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CO Trip Report: Colorado Name of Event: Colorado CPA Gap Analysis Review and Strategic Compliance Plan Kickoff

Meeting Date of event: 3.14-3.15.2011 Location: Denver, CO Attending: Cosimina Panetti, Eric Plunkett, BCAP Rick Hanger, DOLA Conor Merrigan, GEO Thad Kurowski, GEO Jim Meyers, SWEEP J.C. Martel, SWEEP Tom Easley, Rocky Mountain Climate Organization Steve Thomas, CCC Two additional DOLA employees

Background: (Mission of sponsoring organization- link to website/event invite if applicable) Denver Community Planning and Development (CPD) Mission: To guide and promote the planning, building, and maintenance of an outstanding Denver Governor’s Energy Office (GEO) Mission: to advancing sustainable economic development opportunities through energy market development and investment Objective: (why you chose to attend) Denver DPD: To learn more about Denver’s energy code adoption and implementation process, as well as additional information re: energy and green code work in Colorado GEO: To review recommendations made in the Colorado Gap Analysis Report and begin to move forward with the second phase of the Compliance Planning Assistance (CPA) Program: the Strategic Compliance Plan to achieve 90 percent

Accomplishments/Future Plans: (include any contacts made at the event)) CPD – Discussed: - Denver 2009 IECC adoption process - City and state financial situation re: funding for energy programs - City and state political situation – uncertain future for Denver – mayoral election coming up in a few months - SWEEP green building regional project to eventually adopt the IgCC - Longer-term issues with integrating sustainability, zoning, energy codes, green building - Key stakeholders in the state GEO – Discussed: - DOLA training workshop for 2011 – 3 levels of training based on inspection dept. knowledge and practice of energy code enforcement – goal: 100 jurisdictions before June - Rocky Mountain Climate Org – put together climate change plan – similar to the governor’s - Interested in recs for building energy efficiency - Org could be a good vehicle for outreach and training - DOLA DOE state work – CCC is the contractor – outreach to CML, CCI, HBA, different stakeholders re: energy code adoption, some implementation – tough GEO continued: - Need to quantify it – not sure when they could do this – maybe compile #s from other orgs? - Statewide adoption unlikely for the moment - COALITION BUILDING should be the goal for now – new groups, letters of support - CCC is creating a toolkit to help jurisdictions push for codes - Not sure if GEO funding will continue at the same level for codes – possibly DOLA could take over more of the work – hoping for a supplemental grant to work more with CML, CCI - More regional code depts. unlikely for the moment - DRCOG has elevator inspections – enforcement happens if it’s a priority - S.A.F.E. Mortgage Bill – uniform licensing standards for lenders – example of statewide uniformity - Utility funding a major untapped resource – no systems benefit charge – GEO strategizing how to get one, work with utilities in general on EE issues – Demand Side Management – could codes count towards it?

It is recommended that: (ex. BCAP will follow-up with contacts made at this event; BCAP should not only attend this event next year, but present and purchase a table at the expo) - BCAP will continue to communicate with Colo. to identify priorities for the state and potential programs and projects that could address these in order to reach 90 percent compliance with the model energy code by 2017 - BCAP connected GEO/DOLA staff with contacts in Ill. and Texas to discuss home rule obstacles and solutions to statewide adoption

In addition, Eric Plunkett had a separate meeting with Jack Sinclair with the Denver Community Planning and Development on 3.14.11 Meeting notes as follows: 2009 Adoption – Finally near the end of the 2-year process ○ April or May City Council should approve ○ 3-6 month implementation period before it is the sole effective code Shouldn’t have taken so long ○ Conservative process ○ Fire amendment issues ○ Traditional Denver Code stakeholder members trying to hold on to position – power struggle  Trying to transition away from traditional stakeholder process, which slows things down  CPD, Development Services chooses code, amendments, then bring them to the stakeholders for review ○ Some wanted code for townhouses before residential – not sure the reason…

2012 Adoption – – CPD, Dev. Services discussing adopting the 2012 IECC ahead of the other Icodes Want technical analysis of how 2012 IECC would mesh with 2009 I-codes

National Code – CCICC – Huge ○ ○ ○ advocate for energy codes Lots of turnover in the last few years Major change in attitude towards energy codes Gil Rossmiller leading the way  EC champion  Helps local jurisdictions Has building guides on its website A national code would be better than a state code, as jurisdictions hate when the state gives them a mandate

Plan review

Denver plan reviewers are also engineers ○ Proud of this, believe it improves process ○ Also go through ICC training for plan review

Training in the state – – Generally find it to be helpful, well-run Webinars helpful occasionally

SWEEP metro area green building initiative – Review ○ Milestone 1: Adopt most recent code ○ Milestone 2: Define sustainability goals ○ Milestone 3: Become an E* program sponsor ○ Milestone 4: Offer green building training ○ Milestone 5: Adopt the IgCC with Standard 189.1 and the NGBS with LEED as an alternative compliance path Denver feels confident it is on its way ○ Has or close to first three Code officials initially very supportive – now say they’ll need third party verification b/c they won’t be able to do the IgCC HBA not supportive ○ Says market not ready yet ○ Must have more E* Need to address more than just building codes ○ Holistic land use planning approach ○ Difficult to mesh all sustainability functions together – zoning, land, water, code, buildings ○ Development Services trying to be umbrella org for all larger sustainability plan Important that everyone move forward together for uniformity ○ Help builders ○ Help towns so that they don’t lose out on development b/c their standards are higher than their neighbors’

– – –

State politics – New Governor ○ Jobs jobs jobs ○ No new spending promise New Denver gov’t in three months ○ Chaos – people jumping ship ○ Lots of unknowns ○ Democratic mayor likely

○ Huge budget deficit in an anti-spending climate GEO in trouble—when Recovery Act funding ends, how will they maintain staff, work?

New Contacts – – – David Neiger of Populous Consulting a leader in sustainability Cindy Bosco started regional green building movement Doug Parker, plan review in Boulder

Denver/Colo. priorities right now – Beef up third party rating performance ○ With more raters than ever before, not sure the quality will remain as high ○ Want to integrate them into the code enforcement process 2012 IECC/2009 I-codes assessment Involve more stakeholders ○ Manufacturers ○ Suppliers ○ Designers ○ Builders ○ Support would be more effective from the building side – need HBA on board

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