- Once the ISO of the game is available, open UMDGen v4.00.

- After you've opened UMDGEN click on the ¡°Open¡± button and browse for the ISO of Hats une Miku Project Diva 2. Open the "SYSDIR" folder and extract the "EBOOT.BIN". - Now connect the PSP via the USB cable to PC and copy the folder "PRXDecrypter" folder into the GAME folder of your PSP. Make a new folder into the root of you r memory stick and rename it to "ENC" and copy the "EBOOT.BIN" inside the "ENC" folder. - Now disconnect your PSP from PC and run PRXdecrypter 2.6a through your PSP and select the first option which is "Decrypt/decompress files" and wait till the p atching process finishes. Once it finishes, scroll down to exit. - Now connect the PSP to the PC again and head for the "ENC" directory you creat ed earlier. Open the ppf-o-matic3 program and for the "ISO File", browse the EBO OT.BIN that is located in the "ENC" folder and for the "Patch", browse the "patc h.ppf" then.. click on "Apply". You'll get this following message saying "Patch successfully applied, burn image to CD now!" - Close the ppf-o-matic3 and reopen the ISO of Hatsune Miku Project Diva 2 with UMDGen v4.00 and reopen the "SYSDIR" folder then right click on the blank within the directory and select "Add --> Existing File (s)". - Now Browse for the "EBOOT.BIN" pre-patched and click on "Yes" once it asks you to replace the file. Now click on the "Save" option and select "Uncompressed ( *. iso)", type the name you like for your ISO and then save.

1_ Save the ISO Tool in PSP>Game. And The ISO in ISO folder inside your memory s tick. 2_ Run the ISO Tool from your PSP and select the Project Diva ISO and then Patch >Prometheus. (this will automatically instal the MP3+Screenshot Fix) 3_ Open your newly patched ISO in UMD GEN (its in the english translation patch) and extract the EBOOT.OLD. 4_ Rename the EBOOT.OLD to EBOOT.BIN and then patch it without decrypting it wit h the english translation patch. 5_ Rename the EBOOT.BIN back to EBOOT.OLD. 6_ Open UMD GEN and your PD2nd ISO again and replace your old EBOOT.OLD with you r newly patched EBOOT.OLD 7_ Save the iso in a new folder and put it in PSP>ISO 8_ Enjoy.

Project DIVA PC ENG with Project DIVA 2nd style interface

Love Circulation 023.1) interface were replaced with Project DIVA 2nd style int erface and were translated from Chinese to English.auto mode Enter key is required to navigate in main menu.) 007.Nekomimi Switch 013.Ura-Omote Lovers 032.Ievan Polkka (Game Edit) 009. Created by Gamemaster http://www.pai_10000 033.Look this way.one night girl 014.The secret garden (OP Ver.Romeo to Cinderella 017.ARiA 015.ROLLING GIRL act 025.Kouya to Mori to Mahou no Uta 002.Kogane no Seiya Sousetsu ni Kuchite (Game Edit) 011.play PV L .Coward Mont Blanc 027.4.triangle A .Last Night.Vocaloid in love (Game_Edit) 006.com/ Gameplay and interface are similar to PSP version.Dear cocoa girls 008.PC Rhythm-game about Vocaloids based on PSP-game Project DIVA.Melt (Game Edit) 010. Baby (Short Ver.HATSUNE Miku no Tomadoi -The Confusion of HM 018.The Disappearance Of Hatsune Miku (Game Edit) 021.magnet 019.square S .) 004. Original (as in 1.White Snow Princess 022.Ai Kotoba 031.Star Story (Game edit) 003.Meltdown 028.World is Mine (Game Edit) 005. The main archive contains the following songs: 001.World's End Dancehall 012.life size 024. Good Night 020.Hatsune Miku Nekomimi Switch MMD .circle and arrow keys P .Ryuusei -Across the starlight026. Default controls: W .piano 030.cross D .Atoms 016.0.Fly to the Moon 029.gamemastercn.

but on original PVs and videos from 39's giv ing day concert.net/index. Songs based not only on PSP videos.rar somewhere. Mosaic Roll and so on. From Y to Y.triangle A .square S . Just be Friends. Extract Project DIVA PC. such as Stargazer. .auto mode Enter key is required to navigate in main menu. White letter. You may need K-lite codec pack or something similar installed in order to run a game.php?/topic/4718 -project-diva-pc-version-chinese/ Default controls: W .cross D . Ele ctric Angel.circle and arrow keys P . Double Lariat.play PV L . for more information please check http://vocaloidotaku. Black Rock Shooter. extract additional songs to song folder.And aditional archives contain 115 songs.

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