so by looking at just the last part of what you’ve typed into the box.PSD file. Internals are said to include a "swipable" area. This week we improved autocomplete for less common. Look for the label "This week in search" and subscribe to the series. but we’ll be bringing it to other supported languages over the next week. a space telescope charged with watching the sun in unprecedented detail. . To us. if you click on a lot of articles about baseball. It's a mock-up of what is said to be the iPhone 5. with all the weight at the top." "The SDO mission is turning out to be our Hubble for the sun. possibly meaning NFC. farmer Randy Night Sky Halverson trudged out to his South (Wired: Wired Science) Dakota fields to make this video of .

you'll also have to forgo niceties like wireless-N. (Copyright Randy Halverson) See Also: • Amateurs Find Hidden Gems in Space Photo Contest • Zoom In on Top 8 UltrahighResolution Science Panoramas • Cheap DIY Camera Systems Perform Amazing Photographic Feats • Reader Photo Gallery: More Stunning DIY Astrophotos • Amateur Astrophotographers Unwittingly Help Scientists Track Comet • Photo: Mad Dash to Catch Space Shuttle Crossing the Sun • Best of a New Trove of MindBlowing Space Photos DirecTV's iPad. Nabaztag to return from dead for Easter (Engadget) Submitted at 4/22/2011 4:51:00 PM Cadbury aside. a microSD card slot.more than a month ahead of its expected June arrival. you often don’t realize how much they’re moving. starting in an old grain distillery. DirecTV's iPad. There's no word on what restrictions may be placed on Android. isn't today our lucky day? Just a week after debuting on video. the Archos 7c Home Tablet is shipping in the US for $220 -.1 ( Eclair). The montage is one of several the amateur astronomer has created. features the famous constellation tracking across his family’s land. “It all just goes together really well. a tragic end due to a recent server move. two built-in speakers. [Thanks. A motorized rail creates the zooming effect. The rabbits' manufacturer tells us that the network issues should be resolved by next week -. The rebirth is also perfectly timed to welcome Nabataztag's second coming as Karotz-.(2)| Email this| Comments Archos 7c tablet with Eclair. Android 2. 22 Apr 2011 17:08:00 EDT. 22 Apr 2011 18:47:00 EDT. Of course. Android apps will also have HBO Go streaming May 2nd (Engadget) Submitted at 4/22/2011 5:47:00 PM Just like the web versions of HBO Go and Max Go are accessible both through their own sites and various provider portals. and I like to take photos then see the results. but Netflix-style DRM tie ups could prove to be much more frustrating to our Game of Thrones streaming plans. and a Cortex A8 processor-RK2918 chipset combo that promises smooth 720p video playback. “It has a special meaning to me. and this story's got it -. but it’s worth it. When you look up at them. combining off-the-rack equipment and patience to great effect. Videos: Randy Halverson/ Dakotalapse. Please see our terms for use of feeds. kickstand now shipping for $220 originally appeared on Engadget on Fri. “It takes a lot of trial and error to get right. Permalink| Archos| Email this| Comments Karotz to start shipping. His motivation to brave chilly evenings is simple.” Halverson tries to achieve a different theme with each Image: Halverson’s slow-moving robotic rig. the email-reading / weatherforecasting / and generally adorable WiFi-enable desktop buddy. Please see our terms for use of feeds. iPhone and "select Android devices" at the same time native Go apps launch. nothing says Easter quite like a good resurrection tale. I filmed some parts from the house my parents used to live in 60 years ago. this 7-inch tablet offers a capacitive (800 x 480) display.” he said.” This spring and summer. Permalink| Karotz| Email this| Comments should start seeing the glowing woodland creature in their mailboxes next week. “I like to be outside. As a refresher. if it's just Froyo or higher hardware with Flash accessibility. 22 Apr 2011 17:51:00 EDT. . a computer controller that moves the mount and snaps the camera’s shutter.something of a belated Easter celebration. Owners of Nabaztag. Please see our terms for use of feeds.those who pre-ordered Karotz to start shipping. “In that one. Elliott] Gallery: Archos 7c Home Tablet Archos 7c tablet with Eclair. The announcement came from DirecTV's official Twitter account which indicated the apps would progress beyond mere remote control and DVR scheduling on the same May 2nd date previously teased in HBO's YouTube trailer -. kickstand now shipping for $220 (Engadget) Submitted at 4/22/2011 4:08:00 PM Well. Nabaztag to return from dead for Easter originally appeared on Engadget on Fri. Halverson hopes to shoot from South Dakota’s badlands and the Rocky Mountains. It not only prevents blur.” which was filmed at temperatures as low as -25 degrees Fahrenheit (video below).we'll wait and see how long it takes to be integrated into similar apps from competitors like Comcast and Verizon FiOS. DirecTV has announced it will include access to them in its own apps on iPad.” Halverson said. and access to Android Market. Each scene in the montage represents about 300 still photographs taken over a period of several hours.” A star-tracking mount for a telescope allows Halverson’s still camera to pan and tilt with the stars. have been reporting a massive die-off of their beloved ambient bunnies. Are those trade-offs worth the dirt-cheap price? That's a decision you're going to have to make for yourself. filmed March 20 through April 10. cameras. Other specs include 8GB of internal storage.starring a rabbit. “It shows motion into the stars you don’t normally notice. but also gives a walkabout motion to his videos. I like to see the stars. His favorite work to date is “Sub Zero. no less. and that kickstand you see in the photo above. Permalink|@DirecTV (Twitter).15 VIDEO: 14 continued from page the evening sky. then that's one thing. iPhone. iPhone. “ Orion” (above).” he said. Android apps will also have HBO Go streaming May 2nd originally appeared on Engadget on Fri.

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