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Approved Tariff for Sri Lanka Telecom Plc

Tariff Approval No: TRC/SLT/Promo/11/06 Volume Based Packages Applicable for New Customers
Package (Speed) Package Ref
Download Upload New Connection Charges

(Rs.) Home Plus Office Plus Xcel Plus 1 Mbps / 128 kbps 1,000/-

Monthl y Rental (Rs.) 1,390/-

Charge for Usage Free Extra Usage Usage Charge (GB) (Rs.) 10 0.35 per MB

Offers on Request (Free of Charge)

01 email account

2 Mbps / 256 kbps 4 Mbps / 512 kbps




0.35 per MB

02 email account  *5 emails accounts (Either Sltnet or VMS) * DNS hosting for the customers who request VMS web hosting or POP 3 Service *Free Virtual Mail service *Free 5 MB web space


0.35 per MB

Unlimited Packages Applicable for New Customers Tariff Approval No: TRC/SLT/Promo/11/07
New Package Ref Package (Speed) Download/ Upload Connection Charges (Rs.) Monthly Rental (Rs.per month) Download Usage Threshold Volume & Upload Speed after threshold 18 GB 64 kbps
Dynamic IP Dynamic IP Dynamic IP Dynamic IP Features Email Accts (Note 1) DNS Hosting Virtual mail service Web hosing

Offers (On request)

Home (n) Xcite (n)

512 kbps/ 128 kbps 1 Mbps / 256 kbps 2 Mbps / 1,000/1,000/2690/22 GB 64 kbps



01 Free

01 Free


512 kbps 4 Mbps /


35 GB

64 kbps

02 Free Free Note-2 Free Note-3 5 MB Free

Xcel (n)

512 kbps



60 GB

64 kbps

05 Free

Package Migrations • • The existing unlimited customers can migrate to the new unlimited tariff plans free of charge. The package transfer charges between offered packages (unlimited and volume based packages) will be Rs. 250/-.

Monthly rental for the Static IP would be Rs. 1500/-

General Terms and Conditions • • • • • Cost of the customer premises equipment, which the customer should purchase separately, are not included. Equipment Configuration Support – Rs. 500/- (Optional) Static IP address is provided for hosting and secure access only. All the above charges are excluding government taxes and levies. The operator is advised not to offer unlimited broadband tariff plans to the subscribers with effect from 1st of May 2011.

The customers who have been already subscribed to unlimited broadband tariff plans have to be continued. The operator will not be permitted to apply FUP on existing unlimited broadband packages.

Note 1 : For each additional mail box, a monthly rental of Rs. 200/- applies. Note 2 : DNS hosting is free for customers who requested VMS, web hosting or POP3 service. Note 3 : - For Virtual Mail Service, Start up Fee Monthly rental : Free : Free

For Email accounts under the Virtual Mail Service Start up Fee Mail Box capacity : Free : 50 MB


For customers who don’t require the Virtual Mail Service, can request their Email account from domain name Email Services (Free) : - Web based Mail Access - POP / SMTP / IMAP Mail Access - Password change Facility - Mail Forwarding Facility - Vacation Notices - Spam & Virus Protection - Email to SMS (Mobitel/Dialog/Etisalat)

QOS Parameters •

Operator shall maintain download/upload speed not less than 60% from the advertised
bandwidth at any given time. The speed will be measured between terminal equipment connected to the internet in Sri Lanka and a designated off shore server specified by TRCSL.

Effective Date : 01st May 2011