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MODEL DIMENSIONS AND WEIGHTS Drive system Engine Price class Model code Overall length Overall width Overall height Wheelbase Ground clearance Curb weight Gross vehicle weight Seating capacity Max. speed* Acceleration (0 - 100km/h)* Min. turning radius Type (code) Displacement Max. output (EEC net) Max. torque (EEC net) Fuel supply equipment Fuel tank capacity Type Type Front Rear Front Rear Front and rear 4WD 2.0 I/C T/C MIVEC GSR CZ4ASNGFZLW mm mm mm mm mm kg kg persons km/h sec. m cc kW (PS)/rpm N-m (kg-m)/rpm liters 4,495 1,810 1,480 2,650 140 1,595 2,040 5 240 xx 242 xxx 1,625 CZ4ASMGFZLW




5.9 2.0-liter 16-valve inline-4 intercooled turbocharged DOHC MIVEC (4B11) 1,998 217 (295) /6,500 366 (37.3) /3,500 ECI-MULTI (Electronic Controlled Injection - Multi Point Injection) 55 Full-time 4WD 6-speed TC-SST 5-speed manual (Twin Clutch Sport Shift Transmission) Rack-and-pinion, power assisted MacPherson strut, coil springs with stabilizer bar Multi-link, coil springs with stabilizer bar brembo® 18-inch ventilated discs (4-pot) brembo® 17-inch ventilated drum-in-discs (2-pot) 245/40R18

*Measured by Mitsubishi Motors Corporation. Note: These specifications are subject to change without notice. Please consult your local Mitsubishi dealer/distributor for detailed specifications.

1,480 140 1,545 2,650 4,495 1,545 1,810


Cert no. XXX-XXX-000

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the thrill of high-performance driving is now within easy reach. 02 03 .IT’S YOUR TURN Power has never felt so inviting. Equipped with Mitsubishi’s exclusive Super All-Wheel Control to give you unmatched handling over winding roads. GSR / Phantom Black [U02] Equipment may vary according to market. as Lancer Evolution bridges the divide between premium sedan and electrifying sports machine. Get inside and start seeing where life takes you. and an intuitive high-speed shift system for quicker takeoffs and exciting highway cruising.

04 05 .GSR / Phantom Black [U02] Equipment may vary according to market.

THE FUN BEGINS HERE 06 the leather-wrapped gearshift and steering wheel seem to tingle with possibilities. Now this is where you belong. As the start of the engine sends a soft hum through your hands.GSR / Black leather Equipment may vary according to market. the back-lit meters fill the cockpit with a warm glow. Get ready to go. waiting for your first move. Looking out across the ergonomic layout. A new world of excitement awaits. 07 .

while the spacious ALL ABOARD 08 accommodation for rear passengers give your friends plenty of room. RECARO leather combination seats ® ® 09 . they’ll be enjoying the ride almost as much as you are.GSR / Black leather Equipment may vary according to market. The high-grade front RECARO ® racing seats feel custom-fit to your body. the inside is every bit as incredible. And with additional features like a 650W Rockford Fosgate 9-speaker Premium Sound System. As beautiful as the Lancer Evolution is on the outside.

SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE Evolution: to move beyond everyone else. In addition to a revolutionary array of precision control technologies that comprise S-AWC. 10 11 . high-torque power plant rounding out its list of innovations. the new Lancer Evolution now also features a Twin Clutch SST. Lancer Evolution is ready to turn the world of high-performance sedans upside-down. Lancer Evolution has raced down this path. Born from Mitsubishi’s approach of always advancing high performance in step with safety. going further than you yourself have ever been before. a completely new Lancer Evolution is now ready to take the stage. always evolving. With a newly developed. Since receiving its name. GSR / Phantom Black [U02] Equipment may vary according to market. completely re-imagining the concept of transmission systems.

braking and evasive maneuvering than ever before. faster and with far greater dynamic capabilities than standard differentials. S-AWC is the ultimate in dynamic vehicle control. low-traction driving conditions. uneven surfaces. Always prepared to guide you through whatever twists and turns the road can throw your way. AYC (Active Yaw Control). for dry. Braking S-AWC Integrated Control Mitsubishi’s exclusive Super All Wheel Control. Using precision feedback systems. for slippery. AYC (Active Yaw Control) Mitsubishi’s Active Yaw Control system controls torque split to the rear wheels to enhance traction and limit vehicle yaw for better cornering. The AYC in Lancer Evolution features improved precision in yaw rate feedback control for better cornering dynamics. By varying the front/rear torque split between free and fully locked. ACD (Active Center Differential) The Active Center Differential employs a multi-plate hydraulic clutch that can react immediately to changing driving conditions. With Mitsubishi’s exclusive Super All Wheel Control. for rough. ACD : AYC : ASC : ABS : aaaaa aaaaa aaaaa aaaaa Entering curve ACD : a a a a a AYC : a a a a a ASC : a a a a a ABS : a a a a a Active Stability Control (ASC) Active Stability Control monitors vehicle attitude while simultaneously regulating the engine power and braking force going to each wheel to maintain optimal traction. surpasses even our previous high-performance control systems to deliver unparalleled trace control. managing four separate but interacting systems: ACD (Active Center Differential). Developed exclusively for Lancer Evolution. it provides drivers with improved cornering. Without ASC Sport ABS The Sport ABS allows more confident cornering by using speed and angle sensors to actively monitor the conditions at each wheel and using that information to control the brakeforce going to each wheel separately. and Snow. In addition.Even as you choose your own destination. Pulling out of curve ACD : a a a a a AYC : a a a a a ASC : a a a a a ABS : a a a a a Understeer ACD : AYC : ASC : ABS : aaaaa aaaaa aaaaa aaaaa Spin-out prevention ACD : a a a a a AYC : a a a a a ASC : a a a a a ABS : a a a a a Conventional ABS Sport ABS Performance level of each system S-AWC switch on floor console S-AWC indicator Without ASC 12 13 . to provide braking force exactly where it’s needed and deliver performance that’s an extension of the driver’s intent. and an unprecedented level of control and stability. ACD features three selectable operating modes to best suit the current road conditions: Tarmac. and Sport ABS. Gravel. Lancer Evolution also features brake pressure sensors to more accurately match the driver’s actions. S-AWC lets you experience the full thrill the road has to offer. it provides an optimal balance between traction and steering response. you’re never alone in Lancer Evolution. it actively reduces wheel spin to provide better acceleration. better handling in understeer and oversteer situations. it’s like having an expert co-pilot DRIVING PARTNER S-AWC vehicle control system activation Acceleration from standstill ACD : AYC : ASC : ABS : aaaaa aaaaa aaaaa aaaaa always at the ready. paved surfaces. Active Stability Control (ASC).

The switch.A CHANGE OF PACE Although Lancer Evolution is built on generations of cutting-edge technology and high-performance testing. The open highway now stretches out in front of you. located next to the base of the gearshift level. the Twin Clutch Sport Shift Transmission. Together. Sport Mode uses faster shifting points and a quicker shift setting. Super Sport S-SPORT Mode* enables even quicker shifting for SPORT high-performance driving situations. and one for the odd. one for the even numbered gears. NORMAL * For added safety. Twin Clutch Construction This new system. Mitsubishi has never forgotten what driving is supposed to be: fun. the next gear is automatically engaged. Rather than using a conventional torque converter. allowing them to enjoy the ride. Twin Clutch SST (Twin Clutch Sport Shift Transmission) The transmission in the Lancer Evolution offers lightning-quick shift response with no drop-off in engine power. uses a unique shift control method. which uses relatively low shifting speeds and gentler gear transfer for smoother shifting and better fuel efficiency. For everyday town driving. and eliminating shift lag and power loss. while still keeping the convenience of an automatic. This is to prevent sudden acceleration. or they can take command with the conveniently located paddle shifters mounted on the steering wheel. Drivers have the option of using the fully automatic setting. and the paddle shifters bring the excitement right to your fingertips. awaiting your decision. makes it simple to change between settings. allowing shifting to be done far faster than a human could ever shift manually. the paddle shifters give you the feel and control of manual shifting. but without ever requiring you to take your hands from the wheel or your eyes from the road. they let drivers enjoy the thrill of rally-style control without losing the convenience of an automatic. 5-speed manual transmission The 5-speed manual transmission provides a fine balance of high torque in the low ranges and high output in the higher ranges. In addition to being much smoother. The sporty Twin Clutch SST makes acceleration swift and smooth. available exclusively on the Lancer Evolution. The shifting is smooth and easy with minimal shift shock and power lag. Each clutch selects a gear simultaneously. By setting the shift timing to even higher rev speeds. Magnesium Paddle Shifters Conveniently located behind the steering wheel. 15 14 . so that the exact moment one gear is disengaged. the TC-SST also enables much quicker acceleration. making it ideal for handling winding mountain roads. when driving under 10km/h the TC-SST Control Mode switch must be pressed for three full seconds in order to activate S-Sport Mode. each suited to a different set of conditions or driving styles. the TC-SST uses two separate clutch systems. TC-SST Control Mode The TC-SST features three shift control modes. there’s Normal Mode.

0-liter MIVEC I/C T/C DOHC engine that generates an impressive 217kW output and 366N-m of torque. 2.3kgm)/3. Engine Speed (rpm) ECC net Twin Scroll Turbocharger For an additional punch of power.THE POWER TO THRILL That moment when the engine springs to life as you turn the key. including the cylinder block. cylinder head covers. Let’s go. As the power from under the hood flows through the steering wheel into your fingers. 16 17 . In addition. many of the engine components.500rpm MIVEC System The exclusive MIVEC (Mitsubishi Innovative Valve timing Electronic Control system) automatically adjusts the overlap between the exhaust and intake strokes. MIVEC Twin Scroll Turbo Engine Lancer Evolution is powered by a 4-cylinder. and timing chain cover. the engine on the Lancer Evolution comes equipped with a split-intake twin scroll-type turbocharger that provides a significant boost to engine torque. This provides greater torque across the low-rev range for quicker starts and better acceleration.500rpm Torque (N-m) Output (kW) 140 120 100 80 60 40 20 0 0 1000 2000 3000 4000 5000 6000 7000 8000 400 300 200 366N-m(37. like a sleeping beast that’s been awakened. 2. have been made from lightweight aluminum rather than iron.0-liter MIVEC I/C T/C DOHC 16-valve (4B11) Performance Curves 220 200 180 160 217kW(295PS)/6. for lower overall weight and better efficiency. and greater output across the high-rev range for improved performance and lower emissions. 16-valve. your mind fills with the endless possibilities of roads to explore and journeys to undertake.

for superior stopping distance. READY FOR ANYTHING The world is not predictable. Incorporating Mitsubishi’s exclusive RISE (Reinforced Impact Safety Evolution) body design. The front brakes are also available with 2-piece rotors for reduced weight and improved handling. it acts in cooperation with front and rear crumple zones that absorb and dissipate collision energy before it can reach the interior. delivering expert cornering and straight-line control. Eibach coil springs and BILSTEIN® tube shock absorbers further enhance the driving experience.GSR / Phantom Black [U02] Equipment may vary according to market. equipped with 4. 19 . respectively. 7-Airbag System For maximum occupant protection in the event of a collision. it uses high-tensile steel and highly rigid frame beams to create a protective environment surrounding the occupants. but not at the price of safety. Ensuring smooth and supple travel over uncertain roads. High-performance brembo® Disc Brakes Stopping power is one of the most important things you can have in an emergency. featuring an inverted front suspension and rear forged aluminum upper and trailing arms. Not only does this direct collision energy around and away from the driver and passengers. and are designed for more reduced fade and more natural pedal feel. which is why Lancer Evolution is equipped with an advanced suspension and handling system that gives your reflexes the edge of sure-footed stability and predictable response. which is why Lancer Evolution uses advanced brembo® ventilated disc brakes. The front 18-inch and rear 17-inch brakes are 18 *Image shown above is RHD model. plus an overall optimized geometry and wider tracks for increased stability. You and your occupants are also guarded by an array of active and passive safety features designed to protect front and side collision. Front and rear occupants are protected in the event of side collision by curtain airbags. Advanced Suspension for Optimized Stability Lancer Evolution is designed for race-level handling.and 2-pot calipers. while first-row occupants are protected by front and side airbags. Lancer Evolution is equipped with 7-airbag system to provide increased safety from front and side collision. An additional driver’s knee airbag is provided to prevent injury by stabilizing the leg and lower body of the driver. RISE Body The Lancer Evolution was designed for high performance.

0-liter 16-valve intercooled turbocharged DOHC MIVEC ECI-MULTI engine 6-speed TC-SST with magnesium paddle shifters / 5-speed manual transmission MAIN FEATURES • Full-time 4WD • 18-inch ENKEI® light alloy wheels • brembo® 4-wheel ventilated disc brakes • RECARO® front seats Phantom Black [U02] 20 21 .MODEL LINE-UP GSR 2.

or when you’re just enjoying a drive by yourself. intercooler air intake ducts 06 Fully automatic air conditioner 19 Keyless operation system 20 Power windows with anti-trapping function and driver’s one-touch operation for all windows 21 Rockford Fosgate® Sound Aluminum hood with large air outlet 07 Large side airdams 08 Large rear spoiler 09 22 Nothing goes better with an exciting drive than your favorite music. or the balance can be adjusted for front and rear occupants. you and a front passenger. The speaker output can be optimized according to the type of music you prefer. 6-CD player and center display (optional) 23 Roof antenna 24 22 23 . all controlled right from the steering wheel. Color-keyed power door mirrors with defoggers 10 Chrome belt-line moldings 11 Large dual-pipe chrome exhaust finisher 12 3-spoke sport-type leather-wrapped steering wheel with audio controls 13 Cruise control 14 High-contrast black-faced meters 15 Rockford® Fosgate 650W premium audio system with AM/FM radio.STANDARD AND OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT Magnesium paddle shifters 01 245/40R18 tires with 18-inch ENKEI® light alloy wheels 02 245/40R18 tires with 18-inch BBS® forged light alloy wheels with Diamond Black finish 03 Chrome door handles 16 Floor console box with leatherette covered lid 17 Front door scuff plates 18 AFS(Adaptive Front-lighting System) with HID(High Intensity Discharge) headlamps 04 Front fog lamps 05 Front bumper with integrated airdam. The Rockford Fosgate® Premium Sound System includes a powerful 650W amplifier with DSP (Digital Signal Processor) and a 9-speaker array with subwoofer.

emergency triangle and tire pressure gauge Engine immobilizer / Security alarm Sport type front grill with large chrome accent Headlamps AFS (Adaptive Front-lighting System) with HID (High Intensity Discharge) headlamps Manual headlamp leveling device Auto lighting control Front fog lamps Front bumper with integrated airdam. Please consult your local Mitsubishi dealer/distributor for actual colors. CD player with center display (digital clock and audio information) and audio jack Rockford Fosgate® 650W premium audio system with AM/FM radio. first-aid kit. multi-information display and rheostat Aluminum pedals Leather combination seats / Front seat heaters Front seats RECARO® full bucket seats / Integrated headrest x 2 Manual sliding and reclining adjusters Rear bench seat / Center armrest with cup holders / Adjustable headrest x 3 Phantom Black accent panels with silver garnishes (instrument panel) / Phantom Black accent panels (door trims) Chrome-plated air outlet knobs / Chrome-plated inner door handles Chrome-edged air conditioner panel Chrome-plated gearshift panel with Phantom Black surround Lower center console box with lid / Glove box Front cup holders with lid on floor console Floor console box with lid Floor console box with leatherette covered lid Front door pockets with bottle holders / Rear door pockets Cigarette lighter / Removable cup-type ashtray Removable cup-type ashtray (for rear seats) Fuel lid opener / Trunk lid opener Vanity mirrors with lids and ticket holders for sunvisors / Day-and-night rearview mirror Front room lamp with map lamps / Rear room lamp Retractable assist grip x 4 / Coat hanger x 1 Front door scuff plates Fully automatic air conditioner / Rear seat heater ducts Central door locking system Keyless entry system Keyless operation system Power windows with anti-trapping function and driver’s one-touch operation for all windows 6 speakers (4 speakers and 2 tweeters) AM/FM radio. Note: Color shown may differ slightly from actual colors due to printing process. center display (digital clock and audio information). 9 speakers (4 speakers. 25 24 . intercooler air intake ducts and aluminum bumper beam Front undercover Aluminum hood with air outlet / Aluminum blistered fenders / Aluminum roof Large side airdams / Large rear spoiler Windows Laminated green windshield glass / Tempered green side and rear window glass / Rear window defogger Ultra violet ray-absorbing front door glass Auto rain-sensing variable intermittent windshield wipers and washers with mist function Color-keyed power door mirrors with defoggers / Color-keyed outer door handles / Black door sashes Chrome belt-line moldings Large dual-pipe chrome exhaust finisher 3-spoke sport-type leather-wrapped steering wheel with audio controls Power steering / Tilt-adjustable steering column Cruise control Leather-wrapped gearshift knob and parking brake lever with chrome button High-contrast back-lit meters with tachometer.STANDARD AND OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT Model Price class Engine Transmission 2.0-liter 16-valve intercooled turbocharged DOHC MIVEC ECI-MULTI engine (4B11) 5-speed manual transmission 6-speed TC-SST (Twin Clutch Sport Shift Transmission) / Magnesium paddle shifters Full-time 4WD High-performance independent suspension with front and rear stabilizer bars Front and rear Eibach® coil spring and BILSTEIN® strut suspension Front strut tower bar Super All-Wheel Control (S-AWC): ACD (Active Center Differential) / AYC (Active Yaw Control ) / Active Stability Control (ASC) / Sport ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) with EBD (Electronic Brake-force Distribution) Front limited-slip differential (helical type) Tires and wheels 245/40R18 tires with 18-inch ENKEI® light alloy wheels 245/40R18 tires with 18-inch BBS® forged light alloy wheels with Diamond Black finish brembo® 4-wheel ventilated disc brakes 2-piece front brake rotors with alloy hats SRS airbags Driver’s and front passenger’s front SRS airbag (dual-stage) Driver’s knee SRS airbag Front seat side and curtain SRS airbags Seatbelts Front 3-point ELR seatbelt with pretensioner and force-limiter x 2 Height-adjustable front seatbelt anchors Rear 3-point ELR seatbelt x 3 Front and rear side door impact bars Rear child restraint seat lower anchor x 2 and tether x 3 Child-protection rear door locks High-mount stop lamp Fire extinguisher. 6-CD player.0L 5MT TC-SST a a a EXTERIOR AND INTERIOR COLOR COMBINATIONS Body Colors Performance – a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a 01 – a a a a a 02 03 a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a Safety Medium Purplish Gray (M) A39 Blue (P) D06 Exterior 04 a a a 05 06 07 09 a a a a a a a a 08 Phantom Black (P) U02 Cool Silver (M) A31 Cockpit 10 11 12 13 14 15 a a a a a a a a a a a a a Seats Interior 16 a a a a a a Red Metallic P26 White Solid W37 17 a a a a a a Seat Materials Comfort and Convenience 18 19 a a a 20 21 a a a Audio and Media 22 23 24 a a Package Options Leather combination (Black) Fabric (Black) a: Standard : Optional : Available in Package Options only –: Not available Note: Some of the equipment may vary in appearance or availability. 4 tweeters and 1 subwoofer) and steering wheel audio controls Roof antenna 18-inch BBS® forged light alloy wheels with Diamond Black finish / 2-piece front brake rotors with alloy hats / Front and rear Eibach® coil spring and BILSTEIN® strut suspension Leather combination seats / Front seat heaters / Floor console box with leatherette covered lid / Front door scuff plates / Upgraded silencer GSR 2.

GSR / Phantom Black [U02] Equipment may vary according to market.WHAT EXCITES YOU? For every spirit. 26 27 . there is something that will lift it. or the peace of mind of always being in perfect control. the pulse-pounding excitement of the engine’s roar as you explore the full potential waiting within. Though each spirit is different. in Lancer Evolution they have a common ground. It can be the exhilarating freedom that comes from the open road.