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Services and supports to promote social inclusion of persons with developmental disabilities act2008

When going through bill 77 I found that the language of lawyers very confusing Fortunately I was able to understand a lot more of the issues being raised by the new act as I readthe transcripts of the standing committee on social policy. For bill 77 which had taken place across Ontario during august 07. A few of the main issues which stood out were: the language used in the act and its need for clarification, allocation of funding for supports and services, equality across the provience for these sectors. I chose to focus on the proposed application centers and the legislation of waiting lists,and the affect they will have on individuals with developmental disabilities in the future. The application centers: will be a centralized location for the applications process, They will help to give government a clear picture of how many people are on waiting lists, They will be in charge of completing generic application forms to ensure fairness and equality for all individuals with developmental disabilities.
The new application process means that everyone follows the same steps when they apply for developmental services and supports It also means that the same rules are followed when decisions are made about who gets services and supports, what each person needs and the amount of supports they get. The new application process has two separate parts application entities and funding entities Application entities: These are the places that people go to when they want to apply for developmental services and supports. They give information about the application process, services and supports that the ministry pays for and resources in the community

Actually one for each region or catchment area. The location of offices may vary but are generally in the same community where the individual resides. It is proposed that new application centers be created for the tasks mentioned above. Waiting list reports Funding entities will keep waiting list for services and supports if there is not enough for everyone right away. They will be few in numbers.They decide who can apply for services and supports. The report will also cover direct funding waiting lists. These organizations make sure that everyone gets treated the same way. it is larger than the entire southern part of Ontario) . measure people s needs and manage direct funding agreements. Case workers. The minister has to publish a report on waiting lists within 60 days of getting the information At present the application process is being done by the agencies that provide support and services for individuals. The ministry can write policy directives or instructions about how the waiting lists must be managed. they have to use the same tools and they will all have to follow rules that are made by the ministry. liaisons and support workers will assist the individual in completing the required forms to be handed in and processed by the appropriate agencyservices. Organizations make sure that decisions about the amount of supports are fair They determine how much support an individual will get and how quickly they will receive it Funding entities cannot be agencies that provide ministry funded sevices and supports under the new act. this report will include waiting lists information for all services andsupports provided by agencies. The funding entities must give the minster a report each year that describes the waiting lists in their areas. Funding entities . The new law services and supports to promote social inclusion of persons with developmental disabilities act 2008 would seek to change this. They will have to follow rules made by the ministry. there are problems with this proposal. which is only a part of the northeast. For example there would be one application center planned for the entire northeast district(the area of Cochrane and temiskaming.

who will provide and pay for transportation for those who have not the means to get to the center. for a year? More?. prioritizing. their needs. that they are infact being heard.Kirkland lake. how can they be eliminated without increased funding? And nowwith the change in the diffinition of developmental disabilities the numbers of those who will now be eligible for supports and services will increase. or will this be another drain on an already financially strapped individual and families? Application centers will lacks the personal aspect. by having the generic application process it is implied that all people are the same. appeals.and that there will be no change in the quality of supports and services available. monitoring waiting lists and looking into their own appeal cases. services and supports and confirmation of eligibility. we can only hope that there will be additional funding available to meet these needs.Moosonee-James Bay. The application center and the inevitable waiting list go hand in hand. how would the proposedcenter be sufficient to satisfy thegeographical needs of such a largespance? There will be expenses encured for traveling. How long will one wait in the various categories? for funding. Timmins. and other remote locations are taken into consideration.If the northern regions that include areas such as Temiskaming. and to ensure that waiting lists will not increase. the question then is will the application process afford them room for individuality? The issue of appeals should be revisited by the government it would be advisable to make provisions for an independent third party in charge of the appeals process How can the application centers avoid conflict of interest otherwise.Kapuskasing.New Liskeard. Cochrane. determining the funding. if they are an island unto themselves being responsible for assessing. individuals need to feel that they are a part of the process. one thing is . likes and dislikes are being taken into consideration. I strongly believe that waiting lists are tied to inadequate funding. cut from the same character/ personality cookie cutter.

in short. The number of families which have been waiting for years on some obscure list for an opening are great. there are individuals in remote areas that are only going to access a service if a space is vacated by death of the occupier. not new expensive application centers. Where are the promises of dignity. why not just have the paperwork unified across the provience. choice. It would show greatiniative and insight by the government if the existing champions in the field of developmental disabilities be consulted or enlisted in the formation and drafting of the new generic questionnaire/application form. Cochrane. why not just use the service agencies which already exists. why do we need to change how things are done? If it aint broke why fix it . equality and inclusion? Why reinvent the wheel? what is wrong with the current system that is already in place. then why are we willing to let this section stand on the legislation. this I believe would be more cost effective and money saved could go into the much needed funding. Cochrane temiskaming resource center. that byentrenching a waiting list into the legislation the government is initially saying that it is ok for individuals to be placed there. is thiswhat individuals will be reduced to while waiting for services and supports? How many of us are willing to wait for five ten years or more for healthcare or benefits? We would be up in arms protesting and making sure that are displeasure is heard loud and clear.) all agree that services offered should be in the community of the individual otherwise the point of inclusion is lost if those . Application centers should be taken out of the legislation completely is the general consensus according to many of the northern agencies (family alliance Ontario.a fair and equal application process is what is needed. it s already implied that there will not be sufficient funding available for services and supports.instead of creating new application centers.for sure. The questions would be more open ended so that individuals would have an opportunity to express who they are. and what their needs will be for support and services. agents that represents the interests of an individual. they already have a working knowlege of the application process and its target group.

An application center becomes another form of control over individuals livesin my opinion the government has only changed the money handlers. if there is no increase funding. . an increase of adequate services and supports made available with sufficient spaces then it will be much of the same only with a different are not accessible by the target group.