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A Black Manjushri Sadhana

Self-Healing Meditation and Exercises
Black Manjushri is the wrathful healing form of Manjushri that helps us to heal our deep inner negative emotions and mental suffering that arise due to sickness or problems; it is also a powerful antidote against the harm and disturbances caused by negative astrological influences


Amongst the numerous benefits of this practice it particularly helps, both mentally and physically, those suffering from so-called “incurable” diseases such as AIDS and cancer. It helps us to confront and deal with the negative emotions, such as anger, depression, fear and denial, which arise when we are challenged by such diseases or when we are confronted with problems in our daily life. This practice also enables us to purify astrological mistakes that happen, for example, when we perform marriage or cremation ceremonies or cut down trees on astrologically inauspicious days. It gives us the opportunity to stop our energy flowing, at the cause of astrological influences, into the wrong path. In fact, through the recitation of Black Manjushri mantras we protect ourselves from inauspicious and malevolent astrological elements, caused by conjunctions, transits, oppositions, eclipses, comets and other celestial phenomena that could result in sicknesses, accidents, loss of property, social problems and discouraging life experiences.

3. 2. 5. Black Manjushri protects us from the four maras that hinder our spiritual practice and success. However. Semchen Tamche Dewa Dang Dewai Gyu Dang Denpar Gyur Chik Semchen Tamche Dungal Dang Dungal Gyi Gyu Dang Drelwar Gyur Chik Semchen Tamche Dungal Mepai Dewa Dang Min Drelwar Gyur Chik Semchen Tamche Nyering Chak Dang Nyi Dang Drelwei Tang Nyom La Ne Par Gyur Chik Semchen Tamche Lu Sem Gyi Du Ngal So Shing Trai Yun Lu Sem De Wa Dang Den Par Chik Semchen Tamche Ngalso Topching Chinang Nogchu Koryuk Dangshing Tsangmar Ne Gyur 6. avoiding strong alcohol drinks.Completing this practice also stops the harm of black magic and protects us from the interferences of spirits such as nagas who cause plagues. as well as those relating to digging the earth. possessions and contagious viral epidemics. HOW TO DO THIS PRACTICE This practice is most effective when completed daily before sunrise. garlic. onions and sesame all strengthen this practice. if it is not possible for us to follow these indications we should do the practice whenever possible and however we feel comfortable TAKING REFUGE Namo Namo Namo Namo Namo Triratnaya (3x) Gurubye Buddhaya Dharmaya Sanghaya THE SEVEN LIMITLESS MEDITATIONS 1. cutting trees and moving rocks where nagas abide. Following a vegetarian diet. and halts the negative actions of all malefic beings and geg spirits that obstruct the attainment of long-life. for example when we walk alone in the dark. We should sit facing the east in the cross-legged lotus posture. This practice stops the superstitious and fearful projections we create. leprosy. 4. .

Visualizing clearly our three inner channels. We now block the right nostril and exhale through the left nostril in three short breaths. we gently block the left nostril. NINE ROUND BREATHING MEDITATION TO PURIFY OUR SUBTLE WIND ENERGY Sitting in the vajra posture we begin by visualizing that our gross physical body. Limitless Joy – May all beings never be separated from the great happiness that is beyond all misery. organs and bones. . This white light absorbs into the subtle wind energy at our heart. Limitless Peace – May all beings enjoy inner and world peace now and forever. Limitless Health – May all beings recover from the sicknesses of mind and body pollution and enjoy relative and absolute health now and forever. This exercise should now be repeated on the opposite side to purify the left channel and expel all negativities relating to the right side of the body. relating to the left side of the body. Limitless Ecological Regeneration – May all beings relax in a pure and healthy outer and inner environment now and forever. we inhale through our right nostril imagining that the pure essences of the five elements. Chik Semchen Tamche Dang Zambuling Gi Kye Dro Tadag Chyi Nang Ghi Shide Dhan Denpar Gyur Chik Dhuekun Limitless Love – May all beings have happiness and its causes.Gyur 7. II. positive and healing energies and all the holy beings’ blessings enter our right channel in the form of white light. polluted elemental winds. At this point we make a vajra fist with our left hand and place it under our right armpit. With our right hand we make a vajra fist and extending the right middle finger. Limitless Equanimity – May all beings always dwell in equanimity. composed of flesh. are expelled in the aspect of polluted black smoke. imagining that all our sicknesses. I. gradually melts into light until we are left with only a holographic image that sparkles like a rainbow. Limitless Compassion – May all beings be free from suffering and its causes. placing the index finger on top of it. unaffected by attraction to dear ones and aversion to others. inner demons and interferences.

Placing our hands in the meditation mudra and breathing evenly through both nostrils. . SELF-GENERATION AS BLACK MANJUSHRI Everything Out of becomes emptiness from the the black same letter nature PAM arises as a emptiness. the other half falls on my shoulders. I have a big belly and tiger skin loincloth. The lotus. wrathful bent face leg outstretched. wind and fire essences mandalas contain the absorb essences of the into five elements.III. These In the center of the moon appears my mind in the aspect of a black letter HUNG. MEDITATION ON EMPTINESS OM BENZA AMRITA KUNDALI HANA HANA HUNG PHEY OM SWABHAWA SHUDDHA SARWA DHARMA SOBHAWA SHUDDHO HAM All things are naturally pure. demons and polluted winds from both sides of the body. I wear various wrathful bone ornaments such as a crown of five skulls and a necklace of fifty freshly cut heads. In the center of the wind mandala from a red letter RAM appears a red triangular fire mandala. In the center of this black lotus from the letter AH appears a moon. through both nostrils. we breathe out all negativities. black lotus. we should visualize that all the positive and healing energy of the holy beings enter both the right and left channels and absorb into the subtle wind energy at the heart. space. two arms. the nature of space. Half my red hair is knotted at my crown. and in my left hand I hold the emanation scripture of the Kadampas and the Prajnaparamita sutra at my heart. physical and mental sicknesses. Manjushri. interferences. In three short breaths. including me. and above this moon from a green letter YAM arises a green wind mandala. In my right hand with a wrathful mudra I hold the wisdom sword that eliminates all interferences. Lights radiate out from the letter HUNG and then return fulfilling the two purposes of attaining enlightenment In I My an am instant in right a leg and from very is the helping black others letter aspect and HUNG with my to I one left arise overcome as Black and is suffering.

at my throat is red AH the nature of the enlightened speech and at my heart is blue HUNG the nature of the enlightened mind.000 essence mantras and 10. who embodies the entire lineage. OM AH RA PA TSA NA DHI HUNG (21x or as many times as possible) At this point we should meditate on emptiness of phenomenon. We should also remember that to make the following seven exercises work well we should complete them with the Mahayana attitudes of compassion and wisdom. THE SEVEN TANTRIC SELF-HEALING EXERCISES OF BLACK MANJUSHRI We should keep in mind when beginning this part of the practice that the more mantras we manage to recite the more effective the exercises will be. . At my crown is a white OM the nature of the enlightened body. ACTION MANTRA OM PRASO / CHUSO / DURTASO / DURMISO / NYING GOLA CHO / KALA DZA / KAM SHAM TRAM BHE PHET SOHA (21x) (To complete a traditional Black Manjushri retreat we have to recite 700. SPECIAL ESSENCE MANTRA OM EH RA PA TSA NA DHI HUNG (21x) After we have repeated for as many times as possible the essence mantra and meditated on emptiness we can repeat the special essence mantra that helps to stabilize and give extra power to our practice. based on the method we are familiar with such as the Heart Sutra or dependent origination. I am surrounded by fiercely blazing flames of wisdom.000 action mantras). around this two mantra garlands circle in a clockwise direction. ESSENCE MANTRA At my heart is a sun cushion with a black letter HUNG at its center.My three eyes are red and round and in the nature of YAM. self and others. My root guru is above my crown in the form of Amoghasiddhi. RAM and BAM.

Fontanella OM AH RA PA TSA NA DHI HUNG OM PRASO / CHUSO / DURTASO / DURMISO / NYING GOLA CHO / KALA DZA / KAM SHAM TRAM BHE PHET SOHA (21x) Two Two Eyes Ears Navel Mouth Nose Soles of the Anus Urethra two feet 3. mind pollution. Calming Disturbing People and Spirits With our hands joined together. OM PRASO / CHUSO / DURTASO / DURMISO / NYING GOLA CHO / KALA DZA / KAM SHAM TRAM BHE PHET SOHA (21x) 2. 9. 3. burning up all our emotional problems.1. 2. If we do not find a black substance we should imagine one. above the crown of the head. 8. we should join our thumb to the top joint of the ring finger on each hand and then blow on the tip of the ring finger. 4. 6. Then we should rub the tips of these fingers on the soles of our feet and in the armpits. Purification of Obstacles and Interferences Flame-like lights radiate out from our hearts. 1. 5. interferences and karmic obstacles that cause sickness and interferences to ourselves. other beings and the environment. If we find in these places a black substance then we should put it on the nine entrances to the auric body listed beneath whilst repeating the action mantra. in the prostration mudra we click our tongue . We now envisage a suit of vajra armor under our skin that protects us from any contagious diseases or pollution entering our body. Protection from Sickness After repeating the essence and action mantras as many times as possible. 7.

OM PRASO / CHUSO / DURTASO / DURMISO / NYING GOLA CHO / KALA DZA / KAM SHAM TRAM BHE PHET SOHA (21x) . Healing Arthritis Drink the healing water and recite the action mantra before blowing on our mala. To heal this condition we should also try to avoid eating meat and consuming strong alcoholic drinks. visualizing our self in the aspect of Black Manjushri. the affected limbs and joints. OM PRASO / CHUSO / DURTASO / DURMISO / NYING GOLA CHO / KALA DZA / KAM SHAM TRAM BHE PHET SOHA (21x) 4. Suppressing Interferences Visualizing our self in the aspect of Black Manjushri. Then we recite the action mantra. The water transforms into nectar. Keeping this posture we should press down and trap all interferences under our feet causing them to become weaker and powerless. Then massage. When tiny wounds appear on the extremities it is a sign that we are healed. making it so powerful that those who drink it are purified of their obscurations and sicknesses caused by negative karma and physical health problems improve. we then place the big toe of our right foot over the big toe of our left foot. Healing Nectars With a container of water placed in front of us. Finally. we imagine nectar radiating from the letter HUNG at our heart. OM PRASO / CHUSO / DURTASO / DURMISO / NYING GOLA CHO / KALA DZA / KAM SHAM TRAM BHE PHET SOHA (21x) 5. Black Manjushri dissolves into the water. This nectar flows with our breath and the special qualities are transferred to the water when we blow on it.against the top palate of our mouth and clap our hands together three times. we have to sit with our knees brought up to our chest with our arms wrapped around them. outwardly towards the extremities. OM PRASO / CHUSO / DURTASO / DURMISO / NYING GOLA CHO / KALA DZA / KAM SHAM TRAM BHE PHET SOHA (21x) 6.

we should visualize our self as Black Manjushri who emanates wisdom fires that burn up the dream enemy or negative feelings. OM PRASO / CHUSO / DURTASO / DURMISO / NYING GOLA CHO / KALA DZA / KAM SHAM TRAM BHE PHET SOHA (21x) DEDICATION Gye Jamphel Drowa De Yi Sa La Gopar Shok By the this enlightened virtue may experience of I quickly Black attain Manjushri Wa Nagpo Chik Di Drup Chang Nyur Du Gyur Malu Dag Ne Pa and lead all sentient beings without exception to that ground. Which is born have no decline and increase forever more. Healing Nightmares Either when awakening from a bad dream or nightmare.7. VERSE OF AUSPICIOUSNESS Nyimo Nyime Nyintsen Kon Chok Gung Taktu Sum Gyi Delek Yang Delek Jin Gyi Tsen Delek Delek Shin Pe Lob . not healthy yet and born. grow. Shide Ma Kiepa Kiepa Sem Nam Nyampa Chog Kye Mepa Rinpoche Gyur Chik Yang Gong Ne Gong Tu Pel War Shok May which the is precious. happy arise mind and of peace. or if possible during the dream.

Kon Chok Sum Kyi Ngoe Drup Tsol Kon Chok Sum Gyi Tra Shi Shok At May May dawn the they or three help dusk. realizations. And sprinkle the path of our lives with various signs of auspiciousness. previous | next . jewels us to at grant night us achieve or their all midday. blessings.