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WEEK 15 – 2011 (4 - 9 April 2011)

The fighting between Colonel Muammar Qaddafi's forces and those rebelling against him moved to and fro along the coast road between the oil town of Brega and Benghazi, the rebels' capital in the east. The Americans handed control of the anti-Qaddafi coalition to NATO, which continued its assault on the LIBYAN government's ground forces from the air.

President Ali Abdullah Saleh of YEMEN struggled to stay in charge in the face of growing demonstrations in the capital and unrest across a divided country. In a policy shift, meanwhile, the American administration signalled that it would like Mr Saleh to be eased out of office, despite fears that al-Qaeda might fill the vacuum if he departed.

RICHARD GOLDSTONE, a South African judge who headed a UN inquiry into Israel's three-week war on Gaza two years ago, recanted a key finding of his original report. He says that he now believes Israel did not intentionally target civilians "as a matter of policy".

The palace compound of COTE D'IVOIRE'S Laurent Gbagbo, in Abidjan, was surrounded by UN and French troops. He was defeated in a presidential election in November but has refused to step down. Forces loyal to the election winner, Alassane Ouattara, have conquered the rest of the country. Hundreds of people have been killed in

killing at least 50 people and injuring 100. CHINA'S government detained Ai Weiwei.the past fortnight. To no one's surprise. The leak was sealed on April 6th as engineers were forced to dump 11. Seven foreign UN staff and guards were killed in Mazar-i-Sharif. Only . A state newspaper chided Mr Ai for being a political "maverick".500 tonnes of less contaminated water into the ocean to make room for fresh coolant. Mr Nazarbayev is popular among his countrymen but the near-perfect result is an embarrassment for the foreign governments that applauded him for calling the election. for "economic crimes" after preventing him from boarding a flight bound for Hong Kong. In his opening message. KAZAKHSTAN re-elected Nursultan Nazarbayev as its president with 95. Two suicide-bombers in PAKISTAN'S Punjab province blew themselves up near a Sufi shrine. Thousands of AFGHANS protested about the actions of Christian bigots in Florida who had burned a Koran on March 20th. and some analysts reckon he might raise as much as $1 billion. BARACK OBAMA announced that he is to seek re-election as president in 2012. Japan acknowledged that South Korea and China were not adequately consulted about the situation. shattering all records.5% of the vote. a Chinese artist and dissident. His whereabouts had been unknown for days. he called for a big push on fund-raising. while a dozen people died in clashes with police in Kandahar. Even an opposition candidate voted for him. Radioactive water from JAPAN'S stricken nuclear power plant seeped into the sea around Fukushima.

In MEXICO. of Vietnamese origin. with 67. He will take office in May. SPAIN'S unpopular prime minister. charged with speeding up the country's reconstruction after last year's earthquake. the 38-year-old health minister. The country follows Greece and Ireland in asking for help. including one that had 43 corpses buried in it. a junior coalition member.6% of the vote. Preliminary results released by the electoral authority showed Michel Martelly. Philipp Rosler. Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero. following the party's poor performances at recent state elections. protests against drug-related violence in many cities across the country were interrupted when police in Tamaulipas state found 59 bodies in eight graves. winning HAITI'S presidential election. although Mr Westerwelle wants to stay as foreign minister. PORTUGAL announced that it would seek a bailout from its euro-zone partners. The decision came after ten-year government-bond yields came within a whisker of . and as federal vice-chancellor. American officials said that they had reached an agreement under which COLOMBIA will strengthen its efforts to protect trade unionists.one serious Republican candidate has so far entered the race for that party's nomination. clearing the way for a free-trade agreement between the two countries to be sent to the UNITED STATES Congress. a conservative and a popular singer. a position in which he has attracted much criticism. said that he would not stand for a third term at a general election due by early 2012. will replace him in both roles. Guido Westerwelle resigned as leader of GERMANY'S Free Democratic Party. The ruling Socialist Party is expected to hold primaries to elect Mr Zapatero's successor as party leader after local elections on May 22nd. After long insisting on going it alone.

came as a surprise. is the biggest yet for a Chinese mining firm. American and European technology stocks rallied on the news. an American rival. Copper's price remains high. TEXAS INSTRUMENTS.31% for the one-year lending rate and 3.9% and rates on 12-month and six-month treasury bills sold in a EURO1. leading analysts to suppose that inflation in March had been higher than expected. citing "national interest". Australia's government said it might thwart an A$8.3 billion ($6. the PEOPLE'S BANK OF CHINA raised interest rates for the fourth time in five months.5 billion) offer for EQUINOX MINERALS. The combined exchange would be Asia's second largest by the number of listings. . for $6. to 6.5 billion. though it has slipped by around 5% from February's stratospheric levels.25 for the deposit rate.4 billion) auction jumped by more than one and a half percentage points compared with similar sales in March. financed entirely with cash. The rise of a quarter of a percentage point. an Australian-Canadian owner of a large copper mine in Zambia. the main Australian bourse. bringing almost all of the Irish banking industry under state control. Further stress tests of IRELAND'S BANKS revealed that they need an extra EURO24 billion ($34. Increasingly alarmed by an overheating economy.4 billion) of capital.4 billion ($8. China consumes around 40% of the world's copper and is concerned about competition for supplies of the metal. offered to buy NATIONAL SEMICONDUCTOR. made a C$6. The unsolicited bid. That would push the total cost of the government bail-out to around EURO70 billion.0 billion ($1. a maker of computer chips. A Chinese state-owned mining company.7 billion) bid by SINGAPORE EXCHANGE for ASX. MINMETALS RESOURCES.

consumer prices rose by 13. the causes and the scale of the problem are very different in Vietnam. non-salary spending by 10 per cent.” Most investors believe that the government allowed economic problems to build up because it . The ADB cut its forecast for GDP growth this year to 6. with the government vowing to keep borrowing rates high until inflation has stabilised. rapid credit growth and wasteful spending by state-owned companies lies at the root of the problem. especially in light of the problems at Vinashin. the Asian Development Bank became the latest financial institution to downgrade the Southeast Asian nation’s growth prospects for this year following the government’s unveiling of a package of measures designed to combat surging inflation and a lack of confidence in the financial system. arguing that if the government successfully implements its fiscal and monetary tightening policies. Investors and government officials in China are spooked out by annual inflation of 4. which has been battling regular bouts of economic instability. the state-owned shipbuilder that is unable to pay its foreign debt at present. the ADB’s country director. as does bank exposure to real estate and state-owned enterprises.Vietnam’s economy: growing too fast By Ben Bland 7 April 2011 Emerging market investors tend to gravitate toward countries that have accelerating economic growth prospects. told beyondbrics: “the real test will come in the implementation. which was released on Wednesday: “The large increase in the domestic credit stock. On Wednesday. about $100 billion during 2007–2010. as Ayumi Konishi. The ADB noted in its latest update on the Vietnamese economy. is one of the few fast-growing countries in the world where investors want to see growth slow down. capital inflows have driving prices higher while in Vietnam. The extent of the credit expansion in Vietnam over recent years has raised fears about financial contagion. curb credit growth and cut non-recurring. But in Vietnam. Vietnam. growth will slow but inflation will be brought under control eventually. But. The package of measures – known as Resolution 11 – certainly looks the part. Across Asia.” While inflation is a growing challenge across the region. raises concerns over banking asset quality.9 per cent.1 per cent from 7 per cent.9 per cent year-on-year in March.

deputy head of research at Hanoibased BIDV Securities Co. the central bank said today.” Domestic deposits in foreign currency at banks rose 19. Politics and economics don’t always mix. currency will increase by 2 percentage points to a range from 3 percent to 6 percent from May. but dollar lending rose at a level that is quite high. which was held in January.” BIDV Securities’ Tuan said. Vietnam Raises Bank Dollar Reserve Ratios After Dong Weakens to Record Low Bloomberg News. Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung is striving to restore confidence in an economy that devalued its currency for the fourth time in 15 months on Feb. The reserve ratio on deposits held in the U. said in an interview by phone Foreign-Currency Loans. The central bank raised borrowing costs for the second time in less than a month on April 1 to curb inflation that has exceeded 10 percent for five months. dollar lending will be limited to those companies with real demand for foreign currency. it said. “Even companies that don’t need to import goods preferred dollar loans. according to a separate statement. “These moves indicate further monetary tightening and discourage the use of foreign currency in the banking system. effective April 13. The monetary authority will also cap interest rates on dollar deposits at 3 percent for individuals and at 1 percent for non-credit institutions. 11 to narrow the gap between official and so-called black market exchange rates. a unit of Bank for Investment & Development of Vietnam. the State Bank of Vietnam said on its website today.S.1 percent. “Foreign-currency liquidity at banks is ensured. Foreign-currency loans increased about 13 percent in the first three months of the year. without giving comparative numbers.” Tong Minh Tuan. .was reluctant to see growth slow in the run up to the Communist party’s key five-yearly congress.” the monetary authority said. “With these moves. 9 April 2011 Vietnam’s central bank raised the amount of dollar deposits lenders must set aside as cash to curb the use of foreign currency in the nation and stabilize the dong. Prime Minister Dung has intensified the fight against inflation this year by ordering a “tight” monetary policy and lowering targets for credit growth.5 percent in the first quarter and foreign deposits held in dollars increased 15..

The move was praised by some economists as necessary to correct economic imbalances -. vice president of the trade group. Vietnam Shocks Could Put Damper On Foreign Investment By Martin Vaughan. according to data from banks compiled by Bloomberg. an official with the U. he said. A sharply weaker dong raises input prices for firms that manufacture in Vietnam. Meanwhile.but it risks exacerbating inflation. and the economic imbalances that led to them. the country's low foreign currency reserves. seeking in part to narrow chronic trade deficits that have depleted its foreign currency reserves. dollar. 8 April 2011 Exchange rate shocks in Vietnam. The currency is allowed to trade up to 1 percent on either side of the rate. it would seem to have an impact when companies assess expanding their business in the Vietnamese market. firms doing business in Asia are able to manage exchange rate fluctuations that aren't extreme.S.5% against the U.89 percent in March from a year earlier. The interview was on the sidelines of the annual meeting of finance ministers of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations. U.723 for April 11. The dong slid to 20.718 yesterday. Vietnam in February devalued the dong by 8." .-Asean Business Council said.S." Mealy told Dow Jones Newswires. and it's not Malaysia. companies to rethink investments there.S." Mealy said. The State Bank of Vietnam set the currency’s reference rate at 20. "In some ways. which the devaluation attempts to address. could cause U. citing the economy's red-hot growth in recent quarters. said Marc Mealy. But a string of devaluations of the Vietnamese dong and the government's tenuous control of inflation may lead firms to think twice. Dow Jones. "Because of the challenges Vietnam has had in getting their hands around these issues. according to its website. Vietnam is quite an attractive place to do business right now. the fastest pace since February 2009.925 per dollar before closing little changed at 20. The Vietnamese dong dropped to a record low against the dollar yesterday after the State Bankof Vietnam set the reference rate at the weakest level against the dollar since January 2005. compared with 20. "But it isn't Singapore. countries which have stronger institutions and are in a better position to manage these kinds of externalities.920. could pose a headache for firms to the extent that Vietnam is unable to guarantee import payments. He said he didn't know of specific examples of firms putting investments on hold.Consumer prices increased 13.S.

They were supposed to be paid $15 to $22 an hour for 30 months.$75 a week for transportation to work. the group’s attorney. "Even with Asean and Asia cooling down to 7 or 8 percent annual growth. It counts many of the largest U. according to a lawsuit." Mealy said.S. hail from Vietnam. financial services firms. Immigrant Laborers Win $60M Judgement Against Houston Company By Asiah Carey. a company based out of Harris County. The American dream turned into a nightmare. The men worked only a few months of the 30-month term before the company fired them.The business council group promotes expanded U. Before the men got out. That sweet deal soon changed when the fine print kicked in. They claim the company charged the men: -. investment. trade and investment with Southeast Asian nations. Mealy said a proposal from some Asean countries. 26 strong. 9 April 2011 Several immigrant laborers say they feel like they're free after living through an American nightmare. said. they filed a lawsuit claiming Coast to Coast Resources’ offer was indentured servitude. multinational firms among its members. Chevron and Ford Motor Company. even as economic growth in the region is projected to cool from the past couple of years. "They sent a lot of people to threaten us." No Hai Le said. He said Southeast Asia will remain a hot destination for U.$125 a week to live in squalor at a Pasadena apartment complex -.. The company promised the group jobs and work visas to serve as laborers near the Houston Ship Channel. multinational companies will recognize that this is still where the growth is. to pursue linkages among their home stock exchanges could be a boon for U.S. The men fought back by filing that lawsuit.000 to get a job in the states. My Fox Houston. The group traveled to Houston in 2008 to work for Coast to Coast Resources. The men’s contract required the Vietnamese laborers to pay the American company up to $7. according to the men. Coast to Coast Resources threatened the men saying any contact with outsiders would be punished by arrest and physical violence because Americans would scorn them for being from a communist country. . the men said. But that’s not all. including Coca-Cola Inc. Those men. “It was pretty terrible and to get them out of that was amazing.S." John Ha. According to the group.S. discussed in this week's meetings.

old bicycle tires and recycled aluminum cans. Arese travels three times a year to the Southeast Asian nation." Foundation mends Vietnamese hearts By Bob Pool. An attorney for the Harris County company had no comment on the ruling. Marichia Simcik Arese will host one of her unusual crafts boutiques this weekend at her Pacific Palisades home. "After all they've been through they still want to live in the United States. Though the men have won a major victory. the Vietnamese laborers said they want to stay in Texas.” student Samantha Frazier said. The Italian-born Arese doesn't hesitate to approach American and European tourists she spots on Hue's streets. said. Despite the treatment.6 million selling the handmade items to finance heart operations for Vietnamese suffering from congenital heart diseases and other genetic conditionsbelieved to be tied to the spraying of Agent Orange during theVietnam War. 9 April 2011 As she so often does." Bang said. they aren’t celebrating. Los Angeles Times.The group won a $60 million judgment against Coast to Coast and other parties named in the lawsuit. And two days after that she will head for Vietnam to encourage the disabled young artists who create chic water bottle carriers. spending about a month there as she helps drum up business for a gift store she has helped them establish in Hue: the Healing The Wounded Heart shop. Professor Naomi Bang is taking on the immigration part of this case because the work visa never panned out. “They still want to have that dream. said he’s worried for his family back in Vietnam. through a translator. Lee. "Hi. That's where students from South Texas College of Law come in. "What they came for is to stay here and provide a life for their children and spouses who are still waiting in Vietnam. lead attorney for the men. “It’s so beautiful to show that we as Americans care for justice. The group now feels like targets back in Vietnam. Arese's do-it-yourself Spiral Foundation has raised more than $1. Since 1998. The sales have paid for 380 heart surgeries so far at a medical clinic in Hue that has come to rely on the 57-year-old Pacific Palisades woman's boutiques and on individual gift bazaars staged by a network of her supporters. tote bags and eye-catching picture frames to keep producing their stylish goods from discarded plastic bottles. We have a shop down . They are reportedly being harassed and threatened by people back home.” Tammy Tran.

They are helping to fund heart surgeries and employ the disabled. Arese does not blame Agent Orange. tourists can buy nice items made of recycled items. Dr. so many of the young people have devised their own. During her visits. causing her to scramble to find buyers for them all. Others communicate with computers provided by the Spiral Foundation. the defoliant used by the United States to destroy vegetation that hid communist forces during the war.there and it's a nonprofit. But she did. Arese's husband. "We should not count only on large institutions making a change. Martino. They ended up shipping 300." . "But certainly in Vietnam. when these kids were born. sound editor James Simcik. Arese makes a point of introducing the 40 or so young artisans and shop workers to patients who have benefited from the cardiac surgery their handiwork has paid for. They kept $1. will travel with her to Vietnam this time. she said. eco-friendly items and all the money we make is used for humanitarian aid." she tells them. Change is possible if you commit to a good idea. 27. We sell beautiful. Their generosity stunned Arese. there was very little early intervention. describes Arese as the clinic's "special sponsor from Los Angeles. Arese told the youngsters to send her 50 of the frames and she would try to sell them in Pacific Palisades. Nguyen Viet Nhan. Nicholas and Martino. In 1997 she visited Vietnam as a tourist and encountered disabled young people who collected aluminum cans and fabricated picture frames out of them to sell for school money." she said.775 of that for their own education and sent the rest to a remote village in northern Vietnam to pay for schooling for 10 Hmong orphans. are supportive of her work.100 she raised to the disabled youths. They were left on the side. a doctoral candidate focusing on migration and human rights. Nicholas." Marichia Arese said. is an undergraduate studying sociology and conflict resolution through sports." Many of the young artists who make the gift items and work at the shop are deaf and mute or paralyzed. and their two sons." Arese said she grew up during Vietnam War protests and remembers a 1974 explosion at an Italian plant that produced Agent Orange. I tell them that instead of buying a souvenir that has no added value. They come away realizing that their work has turned them into donors too. "Any kind of war always creates damages that go far beyond where the war happened. There is no official Vietnamese sign language. "Approaching complete strangers is rather easy. very little opportunity was given them. 22. for causing all the birth defects and other medical problems some young Vietnamese face. prompting her to create the nonprofit Spiral Foundation sparking her continuing focus on Vietnam. director of the Office of Genetic Counseling and Disabled Children at the Hue College of Medicine and Pharmacy. and she sent the $7.

It's very easy to get. Activists fight to stop dam across Mekong AP 8 April 2011 A plan for the first dam across the Mekong River anywhere in its meandering path through Myanmar. State media reported that the men broadcast 18 hours a day for more than a year. The trial starts Friday for Vu Duc Trung. Laos.China bans Falun Gong and has jailed practitioners of the group it denounces as a cult. If convicted." said Kamol Konpin. They already started last year.Trial Over Falun Gong By The Associated Press. their lawyer said Wednesday. A decision on whether the dam gets the green light. Le Van Thanh. and his brother-in-law. Vietnam and Cambodia. "As local people . 6 April 2011 Two Falun Gong practitioners face trial in Vietnam for transmitting programs about the spiritual group into China. Cambodia and Vietnam has set off a major environmental battle in Southeast Asia. is axed or deferred for further studies is expected April 19 during a meeting in the Laotian capital among Laos. The $3. 30. Thailand. They come from the Radio Sound of Hope radio network. mayor of the Thai riverside town of Chiang Khan. the lawyer. A human rights group is alleging China put pressure on Vietnam to arrest the men as part of its long-running suppression of the Falun Gong spiritual movement. said that Falun Gong was not banned in Vietnam and that his clients should not be charged. Tran Dinh Trien. but in particular about what was happening for the Falungong in China. activists and the Vietnamese media against Thai interests and the Laotian government in its hopes of earning foreign exchange in one of the world's poorest countries. They were diffusing some programs that are free to get. "Our lives and livelihoods depend on the health of the Mekong River. This is a Falungong media and they were broadcasting the signals to China to make the Chinese learn about mainland politics. Thailand. They were emitting from their home and on shortwave and the signal was travelling 800 kilometres north to China. economics. they face up to five years in jail. The project pits villagers.5 billion Xayaburi dam is slated for the wilds of northern Laos and would generate power mostly for sale to Thailand. in 2010. 35. Opponents warn it could open the way for 10 more dams being considered along the lower Mekong.

a stand supported by U. Pianporn Deetes.S. "It seems that countries of the lower Mekong still haven't learned lessons from the impact of the Chinese dams.S. . there have been proposals to put up 11 mainstream dams in Cambodia and Laos. The Mekong River Commission. set up by the four Southeast Asian neighbors in 1995 to manage the river. However. of the U." "We are excited about this project." Since 2007. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton during a Southeast Asian trip earlier this year. A study by the group recommended a 10-year moratorium on all mainstream dams. but otherwise its 3.have already suffered from dams built upstream in China and watched the ecosystem change. The commission cited feared damage to migrations of between 23 and 100 fish species. "Xayaburi is so important because it could set off the destruction of the lower Mekong.100 villagers and impacting tens of thousands of others. where the Thai government has maintained an official silence on the issue. Thai villagers along the river are staging protests and planning to deliver letters to Thai Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva and the Lao Embassy in Bangkok. "China has placed three dams across the upper reaches of the Mekong." Pianporn said.900kilometer) mainstream flows free. 263 non-governmental organizations from 51 countries sent letters to the governments of Laos and Thailand urging that the project be shelved. said environmentalists are ready to take their case to court if Abhisit doesn't deliver a positive response. we are afraid that the Xayaburi dam will bring more suffering. in a rare disagreement with its communist neighbor. Laos said in February that the Xayaburi would be the "first environmentally friendly hydroelectric project on the Mekong" and that will "not have any significant impact on the Mekong mainstream.000-mile (4. cliffs and hamlets where ethnic minority groups reside. A Thai firm would build the 1. Environmentalists say such a dam would disrupt fish migrations. while scientists and environmental groups have called for its construction to be delayed for 10 years until more research is conducted. has expressed serious reservations about Xayaburi. Last month.260 megawatt hydroelectric project. The Xayaburi would cut across a stretch of the river flanked by forested hills. has blasted the dam." the statement said.-based International Rivers. Vietnam's official media. block nutrients for downstream farming and even foul Vietnam's rice bowl by slowing the river's speed and allowing saltwater to creep into the Mekong River Delta. forcing the resettlement of up 2.

a Hanoi IT student." said Ame Trandem of Rivers International. whose songs became anthems of the 1960s anti-Vietnam War era. . 21. where he performs Friday night after a China debut in Beijing on Wednesday." said Tran Trung Duc. Cambodia and Thailand. "I don't know who he is. AFP 8 April 2011 Legendary American musician Bob Dylan. academics and residents cited problems or lack of information about the project. "If this project goes ahead it would be unimaginably irresponsible. blows into Ho Chi Minh City on Sunday for his first-ever concert in the communist nation.among a host of other environmental problems." he said. the former Saigon. "They don't have any political connection with the era in which Bob Dylan became famous. "Rivers are not the property of nations or groups of people. Bob Dylan set for first-ever Vietnam show By Ian Timberlake. After reportedly banning a concert by Dylan last year. while many officials. He heads to Vietnam from Shanghai. Dylan will play in Vietnam's largest and most-westernised city. But about half of Vietnam's population is under the age of 30 with no memory of the years of war with the United States. They belong to all mankind. No consultation was held in Laos. many in youthful Vietnam have never heard of the man who wrote "Blowin' in the Wind" and other songs of protest and struggle. said governments are more interested in the economics of the project than its effect on residents. While the symbolism is stark for members of the West's ageing "counter-culture" generation." said Chuck Searcy. a Vietnam War veteran who has lived in the country since 1995. Another MRC document showed nobody spoke in favor of the dam during public consultations this year in Vietnam. who has spent his life along the river and heads The Mekong-Lanna Natural Resources and Culture Conservation Network. as part of an Asia-Pacific tour marking 50 years since his first major performance on April 11. Dylan's music helped to shape a Western generation that was in conflict with authority. 1961. Somkiat Khuengchiangsa.

'n' how many years can some people exist. who reportedly drew about 30. And the first one now will later be last. but a review by censors would be normal procedure. also criticised by activists and Western governments over rights." he said. "I think that's probably more important to Americans and to foreigners. leaving more space for commemorating the anniversary of the death of singer Trinh Cong Son -. "I trust that the concert will be held very successfully. Washington and the European Union this week expressed concern over human rights and free expression in Vietnam after a high-profile dissident was jailed for anti-state propaganda activities.Beijing agreed he could perform if his songs were vetted by censors. he added. For the Vietnamese. Nguyen Phuong Nga." The second song asks: "Yes. In Beijing. could not say whether Dylan's songs would have to be reviewed by Vietnamese authorities. Searcy sees the Dylan concert as part of that process. Since poverty-stricken and isolated Vietnam began to embrace the free market 25 years ago it has developed rapidly and become increasingly integrated with the rest of the world. an executive director at Human Rights Watch." he said. Dylan's concert comes after two much-hyped shows by nineties boy band Backstreet Boys." she said.000 fans last month. just part of a continuing awakening and dialogue at the international level that the Vietnamese very much support and encourage. "Dylan should be ashamed of himself. Government-controlled media have given the musician only brief coverage. not because he is associated with the anti-war movement. Dylan will play an 8. of the foreign ministry. died in Ho Chi Minh . Vietnam's foreign ministry spokeswoman. accused Dylan of allowing censors to choose his playlist..known as Vietnam's Bob Dylan when he sang about peace at the height of the war." Searcy said. whose voice the powers on both sides of the war tried and failed to silence. "I think it's. Before they're allowed to be free?" Brad Adams. said the concert was being eagerly anticipated in the country of 86 million. Dylan did not play two politically-charged songs that are among his most well-known: "The Times They Are AChangin'" and "Blowin' in the Wind". Son. Nga. Dylan's visit is significant because he is a major international artist. In the former song he says: "The order is rapidly fadin'..000-seat venue at RMIT University. including advocating an end to one-party rule.

vcd.001. a musician.. • • • • • • • • < Lùi Add comment Tiếp theo > Hướng dẫn download các file từ Ebooktienganh. quoting the late musician's sister. hoặc __a.. Hướng dẫn tìm. 35. but will not display) þÿ .. Son's music still resonates among Vietnam's youth -as well as its older generation. "To understand his songs is quite hard..com Hướng dẫn nối file trường hợp file định dạng . The lyrics are profoundly subtle and romantic. __c. __b. download và xem phim học tiếng Anh có phụ đề Hướng dẫn sử dụng file đĩa ảo : daa. iso.." said Phan Quoc Nam. Hãy comment cho Ebooktienganh bằng tiếng Việt và điền captcha trước khi post nhé þÿ Name (required) E-mail (required.. official media reported.002. "Trinh Con Son is a genius. .com : Password trên mediafire. Unlike Dylan.. 2001.com mặc định là ebooktienganh..City on April 1." Vietnamese singers will perform 15 of Son's love songs to open Dylan's concert.

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