I hereby declare that the project entitled Role of KARVY in Investment Management of its Investors prepared in partial fulfillment of degree of Master Of Business Administration of U.P. Technical University Lucknow under guidance of Mr. Ajay Singh (Regional Head) during training period in KARVY an original record of research. I also declare that this project is result of my own effort and has not been copied from anywhere else, further more it has not been submitted in any other organization.

Finapolis, Mirzapur, is

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.N. all other faculty and staff members who helped in completing the project.ACKNOWLEDGEMENT I express my gratitude towards KARVY the Finapolis for providing me the opportunity of summer training in their highly reputed organization. their help in collection of data and all other information needed for project is worth mentioning. Without their cooperation it was very difficult to complete the project in time. Ajay Singh (Regional Head). batchmates and all those people who indirectly helped me throughout the project. The whole training period was learning as well as an enjoyable experience. This project has been completed with the help of many distinguished persons who really helped at each and every step in the process of completion. Last but not the least my sincere thanks to my parents. Kasera (Faculty of GBAMS). Vivek Shukla (Branch Head). This would not be fair if I do not thanks Dr. S. and all other employees. Mr. I would sincerely thank Ghanshyam Binani Academy Of Management Sciences for arranging my training in such a reputed organization. I sincerely acknowledge the contribution of Mr.

Preface A Foreword about the project report made on the topic Role of KARVY in investment management of its investors in Mirzapur urban area is for introducing the content in brief. I wish the project would be appreciated by all readers. What made me to choose this subject as topic of research is the challenge presented by the vastness of the topic. The project contains relevant subject matter collected from different reliable sources and presents a report based on survey of investors which left the reader with a mind ready to rethink about their investments. further any suggestions for the improvement would be welcomed. Research work always has some limitations same is the case here also. This report talks about investment management and role of KARVY. one cannot resist taking into account multidimensional outlook of the topic but I have tried my best to limit myself only to the areas relevant in my studies. Importance of investment management with help of expert’s advice has been explained with special reference to KARVY.JULY 2010 . Priyanka Srivastava 25.

Suggestions and Conclusion 90-97 98-108 109-111 112-117 Page No.CONTENTS  Certificate from College  Certificate from Company  Declaration  Acknowledgement  Preface CHAPTERS 1. Analysis & Interpretation 7. Research Methodology 6. Findings. 1-25 26-47 48-60 61-89 Appendix . Introduction about Financial Services Industry 2. Conceptual framework of Investment management 4. Introduction about KARVY the Finapolis 3. Conceptual framework of Investment management In KARVY 5.

Introduction about Financial Services Industry .

Introduction About KARVY the FINAPOLIS .

Conceptual Framework of Investment Management .

Conceptual Framework Of Investment Management In KARVY the Finapolis .

Research Methodology .

Analysis and Interpretation .

Conclusion And Suggestions .Findings.


.A Summer Training Report On Role of KARVY In Investment Management Of Its Investors In Mirzapur Urban Area Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the award of degree of Master of Business Administration Of Uttar Pradesh Technical University Lucknow Under the supervision of: Mr. Lucknow & Approved by ACITE New Delhi. Ajay Singh Regional Head Submitted By: Priyanka Srivastava MBA IIIrd Semester Roll Number: 0907670037 Batch: 2009-2011 Ghanshyam Binani Academy Of Management Sciences Affiliated to Uttar Pradesh Technical University.