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rd 3

week of embryo development

‡ Established 3 germ layers (trilaminar embryonic disc) ‡ Epiblast migrate from primitive streak to: 1. hypoblast----endoderm. 2. Inbetween epiblast and hypoblast-----intraembryonic mesoderm. 3. Remainder of epiblast-----ectoderm

Intraembryonic mesoderm
Epiblast remain fused with hypoblast (NO mesoderm) at: 1. cranially: buccopharyngeal membrane (future site of mouth). 2. Caudally: cloacal membrane (future site for anus) ‡

Solid extension epiblast ‡ Lie in midline. ‡ Extends from primitive node to prochordal plate. ‡ Induces changes in: 1. ectoderm-----neural plate (CNS). 2. Mesoderm--vertebral bodies ‡

Steps of Notochord Formation
1. Epiblast cells invaginate from primitive node to prochordal plate (buccopharyngeal membrane)-------solid cord = NOTOCHORDAL PROCESS 2. Primitive pit extends in the process--------NOTOCHORDAL CANAL
Notochordal process

Notochordal canal

Neurenteric canal

B- the floor of the notochordal canal fuse with the endoderm and degenerate------------Notochordal plate. Notochordal plate

C- infolding of the notochordal plate------- solid rod-like structure (Notochord).

ectoderm Notochordal plate mesoderm endoderm


‡ Form the basis for the axial skeleton ‡ Induces the development of vertebrae. ‡ Its remainder forms the nucleus pulposus of the intervertebral disc.
Bodies of vertebra

The first indication of gastrulation in the embryo is:
‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Formation of extraembryonic mesoderm. Formation of chorionic villi. Formation of notochord. Formation of primitive streak. Formation of prochordal plate.

For a woman the first indication that she is pregnant is a missed period. In which week of embryonic development will she experience her first missed period? ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Start of week 1 Start of week 2. Start of week 3. Start of week 4.

Development of trophoblast
Chorionic villi

Primary chorionic villi



Secondary chorionic villi
‡ Syncytiotrophoblast. ‡ Cytotrophoblast. ‡ Mesodermal core


Formation of blood vessels and blood cells occur in extraembryonic mesoderm during 3rd week------ extend in the secondary villi--------tertiary villi

Tertiary chorionic villi

1 2 3

‡ cytotrophoblast penetrate syncytiotrophoblast and make contact with the endometrium. ‡ proliferate forming outer cytotrophoblastic shell-----------

1. Firmly attaches chorion to endometrium. 2. Prevents further invasion by syncytiotrophoblast.

Intraembryonic Extraembryonic ‡ Formed during ‡ Formed during week 3. week 2. ‡ Forms various ‡ Involved in tissues and chorionic villi and organs. placenta formation