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As an executive. Gates was fully convinced. Gates has pursued a number of philanthropic endeavors. author. Gates met regularly with Microsoft's senior managers and program managers." Gates's role at Microsoft for most of its history was primarily a management and executive role.INTRODUCTION William Henry "Bill" Gates III (born October 28. He often interrupted presentations with such comments as. Bill Gates along with his friends uses to work all night besides the computer. Gates announced that he would transition out of his day-to-day role over the next two years to dedicate more time to philanthropy. When subordinates appeared to be procrastinating. Gates is one of the best-known entrepreneurs of the personal computer revolution. philanthropist. MANAGEMENT STYLE From Microsoft's founding in 1975 until 2006. 1955) is an American business magnate. particularly on the company's programming language products. At the same time he is careful in his judgment and control. "Why don't you just give up your options and join the Peace Corps?" The target of his outburst then had to defend the proposal in detail until. but wrote code as late as 1989 that shipped in the company's products. during his stay at Harvard sometimes used to sleep on the tables of the computer lab. which they consider anti-competitive. BILL GATES SUCCESS QUALITIES WORKAHOLIC: Bill Gates use to work very hard since his childhood. he was an active software developer in the early years. and wherever Microsoft achieved a dominant position he vigorously defended it. Bill Gates. He aggressively broadened the company's range of products. During his career at Microsoft. and remains the largest individual shareholder with more than 8 percent of the common stock. Bill Gates was never absent from . hopefully. the software company he founded with Paul Allen. Although he is admired by many. an opinion which has in some cases been upheld by the courts. Gates had primary responsibility for the company's product strategy. LEADERSHIP STYLE The Leadership style of Bill Gates is a mix of Delegative and Participative style. he was known to remark sarcastically. In the later stages of his career. Gates held the positions of CEO and chief software architect. and chairman of Microsoft. He has given free hand to his researches and made teams and groups out of them for more product launches. "I'll do it over the weekend. He is ranked consistently one of the world's wealthiest people and the wealthiest overall as of 2009. On June 15. 2006. "That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard!" and. established in 2000. a number of industry insiders criticize his business tactics. However. He has not officially been on a development team since working on the TRS-80 Model 100 line. donating large amounts of money to various charitable organizations and scientific research programs through the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Bill Gates believes in the words of Thomas Edison . Having more time to work has been Bill Gates's wish for many years. Bill Gates always learns from his past mistakes. Being ambitious is one of the greatest of Bill Gates Qualities ENTREPRENEURSHIP SKILLS: Bill had all the qualities of great entrepreneurs. Bill Gates and his school friend Paul Allen learnt the BASIC programming language whilst studying at Lakeside School in Seattle. At the age of fourteen he learned BASIC. Bill Gates even married in his 30s. but had functionality that could be stretched by advanced coders. He also devotes full concentration to his work. Bill Gates success can be attributed most to this quality. He is currently concentrating on this art in his present job as the Chief Software Architect and the Chairman of the Microsoft Corporation. Gates always said that he could perform any task on which he applied his mind. At the age of fourteen Bill was confident that he could be a millionaire by the age of thirty. .office during the early years of Microsoft. TECHNOLOGIST: Bill possessed a highly creative mind since his childhood. Gates is a perfect workaholic as mentioned above. Bill Gates is always conscious of his time." AMBITIOUS: Bill was ambitious since his childhood. Microsoft has constantly been rated as one of the most admired companies. His company has enjoyed the current stock market boom thanks partly to his good management. The concept of stock options owes a part of its popularity to their successful implementation at Microsoft. ACHIEVEMENTS INSPIRING THE ERA OF THE HOME COMPUTER During the late 1960s. BASIC's popularity stemmed from the fact that it was simple to use for beginners. For years he slept for only six hours a day.“Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration. He wanted to change the world. Bill had confidence in what he was doing. Bill has successfully learned the art of blending technology with the needs of the people. He possesses a highly creative mind. He even has a good memory and aptitude for the learning. Bill was and still is financially very conservative. GOOD MANAGER: Bill has made it a point to constantly re-innovate the company on the basis of changing markets and superior management techniques. He has a good brain for figures. Gates still wants to achieve leadership in every thing he performs.

BBC Micro and the Apple II (to name but a few). In comparison. a Disk Operating System designed for 8086-based computers. BECOMING THE RICHEST MAN IN THE WORLD Bill Gates became the richest man on the planet at the age of 39. PDAs. it's easy to focus on Microsoft's biggest product – Windows. You can now find versions of Windows on around 90 per cent of the world's computers.While BASIC was designed in 1963. In 1975. BASIC sparked the home computing boom of the 1980s. Gates was earning $30 million a day. Bill Gates was worth more than $101 billion in 1999. In 1980. the company inked a landmark deal with IBM to produce an operating system for its up-and-coming personal computer (PC). Microsoft bought 86-DOS from Seattle Computer Products. it wasn't until Gates and Allen produced a version for the Altair 8800 that it really started to fly. According to Wikipedia. Windows 95 was designed to replace MS-DOS and enabled revolutionary features such as multi-tasking and Plug and Play. COMMERCIALIZING THE OPERATING SYSTEM Gates and Allen founded Microsoft in 1976. Commodore VIC-20. which became known as PCDOS. the two sold the code to MITS for $3. LAUNCHING WINDOWS 95 When you look back at the career of Bill Gates. It used the 86-DOS code as the basis for IBM's first PC OS. He stayed at number one on the Forbes list of the World's Richest People until 2007. born to compete against the GUI on Apple's 'Lisa'. .000. It powers business servers. The original Windows 1. appearing on the IBM PC. retail displays. cash machines. Windows is everywhere. He's now third on the Forbes list (behind his friend Warren Buffet and Mexican telecom mogul Carlos Slim Helu) with an estimated fortune of $58 billion. Windows 95 was arguably the game-changer. set-top boxes and old Sega Dreamcast consoles.0 OS was a effectively a graphical version of MS-DOS. mobile phones.

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