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= ___________________________________________________________________________ Howto Multiboot Windows and Linux with a Minimum of Disruptions to your system. David Gleba V 1.01 indev...

Purpose: This multiboot method results in a minimum of disruptions to the MBR and partition table on the hard drive. ___________________________________________________________________________ 1. Partition the drive as per the following: Use Windows XP setup to create empty unformatted partitions these sizes. You can use SuSE live eval CD after c: d: and e: drive have been created. You can let the OS setup program format each partition during the install for a particular partition. For example, let SuSE format hda11 as reiserFS during the SuSE installation. The following diagram shows all 'FAT' formats since this is what windows initially formated the partitions as. These formats will be overwritten during the installation of a linux OS. c: d: e: f: hda1 hda5 hda6 hda7 hda8 hda9 hda10 hda11 hda12 FAT16 FAT32 FAT32 FAT32 FAT32 FAT32 FAT32 FAT32 FAT32 Compatible format, use for booting and things that insist on being on c: drive. 7.7G Windows XP Main installation 7.4G Windows XP testing installation 9.9G Data 450Meg Linux Swap 200Meg Linux (EG: Gentoo Boot) 7.1G Linux (EG: Gentoo) 6.3G Linux (EG: SuSE) 6.8G Linux (EG: Debian-Libranet) 1.9G

etc... I keep a small spreadsheet up to date with this information as I change installations. This allows me to effectively plan and repair the system. Having this info quickly available pays off to a large degree. Use different partition sizes to help uniquely identify each partition. Once this partitioning is done, the likelyhood of needing to change this is very low. I do change format of a partition at times. Eg: from reiser to ext3. 2. Install WindowsNT/2k/XP on d: and use the NT boot loader for all initial booting.

SuSE boot/install CD.sec bs=512 count=1 In this example the output file requires /hda1 mounted at /windows/c.3.2 (hda10)" 7. Have the installation put the boot loader. I now use Grub since it can be edited without rewriting it like LILO requires. The OS install can format that partition using the appropriate format. you can use any output file path and then place the resulting file in c:\ yourself later.sec [operating systems] multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(3)\WINDOWS="Microsoft Windows XP Professional f :" /fastdetect c:\su81da11. Knoppix will automatically create icons to access all the partitions on the disk. Run this command to make a bootsector file and place it in c:\ eg: dd if=/dev/hda11 of=/windows/c/su81da11. Grub for example. on that partition. including c: drive. custom boot floppies. and/or Knoppix for repairs. It is possible to start existing installs like SuSE and others from the SuSE boot CD by selecting : Manual installation > Start installation / system > Boot installed system. . Install a linux distro on one of the linux designated partitions. Edit the windows NT bootloader boot.sec="SuSE Linux 8. you should be able to boot/repair your system and never be unable to startup your machine. With the NT bootloader.sec="SuSE Linux 8. Boot the new linux system. Create a custom boot floppy if possible for easier initial startup. 8. SuSE live eval CD. not the MBR. but a set that is working well for me. 6. (this is what SuSE live eval uses) Alternately.ini file to include that bootsector file. or any existing linux system on the HD or Knoppix on CD. 4.1 (hda11)" c:\su82da10. Boot from the HD and you should see the new linux entry. eg: [boot loader] timeout=17 default=c:\su82da10. This is only a few of the tools avaiable.

multiboot computer. V 0. multiboot.22 Revised 9 Dec 2003. grammar change. dualboot. Having a testing install of XP allows you to see if a clean install will resolve a problem you have in your Main install.2 Revised 2 June 2003 V 0. This can be done at any time later since this method has low risk in damaging the MBR or patition table. boot sector file. I often use: 2-3 windows installs including Win98 and Win2k/XP. ___________________________________________________________________________ = . 11. 10. small edits.9. 4 Linux installs. I have found that more than 4 linux installs is not very necessary or productive.1 Revised 30 May 2003 V 0. v 1. Microsoft Windows. Keywords: dual boot.. When I get to the point of needing a fifth install I generally just wipe out one I am not using much.01 indev 6fe15. no . Linux. changed partition sizes V 0.21 Revised 5 Dec 2003.scratch that . Boot and enjoy your dualboot . Add other operating systems to the partitions as necessary.. ___________________________________________________________________________ Revision history. multi boot. updating.