Bromocresol green is a good indicator because it doesn t change color when the solution changes from acidic to neutral. Instead it changes color to blue when pH is over 4.6 and yellow when it is over 4.6. this is due to the pKa of the bromocresol green. This is important because HCO2 is slightly acidic where HNO3 is more acidic. There for to determine the difference from the two having a pKa of 4.6 will turn yellow for HNO3 and blue for HCO2 2. a. NaHCO3 + H2O Na+ + HCO3- ; Blue b. NaNO2 + H2O Na+ + NO2- ; Blue c. Na2SO3 + H2O Na+ + NaSO3- ; Blue i. Since all of the colors where blue that means the pH > 4.6 meaning that they are not strong acids 3. Since the K eq=1.9*10^-3 is very low in the equation NO(g) NO(aq) the equilibrium is to the left producing more glass and less NO (aq) 4. Convection moves the NOx up into the cloud and than diffusion though the drops. The little drops changes color more quickly because they have more surface area per volume. And the closer drops turned color faster because of the convection. NOx would be NO2 because NO2 is 5x more soluble in water 5. The NO2 reacts though diffusion which created a ring effect. The drop started of blue and as the NO2 was added there was a yellow ring started to form and engulf the blue drop. The reveres reaction happed when we added the 2 M NH3 6. The smaller the faster the NO2 is absorbed into the drop. This is because it has a larger surface area to volume compared to a bigger drop. In our results we saw that the smaller drops changed colors faster 7. The closer it is to the source the faster it reacted this is because of convection currents created by the change in temperature and the reactions was ether endothermic or exothermic creating a change in temperature speeding up the convection currents 8. The larger the drop the smaller the ratio area volume. The quicker the drop will fall the smaller the area to volume ratio. Clouds have a high area to volume ratio and one clouds are polluted they have a higher pollutant capacity. There for it will take longer to drop the pollution 9. When we collected the cloud in the lid to titrate it was yellow indicating the ph was less than 4.6 10. 2NO(g) + H2O HNO2 + NO3- + H+ a. Oxidized NO2 and the NO diffuse in the mid air the NO2 reacts in the water to create HNO2 and nitric acid plus a H+ ion making the cloud acidic 11. .06 M work in back 12. SO2 Is highly soluble in water because the Keq is high at 1.3 which means the reaction of SO2(g) SO2(aq) is more to the right than to the left meaning it is soluble in water 13. SO42- a part of acid rain which is formed by atmospheric oxidation of sulfur dioxide in the presence of water sulfur dioxide is released into the air when fossil fuels are burned 14. We know that SO42- was formed because a precipitate formed and the solution fizzed a. BaCl2 + H2SO4 BaSO4 (s) + 2H+ + 2Cl15. a. H2O2 + SO4- H2SO4 + H2O ; yellow b. SO2 +BaCl +H2O H2SO4 + BaCl2 +H2O; yellow c. H2O2 + SO2 SO3(aq) +H2O2 +BaCl2 +H2O H2SO4; white percipient d. H2O2 + H2SO4 SO2 (g) +H2O ; yellow

SO4 is present because all of the solution except turned yellow indicating that so4 is present. The reason why c was not yellow is the so2 was used up in a secondary reaction In the reaction 2NO2 +2I.turning.2MO2.to create a I3. We un oxidized by adding NasO3 and it turned from dark blue to clear in the reverse manor Oxidation of so2 gas is being done by the catalyst no2 to form NO + SO3this was done by adding H2SO4 to Na2SO3and then added NaNO2. 18. the solution blue. This is important because it detects if the NO2 is present The sample at the bottom of the Petri dish one turned dark blue which means it was detecting NO2 and from the bottom and raided up to the two sided and finally to the top . The NO2 gas oxidized to SO3. Also there is no H2O2 or BaCl2 By adding more Na2SO3 because the SO3 makes the reaction to go to the left causing the un oxidation . This is different than experiment 4 because no2 is used as a catalyst and not H2O2.+I2 the I2 reacts with the excess I. 17. i.16. 19.

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