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This assignment discuss about the Human Resource management in construction industry. This case has a brief discussion on the motivation of the persons to work on remote place of dangerous and hazardous conditions without basic amenities on the work place. Due to that the work is going delay. This case study suggest about the motivational factors for the persons to complete the work on time.

Hemant Sharma MAHAN Aluminium 9/29/2009

long tunnel has been undertaken.I. Management as urge to do something so that time target can achieved. management in . Technicians & skilled workers are engaged in dangerous/ hazardous work. Human resource construction. SUBMITTED BY: HEMANT SHARMA REGISTRATION NO – 29-08-31-7412-2111 SUBMITTED TO: ____________________ CENTRE OF DISTANCE EDUCATION NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT AND RESEARCH 25/1 BALEWADI.ASSIGNMENT ON CONSTRUCTION PERSONNEL MANAGEMENT (COURSE NO: PGPM 13) MODULE –55. drinking are adding to less out of the work and chances of accident on the site are increasing.411045 Assignment : I am a project manager on a site where work for 3 Km. N. Absenteeism due to sickness. Supervisors.A POST OFFICE PUNE . The site is remote and takes about 2 days travels to nearest town. quarrels. Discuss how will tackle the problem and increase the output of the work.

The work at the site is for constructing the tunnel of the 3 K. work to earn thing for comfort. . It does have any necessary amenities for living at the site also due to very far from town it doesn’t have any communication at the site.M. 3. status in the society. personal satisfaction. After fulfill of these basic need he thinks about feels of family & social relations. The delay in the work is occurring and work progress not meeting the work schedule. The basic needs of the persons The human is a self oriented animal which need some basic thing which are essential for living like house. growth. 6. 4. food. Main Problem at the Site The main problems at the site are as following: 1. recognition. pride. opportunity and achievements. 2. Without fulfill of these need the human can be frustrated and he will not able to work efficiently and due to that his morale and concentration on the work decreases. Absenteeism 5. Morale of the workers is decreasing due to cut from the society. enjoyment. long which is in a very dangerous and hazardous with the unpredictable weather. Working condition of the site is dangerous and hazardous due to that sickness and chances of the accidents are increasing.The working conditions of the site The site a remote place and which takes the 2 days travels to the nearest town. Decreasing of the interpersonal relation between the workers. Less output is at the site.

2. 7. The site condition is dangerous and hazardous adding of bad weather conditions increasing the chances for the accident are more. Also the work environment is dangerous and hazardous. In that group there are different types of the persons and he has an relationship with the persons which are near to him (Family) and having the common interest. and recognition in the society. There’s communication & traveling facility is very poor due to that they are not able to take care of their family. That group of the people called the society. 3. The human need socially interaction between the peoples. Which is not good at work site and it effect the work condition of the site which could be more dangerous with adding to the work at dangerous and hazardous site. The absenteeism is increasing due to that the output at work place is less and work is not meeting so that work schedule work is delaying.The social needs of the persons The human is social animal which live in the group. 4. 6. If he does get any personal relation with the people of his common interest the interpersonal relationship tends to decrease and quarreling start between. 1. Without these he found himself alone and the work goes hampered. 5. The site is remote due to that it doesn’t have any connection with rest of the world. The work place hasn’t stimulated properly and the working conditions are not safe. He wants to enjoy and share his personal fling with the people of the society. The site condition is not hygiene. The site doesn’t have basic need able thing at the site to live. . Reasons of various problems The site is a remote place and doesn’t have the basic need able things on the site. The reasons for these problems are as follow. communication. The site doesn’t have the good housing & food arrangement. sharing of the feeling.

There should be emergency travel arrangement by which in case of any injury they can reach at the nearest hospital within the time. The work at the site is for constructing the tunnel of the 3 K. 2. The sickness in the workers increasing due to unavailability of the good medical facility. There should be good food facility for the workers. 6. The interpersonal relations between the workers are decreasing and due to that cases of the quarrel are increasing. The persons are getting tired and not refreshed because of very tight schedule due to that they are getting frustrated. Stimulating the work site. There is a lack of control on the workers due to that they are not doing the work properly like dinking of the workers increases the absenteeism. 4.8. So it is necessary to provide the basic need able things and facility on the site which are as following: 1. 11. Taking care of all the safety for the workers on the job. 9. Needs and their fulfillment on the site The site is a remote place and which takes the 2 days travels to the nearest town. Developing the hygiene conditions on the site so that cases of the sickness on the site can deceases. 7. . The surety about the job is not there after completion of the work. 12. long which is in a very dangerous and hazardous with the unpredictable weather. 3. There should be good housing arrangement on the site so that after the long period of the work when the workers can refresh and get a good relief. 10. 5.M. quarrel and chances of the accidents. It does have any necessary amenities for living at the site also due to very far from town it doesn’t have any communication at the site. There should be a good communication system.

Proving the good medical facility on the work site with the life saving medicines. Suggested method motivational factors for hygiene factors and the The following method can be use for improving the hygiene condition and to motivate the workers at the site. By . The housing arrangement and good food facilities and availability of basic amenities could improve the working efficiency of the workers. Fulfilling Social needs of the persons The persons are not able to take their family to site. due to that they are not in contact with them.8. To fulfill these requirements of his attachment with the family and for social responsibility they should get work off of leave to meet the family and for completing his social responsibilities. This can also help in developing a helpful environment for the workers. He always thinks about them and the concentration on the work will not be continued. Also providing a good medical facility can reduce the cases of the sickness of the workers helping in the reducing the absenteeism and the required team members for the work will be available. This can help in improving team work. Stimulate the working site The work site should be properly stimulated and the hygiene conditions should be developed at the site so that the persons at the site could get a better environment for the work. by that the output will increase than the output by the individual. The work place should be safe so that during the work workers should not get injured. the interpersonal relationship can develop between the workers. Developing interpersonal relationship By training and organizing other events and competition. 9. and internet. games. Providing the facility for recreation activities & enjoyment of the workers like movies. participations in the various activities.

They think that if anything happens the management can take care of them and the problem could solve within the time effectively. However. They may get a job security on the job and they can be promoted & transferred on the basis of their performance. which usually means more fulfillment and motivation in their job. as well. For that extra wages and awards can give to increase their morale. It also allow them to take strong role in job. the professional growth for them will be much higher than the other who are engaged at another work place of its less difficult. If any problem arises at the site which is beyond the authority of the supervisors the management could take decision can solve the problem within time.creating open communication between the workers can strengthening the interpersonal relationship between the workers. Also technical training and on the job training can increases the level of the knowledge. leave it up to the workers and supervisors to decide how they will carry out the tasks. Senior management support & management assistance in problem solving The continuous support by the management and assistance to the workers time to time increase the morale of the persons involved in the work at the site. this could help in increasing the working efficiency of the workers. Also if there any grievance between the supervisory and workers level this could solve by the management so that the working environment could be develop in an efficient work place. help in Providing Opportunity for the Professional Growth By making then feel that after completing this project. Skills in delegation can free up a great deal of time for managers and higher management. Tangible rewards By giving the tangible rewards for the better work performance on the site. . Cultivating strong skills in delegation Delegation includes conveying responsibility and authority to supervisors and workers so they can carry out certain tasks. this could help in motivating the peoples for doing the better job. The management can recognize and appraise their work of the god performance. this help in increase the morale of the workers and faith in the organization. By providing chance for the interesting and challenging work the opportunity for the growth can be provided to them.

where they are The people are engaged at work should know that they are there because they know that how to do that work. games. Adopt a positive attitude . The management should provide a good medical facility and the travel arrangement in the case of emergency. This realization often requires clear communication about organizational goal. They should know that where they are and why. The project manager should take care and give personal assistance to the supervisors. Making the individual feel that they belong where they are. Some effective ways include are followings: Professionally stimulating work environment The work conditions on the site are not so good and there is a lack of basic facilities and amenities. Employees often feel strong fulfillment from realizing that they are actually making a difference. they must appeal to each person’s pride. The management should arrange the basic requirement of the persons at the site like housing. recreation centre. How much they are important for the work and for the organization. Let the people know that how their efforts fit into the big picture of the project and how this project will benefits their future growth and career development. because this make them feel them important for the organization.Recommendations to the management Motivating employees so that they feel secure on the job is not easy. employee progress towards those goal and celebration when the goal are met. Also management should make work site be safe so that anyone can work without fear and give his best output. There are several ways for motivating project personnel. Also if a project is at such place where the basic amenities are not available to live it become the more difficult to motivate the employee to work at those site. workers and the persons whose are working under him for achieving the target. Since the project manager or management cannot motivate by promising material gains. Letting the people know why they are. food. technicians. especially since a project has a finite lifetime.

Giving workers a feeling of personal responsibility to their tasks. This will also help in further growth of the persons. requires a higher level of knowledge and skills. The efficiency can be maximum if right people in right place in right numbers. a greater variety of work content. The management should always motivate them for the better work performance. Appraisal & Rewards . The management should give each person the attention which he requires. By giving proper training to the persons at work place it could increase the work progress. growth. They should be follow the instruction given by the higher person also the higher person should consider the ideas of the lower persons.The management should adopt positive attitude towards the supervisors. The workers job may be enriched by: Giving workers more latitude in deciding about such things as work methods. recognition. technicians and workers to complete the work on the time. sequence and pace or by letting them make decision. direction and controlling their work and provide the opportunity for personal growth and meaningful work experience. Anybody cannot fit into every work. Placement of the persons in positions The every people have some level of knowledge and experience. Job Enrichment The job enrichment is concerned with designing jobs that provide opportunities for the achievement. give workers more autonomy and responsibility in terms of planning. The management shouldn’t make promises that cannot be kept. The people at any level should have proper knowledge for that position and properly trained. Giving feedback on job performance. The persons placed at various positions should follow the hierarchy of the management. The management shouldn’t criticize the works for their less output at the work place due to some unfavorable conditions at the work place. Encouraging the participation of subordinate and interaction between workers. responsibility.

You might find more means to provide recognition. not on popularity of employees. not on employee personalities. Performance in the workplace should be based on behaviors toward goals. Lastly. morally and interpersonally) for focusing only on how you feel about your employees rather than on what you're seeing with your eyeballs. if that is important to them. even if you sincerely want to get to know each of your employees. Compare your answers to theirs. This could be in the form of extra wages or appraisal. This can sound manipulative -and it will be if not done sincerely. etc. Have one-on-one meetings with each employee Employees are motivated more by your care and concern for them than by your attention to them. their jobs might be redesigned to be more fulfilling. You can get in a great deal of trouble (legally. For these best performances the rewards should be given to the workers. names of their children. At time to time persons on the work gives their best performance. their families. Work with each employee to ensure their motivational factors are taken into consideration in your reward systems For example. Get to know your employees. take some time alone to write down how you will modify your approaches with each employee to ensure their motivational factors are being met. This will encourage other workers for giving their best performance. You might develop a personnel policy that rewards employees with more family time. Cultivate strong skills in delegation Delegation includes conveying responsibility and authority to your . A critical lesson for supervisors is to learn to focus on employee behaviors. However.The project has a very limited time and is of very specific in the nature. etc. The rewards should be justified so that it should not harm the others performance. it may not happen unless you intentionally set aside time to be with each of them. their favorite foods. Recognize the differences between your impression of what you think is important to them and what they think is important to them. Make of list of three to five things that motivate each of your employees Fill out the list yourself for each of your employees and then have each of your employees fill out the list for themselves. Then meet with each of your employees to discuss what they think are the most important motivational factors to them.

timely. employees become frustrated. Without ongoing acknowledgement of success.employees so they can carry out certain tasks. This usually means identifying and solving problems. Reward it soon after you see it This helps to reinforce the notion that you highly prefer the behaviors that you're currently seeing from your employees. as well. Establish goals that are SMARTER SMARTER goals are: specific. ongoing attention and feedback about measures toward the goals. skeptical and even cynical about efforts in the organization. This realization often requires clear communication about organizational goals. Skills in delegation can free up a great deal of time for managers and supervisors. the clearer it is to the employee that you highly prefer that action. and corrective actions to redirect activities back toward achieving the goals when necessary. Clearly convey how employee results contribute to organizational results Employees often feel strong fulfillment from realizing that they're actually making a difference. processes in the organization and employees. measurable. employee progress toward those goals and celebration when the goals are met. Celebrate achievements This critical step is often forgotten. extending of capabilities. measures to indicate if the goals are being met or not. which usually means more fulfillment and motivation in their jobs. Often. and rewarding to those involved. the shorter the time between an employee's action and your reward for the action. It also allows employees to take a stronger role in their jobs. Experienced managers come to understand that acknowledging and celebrating a solution to a problem can be every bit as important as the solution itself. . realistic. acceptable. groups. However. Implement at least the basic principles of performance management Good performance management includes identifying goals. you leave it up to your employees to decide how they will carry out the tasks. Performance management can focus on organizations. New managers and supervisors are often focused on a getting "a lot done".

lesson books on Construction Personnel .References NICMAR publication Management Websites etc.

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