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History of PTCL PAKISTAN POST AND TELEGRAPH At the time of independence and telecommunication services were performed by a single

department known as Pakistan post and telegraph (P&T).his department started its telephone service with only 12346 telephone lines and seven telegraph offices all over Pakistan. All the telephone service at that time was manual. This department continues its business up to 1962.the government of Pakistan adopted the government of India telegraph act 188 to control and direct the activities of telecommunication. PAKISTAN TELEPHONE AND TELEGRAPH (PT&T) The first step towards reform in telecommunication sector was made in 1962.when the ayyub khan government decided to split up the (PT&T) department into two separate departments Pakistan post and Pakistan telephone & telegraph (PT&T) under the presidential ordinance. The PT&T in fact a civil service department under the minstrel controls. This department was headed by director general. The decision making power was concentrated with the post of dg, whilst the responsibilities were delegated to general managers and chief engineers and general managers reporting directly to the director general. The centralized structure of PT&T caused inefficiency in operations and long delay in implementing decisions. At the time of inception of PTCL the total number of employees working in PT&T was 45686 and total network comported of 922,000. PAKISTAN TELECOMMUNICATION CORPORATION (PTC) The decade of 1990s brought about many changes in the economic structure of Pakistan. The government of Pakistan pursued the deregulation and liberalization policy in production and service industry. The major change in this regard was privatization and deregulation of many of the departments of government of Pakistan. The objective was to reduce the burden of the government minimize the bureaucratic influence and improve the efficiency of these departments. A major break through in the history of telecommunication in the country occurred with the gradual deregulation and privatization of t) t, at the first stage Pakistan telephone and telegraph department (PT&T) was converted into a statutory corporation Pakistan telecommunication corporation. On December 5th ,1990 the PT&T department was transformed into Pakistan telecommunication corporation with a legal identity separate from the government. This change in the statute introduced by the government of Pakistan enabled PTC to move from administrative to contractual relationship with its customer. It provided the opportunity for the development of telecommunication facilities to an unprecedented level and also for an increased customer satisfaction. Working under the PTCL act noxv111 of 1991, the corporation was responsible for establishment maintenance and operation of telecommunication services telephone telegraph telex, tele fax and data transmission with in the country and establishment of international link with all member countries of ITU (international telecommunication union

Under the PTCL reorganization act. It also issues licenses to the new companies in entering to this business. 1996 the telecommunication sectors were split up into four bodies. 19.Pakistan telecommunication corporation in it five years life spread the network of its services all over the country and the total number of telephone lines expanded TP 2127344 in addition to telegraph the telex services. The international communication network of PTCL comprised of variety of satellite earth stations. Telecommunication corporation (PTCL) Pakistan telecommunication corporation (PTCL) was transformed into Pakistan telecommunication company limited (PTCL) on January 1st . paging companies and pay card phone companies. email. internet. and other digital facilities. The range of its services includes basic telephone. The difference between ali and alis issue to pending and potential future demands . · · · · Pakistan Telecommunication Company limited (ptcl) Pakistan telecommunication authority (PTCL) National Telecommunication Corporation (NTC) Frequency allocation board (FAB) Pakistan telecommunication authority is a regulatory body responsible for monitoring the telecommunication business in Pakistan. public data network. 1998 was 35. National Telecom Corporation (NTC) is responsible to provide the telecommunication services to the various departments of government and armed services. digital cross connect. The total number of employees at the end of 1995 was 53705. submarine cable system and coastal radio systems. PAKISTAN TELECOMMUNICATION COMPANY LIMITED (PTCL) Pakistan telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) is a company established to undertake the telecommunication business formally carried on by Pakistan. fax. telex. telegraph. internet service providers. as well as international gateway exchanges. It frames rules and regulation for private telecom companies such as mobile phone companies. isdn. Pakistan Telecommunication Company limited is the primary provider of telecommunications services in Pakistan.877 while the total number of actual lines in service (alis) was 26. In addition to inland telephone network PTCL did a lot to improve the international communication. 60. The total number of installed telephone lines (ali) at June 30.1996 under Pakistan telecommunication reorganization act 1996 according to which PTCL took over all the properties assets rights and obligations of PTCL. terrestrial systems.898.

Mobile Bucket was another package launched to facilitate the customers who call frequently from fixed line to mobile networks within Pakistan. PTCL has also planned expansion in unserved areas through USF subsidy. Of this. the DSL broadband customer base registered an increase of 110% spread over 600 cities and towns with 85% market share. Eid and New Year. Ramadan. 2. The geographical reach of popular packages was extended to benefit a broader customer base. 2.1 Mbps wireless broadband service based on 3G technology has revolutionized the internet experience in the country. regional packages for new areas and local call packages were introduced in certain cities. 9.7% over last year. A positive shift in land line usage was witnessed because of unified rate of Re. President PTCL Walid Irshaid commenting on the results said. “I am pleased to announce that . broadband footprint (wire line and wireless) expanded by more than 100% resulting in 172% increase in revenue from this market segment.239 billion for the preceding year. The company has announced a net profit of Rs. Besides the already available Pakistan Plus and International Plus packages. This achievement makes PTCL the first operator in the world to launch this service commercially in Pakistan. PTCL’s revenue was Rs. In less than a year.PTCL Announces Net Profit of Rs. PTCL continued its strategy of developing new sources of income. During the year. PTCL group revenue during the year under review stood at Rs. During this period PTCL EVO.294 billion which was 1. Hajj.Rev-A 3. In order to address diversified needs of the customer base. 98. PTCL continued to introduce innovative products and services based on latest technology. Conscious efforts were made to further facilitate landline customers by expanding the spectrum of available services and packages. Special promotions were launched on Independence Day.081 billion for the first quarter ended 30th September 2010. 9.1 per minute on-net calls. on the Commercial side.3 Mbps. 2. the growth momentum of PTCL remained strong in emerging segments of Broadband and Corporate Services.906 billion. 2010 Islamabad: Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) today announced its financial results for the first quarter ended 30th September 2010. PTCL remained the largest and fastest growing broadband service provider in Pakistan. In the financial year 2009-10.081 billion compared to Rs. For the period PTCL earned profit after tax of Rs. PTCL has also worked on the network expansion in the financial year .568 billion recorded in the same period last year . Christmas. PTCL also launched its EVDO Rev-B network which offers unparalleled internet speed of up to 9. During the period under review. PTCL has established Centralized Network Operation Center (NOC). Off peak and Sunday rates were also introduced to encourage higher usage. October 27. and entire PTCL network is now being remotely monitored thus enhancing the operational efficiency. During the last financial year. showing a growth of 6.The Pakistan Internet Exchange (PIE) has been expanded by establishing an international presence.175 billion compared to Rs. PTCL further streamlined its pricing strategy to make it more customer focused by offering convenient payment plans. 59. 57. EVO has become the country’s fast growing wireless broadband network with connectivity and roaming in over 100 cities across.6% higher as compared with net profit of Rs.151 billion for the last year.

To this end. On this occasion he further said that “we strongly believe that PTCL is poised to grow and remain the leading and dominant integrated telecom service provider of choice for customers throughout Pakistan”. The management and employees of PTCL remain committed to provide quality services at competitive prices through optimal use of resource for achieving enhanced revenue and greater levels of customer satisfaction as well as improved shareholders’ value . seamless and prompt customer’s service. He said “we remain highly conscious of the fact that our success and growth can only come from satisfied customers it remains our challenge to provide friendly.we remained focused on our strategy of positioning PTCL as the leading integrated telecom company in Pakistan providing multiple solutions to business and household market segments and extending vital services to other telecom operators in Pakistan”. we endeavored to embark on several projects intended to bring PTCL closer to the customers”.

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