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What the Hell?

Part Two
On the Color of Clouds Letter to our leaders—The People Some things are extremely difficult and in life, sometimes, they can be bypassed. Some things are extremely difficult but need to be addressed no matter how upsetting they may be. They must be addressed because they cause a never ending problem if they aren’t addressed or ignored or whitewashed by the creative machinations of highly skilled spin doctors. 9/11 was horrible. It was horrible to us and unimaginable to those caught in the middle of it. It was horrible to the U.S. and to the world as a whole. It was horrible and unforgivable to have allowed things to get to the point that individuals felt that that was their only option. Unfortunately, many innocent individuals who had nothing to do with the pain and frustration that had driven those men to feel that that was their only option had to pay for the sins of others. But that is usually the way it is. Wars are created by the powerful only to be fought by the misled nobodies. And they are misled; in reading some memoirs of German soldiers during WWII, they honestly believed that they were undoing a serious injustice and freeing the world of a very real threat so did Japanese soldiers. I am sure there were some of Leopold’s men who thought they were helping the Congolese. I know that nothing that I say here will please the family members of the victims or the survivors of this horrendous tragedy. They each had to deal with it in the way they could best. I couldn’t even begin to understand what it would be like to say goodbye to a loved one in the morning as they leave for work only to find that that truly was the last goodbye hours later. To have your total life turned upside down in an instant of shear ignorance. To all of you, my heart and best wishes go out to you. I am truly sorry for your senseless loss. Let’s face it. I’m a true assehole. Forget Stern, he has nothing on me. I am an ignorant assehole which Howard could learn from. I have never in my life been able to just let something go. Hell, I have an ex wife out there—find her, she’ll tell you. There are scores of school teachers and college professors who were more than happy to pass me on. The current love of my life will tell you the same. I can’t let something go until I find out why. I have to know. It has to be resolved before I can move on. It is a sick obsession. This all started with a conversation with a friend. Well, someone who had thought of me as a friend until this conversation. I believe that I had ticked him off a bit. I may have offended him. I am sorry for that. Good news, our relationship, though shaky, is on the mend. We were talking about the U.S., war, and 9/11. He is a great guy but he is not as knowledgeable on some subjects as I am. He is a few years older and is far knowledgeable in other subjects. Anyway, he was making comments on the great work of the U.S. and the war on terror. I like him and I couldn’t just let him be totally misled. He was saying all the things that everybody since 9/11 had been saying. I tried to talk to him and sway him to open his mind a little and to seek far more information. He got short with me and called me insane—there’s a shock. He then asked me if I knew that the U.S. was the good guys. He said that we have helped to spread Democracy throughout the World. I told him that I wished that I could truly say that, that I could truly believe that, that I would love it to be true—but I answered, “No.” This got me to start thinking. Before I start, I should say the following. The U.S. Government is not the ruler of this Republic. They are administrators of our system. They see to the laws and the enforcement of such. They create and administer the currency. They regulate trade and foreign treaties. They act as referees to keep things fair for all of their constituents. They are in no way, the rulers or leaders of this nation. They are the representatives of the rulers, the ones who labored and fought to create this nation. It is a republic if you can keep it. The

President, Congress, and the Supreme Court are there to do a job; they are our public servants, not our kings, landlords, or god emperor. Somewhere along the line, many have seemed to have forgotten this. I personally believed it started when they offered to take on more and more of our personal responsibilities, but I am getting off track. My friend had believed that the main reason for 9/11 was that there are evil forces that are envious of what we have. This to me made absolutely no sense in the slightest. How are individuals getting what we have by flying planes into buildings? To me, there was something else. Unfortunately, there are also many that I have found that share my friend’s opinion. It is an easy one to grasp and doesn’t require much work—besides, that is what our “leaders” had told us. You don’t take away what others have by destroying it. In cases of sudden attacks and bombings, it has historically strengthened the resolve of the people who were attacked. When Japan did it to us, when Hitler and Goering did it to Britain, when we did it to the Vietnamese, it just served to strengthen their resolve. To me, it had to be something else. • Looking at a brief history of the U.S., I had found that even though we had enacted the Monroe Doctrine to limit the interference of European Powers in North and South American affairs, we still bullied Mexico into a war to acquire land that we had always envied—Manifest Destiny of expanding to the West Coast. • Theodore Roosevelt had used the Marines to help oust a democratic government and helped Panama gain its independence under the rule of a dictator to gain access to the canal that the French had not finished. • A progressive prime minister in Iran was ousted through the help of the CIA and a party boy was placed in power in 1953 to protect rich peoples’ investment. • Allende of Chile, a democratically elected president, was ousted and replaced by the bloodthirsty Pinochet, a dictator. • Patrice Lumumba, a democratically elected president, was ousted and replaced because of his leftist leanings. • Et cetera There have been scores of times when our government has interfered in other nations’ political process for our on personal gains. We have sent financial aid and backed parties that don’t necessarily have their nation’s interests at heart but are willing to sell their nation out to our businesses. The Muslim World has not been spared our avarice. Just as an example, Sri Lanka has ended a civil war that has ravaged that land for over twenty years. As far as I could find out, it started because the Tamils had been treated as second class citizens in their own country and they finally had enough and decided to carve out their own homeland—I dare anyone to prove me wrong on this but I have never found a war that has been about anything other than greed, ambition, or ignorance. No one interfered with this conflict which is why it had lasted so long. An oil rich country like Libya starts to turn to internal violence and the western powers are on it. Both conflicts were started due to human rights—Right there, I bet you are saying that I just contradicted what I said earlier, the greed, ambition, and ignorance was on the part of those that the repressed were fighting against, this isn’t rocket science. Sri Lanka is just an island in the Indian Ocean whereas Libya has Oil. Look, a politician gains his or her job by keeping a certain status quo amongst his or her constituents, especially, the big campaign backers. If a politician keeps these individuals happy, it could mean a lifetime of support. To keep them happy, it is important to make sure that

markets are open and resources are available. It is important to keep threats such as communism down—in reality, I don’t see communism as a threat to big organizations, but it is a threat to those who run the big organizations, it may cut into their personal profit margin and that is very important, just look at the bailouts, first to be taken care of was multimillion dollar bonuses to those who run the big organizations. So to maintain this status quo and the politician’s job, many in other countries must pay for our avarice. Last statistic I heard was that as much as 75% of everything that is produced in the world was consumed by just 25% of the world’s population. Think I’m kidding? Just look to see how many overweight teens are in Nigerian, Indonesian, Kenyan, India’s and so forth high schools. (I do know that there is much more to teen obesity than that, but the easy life and fatty foods have to be available to put on the weight on such a scale.) To help my son understand it, I explained it would be like we went to the local fair. There would be four of us. We have $100 to split amongst us to enjoy the day out. I decide that I am going to take $75 for my own use while the other three can divvy up the remaining $25 for themselves. I asked him how that would feel. He said it would suck. I then told him that if he dare say anything about it, he could be imprisoned, impoverished, beaten, have his loved ones taken from him and the same done to them. He said that that couldn’t be true. I said that I didn’t know, I wasn’t there, but just to give you an idea, why do you think that the Vietnamese fought us so hard, why do you think Iraq and Afghanistan are still having trouble, why do you think Germany flocked to someone like Hitler, or so many countries leaped at the opportunity at the end of World War II, when all of the western powers had been thrashed, to gain independence. People such as Hitler, Amin, and Hussein come to power because the nation feels the need for a strong militaristic leader, especially after years of colonial rule and oppression—in the case of Germany. Colonialism was started in the 16th Century in the desire for wealth. Over the years, the governments that spread colonialism soften the image by saying they were doing it in the interest of the natives, to improve their lives and in actuality it was an almost enslavement and oppression of the indigenous population for personal gain—local leaders were backed who had no problems selling out their people to the highest bidder. Many were shocked when they found out what Leopold II of Belgium was doing in the Congo—at least 9,000,000 dead from some estimates and millions more maimed and lives destroyed. During World War II, Japan was welcomed to many nations because their battle slogan had been “Asia for Asians.” However the mood was changed when it was found that they were just as abusive as and even more so than the European colonist. America does have highest marks in this area; every country we have occupied through conflict we have helped them to gain their independence as long as it has a government we like and allows our businesses. The unfortunate side of the story is that nothing was learned. Vietnam went ballistic when they found that they were to be turned back over to French rule. The games have continued with interfering with their politics especially during the Cold War. Many have had to do with out or very little so that we could live the good life. People don’t do suicide missions because they want to take what we have. These attacks were about freedom and liberty. The Muslim world views us as the West just as most people here see them as Arabs when most aren’t. The West has done a lot of harm to their people in the quest for personal gain. They view the United States as the leader of the West. Nothing excuses what they have done or what the West has done. One lesson that Israel and Palestine should have taught the world a long time ago is that violence only begets violence. If that is the only way they see to solve their problems then we should stay out of it. As far as the damage that has been done

to both sides between the West and East, I think that it is time that we realize that our nation isn’t as innocent as it likes to believe. We need to become more aware of what has been done. We need to make our elected representatives more responsible. We need to break the cycle just as an abused child can, when they grow up. I did. It would be interesting to see what happens when we stop using threats and violence— Pakistan is our ally and we actually shot a missile into a village killing several civilians in an attempt to kill some suspected terrorist leaders, how is that for doing the right thing, for respect of the Muslim World? It would be interesting to see what would happen when we stop interfering in their affairs and treat them as neighbors in this world and not as dumping grounds for defective baby formula or other junk to save on cost of our mistakes and generate a profit. People don’t go on suicide missions to take what is ours. Eighty year old ladies don’t shoot at our aircraft during Vietnam because we are always the good guys. They do these sacrifices for those who survive. So they can grow up, have children, and see them prosper. Yes, it was about liberty and freedom, but we need to ask ourselves whose freedom and who was doing the oppression. Why do you think that they attacked our military center, our financial center, and had hoped to hit our government center? If they had really wanted to destroy our way of life, they more likely would have done better by hitting our credit center, entertainment center, and shiny, flashy thing center. Even if they had killed every member of our government, we the people are still the rulers, the Constitution still exist (and will as long as we as a people exist) and after some emergency elections our system would still exist. A little side note: The last serious attempt that was made to invade our country and put an end to our freedom was the War of 1812 and the invaders were Britain. Pearl Harbor was an attack, but anyone who truly knows the whole story knows that it was an attempt to bring about a negotiate peace by the Japanese. They thought that if they had destroyed our navy’s ability to wage a war in the Pacific and left the West Coast vulnerable to attack, they would be able to get us to the table to reopen talks to get the material they needed for their war in Asia. Yamamoto knew that their was no way they could fight a sustained war with the U.S. or invade. The logistics and manpower that would have been needed to actually invade the U.S., provided that they could even cross thousands of miles of open ocean undetected, would have been far staggering than what they had. They want liberty and freedom for themselves. They want it for their families and friends. What they don’t want is foreign powers stacking the decks against them in order to garnish a profit for the foreign power. They don’t want their kids slaving away their lives in sweat shops for almost no pay to churn out designer clothes and shoes. They want to be able to build the governments that they want and not have to worry about an invasion and toppling it if it isn’t what we want—such as what happened to Iran in 1953. They want to have the freedom to run their own lives and create their own destiny as we did back in 1776. I not claiming to have all of the answers, but after thousands of years of aggression that has just resulted in death and destruction, you would think it is time to try something else. Go out. Read and study about the world. Spend time with what really counts, your family and friends. Don’t get so wrapped up about things. Look out for one another and help those in need of help. Be part of your community. Open your mind to other possibilities and ideas (I’m not saying that you have to agree with them but if you listen you may learn a whole lot more about yourself and others.) Learn as much as you can about your government—it is your government, not theirs. In time you may find that you have nothing to “fear but fear itself.”