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Oracle Questions

1. Say about yourself! 2. what is the diff between sql and plsql? 3. How can u improve the query performance? 4. What is the diff between function and procedure? 5. What is the diff between trigger and constraint? 6. How can u delete the duplicate records in a table? 7. I have a table like FF_table(src)-which having only one column and it contains string data of length 50 charters, now take one more table temp and insert the data into temp table which is having 4 columns like col1,col2,col3,col4,tha data for temp is from FF_table 1-3(characters)-col1 4-20(characters)-col2 21-35(characters)-col3 36-50(characters-col4 8. How a single variable can store multiple values? 9. What is the diff between primary key and composite key? 10. How we use outer procedure parameter values in inner procedure and how can we provide values to the outer procedure? Informatica & UNIX Questions: 1. Explain about u r project? 2. What is the diff between short cut and reusable transformation? 3. How can we improve the session performance? 4. How can we improve the diff transformations performance? 5. How can Insert first and last records into the target? 6. Insert duplicate records into one target and non-duplicate records into another target? 7. Insert only first and last into the target? 8. Write a query to fetch department wise highest salaried people all details? 9. What is the diff between static and dynamic lookup? 10. What is the diff between connected and un-connected lookup 11. My source having ³;;´ delimeter, how can we import the file? 12. What is the use of the mapplet? When we go for the mapplet? 13. Write the grep command syntax? 14. In how many ways we can change the permission? 15. Sleep command 16. cp command 17. awk command
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On Wed, Mar 23, 2011 at 22:24, Arun Kumar Gollamudi <> wrote: Yash Technologies:

check out 16> wrote: Sierra Atlantic Interview Questions:Diff between Connected Lookup and Unconnected? How to find the differences in two tables in oracle? Performance tuning for Aggregator T/f other than Sorted Input? Diff in sorted T/f in Version 7 and Version 8? How you will do the performance tuning at session? How to a find bottle neck in the mapping? at what stage? Versioning Concept . Arun Kumar Gollamudi <arun. how can he see that? If i give you a mapping to design. Feb 23. 2011 at 22:53.gollamudi@gmail.dynamic lookup. how will you decide to use among SQ T/f. joiner T/f or Lookup T/f in the mapping and why? Diff between rank and dense rank? Explain with Example? What is Pushdown optimization? How will you update the target other than using Update strategy T/f? Do you know about SCD2? Explain? .You have modified a object and saved?If my manager want to see the object status before saving again.unconnected lookup 8 ABORT.1 what is repository migration 2 howmany members working in your project 3 how to execute unix scripts in informatica/PMCMD 4 source based commit target based commit 5 eliminating duplicates from flat file 6 what is the Transformation that we can use instead of LOOKup 7 explain connected lookup.STOP 9 explain routerT/R 10 SCD TYPE2 11 incremental aggregation 12 usage of attribute save workflow log by/by runs in workflows>edit>properties 13 how many groups router will have 14 is your fact table is normalized or denormalized 15 what is checkin.normal On Wed.terse.

What is the difference b/w char and varchar2? What is slowly changing dimension? What is parameter file? What is the diff b/w Filter and Router t/r? In Aggregator t/r if u select all group by port what is the output? Or if u cannot select all group by port what is the output? 6. 3. How can you merge them? 10. Feb 21. 8.Q T/f and Joiner T/f? What is a materialized view? Diff between view and materialized view? Diff between sub-query and correlated query? Query for 2nd highest salary? If i want to load a XML File into oracle how will you do it? What is an Index? What is granularity? Find command syntax? Do you know about Securecopy command? Kill command syntax? If i want to see the processes that are running on unix server. Arun Kumar Gollamudi <arun.Can we use Persistent cache for different sessions? How? Diff b/n> wrote: Satyam: 20-Feb-2011 1. What is performance in Joiner t/r and what can u set? What is mkdir command? What is active and passive t/r? I have one file from database and another file from flat file. 4.what is the command? On Mon. 7. What is Incremental aggregation? I have one flat file and one oracle can u join by using SQL override? . 9.gollamudi@gmail. 2011 at 22:47. 2. 5. 11.

I have 10 records in source and I want them in target with SNO as SNO .mkdir etc . 20. Do you have any specific server for Informatica? 4. What are the types of flat files? Sorter t/r is active/passive?how? Filter and router which is better? Difference b/n CONSTRAINT & TRIGGER? What is difference between DECODE and CASE ? What is casual dimension? Without common columns can you join 2 tables? Basic commands in unix (eg: hire date Dept table: dept no . 15. TCS Interview Questions:-20-Feb-2011 1. 13. How the user acceptance testing goes through? 3.. Feb 21... What is HEADER & FOOTER? What is ROW COUNT in flat file? On> wrote: Dear Students..12. 6.. 22.gollamudi@gmail. emp_dept : empno. 18. 19.) SET operators in oracle How can u sum the sal from a table whose sal is greater than 2000 in Informatica?(without using FILTER & SOURCE QUALIFIER T/R). I have 3 tables Emp table: emp no.. 21. I wanted the number of employees joining each month. dname .. 23. 2011 at 22:40. 14. 5.. When you sign up your development work? 2... Arun Kumar Gollamudi <arun.deptno. 16. 17.. Connected vs unconnected lookup.

What is your recent mapping and explain? 11. How many members are there in your team? 6. What is your favorite transformation? 10. Differentiate active & Passive transformation with example? 12.1 2 3 1 2 3 1 2 3 like this . Did you interact with your client? If yes what is the situation? 8. Feb 14. 2011 at 22:45. Where you will store your Source FF? 5. How many days will you take to complete 1 mapping? 14. Did you face any challenging work in your current organization?> wrote: Dear Students. I want the sequence no to be the same when I promote it from one environment to other? 8.gollamudi@gmail. Today our student attended interview for ' QWEST '. From where you will get your source file and mode of receiving? 4.. What is the ratio of your fact & dimension tables? 7. 7. i have 3 source tables and 1 target table. What is expression transformation type? 15. What type of project it is? 3. Please find interview questions given below 1. Tell me your project? 2. is it possible to load 3 sources in your target with router transformation? 13. Arun Kumar Gollamudi <arun. Did you implement SCD types? If yes where you are implemented and why? . What is re-cache from database? On Mon..

gollamudi@gmail. how you can do it. how can I fetch the 3 record that is Rajashekar. Once again I request you all to send the interview question attended by you. Any questions from your end? Thanks. Rajashekar. 13. 5.d ± now my question is can I access the mapping variable c and d in another mapping. 3. Explain about your project. If your FF have || || || || (Pipe delimiter without any data in columns). 8. if yes how? 7. I want these records to appear as column format in my target. Size of your team? who will assign work to you? 20. Can you explain how will you store your data into target from history tables? 21. Difference between Normal and Bulk load. have you worked on it. INTERVIEW QUESTION ASKED BY KEANE INDIA 1. Can i use SQ transformation to join tables? 23. I have 100 mappings in folder A and 100 mappings in folder B. I have two records Rajashekar.b. Write a query using having clause. Feb 9. Difference between Mapping parameter and Mapping variable. What type of FF your receveing? 19. Rajesh. Arun Kumar Gollamudi <arun. On Wed. What should I do? 12. I am in a /raja folder. it must take 10 mins to complete but it is taking 20 min to complete. 11. How much will you rate yourself for informatica. Can we use having clause without group by.doc and 100 of . Normalizer T/> wrote: Dear Students.txt files as output. Arun Kumar. 2011 at 22:49. Explain about SCD¶s in a single line. I have 300 files in that folder out of which 200 are of .txt file (UNIX). 9. When can we use having clause in oracle. I have 3 records in table with only names like Kiran. 14. Sudhakar in my source which is in row format. How did you avoid NULL values in your staging area if your source contain null values? 17. Difference between informatica 7 and 8 version. What is Push down optimization. 10. I have created 4 mapping parameter or variable in one mapping Ex: a.16. 4. 16. how can fix this problem. 2.c. my question is I want only the . Write a query to delete duplicate records from a table? 24. I had started a task for execution. What that the command you can use to fetch only the . What data stores in target? 18. . Java T/R. 15.txt. my manager asked me to move all the mappings in folder A to folder B. How many joins have you been used to join your history tables? What are those? 22. Please find below interview questions send by our student. 6.

deptno from e. Please find below Oracle company's interview questions which was recently attended by our student. you have to delete the records in a single shot?how u ll achieve it 15) Difference between OLAP And OLTP 16) Write a query to display all the emp details whose sal is greater than the avg salary of their respective departments.deptno and ename=¶smith¶. after loading 2 lakh records Ur session failed.deptno. 12) What is SCD? Explain scd2 flow 13) Without using update strategy transformation? How u ll update the target table? 14) Based on the flagging . 2011 at 15:14.sal from emp union select ename.On> wrote: Dear Students.deptno= d. and explain the purpose of the mapping designed 11) What is the output of the below query select ename. Oracle Company Interview Questions: 1st and 2nd Rounds 1) Tell me abt urself 2) Explain ur project 3) How many mappings u developed in d project? 4) If u are a data architect what are the qualities u ll see in designing a datawarehouse 5) What is the index? What is different of indexes? 6) Consider a situation select ename . sal .deptno.gollamudi@gmail. what is ur step? how u ll proceed in loading the remaining records 10) Which is the latest Mapping u developed. 17) Difference between connected and unconnected lookup 18) Difference between NVL And NVL2 19) Query to display all the details of the employees of the department which contains maximum number of employees? 20) Explain mapping parameters and variables? Where the situation u is used variables u used in the project? 21) Difference between union and union all 22) Explain constraint based load ordering? 23) Difference between mapping and workflow? . d. Arun Kumar Gollamudi <arun.sal from emp union select ename.sal from emp. if u want to create the index based on the above query on which columns u ll create index 7) Which schema u used in designing a data warehouse 8) Difference between star schema and snowflake schema? 9) Consider ur source having 1 million records.deptno. Jan 29.

If anyone of you attend the interviews please send it to me. your surrogate key maximum value reached then what is the logic u ll implement to develop surrogate key. 2011 at 16:22. Interview Questions: Head Strong Company 1. 47) Difference between IN and Exist. 41) Normalization and its types 42) They given 5 tables all 5 tables re interlinked with primary key. How much will you rate yourself in Oracle . The below are the questions that one of our student sent. On Sat. and foreign keys.gollamudi@gmail. consider a situation. Arun Kumar Gollamudi <arun. He recently attended "Head Strong company" interview. I will consolidate and will resend to you.24) Difference between where and having clause 25) Different types of joins in oracle 26) For scheduling which tool u are used in d project? 27) What is the difference between a data mart and datawarehouse 28) Different types of dimensions? Explain degenerated dimension? 29) What is surrogate key. and the interviewer asked me to design star schema based on that tables 43) query for all the details of the emp whose Salary is greater than avg Sal for their respective departments. Jan 8. Architecture of your project? 2. How much will you rate yourself in Informatica 3. and truncate 34) What are the pseudocolumns? 35) Have u tuned Ur mapping ever? What are the different techniques u implemented to tune d mapping? UNIX 36) If u want to search for a particular pattern in d file? How u ll achieve it? 37) I have to replace the control m characters in the file how u ll do it? 38) Have u ever worked on scripting? Command used to change permissions for a file 39) Difference between database schema and star schema 40) They asked me the how data flow in the project. 46) query to find the 3rd highest Sal without using aggregate function. 44) Difference between connected and unconnected look up 45) Difference between OLAP And OLTP. drop .? 30) Explain incremental load 31) Difference between function and procedure? 32) What is transaction? 33) Difference between> wrote: Dear Students.

He recently attended "Yash Technologies" interview. can we join two sources without common column? 3. I will consolidate and will resend to you. 8. Difference b/w additive. By using PMCMD we can run workflows and also tasks individually. The below are the questions that one of our student sent. 1. What is inline view in oracle 14. Can we run the sessions without workflow manager? Ans: Yes. how many mappings should I create to load these flat files. What is ls ±ltr 17. 11. What is hint in oracle 15. Arun Kumar Gollamudi <arun.for joining to sources ( homogeneous & heterogeneous) 7. What is self join in joiner t/r 12. I have 4 flat files with same structure. Thanks! Arun Kumar. galaxy schema 13. semi additive and non additive. how can you improve the performance of aggregator 6. In how many t/r¶s can we do override 9. Can we override at session level 10. snowflake. By using PMCMD command. 2011 at 19:24. How does the joiner t/r know whether the source is homogeneous or heterogeneous. Tell me about joiner t/r-. What is the meaning of abc|abc 18. On Wed. I have 5 records in my source and I want to load this 5 recs as 10 rec in my target? 19. Jan 5. What is sed> wrote: Dear Students. If anyone of you attend the interviews please send it to me. 16. . How much will you rate yourself in unix 5. How can u update the target table without using update strategy T/R ? 2.4.gollamudi@gmail.using DATE) 5. Tell me about star. which method have u followed in SCD type2 ? ( i little bit got confused with this question by the end i gave them the answer . I have 4 sources how many joins do we need to join these sources? 4.