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SCOPE OF WORKS The Project basically involves the DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION of Challenger Aero Air Corp. Hangar at Domestic Airport, Pasay City. SCOPE OF WORKS The scope of works to be performed by the Contractor shall be composed of, but not limited to: • Design and Construction of approx. 751.654 m2 hangar with 100.68 m2 office with male/female comport room. • Electrical Works • Sanitary Works DETAILED SCOPE OF WORKS: A. CIVIL/ STRUCTURAL WORKS 1.. Excavation of footings, footing tie beam 2. Gravel Bedding and Compaction 3. Concreting of Footing, Footing tie beam, Pedestal, beams, slab( office at 2nd flr.) 4. Parapet 5. Concrete CHB wall and Stairs 6. Backfilling 7. Structural Steel fabrication and installation of column, Beams, Trusses, Strut, Purlins, Base Plate, Anchor Bolt, Cross Brace 8. Water Proofing for Exterior wall B. ACHITECTURAL WORKS AND FINISHES 1. Exterior Finishes ( Roofing/wall sidings,) 2. CHB laying and plastering ( Interior and Exterior ) 3. Doors Panels and sliding Windows 4. Interior and Exterior finishes for office ( Floor, CR, Wall, Ceiling and Painting ) C. SANITARY AND PLUMBING WORKS 1. Storm Drainage System 2. Downspout 3. Drainage 4. Stainless Gutter 5. Water supply System for Comport Room

504. Increase of height of existing parking shed from 2.D. height = 7. Provide 2 lighting (highbay) per truss.654 m² ) 2. Install CCTV camera and Alarm System 10. Provide spare 2 sets of rollers and bearing ( same on existing ) 5. provide 4 outlet . 13. Additional and Replaced existing lighting fixtures 2. Concrete 2. Provision for toppings of epoxy for existing slab ( approximate area = 1. Electrical Wiring.0 m² ) with concrete louver block for ventilation 7.I. Roofing Gage 24 3. Consider the alternate switching 15.5 meters (Investigate the existing support if reinforcement is necessary) 9. Structural Steel F. Removal of Existing Roofing ( approx area= 752.0 meters . ELECTRICAL WORKS 1. Provide air-conditioning Unit for the Office with sufficient capacity 11. Provide 2 spot light for the existing hangar at corner.463 m² ) and replacement of new G. PAINTINGS 1. Removal of existing Sidings and Replacement of new CHB wall ( approximate length = 60.117 m²) 6. 4. Electrical Panels. Additional lighting 4(sets) outside along slide gate 14.0 meters ). Along Grideline A and F. Provide Beam for framing of wall. Rehabilitation of existing Sliding Gate including railings. 12. Provision for small bodega ( approximate area= 25. conduits E. OTHERS 1. Demolition and Hauling ( within Metro Manila ) of Existing Warehouse ( Approximate area= 751.1 to 4. Switches and control 3.

. actual condition at site will prevail.All works not specified on the scope of work above but necessary to the completion of the projects is part of the Contractor’s scope of work and bears no additional cost involved. Site inspection is a must to verify the actual condition of the project. All Drawings are for references only.