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Lloyd’s Register Group

Environmental Protection
Managing Risks and Improving Performance
Superyacht UK Technical Seminar January 2011

Overview Core Requirements Supplementary characters Survey requirements Summary .Lloyd’s Register Group Agenda • • • • • Environmental Protection (hereinafter referred to as ‘EP’) .

Lloyd’s Register Group Environmental Protection (EP) notation • • • • • • First class society to issue environmental rules Covers all major operational pollutants Includes design. equipment and operational aspects Goes beyond current environmental legislation Applies to new & existing ships Any IACS classed ship Jan 2011 .

Lloyd’s Register Group Other Classification Societies CLEANSHIP NOTATION ENVIRO+ .

N3.Lloyd’s Register Group Structure of Rules Requirements R Supplementary Characters S I B. Vp P Eop VOC Management G A Garbage handling and disposal Core Requirements Refrigeration systems NOx Oil pollution prevention Energy Management Arrangement on ships carrying oil cargoes in bulk Fuel consumption and emissions footprint ISM SERS Pre-requisite Anti-Fouling MARPOL . Bt Sewage Treatment Fire-fighting systems SOx Ballast Water Sp N1.Ne Crm Hull anti-fouling systems Tc O Ede Ballast Water Vc.N2.

• • • • . Ballast Water Management Plan and record book. An Oil Record Book in accordance with MARPOL Annex I & a garbage management plan and record book in accordance with MARPOL Annex V. an alternative is considered AFS declaration as per Appendix 2 of Annex 4 to the Convention.Lloyd’s Register Group Pre-Requisite requirements • • • • Antifouling Convention (AFS) MARPOL Ballast Water Convention Safety Management Certificate (SMC) Where a yacht. is not required to be certified in accordance with the above Code and Conventions. by virtue of its gross tonnage. Exempted from having a valid SMC.

Lloyd’s Register Group Core Requirements Exhaust emissions (NOx SOx) Refrigeration systems Fire-fighting agents Energy Management Ballast water VOC Management Hull antifouling system Sewage treatment Antifouling paints Garbage handling and disposal Oil pollution prevention Fuel consumption & emission footprint .

Lloyd’s Register Group EP notation supplementary characters A B Bt Crm Ede Eop G I N1.3.e O P R S Biocide free hull anti-fouling Approved ballast water management plan Ballast water treatment system Cargo residue minimisation Verified Energy Efficiency Design Index Verified Energy Efficiency Operational Index Enhanced Grey water treatment Approved Inventory of Hazardous Materials NOx emissions limits Enhanced treatment of oily bilge water Enhanced oil tank protection Use of refrigerants with low GWP SOx emission limit Sp Tc Vc Vp Treatment of swimming pool water Enhanced tank cleaning Vapour emission control system Vapour emission prevention Bold – new character introduced July 2010 Light – existing character .2.

N2. and existing ships N1. Test procedures in accordance with IMO NOx Technical Code. II. N2 – having NOx weighted emissions < 80% Reg. but not boilers.Lloyd’s Register Group Requirements: NOx • Core: Compliance with MARPOL Annex VI NOx emission limits – engines on new and existing ships. gas turbines. • Supplementary: N1. N3. Ne – refers to Tier I. incinerators.13 standards N3 – meeting Tier III standards Ne – existing ships meeting Tier I standards . III.

all fuels : 0.10% m/m.0% S Oil fuel management plan Fuel sampling (ISO 3170 or 3171) Testing (ISO 8754) • Supplementary S – Maximum allowable fuel S content.Lloyd’s Register Group Requirements: SOx • Core Maximum fuel sulphur (S) content – 3. or alternative fuel or hybrid solution equivalent to 0.10% S .

to be provided • Supplementary: No requirements . procedures on containment and disposal.Lloyd’s Register Group Requirements: Fire Fighting System • Core: Use of halons or halo-carbons prohibited Foam. Chemical. Liquids fire-fighting media – if potentially causing environmental pollution.

Lloyd’s Register Group Requirements: Hull Anti-fouling System • Core: Anti-fouling system with TBT is prohibited Sealing coat not acceptable • Supplementary: A – Use of non-biocidal antifouling coating (no TBT. copper etc) .

to be provided. also known as LR’s Green Passport. • . Procedures in maintaining IHM to be provided and implemented.Lloyd’s Register Group Requirements: Inventory of hazardous materials – I • Core: No requirements Supplementary: I – Inventory of Hazardous Materials (IHM). covering both Appendix 1 & 2 of the SRC 2009.

Lloyd’s Register Group Requirements: Swimming pool water – Sp • Core: No requirements Supplementary: Sp – Pool water to be neutralized prior to discharged over-board Procedures to be established and implemented Records to be maintained • .

Certificates .Operational Procedures . 1. intermediate and renewal surveys & audits • • . Chapter 11.3) .Information and plans • Initial survey & audit Assignment of EP Notation Annual.Lloyd’s Register Group Approval Process • Plan & document review (See LR Rules Part 7.

Lloyd’s Register Group Lloyd’s Register’s EP Notation • Covers major operational pollutants Design and operational aspects New and existing ships Demonstrates environmental responsibility • • • .

EC3M 4BS T +44(0)20 7423 2052 E carlo.Lloyd’s Register Group For more W www. please contact: Carlo Russo Passenger Ship Support Centre (New Construction) Lloyd’s Register EMEA 71 Fenchurch Street .russo@lr.