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Lebanon Road
Nashville, TN
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Church of Christ
2307 Lebanon Road; Nashville, TN, 37214 * (615) 883-6918

Current Resident or Volume 59, No.18 May 01, 2011

“I’m Just So Excited” Adam Faughn
Joe Adams
After studying the New Testament on his 773-2331
own, and with some of us, it was a joy to Tonight’s sermon will be a little different.
baptize Aaron Owen into Christ on Satur- While Biblical, there will not be “points” as Johny Baker
day night, April 23. Aaron is now a new we usually have. If you love Christ, this will be 758-7654
Christian, but one who is ready to serve a sermon you will not want to miss. We want
God. I know you have made him feel wel- to simply think about the name of Jesus, and Ralph Brewer
come, and I pray that will continue. be reminded of how glorious and grand it 871-4849
really is.
When Aaron came out of the waters of bap- Wayne Davidson
tism, I said, “We’re proud of Our Bible class attendance has been 758-2705
Worship With Us you.” His response was simply, slipping a little lately. We have excel- Earl Flynn
Sunday: Worship 9 AM & 6 PM * Bible Classes 10:20 AM “I’m just so excited.” I couldn’t lent teachers for each class, from our
Wednesday: Bible Classes 7 PM help but think of the Ethiopian smallest children to various classes for
nobleman of Acts 8. After learn- adults. Each class is Biblically-
ing of Christ and being baptized, centered and focuses on learning Steve Ledbetter
A Year Ago Adam Faughn the Bible says he “went on his way more deeply from God’s Word and 889-8614
rejoicing” (v. 39). Aaron showed making personal applications of the
It’s hard to believe that it has been a year since our a smile. that excitement, and we pray it will help him truths found therein. Since most of our classes
city and region suffered through the Flood of 2010. Jim Schroeder
continue to grow and mature as a Christian. for adults only have about 20-40 in atten-
Some businesses will never return, while others con- 754-8990
On that Wednesday night, our congregation met dance, they also provide a great way to learn
tinue to hold out hope. Many have come back, and for a time of fervent, focused prayer. We prayed This month, we are going to be studying the more names and build more relationships. If Cliff Wilson
we are so thankful for the progress that has been for every affected area we could think of, and asked brief book of Ruth. With Mother’s Day you haven’t attended in awhile, make today
made in just one year. For the first few days after the 889-6477
God to help us be the shining light we are always to being in May, I thought this short study the day you start back in a class. You’ll be glad
rains continued to fall, we wondered if certain parts be. would be appropriate. Though short, this you did!
of Nashville would ever be back to normal.
book is amazing. Though ancient, it is thor- Pulpit Minister
A year has passed. The waters quickly receded. oughly modern. Though simple in story, it It was my family’s honor to host the youth Adam Faughn
We had several members who lost so much. Many Clean up is mostly done. Home are repaired. Lives
were misplaced for some time because their house is profound in meaning and application. I group devo last Sunday night. We have great 973-4483
are, for the most part, back to normal. hope you find this study to be to your bene- young people, and I hope you will see JD and
was flooded out, while others lost some possessions.
Thankfully, no one from our congregation was fit, and I pray that it will bring God glory as ask for ways you can help teach and encour- Outreach Minister
So why take space in the bulletin to mention it? To we study this often-neglected book within age them.
killed, but many were changed forever by this event. glorify God! We still don’t understand why there Harry Middleton
His Word.
are events like floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, or 292-3164
As I reflect back on this event, I can’t help but think earthquakes, but God is still good. Often, through
of the outpouring of love and concern from so Youth Minister
many. Lebanon Road became a distribution point
those tragic events, some come closer to Him,
while others obey His will for the first time. We are
Sunday Sermon Preview
for Churches of Christ Disaster Relief and dozens JD Buckner
able to bring Him glory through our actions in a (731) 336-4768
volunteered time to help. Some stayed for up to 8 AM: More Than a Mother-in-Law (“Gleanings from Ruth” lesson #1)
clear, unified, and motivated way. We pray that
hours a day for two consecutive days. Others came events like this are rare, but that, when they do
when they possibly could. Many helped load boxes PM: There’s Just Something about That Name
come, God will continue to be glorified. He is
of supplies, while some took down information. good, and will lead us through the storms of life.
Some cooked hamburgers and prepared meals,
while others were just present with a kind word and
Sick List Worship Leaders by Harry Middleton JD’s Jargon
Juanita Bradley has moved to Belvedere Place. Sunday Morning (Contact: Gene 874-0463 ) THE DEVIL’S BIBLE Hello everyone,
Jane Clark is recuperating at home. Opening Prayer: Gene Duke Of course, the devil doesn’t have a Bible, I had a very good Sunday last week. Adam did a
Jim Dean will be having lung surgery at Summit on Read Scripture: Sonny Gossett if he did, I’m sure the following references would good job preaching, Maria made an excellent fam-
Monday. Closing Prayer: Alan Witt be in it. ily meal, Sycamores service went well, and the de-
Ruth Goddard is at Skyline room 210 for rehab. Sermon: Adam Faughn Popular 6:9 -- “Go ahead, everyone else is do- votional Sunday night was great! I hope you also
Frank Hayes is recuperating at home. Song Leader: Tim Mullican
ing it.” enjoyed your past weekend.
David Smith is continuing his treatments at home. Cowardly 1:10 -- “The best thing to do when
Serving Lord’s Supper: (Contact: David 754-7085) the church members are criticized is to keep si-
Cliff Wilson is at Skyline in room 703 following a Bible camp applications should be available this
stroke. No Visitors Please. Marion Schow 1 lent. The critic might get angry with you if you try Sunday! Preparations for camp 2011 are well un-
Martha Wright is at Summit in SICU following sur- Bob Petty 2 to defend the church.” derway. The theme this year is, "When I speak
Ronnie Oakley 3 Indifference 3:4 -- “I’m just too tired after your name" (Acts 4.12). I would encourage the
gery on Tuesday. working all day to attend all the services.”
Lynn Wright 4 whole congregation to find some way to participate
Excuses 1:1 -- “I’m afraid to discuss the Bible in our camp endeavors. This event is such a great
Tommy Moore 5
New Library Books with others lest I offend them. Anyway, they and beneficial event for everyone involved! Bible
Marshall Turbyfill 6 won’t listen.” Camp will be July 10-15.
Leadership Questions Tim Ledbetter 7 Foolishness 19:7 -- “I’ll try anything once.”
Deceit 8:15 -- “It makes no difference what one
Confronting the Church Joseph Barefoot 8
believes as long as he is sincere.”
Our summer intern will be here on May 23! Josh
Manning will be joining us this summer to work with
By: Jack P. Lewis, Ph.D Sunday Evening (Contact: Richard 582-1079) Pride 4:7 -- “If someone offends you and hard our youth. I am very excited about the upcoming
Opening Prayer: Lon Keele feelings result, let him come and ask forgiveness, season. Josh will do a wonderful job and I know the
Closing Prayer: Nelson Cluck after all, it was his fault.”
Wisdom’s Call Apostasy 2:5 -- “What difference does it make
young folks will enjoy spending time with him!
Read Scripture: Jim Schroeder
A Study of Proverbs Sermon: Adam Faughn whether we follow the New Testament order or The youth will have a cleaning day on May 21 at 10
By: Drew Kizer not?” AM to clean the teen house in preparation for
Song Leader: Scotty Studer Hypocrisy 6:5 -- “When we go home from col- Josh's arrival. We will clean from 10 to 12 and eat
Serving Lord’s Supper (Room) lege on weekends, we always go to church so the lunch afterward. Please help us spruce up the
Seeking A Life That Counts Ted Fox 1 home folk will think we are faithful while away at house and clean out the garage!
By: G. Scott Gleaves Bill Ross 2 college.”
(I don’t know where the above quoted passages It is our privilege to honor our graduating seniors
came from or who thought of them, but, I do
VBS Requests Wednesday, May 4th (Contact: Tim 883-4343) know this is the way some folks think and obvi-
for 2011. We will have a banquet and video follow-
Read Scripture: Steve Ledbetter ing evening services on May 22 to compliment our
ously they have been influenced by the wrong
 Leah Faughn is compiling a list of those students. Please make your plans to attend this
Opening Prayer: Mark Pugh source.)
interested in helping with cutting, color- Speaker: Adam Faughn Keep them and read them often and never let us
ing, decorating and any other jobs to help think along these lines!!!
Song Leader: Richard Roberson Have a great day! Thank you very much! --JD :)
the teachers prepare for VBS. If you are
interested please let her know. Announcements:
Harry Middleton - Jim Schroeder
Mark Your Calendar... Ladies Bible Class
 Today: Sycamores at 2:00 led by Michael Rader,
Nursery Attendant: Richard Roberson and Don Morris
Tuesday, May 3rd
Camp Applications 10:00Am
 Tonight: Visitation team #1 will meet tonight
CAMP APPLICATIONS  May 15: Congregational Potluck
Class will be taught by
ARE AVAILABLE The Record Ramona Gossett
 May 22: Graduation Banquet
TODAY!! Sunday Morning Worship 375 Her topic:
 June 2: Hosting Summer Youth Series
Sunday Evening Worship: 193 “Have You Ever Asked Why?”
CHECK OUT THE  June 12-15: VBS
Sunday Bible Study: 257 A luncheon will follow at the home of
 July 10-15: Bible Camp
EARLY BIRD SPECIAL! Wednesday Night: --- Clara May Benedict.
 July 30: Teachers Workshop
Contribution: $10,879.50

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