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TRANSLATION of video content

by Mr Visas Vasant Bakre

about SHRI MATAJI'S WISH for Prathisthan

'My name is Vilas Vasant Bakre. The land was bought in 1950 and Shri Mataji
wanted to live at Pratishthan till Her last breath. She had said in one public
addressing that She would depart this life at the same place where She pointed
out long back at Pune Maharashtra. I was always with Her from the start and
Shri Mataji always wanted Her samadhi to be at Pratishthan in Pune. People in
Pune are blessed to have it.`

'My name is Mandakini Gupte. I came into Sahaja Yoga in 1983. I came into
contact with Shri Mataji in 1984. Before that there was a public program in Agra,
where Shri Mataji said that in Maharashtra there are the three and a half coils but
now there are four and a half coils. At that time I was new and its meaning did
not come into my attention. But now I understand that She was referring to Shri
Adi Shaktis peeth (place).

In 1987 Shri Mataji began to build Her house at Pratishthan in Pune. Many of us
were with Shri Mataji and She showed us where the general hall, kitchen and
swimming pool should be and after that Shri Mataji pointed out where Her
Samadhi would be. There was a pin drop silence. Shri Mataji laughed and said
that this will have to happen one day. Her Samadhi would also have to be.

Old Yogis Sharing view On Pratishthana.DAT

So keeping this in mind, Shri Mataji`s Samadhi had to be in Pratishthan. This is
our desire and the desire of Shri Adi Shakti.

Shri Mataji referred to this in many lectures and many knew that Shri Mataji`s
Samadhi should be in Pune. One can get the proof of this, by listening to Her