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Product Sales Bulletin

Tornado Nozzle



BJ Services specifically developed its Tornado coiled tubing nozzle as part of an improved process for well cleanout operations. Used in conjunction with BJ’s exclusive Tornado Pro job design software, this novel process provides a highly effective means for removing sand and similar fill material from deviated or horizontal wellbores.


BJ’s Tornado coiled tubing nozzle is specifically designed for deviated and horizontal well cleanouts.

Current approaches to the problem

• •

Large diameter coil Higher flow rates

Many of the practical choices for polymer-based cleanout fluids exhibit shear thinning. As a result, particles cannot stay suspended indefinitely and settle to form an equilibrium bed on the low side of the hole, especially in the highly eccentric annular flow encountered in deviated coiled tubing cleanouts. Unfortunately, because fluids with good particle suspension properties have poor particle re-entrainment characteristics once an equilibrium bed has formed, most polymer systems tend to “slide” over the settled sand bed, leaving large volumes of sand or fill in the wellbore. The current approaches to remove these beds involve seeking out even more exotic/costly fluids or using higher flow rates (which dictate larger diameter coiled tubing). Neither of these approaches ensures complete fill removal in every case.

BJ’s solution

• • •

Avoids larger diameter coiled tubing Uses smaller volumes of fluid Allows easy-to-follow field procedures

Rather than focusing on finding a cleanout fluid with perfect particle suspension capability (or, even more challenging, finding a fluid with adequate suspension properties and near-perfect re-entrainment capability), BJ researchers investigated physical methods for re-entraining particles that have settled into beds. The result of their efforts is a jetting nozzle with switchable forward and backward facing jets. By selecting the backward facing jets and controlling pull-out-of-hole speed (at rates determined by BJ’s associated particle transport software), the settled sand bed can be “swept” out of the hole with near 100% efficiency.




Benefits of Tornado technology • • • • Greatly reduces time required for more challenging well cleanouts Removes virtually 100% of the fill material Boosts production while increasing the intervals between cleanouts Protects against stuck coil by avoiding sand compacting behind the jetting nozzles B J 4/27/01 S E R V I C E S C O M P A N Y The above features and/or data are supplied solely for informational purposes and BJ Services Company makes no guarantees or warranties. Pulling up too fast bypasses sand beds and leaves fill behind. SERVICES Tornado Nozzle Cleanout Process SM Tornado Nozzle Cleanout Process SM Forward Cleaning Mode: Equilib Sand Excess Sand Transported to Surface Forward Cleaning Mode: rium Sand Bed Fluidized Sand 1 2 Leading Edge of Sand Bed Tornado Nozzle Cleanout Process SM Backward Cleaning Mode: Equil ibrium S an d Bed 3 Eroding Sand Bed The Tornado nozzle and precise job procedures determined by BJ software calculations can effectively remove sand beds from the low side of the well.bjservices. with respect to their accuracy or use. This document is controlled by the reference date. With BJ software-based job planning. Running in too fast deposits large sand beds behind the nozzle that are difficult to remove completely. effective fill removal is assured. please reference the Services section of the BJ Services Website (www. All product warranties and guarantees shall be governed by the BJ Services Company standard at the time of sale or delivery of service.Product Sales Bulletin Tornado Nozzle TM How the Tornado coiled tubing nozzle works PRODUCTS COILED TUBING AND The Tornado nozzle diverts the flow of jetting fluid in either direction. Actual product performance or availability depends on the timing and location of the job. the type of job and the particular characteristics of each job. BJ coiled tubing operators use the forward facing jets to break-up and fluidize compacted fill while running in and then cycle to the backward facing jets to efficiently “sweep” fill from the low side of the well while pulling out of hole. . either expressed or implied. Engineering algorithms embedded in BJ’s software calculate how fast the coil can be run into the fill and how quickly the coil can be “swept” back up the or ask your BJ representative. To ensure that this is the current version.