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2009 - 2010

Welcome to Residence!
Welcome to the Algonquin College Residence! I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for choosing the Algonquin College Residence. This facility is a modern and student friendly building designed to help you be successful in all of your post secondary pursuits. You are one of 1050 students who get to enjoy the safety and convenience of living on campus, close to your classes and college resources and facilities. With a vibrant residence life program focused on the creation of a living and learning environment, your residence life staff is dedicated to delivering fun, entertaining and educational events and activities throughout the course of the year. The residence includes many amenities to enhance your stay, including a convenience store in the lobby, a movie lounge with theatre-style seating, multiple game and television lounges, a comfortable sports lounge fully-furnished and with a flat-screen TV, and a cardio room. As you explore our residence handbook you will find an abundance of information on the facility and the residence life program. Please feel free to call us at any time with any questions you may have. We look forward to meeting you and having you as our guest. Remember, your future starts here! Erik Van Dijk General Manager


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On behalf of Algonquin College I would like to officially welcome you, both to the College and its Residence for the 2009-2010 academic year. The College offers a wide variety of student services available to assist you with your personal and academic pursuits. Employment Services, Athletics, Counselling Services as well as the College Retail Services and many others are available all to you here at Algonquin College. All of our College services work to ensure that your time at Algonquin College will be a richly rewarding experience. Our Residence promotes a safe and socially inter active environment that we hope will help you build relationships that will last a lifetime. At the same time we continuously strive to provide a comfortable and pleasant environment to pursue your academic goals. Our Residence staff is friendly, knowledgeable and available 24 hours a day to assist you in any way possible. Thank you for choosing Algonquin College and our Residence. I wish you every success in the upcoming school year. Sincerely, Karen Foster Director, College Ancillary Services Algonquin College of Applied Arts and Technology


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CONTACT INFORMATION IMPORTANT DATES RESIDENCE LIFE STAFF LIVING IN RESIDENCE Move-In Day procedures First week sign-in policy Room condition survey (room inspection) Appliance Information Living with Your Roommate Personal Safety Withdrawl from Residence PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY Residence Security Keys Bicycle Storage Guest Sign-In & Overnight Guest Procedures RESIDENCE SERVICES Parking Facilities – laundry, kitchen, lounges, etc. Housekeeping Maintenance Garbage & Recycling Telephone Long Distance Internet Access Protect Your PC Move-Out Checklist Winter Break Closure Winter Break Checklist RESIDENCE LIFE Residence Rewards Your Community Residence Community Living Standards Emergency Procedures Energy & Waste reduction Frequently Asked Questions TELEPHONE DIRECTORY DIRECTIONS CAMPUS MAP 4 5 6 7 7 8 8 8 10 10 11 11 12 12 13 13 13 14 14 14 14 15 19 21 22 23 24 25 26 30 32 34 36 37 38


Stamped outgoing mail can be dropped off at the front lobby and is picked up daily by Canada Post. If you receive a parcel. it will be held at the front desk and a message will be left on your suite phone or in your mail box. Positions that may be available include: Customer Service Representative | Housekeeping | Resident Advisor 4 .contAct inFoRmAtion Your mailing address is: Your Name Algonquin Residence and Conference Centre 1385 Woodroffe Ave. Ontario K2G 1V8 Mail is delivered on weekdays and can be picked up from your mailbox located on the first floor or at the front desk. Your Room # Ottawa. Your telephone number is: 613-727-7698 (+ extension) do not lose tHis HAndBooK EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES Drop off your resume at the Front Desk c/o the General Manager.

2009 December 1. 2010 April 19. 2010 March 15. 2009 December 1. 2010 May 8. 2009 December 4. 2009 December 4. 2010 February 26. 2010 ARC Move-In Early Move-In Days Official Move-In Day Official Move-In Day 2 Room Inspection Form Deadline (48 Hours after Move-In) January Acceptance Package Distributed Application for Holiday Stay-Over Available Resident Advisor Applications Available Application for Holiday Stay-Over Due January Acceptance Package Due Fall Move-Out Package Distributed Option 2 – Residence Fee Deadline (If Applicable) Acceptance for Holiday Stay-Over Residence Closes for Holidays Holiday Room Inspections Residence Re-Opens for 2nd Semester Resident Advisor Application Deadline Applications Available for Fall/Winter 2010-2011 Option 3 (OSAP) – Residence Fee Deadline (If Applicable) Payment Deadline for Winter Student Acceptances Reading Week Begins Reading Week Ends Winter Move-Out Package Forms Distributed Pre-Move Out Room Inspections Fall/Winter Move-Out Package Forms Due Move-Out Day Summer Acceptance Package Distributed Summer Residence Fees Deadline Summer Move-In Day Summer Room Inspection-Form Deadline Summer Move-Out Day 5 .impoRtAnt dAtes FALL SEMESTER 2009 August 29. 2009 December 4. 2010 April 30. 2010 SUMMER SEMESTER 2010 March 22. 2009 August 31 – September 4. 2009 September 5. 2009 December 20. 2010 May 10. 2010 January 22. 2010 March 15. 2010 January 30. 2010 February 26. 2009 September 6. 2009 November 27. 2009 November 16. 2009 WINTER SEMESTER 2010 January 2. 2010 March 30. 2010 February 19. 2010 February 15. 2010 August 22. 2009 November 2. 2009 September 7. 2009 December 22-31.

while at the same time acting as a liaison with Residence Management. RESIDENCE LIFE COORDINATOR (RLC) The Residence Life Coordinators are full-time professionals that supervise the RAs and ensure the successful implementation of the Residence Life Program. HOUSEKEEPERS AND MAINTENANCE STAFF Housekeepers and Maintenance staff are responsible for the daily cleaning and maintenance of all common areas in the Residence. The objectives of the Residence Community Living Standards. direction and/or assistance you need. supervising the RLCs and overseeing the judicial process associated with the Residence Community Living Standards. MANAGER. including overseeing the Residence Life Program. keys for various controlled rooms or facilities. RAs have the tools and knowledge to get you the answers. The GM is committed to ensuring that your overall experience in Residence is a safe. It is the responsibility of the CSR to ensure the safety and security of all residents. They work closely with Residence Management to promote the Residence Community Living Standards and act as a resource for the judicial process.Residence liFe stAFF Our Residence Staff work hard to ensure that you have a positive experience in Residence and at Algonquin College. and to sign-in guests. The RAs complete nightly rounds of the building and are available through the Residence Life Office or the Front Desk. RESIDENT ADVISORS (RA) The role of Resident Advisor is filled by returning students who live in the building and plan educational and social activities in the residence. RESIDENCE LIFE MANAGER (RLM) Many of the day-to-day activities associated with ‘Residence Life’ are overseen by the RLM. Housekeepers will access suites on a bi-weekly basis to complete a regularly scheduled cleaning of the kitchen and bathroom and to report any deficiencies that may not have been previously reported. You will need to see them to sign out vacuums. GENERAL MANAGER (GM) The General Manager is responsible for the operation of the Algonquin College Residence. or can simply be someone to talk to. while providing service at our 24hour front desk. enjoyable and successful one. RAs provide valuable support and guidance to residents. They coordinate events. 6 . Student Services in Residence is a campus resource responsible for the programs and services offered by Outreach Services. manage student conflicts and follow up with Incident Reports in the community. STUDENT SERVICES IN RESIDENCE The Manager. CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVES (CSR) The CSR is always available to help you with any questions you may have about the Residence and the surrounding area. which is explained in the next section of this document. is our expression of the commitment we make to ensuring everyone has a positive experience in Residence. Below is a list of some of those people and their roles. including our visitors.

• Students will proceed to the Residence Front Desk to be checked into the Residence. • Record all appliance model and UL numbers to ensure all products are CSA approved. They also conduct daily preventative maintenance to reduce the probability of deficiencies that may cause inconveniences to our students and staff. Please contact the Residence to set-up a move-in date. as per the local Fire Code. planning social events. What can I expect my first week in Residence? In order to ensure that Residence serves as a welcoming and friendly environment in which all residence can adjust as easily as possible there will be a number of events and activities being held through out the first week. without cause. During an ARC meeting. bringing awareness to your communities and acting as the voice of your peers. This will give all students a chance to get to know each other and become familiar with the building as well as the rest of the campus. First Week Sign in and Wristband Policy The department of Residence Life Services will be putting into effect the following policies with respect to the first week of Residence. which may consist of a TV remote. liVinG in Residence WINTER & SUMMER SEMESTER MOVE-IN DAY PROCEDURES Unless notified otherwise. the first official move-in day commences on the Saturday before classes begin. • At this point the student will: • Pay all outstanding fees • Ensure all paperwork is complete • Receive a move-in package. all students within the residence are welcome to attend and provide input regarding Residence operations and activities. at any time. • Students will then move their cars into the parking lot and finish moving their belongings into their room. RESIDENCE COUNCIL Algonquin Residence Council is a great way to get involved in your Residence AND College community during your stay. All students are welcome to apply to be on the Algonquin Residence Council. and Room key. mail key. the ARC members give back to the Residence community by addressing issues. • Students will arrive and temporarily park around the front of the building. (September 5-September 13) During the first week of residence operation there will be no guest or visitor sign-ins allowed from 9:00pm to 7:00am. No student will be allowed to have any guest or visitor during that time unless written approval is given by the General Manager of the Residence.Maintenance will assess Work Order Requests daily submitted at the Front Desk and perform repairs on the building and in suites as required. • They will unload their belongings from their vehicle after check-in at the desk is complete. As volunteers. 7 . The Residence Management reserves the right to ask any guest or visitor to leave the Residence.

e. If you do not have a copy. 8 . The SRA outlines your financial obligations as well as the rules and regulations we expect you to follow in order to maintain a secure and pleasurable living environment. INSURANCE You are responsible for arranging adequate insurance coverage for all of your belongings. Appliances with open heat elements. see the front desk. these items will be removed by the Management. Yet even the most well-matched roommates can experience some rough spots. damaged. STUDENT RESIDENT AGREEMENT (SRA) AND COMMUNITY LIVING STANDARDS Your SRA is a legal contract. so it is in your own best interests to conduct a thorough inspection. drivers license) to provide their residency.Appliances found in rooms that have not been registered at the front desk and / or do not have a CSA or a UL identification tag will have to be removed from the Residence. When you move out. you have 48 hours to complete a Room Condition Survey (Room Inspection Form). Please ensure you have a copy of your SRA for your records.Every student Resident will be issued a wristband upon checking into Residence. ROOM CONDITION SURVEY (ROOM INSPECTION FORM) When you take occupancy of your room. LIVING WITH YOUR ROOMMATE Every effort is made to pair you with compatible roommate based on your submitted personality profile. please speak to a Manager at the front desk. Irons. deep fryers. electric frying pan. for what amount. like hotplates. Foreman grills. You should contact your family insurance agent to determine if you are covered under your parent’s home insurance and if so. Students who lose or misplace their wristband will be required to purchase a new wristband at a cost of $15. The Residence’s insurance policy does not cover damage to or loss of your personal items. If found. Every student Resident that is not wearing the issued Wrist Band may be requested to provide Identification (i. Everyone has a bad day now and then. toaster ovens. student card. It is important that you speak honestly with your roommate about your living preferences and expectations. are prohibited because of potential fire and health hazards. and missing assets within your suite that you have not listed on the Condition Survey. You received this contract in your Acceptance Package. This wristband will be used by the Residence staff to determine who lives in Residence and to allow access to the Residence orientation events. no other refrigeration appliances are to be brought into the Residence. It is your responsibility to read the SRA carefully and refer to it throughout your stay.00. coffee makers and electrical kettles that are CSA-approved and protected by an automatic shut-off feature may be used. Student Card will be needed at the time of replacement. and stress levels can rise around holidays and exam time. APPLIANCE INFORMATION Other than the refrigerator supplied in the room. These appliances must be registered at the front desk. indoor barbeques. Individuals who fail to return this form revoke the right to dispute charges incurred upon winter break inspection and upon Move-Out. If you have any questions regarding the contents of the SRA. you will be charged for all dirty. and fondues.

Discuss issues that will affect both of you • Cleanliness • Study habits • Sleep habits • Music preferences and volume • Sharing personal belongings • Overnight guests Things to remember • Keep communication lines open. be sure to let your roommate know. and understanding you want in return.A. ROOMMATE CONFLICT If you have problems with your roommate speak to your R. not with other residents. • Ask your R. DECORATING YOUR SUITE • Nothing is to be affixed to your window to deface or compromise the general esthetics of the outside of the building • The only acceptable form of affixing items to walls is the use of white sticky tack or 3M Command Strips • You may not decorate the outside of your suite door. • Be honest about how you feel and what you are thinking. for help if you need it. • If things change. or even habits to change . unless for special occasions approved by the management • Posters within the Residence that advertise for any group or personal reasons must be pre-approved by the Residence Life Coordinator or General Manager • Decorations should be fire-retardant or flame-proof • Strings of indoor lights should not be in direct contact with any flammable materials and should not be left on while the room is unattended • Real trees/plants are not permitted in the Residence • Artificial snow is not permitted in the Residence HEALTHY LIVING In a Residence environment it is much easier for communicable diseases to spread. consideration. • Be willing to compromise.situations change too. It is normal for your ideas. If this step is unsuccessful please book an appointment with the Residence Life Coordinator.A. feelings. They may be able to help mediate the conflict or implement a roommate contract. • Give your roommate the respect. • Discuss problems as they arise with your roommate. Here are some strategies to help keep you healthy and avoid catching some of the germs that may be prevalent from time to time: • Keep up to date on your immunizations • Wash your hands frequently • Don’t share drinks or cigarettes • Limit your contact with others when you are ill • Get plenty of rest • Eat a balanced diet • Live a balanced life • Maintain a clean suite 9 .

Please note that it will take approximately six to eight weeks after your departure for you to receive your $500. If you decide to remain in Residence after this time you may be charged a “Move-Out Late” fee of $30. • If you are taking prescription drugs. • Safe decisions regarding sex require a clear mind. • Over consumption of alcohol can lead to harm or death. floor coverings. Please note that “23 Hour Quiet” will be in effect throughout the exam week(s). • Illicit drugs are not welcome in Residence.07) for an explanation of your financial obligations. lit candles. ExTENDING STAY . you must speak with a Manager immediately. talk to the RA on duty. Please refer to the SRA (Section 1. frames.00 for each additional night. • If you bring friends into Residence you are responsible for their actions and conduct. don’t drink alcohol at least not before you check with your doctor. Review the move-out package that you receive prior to your move out day. and any part of the Residence during your move-out.PERSONAL SAFETY • For safety reasons. walls. Care must be taken to avoid damage to doors.SUMMER TERM During the Summer Semester the Residence is open to the general public for accommodation. Do not bring them to Residence and do not use them. you will be required to fill out the Summer Acceptance Package. cigarettes or incense are not permitted in the building. WITHDRAWAL FROM RESIDENCE If you find yourself in a situation where you can no longer live in Residence. Moving out of Residence early does have financial implications. Alcohol inhibits your ability to hear and give consent. • You risk your life and other’s if you tamper with fire equipment. If accepted. if you are living on another floor by the end of the Winter Semester you may be required to move for the Summer Semester. • If you are concerned about your safety or anyone else’s. In your Move-Out Package you will be required to fill out a Mandatory Deposit Form that will allow you to transfer your security deposit to the summer term. MOVE-OUT You will be required to move out of the Residence 24 hours after your last exam. • Always lock your room when you are not there. Therefore.00 Security Deposit refund less any outstanding fees. It is procedure at this time to move all students to a designated student floor(s). 10 .

You will share a mailbox with your roommate and each of you will have a copy of the key. All the safeguards and rules put in place by the Residence management and the Institution are for your safety and protection. Residence Managers and / or staff are not responsible for letting you in your room if you misplace your keycard. Please note a lock out charge of $5. your room. Why can’t you leave your door open or propped open? Each suite is equipped with a fire rated door that allows for a barrier if a fire was to happen in Residence. This would include having your door “propped open”.peRsonAl ResponsiBilitY RESIDENCE SECURITY Safety and security is also the responsibility of every resident. you will need to come to the front desk or contact your roommate to gain access. Do not leave your suite door open at anytime. Bedroom/Mail Key When you check in you will be assigned a mailbox key and a bedroom key.00 (+tax) for a bedroom key to have a new one cut. KEYS Room Keycard Upon check in you will be given your student card.00 (+ tax) for the mail key and $75. Do not lend your keys to anyone! This is a violation of security and you will be subjected to disciplinary sanctions. and common areas.00 applies each time you require the front desk to allow you entry into your room. Lock your suite doors at all times and do not leave your valuables unattended. If you are locked out of your suite. If the Resident looses the Mail Key. The suite door must be kept closed in order to allow for this barrier to work. Circumventing rules by lending key cards or letting in visitors without permission can only lead to problems. Keep your student card with you at all times as it is your access into Residence. which also seconds as your suite key. Lock your room and suite door at all times and do not leave your valuables unattended as neither the Residence nor the college is responsible for missing items. Student cards can be replaced at the Card Systems Office at a cost of $15 (+tax) if misplaced or damaged. 11 . Staff will remind residents to close their suite door while doing their rounds or close any unlocked door as required. Please note these charges will apply if they keys are not returned at the end of the school year. You must have a valid room access key to enter any of the corridors and your key will only grant you access to your own room and the common areas. the Resident will be charged $50. SMOKE FREE FACILITY We are a smoke free facility. Please respect the other residents of the building by smoking in designated areas outside the residence and disposing of cigarette butts in the containers provided. Residents are responsible for the cost of replacing lost keys.

GUEST SIGN IN/OUT & OVERNIGHT PROCEDURES Why is there a $5. It is the resident’s responsibility to ensure that their visitor signs out of the facility.BICYCLE STORAGE There are two ways to store your bicycle on campus. Why can’t visitors sign in after 2:00 am? The 2:00 am sign in policy was created to ensure a safe and secure place. Bicycles are not to be brought into or stored in any suite or private bedroom. reduce noise levels. There are also bike racks located outside of the Residence.00 fee for overnight guests? The charge is for many reasons. it is assumed that they are spending the night and an overnight charge will be assessed. and limit non-resident traffic flow. If the visitor(s) does not sign out. Any resident with a bicycle inside the Residence will be subject to disciplinary sanctions. The Residence does provide indoor bike storage for $10 per month. including covering the cost of extra utility use when the guest is staying in the Residence and covering any additional wear and tear on Residence facilities. Please note that the Residence does not assume any liability for you storing your bicycle outside. Residents can have a visitor signed in until 4:00 am without the overnight charge. 12 .

do not leave your clothes in the machine past the end of the cycle. If you lose the laundry card the replacement cost is $20.00 plus applicable taxes. Do not leave your cooking unattended at any time. brooms) can be signed out from the 2 Residence desks. Obtain and pay for an Algonquin College parking permit from the Parking office (you have to contact the Parking office in order to obtain a permit. It is your responsibility to put money on the card by using the machine. In order to control the Residence DESK SERVICES Keys to the movie lounge and exercise room. Security will not withdraw tickets for improperly displaying your permit. Take some time to explore your new home and see what it has to offer. The laundry card you receive will be empty. as escaping smoke may set off the fire alarm. People who park in the lot without authorization may be ticketed and/or towed. Please note that the Residence is not responsible for lost or stolen items of laundry left unattended. The machines are not coin operated. Please clean the lint trap before and after every load in the dryer.) For details refer to: www. the machines will deduct $1. LOUNGES These are common areas available for use by all residents and their guests. plungers. Please note this card must be returned upon Move-Out (any money located on the card will not be refunded). Each time you do a load of washing or drying. turn on the fan and call the front desk – do not prop the door open. LAUNDRY Laundry rooms are located on the main floor.algonquincollege. KITCHEN Please make sure that you leave the kitchen in the same condition as you found it. so get your permit early. the student 13 . IT MUST BE VISIBLE. This is light service housekeeping. everyone who does not have a Residence or guest pass will receive a ticket. there is an electronic laundry card.Residence seRVices PARKING All students parking on campus must purchase a parking permit. Parking is limited. Be considerate by not using all the washers and dryers at one time. Each lounge offers different furnishings to suit varying tastes. Housekeeping is not optional. VENDING Coin operated vending machines located within the Residence offer pre-packaged snacks & beverages. Absolutely no glass or alcohol is allowed in any of the common areas.50 from your card. Furniture should not be removed from the Lounges for any reason. if you experience excess smoke while cooking in the kitchen please close the door firmly. games room equipment and cleaning tools (vacuums. HOUSEKEEPING A housekeeper will come to the student’s suite once every two weeks to clean the bathroom and kitchenette. As well. Residence students will be given a permit identifying their vehicle from the parking office. Within your Welcome Package when you move in.

MAINTENANCE Should you require routine service of any kind (i. Residents cannot deny housekeeping from entering their suites. Housekeepers do not clean the bedrooms. 14 . dial (613) 727-7698 and then press *. do dishes or remove garbage. TELEPHONE External local calls can be made by 9 then the area code and the number. Long Distance Access The 35th street market and First Class Bookstore on campus sell long distance phone cards. dial 8-1-800-555-1111 + the number. appliances or personal items that may hinder the cleaning process. During the bi-weekly cleaning. then key in your password. individuals will be fined $100. 1. key in your ID (phone extension) when prompted by the automated attendant followed by #. GARBAGE/RECYCLING Each floor in the residence will have a designated Garbage pick-up day every week from 7:00AM to 11:00AM. Plugged toilets and sinks are the responsibility of the Resident to clear. When tending to maintenance requisitions. heating or plumbing). or a staff member will clean it for you at a cost.00. key in your password followed by # when prompted by the automated to ensure that the counters. Damages to the common areas of your suite are the collective financial responsibility of both you and your roommate. To access messages from outside. Dial 9 and the telephone number. If your room is unacceptable you will have 24 hours to clean it.00 per bag of garbage left in the hall. 2. If a residence staff member has to clear the toilet or sink the Resident is subject to a fee of $25. Residents can borrow a plunger at the Front Desk. If garbage is left out at the designated pick-up zone outside of the assigned day for the floor.e. sinks and shower stalls are free from any dishes. damages that can be traced to an individual will be billed to that individual only. electrical. please fill out a request at the front desk. the housekeepers will inspect the rooms. mechanical. There is no charge for making local calls. To access voice messages press the message button on your phone. Where possible. authorized residence staff will enter the room (usually between the hours of 8:00am to 4:00pm unless there is an emergency). Vacuums and mops can be signed out at the front desk. (613) 727-7698 (613) 727-4723 0 4050 PHONE SERVICE Residence Main Number (from outside the College) Algonquin College Main Number Residence Front Desk Residence Voicemail To make a collect call. Damages to the building or property caused by your guests will also be your financial responsibility.

They will help you if you need to purchase a NIC. 5555) when experiencing Internet connection problems and service concerns. • We recommend that you disable File and Print sharing on your computer to ensure that your computer is not maliciously used by others. You will require the following before connecting to the network: • 10/100base T Network Interface Card (NIC) needs to be installed in your computer. the network connection to that computer will be disabled until the Resident provides a log file from their anti-virus software reporting that the computer is virus free. Internet Usage There are no limits placed on access to the College’s network used for academic purposes and all network services available at the College are also available to occupants of the College’s Residence. customer agreement. and the Algonquin College Telephone and Computer Information Access Policy. bandwidth use. (Algonquin College has a computer store located next to the bookstore. Internet bandwidth availability During normal business hours bandwidth limitations are enforced. • Your network settings must be DHCP enabled. 15 . Below are some things you should be aware of before connecting your computer to the Algonquin College network. or need help installing the card. internet usage limits. What does this mean to you? This means that the Residence bandwidth availability to the Internet is reduced during the day. Please contact the ITS Department (727-4723 Ext.) • You must be able to log into your computer with different profiles. For a detailed explanation of the services provided by Information Technology Service at the Residence or to find out more information we invite you to visit our web site at: http://www.INTERNET ACCESS Internet access is available in each bedroom and is included with your residence fees. The following information is provided to you as a guide in your preparations for moving into the Residence and discusses what is required to connect your computer to the Residence network as well as the phone services available. • We recommend that you install a personal firewall. if you require them. Connecting your computer to the Algonquin College network Your phone provides Local Area Network (LAN) access to the Algonquin College network. recommended computer system. You can purchase an Ethernet cable and/or Ethernet card from the college Computer store. To enhance your connection to the Internet during business hours we suggest that you configure a proxy server in your browser settings. Please refer to the ITS web page for technical services. The Algonquin College Residence and Conference Centre is equipped with leading edge technology to provide its occupants with both voice and network services. com/its/support/residence. • We strongly recommend that you install Anti-Virus software and continually maintain the virus definitions.algonquincollege. *If a computer connected to the Residence network is found to be broadcasting a virus.

It may be necessary to book an appointment for a technician to investigate the problem further and implement any needed changes or repairs. Authorized users are solely responsible for all actions. the Help Desk technicians will provide assistance. Users must respect the rights of other users. they will also assist in mapping your College provided shared disk space (“n: drive”). GENERAL COMPUTING POLICY Authorized users of College network facilities shall be issued a unique User ID. Authorized users are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of their passwords and the security of their accounts. and they will provide a cable to connect your PC to phone connection. ALGONqUIN COLLEGE NETWORK ACCOUNT Most students at Algonquin College will be provided with a network account. however students can find these services and more at The New Technology Store in D Building. The College is responsible for securing its facilities to a reasonable and economically feasible degree against unauthorized access and/or abuse. Network connections The Help Desk will do some basic troubleshooting and will ensure that your connection is live. The User Agreement may be amended from time to time as deemed appropriate by the College. Telephone or Voicemail issues Any troubles with your Residence phone should be reported to the ITS Help provincial. and courteously. set up your proxy settings. 16 . All faculty. respect the integrity of the systems and related physical resources. algonquincollege. This responsibility includes informing users of expected standards of conduct and the resultant measures for not adhering to them. Such open access is a privilege. for an updated version of these policies) Acceptable Use Policy computing and networking facilities at Algonquin are provided for the use of Algonquin faculty. As a user of the College network you agree to the following policies (please refer to the ITS web site http://www. ethically. including electronic messaging. Phone and/ or voicemail configuration issues will be repaired remotely. Prior to being issued a unique User ID. users shall agree in writing to uphold the User Agreement appended to this policy. In addition.ITS HELP DESK The following are the services provided to Student Residents from the ITS Help Desk: To contact the ITS Help Desk you can either call 727 4723 ext 5555 or send an e-mail to 5555@ algonquincollege. Responsibilities The users of the network are responsible for respecting and adhering to local. taken while the User ID is in use. as well as the policies of the College. The ITS Desk does not provide support for installation/troubleshooting of software or hardware. Computers and networks can provide access to resources on and off campus. staff and students are responsible for seeing that these computing facilities are used lawfully. the Internet service provider’s Acceptable Use Policy. federal and international laws. as well as the ability to communicate with other users worldwide. and students in support of the mission of the College. If you are having difficulties connecting your computer to the college network. set up your PC to send and receive e-mail. and requires that individual users act responsibly.

• I will not send unsolicited “for-profit” messages or chain letters. 17 . • I will not send. or attempt to send harassing. and Corporate Graphic Image. obscene and/or other threatening E-mail to another user. Such circumstances might include: suspected misuse of the facilities or protection of the integrity of the system. • I am solely responsible for all actions taken under my User ID while my User ID is valid. examine. or attempt to forge. alters its normal performance.Consequences Any attempt to violate the provisions of this policy. the College reserves the right to examine the contents of users accounts should the need arise. • I will not attempt to read. I agree that: • I am the sole person authorized to use this User ID. delete. Any attempt to circumvent local. • I will not forge. • I will not use the facilities and/or services for commercial purposes. However. Use of the College wordmark must comply with the College Graphic Image policy. • I will not delete. Disciplinary actions may range from a reprimand to maximum penalties afforded under College policies. provincial. copy or modify files and/or data belonging to other users without their prior consent. Privacy The College respects users’ privacy and under normal circumstances will not access users’ accounts. • I will not deliberately impede other users through mass consumption of system resources. electronic mail messages. federal. copy. or international laws through the use of college owned facilities may result in litigation against the offender by the appropriate authorities. • I will not let others use my User ID. Information providers must use official College data provided by the department that is normally responsible for maintaining that data. Copyright. will result in disciplinary action. • I will not apply for a User ID under false pretenses. or causes it to malfunction. • I will not evade or change resource quotas. the Registrar is responsible for program and course information. Confidentiality of Records. regardless of system location or time duration. deliberate action which damages or disrupts a computing system. information providers must use the registrar’s data sources rather than create their own. • I will not take any unauthorized. regardless of the success or failure of the attempt. For example. the College will fully comply with authorities to provide any information necessary for the litigation process. User Agreement In consideration of the issuance to me of an Algonquin Internet account User ID. or modify the electronic mail directed to other users without prior consent. Information provided must not consist of illegal or offensive material. If such an event should occur. therefore. PROVISION OF INFORMATION Information provided on College facilities is subject to a number of Provincial and College policies including but not limited to: Freedom of Information. Electronic Messaging Systems • I am responsible for all electronic mail originating from my User ID.

• I will not copy System Files. While the College strives to provide a highly reliable network with sufficient capacity please understand that from time to time the college network and attached equipment may fail unexpectedly while using them. Piracy of sound recordings is an infringement of the copyright owner’s exclusive rights in its sound recordings and is a violation of the Copyright Act. For more information please review the college policy on copyright infringement at http://www.Network Security • I will not attempt to use College Systems or Networks in attempts to gain unauthorized access to remote systems. and that you cannot hold the college responsible for lost time or data. Hundreds of thousands of unauthorized copies of sound recordings are available on music files that utilize a compression process known as MP3.algonquincollege.” Internet Piracy Unauthorized use of sound recordings on the internet is a growing problem which has implications worldwide. without the consent of the owner of the copyright. The Copyright Act states that: “It is an infringement of copyright for any person to do. • I will not use College networks to connect to other systems in evasion of the physical limitations of the remote system.html (The following is taken from the CRIA web site at www. These MP3 sites are also 18 . • I will not attempt to secure a higher level of privilege on Network systems than authorized. anything that by this Act only the owner of the copyright has the right to do. which allows down loading and hence further unauthorized copying. By accepting a network user ID you also accept full legal responsibility for all of the actions that you commit using the College’s network according to any and all applicable any copy of it made or dealt with in contravention of this Act. Piracy of sound recordings refers to the unauthorized and therefore unlawful reproduction or copying of sound recordings and distribution of unlawfully made copies of sound recordings on a commercial scale. • I will not decrypt system or user Please ensure that you read and understood this User Agreement and agree to use the account in accordance with the College’s policies and guidelines. • I will not willfully introduce computer “viruses” or other disruptive/destructive programs into the College network or into external networks. • I will not intentionally attempt to “crash” Network systems or programs.) Piracy is a generic term used to describe the theft of intellectual property. FILE SHARING AND COPYRIGHT INFRINGMENT PLEASE NOTE THE COPYING OR SHARING OF COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL AT THE COLLEGE IS STRICTLY FORBIDDEN AND MAY RESULT IN DISIPLINARY ACTION INCLUDING DISMISSAL FROM THE COLLEGE.cria. including sound recordings that are protected by Copyright law. These sites which make available MP3 music files of unauthorized copies of sound recordings are depriving the recording artists. composers.” “Infringing means in relation to a sound recording in respect of which copyright subsists. authors and record companies of the right to choose the value of their creative property in a free and open market.

Leaving the previous version installed can cause conflicts on your system. Norton. Other operating systems may require you to update your software manually. check out the following antivirus software companies for special offers on their products: • Symantec .com STEP 2: USE UP-TO-DATE ANTIVIRUS SOFTWARE Help your computer stay healthy by ensuring that you have antivirus software installed. which are manufacturers of popular antivirus products. CRIA takes action to secure evidence of infringement of copyright in sound recordings offered on the identified sites in Canada.www.depriving governments of income from sales and excise taxes which would otherwise be paid for the sale of sound recordings on physical carriers such as CD’s and tapes. pRotect YoUR pc! STEP 1: GET OPERATING SYSTEM UPDATES The Microsoft Windows® XP operating system includes the Automatic Updates feature. Antivirus software relies on regular updates to help protect against the latest threats. • If you don’t have antivirus software installed. • Is your antivirus software up to date? • Out-of-date antivirus software means ineffective antivirus software. High tech automated web crawlers search for sites on the internet where unauthorized copies are available for down loading and identify the location and site operator or service provider. • Make sure you have activated a subscription for continuous updates of your antivirus software. Look for an item in the list with the word “antivirus” in it. CRIA is participating in a global response to internet piracy that is orchestrated by the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) along with the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).symantec. informing them of the infringing copies of sound recordings on the music files of the sites they host and the legal implications if they do not voluntarily cease and desist offering the infringing copies on these Many major computer manufacturers include at least a trial version of a popular antivirus package on new computers.mcafee. be certain to uninstall your current product before installing the new one. and then click Programs.www. To look for Antivirus software: • Click Start. which can automatically download the latest Microsoft security updates while your computer is on and connected to the Internet. 19 . which are displaced by down loading unauthorized copies from the • Grisoft AVG – www. If you aren’t subscribing to these but you want to install a new product from a different company.http://www3. or for McAfee. service providers or both. your computer may be vulnerable to threats. or • McAfee • (FREE Online Scan .com (FREE) • Computer Associates All users should confirm that their Operating System is up-to-date by going to: http:// windowsupdate. Notification in writing is sent to the website operators.aspx) • If you already have antivirus software installed.

com/downloads • Webroot – www.webroot. If you have the Microsoft Windows® XP operating system. and other malicious Using a firewall is an important first line of defense for computer If you are running a version of Microsoft’s operating system please visit http://www. These steps should be completed prior to. A few of the recommended anti-spyware suites are: • Ad-Aware Lavasoft – www. contact your antivirus software provider. open your antivirus program from the Start menu or the taskbar notification area and look for update status. as It only takes a few infected computers on the network to degrade overall performance for • Computer Associates (12 months free) – www.zonelabs. including: • Symantec – www. If you still aren’t sure if your antivirus software is up to By following the above steps you have taken precautions to help ensure that your computer runs trouble-free on the Residence network. Software firewalls are available from several to learn more about how to protect • Microsoft Defender – www. STEP 3: USE AN INTERNET FIREWALL Before you connect your computer to the • McAfee Security – www. you can use its built-in Internet Connection STEP 4: USE ANTI-SPYWARE SOFTWARE In order to ensure that your PC operates as quickly and efficiently as possible it is now becoming extremely important to install Antispyware software. as well as download tips and • Zone Alarm – www. 20 . Spyware and adware are quickly becoming as problematic as viruses. This is a piece of software that helps protect your PC against hackers and many computer viruses and or as soon as your computer is connected to the internet. you should install a firewall.• Most antivirus software updates itself when you are connected to the Internet. trojans.mcafee.lavasoft. To ensure your software is up to date.

21 .

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24 . and local department stores.FRIENDLY COMPETITION. study groups. How can you get some? Points are rewarded to individual residents and communities for helping build a better Residence. Student of the Month • Students can win points not only for the section but for themselves as well. helping Residence Staff. What do I get? The top students will receive gift certificates to the mall. SPIRIT. a forum will take place within the Residence every two months or as directed by the management.Residence liFe OPEN RESIDENCE FORUM To increase open communication between residents and Management. • At the end of the year Student of the Year will be given out and they will receive recognition at the Residence Formal in March. The community with the most points will also win an additional prize for everyone to share. Residents will have the opportunity to express their thoughts and provide recommendations to improve the quality of life in Residence. RESIDENCE REWARDS . COMMUNITY.A. Their points will also help their section. Resident Council member. community leader. grocery store. If residents do not feel comfortable attending the meeting.e. • At the end of the month three students will win be selected as the Top 3 Students of the Month.. or Management) to express their concerns and suggestions for improvement. recycling. getting good grades. • Points can be handed out and recorded by the RAs and CSRs at the Front Desk. volunteering. PRIzES What are they? Rez Rewards is a competition based on individual and community involvement in Residence. It all depends on where you stand in the ranking of points. R. and winning events. they are able to contact a forum representative (i. The top students and communities will also be recognized at the Residence Formal in March. attending events. • Students can get points for doing well academically. They can show me their assignment or test and be awarded points for their accomplishments.

1032 1002 .2086 2084 .3083 3034 .4030 4118 .2144 2001 .2030 3113 .2145 2117 .4088 4057 .3032 3115 .3141 4115 .1080 1076 .1124 2115 .2058 2031 .4084 4031 .5144 25 .1030 1041 .3144 3001 .4145 4001 .YoUR commUnitY Community # One Two Three Four Five Six Seven Eight Nine Ten Eleven Twelve Thirteen Fourteen Fifteen Sixteen Seventeen Eighteen Nineteen Twenty Community Colour Yellow Orange Grey Emerald Green Dark Red Purple Light Green Navy Brown Black Beige Forest Green Dark Orange Red White Pink Sky Blue Gold Turquoise Royal Room Numbers 1001 .4144 5104 .3086 3057 .

Residence staff aim to ensure that all of these standards of behaviour are respected and maintained while in the Residence. The standards outlined by the Residence management and Algonquin College are informed by these laws. 2. In serious cases. For more information about Algonquin College policies and procedures please refer to the following: • Algonquin College Values Statement • Rights. 4. A summary of the Residence Community Living Standards is provided in this handbook. We aim to ensure that it is inclusive. 3. responsible. However. Municipal. and appeals) RULES THAT AFFECT YOU IN RESIDENCE Residence policies and procedures are related to where and how a student lives in Residence on Algonquin College’s campus. Provincial and Federal laws and by-laws are related to you being a citizen in the city. Freedoms. The Residence Community Living Standards has been created in consultation with students and staff at Colleges and Universities across Canada to ensure the Residence environment achieves this goal. Algonquin College policies and procedures are related to an individual’s status as a student of Algonquin College and their behaviour on campus. responsibilities and privileges) Offenses and Sanctions (rules and consequences) Judicial Procedures (incident reports. In situations that create a concern for the safety and security of students in Residence and on campus. Responsibilities and Code of Conduct for Algonquin College Community 26 . province and country. 6. Normally the Residence policies and procedures and Algonquin Colleges policies and procedures act independently of one another. Algonquin College policies and Canadian laws) Residence Citizenship (your rights. Therefore. the Residence Handbook and the Residence Community Living Standards. Full details can be found on the Algonquin College Residence Website. allegation(s) may be investigated by both the Residence and Algonquin College and the student will be subject to the sanctions under both sets of policies and procedures. meetings. Residence shares all incident reports alleging any offences with Algonquin College. The full document includes the following items: 1. The People in the Residence Community (the Residence Staff and their roles) Objectives of the Residence Community Living Standards (our goals for the community) Rules that Affect You in Residence (residence rules. as a residence student your actions in Residence can also affect your academic status. These are detailed in the Student Residence Agreement. and respectful. which includes Residence. 5. all important information will be shared between appropriate Residence and Algonquin College officials.Residence commUnitY liVinG stAndARds The Residence community is a place that promotes a safe and peaceful environment that supports the academic success of students as well as their personal and social development.

Sunday to Thursday: 11:00pm – 8:00am. which includes room doors is not permitted b) Possession or use of candles. d) No visitors will be granted access into the Residence after 2:00am. e) Residents may sign-in up to two (2) guests at a time. 3) Noise and quiet Hours a) An individual’s right to reasonable quiet supersedes another’s right to make noise. Residents are responsible for guests at all times. sleep or study at any time or anywhere within the Residence. flame cooking devices. indoor barbeques. deep fryers and the like are prohibited c) Discharging. Below is a summary of the rules that come into question most often. Security and Fire Prevention a) Propping open a fire door. The specific sanction(s) will be determined by the list of possible sanctions for the offense(s) committed by the guest. Therefore. f) While each guest is in the Residence. g) Guests staying overnight are subject to a small overnight fee. c) The guest must leave one piece of photo identification with the front desk staff. ii. Student Resident Agreement or Algonquin College’s policies. the Resident must remain in the company of the guest at all times until the guest is signed out. c) Levels of bass from stereos must be kept low at all times. lava lamps. See the Algonquin College Residence website for more details: 1) Alcohol & Drugs a) You must be the legal drinking age to possess or consume alcohol in residence b) Open alcohol is only permitted in your room c) Glass beer bottles and coolers are not permitted d) Drinking games in residence are not permitted e) Possession or use of illegal substances is a serious offense and may result in an eviction f) Alcohol and drug paraphernalia is not permitted in residence 2) Guests a) A guest is any non-resident of the Residence building. actions or neglect that violates the Residence Community Living Standards. Friday and Saturday evenings: 1:00am – 8:00am. tampering with or operating any fire prevention or detection equipment for any purpose other than the control of a fire may result in an eviction d) All Residents must vacate during an alarm e) Smoking is not permitted in residence 27 . b) Residents must sign in their guests at the front desk before they enter the residence. 7 days a week. Consideration Hours are in effect 24 hours a day. i) Guests should not in any way interfere with the rights of a roommate or other Resident to privacy. h) Guests are permitted up to a maximum of two (2) consecutive nights or no more than ten (10) nights in any one (1) given month. 4) Safety. b) Quiet Hours are observed in Residence: i. access.OFFENSES AND SANCTIONS (the Rules and Consequences) An offense is any unacceptable conduct. incense.

Restitution. Denial of Readmission to Residence Level 3 . Fighting may result in an eviction. Community Service.Warnings. Behaviour Contract. Possession may result in an eviction. Wellness Agreements Level 2 . including any relevant deadlines or payment information in a Decision Letter written by Residence Staff. Loss of Privileges.5) Violence and Weapons a) Any physical aggression or violent behaviour (consensual or not) that causes or has the potential to cause physical or emotional harm is not permitted. Student Residence Agreement. Communication Ban. Transfer/Relocation. In most circumstances. Repeated and/or multiple violations shall increase the severity of sanctions applied. or Algonquin College policies. the residence rules. the following range of sanctions may be applied at each level of offense. SANCTIONS Sanctions are consequences for behaviour that violates the Residence Community Living Standards. Level 1 . nails or screws please) b) You may not decorate the outside of your suite door unless for special occasions approved by Residence Management c) Strings of indoor lights should not be in direct contact with any flammable materials and should not be left on while the room is unattended 7) Cleanliness a) Please keep your room and the common areas in a clean and sanitary condition. Recommendation for review under the Algonquin College Code of Conduct 28 . Sanctions may be used independently or in combination for any single violation. Confiscation.All level 1 sanctions. Fines. These sanctions are explained in detail. Educational. Living in residence is an exciting time and our primary goal is to ensure that everyone is safe and enjoying their residence environment. 8) Respect a) Please respect one another. Residence Probation. Persona non grata (Trespass Notice). 6) Decorating your suite a) The only acceptable form of affixing items to walls is the use of white sticky tack or 3M Command Strips (no tape. our buildings and our staff. Sanctions are intended to be primarily educational and restorative in nature. b) Weapons (including BB guns or other items that resemble weapons) are not permitted in residence. Please take out your garbage regularly.All level 1 and 2 sanctions. Eviction.

At the conclusion of the meeting the Residence Staff member will follow-up with the Resident in writing with a Decision Letter. The purpose of a Judicial Meeting between a Resident and a Residence Staff member is to investigate allegations of offenses detailed in an Incident Report. the Residence Staff member may choose to proceed and make a decision based upon all evidence available. actions or negligence that may be Offenses against the Residence Community Living Standards in Incident Reports. or (d) in person. Residents do have the right to appeal decisions and sanctions. which will outline all necessary decisions about offenses. and any other important aspects of the judicial process: (a) a voice mail on the Residents phone provided to them in their room.INCIDENT REPORTS AND JUDICIAL MEETINGS Residence Staff will record behaviours. Communication between Resident(s) and Residence Staff Residence Staff will endeavor to communicate with Residents via several methods to discuss Incident Reports. An attempt to contact and communicate with a Resident is deemed to be satisfactory when any two of the above methods have been used by Residence Staff. This is the opportunity for Residents to be heard and explain their behaviour to the Residence Staff member. 29 . Residence Staff will notify the Resident(s) of the alleged Offense(s) and will notify them of a meeting to discuss the matter. (c) a letter placed in a Residents mailbox or under a Residents room door. These procedures are detailed in the online version of the Residence Community Living Standards. If the Resident fails to attend the Judicial Meeting with the Residence Staff member. (b) an e-mail to their Algonquin College e-mail account or the account provided in their application. deliver Decision Letters. sanctions and any related deadlines.

emeRGencY pRocedURes FIRE If there is a fire in your suite: • Advise all suite occupants to leave • Close all doors behind you • Pull the fire alarm on your floor and yell “FIRE” • Leave the building using the nearest stairwell • Contact the fire department • Meet the firefighters at the front entrance and tell them where the fire is located If you hear the fire alarm: Leave the building using the nearest exit. Never go to the roof. If there is no smoke coming in from outside. open the window for fresh air. If you see smoke or feel heat. It is important to be aware that as time elapses from the alarm activation there is an increased likelihood that the hallways will be filled with thick smoke. 30 . so be patient. do not enter. and only attempt to leave the suite if the suite becomes unsafe. phone the fire department and tell them where you are. If there is no smoke. brace yourself and open the door a little. SECURITY STAFF. DO NOT RETURN UNTIL IT IS DECLARED SAFE DO TO SO BY A FIRE OFFICIAL. lock the door and go to the nearest stairwell. Stay in your suite until you are rescued or until you are told to leave. Smoke usually rises to the top of the stairway. Protect yourself from smoke inside your suite as described under the Alarms/Smoke Detectors section. OR RESIDENCE STAFF. if not hot to touch. It may take some time for help to arrive. return to your suite and protect yourself from the smoke. Doors leading to the roof are locked and you could be trapped. close the door quickly and protect yourself. and place wet towels at the bottom. air vents and ducts. do not open it. use duct tape to seal the cracks around the door. Remember. Check the door to your suite. If there is smoke or the door is hot. DO NOT USE THE ELEVATOR! Check the nearest stairwell door for heat and smoke. If the corridor is clear. if there is smoke stay low and crawl under it. If you remain in your suite: You must protect yourself from smoke by staying low. Show your rescuers where you are by hanging a sheet from the window. If smoke enters your suite. take your keys/card. Close the door and try other stairways. If smoke is entering from around the door. If there are no other stairways. To keep smoke from entering your suite. open the door carefully and use the stairwell to leave the building.

only the alarm within the suite will be activated. both an audible smoke detector and a heat detector. The smoke detector is activated by minor smoke within the suite. The Residence hallways are equipped with a smoke detector/heat sensor. 31 . and everyone must evacuate the Residence. Everyone must evacuate the Residence immediately. The heat detector is set off by excessive heat within the suite. If the smoke is serious. please contact the Residence management upon move-in to discuss evacuation procedures. This will allow us to direct emergency service personnel to you as quickly as possible. Residents with a hearing impairment will be placed in a suite that is equipped with a strobe light that will notify them of a fire alarm. Minor smoke or excessive heat will activate the building alarm. Provide the front desk with your name. If someone activates the building alarm.000.00. HEALTH EMERGENCY PROCEDURES Take the proper steps if you or a friend needs emergency health care while in the Residence. Once the smoke detector has been triggered. location. Remember that the Residence staff is trained and are available to you 24 hours a day. room number. Call “0” for the FRONT DESK Representative and request that an ambulance be contacted.RESIDENTS WITH DISABILITIES For residents with mobility impairments. and brief details of the problem. exit the room and inform the front desk. it will set off the main building alarm. a fine could be applied. Once the heat detector has been triggered. Testing the smoke detector ensures that it has not been intentionally disabled. Open your windows and turn on the bathroom fan to clear the smoke from the room. under the Provincial Fire Code. The Fire Department has a zero tolerance regarding smoke alarms that are tampered with. Any occurrence could result in disciplinary sanctions from Management and/or a charge under the Fire Protection and Preventions Act with a maximum fine of $25. Please note the Residence staff will be testing the smoke detector bi-weekly in your suite. DO NOT OPEN THE DOOR TO THE HALLWAY. Put your safety first! ALARMS/SMOKE DETECTORS Residence suites are equipped with two types of fire alarms.

e. • Do not block your vents. instead of the stove. the vents allow air to circulate. A clogged lint filter can increase energy use up to 30%. use the electric kettle. • Don’t use a bigger pot than you need. • You can turn off the AC when you leave for the day. and drapes closed during the hottest part of the day in the summer. • Try using cold or warm water. Refrigerator • Set the temperature for only as cold as you need. • Don’t overfill the refrigerator. ENERGY CONSERVATION Heating & Cooling • To save money on heating costs. so whenever possible use a microwave instead of your stove or oven. and lightweight items – lighter loads will take less drying time. • Allow hot foods to cool before putting them in the refrigerator. • Use an electric kettle or microwave to boil water – not the stove. be sure to put lids on pots in order to keep the heat in the pot. faucets are leaking/dripping. and may be a fire hazard! 32 . • Conversely. or you experience inconsistent pressure – the little drips can add up. Please read over these tips and try to put them to use. • Clean the lint filter after every load. (And open blinds on sunny winter days!). shades. as this blocks air circulation. toaster oven. or microwave). use smaller appliances (i. this method uses less electricity than having the AC constantly maintain a cool temperature! Water • Let us know if your toilet is running. Stove/Oven • When using the stove. • Keep blinds. Contrary to popular belief. medium. which is less efficient.eneRGY And WAste RedUction We at Residence and Conference Centres are dedicated to saving energy and helping the environment. instead of hot water. and match it to the right size element. a full freezer will perform better. Hot water shrinks and fades your clothes. • Microwave ovens use up to 75% less energy. and wears them out more quickly. Because of rising costs of energy and depletion of natural resources we are trying to be a more energy efficient/conscious building. • A general rule: for smaller cooking jobs. Clothes Dryer • Separate loads into heavy. Clothes Washer • Run full loads whenever possible but don’t overload the machine. reduce the temperature when you’re away.

in 1997 600. Newspapers. HELP SAVE ENERGY! 1. Glass jars and bottles 3. magazines. This is equal to three Skydomes full of garbage. What can I recycle? 1.000 tonnes of garbage was kept out of landfills. Metal cans 2. Thanks to the Blue Box. as 60% of the power used is by the monitor! • Less energy is consumed when computers and monitors are turned on and off (as often as required) then when left on over time. even for just a few minutes. computers. as opposed to being turned on and off as needed. Plastic containers 4. Recycling is important for a lot of other reasons. Opening your blinds is a free way to brighten up a room. • Recycling 1 tonne of glass reduces the equivalent of 1. Every recycled glass jar. For example: • Using recycled paper to make paper products requires 65 per cent less water. In fact. Use windows and blinds for natural lighting and climate control whenever possible. • Make sure you enable your computer’s energy-saving features. and radios when you leave. books. Cardboard 33 . 2. • Be sure to at least shut off the computer screen. 6. Lighting • • • • Turn off lights whenever you leave a room or don’t need them. Aluminum trays and foil 5. Turn off lights when you leave. Keep light fixtures clean – a cleaner fixture is a brighter fixture. 5. Milk and Juice cartons 7.057 kilograms of carbon dioxide emissions (carbon dioxide is one of the greenhouse gases which causes global warming) • Recycling 1 pop can saves enough energy to power the average television set for 108 minutes. all electronic devices use more energy when left on. pop can or newspaper helps to protect the environment. • Plug each computer component into a power bar than can be shut off. Turn thermostat down or off when you leave. less energy is consumed when lights are turned on and off as you come and go than if a light is left on all the time. Keep air circulation vents unobstructed. RECYCLING Ontario’s Blue Box program is one of the best in North America. Contrary to popular belief. Conserve water wherever possible. phone books 6.Miscellaneous • Computers and related components use electricity even when they are not in use. 3. • Recycling 1 tonne of newsprint saves 19 trees. Turn off televisions. 4. It has helped reduce Ontario’s waste going to disposal by 35 per cent since 1987.

According to the Energy Star program. Styrofoam. schedules and prices check out OC Transpo’s website: http://www.octranspo. This form authorizes our maintenance staff to enter you room between the hours of 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM to repair the damages you have requested. replaced one regular light bulb with a compact fluorescent. Coffee 34 . you can come down to the Residence front desk and fill out a maintenance requisition form. dishes. Payment for your security deposit can be made by American Express. once you have moved out we will compare your room inspection form to the current state of your room. Global warming is caused by greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide. How do I get something fixed in my room? If something breaks in your suite. if everyone in the U. What public transit options are on the Campus? There are direct phone lines to taxi companies in the Residence as well as a OC Transpo bus terminal located just across the street from the north end of the campus (about a 4 minute walk from Residence). certified cheque. Please note that any damage to the suite that has occurred at the fault of the resident will be billable. If it is an emergency we ask that you alert our staff to the situation immediately. For detailed information about the routes. Mastercard.S.What can’t I recycle? 1. Compact fluorescent light bulbs last up to ten times longer and use 75% less electricity than an equivalent incandescent light bulb. It is returned to you less any charges owing after you moved out. Cash or interact can be made in person at the Residence. a by-product of all types of energy consumption.00 is required with all applications for Residence. plastic tubs (used for leftovers) COMPACT FLUORESCENT LIGHT BULBS Each room has been fitted with compact fluorescent light bulbs. By using energy more efficiently we can help to reduce the rate of climate change and the damage to the environment. You will be required to fill out a room inspection form upon arrival to the Residence. FReqUentlY AsKed qUestions When is the front desk open? We are available for questions. This form will be held on file for the duration of your stay with us. it would have the same effect as taking one million cars off the road.00 security deposit used for? A security deposit of $500. or bank draft. What is the $500. Visa. This request may take a few days to get to so we ask you be patient. Once you have moved into Residence. your security deposit is used as a damage deposit for your room. comments and/or concerns at anytime as the front desk is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

if you wish to walk around campus and don’t comfortable going alone there is a Campus Safety Walk program put in place.html If I don’t use my entire meal plan. As well.algonquincollege.00 for the academic year. There are a number of meal options to suit individual needs. Refund information can be obtained at the Food and Beverage Office in D building or by calling (613) 727-4723 Ext. 35 . If you are required to purchase a meal plan you must use $800 per semester to ensure your account remains in good standing.Are there gym facilities on the campus? There are gym facilities both on campus and IN THE RESIDENCE. Is a meal plan required for all residents? Yes a term meal plan is required during the first two semesters of your Residence stay. Where do I do my laundry? There are laundry facilities on the first floor of Residence capable of allowing students to do their laundry. These include: • First Cup in C building • Portable Feast in B building • Thunder Alley in A building • Bits n’ Bytes in the T building • Marketplace Food Court in D building • 35th Street Market Café in the Residence • Observatory Lounge in A building Please visit our website www. complete with various food_and_beverage/Meal%20Plan%20Form. The Observatory Lounge does not accept payments. there are emergency stations equipped with direct lines to Campus Security all around the Campus which are easy to locate and in common areas. am I refunded the remaining balance? Refunds do not occur Where can I use my meal plan? The meal plan can be used at any location on Campus. These machines are operated by a swipe card system. Then.algonquincollege. Please refer to the meal plan brochure for Terms and Conditions. for students to use free of charge. This payment is due in July with your other residence fees. The campus has a gym called Algonquin Fitness Zone of which you can get a membership to. At any point. you simply swipe the card and you’re all good to go! Do I have to walk alone on Campus? Absolutely not. 7615 What are the costs of the meal plan? The minimum plan for the first two semesters of residence occupancy is $800 per semester or $1600 for the full year. Also.pdf Can I add money to my meal plan and if so where? Once your plan has been activated money can be added at anyone of our Food Service locations. Students must purchase a minimum meal plan of $1600. The Residence will give you a card similar to your debit card on which you can put various amounts of money. Campus Security is a very important priority at Algonquin College. when you wish to use a machine. the Residence has a work out room. Please visit: www. The Food and Beverage Office in building D and the Residence front desk also accept payments.

greyhound. 5555 .ca www. 5010 Ext. 7711 Ext.9:00pm 10:00am .octranspo.viarail.6:00pm 12:00pm . 7614 Ext. 7296 Ext.3:00pm 9:00am .5:00pm TRANSPORTATION Blueline Taxi Westway Taxi DJ’s Taxi OC Transpo Via Rail Canada GreyHound Canada FOOD Pizza Pizza Mico Angelo’s Pizza Milano’s Pizzeria Cathay (Sezchuan) Chances R’ Cora’s D’Arcy Magee’s East Side Mario’s 36 www.4:45pm 9:00am . 5000 x7222 (C141) Mon-Fri Mon-Fri Mon-Fri Sat-Sun Mon-Thurs Fri Sat Sun 238-1111 727-0101 829-9011 741-4390 1-888-842-7733 238-5900 737-1111 224-8787 729-9738 228-2228 225-6887 226-6556 596-4226 820-3278 8:30am . 6501 0 911 721-2000 236-1222 Ext.telepHone diRectoRY COLLEGE Algonquin College Athletics The Observatory Counselling IT Help Desk Security Information Student Association Residence Outreach EMERGENCY Front Desk Fire/Police/Ambulance Queensway Carleton Hospital Police Security Emrgency MEDICAL Campus Health Centre Office Hours Appointment Hours College Square Medical Carlingwood Medical Centre 613-727-4723 Ext.7:00pm 9:00am .ca www.3:00pm 9:00am . 5327 Ext.8:00pm 10:00am .

Extreme Pita Grace O’Malley’s Lone Star Texas Grill ON CAMPUS Algonquin Food and Beverage Market Place Food Court – D Building The Portable Feast – B Building First Cup /Deli – C Building Thunder Alley – A Building Bits And Bytes – T Building 225-4343 226-9695 727-1766 x7615 x5898 x5090 diRections FROM HIGHWAY 417: • Exit at Woodroffe Avenue South • Turn left onto Baseline Road • Turn right onto Navaho Drive • The Residence is located on the right side 37 .

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