(a) BATTLESHIPS: (b) BATTLECRUISERS: (c) AIRCRAFT CARRIERS: (d) ASSAULT SHIPS: (e) CRUISERS (i) (ii) (iii) (iv) (v) ARMOURED: PROTECTED: SCOUT: HEAVY: LIGHT: page 72 page 86 page 105 page 108 page 117 page 159 page 169 page 185 page 2 page 49 page 54 page 68


Note: The date in parenthesis after the name of the ship is the year in which the ship was commissioned. The second date, if given, is the year in which the ship was placed in a final reserve status, decommissioned, converted to other use or sold for scrap. If the ship was sunk this is noted; + indicates that the Captain was a fatal casualty. Although in some cases the dates during which the ship was undergoing a major refit have been provided this has not always been possible. Many of the ships listed were reduced to Reserve status before being decommissioned. As noted in the general Introduction periods during which a ship was not Commanded by a full Captain are included.


INDEX: “Africa”: “Agamemnon”: “Agincourt”: “Ajax”(1913): “Albemarle”: “Albion”(1901): “Anson”(1889): “Anson”(1942): “Audacious”: “Barfleur”: “Barham”: “Bellerophon”: “Benbow”: “Britannia”: “Bulwark”(1902): “Caesar”: “Canada”: “Canopus”: “Centurion”(1894): “Centurion”(1913): “Collingwood”: “Colossus”(1911): “Commonwealth”: “Conqueror”: “Cornwallis”: “Dominion”: “Dreadnought”: “Duke of York”: “Duncan”: “Emperor of India”: “Empress of India”: “Erin”: “Exmouth”: “Formidable”(1901): “Glory”(1900): page 25 page 25 page 32 page 31 page 20 page 16 page 5 page 47 page 31 page 9 page 38 page 26 page 35 page 24 page 17 page 13 page 35 page 14 page 8 page 32 page 28 page 29 page 23 page 30 page 21 page 23 page 26 page 47 page 20 page 34 page 6 page 35 page 19 page 17 page 15


“Goliath”: “Hannibal”: “Hercules”: “Hibernia”: “Hindustan”: “Hood”(1893): “Howe”: “Illustrious”(1898): “Implacable”(1901): “Iron Duke”(1914): “Irresistible”: “Jupiter”(1897): “King Edward VII”: “King George V”(1912): “King George V”(1940): “London”(1902): “Lord Nelson”: “Magnificent”: “Majestic”: “Malaya”: “Marlborough”(1914): “Mars”: “Monarch”: “Montagu”: “Nelson”: “Neptune”(1911): “New Zealand”/”Zealandia”(1905): “Ocean”(1900): “Orion”(1912): “Prince George”: “Prince of Wales”(1904): “Prince of Wales”(1941): “Queen”: “Queen Elizabeth”: “Ramillies”(1893): “Ramillies”(1917): “Renown”(1897): “Repulse”(1894): “Resolution”(1893): “Resolution”(1916):

page 15 page 13 page 29 page 25 page 24 page 5 page 48 page 14 page 16 page 33 page 17 page 12 page 22 page 31 page 47 page 18 page 26 page 10 page 10 page 40 page 34 page 12 page 30 page 20 page 46 page 28 page 24 page 14 page 29 page 11 page 21 page 47 page 21 page 36 page 6 page 45 page 9 page 7 page 7 page 44

Vincent”: “Swiftsure”(1904): “Temeraire”: “Thunderer”: “Triumph”(1904): “Vanguard”(1910): “Vanguard”(1946): “Vengence”(1902): “Venerable”(1902): “Victorious”(1896): “Warspite”: page 8 page 41 page 46 page 8 page 42 page 5 page 43 page 19 page 27 page 27 page 22 page 27 page 30 page 22 page 28 page 48 page 18 page 19 page 11 page 37 .4 “Revenge”/”Redoubtable”(1894): “Revenge”(1916): “Rodney”: “Royal Oak”(1896): “Royal Oak”(1916): “Royal Sovereign”(1892): “Royal Sovereign”(1916): “Russell”: “Superb”(1909): “St.

Adair: Captain Frederick S. Grenfell: Captain Michael P. Hammill: Captain Charles C. 1904): Captain Herbert W. Paget: Captain Paul W. 1907): Captain Edmund Jeffreys: Captain Charles C. Bush: March 1892-May 1894 May 1894-October 1895 December 1895-December 1896 December 1896-September 1898 September 1898-January 1900 January 1900-November 1901 November 1901-December 1902 December 1902-May 1903 May 1903-March 1904 March 1904-? 1905 “Hood”(1893. Inglefield: Captain Thomas MacGill: Captain Alfred W.S. Drury: Captain Arthur Bromley: Captain Alvin C. Henderson: Captain Harry T.Blaxland: Refit: Captain William Stokes Rees: Captain Francis C.C.H. Drury: Captain Reginald F. Corry: Captain John E. 1907): Captain Tynte F.Dowding: Captain William F. O’Callaghan: Captain Charles H. Fisher: Captain Arthur A.M. Mann: Captain William Wilson: Captain William B.5 “Anson”(1889. Galloway: September 1893-July 1895 July 1895-October 1897 October 1897-? 1901 August 1901-September 1903 September 1903-? 1904 “Royal Sovereign”(1892. Noel: June 1893-October 1895 October 1895-September 1897 September 1897-December 1898 December 1898-September 1900 September 1900-? 1902 1902-1903 June 1903-January 1905 January 1905-? 1907 .

Dyke: Captain Henry L. Lowry: Captain Francis G. Kirby: Captain Hugh P. George A. Hardinge: Captain Hubert Grant-Dalton: October 1893-December 1894 January 1895-December 1896 December 1896-January 1900 January 1900-October 1902 October 1902-? 1903 January-March 1905 March 1905-? 1906 ?-September 1906 September 1906-? 1907 ? 1907-February 1908 February-? 1908 . 1907): Captain Adolphus F. Baker: Captain the Hon. Hamilton: Captain Robert S.B. Fraser: Captain Charles H. Williams: Captain Robert G. Fleet: Captain Cecil Burney: Captain Herbert A. Warren: Captain Arthur D. 1907): Captain Francis C. St. Bridgeman: Captain William H. Dare: Captain Casper J. Ricardo: Captain Edmond Hyde Parker: June 1893-December 1895 December 1895-June 1897 June 1897-June 1899 June 1899-January 1900 January 1900September 1902-June 1904 September 1904-? 1906 ? 1906-January 1907 January-? 1907 “Ramillies”(1893.Clair: Captain Angus Macleod: Captain Charles Campbell: Captain Henry H.6 “Empress of India”(1893. May: Captain William des V.

Kingsmill: Captain John P. Groome: Captain Randolph F. Bainbridge: Captain Charles R. Chisholm-Batten: Captain John E.Foote: Captain Spencer H. Rolleston: October 1893-October 1895 October 1895-December 1897 December 1897-June 1899 June 1899-September 1900 September 1900-? 1903 January-February 1905 February 1905-? 1906 ? 1906-May 1907 May 1907-August 1908 August 1908-? . 1907): Captain William H. Goodrich: Captain William Wilson: Captain Alexander W. Bearcroft: Captain Henry L. Login: Captain Henry Loftus Tottenham: Captain Herbert L.O.C. Bickford: Captain John H. Heath: Captain Sackville H. Carden: Captain Charles E. Hall: Captain Andrew K.7 “Resolution”(1893. Arbuthnot: Captain James E.M. Rolfe: Captain Robert L. Chambers: December 1893-February 1895 February 1895-December 1896 December 1896-April 1898 April 1898-March 1900 March 1900-? ?-June 1901 June-October 1901 September 1902-? 1903 ? 1903-January 1905 January 1905-January 1907 January-? 1907 “Repulse”(1894): Captain Burges Watson: Captain Ernest N. Fleet: Captain Arthur Hayes Sadler: Captain Bertram M.

Assheton G. Rolleston: Captain Archibald P. Ogilvy: Captain Vivian H.Curzon-Howe: Captain Reginald C.C. 1907): Captain Burges Watson: Captain William Marrack: Captain Walter H. Login: Captain John R. 1915): Captain the Hon. Fegen: Captain Frederick St. Allenby: April 1892-March 1895 March 1895-December 1897 December 1897-September 1901 1901-1903 November 1903-August 1905 August 1905-February 1906 February 1906-March 1907 . Barton: January-November 1896 March 1897-March 1899 March 1899-January 1901 January 1901-February 1903 February 1903-June 1904 June 1904-July 1905 July 1905-? 1906 “Centurion”(1894. Stoddart: Captain Ernest G.G. Jellicoe: Refit: Captain Frederick F. McQuhae: Captain Spencer H. 1907): Captain John M. Bernard: Captain Constantine H.M. Prothero: Captain Robert S.8 “Revenge”/”Redoubtable”(1894.B.G. Bradford: Captain Arthur A. Galloway: Captain William de Salis: Captain Frederick C. A.Hughes-Onslow: Captain Vincent B.E. Rich: Captain Reginald A.Graham: Captain Arthur W. Molteno: January –December 1896 December 1896-January 1898 January 1898-April 1900 April 1900-May 1903 May 1904-May 1904 May 1904-September 1905 September 1905-August 1906 August 1906-August 1908 August 1908-? October 1914-July 1915 July-December 1915 “Royal Oak”(1896. Prothero: Captain Charles J. Fisher: Captain Edward E. Briggs: Captain Frederic W.

Hamilton: Captain Hugh H.Dawson L. 1909): Captain Reginald N. Stuart: Captain the Hon. Riddel: Captain the Hon. Tothill: Captain Peyton Hoskyns: Captain Alfred E.W.9 “Barfleur”(1894. 1909): Captain Daniel McN. Ricardo: Captain Charles H. Adair: Captain Leslie C. Custance: Captain the Hon. Edward S.: Refit: Captain Arthur D. Farquhar: Captain T. Grant: Captain Hugh T. Bt.J. Hugh Tyrwhitt: Captain Arthur M. Stanley C.S. Colville: Captain Sir George J. Hibbert: February 1895-September 1898 September 1898-October 1899 October 1899-January 1902 1902-1905 January-February 1905 February-April 1905 April-May 1905 May-November 1905 November 1905-March 1906 March 1906-February 1907 February-October 1907 October 1907-June 1908 June 1908-? “Renown”(1897. Fitzherbert: Captain Claud A. Warrender.D.A. Sheppard: Captain the Marquess of Bristol: August 1897-March 1900 March 1900-May 1902 May 1902-? 1904 September 1905-? 1906 October-December 1907 .

Fraser: Captain Harry H. Carden: Captain Edward F. Charlton: Captain Richard M.G.B. Farquhar: Captain Sackville H.P. de C. Egerton: Captain Edward E. Talbot: May 1895-June 1897 June 1897-June 1899 June 1899-April 1901 April 1901-April 1903 April 1903-February 1904 January 1905-March 1906 March 1906-? 1907 ? 1907-January 1908 January 1908-January 1910 February-August 1910 August 1910-February 1911 February 1911-September 1912 October 1912-August 1913 August 1913-June 1914 July 1914-May 1915 “Magnificent”(1895. Underhill: Captain Henry F. Whitehead: Captain Percival H. Borrett: Captain Guy R. Barlow: Captain Gerald C. Gaunt: Captain Edwin V. Warleigh: April 1895-January 1897 January 1897-January 1899 January 1899-October 1900 October 1900-October 1902 October 1902-July 1904 July 1904-December 1906 December 1906-May 1907 May 1907-November 1908 November 1908-March 1909 March 1909-March 1910 March 1910-February 1911 May 1912-? 1913 August 1914-February 1915 September 1915-February 1916 .W. Fyler: Captain Bertram N. Hope: Captain Cunningham R. Stileman: Captain Ernest F. Horsley: Captain Sackville H.A. Kingsmill: Captain Robert G. 1916): Captain Charles J.Heard: Captain Frederic A. Carden: Captain Arthur M.S.A. sunk Dardanelles 27 May 1915): Captain Arthur Barrow: Captain Prince Louis of Battenberg: Captain George le C. Harbord: Captain George P. Gaunt: Captain Herbert A.10 “Majestic”(1895. Foot: Captain Hugh L. Langley: Captain John Ferris: Captain Arthur J. Bradford: Captain Hugh Evan-Thomas: Captain Charles E. Chambers: Captain George H.

Troubridge: Captain Godfrey H. Boyle: Captain Arthur L.November 1907 November 1907-November 1908 November 1908-January 1910 January 1910-January 1911 January 1911-? 1912 August 1914-February 1916 February-March 1916 March-October 1916 “Victorious”(1896. Bruce: Captain Drury St. T. Cross: Captain Henry P. Scott: Captain Henry H. 1915): Captain Anson Schomberg: Captain Charles H.B. Clarke: Captain Frederick L. Campbell: Captain Ernest K. Loring: Captain the Hon. Parr: Captain Arthur Barrow: Captain Robert A. Mundy: Captain Robert F.11 “Prince George”(1896.C.J. Stokes: Captain the Hon. A. 1916): Captain Alfred A. Savill: Captain Henry H. Cay: Captain Herbert J. Grafton: Captain Rowland Nugent: September 1897-March 1900 March 1900-January 1903 January-? 1903 1903-1904 October 1904-August 1905 August 1905-August 1906 August 1906-January 1907 February 1907-June 1908 November 1908-October 1910 October 1910-? 1911 July 1914-February 1915 . Montgomerie: Captain Arthur C. Torlesse: Captain Joseph R.S. Stanhope Hawke: November 1896-June 1899 June 1899-October 1900 October 1900-November 1901 November 1901-September 1903 September 1903-January 1905 January 1905-? 1907 ?. Robert F. Wake: Captain Alexander V. Routh: Refit: Captain Ernest C. Campbell: Captain Robert H. Bridson: Captain Ernest H.

Barnardiston: Captain Frank E. Warren: Captain William de Salis: Captain Cresswell J. Wake: Captain William F. Barlow: Captain John Durnford: Captain Sir Archibald Berkeley Milne. Bt. Loder: December 1897-September 1898 September 1898-October 1899 October 1899-December 1900 December 1900-December1902 December 1902-September 1903 September 1903-August 1905 August 1905-August 1906 August 1906-June 1907 June 1907-May 1908 May 1908-February 1909 November 1909-September 1911 September 1911-October 1912 October 1912-? 1913 ?-September 1914 September 1914-May 1915 July 1915-March 1916 March-November 1916 November 1917-? 1919 “Mars”(1897. Harbord: Captain Charles E.12 “Jupiter”(1897.Eyres: Captain Owen F. Le Mesurier: Captain Drury St. Miller: Captain Herbert A.: Captain James Startin: Captain Herbert A.: Captain Sir Richard Poore.C. Gillett: Captain Frederick D. Marx: Captain Henry Loftus Tottenham: Captain Francis G. A.W.Pyddoke: Captain Alexander Farrington: January 1898-January 1899 January 1899-September 1900 September 1900-December 1902 September 1902-October 1904 October 1904-August 1905 March 1906-July 1907 July 1907-March 1909 March 1909-May 1910 May 1910-? 1912 August 1914-February 1915 September 1915-February 1916 February 1919-? 1920 . 1916): Captain Francis Powell: Captain Henry J.May: Captain Henry D. Ryan: Captain Richard M. Barry: Captain George Neville: Captain John L. Adam: Captain Charles E. Bt. Blunt: Captain Charles F. Eyre: Captain Thomas L. Corbett: Captain William P. Gilpin-Brown: Captain Charles B. 1918): Captain Angus Macleod: Captain Charles J.

Gamble: Captain John Ferris: Captain George A. Giffard: Captain Alban G.13 “Caesar”(1898.E. Grant-Dalton: Captain Philip Streatfeild: May 1898-April 1900 April 1900-May 1902 May 1902-October 1903 October 1903-? 1905 October 1906-August 1908 August 1908-August 1910 August 1910-? 1911 July1914-February 1915 September 1915-? .R. Jones: January 1898-April 1899 April 1899-October 1900 October 1900-December 1901 December 1901-? 1903 February 1904-December 1905 December 1905-May 1907 May 1907-October 1908 October 1908-August 1910 August 1910-June 1911 June 1911-June 1912 June 1912-December 1915 December 1915-January 1918 January-November 1918 December 1918-? 1920 “Hannibal”(1898. Tate: Captain John P. Callaghan: Captain Hugh Evan-Thomas: Captain Sydney R. Pipon: Captain Edward H. Foot: Captain Fawcet Wray: Captain Edward R. Wemyss: Captain Cunningham R. Rolleston: Captain Henry V. Russell: Captain George W.Bt. de C. Benson: Captain Edward W. 1920): Captain John P. Elliott: Captain Arthur Hayes Sadler: Captain John F.Walker.: Captain Gerald W. 1915): Captain Sir Baldwin W.W. Stoddart: Captain Robert H. Anstruther: Captain Price Vaughan Lewes: Captain Robert E. Fremantle: Captain Archibald P.

S. Warden: Captain William O. Grant: December 1899-November 1900 November 1900-December 1902 December 1902-? 1903 1903-1904 ? 1904-January 1905 January-May 1905 August 1905-August 1906 August 1906-February 1908 February 1908-? 1909 August 1914-April 1916 “Ocean”(1900. Fisher: Captain the Hon.14 “Illustrious”(1898. Foote: Captain Thomas Y. Chambers: Captain John E.Drummond: Captain the Hon. Edward S. Assheton G. Boothby: Captain Hugh H. Kennedy: Captain Arthur Hayes Sadler: ? 1900-August 1901 August 1901-May 1903 May 1903-February 1904 February 1904-September 1905 September 1905-? 1907 January 1908-September 1910 August 1914-March 1915 . Foley: Captain Ernest K. Gamble: Captain Godfrey H. Curzon-Howe: Captain Richard W. sunk Dardanelles 18 March 1915 ): Captain the Hon. Tothill: Captain Cyril E. Stanhope Hawke: May 1898-February 1900 February 1900-March 1902 March 1902-July 1903 July 1903-? 1905 ?-November 1906 November 1906-October 1907 October 1907-June 1908 June 1908-February 1910 February 1910-? 1912 August-October 1914 October 1914-July 1915 July-November 1915 “Canopus”(1899. Niblett: Captain Philip F. Simons: Captain Frederick A. B. 1916): Captain Wilmot H. Story: Captain Heathcoat S.: Captain Frank Finnis: Captain Francis J. Mundy: Captain William O.Fitzherbert: Captain Douglas W. White: Captain Randolph F. Bt. Tillard: Refit: Captain Frederic W. Fawkes: Captain Harry F. Tower: Captain Rowland Nugent: Captain Bertram M.O. Greet: Captain Charles Dundas of Dundas: Captain Francis W.D. 1915): Captain Sir Richard Poore.

Walter G. Glennie: Captain John L. Kennedy: Captain Guy L. Carter: Captain the Hon.15 “Goliath”(1900. Johnston-Stewart: Captain Francis S. Sclater: Captain Charles F. Kingsford: Captain Robert H.T. Troubridge: Captain Robert S. sunk Dardanelles 18 March 1915): Captain Lewis E. Pearson: Captain Geoffrey Hopwood: April 1901-February 1904 February 1904-October 1905 October 1905-March 1907 March 1907-September 1908 September 1908-? 1909 September 1910-December 1912 December 1912-? 1913 August 1914-March 1916 July 1916-January 1918 January-October 1918 October 1918-? 1919 .Phipps Hornby: Captain William C. Henderson: Captain John Casement: Captain Henry C. Stopford: Captain Ernest C. Pakenham: Captain Francis W. 1919): Captain Arthur W. Shelford: March 1900-July 1902 July 1902-? 1903 January-May 1905 May 1905-October 1906 October 1906-December 1907 December 1907-? 1909 May 1913-May 1915+ “Glory”(1900. Miller: Captain Thomas l. Corbett: Captain Robert W. Wintz: Captain Frank H.

Prendergast: Captain Harry Jones: Captain Gerald C. Stanhope Hawke: Captain John M. 1918): Captain William W. Kerr: Captain Henry Loftus Tottenham: Captain Robert J. Hewett: Captain T. Davidson: Captain Algernon W. Morgan: Captain Judge D’Arcy: Captain Alexander P.Martyn Jerram: Captain Sydney R. Powlett: Captain Charles Tibbits: Captain the Hon. Fremantle: Captain Frederick S.D.A. Limpus: Captain Charles H. Lockyer: Captain Bertram S. Heneage: Captain Ernest K. Neville Rolfe: June 1901-March 1902 March 1902-September 1903 September 1903-August 1905 August 1905-October 1907 October 1907-August 1909 August 1909-August 1910 August 1910-August 1912 August 1912-November 1913 August 1914-July 1915 July 1915-February 1916 February-May 1916 July-October 1916 October-December 1916 December 1916-June 1917 June 1917-November 1918 November 1918-? 1919 “Implacable”(1901. Marescaux: Captain Hughes C. Campbell: Captain Frederick A. Keppel: Captain George E. Evans: September 1901-October 1902 October 1902-May 1904 May 1904-June 1905 June 1905-May 1907 May 1907-September 1908 March 1909-May 1910 May 1910-November 1911 November 1911-June 1912 June 1912-August 1913 August 1913-March 1917 March-July 1917 . Prothero: Captain Colin R.16 “Albion”(1901. Loring: Captain Alexander V.F. Pelham: Captain Arthur H.E.Warren: Captain H. 1917): Captain Prince Louis of Battenberg: Captain Reginald C. Patey: Captain Mark E.

sunk English Channel 1 January 1915): Captain Alexander W. Smith: Captain Cunningham R. Stanhope Hawke: Captain Douglas L. Leveson: Captain Robert F. Scott: Captain Bentinck J. Loxley: October 1901October 1904-March 1906 March 1906-January 1907 January 1907-? 1908 April 1909-April 1911 April 1911-December 1912 December 1912-September 1914 September 1914-January 1915+ “Irresistible”(1902. Hamilton: Captain Osmond de B. Eyres: Captain Edmund H. Wake: Captain Arthur N. sunk Dardanelles 18 March 1915): Captain George M. Sclater: March 1902-May 1905 May 1905-? 1906 ? 1907-January 1908 January-May 1908 May 1908-March 1909 March 1909-March 1910 March 1910-? 1911 ?-? 1911 June 1912-November 1913 November 1913-November 1914+ . Bacon: Captain Lionel G. Smith: Captain Herbert Chatterton: Captain Guy L. Henderson: Captain Sackville H. Yelverton: Captain George P.17 “Formidable”(1901. Dent: February 1902-November 1904 November 1904-December 1905 December 1905-June 1906 June 1906-? 1907 ? 1907-May 1908 May 1908-? 1910 ?-? 1910 February 1911-March 1912 March 1912-March 1913 March 1913-April 1914 April 1914-January 1915 January-March 1915 “Bulwark”(1902. Allenby: Captain Philip Nelson-Ward: Captain Drury St. Simons: Captain Herbert Lyon: Captain Reginald A. Williams: Captain Cresswell J. Walker: Captain Ernest K. de C. destroyed by internal explosion Sheerness 26 November 1914): Captain Frederick T.A. Hope: Captain Edmund H. Tufnell: Captain Hugh P. Carden: Captain Reginald H. Brock: Captain Bertram N. Chisholm-Batten: Captain Thomas P.W. Chambers: Captain Arthur C.S. Foot: Captain Maurice Woollcombe: Captain Noel Grant: Captain the Hon.D.

A. Armstrong: Captain Adrian H. Tillard: Captain Julian C. 1919): Captain James E. England: June 1902-August 1903 August 1903-August 1905 August 1905-? 1907 ? 1907-February 1908 February-October 1908 October 1908-? 1909 February-August 1910 August 1910-May 1912 May 1912-September 1913 September 1913-February 1914 February 1914-October 1916 June 1918-February 1919 February 1919-? 1920 . Yelverton: Captain Herbert A. Stuart: Captain Harry C. Ley: Captain A. Goodrich: Captain Philip F.18 “Vengeance”(1902.D. Grafton: Captain Thomas W.C. Sinclair: Captain Ernest H. Anson: Captain Bentinck J. Smyth: Captain George P. Kemp: Captain John G. Williamson: April 1902-April 1905 August 1905-March 1907 March 1907-November 1908 November 1908-March 1909 January 1913-May 1914 August 1914-December 1915 December 1915-February 1917 “London”(1902. Reynolds: Captain Charles E. Chatfield: Captain Hugh F. Adam: Captain Bertram H.Ernle M. Tower: Captain James C. Story: Captain Cyril E.P. Wilkinson: Captain William O. Smith: Captain Adolphus H. 1917): Captain Leslie C.

Pelly: Captain William B.Heard: Captain Henry R. 1917): Captain Michael P. 1918): Captain George E. Jones: November 1902-October 1904 October 1904-March 1906 March 1906-August 1907 August 1907-March 1909 October 1909-July 1911 July 1911-May 1912 May 1912-December 1913 December 1913-August 1914 August 1914-February 1916 February-December 1916 March-June 1918 June 1918-? 1919 “Russell”(1903. Fawckner: Captain Seymour E. Henniker-Hughan. Bt. O’Callaghan: Captain Edward E.19 “Venerable”(1902. Sandeman: Captain Charles H. Veale: Captain Francis H. Henniker-Hughan: Captain Henry B.L. Oldham: Captain Lewis T. Ricardo: Captain William De Salis: Captain George W. Warden: Captain Arthur D.Caulfield: Captain Arthur H. Hutchison: Captain Bernard Currey: Captain Stuart Nicholson: Captain Hughes C. Martyn Jerram: Captain Robert S. Lowry: Captain Frederick A.G. sunk Mediterranean 27 April 1916): Captain Alfred L. Erskine: Captain Cuthbert G.G. Lockyer: Captain Hugh L. Winsloe: Captain T.P.: Captain John de M. Patey: Captain Arthur J.Morgan: Captain Vivian H. Mitchell: June 1903-May 1904 June 1904-March 1907 March 1907-March 1909 March 1909-April 1910 April 1910-March 1911 March 1911-December 1912 December 1912-July 1913 July 1913-February 1914 February 1914-November 1916 November 1916-August 1917 .Chapman: Captain Henry G. Smith: Captain William Bowden-Smith: February 1903-April 1904 April 1904-December 1905 December 1905-November 1906 November 1906-August 1907 August 1907-July 1909 July 1909-March 1911 March 1911-December 1913 December 1913-April 1916 “Exmouth”(1903. Bernard: Captain Francis W. Bradford: Captain Sir Arthur J.

Fitzherbert: Captain Robert F. Grant: Captain A.Heard: October 1903-September 1904 September 1904-March 1905 March 1905-December 1906 December 1906-December 1908 December 1908-August1910 August 1910-December 1912 December 1912-November 1913 November 1913-August 1914 August 1914-January 1915 July 1915-February 1917 “Albemarle”(1903. Ewart: Captain William E. Adair: July 1903-September 1904 September 1904-May 1906+ “Duncan”(1903. Miller: Captain Frederic A. Field: Captain Francis S. Scott: Captain William E. wrecked Bristol Channel 30 May 1906): Captain John Denison: Captain Thomas B. Duff: Captain the Hon.P. Davidson: Captain Hugh L. Edward S. Whitehead: Captain Alexander P. Craig: Captain Raymond A. Goodenough: Captain Frederick L.20 “Montagu”(1903. Egerton: Captain John Casement: Captain Arthur W. Luard: Refit: Captain Rowland Nugent: Captain Arthur W.Ernle M. 1916): Captain Alexander L.S. 1917): Captain Henry B. Chatfield: Captain John S. Jackson: Captain George le C. Goodenough: Captain Henry W. Nugent: November 1903-November 1905 November 1905-January 1907 January-August 1907 August 1907-August 1908 August 1908-August 1909 August 1909-February 1910 February 1910-? 1911 1912 December 1912-June 1913 December 1913-June 1915 June 1915-September 1916 .

Adam: Captain Ernest A. 1917): Captain George A.F. 1919): Captain Lewis Bayly: Captain Ernest C. sunk Mediterannean 9 January 1917): Captain William B. Gaunt: Captain T. Tupper: Captain Herbert W. Hopwood: Captain Edward H.O. Le Mesurier: Captain Alexander P.21 “Cornwallis”(1904. Baker-Baker: Captain Robert H. Bax: Captain Douglas L. Dumaresq: Captain Robert N. Phillpotts: Captain Ronald A.A.Lowther Grant: Captain William H. Davidson: February 1904-January 1905 January 1905-January 1907 January 1907-June 1908 June 1908-August 1910 August 1910-April 1912 April 1912-? 1914 September 1914-January 1915 January 1915-January 1917 “Queen”(1904. T. Sheppard: Captain Adolphus H. Heaton-Ellis: Captain John S. Callaghan: Captain Reginald G. Heneage: November 1904-March 1907 March 1907-December 1908 December 1908-January 1910 January 1910-September 1911 September 1911-May 1912 May 1912-May 1914 May 1914-May 1916 May 1916-March 1917 August 1917-? “Prince of Wales”(1904. Fisher: Captain Charles H. Savory: Captain Edward M. Beatty: Captain Ernest F.C. Taylor: Captain Algernon W. Dent: May 1904-July 1905 July 1905-August 1907 August 1907-February 1909 February 1909-December 1910 December 1910-December 1911 December 1911-November 1912 November 1912-November 1913 November 1913-June 1916 June 1916-March 1917 .Dawson L. Ryan: Captain Charles E. Wiliamson: Captain Herbert A. Anstruther: Captain Frank E. Troubridge: Captain David R. Coke: Captain W.

1917): Captain Ernest J.F. Fitzmaurice: June 1904-May 1905 May 1905-December 1906 December 1906-November 1907 November 1907-December 1909 December 1909-? 1912 1912-1913 August 1913-August 1914 August 1914-May 1915 “King Edward VII”(1905. Nugent: Captain Cecil Maxwell-Lefroy: Captain Henry F. Fleet: Captain Arthur A. Pelly: Captain Osmond de B. Eyre: Reserve: Captain Philip Streatfeild: Captain Maurice S. Talbot: June 1904-September 1905 September 1905-July 1906 July 1906-August 1908 August 1908-February 1910 February 1910-? 1912 1912-1913 April 1913-April 1914 April 1914-August 1915 August 1915-April 1917 “Triumph”(1904. Leveson: Captain Henry B. Pears: Captain Francis G.G. Grant: Captain Crawford Maclachlan: January 1905-March 1907 March 1907-March 1909 March 1909-June 1910 June 1910-July 1911 July 1911-May 1912 May 1912-July 1913 July 1913-May 1914 June 1914-January 1916 . Cradock: Captain Cecil F. Everett: Captain Adolphus H. Tower: Reserve and Refit: Captain Raymond A.G.M. sunk Dardanelles 25 May 1915): Captain Cecil Burney: Captain Frederic E. Galloway: Captain Christopher G. Williamson: Captain Edward H.F. Heaton-Ellis: Captain E. Brock: Captain Allan F.22 “Swiftsure”(1904.Percy F. Thursby: Captain Cyril E.C. Farquhar: Captain Edmund R. sunk off Cape Wrath 6 January 1916): Captain Arthur C.E. Brock: Captain Richard B.

Browning: Captain Godfrey H. Kingsmill: Captain Arthur T. Marx: Captain Charles E. Ellison: December 1905-? 1907 ? 1907-February 1908 February-December 1908 December 1908-December 1909 December 1909-December 1910 1910-1911 June 1911-October 1913 October 1913-October 1915 October 1915-April 1917 April-December 1917 1917-1918 April-November 1918 November 1918-September 1920 September 1920-? 1921 .B. Stuart: Captain John M. Bridson: Captain Henry W. Smith: Refit: Captain Arthur G. Ballard: Refit: Captain Price Vaughan Lewes: Captain Maurice Woollcombe: Captain Herbert W.B. Mawbey: Captain Adolphus H. Hood: Captain George A.A.23 “Dominion”(1905. 1918): Captain John L. Richmond: Captain Arthur G. Horace L. Smith: Captain George R. Smith: August 1905-March 1906 March 1906-May 1907 May 1907-January 1908 January 1908-January 1910 January 1910-June 1912 June 1912-February 1914 February 1914-April 1917 April-December 1917 December 1917-April 1918 “Commonwealth”(1905. Mundy: Captain the Hon. de Robeck: Captain Morgan Singer: Captain Joseph R. Blount: Captain Alfred A. Peirse: Captain Montague E.Williamson: Captain Arthur G. 1921): Captain Richard H.

Somerset A. Keighly Peach: December 1905-December 1906 December 1906-January 1908 January 1908-December 1909 December 1909-May 1912 May 1912-May 1913 May 1913-June 1916 June 1916-August 1917 August 1917-February 1918 “Zealandia”(“New Zealand” until 1911)(1905. G.W. Farquhar: Captain Francis W. Crampton: Captain Charles W.Calthorpe: Captain Henry H. Harbord: Captain Sidney R. Alexander E. Campbell: Captain Cuthbert G. Chapman: Captain John Nicholas: Captain Denis B. Shortland: Captain F. Cowan: Captain Richard M. Stoddart: Captain Henry T. J. Doveton Sturdee: Captain Archibald P. Caulfield: August 1906-September 1907 September 1907-July 1909 July 1909-December 1910 December 1910-November 1911 November 1911-December 1912 December 1913-May 1916 May-July 1916 July 1916-April 1917 April 1917-November 1918 . Thorp: Captain Henry G.J. Buller: Captain T.24 “Hindustan”(1905. Sheppard: Captain Walter H. Drury-Lowe: January-July 1906 July 1906-December 1907 December 1907-October1908 October 1908-November 1911 November 1911-May 1912 May 1912-February 1914 February 1914-February 1915 February 1915-September 1916 September 1916-September 1917 “Britannia”(1906.Dawson L. Campbell: Captain Stuart St. 1917): Captain Francis J. Stanley C. Bethell: Captain the Hon. sunk Atlantic 9 November 1918): Captain Robert Nelson Ommanney: Captain Frederick R. Browning: Captain George A.C. Ballard: Captain Charles F. 1918): Captain the Hon. Foley: Captain Edward G.G. Colville: Captain the Hon. Sandeman: Captain Alexander V. Morgan: Captain Montague E.

Beaty-Pownall: January 1907-June 1908 June 1908-October 1909 October 1909-October 1910 October 1910-August 1912 August 1912-August 1913 August 1913-July 1915 July 1915-November 1916 November 1916-November 1917 “Agamemnon”(1908. Robinson: Captain Robert H. Leveson: Captain Edmund H. Dumas: Captain F.H.O. Johnston Stewart: Captain Arthur C. Smith: Captain Ernest G.S. Fyler: Captain Philip W. Lambert: Captain the Hon. Haggard: Captain Charles P.25 “Africa”(1906. 1917): Captain Cecil F. Boyle: Captain Crawford Maclachlan: Captain John Luce: Captain Ernest K. Shirley Litchfield-Speer: May 1907-December 1908 December 1908-April 1910 April 1910-December 1911 December 1911-January 1914 January 1914-February 1917 February 1917-September 1918 September 1918-? 1919 . 1918): Captain Henry R.E. Carden: Captain Bernard Currey: Captain Edmund R. Millar: Captain Judge D’Arcy: November 1906-December 1907 December 1907-June 1908 June 1908-June 1910 June 1910-July 1911 July 1911-May 1912 May 1912-April 1913 April 1913-August 1915 August 1915-November 1918 “Hibernia”(1907.S. 1919): Captain Sackville H. Pears: Captain Arthur Hayes Sadler: Captain Herbert A. Loring: Captain Alexander Lowndes: Captain Vernon H. Algernon D. Barton: Captain Harry Jones: Captain Herbert J.

L. Bowring: December 1908-August 1910 August 1910-August 1912 August 1912-August 1913 August 1913-August 1916 August 1916-February 1918 February-October 1918 October 1918-March 1919 March-September 1919 .Wardle: Captain Maurice S.W.Smith: Captain Rowland Nugent: Captain John W.26 “Lord Nelson”(1908. Fitzmaurice: Captain Robert H.W.: Captain Alfred E. Bt.Watson: Captain Vincent B. Richmond: Captain Sydney R.R. McClintock: Captain Arthur C.S. Fremantle: Captain Wilmot S.S. McClintock: Captain Robert N. Madden: Captain Archibald G. Vaughan-Lee: Captain Edward F. Bruen: Captain Hugh D. Napier: Captain Charles L. Nicholson: Captain William J.Bacon: Captain Charles E.A. Grant: Captain Edmund H. Mitchell: Captain Humphrey W.L. 1919): Captain Reginald H. Alderson: Captain John W. Coppinger: July 1906-August 1907 August 1907-December 1908 December 1908-July 1909 July 1909-March 1911 March 1911-December 1912 December 1912-June 1914 June 1914-June 1916 June-December 1916 December 1916-January 1918 January-April 1918 April-August 1918 February 1919-March 1920 “Bellerophon”(1909. 1919): Captain Sir Robert K. Moore: Captain Herbert W.Arbuthnot. Hughes D’Aeth: Captain Thomas E. Bax: Captain Leonard L.P.H. Molteno: Captain Francis H. Willan: September 1907-March 1910 March 1910-November 1911 November 1911-June 1913 June 1913-April 1914 April 1914-June 1916 June 1916-February 1918 February 1918-? 1919 “Dreadnought”(1906. 1919): Captain Hugh Evan-Thomas: Captain Trevelyan D.

B. Radcliffe: Captain Francis G. Underhill: Captain Francis W.A. Alexander-Sinclair: Captain Allen T. Allenby: Captain Edwyn S.L. Donaldson: January 1909-October 1910 October 1910-August 1911 August 1911-September 1913 September 1913-January 1915 February 1915-March 1916 March 1916-February 1919 February-August 1919 August 1919-? 1921 “Superb”(1909. Gaunt: Captain George P.W. Hunt: Captain Edwin V. 1919): Captain Douglas R. Drury-Lowe: Captain Stephen H. Vincent”(1910. Christian: Captain Reginald A. 1921): Captain Alexander L.T. Heath: Captain Ernest F.Caulfield: Captain Leonard A.G. Nicholson: Captain William W. Bentinck: Captain Edmond Hyde Parker: Captain Sidney R. Hope: Captain Price Vaughan Lewes: Captain Rudolf W. Duff: Captain Arthur H. 1919): Captain Frederick C. Bruton: May 1909-August 1910 August 1910-September 1911 September 1911-April 1913 April 1913-July 1914 July-November 1914 November 1914-February 1915 February 1915-January 1918 January-April 1918 June 1918-January 1919 January-December 1919 December 1919-March 1920 “St. Chilton: Captain Charles W. Fisher: Captain Edward Reeves: Captain Gerald W. Vivian: January 1910-May 1912 December 1912-May 1917 May 1917-January 1919 January-March 1919 . Tudor: Captain Herbert L.27 “Temeraire”(1909.

1922): Captain Charles M. Eustace: Captain Arthur D. 1921): Captain William C. Vivian: January 1910-December 1911 December 1911-June 1912 June 1912-December 1916 December 1916-March 1917 March 1917-December 1918 December 1918-March 1919 March 1919-June 1920 “Vanguard”(1910. Vaughan-Lee: Captain James C. destroyed by internal explosion Scapa Flow 9 January 1917): Captain John B. Segrave: Captain Herbert A. Nicholson: Captain Cole C. de Bartolome: Captain Allan F. Bernard: Captain William F. Fowler: Captain Frederick A.28 “Collingwood”(1910. Pakenham: Captain Charles L. Hunt: Captain T. G. Hickley: Captain James D.P. Parry: January-December 1911 December 1911-March 1914 March 1914-January 1915 January 1915-February 1916 February 1916-October 1917 October 1917-October 1918 October 1918-January 1919 January 1919-August 1920 August 1920-October 1921 . Dick: March 1910-September 1911 September 1911-June 1913 June 1913-January 1916 January 1916-July 1917+ “Neptune”(1911. Slayter: Captain John R. Powlett: Captain Gerald W. Ley: Captain Wilmot S. Dawson L. Adam: Captain Reginald St. Sheppard: Captain Vivian H. Everett: Captain Allen T. Ricardo: Captain Cecil S.

Pilcher: Captain Robert A.29 “Colossus”(1911. Dreyer: Captain Oliver Backhouse: Captain Eric J. Hopwood: Captain Henry H.O. 1922): Captain Arthur W. Smith: Captain the Hon. Hornell: Captain the Hon.S.A. Forbes-Sempill: Captain Francis A. Craig: Captain Frederic C. 1920): Captain Dudley R. Hornell: Captain Robert C. Arthur L. Beaty-Pownall: Captain Robert A. Fitzherbert: Captain A.R. 1921): Captain Ronald A. Fullerton: Captain Cecil H. Parker: Captain Alexander Lowndes: Captain James T. Pound: Captain Wilfred Tomkinson: Captain Charles P. Edward S. Bush: Captain Ralph Eliot: December 1911-June 1913 June 1913-April 1915 April 1915-June 1916 June 1916-February 1918 February 1918-March 1919 August 1919-May 1920 May 1920-? 1921 “Orion”(1912. Goodenough: Captain George W. Dudley P. Clutterbuck: July 1911-August 1912 August 1912-July 1913 July 1913-June 1914 June 1914-May 1915 May 1915-July 1917 July-November 1917 November 1917-February 1919 February-April 1919 May 1919-July 1920 July 1920-March 1921 “Hercules”(1911. de Chair: Captain William E. Bruce: Captain Lewis Clinton-Baker: Captain Henry W. Hamilton: November 1911-October 1913 October 1913-October 1915 October 1915-December 1916 December 1916-December 1918 December 1918-April 1919 April 1919-September 1920 September 1920-June 1921 .

Richmond: Captain John W. Field: Captain George H. Powlett: Captain Colin Mackenzie: Captain Oliver E. McClintock: Captain John R. Powell: Captain Reginald J. Campbell: Captain Hubert S. Drury-Lowe: Captain George B. Palmer: Captain Hugh H.D. Monroe: January 1912-August 1913 August-November 1913 November 1913-December 1914 December 1914-August1915 August 1915-August 1917 August 1917-August 1919 August 1919-February 1921 February 1921-January 1923 January 1923-August 1924 August 1924-September 1925 September 1925- “Conqueror”(1912.A.Leggett: Captain George W. McO.L.Watson: ?-December 1912 December 1912-June 1913 June 1913-September 1915 September-December 1915 December 1915-April 1918 April 1918-August 1919 August 1919-August 1921 August 1921-May 1922 “Thunderer”(1912. Segrave: Captain Robert C.N.L. Fergusson: Captain Thomas D. Smith: Captain Frederick L. 1921): Captain Douglas R. Vaughan-Lee: Captain James A. 1921): Captain Charles L. Phipps Hornby: Captain Edmund H. Napier: Captain Robert S.30 “Monarch”(1912. Tothill: Captain Herbert W. Pratt: Captain Frederick A. Gaunt: Captain Thomas Jackson: Captain Charles L. Nicholson: Captain Norman C. Oliver: Captain Guy R. Hamilton: May 1912-December 1913 December 1913-December 1914 December 1914-April 1917 April 1917-April 1918 April 1918-January 1919 January 1919-1920 June 1921-? . 1921 to Training Ship): Captain Henry F. Borrett: Captain Sidney R.

Braithwaite: April 1913-February 1916 February 1916-March 1918 March 1918-December 1919 December 1919-December 1921 March 1922-August 1923 August 1923-? 1924 April 1925-? 1926 “Audacious”( 1913.Hardy: Captain Lawrence W.Kerr: Captain George H. Baird: Captain Vincent B. Pearson: November 1911-March 1913 March 1913-? 1915 ?-December 1915 December 1915-December 1916 December 1916-April 1918 April 1918-March 1919 March 1919-September 1920 October 1920-February 1923 February-June 1923 “Ajax”(1913. Thesiger: Captain John L. Baird: Captain David Murray Anderson: Captain Vernon H. Davies: Captain Bertram S.: Captain George H. Molteno: Captain Frederick L. Dampier: May 1913-October 1914 . Haggard: Captain George Trewby: Captain Charles T.L. 1924): Captain Mark E.31 “King George V”(1912. Campbell: Captain Arthur J. Field: Captain John W.F. Henniker-Hughan.S. Bt. 1924): Captain Sir Arthur J. sunk off the Coast of Ireland 27 October 1914): Captain Cecil F. McClintock: Captain Alexander V.

L.P.1924 to Target Ship ): Captain Michael Culme-Seymour: Captain Roger J. MacFarlan: Captain Robert C. 1919): Captain Douglas R. Doughty: Captain Henry L. Dent: Captain Hugh L. Heard: Captain Richard G. Hamilton: Captain Aubrey T. T. Bowring: Captain Thomas N.B. Symonds-Tayler: August 1913-June 1916 June 1916-April 1917 June 1917-March 1919 March 1919-March 1921 March 1921-April 1923 April 1923-April 1924 April 1924-? 1925 July 1927-July 1928 July 1928-November 1929 November 1929-January 1931 January 1931-? 1932 June 1933-January 1936 January 1935-? 1936 April 1937-January 1938 January-September 1939 “Agincourt”(1914.32 “Centurion”(1913. Keyes: Captain Douglas L.A. James: Captain Robert S. Legge: Captain Irving M. Stapleton-Cotton: Captain Humphrey W.B.W.A. Tillard: Captain Richard A.Plowden: Captain Montague G. Palmer: Captain Walter N. Mawbey: August 1914-January 1916 January 1916-April 1917 April 1917-March 1919 . Beckett: Captain Richard V. Nicholson: Captain Henry M.

Phillips: Captain Robert D.Rose: Captain Charles M.Henley: Captain Raymond Fitzmaurice: Captain Charles J. King: Captain Hamilton C.S.Bedford: Captain Richard A.W.Dunbar-Nasmith: Captain Frank F. Chatfield: Captain Eustace La T.F.Hill: Captain Martin E. Leatham: Captain William W.Dewar: Captain Edward C.Austin: Captain Kenneth G.C. 1929 to Training Ship): Captain Robert N.B.Little: Captain Francis M. Allen: Captain Francis H.L. Fisher: Captain Arthur E.Boyle: Captain Richard M. Dreyer: Captain A. Lawson: Captain Frederic C.33 “Iron Duke”(1914.Ernle M.G.Forbes: Captain Joseph C. Walker: Captain Charles Farquhar-Smith: Captain Alfred J. Oliver: March 1914-October 1915 October 1915-December 1916 December 1916-February 1917 February 1917-January 1919 January-May 1919 May-July 1919 July 1919-August 1921 August 1921-August 1923 August 1923-October 1924 October 1924-April 1925 April 1925-March 1926 March 1926-? ?-August 1927 August 1927-? 1928 May-August 1929 August 1929-? 1931 October 1932-October 1933 October 1933-January 1935 January 1935-May 1936 May 1936-October 1937 October 1937-January 1939 January 1939-? 1940 .

PlunkettErnle-Erle-Drax: Captain Frederick C. Loder-Symonds: Captain Berwick Curtis: Captain Cecil H.Tweedie: Captain William D.34 “Marlborough”(1914.Royds: Captain Joseph C.Grant: Captain George P. Reginald A. Pilcher: Captain William F. Ross: Captain Edward B.Macrorie: Captain Frederick P.S. 1931): Captain William C. Carpenter: Captain Charles D.Fisher: Captain Alfred F.Crooke: Captain Arthur K. Nicholson: Captain Charles W.Hodgson: May 1914-September 1915 September 1915.Kiddle: Captain Charles D. Burke: Captain John C.Henley: Captain Henry R.B. 1932): Captain E. R.R.Crooke: Captain Hugh J. Arthur B.Johnson: Captain Henry R.Taylor: September 1914-June 1915 June 1915-January 1919 January 1919-April 1921 April-October 1921 November 1922-May 1924 May 1924-October 1925 October 1925-? 1927-1928 1928-May 1929 May 1929-May 1930 May 1930- .Paton: Captain the Hon.W. Sommerville: Captain George W.M.G.February 1917 February 1917-October 1918 October 1918-November 1920 March-July 1922 July1922-August 1923 August 1923-February 1925 February 1925-1926 ?-March 1926 April 1926-April 1927 April 1927-May 1928 May-November 1928 November 1928-November 1929 November 1929-? “Emperor of India”(1914.Dutton: Captain Raymond Fitzmaurice: Captain the Hon. Sells: Captain Frederick A.Percy F.

Ellerton: Captain Herbert W.Crooke: Captain Arthur E. Victor A. Stanley: Captain Walter M.Carpendale: Captain Henry R. Austin: May 1914-August 1915 August 1915-June 1916 June 1916-September 1917 September 1917-February 1919 February 1919-February1921 February-April 1921 April 1921-August 1922 August 1922-October 1924 November 1923-? 1924) temporary October 1924-April 1926 April 1926-August 1927 August 1927-May 1928 May 1928-1929 “Erin”(1914.35 “Benbow”(1914. Casement: Captain Ambrose M.R. Parker: Captain Lewis Clinton-Baker: Captain Arthur K.Somerville: (Captain Kenelm E. 1929): Captain James A.Carpenter: Captain Francis M. Waistell: Captain Charles D.F.B.Peck: Captain Alfred F.M. 1920): Captain William C.L.Creighton: Captain John M.Watson: Captain George N. Ley: Captain Adolphus H. Richmond: Captain Percival H.Bedford: Captain James F. Fergusson: Captain Henry W. Nicholson: Captain James C. Williamson: Captain Hugh D. Hall-Thompson: Captain William D. Paton: April 1914-April 1917 April 1917-January 1919 January –December 1919 December 1919-January 1921 January 1921-? 1922 “Canada”(1915. Tomlin: To Chile: June 1915-December 1916 December 1916-December 1917 December 1917-February 1918 February 1918-March 1919 March 1919-? 1920 1920 .1922): Captain the Hon.

L.Egerton: Captain Robert C. Forbes: Captain George K. Chetwode: Captain Humphrey T. 1945): Captain George P. Moore: Captain Edward L.Barry : Captain H. Ellis: October 1914-December 1916 December 1916-February 1917 February 1917-April 1919 April 1919-June 1921 June 1921-June 1923 June 1923-October 1924 May 1925-March 1926 March 1926-? 1926-1927 December 1927-May 1928 May 1928-May 1930 May 1930 –January 1933 January 1933-April 1936 April 1936-? 1937 1937-1940 October 1940-April 1942 April 1943-February 1945 February-? 1945 . Davenport: Captain Stephen St. Geoffrey Norman: Captain Robert M.Best: Captain Geoffrey Blake: Captain Charles M.36 “Queen Elizabeth”(1915. King: Refit: Captain Claud B. Chatfield: Captain the Hon.Ernle M. Leatham: Captain A.James: Captain Wilfrid A. Walwyn: Refit: Captain Thomas N. Hope: Captain Eustace La T.W. Matthew R. S.

C. P.Walker: Captain Oswald H.Aubyn B. Wake: Captain Lachlan D. Burmester: Refit: Captain George K. Dawson: Captain St. I. Evelegh: March 1915-December 1916 December 1916-June 1918 June 1918-January 1919 January 1919-May 1920 May 1920-April 1922 April 1922-April 1923 April 1923-1924 1924-1926 March 1926-December 1927 December 1927-September 1928 September 1928-September 1929 January/September 1929-April 1930 April 1930-April 1931 April 1931-August 1932 August 1932-January 1934 1934-1937 May 1937-April 1940 April 1940-March 1942 March 1942-January 1943 January-October 1943 March-December 1944 December 1944-February 1945 . 1945): Captain Edward M. Packer: Captain Marcel H. Fisher: Captain Fitzroy E. MacKinnon: Refit: Captain Victor A.Loring: Captain Francis Clifton Brown: Captain Robert N.Carrington: Captain Arthur H. Chetwode: Captain James F.Somerville: Captain John W. Hutton: Captain Herbert A.37 “Warspite”(1915.A.Bax: Captain Rudolf M. Kelsey: Captain Markham H.Crutchley: Captain Douglas B. Phillpotts: Captain Charles M. de Bartolome: Captain Hubert Lynes: Captain Ernest K.

Willis: Captain Harold T. Horan: Captain Algernon U. Craig: Captain Richard Horne: Captain Robin C.S.Noble: Captain Richard A. Somerville: Refit: Captain Richard J.April 1929 1930-1933 December 1933–August 1935 August 1935-July 1937 July 1937-April 1938 April 1938-January 1939 January 1939-March 1940 March 1940-November 1941+ .Walker: Captain Geoffrey C. Wodehouse: Captain Henry E.C.Hill: Captain Joseph C.Somerville: Captain Hubert S.Cooke: June 1915-April 1918 April 1918-October 1920 October 1920-October 1922 October 1922-September 1924 September 1924-January 1926 March 1926-May 1927 May-December 1927 December 1927-February 1928 February-September 1928 September 1928. R.W. Scott: Captain Norman A.38 “Barham”(1915.Henley: Captain James F. sunk Mediterranean 25 November 1941): Captain Arthur W.Dalglish: Captain Percy L.B.H.Blount: Captain James F.Monroe: Captain George R.

Buller: Captain Horace W. Staveley: Captain Frank Larken: Captain David T.Bernard H.Norman: Refit: Captain Frederick A. Maxwell: Captain Bertram C.Longden: Captain Cecil M.M. 1945): Captain Maurice Woollcombe: Captain Henry T.O’Donnell: October 1915-October 1918 October 1918-April 1919 April 1919-April 1921 April 1921-August 1922 August 1922-1924 ?-November 1924 November 1924-1926 1926-March 1927 March 1927-September 1928 September 1928-? 1929 1929-1930 ?.39 “Valiant”(1916. Watson: Captain Alfred H. Ashmore: Captain George E.Carrington: Captain Alfred H.December 1930 December 1930.December 1931 December 1931-August 1933 August 1933-August 1934 August 1934-December 1935 December 1935-March 1937 1937-1939 August 1939-October 1940 October 1940-May 1942 May 1942-October 1943 October 1943-April 1945 .Godfrey: Captain Humphrey T. Arbuthnot: Refit: Captain H. Sommerville: Captain Charles A.Norris: Captain Harry R. Morgan: Captain Leslie H. Scott: Captain Wellwood G.Walwyn: Captain John W. Taylor: Captain Geoffrey S.Rawlings: Captain Charles E.C.

Palliser: Captain Cuthbert Coppinger: Captain John W. 1944): Captain the Hon.Shipway: Captain James S. Ashmore: November 1915-January 1918 January 1918-May 1919 May 1919-May 1921 May 1921-? 1922 ? 1922-January 1923 January 1923-August 1924 August 1924-October 1925 October 1925-? 1927 1927-? 1928 December 1928-November 1929 November 1929-January 1931 January 1931-August 1932 August 1932-? 1934 1934-1936 October 1936-December 1938 December 1938-May 1940 May 1940-May 1941 May 1941-March 1942 March 1942-July 1943 July-October 1943 October-December 1943 .C. Waller: Captain George E.E. Woollcombe: Captain Henry T.H. Buckley: Captain Ion B. Usborne: Captain Nicholas E.B.Tower: Captain Arthur F.S. M. Archdale: Captain Hugh S. Algernon D. Boyle: Captain Louis C.Royds: Captain Christopher R. Salmond: Captain Guy W.Buller: Captain Percy M.A. Hallifax: Refit: Captain Frederick A.Tomlin: Captain Edward A. O’Donnell: Captain Leslie H. C. Payne: Captain Roger R.Astley-Rushton: Captain Cecil V.R.Backhouse: Captain George N.40 “Malaya”(1916.E.

Colvin: Captain Dudley B.Meyrick: Captain Gilbert O.Archer: Captain L.Studholme Brownrigg: Captain Sidney J.July 1934 July 1934-December 1935 December 1935-August 1936 1936-1937 June 1937-January 1938 January 1938-? 1939 1939 July 1939-July 1941 July 1941-January 1943 January-July 1943 July-? 1943 . G. N. Vaughan Morgan: Captain Gervase B. Middleton: Captain St. Miles: Refit: Captain Roderick B. T.Carlisle P.Swabey: Captain H. North: Refit: Captain Charles W.Stephenson: Captain Ragnar M. Tillard: Captain Lancelot E.John Cronyn: December 1915-February 1917 February 1917-April 1919 April 1919-May 1921 May 1921-May 1922 May 1922-May 1923 May 1923-July 1924 July 1924-July 1926 July 1926-? 1927 1927-1928 December 1928-June 1930 June 1930-August 1932 August 1932. Troup: Captain Stephen D. Holland: Captain Roderick B.41 “Revenge”(1916. Miles: Captain W. Kiddle: Captain George P.J. T. Round-Turner: Captain James A. 1944): Captain Edward B.Ross: Captain G. Frederic Wake-Walker: Refit: Captain Ernest R.T.

Ramsey: Refit: Captain Thomas B. R. Drew: Captain Colin Cantlie: Captain William G. Strutt: Captain Kenneth G.Benn: January 1916-January 1919 January 1919-January1921 January1921-September 1922 1922-1924 April 1924-September 1925 September 1925-July 1926 July 1926-October1927 October 1927-March 1928 March 1928-May 1929 May 1929-May 1930 May 1930-December 1931 December 1931-? 1934 1934-1936 June 1936-August 1938 August 1938-July 1939 July-October 1939+ .Hamilton: Captain Wilbraham T. Hall-Thompson: Refit: Captain Charles A. B.42 “Royal Oak”(1916. Dewar: Captain Hugh D. Thursfield: Captain Charles G.Whitehead: Captain Percival H. Arthur C. Ford: Captain Henry G. Fountaine: Captain Claude Seymour: Captain the Hon. sunk Scapa Flow 14 October 1939): Captain Crawford Maclachlan: Captain Frederic A.

Hunt: Captain Henry M. Stewart: To Russia: March 1916-July 1917 July 1917-June 1919 June 1919-September 1920 September-December 1920 1920-1922 May 1922-April 1924 April 1924-September 1925 September 1925-November 1926 November 1926-December 1927 December 1927-August 1929 August 1929-September 1930 September 1930-January 1932 January 1932-November 1933 November 1933-June 1935 June 1935-July 1936 August 1936-July 1937 1937-1938 February 1938-July 1939 July-? 1939 December 1939-September 1941 September 1941-Oct? 1942 Oct? 1942-Jan? 1943 May-August 1943 1944 .43 “Royal Sovereign”(1916): Captain Allen T. James: Captain Gerald A.Doughty: Captain Oliver Backhouse: Captain Robert N. Pipon: Captain Kenelm E.Wells: Captain Basil G.Tufnell: Captain Robert R.Jacomb: Captain Reginald H.Domvile: Captain William M. Creighton: Captain Bertram H.C. L. T. Dorling: Captain L.G.Napier: Captain Bernard St. Washington: Captain James M. Collard: Captain Barry E. Ramsay: Captain Frank Elliott: Captain Roderick B.Vaughan Morgan: Captain Humphrey B. Portal: Captain Desmond N. S. Miles: Refit: Captain James W.Bax: Refit: Captain William R.

Rede: Captain the Hon. Dick: August 1916-November 1917 November 1917-September 1918 September 1918-March 1919 March 1919-January 1920 January 1920-May 1921 May 1921-August 1922 August 1922-? 1924 May-October 1925 October 1925-? 1926 1926-1927 November 1927-April 1928 April 1928-August 1929 August 1929-November 1930 November 1930-October 1932 October 1932-September 1933 September 1933-September 1936 September 1936-January 1938 January-February 1938 1938 July 1938-November 1939 November 1939-October 1940 October 1940-June 1942 June 1942-October 1943 April-July 1944 .44 “Resolution”(1916.Bingham: Captain Max K. E.Harper: Captain Raymond Fitzmaurice: Captain Francis A.Bt. Barttelot: Captain Oliver Backhouse: Captain Argentine H.D. 1944): Captain Edward F. Usborne: Captain Roger L’E. Marten: Refit: Captain Cecil V. D.F. Dorling: Refit: Captain Charles H.Halfhide: Captain John W.: Captain James W. Durnford: Captain Royer M.Barry S.T. Turle: Captain John H.Briggs: Captain Cyril S. Cunningham: Captain Sir Lionel A. Bruen: Captain Brian H.S. Horton: Captain Charles E. Townsend: Captain John E. Sturdee.Alington: Captain Harold D. M.Knox-Little: Captain Oliver Bevir: Captain Arthur R.

H.B. Percy F.C. Doughty: Captain E. Tufnell: Captain Geoffrey M. Grant: Captain John Luce: Captain Aubrey C. Fairbairn: Captain Henry D.Bridges: Refit: Captain Ralph Leatham: Captain Ronald W.45 “Ramillies”(1917. M.Oldham: Captain E.Tom Baillie-Grohman: Captain Arthur D.Read: Captain Desmond N. Smith: Captain Cecil D. Neville Syfret: Refit: Captain H.Blount: Captain Hubert S.G.Raikes: Captain Francis H.Monroe: Captain Bernard W. Middleton: April-July 1917 July 1917-February 1919 February 1919-? 1920 ? 1920-January 1921 January 1921-August 1922 August 1922-April 1924 April 1924-September 1925 September 1925-August 1926 August 1926-February 1928 February 1928-April 1929 April 1929-November 1930 November 1930-June 1932 1932-1934 May 1934-January ? 1936 April 1936-January 1938 January-August 1938 1938-1939 January 1939-November 1940 November 1940-September 1941 September 1941-August 1942 January-February 1943 July 1943-January 1945 . Keble-White: Captain Gervase B. K.S.Mitchell: Captain Wilfrid Nunn: Captain Ernest Wigram: Captain George R. 1945): Captain Henry M.

Robert O. Curteis: Captain Patrick Macnamara: Captain Algernon U. B.A. Fitzroy: May 1927-April 1928 April 1928-December 1929 December 1929-December1930 December 1930-April 1932 April 1932-August 1934 August 1934-February 1936 February-July 1936 July 1936-August 1938 August 1938-November 1939 November1939-July 1941 July 1941-July 1943 July 1943-January 1946 . C. Tovey: Captain Wilfred N.Rivett-Carnac: Captain the Hon. Jacomb: Captain the Hon. Tofield Makeig-Jones: Captain Geoffrey J. Hugh Binney: Captain F. Kitson: Captain Francis Loftus Tottenham: Captain Andrew B.Neville Syfret: Captain Frederick H. Bellairs: Captain John C.46 “Nelson”(1927. Ramsay Dewar: Captain W.Maxwell-Hyslop: Captain Clifford Caslon: Captain Brian B.Troubridge: Captain Humphrey B. Whitworth: Captain Ronald H. Hallifax: Captain E. 1946): Captain Henry K. Custance: Captain William J.G. Miles: Captain Thomas H.E. Willis: Captain A. Schofield: July 1927-December 1928 December 1928-May 1930 May 1930-December 1931 December 1931-September 1933 September 1933-May 1934 May 1934-August 1935 August 1935-December 1937 December 1937-July 1939 July 1939-June 1941 June 1941-January 1942 March 1942-January 1943 January-December 1943 December 1943-November 1944 November 1944-April 1946 April 1946- “Rodney”(1927. Cunningham: Captain Roger M. Burges Watson: Captain Alban T.Russell: Captain Alexander H. Guy H. Meyrick: Captain T. 1948): Captain Sidney J.Dalrymple-Hamilton: Captain James W.

Guy H. 1949): Captain Wilfrid R. Kinahan: Captain E. McBeath: April 1941-September 1942 September 1942-August 1943 August-December 1943 December 1943-September 1944 September 1944-1946 December 1947-January 1949 January-June 1949 June 1949-June 1950 June 1950-1951 “Anson”(1942. St.G. Parry: Captain Arthur F. Nicholl: Captain Douglas H.Patterson: Captain Philip J. McCarthy: Captain Alexander C. G. H.Russell: Captain Angus D. Everett: Captain Cecil R. Madden: Captain Frederick S. Halsey: Captain Brian B.L. Bell: Captain David Orr-Ewing: February 1942-July 1943 July 1943-? 1944 November 1944-November 1945 November 1945April 1948-November 1949 .47 “King George V”(1940. G.Harcourt: Captain George E.E. 1951): Captain Harold R. J.Leach: February-December 1941+ “Duke of York”(1941. Desmond B. Orpen: Captain John E. sunk off Malaya 10 December 1941)): Captain John C. Schofield: Refit: Captain Hugh Dalrymple-Smith: July 1940-May 1942 May 1942-February 1943 February 1943-April 1945 April 1945-April 1946 1946-1947 July 1948-November 1949 “Prince of Wales”(1941. Schofield: Captain the Hon. Creasy: Captain Brian B. Mack: Captain Thomas E. 1951): Captain Cecil H.

McCall: Captain Robert M. Litchfield: Captain R. Bt.48 “Howe”(1942.John R. U. L. Fisher: October 1945-March 1947 March 1947-July 1949 July 1949-August 1950 August 1950-December 1951 December 1951-January 1953 January 1953-May 1954 May 1954-January 1955 December 1956-July 1958 July 1958-June 1960 .: Captain Arthur G. Hall-Thompson: Captain John S. Ellis: Captain Lancelot M.Woodhouse: Captain Henry W. Tyrwhitt.S. Agnew: Captain Frederick R. 1960): Captain William G. Alastair Ewing: Captain Sir St.J. Poe: Captain Norman W. Parham: Captain Gerald V. Shadwell: April 1942-March 1944 March 1944-February 1946 February 1946-1947 December 1949-1951 “Vanguard”(1946. Gladstone: Captain Derrick H. 1950): Captain Charles H.

49 (b): BATTLECRUISERS: INDEX: “Australia”(1913): “Hood”(1920): “Indefatigable”(1911): “Indomitable”(1908): “Inflexible”: “Invincible”(1909): “Lion”(1912): “New Zealand”(1912): “Princess Royal”: “Queen Mary”: “Renown”(1916): “Repulse”(1916): “Tiger”(1914): page 51 page 53 page 51 page 50 page 50 page 50 page 51 page 51 page 51 page 52 page 53 page 52 page 52 .

Beamish: Captain Arthur L.Clarke: Captain Michael Culme-Seymour: Captain Henry B. Kerr: Captain Henry J.P. Hodges: Captain Ernest K. Kennedy: Captain Michael H. Loxley: Captain Richard F. 1920): Captain Henry H.M. Pelly: Captain Charles M. Cay: September 1908-January 1912 January-May 1912 May 1912-August 1913 August 1913-August 1914 August-October 1914 October 1914-February 1915 February 1915-May 1916+ .L. Veale: April 1908-July 1909 July 1909-January 1911 January-November 1911 November 1911-December 1912 December 1912-June 1916 June 1916-August 1917 August 1917-January 1919 March 1919-March 1920 “Inflexible”(1908. Heaton-Ellis: Captain Arthur A.F. 1920): Captain Herbert G. King-Hall: Captain Charles M. de Bartolome: Captain T. Loring: Captain Henry R.M. Duff: Captain Crawford Maclachlan: Captain Francis W. Hawksley: Captain Ernest W. sunk Battle of Jutland 31 May 1916): Captain Mark E.50 “Indomitable”(1908. Duff: Captain James R. de Bartolome: Captain Arthur A. Torlesse: Captain Charles L.Percy H. Denison: June 1908-December 1909 December 1909-November 1911 November 1911-? 1912 November 1912-August 1914 August 1914-April 1915 April 1915-November 1916 November 1916-August 1917 November 1917-March 1919 March 1919-March 1920 “Invincible”(1909. Phillimore: Captain Arthur N. Napier: Captain Richard F.F. Phillimore: Captain Edward H.

Duff: Captain A. James: Captain Claude L.M.51 “Indefatigable”(1911. Kelly: August 1912-March 1915 March 1915-July 1917 July 1917-? 1919 “New Zealand”(1912. 1920): Captain Osmond de B. Leveson: Captain Charles F. Cowan: Captain John D.B. 1922): Captain Arthur A.C. Green: Captain Richard Webb: Captain Leonard A. Radcliffe: Captain Oliver Backhouse: Captain Thomas N.P.E.Backhouse: Captain Arthur J. Parry: November 1911-March 1913 March 1913-December 1916 December 1916-May 1918 May 1918-? 1919 ? 1919-January 1920 January-March 1920 October 1921-May 1922 “Princess Royal”(1912. Addison: Captain Reginald St. 1921): Captain Stephen H. Sowerby: January 1911-February 1913 February 1913-May 1916+ “Lion”(1912. Brock: Captain Walter H. Leggett: September 1912-June 1915 June 1915-October 1917 October 1917-September 1918 September 1918-February 1919 February 1919-? 1920 “Australia”(1913. sunk Battle of Jutland 31 May 1916): Captain Arthur C. Donaldson: Captain Oliver E. 1920): Captain Lionel Halsey: Captain John F. Ernle M. Davies: Captain Wilfred Tomkinson: Captain Albert P. Chatfield: Captain Roger R. Cumberledge: June 1913-December 1916 December 1916-September 1918 September 1918-April 1919 April 1919-September 1920 .

sunk off Malaya 10 December 1941 ): Captain Cyril T.Hallett: Captain Francis G.R.G.W. N.D. Pelly: Captain Rudolf W.52 “Queen Mary”(1913.M. D. 1931): Captain Henry B.Reginald Hall: Captain Cecil I. Dreyer: Captain Henry W.Pound: Captain Frederic C. B.Spooner: Captain William G. C.C.F.Dickens: Captain Edward O. Prowse: July 1913-October 1914 October 1914-May 1916+ “Tiger”(1914. North: Captain Arthur E. Godfrey: Captain Ernest J. Parker: Captain Herbert W. Dewar: Captain Dudley B. Bedford: August 1914-June 1916 June 1916-August 1917 August 1917-March 1919 March 1919-March 1921 March 1921-? 1922 November 1923-May 1925 May-November 1925 November 1925-July 1927 July 1927-November 1928 November 1928-May 1929 May 1929-January 1930 January 1930-1931 “Repulse”(1916. Cameron: Captain Arthur Kemmis Betty: Captain Horace W. Fuller: Captain William H.Hope: Captain Edward R. Longden: Captain Gordon Campbell: Captain Walter J.Evans: Captain Theodore J.Tennant: August 1916-November 1917 November 1917-December 1918 1918-1920 October 1920-April 1922 April 1922-November 1923 November 1923-November 1924 November 1924-June 1926 June 1926-September 1927 September 1927-April 1928 April 1928-November 1929 November 1929-August 1931 August 1931-? 1932 1932-1936 January 1936-December 1938 December 1938-June 1940 June 1940-December 1941 . sunk Battle of Jutland 31 May 1916): Captain W. Boyle: Captain John E. Boyle: Refit: Captain A. Duff: Captain William H.G. Bentinck: Captain Arthur A. M.Chilton: Captain Gerald L. Lake: Captain Kenneth G. Dudley P.R. Cochrane: Refit: Captain John H.

Tower: Captain A. Daniel: Captain W.Edward Parry: Captain Basil C. Bailey: Captain Cecil P. Sinclair: Captain Michael H.P. Edward-Collins: Captain Thomas F. Frederick E. sunk North Atlantic 24 May 1941): Captain Wilfred Tomkinson: Captain Geoffrey Mackworth: Captain John K.B.Simeon: Captain Rhoderick R. Craig: Captain Ernest A. Jauncey: August 1916-August 1917 August 1917-April 1918 April 1918-January 1919 January 1919-? 1920 1920-1921 August 1921-January 1923 1923-1926 1926-December 1927 December 1927-April 1929 April 1929-December 1930 December 1930-May 1932 May 1932-August 1933 August 1933-May 1934 May 1934.B.Taylor: Refit: Captain the Hon. im Thurn: Captain Harold O. Thomas B. P. Sulivan: Captain Sidney R. Hugh Binney: Captain F.McGrigor: Captain Charles S.Talbot: Captain G. Patterson: Captain T. Herbert Meade: Refit: Captain Norton A. Hodges: Captain Arthur W. Sawbridge: Refit: Captain Charles E. Calvert: Captain Geoffrey Layton: Captain Henry R. C. Reinold: Captain Wilfred F.? 1936 1936-1939 May 1939-January 1941 January-August 1941 August 1941-January 1943 January-November 1943 November 1943-January 1946 January 1946- “Hood”(1920.53 “Renown”(1916. Walker: Captain Irvine G. 1948): Captain Hugh F. C.Brooke: Captain John H. French: Refit: Captain Julian F.Glennie: Captain Ralph Kerr: January 1920-March 1921 March 1921-May 1923 May 1923-April 1925 April 1925-May 1927 May 1927-May 1929 1929-1931 April 1931-August 1932 August 1932-August 1933 August 1933-February 1936 February 1936-May 1938 May 1938-January 1939 May 1939-January 1941 February-May 1941+ . Francis Pridham: Captain Harold T.

54 (c): AIRCRAFT CARRIERS: INDEX: “Albion”(1954): “Argus”: “Ark Royal”(1938): “Ark Royal”(1955): “Ark Royal”(1985): “Bulwark”(1954): “Centaur”(1953): “Colossus”(1944): “Courageous”: “Eagle”(1924): “Eagle”(1951): “Formidable”(1940): “Furious”(1917): “Glorious”: “Glory”(1945): “Hermes”(1923): “Hermes”(1959): “Illustrious”(1940): “Illustrious”(1982): “Implacable”(1944): “Indefatigable”(1944): “Indomitable”(1941): “Invincible”(1980): “Ocean”(1945): “Theseus”(1946): “Triumph”(1946): “Unicorn”: “Venerable”(1945): “Vengeance”(1945): “Victorious”(1941): “Warrior”(1948): page 64 page 56 page 57 page 65 page 67 page 64 page 63 page 60 page 55 page 57 page 63 page 58 page 56 page 55 page 61 page 57 page 65 page 58 page 67 page 60 page 59 page 59 page 66 page 61 page 62 page 62 page 60 page 61 page 60 page 59 page 62 .

Clarke: Captain W. Casement: Captain Thomas N.A.Hardman-Jones: Captain Cloudesley V. Meyrick: Captain John M.C. Miller: Captain Rowland H. Bather: Captain John E. sunk off the Coast of Norway 8 June 1940): Captain Charles B. J. Rawlings: Captain Bruce A. James: Conversion: Captain Aubrey Lambert: Captain H. Briggs: Captain Sidney J. Boucher: Captain Charles A.Tofield Makeig-Jones: September 1916-February 1919 November 1919-January 1920 January 1920-August 1921 August 1921-October 1923 October 1923-? 1924 1924-1927 March 1927-April 1929 April 1929. Lyster: Captain Guy D’Oyly-Hughes: August 1916-? 1919 January 1921-November 1922 November 1922-? 1924 1924-1930 August 1929-March 1931 March 1931-December 1933 December 1933-? 1934 1934-1935 May 1935-May 1936 May 1936-December 1937 December 1937-May 1939 May 1939-June 1940+ . Royle: Refit: Captain Henry C.August 1930 August-December 1930 December 1930-August1932 August 1932-May 1933 May 1933-May 1935 May 1935-July 1937 July 1937-January 1939 January-July 1939 July-September 1939+ “Glorious”(1917 as Cruiser. Cameron: Conversion: Captain Dashwood F.Studholme Brownrigg: Captain Everard J. Kennedy-Purvis: Captain Guy C. sunk off the Coast of Ireland 17 September 1939): Captain Arthur Bromley: Captain Harold D. Moir: Captain Charles E. Larcom: Captain Marshal L. G. Fraser: Captain A. Lumley St.55 “Courageous”(1916 as Cruiser.S. Robinson: Captain Frank Elliott: Captain Brian Egerton: Captain Maitland W.

Ritchie: Captain Arthur N. Smith: Captain Anselan J.M.56 “Furious”(1917 as Cruiser. Willis: Refit: Captain Alexander R. Palmer: Captain Cyril St. Bovell: Captain Edmund G. Talbot: Captain Tom O.H. Benn: Captain Henry C. Alexander R. Bulteel: Captain George T. Cameron: Reserve: Captain William G. Fancourt: Captain Villiers N.Clayton: Reserve: Captain Marshal L. Norman: Captain Clinton F.C. Danby: Captain James S. N. Philip: March 1917-1919 1919-1925 June 1923-September 1926 September 1926-April 1928 April 1928-September 1929 September 1929-August1930 August 1930-October 1931 October 1931-June 1933 June 1933-August 1935 August 1935-January 1937 January 1937-? 1938 1938-1939 May 1939-January 1940 January-December 1940 December 1940-October 1941 November 1941-February 1943 February 1943-? 1944 “Argus”1918. S.B. 1944) Captain Wilmot S. Bulteel: Captain George T. Nicholson: Reserve and Refit: Captain John L.J.Henderson: Captain the Hon. Dowding: Captain John W.Ramsay: Captain Everard J.Pearson: Captain Reginald G. St.G. Chilton: Captain Stanley L. 1944) Captain Humphrey H. Troubridge: Captain Arthur G. Stirling: Captain Francis G. Surtees: September 1918-July 1920 July 1920-August 1922 August 1922-August 1924 August 1924-1925 1925-1926 January 1927-June 1928 June 1928-1930 1930-1938 July 1938-July 1939 October 1939-August 1940 August 1940-April 1941 April-October 1941 October 1941-January 1943 January-September1943 September 1943-July 1944 .Hardman-Jones: Captain Alfred H. Philip: Captain Henry L. Rushbrooke: Captain Tom O. M. Clarke: Captain Thomas H.

P.Dannreuther: Refit: Captain Lionel V.Stephenson: Captain Lionel G. Mackintosh: February-May 1923 May 1923-April 1925 April 1925-October 1926 October 1926-June 1928 June 1928-October 1929 October 1929-1931 1931-1933 March 1933. Mackinnon: Captain William B. Laurence: Captain Hubert E. George Fraser: Reserve: Captain Fitzroy E. Wells: Reserve: Captain Clement Moody: Captain A.J. sunk Mediterannean 11 August 1942): Captain Gilbert O.Rushbrooke: Captain Lachlan D. Holland: Captain Loben E. Hutton: Captain Richard F. Mackenzie: Refit: Captain the Hon.Robin M.Onslow: February 1923-July 1925 July 1925-? 1927 ?-December 1927 December 1927-January 1929 January 1929-October 1930 October 1930-December 1931 January 1932-September? 1933 1933-1934 August 1934-?1937 1937-1939 August 1939-May 1940 May 1940-April 1942+ “Eagle”(1924. sunk Indian Ocean 9 April 1942): Captain the Hon.N. Campbell: Captain Edmond J.H.Bridge: Captain Edmund G. G.Kerr: Captain Brien M.57 “Hermes”(1923.Money: Captain Noel F.Talbot: Captain Ralph Elliot: Captain Geoffrey Hopwood: Captain James D. sunk Mediterranean 14 November 1941 ): Captain Arthur J.Preston: Captain William M.May 1935 1935-1937 January 1937-June 1939 June 1939-April 1941 April 1941-June 1942 June-August 1942 “Ark Royal”(1938.Power: Captain Cedric S.Arthur Stopford: Captain Cecil P.Maund: January 1938-April 1940 May 1940-April 1941 April-November 1941 .

58 “Illustrious”(1940. Jellicoe: Captain R. La T. Stephens: Captain John Hughes-Hallett: Captain Eric G. Clifford: Captain Stephen H. Andrewes: Captain George C. 1947): Captain Arthur W. Talbot: Captain Philip Ruck-Keene: Captain William G. Talbot: Captain Robert L. Carlill: Captain Christopher T. 1954): Captain Denis W. Lambe: Captain William D. Cunliffe: Captain Arthur G.B. Bisset: Captain Robert L. Dymock Watson: Captain Kenneth A. Menzies: August 1940-August 1942 August 1942 August 1942-July 1943 July 1943-July 1945 July-? 1945 February 1946-1947 . Boyd: Captain Lord Louis Mountbatten: Captain Arthur G. P.A. B. Cunliffe: Captain Charles E. Short: January 1940-? 1941 August-October 1941 October 1941-August 1942 August 1942-? 1944 May 1944-July 1945 July 1945-? June 1948-June 1949 June 1949-June 1950 June 1950-August 1951 August 1951-September 1952 September 1952-December 1953 December 1953-1955 “Formidable”(1940.

Eccles: Captain William G. 1968): Captain Henry C.W. Troubridge: Captain Guy Grantham: Captain John A. Mackintosh: Captain Michael M. Richard B. Coke: Captain H. Compston: Captain Dudley L.D. 1953): Captain Harold E.59 “Victorious”(1941. 1954): Captain Quintin D. K. Fisher: September 1943-November 1945 November 1945-1946 March-May 1950 May 1950-June 1951 June 1951-January 1953 January 1953-September 1954 . S. Morse: Captain Thomas H. Woods: July 1941-January 1942 January-August 1942 August 1942-October 1943 October 1943-December 1945 December 1945-1947 1947-1950 March 1951-April 1952 April 1952-1953 “Indefatigable”(1944. McIntosh: October 1940-November 1942 November 1942-November1943 December 1943-August 1945 August 1945-September 1947 September 1947-May 1948 May 1948-July 1949 July 1949-March 1950 1950-1957 December 1957-August 1959 August 1959-December 1960 December 1960-November 1962 November 1962-October 1964 October 1964-September 1966 September 1966-1968 “Indomitable”(1941. Macintyre: Captain John A. Sherbrooke: Captain John W. Bovell: Captain Lachlan D. V. Grindle: Captain Robert St. Andrewes: Refit: Captain Ian G. Grindle: Refit: Captain Charles P.P. Stevens: Captain Norman V. Graham: Captain Ian A. Davenport: Captain Ian S. Gray: Captain Peter M. Robertson: Captain Wilfrid J. Dickinson: Captain John A. Denny: Captain John C. Grant: Captain Ralph L. Annesley: Captain Eric B. Janvrin: Captain John M.

Mackintosh: Captain Cecil C.60 “Implacable”(1944. Neame: Captain John H. Stokes: To France: July 1944-1946 1946 “Vengeance”(1945.N. St. Merewether: Captain Michael B.S. Thompson: Captain Richard R. Stevens: Captain Charles H.S. Campbell: Captain Henry N. Duffett: Captain Geoffrey H. Laing: Captain Harold S. Hopkins: Captain John Y. Peters: Captain Ballin I. Crombie: Captain John Terry: Captain John W. 1952): Captain Douglas L. 1953): Captain Quintin D. Brown: October 1943-October 1944 October 1944-September 1946 September 1946-February 1948 February 1948-April 1949 April 1949-1950 April-? 1952 ?-December 1952 December 1952-December 1953 December 1953-August 1954 “Unicorn”(1943. 1954): Captain Lachlan D. Graham: Captain Henry L. Cuthbert: Captain Renfrew Gotto: Captain Henry C. Mansergh: Captain John F. Fancourt: Captain Christopher McC. Robertshaw: Captain Alan F. Hughes-Hallett: Captain C.J. Coney: September 1944-August 1946 August 1946-March 1948 March 1948-June 1949 June 1949-August 1950 August 1950-January 1952 January-May 1952 May-August 1952 .F.M. Rolfe: Captain Gerald T. Pennefather: November 1942-September 1943 September 1943-October 1944 October 1944September 1948-July 1949 July 1949-November 1950 November 1950-May 1952 May 1952-1954 “Colossus”(1944): Captain Graham H. Aubrey L.

Buzzard. Sims-Williams: November 1944-September 1946 September 1946-1947 August-December 1949 December 1949-February 1950 February-December 1950 December 1950-March 1952 March-December 1952 December 1952-September 1953 September 1953-August 1954 August 1954-1956 “Ocean”(1945. 1956): Captain Sir Anthony W. Evans: Captain Brian E.W. Shattock: Captain Kenneth S. Elkins: Captain Brian E. Ross: Captain Charles L.61 “Venerable”(1945): Captain William A. Maunsell: Captain E. Shattock: Captain Henry A. White: Captain Hugh W.: Captain Walter T. Roper: Captain Isaac W. Browne: Captain Edward G. Colquhoun: Captain Terence A. G. Lewin: Captain Richard T. Traill: Captain Ernest H. Beloe: Captain John Smallwood: May 1945-January 1947 January 1947-April 1948 May-November 1948 November 1948-April 1950 April 1950-July 1950 July 1950-June 1951 June 1951-December 1952 December 1952-May 1954 May 1954-April 1955 April 1955-October 1956 October 1956-June 1957 June 1957-1958 . Duncan G.K. 1958): Captain Casper John: Captain Arthur W. Clarke: Captain W.V. Logan: Captain Hugh C. Christopher Leggatt: Captain Robert F. Bt.T.R. Couchman: Captain Ernest H. W. Dallmeyer: Captain Jocelyn L Storey: To the Netherlands: October 1944-March 1946 March 19461948 “Glory”(1945.S. Logan: Captain Richard C.

Pizey: October 1945-December 1946 December 1946-June 1948 June 1948-October 1949 October 1949-June 1951 June 1951-December 1952 December 1952-August 1954 August-December 1954 December 1954-December 1955 December 1955-December 1956 “Triumph”(1946. Lentaigne: Captain Douglas McI. Brownrigg: Captain Robert K. Bolt: Captain Charles N.R.62 “Warrior”(1948. 1958): Captain P. Jellicoe: Captain Ughtred H.S. Dickson: Captain John P. 1957): Captain Thomas M. Wright: Captain Varyl C. Brown: Captain Anthony C. Hutton: Captain Arthur D. Russell: Captain Henry N. 1956): Captain Hugh W.C.N. Begg: October 1945-June 1946 June 1946-April 1949 April-December 1949 December 1949-April 1951 April-August 1951 August 1951-January 1953 January-August 1953 August 1953-December 1954 December 1954-1956 . St. Sydney Smith: Captain Anthony F. Faulkner: Captain E. Miers: Captain Edward F. Hicks: To Argentina: September 1948-June 1949 January-? 1951 1951-1952 August 1953-1954 August 1956-1957 1958 “Theseus”(1946. Sears: Captain Royston H. Milner-Barry: Captain Roger B. James: Captain Harold P.M. Pugsley: Captain Eric V. Torlesse: Captain Christopher T.J. Conolly Abel Smith: Captain Reginald M. Morgan: Captain Patrick J.J. Wright: Captain Arthur S.

Robertson: March 1951-November 1952 November 1952-December 1953 December 1953-January 1955 January 1955-January 1956 January 1956-February 1957 February 1957-February1958 February 1958-1959 1959-1964 December 1963-July 1965 July 1965-September 1967 September 1967-November 1968 November 1968-June 1970 June 1970-1972 “Centaur”(1953.M.W. 1972): Captain Guy Willoughby: Captain Alexander N. Bingley: Captain Deric D. Sears: Captain Henry C.C. Law: Captain John A. Rolfe: Refit: Captain Horace R. Frewen: Refit: Captain L.J.D. St. Duncan G. Lewin: Captain Hector C. MacLean: Captain Michael Le Fanu: Captain John B. 1965): Captain Harold P.N.C. Steiner: September 1953-October 1954 October 1954-1956 1956-1958 August 1958-August 1960 August 1960-June 1962 June 1962-May 1963 May 1963-1965 .63 “Eagle”(1951. Derek Empson: Captain John C. Sharp: Captain Ottokar H.Y. Ernle Pope: Captain John D.E. Holland-Martin: Captain E. Treacher: Captain Ian G. Roxburgh: Captain J. Henley: Captain Philip G.

C. Dalglish: Captain Patrick J. Power: Captain John A. Adams: Captain B. Symons: October 1954-January 1957 January 1957-1958 1958-1960 August 1959-August 1961 August 1961-September 1963 September 1963-December 1964 December 1964-December 1966 December 1966-May 1968 May 1968-November 1969 November 1969-December 1971 December 1971-December 1972 December 1972-June 1974 June 1974-April 1976 1976-1979 July 1978-February 1980 February 1980-April 1981 . Madden: Captain John H. Morgan: Captain Desmond B. Bazalgette: Captain John R. Templeton-Cotill: Captain Bernard H.C.M. Michael A. Johnston: Refit: Captain George M.F. Torrens-Spence: Refit: Captain Colin D. Ollivant: Captain Henry C. Bell Davies: Captain Derek F.Michael Villiers: Captain Philip D. 1981): Captain J. Hawkins: Captain Richard M. Beale: Captain William A. Franks: Captain James S. Cole: Captain F. 1973): Captain George H. Brewer: Captain Patrick J.64 “Albion”(1954. Staveley: July 1953-January 1955 January-June 1955 June 1955-1957 April 1958-September 1959 September 1959-1961 1961-1962 April 1962-May 1964 May 1964-January 1966 January 1966-1967 December 1967-March 1970 March 1970-January 1971 January 1971-May 1972 May 1972-1973 “Bulwark”(1954. Notley: Captain Lancelot R. Law: Captain Arthur M. Leach: Captain James G.K. Gick: Refit: Captain Robert D. Godfrey Place: Captain Martin S. Smeeton: Captain Antony B. Jungius: Captain William D.

Austin: Refit: Captain C. Reffell: Captain Richard G. Conrad Jenkin: Captain David J. Anson: September 1954-September 1956 September 1956-1958 October 1959-August 1961 August 1961-January 1963 January 1963-January 1964 January 1964-October 1965 October 1965-1966 1966-1969 July 1969-March 1971 March 1971-August 1972 August 1972-November 1973 November 1973-March 1975 March 1975-September 1976 September 1976-1978 “Hermes”(1959. Graham: Captain Edward R. Pollock: Captain Anthony T.G. Mackenzie: Captain Linley E.Desmond Cassidi: Captain John R. Gibson: Captain Michael P. Fitch: Captain D.A. Griffin: Captain Michael F. 1984): Captain David S. Parker: Captain Peter M. Roberts: Captain A.F. Hopkins: Captain Peter J. Cambell: Captain Frank H.65 “Ark Royal”(1955. 1978): Captain Dennis R. Lewin: Captain Douglas G. Peter C. Lygo: Captain John O. Tibbits: Captain William D.E.S.F. Fell: Refit: Captain Raymond D.E. Middleton: Captain Roger C.F. Branson: Captain Derek R. Gerard-Pearse: Captain Wilfrid J. Snow: October 1959-November 1961 November 1961-1964 1964-1966 February 1966-October 1967 October 1967-July 1969 July 1969-1970 1970-1973 February 1973-November 1974 November 1974-May 1976 September 1976-April 1978 April 1978-December 1979 December 1979-November 1980 November 1980-September 1982 October 1982-August 1983 August 1983-1984 . O’Brien: Refit: Captain Terence T.R. Hill-Norton: Captain Donald C. Dimmock: Captain Kenneth A.

Layman: Refit: Captain Michael P. 2005): Captain Michael H.Forbes: Captain Roy A. Soar: Captain Neil Morisetti: March 1979-January 1982 January 1982-March 1983 March 1983-December 1984 December 1984-May 1986 1986-1988 August 1988-March 1990 April 1990-1992 1992-December 1993 December 1993-1995 1995-1996 1996-1997 1997-1999 1999-2001 2001-2003 December 2002-2004 2004-July 2005 . Livesay: Captain J. Tolhurst: Captain Fabian M. Nicholas J. Hill-Norton: Captain Christopher H. Burnell-Nugent: Captain Rory A. McLean: Refit: Captain Trevor A. Jeremy Black: Captain the Hon. Clare: Captain James M.I.66 “Invincible”(1980. Hastilow: Captain Ian A. Gretton: Captain John G.G. Malbon: Captain Richard G.

Style: Captain Alan M.H. Clink: Captain Jeremy P. Massey: Captain Adrian J.R.T. Mansergh: Captain John R. Chick: Captain Benjamin J. Nance: Refit: Captain Michael P. Rankin: Captain Jeremy J. Weatherall: Captain Michael G. Cooling: Captain Timothy P.67 “Illustrious”(1982): Captain Jock C. Phillips: Captain Jonathan Band: Captain Stephen R. Brigstocke: Captain Neil E. Blackham: Captain Terence W. Kerr: Captain Alan Grose: Captain A. Kyd: March 1985-February 1987 February 1987-1989 1989-October 1990 October 1990-1992 1992-1993 1993-1994 1994-1999 1999-2001 2001-2002 2002-2003 June 2003-April 2004 2004-2006 2006-July 2008 July 2008-September 2010 September-November 2010 . Key: Refit: Captain Jeremy P. Peter Woodhead: Captain Jonathan J.K. Fraser: Captain Steven J. Snelson: Captain Alan M. Kyd: May 1981-June 1983 June 1983-September 1984 September 1984-1986 1986-February 1988 February 1988-1989 1989-1993 1993-1995 1995-1997 1997-1998 1998-2000 2000-2001 2001-2002 2002-2004 2004-July 2006 July 2006-November 2007 November 2007-February 2009 February 2009-February 2010 2010-January 2011 January 2011- “Ark Royal”(1985): Captain James L. Tod: Refit: Captain Richard T. Harris: Captain John R. Loughran: Reserve: Refit: Captain David G. Massey: Refit: Captain Robert G. Slater: Captain John B. Meyer: Captain Mark Stanhope: Captain Charles R.R.

68 (d): ASSAULT SHIPS: INDEX: “Albion”(2003): “Bulwark”(2005). “Fearless”(1965): “Intrepid”: “Ocean”(1998): page 70 page 71 page 69 page 70 page 70 .

Williams: Captain James R. Parry: Captain Thomas Cunningham: June 1965-May 1967 May 1967-April 1969 April 1969-October 1970 October 1970-March 1972 March 1972-June 1973 June 1973-August 1975 August 1975-August 1977 August 1977-December 1978 1978-1981 June 1981-March 1983 March 1983-December 1984 December 1984-1985 1985-1991 February 1990-1991 1991-1993 1993-1994 1994-1996 1996-1998 December 1996-August 1998 January 2000-2001 2001-2002 . Jeremy Larken: Captain Roger Trussell Captain Peter G. 2002): Captain Hugh A. Rumble: Captain Lionel A.J. Corbett: Captain Mark W.69 “Fearless”(1965. Gerard-Pearse: Captain Bryan J. Meyer: Captain Simon Moore: Captain Alastair J.S.C.S. Fanshawe: Captain Christopher J. Murison: Refit: Captain Stephen R. Bird: Captain W.Richard S. Thomas: Refit: Captain E. I. Kerr: Captain John R. Taylor: Captain Rory A. Straker: Captain Simon A.B. McLean: Captain Malcolm S. Cassels: Captain John B.S.

Kings: Captain Keith E. Dingemans: Captain Anthony G. Turner: Captain Scott Lidbetter: Captain Adrian J. Wayne L.F. Kidd: Captain Nicholas J. Keble: Captain John M. Eberle: Captain William D.N. Anthony Johnstone-Burt: Captain Christopher A.T. Staveley: Captain John F.S. Johns: Captain Christopher H.L.M. Bridges: Reserve: July 1966-December 1968 December 1968-November 1970 November 1970-April 1972 April 1972-February 1974 February 1974-July 1976 1976-1978 June 1978-April 1980 April 1980-1983 January 1985-October 1986 October 1986-May 1988 May 1988-September 1989 September 1989-1991 1991-1999 “Ocean”(1998): Captain Robert M.70 “Intrepid”(1967.A. Kingwell: Captain James Morley: July 2002-2004 2004-2006 2006-May 2008 May-November 2008 April 2009-September 2010 September 2010- . Haddacks: Captain John C.V. L. 1999): Captain J. Lowe: Captain K. Blount: Captain Andrew Betton: September 1997-1999 1999-2001 2001-2003 2003-2004 2004-December 2005 December 2005-2006 2006-May 2008 May 2008-April 2010 April 2010-April 2011 April 2011- “Albion”(2003): Captain Peter D. Troup: Captain James H. Clayton: Captain C. Wright: Captain Richard A.Y. Hudson: Captain Keith Winstanley: Captain Timothy M. Hunt: Refit: Captain David H.M. Provest: Captain Paul K. Morse: Captain Peter G. Anthony R. Harding: Captain Simon J. Snow: Captain Russell G.

Stanford: Captain Clive C.F. Pritchard: 2004-2005 2005-August 2006 April 2007-December 2008 December 2008-September 2009 September 2009- . Keble: Captain Gavin S. Johnstone: Captain Jeremy J.71 “Bulwark”(2005): Captain Jeremy H. Wayne L.C. Blunden: Captain K.

72 (e): CRUISERS (i) ARMOURED CRUISERS: INDEX: “Aboukir”: “Achilles”(1906): “Antrim”(1905): “Argyll”(1905): “Bacchante”(1902): “Bedford”: “Berwick”(1903): “Black Prince”(1906): “Carnarvon”: “Cochrane”: “Cornwall”(1905): “Cressy”: “Cumberland”(1904): “Defence”(1908): “Devonshire”(1905): “Donegal”: “Drake”(1902): “Duke of Edinburgh”: “Essex”: “Euryalus”(1904): “Good Hope”: “Hampshire”(1905): “Hogue”: “Kent”(1903): “King Alfred”: “Lancaster”: “Leviathan”: “Minotaur”: “Monmouth”(1903): “Natal”: “Roxburgh”: page 74 page 84 page 81 page 83 page 75 page 78 page 79 page 83 page 81 page 84 page 81 page 74 page 80 page 85 page 82 page 79 page 76 page 83 page 78 page 75 page 76 page 82 page 75 page 78 page 77 page 80 page 77 page 85 page 79 page 85 page 82 .

73 “Shannon”: “Suffolk”(1904): “Sutlej”: “Warrior”(1906): page 85 page 80 page 74 page 84 .

Bush: Captain W.F. Warden: Captain William B. Yelverton: Captain Alexander P. Back: Captain Hubert Lynes: Captain Henry M. Lowther Grant: Captain Francis S. Drummond: April 1902-June 1905 June 1905-? 1906 ?-December 1906 December 1906-July 1909 July 1909-April 1911 April 1912-October 1912 October 1912-February 1913 November 1913-August 1914 August-September 1914 “Sutlej”(1902. Fanshawe: May 1902-? 1903 November 1904-May 1906 May 1906-? 1907 January-Mareh 1909 March 1909-June 1910 June 1910-February 1911 August-December 1914 December 1914-January 1916 February 1916-May 1917 . Robinson: Captain Claud A.D. C. Cowan: Captain William F. Phillimore: Captain Eric V. Doughty: Captain Basil H.T. Bt.W. Hamilton: Captain Richard F.G. Doughty: Captain Eric P. Dawson L. Johnson: May 1901-February 1905 February 1905-April 1906 April 1906-May 1907 May 1907-August 1909 August 1909-? 1910 January 1912-May 1913 May 1913-? 1914 August-September 1914+ “Aboukir”(1902. sunk North Sea 22 September 1914): Captain Sir Charles J. Blunt: Captain Herbert J.R. sunk North Sea 22 September 1914): Captain Henry M. Marshall: Captain Robert W.Dugmore: Captain Bentinck J.T. Grogan: Captain Henry T.74 “Cressy”(1901.Tudor: Captain Frederick A. 1921): Captain Paul W.: Captain William J. Fawckner: Captain Thomas Jackson: Captain Walter H. Miller: Captain T.Sawle. Sheppard: Captain Henry M. Davidson: Captain John E.

Cradock: Captain Dudley R.H.R. Mackay: January 1904-May 1906 May 1906-February 1907 February 1907-? 1909 November 1910-? 1911 May 1912-? 1913 August-October 1914 October 1914-? 1917 ?-November 1917 . Shortland: Captain Arthur Y. Phillpotts: Captain Richard M. 1920): Captain Charles L. Le Marchant: Captain Charles W. Napier: Captain Archibald G.75 “Hogue”(1902. Nicholson: November 1902-October 1904 October 1904-? ?-December 1906 December 1906-? 1908 December 1909-? 1912 August-September 1914 “Bacchante”(1902.June 1917 June 1917-January 1919 January-? 1919 “Euryalus”(1904. de Chair: Captain the Hon. Moore: Captain Edward M. Marx: Captain Edward G.F. Burmester: Captain Robert H.H.Armstrong: Captain Frank O. Boyle: Captain William G. 1920): Captain Christopher G. Harbord: Captain Herbert A.W. Fyler: Captain Eustace La T.Segrave: Captain John G. Watson: December 1902-December 1905 December 1905-November 1906 November 1906-January 1907 January 1907-September 1910 September 1910-? 1912 August 1914-November 1915 November 1915-February 1916 February. sunk North Sea 22 September 1914): Captain John L. Moggridge: Captain Evelyn R.E. Tyrwhitt: Captain the Hon. Leatham: Captain Rudolf M.E. Algernon D. Lewis: Captain Horace C.M. Keighly-Peach: Captain Wilmot S.S. Robert F.S. Boyle: Captain John R. Ruck Keene: Captain Reginald Y.

H. Tyrwhitt: Captain Vernon H. Hubert G. sunk at Battle of Coronel 1 November 1914): Captain Charles E.B. Kerr: Captain Arthur Hayes Sadler: Captain the Hon.C. Madden: Captain Bernard Currey: Captain George P. sunk off the Coast of Ireland 2 October 1917): Captain Francis C. Carpendale: Captain Richard F.E.S. Brand: Captain Charles D.76 “Drake”(1902. Radcliffe: January 1902-August 1903 August 1903-November 1904 November 1904-January 1905 January 1905-February 1907 February 1907-July 1909 July 1909-February 1911 November 1911-November 1912 November 1912-? 1913 July 1914-April 1915 February-May 1916 May 1916-May 1917 May-October 1917 “Good Hope”(1902. Hope: Captain Ernest H. Phillimore: Captain Reginald Y. W.F. Bridgeman: Captain John R. Johnson: Captain Edward F. Smith: Captain William G. Doveton Sturdee: Captain Mark E. Bruen: Captain Aubrey C. Grafton: Captain Charles D. Jellicoe: Captain F.Ruck-Keene: Captain Fawcet Wray: Captain Stephen H. Haggard: Captain Bentinck J.D. Yelverton: Captain Philip Francklin: November 1902-November 1904 November 1904-July 1905 July 1905-July 1907 July 1907-? 1909 February 1911-March 1912 March-? 1912 ?-August 1912 ?-? 1913 February 1913-August 1914 August-November 1914+ .

Lewis: Captain John G. 1920): Captain the Hon. Back: Captain Marcus R. Stopford: Captain Francis G. Ellerton: Captain George P. Hope: Captain H.F.Armstrong: December 1903-December 1904 January-December 1905 December 1905-February 1908 February 1908-June 1910 June 1910-January 1913 January 1913 August-October 1914 September 1915-September 1916 September 1916-June 1917 August 1917-April 1918 . Boyle: Captain Henry H. Cay: Captain Eric P. Robert F. Leatham: Captain Walter M. Evans: Captain Frank Powell: June 1903-January 1904 January 1904-June 1905 June 1905-November 1906 December 1906-February 1907 October 1907-March 1908 March 1908-January 1909 January-April 1909 April 1909-February 1911 February 1911-? 1913 July 1914-August 1916 August 1916-February 1918 February-April 1918 April-December 1918 December 1918-? 1919 “King Alfred”(1903. Barttelot: Captain Henry M. Boothby: Captain Brian H. Austin: Captain Bertram S.77 “Leviathan”(1903. Walter G.B.Somerville: Captain Frank O.W. Hill: Captain Alexander Lowndes: Captain Francis M. King-Hall: Captain Godfrey H. C. Kirby: Captain the Hon. Torlesse: Captain William O. 1920): Captain Herbert G. Boyle T. Mundy: Captain Cecil F. Thursby: Captain Lewis Clinton-Baker: Captain Eustace La T. Doughty: Captain Arthur L.

Marescaux: Captain Stuart St. E.A.C. Hamilton: Captain Robert J.O. Erskine: Captain the Hon. Peirse: Captain Herbert Lyon: Captain Henry H. Torlesse: Captain Drury St. 1920): Captain Douglas A. Edward S. wrecked China Sea 21 August 1910): Captain F. Hunt: Captain John D.R.W. Wake: Captain Seymour E. Fitzherbert: November 1903-November 1904 November 1904-December 1905 December 1905-March 1906 March-November 1906 November 1906-January 1907 January 1907-December 1908 December 1908-August 1910 . Green: Captain Hugh J. Millar: Captain the Hon. Victor A. 1921): Captain Richard B. J. Farquhar: Captain Allen T.Edwards: August 1903-December 1905 December 1905-November 1907 November 1907-December 1909 December 1909-December 1911 December 1911-? 1913 September 1914-June 1916 June 1916-June 1918 June 1918-? 1919 “Bedford”(1903. Stanley: Captain John F. Farquhar: Captain Claud A. Tweedie: Captain Hugh D. Scott: Captain Herbert J. Prendergast: Captain Robert F. Allen: Captain George Trewby: Captain John D. Gamble: Captain Spencer De Horsey: Captain Gerald C.Watson: Captain Richard Hyde: September 1904-? 1906 ?-December 1906 December 1906-January 1908 January-May 1908 May 1908-March 1909 March 1909-September 1911 September 1911-May 1912 December 1913-January 1914 January 1914-May 1916 May-September 1916 “Kent”(1903. Doveton Sturdee: Captain Richard H.A.78 “Essex”(1903.

Tuke: Captain George W. Caulfield: November 1903-March 1906 March 1906-January 1908 January 1908-April 1909 April 1909-May 1911 May 1911-March 1915 March-December 1915 June 1916-April 1918 April-September 1918 October 1918-August 1919 August 1919-? 1920 “Monmouth”(1903.Dawson L. 1920): Captain Charles H. sunk Battle of Coronel 1 November 1914) Captain Harry C.Williamson: Captain William F. Carpendale: Captain Warren H. Reynolds: Captain Robert H. Horace L. Fyler: Captain Cyril E. Dewar: Captain Francis W. Smith: Captain Laurence E. Power: Captain Brian H.D. George A.E. D’Oyly: Captain Edward H.F.A. Stapleton-Cotton: Captain Robert G. Sheppard: Captain Lionel Halsey: Captain George H. Rymer: November 1903-November 1905 November 1905-June 1906 June 1906-February 1908 February 1908-March 1909 March 1909-April 1911 April 1911-September 1912 September 1912-August 1913 August 1913-September 1914 September 1914-August 1915 August 1915-March 1918 March 1918-? “Berwick”(1903.S. Nicholson: Captain Hugh T.A. 1920): Captain Frederic E.M. Dare: Captain the Hon. de C. Hood: Captain William C. Hardinge: Captain T.79 “Donegal”(1903.W. Tower: Captain the Hon. Borrett: Captain Cunningham R. Blunt: Captain Richard G. Hibbert: Captain Lewis Clinton-Baker: Captain Adolphus H. Brock: Captain Herbert A.Barttelot: Captain Frank Brandt: December 1903-August 1905 August 1905-April 1906 April 1906-February 1908 February 1907-March 1910 March 1910-April 1912 April 1912-July 1914 July-November 1914+ .Johnston-Stewart: Captain John A. Foot: Captain Charles D.

M.D. Algernon D. Story: Captain Allan F. 1920): Captain Herbert G. Heath: Captain Sydney R. Warrender: Captain Henry Loftus Tottenham: Captain Herbert L. D. Gresson: April 1904-March 1905 March 1905-March 1906 March 1906-April 1908 April 1908-January 1910 January 1910-November 1912 November 1912-August 1915 February 1916-? 1917 ? 1917-? 1919 “Suffolk”(1904. D’Oyly: Captain John R. Fremantle: Captain Hugh H. Tothill: Captain Warren H.S. King-Hall: Captain William O.H. Moubray: Captain Philip Francklin: Captain Bentinck J.Segrave: Captain Arthur L. Boyle: Captain Aubrey C.E.Payne: October 1904-September 1905 September 1905-April 1908 April 1908-February 1909 February 1909-February 1911 February 1911-? 1912 February 1913-August 1914 August 1914-September 1916 May 1917-? 1919 “Cumberland”(1904. Wemyss: Captain Norman C.80 “Lancaster”(1904. Everett: Captain the Hon. Yelverton: Captain Christopher R.Palmer: Captain Harry Jones: Captain Edward H. Smith: Captain Cyril T. Beatty: Captain Rosslyn E.H. Beaty-Pownall: Captain Henry Blackett: Captain Gordon Campbell: December 1904-February 1906 February 1906-? 1907 April 1908-June 1910 June 1910-May 1912 May 1912-May 1914 May-November 1914 November 1914-October 1916 May 1917-January 1919 January 1919-? 1920 . 1920): Captain Sir George J. 1920): Captain David R. Fuller: Captain Charles P.

Gurner: July 1905-August 1906 August 1906-September 1908 September 1908-April 1909 October 1909-December 1912 December 1912-December 1913 December 1913-July 1915 July 1915-August 1916 September 1916-? 1918 . Garnett: May 1905-August 1906 August 1906-January 1908 January 1908-May 1910 May 1910-January 1913 January 1913-January 1914 January 1914-August 1915 August 1915-August 1916 August 1916-September 1918 September 1918-March 1919 March 1919-January 1921 January-? 1921 “Antrim”(1905. Molteno: Captain Alexander Lowndes: Captain Victor G. Bt.W. Hodges: Captain Walter M.Shirley Litchfield: Captain Vincent B. Pakenham: Captain the Hon. Robertson: Captain Herbert Lyon: Captain Herbert C. Wilkin: Captain F. Warrender. de Robeck: Captain Robert J. Ellerton: Captain Herbert A.S. Prendergast: Captain William F. Skipwith: Captain Hugh T. Kitson: December 1904-March 1906 March 1906-January 1907 January-December 1907 December 1907-December 1909 December 1909-December 1911 December 1911-January 1914 January 1914-April 1917 July 1917-January 1919 January 1919-? “Carnarvon”(1905. da Costa: Captain W. Adam: Captain Henry K. 1919): Captain Charles H. 1922): Captain Edward F. Robert F. Hibbert: Captain William Bowden-Smith: Captain Richard G. d’E. Inglefield: Captain William C. Slayter: Captain Walter M. 1921): Captain Sir George J.A.81 “Cornwall”(1905.C.Stapleton-Cotton: Captain Ernest Wigram: Captain Herbert N. Ellerton: Captain Harry L.: Captain John M. Ley: Captain Michael H. Reginald Hall: Captain James C. Boyle: Captain Henry D.

Hall: Captain Bertram M. Arbuthnot. Stanhope Hawke: Captain Cuthbert E. Calthorpe: Captain Morgan Singer: Captain Cuthbert E. Hill: Captain Henry W. da Costa: Captain Henry B. Hutchison: Captain Cuthbert G.C.Savill: July 1905-August 1907 August 1907-December 1909 December 1909-April 1911 December 1911-January 1913 January 1913-January 1914 January 1914-May 1915 May 1915-June 1916+ “Devonshire”(1905. Dumas: Captain Sydney S. Whitehead: Captain Gerald W.82 “Hampshire”(1905. Chapman: Captain Herbert C. Powell: October 1905-May 1907 May 1907-March 1909 March 1909-November 1910 November 1910-October 1912 October 1912-August 1913 August 1913-June 1914 June 1914-March 1916 March-September 1916 October 1916-November 1917 November 1917-? 1919 “Roxburgh”(1905. Foot: Captain Frederic A. Somerset A. Pelly: Captain William J. 1921): Captain Arthur T. Vivian: November 1905-December 1907 December 1907-January 1910 January 1910-September 1911 September 1911-January 1914 January-July 1914 July-October 1914 October 1914-April 1915 April-December 1915 December 1915-September 1917 September 1917-January 1919 . Bt. Chambers: Captain Cunningham R. Fowler: Captain Philip W.Ballard: Captain the Hon. Underhill: Captain John D.Alderson: Captain Edwin V. Hunter: Captain Marcus R. Grant: Captain Herbert J. Kelly: Captain H.: Captain George A. 1921): Captain the Hon. de C. Hunter: Captain Cole C.G. Stuart: Captain John de M. Somerville: Captain George B. Boyle T.S. sunk off Orkney 5 June 1916): Captain Sir Robert K.

1920): Captain Arthur H. Tancred: ? 1906-March 1907 March 1907-March 1909 March 1909-November 1910 November 1910-May 1912 May 1912-June 1914 June 1914-October 1915 “Black Prince”(1906. sunk at Jutland 31 May 1916): Captain Bernard Currey: Captain Richard P. Christian: Captain Harry H.83 “Argyll”(1905. Stileman: Captain the Hon. Grant: Captain John S. Kemp: Captain Cecil I. Lambert: Captain Michael Culme-Seymour: Captain Vivian H. Prowse: Captain Henry Blackett: Captain Richard Hyde: January 1906-January 1908 January 1908-April 1909 April 1909-May 1911 May 1911-May 1913 May 1913-July 1914 July 1914-September 1916 September 1916-August 1918 . Purefoy: Captain Ernest G. Bernard: Captain James C. Barton: Captain Heathcoat S. Bonham: March-December 1906 December 1906-January 1909 January 1909-January 1911 January 1911-March 1912 March 1912-April 1913 April 1913-January 1915 January 1915-January 1916 January-May 1916+ “Duke of Edinburgh”(1906. Allenby: Captain Cecil F.F. Boyle: Captain Thomas W. Gilpin-Brown: Captain James D. Dick: Captain Thomas P. Luard: Captain Frederick D. G. Robert F. wrecked North Sea 28 October 1915): Captain Charles E. Anson: Captain Reginald A.

Cay: Captain Francis M.84 “Achilles”(1906. sunk after Jutland 1 June 1916): Captain Arthur W.M. Stanhope Hawke: Captain Arthur L. 1921): Captain Henry F. Nicholson: Captain the Hon. Gillett: Captain James A. Blunt: February 1907-November 1908 November 1908-April 1911 April 1911-April 1913 April 1913-February 1915 February 1915-June 1917 June 1917-February 1918 February-June 1918 June 1918-? 1919 “Warrior”(1906. Leatham: Captain Alexander Farrington: Captain James U. de Chair: Captain Cecil S. wrecked in the Mersey 14 November 1918): Captain Dudley R. Leake: Captain Charles D. Fergusson: Captain George H. Hickley: Captain William E.E. Goodenough: Captain William G. Oliver: Captain William C. Carpendale: Captain Stephen H. Borrett: Captain Vincent B.S. Ruck-Keene: Captain Noel Grant: Captain Eustace La T. Radcliffe: Captain William F.Waymouth: Captain Owen F. Farie: November 1906-January 1909 January 1909-January 1911 January 1911-August 1912 August 1912-June 1915 June 1915-February 1916 February-December 1916 December 1916-April 1917 April 1917-November 1918 . Molteno: November 1906-February 1909 February 1909-December 1911 December 1911-August 1913 August 1913-December 1915 December 1915-June 1916 “Cochrane”(1906.

Dampier: Captain Henry H. Baird: Captain Charles D. Carpendale: Captain John S. Boothby: Captain George C.S. Molteno: Captain John E.H. destroyed by internal explosion Cromarty Firth 30 December 1915): Captain Stuart Nicholson: Captain Frederick C. Reginald Hall: Captain Clement Greatorex: Captain John F.S. Molteno: Captain Arthur C. Dumaresq: Captain Vincent B. Kiddle: Captain Arthur C.A. C. sunk at Jutland 31 May 1916): Captain Cecil F. Bruce: Captain Fawcet Wray: Captain Eustace La T. Back: February 1907-December 1908 December 1908-December 1909 December 1909-June 1911 June 1911-May 1912 May 1912-June 1915 June-December 1915+ “Shannon”(1908. Hughes D’Aeth: Captain Vincent B. Bruce: March 1908-August 1910 August 1910-March 1912 March 1912-December 1913 December 1913-February 1917 February 1917-February 1918 February-November 1918 November 1918-? “Minotaur”(1908.Ogilvy: Captain W. Cayley: Captain Edward B. Ellis: November 1908-January 1911 January 1911-January 1913 January 1913-October 1914 October 1914-January 1916 January-May 1916+ .T. 1922): Captain James A. Green: Captain Eric P. Harper: Captain Charles N. D’Aeth: Captain Alan C.85 “Natal”(1907. 1920): Captain William O.E. Leatham: Captain Stanley V. Fergusson: Captain George H. Tindal-Carill-Worsley: April 1908-January 1910 January 1910-January 1913 January 1913-December 1915 December 1915-December 1916 December 1916-February1917 February 1917-February 1918 February 1918-? 1919 “Defence”(1908.

86 (ii) INDEX: PROTECTED CRUISERS: “Amphitrite”: “Andromeda”(1899): “Argonaut”(1900): “Ariadne”(1902): “Arrogant”: “Astraea”: “Bonaventure”(1894): “Challenger”: “Charybdis”(1896): “Crescent”: “Diadem”(1898): “Diana”: “Dido”(1898): “Doris”: “Eclipse”: “Edgar”: “Encounter”: “Endymion”: “Europa”: “Flora”: “Forte”: “Fox”: “Furious”: “Gibraltar”: “Gladiator”: “Grafton”: “Hawke”: “Hermes”(1899): “Hermione”(1896): “Highflyer”: “Hyacinth”: “Isis”: “Juno”(1897): “Minerva”(1897): “Niobe”: page 102 page 101 page 102 page 102 page 99 page 93 page 93 page 104 page 94 page 89 page 100 page 98 page 98 page 96 page 96 page 89 page 104 page 90 page 101 page 93 page 95 page 94 page 99 page 91 page 100 page 91 page 90 page 103 page 94 page 103 page 104 page 99 page 97 page 98 page 101 .

George”: “Talbot”: “Terrible”: “Theseus”(1896): “Venus”: “Vindictive”(1900): page 88 page 88 page 103 page 92 page 95 page 88 page 92 page 97 page 100 .87 “Powerful”: “Royal Arthur”: “Spartiate”: “St.

Stuart: Captain Henry H. Ballard: Captain Norman C. Hedworth Lambton: Captain Frederick St. Grafton: Captain Joseph R.F.H. Fawkes: Captain Charles G. Ballard: Captain Richard M.Stewart: March 1893-May 1895 May 1895-? 1896 November 1897-April 1901 April 1901-January 1903 January 1903-? 1904 July 1905-May 1906 May-July 1906 July 1906-June 1907 June 1907-? 1909 October 1911-October 1912 October 1912-? 1913 ? 1913-? August 1914-February 1915 February-December 1915 December 1915-? 1918 . Harbord: Captain Ernest H.D. 1921): Captain Frederick P. Scott: Captain Arthur T. Whitehead: Captain James D.W. Fanshawe: Captain John F. Williamson: Captain Frederic A.Kennedy: Captain Adolphus H. Benson: Captain Basil H. Palmer: Captain Robert E.Bridson: Captain Thomas F.G.E.Michell: July 1896-March 1898 March 1898-September 1899 September 1899-? 1902 January-May 1905 May 1905-July 1906 July 1906-August 1907 August 1907-? 1908 July 1909-? 1910 February 1911-? 1912 December 1913-? “Powerful”(1897): Captain the Hon. Campbell: Captain George A. Purefoy: Captain Archibald G. Walker: Captain Richard P. Bruen: June 1897-? 1900 January-August 1905 August 1905-January 1908 January 1908December 1910-? 1912 “Royal Arthur”(1893.Green: Captain Theobald W. Rich: Captain Lionel Halsey: Captain Cecil I.R.B. Robinson: Captain Percy M.T. Moore: Captain George A.88 “Terrible”(1897): Captain Wilmot H. Prowse: Captain Edward F. Trench: Captain Frank Finnis: Captain Charles Gauntlett Dicken: Captain Thomas P.

G. Grant-Dalton: Captain Percival H. Dent: Captain Francis Clifton Brown: Captain Alldin U. Bearcroft: Captain Casper J. Wilkin: Captain the Hon.H.W.89 “Crescent”(1894.E.1921): Captain Charles R. Colville: Captain Trevylyan D. Boyle: Captain Charles F.Henderson: Captain John E. Warleigh: January-March 1895 March 1895-? 1897 ? 1898-May 1899 May 1899-March 1900 March 1900-? 1902 February 1904-? January 1910-? 1911 July 1914-February 1915 February-November 1915 March 1916-? 1919 “Edgar”(1893. Napier: Captain Philip Streatfeild: Captain George Trewby: Captain John F. 1921): Captain William H. Thorp: Captain Douglas L. Sawle: Captain the Hon.Arbuthnot: Captain Francis Powell: Captain the Duke of York: Captain Charles J.J. Stanley C. Baker: Captain Laurence E. Algernon D. Power: Captain Cuthbert E. Moore: January 1894-? 1896 September 1902-? 1904 February 1905-September 1906 September 1906-? 1907 ? 1907-April 1908 June 1908-January 1910 January -June 1910 July 1914-February 1915 June 1915-June 1916 June 1916-May 1917 May 1917-May 1918 . Hunter: Captain Henry D.

1920): Captain Charles J.E. Horsley: Captain Francis S.Barlow: Captain Edward H. sunk North Sea 15 October 1914): Captain Pelham Aldrich: Captain Sir Richard Poore. Brownrigg.90 “Hawke”(1893. Grafton: Captain Sir Douglas E.Lowther Grant: Captain Marcus R.S. Savill: Captain Hugh P. Adams: May 1894-April 1895 January-August 1896 August 1896-? 1897 July 1899-February 1901 February 1901-? 1902 January 1905-June 1906 June 1906? 1907-February1908 February-October 1908 October 1908-October 1910 October 1910-? 1912 January 1913-February 1915 June 1915-January 1916 January 1916-January 1918 January-December 1918 December 1918-? 1919 .Williams: May 1893-November 1896 November 1896-? 1898 January-May 1903 May 1903-November 1904 November 1904-July 1905 July 1905-May 1906 May 1906-? 1907 October 1909-November 1910 November-December 1910 August-October 1914+ “Endymion”(1894. Savory: Captain Sir George J. Gamble: Captain William Wilson: Captain George A. Paget: Captain William O.: Captain James C.: Captain Arthur J. Bt.H.Hill: Captain Herbert J. Miller: Captain W. Mawbey: Captain Arthur Gordon Smith: Captain Edmond Hyde Parker: Captain A. Bt.R. Ley: Captain Henry L.: Captain Herbert W. Callaghan: Captain Alfred W. Boothby: Captain Ernest H.T. Bt. Warrender. Staveley: Captain Frank Powell: Captain Henry G.Vyell Vyvyan: Captain Cecil M.

Hopwood: Captain Edward H. Hughes-Hallett: Captain Arthur H.Percy F. Oldham: Captain William B.91 “Gibraltar”(1894): Captain Angus Macleod: Captain Harry F. Limpus: Captain Robert H. Phillpotts: Captain Charles F. Fisher: Captain Colin R. Whitehead: Captain Hugh L. Keppel: Captain Robert G. Hamilton: Captain Edward P. Jones: Captain Frederic W. Morgan: Captain E.F. Moubray: Captain Arthur B.G. 1920): Captain William des V. Fraser: Captain William O.Thorp: Captain Ronald A. Story: Captain Frederick C.Dawson: Captain Arthur H. Powell: Captain Ronald A. Heard: Captain Henry E. A. Hopwood: Captain Constantine H.P. Macdonald: Captain Humphrey T.Walwyn: November 1894-December 1895 January 1896-? 1898 March 1901-December 1904 December 1904-? 1905 June 1908-? 1909 May 1910-? 1911 October 1912-January 1913 January 1913June 1915-June 1916 June 1916-May 1917 May 1917-March 1918 April-? 1918 January 1919- “Grafton”(1894.Grant: Captain George B. Johnston Stewart: Captain Charles H. Hughes-Onslow: Captain Frederic A. Ogilvy: Captain Edward M. Warleigh: September 1895-May 1896 May 1896-October 1898 October 1898-?1900 March 1902-November 1904 November 1904-April 1905 April 1905-February 1906 February-August 1906 August 1906-January 1907 January 1907-January 1909 January 1909-March 1910 March 1910-March 1912 March 1912-November 1913 August 1914-February 1915 June 1915-July 1917 July 1917-August 1919 August 1919-? 1920 .Grace: Captain Percy Johnson: Captain Percival H.

Bruce: Captain Cecil D.92 “St. Bush: Captain Arthur Y. Lowther-Crofton: Captain Vincent B. Bt. Poe: Captain Paul W. Crichton: Captain Sidney R. Tuke: Captain Thomas L. 1920): Captain Charles Campbell: Captain Vernon A. Fyler: Captain Charles H. Brownrigg. Tisdall: Captain John A. Barnardiston: Captain Sir Douglas E.S. Molteno: Captain Alan C. 1920): Captain Edward H.R. Le Mesurier: Captain Hugh Edwards: Captain Arthur K.Chilcott: January 1896-June 1897 January 1899-? 1902 January 1905-April 1906 April 1906-April 1908 April 1908-April 1910 April 1910-? 1912 August 1914-February 1915 June 1915-August 1918 August 1918-? 1920 .H. Moggridge: Captain Charles H. Macrorie: Captain Ronald E.Sclater: Captain Edward G.S. Olivier: December 1894-May 1895 May 1895-May 1897 October 1897-February 1901 February 1901-? December 1904-? 1906 ?-August 1906 August 1906-? 1907 ? 1907-? 1908 1908 March 1910-May 1911 May 1911-May 1912 May 1912-December 1913 December 1913January 1914-March 1915 March-November 1915 November 1915-? 1919 “Theseus”(1896.Gamble: Captain George le C. Morgan: Destroyer Depot Ship: Captain Guy L. George”(1894. Egerton: Captain Edmund S. Raikes: Captain Reginald L.: Captain Charles E. Moore: Captain Herbert A.

Baker: Captain Lionel G. Groome: Captain Casper J. Fuller: Captain Valentine E.J. Goodrich: Captain Henry H.M. Bt. Sawle. 1919): Captain Henry D. Austin: November 1895-June 1899 June 1899-February 1901 February 1901-November 1902 February 1904-November 1905 November 1905-January 1908 January 1908-February 1910 February 1910-? 1912 April 1913-March 1915 March 1915-May 1916 May 1916-April 1918 April 1918-? 1919 “Flora”(1895): Captain Frederick Hutchinson: Captain Charles J. Tufnell: Captain Charles L. Norcock: Captain Robert L. Baker: Captain Hubert Grant-Dalton: Captain Rowland Nugent: Captain John Nicholas: Captain Charles F. Montgomerie: Captain Sir Charles J. Kiddle: Captain Alfred C. Torlesse: Captain Frank Brandt: May 1892-January 1896 January 1896-March 1898 March 1898-May 1900 May 1900-? 1901 October 1903-May 1905 May 1905-? 1906 April 1907-? 1912 “Astraea”(1895. Vaughan-Lee: Captain Frank E. Paget: Captain Casper J.G. Ryan: Captain Edward B. Sykes: Captain Cyril T. Inglefield: Captain Robert A.C.C. Giffard: Captain Frederick S. Corbett: September 1896-February 1898 February 1898-June 1899 June 1899-? 1900 November 1902-January 1905 January 1905-August 1907 August 1907-September 1909 September 1909-September 1911 September 1911-? 1913 .B.: Captain James E.93 “Bonaventure”(1894): Captain George A. Phillimore: Captain Francis M. Barry: Captain Alfred W.

Pelham: Captain John B. Paget: Captain the Hon. R. Henderson: Captain Frederick S.94 “Charybdis”(1896): Captain John M. Giffard: Captain Robert A. Hunter: Captain Robert E. Montgomerie: Captain Alfred W. Arbuthnot: Captain George A. Hunt: Captain James C. Eustace: Captain Allen T. Tancred: Captain Francis W. Sueter: Captain Henry M. Cumming: Captain Arthur Y. Wintz: Captain George A. Doughty: January 1896-April 1898 April 1898-July 1899 July 1899-? 1900 May 1902-November 1904 November 1904-March 1905 March 1905-March 1906 March 1906-April 1908 April 1908-October 1909 October 1909-September 1910 September 1910-? 1912 July 1913-? 1914 “Fox”(1896. Moggridge: Captain Frederick S. Giffard: Captain Frank H. Glennie: January 1896-August 1897 August 1897-July 1898 February 1899-November 1901 November 1901-March 1904 March 1904-? 1905 March 1907-December 1908 December 1908-? 1910 October 1914-? 1915 “Hermione”(1896): Captain Charles R. Caulfield: April 1896-January 1898 January 1898-? 1899 September 1901-November 1904 November 1904-? 1907 May 1908-March 1911 March 1911-October 1912 October 1912-? 1916 . Bridson: Captain Cecil F. Benson: Captain Murray F. D. Dampier: Captain Cuthbert E. Stanhope Hawke: Captain Edward C. 1920): Captain George A. McQuhae: Captain Lewis E. Callaghan: Captain Robert S. Villiers: Captain Robert W. Pelham: Captain Joseph R. J.

O. Stopford: Captain Lewis Bayly: Captain Henry J. 1921): Captain Edward H.95 “Forte”: Captain Randolph F.D.C. Yelverton: Captain Bertram M. Green: Captain George B. Maitland-Kirwan: September 1896-April 1899 April 1899-? April 1901-July 1902 July 1902-? 1904 March 1905-November 1906 November 1906-November 1908 November 1908-May 1910 May 1910-? 1911 August 1912August 1914-January 1915 January 1915-January 1916 January 1916-June 1918 June 1918-May 1919 .L. Primrose: Captain Frederick G. Millar: Captain John F. A. Gamble: Captain George A.S.Kemble Lambert: Captain Lionel F. Dundas: Captain Alfred E. Hutton: November 1895-April 1899 April 1899-August 1900 August 1900-April 1902 April 1902-December 1903 December 1903-February 1905 February 1905-June 1907 June 1907-May 1908 May 1908-April 1911 April 1911-? 1913 “Talbot”(1896. Norbury: Captain Fawcet Wray: Captain R. Chambers: Captain George B. Sparkes: Captain Peyton Hoskyns: Captain Charles H.Clarke: Captain Bentinck J. Grant: Captain Herbert J.E. Hutton: Captain Richard Hyde: Captain Herbert R. Foote: Captain Edward P. Jones: Captain Robert C.O.

Hodges: Captain Philip Streatfeild: Captain Charles P.W. Slayter: Captain Henry Blackett: Captain Francis H. Tower: Captain Clement Greatorex: Captain William F.B. Addington: Captain Cyril E. Stokes: Captain the Hon. Mitchell: January 1898-February 1901 February 1901-January 1905 January-February 1905 February 1905-January 1906 January 1906-March 1908 March 1908-March 1910 March 1910-? 1912 August 1914-February 1915 . Goldie: May 1897-April 1898 April 1898-? 1900 June 1902-June 1904 June 1904-November 1906 November 1906-November 1908 November 1908-July 1910 July 1910-December 1911 December 1911-September 1913 September 1913-August 1914 August 1914-October 1917 October 1917-June 1919 “Eclipse”(1897): Captain Paul W. Egerton: Captain Reginald C. Beaty-Pownall: Captain Frank Larken: Captain Thomas L. Morgan: Captain Arthur W.Bush: Captain Robert H. Ewart: Captain Stuart St.S.J. Farquhar: Captain Spencer A Hickley: Captain Michael H. Prothero: Captain Frederick R. Francis C.96 “Doris”(1897): Captain George le C.

Cochran: Captain Reginald G. Hulbert: Captain Thomas L.D. Dewar: Captain Lancelot N. Monroe: November 1897-? 1900 February-November 1903 November 1903-July 1905 July 1905-January 1907 January 1907-August 1908 August 1908-October 1910 October 1910-May 1911 May 1911-May 1912 May 1912August 1914-October 1917 October 1917-October 1918 October 1918-? 1919 “Juno”(1897): Captain George H. Lowther-Crofton: Captain Arthur K. Hutchison: Captain Richard F.R.: Captain Charles H.Benson: Captain Arthur R. Beatty: Captain John de M. Phillimore: Captain Herbert J.O.Eyre: Captain Cuthbert G.O.97 “Venus”(1897): Captain Sir Archibald Berkeley Milne. Tupper: Captain Francis G. Underhill: Captain Edward G. Palmer: October 1898-March 1900 March 1900-June 1902 June 1902-April 1903 October 1905-May 1907 May 1907-May 1909 May 1909-October 1910 October 1910-? 1911 January 1913-? 1914 August 1914-May 1915 May 1915-May 1916 May 1916-? 1919 . Routh: Captain David R. Bt. Shelford: Captain Robert G. Wake: Captain Alexander R. Millar: Captain Edwin V. A. Keyes: Captain Robert E.B. Chapman: Captain Roger J. Macrorie: Captain Drury St. Cherry: Captain Henry P. Turton: Captain Hubert S.

C. Kemp: Captain Sydney S.W. Johnson: Captain Percival H.G. Pike: Captain Charles H.A.Anson: Captain Stuart Nicholson: Captain Drury St. Adam: Captain Charles D.Waymouth: Captain Henry J. Wake: Captain Edmond Hyde Parker: Captain Charles D.M. Johnson: Captain William M. 1920): Captain Frederick O. Peirse: Captain Charles E. Cochran: Captain F. Hall: Captain George B. Phipps Hornby: Captain Heathcoat S.D. Farquhar: Captain Edmond J. Warleigh: Captain Francis H.L. Grant: Captain Thomas W.S.98 “Diana”(1897): Captain Arthur M. Clarke: Captain Drury St. Slade: Captain Robert S. Peck: January 1901-April 1902 April 1902-? 1904 October 1904-November 1906 November 1906-November 1908 November 1908-February 1911 February 1911August 1914-September 1917 September 1917-? “Minerva”(1897. Mair: May 1898-January 1900 January 1900-February 1903 February-May 1903 May 1903-November 1904 November 1904-March 1906 March 1906-March 1907 March 1907-September 1908 September 1908-? 1909 September 1911-? 1912 August 1913-January 1914 January 1914-? 1919 . Cumming: Captain Richard H. Wake: Captain Henry G. Jackson: Captain Cecil D. Tillard: Captain Robert S. Raikes: September 1898-September 1900 September 1900-October 1902 October 1902-? 1903 June 1904-September 1906 September 1906-September 1908 September 1908-October 1910 October 1910-December 1912 December 1912-August 1913 August 1914-July 1915 July 1915-June 1916 June 1916-? 1919 “Dido”(1898): Captain George Neville: Captain Philip F. Doveton Sturdee: Captain Arthur W. Hutton: Captain Ambrose M.Sandeman: Captain Herbert A.A.

Bowring: Captain Ralph Collins: January 1898-January 1899 January 1899-January 1901 January 1901-? 1902 November 1903-October 1904 January 1905-June 1906 June 1906-September 1907 September 1907-January 1910 January-May 1910 November 1910-? 1911 July 1915-? 1917 February 1918-? “Furious”: Captain Lewis E. Hulbert: Captain David R. Wemyss: Captain Richard M.B.99 “Isis”(1898): Captain George M.E.S. Sowerby: Captain Edward W. Bush: June 1899-? December 1900-March 1902 September 1902-January 1905 January 1905-April 1907 April 1907-May 1909 May 1909-October 1910 October 1910-July 1911 July 1911-? 1912 August 1914-? 1919 “Arrogant”: Captain John Ferris: Captain Arthur W. Kingsford: Captain Henry Loftus Tottenham: Captain George W. Prothero: Captain Henry C. Wintz: Captain Frederick T. Hamilton: Captain Henry C.Alderson: Captain Frederick A.G.Percy F. Henderson: Captain Charles Windham: Captain Godfrey H.B. Keyes: Captain Humphrey W. Rolleston: Captain Edmund R.B.Grant: Captain Roger J. Beatty: Captain John P. Richmond: July 1898-? 1900 March 1901-March 1902 March 1902-April 1903 December 1903-? 1904 January 1905-May 1907 May 1907-February 1909 February 1909-April 1911 April 1911-? 1912 .Fowler: Captain Herbert W. Mundy: Captain Charles F. Harbord: Captain William J. Powlett: Captain James T. Pears: Captain Ralph Hudleston: Captain E.E.Smith: Captain Harry Jones: Captain Cole C.

Richmond: Captain Arthur K.F. Stileman: Captain Edward H. Waistell: Captain Christopher R. sunk as blockship Zeebrugge 10 May 1918): Captain Herbert A. Payne: Captain Oswald McD.B. Warren: Captain Henry H. Umfreville: Captain Owen F. Adair: Captain Rowland Nugent: Captain Walter Lumsden: October 1900-September 1902 September 1902-? 1904 September 1905-June 1907 June 1907-April 1908 “Vindictive”(1900.Hill: Captain Herbert W. English: Captain Thomas W. Pears: Captain Herbert W. Rich: Captain Edmund R. Gillett: February 1899-November 1900 November 1900-? 1902 November 1903-January 1905 January-February 1905 February 1905-November 1906 November 1906-? 1907 ? 1907-? 1908 . Moubray: Captain Marcus R.100 “Gladiator”(scrapped after collision damage 25 April 1908): Captain Frederick O. Kemp: Captain Alfred F. Pike: Captain Thomas B.S. Carpenter: July 1900-? 1904 February 1905-July 1906 July 1906-August 1908 August 1908-? 1909 ?-December 1912 December 1912-September 1913 September 1913-July 1915 July 1915-September 1916 September 1916-? 1917 April 1918 “Diadem”(1898): Captain Harry S. Savory: Captain Charles H.G. Niblett: Captain Henry Leah: Captain Frederick St.

Pocklington: Captain Gerald C. 1913): Captain John L. Drummond: Captain Harold Escombe: Captain Claude A. Underhill: Captain Herbert A. Gaunt: To Canada: 1910 April 1898-October 1900 October 1900-? 1902 January-July 1905 January-November 1906 November 1906-January 1907 November 1909-? 1910 “Andromeda”(1899. 1920): Captain Archibald J.R. Evans: Captain Michael H.C. Wilding: November 1899-? 1900 January 1905-? 1907 ? 1907-February 1908 February-August 1908 August 1908-? 1909 December 1913-August 1914 October 1914-September 1915 September 1915-July 1917 July 1917-March 1918 March 1918-January 1919 January 1919-March 1919 March 1919-? .Miller: Captain Charles H. Marescaux: Captain Thomas W. Fyler: September 1899-March 1901 March 1901-? 1902 March 1904-July 1906 July 1906-? 1907 ? 1907-? January-October 1910 November 1910- “Europa”(1899. Foley: Captain Robert Nelson Ommanney: Captain Harry H.101 “Niobe”(1898): Captain Alfred L.Stileman: Captain Morgan Singer: Captain Edwin V.A.A.C. Burr: Captain Francis J. Rombulow-Pearse: Captain Bertram S. Morgan: Captain Maurice Woollcombe: Captain Robert W. Winsloe: Captain John Denison: Captain Francis S. Kemp: Captain Charles H. S.Johnson: Captain Hugh G. Umfreville: Captain Herbert C. da Costa: Captain Edmond Hyde Parker: Captain Guy R. Somerville: Captain John E.

Bruen: Captain Hubert Grant-Dalton: Captain H.Watson: Captain George P.D. England: September 1901-March 1902 March 1902-August 1905 August 1905-December 1906 December 1906-? 1907 ? 1907-September 1908 August 1914-May 1915 May-September 1915 March-November 1918 November 1918-January 1919 January-February 1919 “Ariadne”(1902. Yelverton: Captain Edward F. Boyle T.N. Somerville: Captain Cyril Peel: Captain Reginald J. 1915): Captain George H. Nugent: April 1900-? 1904 January-June 1905 June 1905-August 1907 August 1907-? 1908 October 1909-October 1910 October 1910-February 1911 June 1912-? 1913 December 1913-August 1914 August 1914-June 1915 “Amphitrite”(1901. Moore: Captain Bentinck J.Lafone: Captain George P.G. Bridson: Captain John Nicholas: Captain Spencer A. 1913): Captain Montague E.Morgan: June 1902-August 1904 August 1904-July 1905 August 1905-November 1906 November 1906-? 1907 ? 1907-? April 1909-August 1910 August 1910-July 1911 July 1911-April 1912 April 1912-? 1913 . Charlton: Captain Albert S. Browning: Captain Archibald G. Hunt: Captain Thomas L.Smith: Captain Vivian H. Hickley: Captain Raymond A. Hickley: Captain Francis W. Le Marchant: Captain Edmund H. Cherry: Captain Evelyn R. Kennedy: Captain Edward F.102 “Argonaut”(1900.H. Barnardiston: Captain Edward L. Winnington-Ingram: Captain Joseph R.B. 1920): Captain William Stokes Rees: Captain Charles Windham: Captain Cecil S. Bernard: Captain Charles W. Booty: Captain Charles L.H.E.W.

Bruen: Captain Arthur R. Christian: Captain Henry H.103 “Spartiate”(1903): Captain Francis G.S. Kingsford: Captain Douglas R.Hickley: Captain Edward F. Eyres: January-July 1905 July 1905-June 1907 “Hermes”(1899): Captain Frank H. Eyre: Captain Cresswell J. Dick: Captain Raymond A. Nugent: Captain Henry T. Vivian: October 1899-? 1900 April 1903-August 1905 December 1905-October 1908 October 1908-December 1910 December 1910-April 1913 April 1913-? 1914 “Highflyer”(1899): Captain Frederic E. Palmer: Captain Cecil S. Haggard: Captain Henry G. Sherbrooke: Captain Laurence W. Campbell: Captain Norman C. Savill: Captain Gerald W.Hulbert: Captain John D. Braithwaite: December 1899June 1902-March 1903 November 1904-May 1905 May 1905-July 1906 December 1906-September 1908 September 1908-? 1909 December 1910-April 1911 April 1911-December 1912 December 1912-July 1913 July 1913-June 1916 June 1916-January 1918 January-August 1918 August 1918-June 1919 June 1919-? 1921 . Garnett: Captain Vernon H. Dumas: Captain Herbert J. Henderson: Captain Henry C.Brock: Captain Arthur H. Buller: Captain Herbert N. Nicholson: Captain Philip W.L.E.

Stevenson: ?-December 1905 December 1905-January 1908 January 1908-March 1909 March 1909-April 1911 April 1911-July 1912 July 1912-March 1913 March 1913-January 1914 January 1914-January 1916 January-October 1916 October 1916-November 1918 . La P. Heneage: Captain John D. da Costa: Captain Guy R.Fuller: Captain Alfred C.Tudor: Captain Joseph R.S. McAlpine: Captain Douglas A. Horace L.Grant-Dalton: May 1904-March 1906 March 1906-March 1908 March 1908-February 1910 February 1910-? 1912 May-November 1914 November 1914-March 1915 March 1915-December 1917 December 1917-? 1919 “Encounter”(1905): Captain Cecil F. Cumberledge: Captain John B. Gaunt: Captain Charles P. Beaty-Pownall: Captain Cyril T.1920): Captain Frederick C. Caulfield: Captain David Murray Anderson: Captain Arthur G.W. Bridson: Captain Herbert C. Elliott: Captain Herbert A. Thursby: Captain Henry V. Fyler: Captain Philip H.M.A. Craufurd: May 1899-March 1902 March 1902July 1903-August 1905 August-December 1905 December 1905-January 1907 January 1907-March 1909 March 1909-April 1911 January-? 1912 February 1913-November 1917 November 1917-? 1919 “Challenger”(1904.104 “Hyacinth”(1900. Hickley: Captain Bertram M. Lewin: Captain Cuthbert L.Dick: Captain Francis W.A. Sykes: Captain John F. Colomb: Captain Spencer A.L.Hood: Captain Douglas R.T. Nicholson: Captain Price Vaughan Lewes: Captain Algernon W. Gamble: Captain the Hon. 1919): Captain Robert K. Chambers: Captain Arthur Gordon Smith: Captain C.C.

105 (iii) INDEX: “Active”: “Amphion”(1913): “Bellona”(1910): “Blanche”: “Blonde”: “Boadicea”: “Fearless”(1913): SCOUT CRUISERS: page 107 page 107 page 106 page 106 page 107 page 106 page 107 .

Arthur B. PlunkettErnle-Erle-Drax: Captain Francis A. Bigg: February 1910-February 1911 February 1911-August 1912 August 1912-July 1913 July 1913-April 1916 April-August 1916 August 1916-February 1917 February 1917-November 1918 November 1918-? 1919 “Blanche”(1910. Brand: Captain Reginald Y. 1919): Captain Edwyn S.S. Tyrwhitt: Captain Percy M. Casement: Captain the Hon.B. Edwards: Captain Harry W. Dutton: Captain Claud H. R. Hughes: November 1908-December 1910 December 1910-July 1912 July 1912-July 1913 July 1913-September 1916 September 1916-November 1917 November 1917-March 1919 March 1919-? 1920 “Bellona”(1910. Arbuthnot: Captain Ernest S.C. Candy: Captain Edwin H. Denison: Captain Theodore A.106 “Boadicea”(1909): Captain Edward F. Alexander-Sinclair: Captain the Hon. C.W. Royds: Captain the Hon.W. Woollcombe: Captain Algernon H. Buller: Captain Charles A.S. Wrightson: May 1912-July 1913 July 1913-May 1916 May-December 1916 January 1917-April 1918 April 1918-January 1919 January? 1919 . Charlton: Captain Sir Robert K. Sinclair: Captain Ernest W.J. Hubert G. Carey: Captain Louis C.R. Reginald A. 1921): Captain Wilfred Henderson: Captain Richard Hyde: Captain John M.

Hawksley: Captain Thomas D. Forbes-Sempill: Captain Theodore J. Wood-Martin: Captain Maurice D. sunk North Sea 6 August 1914): Captain Frederic C. Brooke: Captain the Hon. Scott: Captain Basil V.R. Roper: Captain Charles J.C. Dreyer: Captain Thomas D. Arthur L. Hallett: Captain Gregory G.P.107 “Blonde”(1911. 1920): Captain George Trewby: Captain James R. Little: August 1913-July 1915 July 1915-June 1916 September 1916-? 1918 . 1921): Captain William F. Evans: May 1912-July 1913 July 1913-March 1916 October 1916-February 1917 February-June1917 June-December 1917 December 1917-January 1919 January-? 1919 “Active”(1911.G. Hulbert: Captain Albert C. O.C. Pratt: Captain James R. Fox: March-October 1913 October 1913-April 1914 April-August 1914 “Fearless”(1913. Pratt: Captain Cecil H. Townsend: Captain Percy Withers: Captain Gordon Campbell: Captain Edward R. Evans: December 1911-January 1914 January-December 1914 December 1914-January 1915 January-November 1915 November-December 1915 April 1916-March 1917 November 1917-April 1918 April 1918-? 1919 “Amphion”(1913. 1920): Captain Arthur R. Hawksley: Captain Cyril S.P. Blunt: Captain Charles D.

108 (iv) HEAVY CRUISERS: INDEX: “Berwick”(1928): “Cornwall”(1928): “Cumberland”(1928): “Devonshire”(1929): “Dorsetshire”: “Effingham”: “Exeter”(1931): “Frobisher”: “Hawkins”: “Kent”(1928): “London”(1929): “Norfolk”(1930): “Raleigh”: “Shropshire”: “Suffolk”(1928): “Sussex”: “Vindictive”(1924): “York”(1930): page 111 page 112 page 112 page 114 page 115 page 110 page 116 page 110 page 109 page 113 page 113 page 115 page 109 page 115 page 111 page 114 page 109 page 116 .

1945): Captain Henry E.Patterson: Captain Eustance Rotherham: Captain Harry P. Mackenzie-Grieve: Captain Cathcart R. Braithwaite: Refit: Captain Lancelot E.K.Oram: Captain Godfrey A. Spooner: Refit: To Repair Ship: September 1918-? 1920 January 1921-March 1922 March 1922-? 1923 1923-1924 October 1924-October 1925 October 1925-April 1927 April 1927-? February 1930-August 1930 July 1931-? 1932 1932-1936 1936-1937 September 1937-December 1938 1938-1940 1940 “Hawkins”(1919.109 “Vindictive”(1924. Grace: Captain Alan J. Lecky: Reserve: Refit: Captain Ernest J.C. wrecked off Canada 8 August 1922): Captain Arthur Bromley: 1921-August 1922 . V. Francis Hyde: Captain Ronald Howard: Captain Douglas B. Phillips: Captain Wilfrid R. Wason: Refit: Captain G. Stuart: Captain Arthur M. Holland: Reserve: Captain Tom S.H. Lake: Captain Lawrence W. French: Captain John W.Josselyn: July 1919-June 1921 June 1921-September 1922 September 1922-October 1923 October 1923-October 1924 October 1924-October 1926 October 1926-? 1928 1928-1929 May 1929-? 1931 1931-1932 September 1932-July 1935 March 1936-? 1938 November 1939-May 1940 May 1940-? 1942 April 1942-? June 1943-December 1944 “Raleigh”(1921. James: Captain Argentine H. Le Mottee: Captain Charles G.Henderson: Captain William M. Stevens: Captain Walter J. Alington: Captain Percy R. 1945): Captain Reginald G.

wrecked off Norway 18 May 1940): Captain Cecil N. Mudford: July 1924-September 1926 September 1926-September 1928 September 1928-April 1929 September 1929-April 1930 April 1930-December 1932 December 1932-December 1934 December 1934-December 1936 December 1936-September 1937 1937-1939 January –May 1939 1939-1942 January 1942-September 1944 “Effingham”(1925. 1949): Captain Charles E. Spooner: Reserve: Captain Peveril B.110 “Frobisher”(1924.W. P. Bellairs: Captain Patrick Macnamara: Captain Bruce A Fraser: Captain Cecil B.W. M. Forster: Captain Colin A. Howson: May-October 1925 October 1925-October 1927 October 1927-September 1929 September 1929-April 1932 April 1932-April 1934 April 1934-? 1936 1936-1938 February 1938-April 1939 April 1939-May 1940 . Forster: Captain Piers K. Calvert: Captain Richard Bell Davies: Captain Herbert A.W.Turle: Captain Thomas F. Prickett: Captain Cuthbert Coppinger: Refit: Captain Bernard A. Sarel: Captain Herbert A. William-Powlett: Refit: Captain James F.R. Reyne: Captain Roger M. Warburton-Lee: Captain John M. Kekewich: Captain Ernest J.


“Berwick”(1928; 1948): Captain Ralph S.Wykes-Sneyd: Captain Eric G. Robinson: Captain Charles G. Brodie: Captain Cecil N. Reyne: Captain Cyril G.Sedgwick: Captain Eric R.Bent: Refit: Captain Irving M. Palmer: Captain Guy L. Warren: Captain George H. Faulkner: Captain Henry J. Egerton: Captain Norman V. Grace: Captain Stephen H. T. Arliss: April 1927-August 1928 August 1928-April 1930 April 1930-August 1931 August 1931-July 1932 July 1932-October 1934 October 1934-? 1937 1937-1938 October 1938-June 1940 June 1940-May 1941 May 1941-February 1943 February 1943-January 1944 January-August 1944 August 1944-1946

“Suffolk”(1928; 1948): Captain Niel O’Neill: Captain Geoffrey H. Arbuthnot: Captain John H. Godfrey: Captain Errol Manners: Captain Henry C. Phillips: Captain Cecil S. Sandford: Captain John W. Durnford: Captain Edward C. Thornton: Captain Robert M. Ellis: Captain Richard Shelley: Captain Alfred S. Russell: Captain David Gilmour: Captain Charles H. Duffett: July 1927-January 1929 January 1929-June 1931 June 1931-July 1933 July 1933-September 1936 September 1936-December 1937 December 1937-July 1939 July 1939-July 1940 November 1940-February 1941 February 1941-June 1942 June 1942-December 1943 December 1943-May 1944 May 1944-November 1945 November 1945-1946


“Cornwall”(1928; sunk Indian Ocean 5 April 1942): Captain the Hon. William S.Leveson Gower: Captain Arthur N. Dowding: Captain George H. Knowles: Captain Richard Bell Davies: Captain Henry C. Phillips: Refit: Captain Charles O. Alexander: Captain Charles F. Hammill: Captain Percival C.W. Manwaring: July 1927-June 1929 June 1929-March 1931 March1931-January 1933 January 1933-September 1935 September 1935-? 1936 1936-1937 August 1937-January 1939 January 1939-November 1940 November 1940-April 1942

“Cumberland”(1928; 1959): Captain Arthur L. Snagge: Captain Leonard F. Potter: Captain Thomas B. Drew: Captain Brian Egerton: Captain Cyril H.G.Benson: Refit: Captain Edmund G. N. Rushbrooke: Captain John C. Leach: Refit: Captain Walter H. G. Fallowfield: Captain the Hon. Guy H. E. Russell: Captain Alexander H. Maxwell-Hyslop: Captain William Y. La R. Beverley: Captain Philip K. Enright: Captain Arthur F. St.G. Orpen: Captain Geoffrey F. Burghard: Captain James I. Robertson: Captain Robert A. Currie: Captain Thomas V. Briggs: Captain William J. Lamb: Captain Herbert G.T. Padfield: August 1927-April 1929 April 1929-June 1931 June-December 1931 December 1931-February 1933 February 1933-? 1935 1935-1936 January-May 1936 May 1936-November 1938 1938-1939 February 1939-February 1940 February 1940-December1941 December1941-December1943 December 1943-July 1944 July 1944-1946 ? 1946-? April 1951-April 1952 April-December 1952 March 1953-April 1954 April 1954-April 1955 April 1955-November 1956 November 1956-January 1957


“Kent”(1928; 1947): Captain James Wolfe-Murray: Captain Bertram H. Ramsay: Captain John H. Godfrey: Captain Thomas B. Drew: Captain Algernon U. Willis: Captain Ion B.B. Tower: Refit: Captain Leslie H. Ashmore: Captain Douglas Young-Jamieson: Captain Angus E.M.B. Cuninghame Graham: Captain Geoffrey A. B. Hawkins: Captain Walter H.G.Fallowfield: Captain Philip H. Calderon: January 1928-July 1929 July 1929-? 1931 ?-June 1931 December 1931-January 1933 January 1933-May 1934 May 1934-January ? 1937 1937-1938 April 1938-September 1939 September 1939-February 1941 May 1941-July 1943 July 1943-January 1945 January-September 1945 September 1945-1946

“London”(1929; 1950): Captain Hugh H. Rogers: Captain Richard Bell Davies: Captain Harold M. Burrough: Captain Henry H. Harwood: Captain Francis H. W. Goolden: Captain Herbert Pott: Refit: Captain Reginald M. Servaes: Captain Richard V. Symonds-Tayler: Captain Stuart L. Bateson: Captain George H. Oswald: Captain Charles T. Addis: Captain Peter G.L. Cazalet: July 1928-April 1929 April 1929-October 1930 October 1930-March 1932 March 1932-April 1934 April 1934-January 1937 January 1937-March 1939 1939-1941 December 1941-December 1942 December 1942-December1944 December 1944-January 1946 January 1946-May 1947 May 1947-February 1949 February-? 1949

Beverley: Captain Anthony Fane de Salis: Captain John W. La R. Raikes: Captain Henry R. Muirhead Gould: Captain John M. Rawlings: Captain Douglas B. Oliver: Captain Douglas Young-Jamieson: Captain Donald K. 1953): Captain Henry C. Potter: Captain Herbert Fitzherbert: Captain George P. B. John Cronyn: Captain Graham H. Hammick: Captain William Y. Evelyn C. Crawford: November 1928-August 1931 August 1931-February 1933 February 1933-February 1934 February 1934-December1935 December 1935-November1936 November 1936-May 1939 May 1939-October 1940 October 1940-November 1942 November 1942-July 1943 February 1944-January 1945 January 1945-January 1946 January 1946-May 1948 May 1948-December 1949 December 1949-April 1952 April 1952-1953 “Sussex”(1929. Langley: Captain J. Farquhar: December 1928-March 1930 March 1930-October 1931 October 1931-July 1934 July 1934-April 1937 April 1937-December 1938 December 1938-? 1940 June 1942December 1944-? 1946 November 1947-1948 . Mansfield: Captain Robert D. Le Motte: Captain Leonard F. Thomson: Captain Gerard C. England: Captain Stuart S.Ronald S. 1949): Captain Robert H. Blagrove: Captain Alexander R. Bonham-Carter: Captain H. Brown: Captain St.Sawbridge: Captain Hugh T. Bain: Captain Gerald M. Stokes: Captain William G.114 “Devonshire”(1929. T.

Bellars: Captain Donald K.Phillips: Captain E. E. Buckley: Captain Reginald V. Murray: Captain Francis R. sunk Indian Ocean 5 April 1942): Captain Isham W. Y. Agar: September 1930-April 1931 April 1931-July 1933 July 1933-April 1935 April 1935-July 1937 July 1937-July 1939 July 1939-August 1941 August 1941-April 1942 . Holt: Captain W. Nicholson: January 1930-December 1931 December 1931-September 1932 September 1932-? 1934 January 1935-October 1937 October 1937-August 1939 August 1939-February 1940 February 1940-March 1942 March 1942-July 1943 July 1943-February 1944 November 1944-1946 1947-November 1948 November 1948-1949 “Dorsetshire”(1930.Prickett: Captain James F. Bain: Captain John G. Evelyn C. French: Captain Hugh St. Oldham: Captain Frederick A. Borrett: Refit: To Australia: September 1929-August 1931 August 1931-August 1933 August 1933-November 1934 November 1934-July ? 1937 October 1937-August 1939 August 1939-March 1940 March 1940-March 1941 April 1941-December 1942 1942-1943 1943 “Norfolk”(1930. Gornall: Captain John H. L. Mansfield: Captain Alexander G. Martin: Captain Augustus W. K. Gibson: Captain Arthur J. L.115 “Shropshire”(1929): Captain Ronald W.Gerald H. Campbell Tait: Captain Arthur W. Edelsten: Captain Jack T. Somerville: Captain H. Tofield Makeig-Jones: Captain Arthur J. Hamilton: Captain John M. L. Bisset: Captain James P. Loveband: Captain Godfrey A. Blagrove: Captain Louis H. Power: Captain W.B. S.Barry: Captain Benjamin C. 1949): Captain Cecil B. La T. Wilson: Captain Alfred J. S.

Gordon: April 1931-August 1932 August 1932-October 1933 October 1933-October 1935 October 1935-September 1936 September 1936-August 1939 August 1939-April 1940 December 1940-March 1941 March 1941-March 1942 . Boxer: Captain Harold E. wrecked off Crete 26 March 1941): Captain Wilfred N. Cyril E. Gibson: Captain Harold G.116 “York”(1930. Harwood: Captain Frederick S. Morse: Captain Reginald H. Portal: December 1929-December 1931 December 1931-January 1934 January 1934-October 1936 October 1936-August 1939 August 1939-March 1941 “Exeter”(1931. sunk Second Battle of the Java Sea 1 March 1942): Captain Isham W. Custance: Captain Richard H. Evans: Captain the Hon.Franklin: Captain Alfred E.C. Bevan: Captain Henry P.Beckett: Captain Oliver L. Douglas-Pennant: Captain Henry H. L.T. Bell: Captain Walter N.




“Achilles”(1933): “Ajax”(1935): “Amphion”(1936): “Arethusa”(1914): “Arethusa”(1935): “Argonaut”(1942): “Aurora”(1914): “Aurora”(1937): “Belfast”: “Bellona”(1943): “Bermuda”: “Birkenhead”: “Birmingham”(1914): “Birmingham”(1937): “Black Prince”(1943): “Blake”: “Bonaventure”(1940): “Bristol”(1910): “Cairo”: “Calcutta”: “Caledon”: “Calliope”: “Calypso”: “Cambrian”: “Canterbury”: “Capetown”: “Caradoc”: “Cardiff”(1917): “Carlisle”: “Caroline”: “Carysfort”: “Cassandra”: “Castor”: “Centaur”(1916): “Ceres”:

page 144 page 145 page 145 page 124 page 146 page 152 page 124 page 146 page 150 page 153 page 155 page 124 page 123 page 148 page 153 page 158 page 150 page 121 page 137 page 138 page 131 page 128 page 132 page 129 page 129 page 139 page 132 page 133 page 137 page 126 page 127 page 131 page 129 page 130 page 134


“Ceylon”: “Champion”: “Charybdis”(1941): “Chatham”(1912): “Chester”: “Cleopatra”(1915): “Cleopatra”(1941): “Colombo”: “Comus”: “Concord”: “Conquest”: “Constance”: “Cordelia”: “Coventry”(1918): “Curacoa”: “Curlew”: “Danae”(1918): “Dartmouth”: “Dauntless”(1918): “Delhi”: “Despatch”: “Diadem”(1944): “Dido”(1940): “Diomede”(1922): “Dragon”: “Dublin”: “Dunedin”: “Durban”: “Edinburgh”(1939): “Emerald”: “Enterprise”: “Euryalus”(1941): “Falmouth”: “Fiji”: “Galatea”(1914): “Galatea”(1935): “Gambia”: “Glasgow”(1910): “Glasgow”(1937): “Gloucester”(1910):

page 156 page 128 page 152 page 122 page 124 page 127 page 151 page 138 page 126 page 130 page 127 page 130 page 126 page 135 page 136 page 134 page 139 page 121 page 140 page 141 page 142 page 151 page 151 page 143 page 140 page 122 page 141 page 142 page 149 page 144 page 143 page 151 page 121 page 153 page 124 page 146 page 154 page 120 page 148 page 120


“Gloucester”(1939): “Hermione”(1940): “Inconstant”: “Jamaica”: “Kenya”: “Leander”(1933): “Lion”(1960): “Liverpool”(1910): “Liverpool”(1938): “Lowestoft”: “Manchester”(1938): “Mauritius”: “Naiad”(1940): “Neptune”(1934): “Newcastle”(1910): “Newcastle”(1937): “Newfoundland”: “Nigeria”: “Nottingham”(1914): “Orion”(1934): “Penelope”(1914): “Penelope”(1936): “Phaeton”: “Phoebe”(1940): “Royalist”: “Royalist”(1943): “Scylla”(1942): “Sheffield”(1937): “Sirius”(1942): “Southampton”(1913): “Southampton”(1937): “Spartan”: “Superb”(1945): “Swiftsure”(1944): “Tiger”(1959): “Trinidad”: “Uganda”: “Undaunted”: “Weymouth”: “Yarmouth”:

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Stapleton-Cotton: Captain Aubrey C.T. Miller: Captain Edward Reeves: Captain Gerald W. Hunt: Captain Frederick A.H. Cowan: Captain Eustace La T.A. 1921): Captain George P.E.W. 1921): Captain Walter H. 1927): Captain Marcus R. Leatham: Captain W. Hill: Captain John Luce: Captain Aubrey C. Hill: July 1910-June 1912 June 1912-March 1914 March 1914-April 1916 April-June 1916 June-December 1916 December 1916-? 1919 .120 “Newcastle”(1910. Blunt: Captain John E. Tomlin: August 1910-January 1912 January 1912-July 1913 July 1913-August 1915 September 1915-September 1917 September 1917-March 1919 “Glasgow”(1910. Salmond: August 1910-September 1912 September 1912-November 1916 November 1916-? 1918 June 1918-? 1919 January 1923-? 1924 “Gloucester”(1910. 1920): Captain Charles H.E.Powlett: Captain Richard G.Harper: Captain Peter W.A.C. Morgan: Captain Charles B.H. Smith: August 1910-December 1912 December 1912-July 1916 September 1916-? 1918 April 1918-? 1919 “Liverpool”(1910. Smith: Captain Herbert MacI. Edwards: Captain James S. Howard Kelly: Captain William F. Vivian: Captain George N.

Bentinck: Captain Basil H.121 “Bristol”(1910. North: Captain Ronald H. Percy F. sunk North Sea 19 August 1916): Captain E.N. 1928): Captain Edwin V. Kelly: Captain George N. 1930): Captain Henry L.G. Addison: Captain Herbert W.Grant: Captain John D.Wells: August 1911-August 1913 August 1913-April 1915 April 1915-June 1916 September 1916-June 1917 June-September 1917 September 1917-February 1918 February 1918-? 1921 April 1926-September 1927 .Mawbey: Captain Judge D’Arcy: Captain Albert P. Beal: Captain Gerald A.C. Hallifax: July 1911-August 1913 August 1913-August 1915 September 1915-August 1917 October 1917-August 1920 August 1920-August 1921 1921-1927 August 1927-December 1928 December 1928-? 1929 “Weymouth”(1911. Church: Captain Denis B. Bigg-Wither: Reserve and Refit: Captain Dudley B. Tomlin: Captain W. Edwards: June 1911-December 1913 December 1913-August 1916 “Dartmouth”(1911.W. Crampton: Captain John D. Fanshawe: Captain George J. Todd: August 1910-January 1913 January 1913-February 1916 March 1916-? 1919 “Falmouth”(1911. Hope: Captain Guy P. 1921): Captain Rudolf W. Underhill: Captain William D.A. Howard Kelly: Captain Alister F.

Elder: Captain Hugh S. Taylor: November 1912-July 1914 July 1914-March 1916 March 1916-April 1918 April 1918-February 1919 February 1919-August 1921 August 1921-October 1922 October 1922-August 1924 August 1924-May 1925 . Rymer: Captain William L.R.S. Laurence: July 1912-May 1916 May-September 1916 September 1916-January 1918 January 1918-March 1919 May 1920-July 1923 July-October 1923 October 1923-November 1925 “Dublin”(1912. Hughes: Captain Hugh T.Alderson: Captain Henry L. Hallett: Captain Alan G. Shipway: Captain George W. 1926): Captain Henry Blackett: Captain John D. Beal: Captain Noel F. Custance: October 1911-August 1913 August 1913-January 1915 January 1915-August 1917 August 1917-March 1918 July 1918-March 1919 March 1919-? 1920 December 1923-? 1924 November 1925-November 1926 November 1926-? 1928 “Chatham”(1912. Pratt: Captain Henry E.PlunkettErnle-Erle-Drax: Captain Edward H.Isaacson: Captain William N.122 “Yarmouth”(1912. Kelly: Captain Albert C. Drury-Lowe: Captain Arthur Bromley: Captain Louis C.England: Captain Egerton W. Cochrane: Captain Thomas D. Scott: Captain the Hon. Woollcombe: Captain Theodore J. 1929): Captain Wiliam J.S. 1926): Captain Sidney R. Reginald A. Grace: Captain Cyril Asser: Captain Arthur B. Hotham: Captain Alister F.

Miller: July 1913-August 1916 “Lowestoft”(1914.L.C. Duff: Captain Ernest A. Bevan: Captain Alfred E. England: Captain H. Hallett: Captain Wilfrid A.Studholme Brownrigg: July 1922-? 1923 Captain John S. sunk North Sea 19 August 1916): Captain Charles B.J.O. 1931): Captain Arthur A. Chatfield: Captain William E. Evans: Captain L. Stanley Holbrook: July 1913-November 1916 March 1917-January 1919 January-June 1919 June 1919-September 1921 September 1921-July 1922 July 1922-January 1923 January 1923December 1924-January 1927 January 1927-December 1928 December 1928-? 1930 “Nottingham”(1914. 1926): Captain A.Cloete: November 1926-November 1928 Captain John H.Lecky: Captain Basil V.Aylmer: September 1919-May 1920 Captain Niel O’Neill: May 1920-July 1922 Captain H.123 “Southampton”(1913.B.J. Fraser: March-May 1925 Captain George W. Craufurd: Captain George P. Studholme Brownrigg: Captain Edward C. Bertram T. 1931): Captain Theobald W. Egerton: November 1912-March 1913 July 1913-December 1916 December 1916-February 1917 February 1917-March 1919 March 1919-October 1921 October 1921-October 1923 “Birmingham”(1914. Brooke: Captain Theodore J.Taylor: May 1925-November 1926 Captain Edward B. Taylor: Captain Alan J.Freeman-Mitford: February1918-September 1919 Captain Henry E.F. Ernle M.M. Boyle: Captain Richard H. Young: November 1928-? 1930 . Kennedy: November 1913-? 1918 Captain the Hon. Goodenough: Captain Halton S. Mackenzie-Grieve: Captain Arthur G.G.

Lindsay: October 1915-January 1919 January 1919-March 1920 “Arethusa”(1914. 1921): Captain Edward Reeves: Captain Henry F. sunk North Sea 11 February 1916): Captain Reginald Y. Lawson: Captain John C.Dugmore: July 1914-December 1914 December 1914-February 1915 February 1915-June 1917 June 1917-August 1919 August 1919-? 1920 . Hawkesley: Captain Edwyn S. 1918): Captain Alan G.124 “Birkenhead”(1915.L. Grace: Captain Arthur M.P.G. Forbes: Captain Eric V. Hotham: Captain Wilmot S.H.R. 1921): Captain Robert N. Tyrwhitt: August 1914-February 1916 “Aurora”(1914. Stancomb: Captain Graham R. Bowring: June-November 1914 November 1914-December 1916 December 1916-July 1917 July-November 1917 November 1917-March 1919 “Galatea”(1914.F.Talbot: Captain Henry E. 1921): Captain Thomas D. Nicholson: Captain Wilfred Tomkinson: Captain Wilfrid Nunn: Captain Humphrey W. Alexander-Sinclair: Captain Charles M. Pratt: Captain James R.Edwards: August 1915-May 1917 May 1917-May 1918 May-September 1918 September-December 1918 December 1918-April 1919 “Chester”(1916.

Dundas: January 1915-March 1919 March 1919-? 1921 “Royalist”(1915. Thesiger: Captain Francis A. 1923): Captain John E.John: Captain Henry P. Fox: Captain Francis G. 1922): Captain Bertram S.125 “Penelope”(1914. St. Oliphant: Captain Gregory G. Best: Captain Arthur Kemmis Betty: January 1915-May 1917 May 1917-April 1919 April 1919-August 1920 .C. 1922): Captain the Hon. Hickman: Captain Ernest W.V. 1923): Captain Cecil H. Matthew R. Wood-Martin: December 1914-July 1917 July 1917-January 1918 January 1918-January 1919 January 1919-? “Undaunted”(1914. 1924): Captain Hubert Lynes: Captain Wion de M. Egerton: Captain Laurence R. Cameron: Captain Laurence L. Lewis: October 1914-August 1917 August 1917-March 1919 October 1919-? 1921 “Phaeton”(1915. Denison: Captain Kerrison Kiddle: August-October 1914 October 1914-January 1918 January-November 1918 November 1918-March 1919 February 1921-? “Inconstant”(1915. Marten: Captain George B. Herbert Meade: Captain the Hon.

E. Crooke: Captain Oliver E. T. 1923): Captain A. Wells: Captain Cathcart R.Barry S. Wason: Captain Ralph S. Frederick B. Law: Captain Ralph S.Vyell Vyvyan: Captain T. 1924): Captain Henry R.B. Sneyd: December 1914-March 1917 March 1917-February 1919 February 1919-January 1921 January-November 1921 “Cordelia”(1915. 1934): Captain Alan G. Sulivan: October 1914-April 1915 April 1915-May 1917 June 1917-May 1919 May 1919-? 1921 “Comus”(1915.O. Thursfield: Captain G. Beamish: Captain the Hon. Percy H.Forbes-Sempill: Captain Norton A. Arthur L. Wykes-Sneyd: Captain Henry G. Hotham: Captain John M. Miles: Captain the Hon. Bingham: Captain Cecil N.126 “Caroline”(1914. Reyne: February 1915-December 1916 December 1916-November 1918 November 1918-March 1919 March 1919-November 1921 November 1921-? 1922 July 1923-? 1924 September 1925-April 1927 April 1927-April 1928 April 1928-August 1929 August 1929-? 1930 May 1931-July 1932 July 1932-December 1933 . Edward-Collins: Captain Edward McC. Casement: Captain Gerald A. Sawbridge: Captain Roderick B. W. Lawrie: Captain Henry R. Leggett: Captain William T.

Barrett: Captain Cecil N. Tillard: Captain Edward B.C. Wintour: Captain Barry E. Arthur C.B.G.127 “Carysfort”(1915. Alington: Captain Malcolm L.Petre: Captain Charles J.B. Backhouse: Captain Joseph C.Lane: Captain Aubrey Lambert: Captain Ralph Collins: Captain Alfred F. Loder-Symonds: Captain the Hon. 1931): Captain Frederick P. Little: Captain the Hon. Addison: Captain Charles J. 1931): Captain Albert P. Turner: Captain Reginald B. Cloete: February-August 1915 August 1915-April 1916 April-July 1916 July 1916-April 1918 May 1918-May 1919 May 1919-April 1921 April 1921-April 1923 April 1923-April 1925 April-September 1925 July 1927-April 1928 April 1928-? November 1929-? “Cleopatra”(1915. Burke: Captain Ralph Eliot: Captain William F. Edward-Collins: Captain Herbert A. Farie: Captain Roger R. Reyne: February 1915-October 1918 October-November 1918 November 1918-? 1919 ?-December 1919 December 1919-? 1921 October 1923-January 1925 January-November 1925 November 1925-? 1926 December 1928-December 1929 December 1929-? “Conquest”(1915.E. Darke: June-November 1915 November 1915-December 1916 December 1916-May 1917 May 1917-July 1918 March 1921-March 1922 March 1922-April 1924 December 1924-December 1926 December 1926-? .W. 1930): Captain James U. Horton: Captain Robert R. Arthur Stopford: Captain Charles D. C.Domvile: Captain Henry G. Henley: Captain Argentine H. Buchanan-Wollaston: Captain Aubrey T. Sells: Captain John F. Carpenter: Captain Patrick E. Frederick B. Parker: Captain G. Goldsmith: Captain Max K. Strutt: Captain Walter R.


“Calliope”(1915; 1931): Captain Charles E. Le Mesurier: Captain Rudolf W. Bentinck: Captain Percy L.H. Noble: Captain Walter B. Compton: Captain William D. Paton: Captain Thomas E. Wardle: Captain Wilbraham T.R. Ford: Captain L. Stanley Holbrook: Captain A. Francis Pridham: May 1915-August 1917 August 1917-October 1918 October 1918-March 1919 March 1919-March 1921 May 1922-June 1923 June 1923-October 1924 October 1924-December 1925 December 1927-September 1928 September 1928-? 1929

“Champion”(1915; 1934): Captain James U. Farie: Captain Hugh J. Tweedie: Captain the Hon. Arthur B.S. Dutton: Captain Forster D. Arnold-Forster: Captain Gregory G.C. Wood-Martin: Captain Patrick E. Palmer: Captain Everard J. Hardman-Jones: Captain Errol Manners: Captain John S.G. Fraser: Captain John H. Young: Captain Eric R. Bent: Captain Richard M. Welby: Captain Geoffrey R.S. Watkins: Captain Maitland W.S. Boucher: Captain Arthur M. Peters: November 1915-April 1917 April-November 1917 November 1917-April 1919 April 1919-April 1921 April 1921-May 1922 May 1922-April 1923 April 1923-May 1925 May 1925-December 1925 December 1925-November 1927 November 1927-October 1928 October 1928-October 1929 October 1929-April 1930 April 1930-December 1931 December 1931-December1932 December 1932-December 1933


“Castor”(1915; 1936): Captain James R.P. Hawksley: Captain Hugh J. Tweedie: Captain Leonard L.P. Willian: Captain Aubrey T. Tillard: Captain Alban T.B. Curteis: Captain Wilfred N. Custance: Captain W. Frederic Wake-Walker: November 1915-November 1917 November 1917-December 1920 December 1920-August 1922 August 1922-? 1924 October 1927-June 1928 June 1928-May 1929 May 1929-? 1930

“Canterbury”(1916; 1934): Captain Percy M.R. Royds: Captain Graham R.L. Edwards: Captain Edward A. Astley-Rushton: Captain Guy C.C. Royle: Captain Francis H.G. Walker: Captain Harold T.C. Walker: April 1916-April 1919 April 1919-March 1921 March 1921-? 1922 December 1927-December 1929 December 1929-? February 1932-? 1933

“Cambrian”(1916; 1934): Captain Charles A. Fountaine: Captain Lockhart Leith: Captain Gerald A. Wells: Captain James D.D. Stewart: Captain Malcolm L. Goldsmith: Captain Miles B. Birkett: Captain Richard H.O. Lane-Poole: Captain Claude C. Dobson: July 1916-December 1918 December 1918-March 1919 March 1919-February 1921 February 1921-August 1922 August 1922-? 1924 ? 1926-December 1927 December 1927-? October 1931-?


“Centaur”(1916; 1934): Captain Barry E.Domvile: Captain Wion de M. Egerton: Captain Henry K. Kitson: Captain Wilfred F. French: Captain Charles D. Burke: Captain Colin K. Maclean: Captain Wion de M. Egerton: Captain Robin C. Dalglish: Captain Edward O.B.S. Osborne: July 1916-January 1918 January 1918-August 1919 August 1919-Deember 1920 December 1920-December 1922 December 1922-? 1924 April 1925-September 1926 September 1926-July 1928 July 1928-August 1930 August 1930-?

“Constance”(1916; 1936): Captain Cyril S. Townsend: Captain Edward C. Kennedy: Captain the Hon. Arthur C. Strutt: Captain James D. Campbell: Captain Cloudesley V. Robinson: Captain Dudley B.N. North: Captain Colin A.M. Sarel: December 1915-January 1919 January 1919-September 1920 Sept, 1920-December 1922 December 1922-December 1924 December 1924-? 1926 November 1927-? 1929 ?-?

“Concord”(1916; 1935): Captain William D. Paton: Captain Walter J.C. Lake: Captain Lionel F. Maitland-Kirwan: Captain Brien M. Money: Captain Henry G. Thursfield: Captain Alexander R.W. Woods: Captain Charles E.Kennedy-Purvis: Captain A. Francis Pridham: Captain Albert J. Robertson: Captain Marshal L. Clarke: Captain Algernon R. Smithwick: November 1916-January 1919 January 1919-January 1921 January-June 1921 June 1921-September 1922 September 1922-? 1923 September 1924-July 1925 July 1925-? ?-October 1928 October 1928-December 1929 December 1929-December 1930 December 1930-? 1932

Burges Watson: Captain Miles B. Davies: Captain Edward C. Haynes: Refit: Captain Reginald F.C. Candy: Captain Dudley B.Fitzgerald: Reserve and Refit: Captain Cecil N. Johnson: Captain Charles P. N.Reyne: Captain James Powell: Captain Frederick R. Sinclair: Captain Walter Cowan: Captain Arthur A. 1945): Captain Claud H.131 “Caledon”(1917. Clarke: Captain Stuart H. Kennedy: May 1917-May 1918 May-December 1918 . North: Captain F.S.M.Birkett: Refit: Captain Hubert Ardill: Captain John U. Duff: Captain Everard J.P.Brown: February-July 1917 July 1917-May 1919 May-July 1919 July 1919-January 1921 January 1922-September 1922 September 1922-April 1924 April 1924-April 1926 April-? 1926 1926-1927 December 1927-? 1929 December 1929-? 1931 1931-1939 December 1933-July 1934 July 1934-? 1936 April 1938-July 1939 July 1939-March 1941 March-April 1941 April 1941-August 1942 1942-1943 December 1943-November 1944 November 1944-April 1945 “Cassandra”(1917. Paton: Captain Henry J.M. Nichols: Captain John R. sunk Gulf of Finland 5 December 1918): Captain Arthur J. Hardman-Jones: Captain Algernon H.

Colvin: Captain Guy P. Moore: Captain Harold V. P. Bethell: Captain Addison J. Wodehouse: Captain the Hon. Bigg-Wither: Captain Reginald St. Thesiger: Captain Claude Seymour: Captain Herbert A. 1945): Captain William M.Longley-Cook: Captain Jocelyn S. Buchanan-Wollaston: Captain Charles A. Rowley: May-November 1917 November 1917-August 1919 August 1919-September 1921 September 1921-December 1922 December 1922-January 1925 January 1925-January 1926 January 1926-January 1927 January 1927-December 1928 December 1928-October 1930 October 1930-? 1932 July-December 1939 December 1939-June 1940+ “Caradoc”(1917. Sarel: Captain John F. Edwards: Captain Bertram S. Danckwerts: Captain E.Scott: Captain Colin A. Kerr: Captain Ragnar M. Hamilton: Refit: Captain Henry R.132 “Calypso”(1917.Baker-Creswell: June 1917-August 1919 August 1919-August 1921 August 1921-July 1922 July 1922-August 1924 August 1924-? 1926 1927-1928 September 1928-? 1929 July 1930-July 1932 July 1932-? 1934 1934-1938 July 1930-June 1940 June 1940-February 1942 April 1944-? .Finlayson: Captain Brian Egerton: Captain Norman A. sunk Mediterranean 12 June 1940): Captain Herbert MacI. Parry: Captain Hugh D. George Fraser: Captain Newton J.William-Powlett: Captain Henry A.W.M.Neville Syfret: Reserve and Refit: Captain Eric W.

Maitland-Kirwan: Captain T. James: Captain Colin K. Butler: Captain H. Stevens-Guille: July 1917-February 1919 February-July 1919 July 1919-January 1921 January-June 1921 June 1921-December 1922 December 1922-December 1924 December 1924-January 1927 January 1927-January 1929 January-October 1929 1929-1931 January 1931-March 1933 March-July 1933 October 1933-October 1935 October 1935-September 1936 September 1936-July 1938 July 1938-July 1939 July 1939-August 1941 August 1941-February 1942 February-? 1942 . Micklethwait: Captain George F.John A. Halfhide: Captain Philip K. Young: Captain Geoffrey R. Enright: Captain St. Aubyn B. Blagrove: Refit: Captain John H. Wake: Captain Vernon S. Hugh Binney: Captain St.K. Clegg: Captain W.S. Watkins: Captain Arthur R. 1946): Captain Claud H. Maclean: Captain Lionel F. Evelyn C. Sinclair: Captain Arthur Bromley: Captain Thomas N. King: Captain John H.133 “Cardiff”(1917. Tofield Makeig-Jones: Captain Richard M.

Stanley Holbrook: Captain Henry D.E.A. James: Captain Harold E. Stuart: Captain Bertram C. Sullivan: Captain L. Landon: Refit and Reserve: Captain George A. im Thurn: Captain Arthur L.134 “Ceres”(1917. McWilliam: Captain Cecil C.L. 1945): Captain the Hon. Lane: Captain Harold O. Archdale: Captain Wellwood G. Herbert Meade: Captain Henry G.Scott: Reserve: Captain Edmund G. Francis Pridham: Captain Charles G. Agar: Captain Basil C.S. Watson: Captain Augustus W. Allen: Refit: Captain A.Neame: Captain Henry H. Snagge: Captain Nicholas E.Allen: Captain Roy C. Abbott: Captain Douglas M. B. sunk off Norway 26 May 1940): Captain Wilfrid Nunn: Captain William M. Brooke: November 1917-April 1919 April 1920-June 1921 June 1921-November 1922 November 1922-November 1924 November 1924-? June 1927-? 1928 1928-1929 1929-August 1930 August 1930-July 1932 July 1932-? 1933 January 1936-January 1937 August 1939-May 1940 . Maxwell: Captain Arthur J. Bridges: Captain Hamilton C. Reinold: Captain John K. Harry: June 1917-April 1918 April 1918-July 1919 July 1919-June 1921 June 1921-March 1923 March 1923-February 1924 February 1924-February 1925 February 1925-March 1927 March 1927-December 1928 1929-1932 May 1932-? 1932-1939 July 1939-February 1941 February-July 1941 July 1941-April 1942 April 1942-March 1943 March-? 1943 “Curlew”(1917.C.

sunk Mediterranean 14 September 1942): Captain Francis G. Napier: Captain Alfred H.Dendy: January 1918-February 1919 February-October 1919 October 1919-May 1920 May 1920-July 1922 July 1922-July 1924 July 1924-August 1926 August 1926-? 1928 1928-1930 August 1930-November 1931 November 1931-? 1934 October 1935-? 1936 April 1937-August 1938 August 1938-April 1940 April 1940-May 1941 May 1941-January 1942 January-September 1942 . Carne: Captain Ronald J.Onslow: Captain David Gilmour: Captain William P. S. Tufnell: Captain Richard F.K.135 “Coventry”(1918. King: Captain Henry E.L. Rivett-Carnac: Captain Desmond N. Norman: Captain Benjamin W.R. King: Captain Herbert Fitzherbert: Refit: Captain Edward L. Horan: Captain James W.W. Willcox: Captain William R.John: Captain Howard J. St.C.J. Barrow: Captain Richard M.

Reyne: Captain Cecil B. Peters: Captain Clement Moody: Captain R. Paton: Captain John W. Boutwood: January 1918-? 1919 May 1921-April 1922 April 1922-May 1923 May 1923-May 1925 May 1925-May 1927 May 1927-June 1929 July-October 1929 October 1929-March 1931 March 1931-March 1932 March-December 1932 December 1932-April 1933 April-August 1933 December 1933-January 1934 December 1934-January 1936 January 1936-January 1937 January 1937-January 1938 January 1938-? 1939 1939 December 1939-August 1940 August 1940-February 1942 February-June 1942 June-October 1942 .S. Gresham Nicholson: Captain E.C. Graham: Captain H.136 “Curacoa”(1918.Thomas B. Prickett: Captain F. E. Burnett: Captain Arthur M. McCarthy: Captain Richard Shelley: Refit: Captain Edward A. Domvile: Captain Rafe G. Rupert Drummond: Captain Robert L. sunk in collision off Coast of Ireland 2 October 1942): Captain Barry E. Franklin: Captain H. Tower: Captain Harold G. Evelyn C. Rowley-Conwy: Captain Hugh C. Rawlings: Captain the Hon.Desmond B. Buckle: Captain Cecil N. Blagrove: Captain Cosmo M. Bernard H. Hughes-Hallett: Captain Stuart H.Aylmer: Captain Cecil C.

K. 1944): Captain John W.137 “Carlisle”(1918.B.Oram: Captain Patrick V. Cochrane: Captain George H. Troup: Captain Herbert Pott: Refit: Captain Edward O.Black: Captain Cecil C. Nalder: January 1919-December 1920 December 1920-August 1922 August 1922-August 1924 August 1923-August 1926 August 1926-? 1928 1928-1929 March 1930-August 1931 August 1931-September 1934 September 1934-? 1937 1937-1940 November 1939-January 1941 January-May 1941 ?-October 1942 October 1942-October 1943 “Cairo”(1919. Carrington: Captain Edward R. McLaughlin: Captain Ian R. Walker: Captain Edward O.L. MacFarlan: Captain Guy W.G. G.B. Evans: Captain Gerald L. Hallifax: Refit: Captain William E. Marrack: Refit and Conversion: Captain Gerald M. D’Oyly Lyon: Captain Geoffrey S.Neame: Captain Harold F. Cochrane: Captain James A. Currey: Captain Arthur H. O. Magee: Captain Francis R. Dickens: Captain Robert S. Thomson: Captain Henry D. Langley: Captain Thomas C. sunk Mediterranean 12 August 1942): Captain Aubrey Lambert: Captain Hugh S. Arbuthnot: Captain Evelyn C. C.Barry: Captain Hugh R.Hampton: Captain Douglas M. Hardy: April 1919-March 1921 March 1921-August 1922 August 1922-September 1924 September 1924-November 1926 November 1926-August 1928 August 1928-? 1930 1930-1932 June-July 1932 July 1932-August 1934 August 1934-March 1935 March 1935-March 1936 March 1936-?1937 1937-1939 August 1939-February 1940 February 1940-January 1941 January 1941-January 1942 January-August 1942 . Pridham-Wippell: Reserve: Captain Harry P.R.H.

Jellicoe: Captain Kenneth M. Dobson: Refit: Captain Allan Poland: Captain Charles E.Robinson: May 1919-October 1920 October 1920-December 1921 December 1921-? 1922 April 1923-? October 1927-? 1929 1929-1931 July 1931-? 1933 June 1933-? 1935 1935-1936 July 1936-July 1937 July 1937-August 1938 August 1938-? 1939 July 1939-February 1940 February 1941-June 1942 June 1941-April 1942 1942-1943 February 1943-March 1944 March-December 1944 December 1944-July 1945 .A. Evans: Captain Stuart S. Bedford: Captain Charles F. 1948): Captain Percy Withers: Captain Casper B. M. B.Stanfield: Captain Cecil C. Harris: Captain Richard J.L.E. T. Alexander R. sunk Mediterranean 1 June 1941): Captain Percy L. Noble: Captain Walter B. Cooke: Refit: Captain Herbert A.R. Cunningham: Refit: Captain Alfred E. Bonham-Carter: Reserve: Captain Geoffrey C. Ramsay: Captain Andrew B. H. Ballard: Captain Archibald Cochrane: Captain James Wolfe Murray: Captain Claude C. Kitson: Captain the Hon.Allen: Refit: Captain Derrick H. Simeon: Reserve: Captain Ralph Kerr: Captain Denham M. Lees: March 1919-March 1921 March 1921-February 1923 February 1923-August 1924 August 1924-May 1926 May 1926-November 1927 1927-1928 September-December 1928 December 1928-? 1931 1931-1938 February-August 1935 1938-1939 August 1939-March 1940 March 1940-June 1941 “Colombo”(1919. Packer: Captain Dennis M.138 “Calcutta”(1919.Hall Thompson: Captain Christopher T. Compton: Captain Henry K.Scott: Captain Charles A.

Wardle: Captain Frederick C. 1946): Captain Kenneth G. Budgen: Captain Cuthbert Coppinger: Reserve: Captain Terence H. MacKinnon: Captain William B. Knox-Little: Reserve: Captain Loben E. Haines: Captain Stephen Barry: June 1918-April 1920 April 1920-April 1922 April 1922-August 1923 August 1923-March 1925 March 1925-January 1927 January 1927-April 1928 April 1928-? 1929 1929-1930 August 1930-? 1932 ?-July 1932 July 1932-? 1935 1935-1936 August 1936-? 1937 1937-1939 July 1939-? November-December 1940 December 1940-June 1942 June-October 1942 1942-1943 April 1943-August 1944 August-October 1944 . Mackenzie: Refit: Captain Eric R. G. Bent: Captain A. I. Dewar: Captain George H.G. Campbell Tait: Reserve: Captain Douglas A. Nalder: Refit: Captain John R. Lyster: Captain Charles H. Rupert Drummond: Captain W.G. E. Austin: Captain Bertram H. Fisher: Captain George K. Dawson: Captain the Hon.B. Robertson: February 1923-May 1924 May 1924-May 1926 May 1926-July 1927 July 1927-July 1929 July-December 1929 1930-1934 July 1934-June 1936 June 1936-? 1938 1938-1939 July 1939-November 1940 November 1940-April 1941 September 1941-November 1942 November 1942-September 1943 “Danae”(1918. Crane: Captain Francis J.James: Captain Charles L. Lumley St.S. Ramsay: Captain Lachlan D. Chetwode: Captain Francis M. H. Knowles: Captain Oswald H. Collinson: Captain Henry B. Back: Captain Percival H. James: Captain Percival H.139 “Capetown”(1922.E. Maund: Reserve: Captain Alfred C. to Poland 1944): Captain Thomas E. Butler: Captain Harold F.

B. Fairbairn: Captain Isham W. P. Bowes-Lyon: Captain Robert J.E. Moore: Captain John G.140 “Dauntless”(1918. Glover: To Poland: August 1918-March 1919 March 1919-March 1920 March 1920-June 1921 June 1921-August 1922 August 1922-October 1924 October 1924-October 1926 October 1926-February 1928 February-December 1928 1928-1930 January-October 1930 October 1930-September 1932 September 1932-August 1935 August 1935-July 1937 1937-1939 July 1939-August 1940 August 1940-June 1942 June 1942-January 1943 1943 . Moore: Captain John G. 1945): Captain Frederick P. D. Hawke-Genn: Captain Cecil V. Hewitt: Captain Newton J. Alington: Captain Francis A. Shaw: Captain Philip F.Vivian: Captain Charles O. Stephenson: Captain Charles W. Marten: Captain Otto H.M. Pilcher: Captain Gilbert O. Loder-Symonds: Captain Cecil H.Bevan: Captain Ernest J. Usborne: Captain Bernard W. Round-Turner: Captain Hubert E. Alexander: Reserve: Captain Sir Lionel A.W. Stevens: Captain W.Sturdee: Captain George D. Macpherson: Repair and Reserve: Captain Henry R. Spooner: Captain W. Dannreuther: Captain Kenneth D.Campbell Tait: Refit: Captain Louis H. William-Powlett: Refit: October 1918-May 1919 May 1919-March 1921 March 1921-August 1922 August 1922-1924 October 1924-? 1926 February 1927-November 1928 1928-1930 February-September 1930 September 1930-July 1932 July 1932-? 1935 1935-1939 March-September 1936 February 1939-May 1941 May 1941-October 1942 October 1942-? 1943 1943-1945 “Dragon”(1918): Captain Argentine H. Johnson: Reserve: Captain Ronald G. Frederic Wake-Walker: Captain Frederick R.M. W. Gibson: Captain Percy R.

M.Swabey: Captain Geoffrey Blake: Captain Martin J. T. Monroe: Captain the Hon. de Meric: Captain F. Chalmers: Captain Charles Farquhar-Smith: Reserve: Captain Louis H. Crane: Captain Charles E. Carlisle P. Pipon: Captain Kenelm E. Lambe: Captain Richard S.W. Ritchie: Captain George T. 1945): Captain Geoffrey Mackworth: Captain Francis Loftus Tottenham: Captain James M. Ramsay: Captain Alister F. E. Swabey: Captain James S. E.E. Creighton: Captain Errol Manners: Captain Alfred H.B. M. Hamilton: Captain Alfred S. sunk Atlantic 24 November 1941): Captain Charles N.141 “Delhi”(1919.L. Rupert Drummond: Captain Henry B. Beal: Captain G. Rawlings: Captain William S.C. Peachey: Captain Gilbert R. Russell: Captain Allan T. Lovatt: August 1919-March 1920 March 1920-March 1921 March 1921-November 1922 November 1922-?1924 ? 1924-August 1926 August 1926-January 1927 January 1927-? 1928 ?1928-September 1929 September 1929-April 1932 April 1932-August 1933 August 1933-March 1935 March 1935-November 1937 November 1937-? 1938 January 1939-September 1940 September 1940-November 1941+ .C. Bernard H.G. Burges Watson: Captain the Hon. Alexander R. Taylor: Refit: Captain W. Rupert Drummond: Captain H. Wrightson: Captain Hubert S.K.Campbell Tait: Captain Frederic N. Weymouth: May 1919-August 1920 August 1920-August 1922 August 1922-October 1924 October 1924-December 1925 December 1925-June 1927 June 1927-? 1928 1928-1929 December 1929-May 1931 May 1931-? 1932 ?-December 1932 December 1932-October 1934 October 1934-October 1936 October 1936-? 1938 1938-1939 August 1939-December 1939 February 1940-March 1941 November 1941-December 1943 December 1943-April 1945 “Dunedin”(1919. Tindal-Carill-Worsley: Captain Charles A. Attwood: Captain the Hon.

142 “Durban”(1921.Cazalet: Captain George F. Ballard: Captain Basil G. Lumley St. Shirley-Rollison: Captain William R. E. Stevens-Guille: December 1921-May 1922 May 1922-May 1924 May 1924-November 1926 November 1926-November 1928 November 1928-? 1930 1930-1931 August 1931-? 1933 March 1934-? 1936 1936-1939 July 1939-March 1940 March 1940-October 1941 October 1941-September 1942 September 1942-November 1943 “Despatch”(1922.B. Cunningham: Captain Alban T. Coleridge: Captain Ralph Leatham: Refit: Captain Richard H.Eccles: Captain Peter G. Davenport: Captain Andrew B. Rupert Drummond: Captain William L. King: Reserve: Captain Allan Poland: Captain John W.G.Farquhar: Captain Cyril G. Curtieis: Captain Frederic N. Lyster: Captain the Hon. Leggatt: Captain Richard T.C. Jackson: Captain Edward L. Attwood: Refit: Captain A. Douglas-Pennant: Captain Waldeman W. 1945): Captain Robert C.Coltart: Captain Cyril E. Hamilton: Captain Guy L. Dicken: Reserve: Captain Alexander H. O. White: June 1922-April 1924 April 1924-? 1926 November 1927-June 1928 June 1928-July 1930 July 1930-May 1931 1931-1932 November 1932-January 1933 January 1933-December 1934 December 1934-July 1937 July 1937-January 1938 1938-1939 July 1939-February 1940 February-June 1940 June 1940 June 1940-March 1942 March-April 1942 June 1942-April 1944 April 1944-? . Maxwell-Hyslop: Captain John A.C. Lane-Poole: Captain Edward B. 1943): Captain Casper B. S.S.C. Washington: Captain John C.B. Hamilton: Captain Robert C.P.L.

Annesley: Captain George E. M.C.Coltart: Captain John W. Kennedy-Purvis: Captain James S. Jack Egerton: Captain John C.143 “Diomede”(1922. Dicken: Captain Cyril G. Swabey: Captain Lionel V. O’Donnell: Captain Harold T.C. T. Ritchie: Captain G. Farquhar: Captain David Orr-Ewing: April 1922-January 1925 January-July 1925 October 1925-January 1927 January-October 1927 October 1927-? 1930 October 1930-April 1932 April 1932-August 1933 August 1933-? 1936 1936-1937 February-? 1937 1937-1939 July 1939-February 1940 February-June 1940 June 1940-June 1941 June 1941-August 1942 “Enterprise”(1926. Burges Watson: Captain Cosmo M.B. 1942): Captain Geoffrey Hopwood: Captain Charles E. Darke: Refit: Captain Charles E.Grant: January-June 1926 July 1926-July 1928 June 1928-August 1930 August 1930-July 1932 July 1932-? 1934 1934-1936 ? 1936-?1938 1938-1939 August 1939-March 1940 March 1940-February 1942 February 1942-July 1943 July 1943-October 1944 . Carlisle P. Pridham-Wippell: Captain P. Halfhide: Reserve: Captain Edward B. Wells: Captain Martin J. de Meric: Captain F.M.W. Moore: Captain Henry D. Esmonde Phillips: Captain Reginald B. Graham: Reserve: Captain Arthur R. Morgan: Reserve: Captain H. 1944): Captain Herbert Fitzherbert: Captain Stephen St. L.

Glennie: Captain W. Franklin: Captain Henry P. O.144 “Emerald”(1926. Butler: Captain William E. Banks: To India: October 1933-March 1936 March 1936-January 1939 January 1939-November 1940 November 1940-April 1942 April 1942-September 1943 September 1943-March 1944 March 1944-January 1946 January 1946-1947 1948 . S. Rivett-Carnac: Captain Henry E. Agar: Captain Augustus W. Edward Parry: Captain Hugh M. C. Flynn: Refit: Captain Francis J. 1947): Captain Robert R. Wylie: October 1925-March 1926 March 1926-April 1927 April 1927-February 1929 February 1929-March 1931 March 1931 -? 1933 1933-1934 June 1934-January 1937 January 1937-? 1939 July 1939-June 1940 June 1940-August 1942 1942-1943 March 1943-October 1944 “Leander”(1933. Aubrey L. Aubrey L. Crace: Captain Augustus W. Horan: Captain Robert H. Mansergh: Captain Neville B. Barnes: Captain C. Mackenzie: Captain Hugh T. Agar: Captain Francis C. Brock: Captain Francis J.S. Boxer: Captain John W. Bevan: Captain C. Mansergh: Captain Robert J. England: Captain Harold G. 1945): Captain William B.C. Otway-Ruthven: December 1932-April 1935 April 1935-November 1936 November 1936-January 1940 January-November 1940 November 1940-February 1943 February 1943-February 1944 February 1945-? “Achilles”(1933): Captain Colin Cantlie: Captain Irvine G. Clayton: Refit: Captain John G.E. Turner: Captain Arthur F.Palliser: Captain James W.

B. Gornall: Captain Ralph Heathcote: January 1934-March 1936 March 1936-June 1937 June 1937-January 1940 January 1940-May 1941 1941-1942 January-December 1943 December 1943-June 1945 June-? 1945 “Neptune”(1934. McCarthy: Captain Stuart L.Patrick Brind: Captain Harold R.Thomson: Captain Charles H. 1948): Captain Colin S.Kinahan: Captain Geoffrey R. Cuthbert: Captain Stanley B.Desmond B. Weld: Captain John W.G. sunk Mediterranean 19 December 1941): Captain Henry R. Burnett: To Australia: December 1935-March 1939 1939 . Moore: Captain Denham M.Woodhouse: Captain E. P. T. 1946): Captain Edward de F. Bedford: Captain J.Menzies: Captain James P. Morse: Captain Rory C.L. Renouf: Captain E.Back: Refit: Captain George C. O’Conor: November 1933-December 1935 December 1935-July 1937 July 1937-May 1940 May 1940-December 1941+ “Ajax”(1935.J.145 “Orion”(1934. De Courcy-Ireland: December 1934-October 1937 October 1937-April 1940 April 1940-November 1941 November 1941-? May 1942 September 1942-September 1944 September 1944-March 1946 March 1946-1948 “Amphion”(1936): Captain Robert L. Anthony V.Bateson: Captain James J.

sunk Mediterranean 18 February 1944): Captain Fitzroy E. Sim: April-July 1935 July 1935-June 1938 June 1938-February 1940 February 1940-March 1941 March-December 1941+ “Penelope”(1936. Belben: August 1936-August 1939 August 1939-April 1940 1940-1941 April 1941-April 1942 August 1942-February 1944+ “Aurora”(1937. 1945): Captain William G. Vian: Captain Quintin D. Edelsten: Captain Guy L. Graham: Captain Alex C. Nalder: Captain Geoffrey Barnard: Captain Robert St.B. 1946): Captain Henry D. Hutton: Captain Gerald D. Warren: Captain Edward G. Middleton: Captain Louis H.Back: Captain Gervase B.B. sunk Mediterranean 14 December 1941): Captain John H.K. Sherbrooke: July 1937-April 1938 April-July 1937 April 1938-January 1940 January-September 1940 September 1940-November 1943 November-December 1943 December 1943-July 1945 July 1945-? 1946 . V. Tennant: Captain Philip L. Swinley: May 1935-March 1937 March 1937-June 1939 June 1939-May 1941 May-November 1941 1941-1943 December 1943-June 1945 June 1945-? “Galatea”(1935.P. H. Schofield: Captain Edward W. Nicholl: Captain George D. Bellars: Captain Brian B. B. Agnew: Captain Harold F. Pridham-Wippell: Captain Geoffrey R. Yates: Repair: Captain Angus D.146 “Arethusa”(1935. Chapman: Repair: Captain Hugh Dalrymple Smith: Captain Casper S. Hamilton: Captain William G.

W. Peters: Captain Francis W.Brooke: November 1936-January 1939 January 1939-June 1940 June 1940-January 1941+ “Sheffield”(1937.H. Renouf: Captain Charles A.M.C. Campbell-Walter: Captain Theodore E. Paton: Captain William F. Bourke: February 1937-August 1938 August 1938-September 1939 December 1939-August 1941 August 1941-January 1943 January 1943-August 1944 January-November 1945 November 1945-November 1946 November 1945-1948 December 1950-June 1952 June 1952-September 1953 September 1953-December 1954 December 1954-1955 February 1957-January 1959 “Newcastle”(1937.Vivian: Captain John Figgins: Captain Edward A. Mark-Wardlaw: Captain Edward de F. Fawkes: Captain Michael Everard: Captain John G. Tyrwhitt: Captain Richard B.Larcom: Captain Arthur W. Eaton: Captain Kenneth L.William-Powlett: Captain James G.R. J. Honnywill: Captain Alexander R. 1959): Captain William P. Inglis: Captain Keith McN.Roper: Captain Stuart H.H. 1958): Captain John G.P.H. Podger: Captain Leo P.C.Addis: Captain John W.147 “Southampton”(1937.A.T.Jeans: Captain Basil C. Rutherford: Captain Sir St. Kennedy: Captain Alexander H.B. sunk Mediterranean 11 January 1941): Captain Arthur M.John R. Gordon-Lennox: July 1937-July 1939 July 1939-August 1940 August 1940-February 1942 February 1942-April 1944 April 1944-April 1945 November 1947-1949 March 1952-August 1953 August 1953-June 1954 June 1954-November 1955 November 1955-May 1957 May 1957-1958 . Aylmer: Captain Peveril B.Clarke: Captain Charles T. Harkness: Captain George B.

Firth: Captain William J.Pegram: Captain Harold Hickling: Captain John W.C. Greening: Captain John R. Hubback: Captain Charles L. Pakenham: Captain J. Barnes: Captain John R. Bonham-Carter: July 1937-January 1938 January 1938-July 1939 July 1939-June 1940 June-December 1940 December 1940-February 1941 February-December 1941 December 1941-July 1942 July 1942-November 1943 November 1943-November 1945 November 1945-1947 August 1948-April 1950 April-November 1950 September 1951-April 1953 April 1953-May 1954 May 1954-November 1955 November 1955-1956 “Birmingham”(1937. 1956): Captain Francis N.Coltart: Captain Frank H. Evans-Lombe: Captain Charles P.148 “Glasgow”(1937.Cuthbert: Captain Harold Hickling: Captain John W. Longden: Captain Thomas D. Yendell: Captain John Holmes: Captain Benjamin Bryant: Captain Peter Dawnay: Captain Christopher D. Attwood: Captain Cyril G. Clarke: Captain A. Cuthbert: Captain Edward M.B. 1959): Captain Charles F.G. David Luce: Captain Charles W. Simpson: Captain Thomas A. Williams: Captain George W.G.B.J.Gordon V.Harris: Captain E. Ross: Captain Stephen H. Crane: Captain Herbert W.Madden: Captain Henry B.Patrick Brind: Captain Alexander C. Beattie: August 1937-January 1938 January 1938-March 1940 March 1940-December 1941 December 1941-September 1943 September 1943-November 1945 November 1945-1947 June 1948-1949 1952-January 1953 January 1953-July 1954 July 1954-July 1955 July 1955-January 1957 January 1957-July 1958 July 1958-1959 .

1952): Captain Arthur D. Packer: Captain Harold Drew: January 1938-April 1940 April 1940-May 1941 May 1941-August 1942 “Liverpool”(1938. Poland: Captain William R. Bradley: Captain Charles M.Saunders: Captain Kenneth L. Bousfield: Captain Herbert A. Shaw-Hamilton: Captain J.Rowley: January 1939-July 1940 July 1940-May 1941+ “Edinburgh”(1939. David Luce: May 1938-October 1940 October 1940-? 1941 September 1941-September 1942 July 1945-1946 March 1948-October1949 October 1949-April 1951 April 1951-1952 “Gloucester”(1939. Mackintosh: Captain John D.Slayter: Captain Leslie S. sunk off Norway 2 May 1942): Captain Frederic C.149 “Manchester”(1938. sunk Mediterranean 13 August 1942): Captain Henry H. Read: Captain Albert L. Faulkner: February-December 1939 December 1939-May 1941 May 1941-May 1942 .Garside: Captain Henry A. Blackman: Captain Hugh W. sunk off Crete 22 May 1941): Captain Frederick R.

M. Colville: Captain Harold G.: Captain Auberon C.Scott: Captain Frederick R. Frend: Captain Sidney M. A. Parham: Captain Royer M. sunk Mediterranean 31 March 1941): Captain Henry J. Le Mesurier: Captain Sir Aubrey St. Raw: Captain Arthur R. Giles: April-November 1939 September 1942-July 1944 July 1944-1946 September 1948-March 1950 March 1950-November 1951 November 1951-1952 1956-1959 April 1959-January 1961 January 1961-1962 “Bonaventure”(1940. Kelsey: Captain Guy Grantham: April 1940-February 1942 February-March 1942 “Phoebe”(1940. Egerton: March 1940-March 1941 “Naiad”(1940. Pedder: Captain George C. Bt.C. sunk Mediterranean 11 March 1942): Captain Marcel H. Duckworth: Refit: Captain John V. Clair-Ford. Wilkinson: Captain Morgan C. Dickinson: June 1940-February 1942 February 1942-June 1944 June 1944-February 1946 February 1946-December 1947 December 1947-July 1949 July 1949-1951 . 1951): Captain Guy Grantham: Captain Charles P. Dick: Captain Edward K. 1963): Captain George A. A.150 “Belfast”(1939.

Parry: Captain Peter L. Gordon: Captain J. Stevens: Repair: Captain Ballin I. Nichols: Captain John Grant: Captain Theodore E. Reid: Captain Reginald F.151 “Dido”(1940. Collard: Captain Geoffrey H.McCall: Captain John Terry: Captain Robert F. Hardy: Captain Cecil R. Peter L. U. Reid: Captain Ralph W. 1956): Captain Matthew S. Northcott: September 1940-October 1942 October 1942-November 1944 November 1944-1946 1947-January 1948 March 1952- “Hermione”(1940. 1947): Captain Henry W. Warne: Captain Cecil C. Elkins: Captain J. Oliver: October 1940-June 1942 “Euryalus”(1941. Robertshaw: Captain Oliver L. 1954): Captain Eric W.L. Bush: Captain Richard Oliver-Bellasis: Captain Richard S. Peters: March 1941-August 1943 August 1943-November 1945 November 1945-February 1947 January 1948-June 1949 June 1949-March 1951 March 1951-January 1953 January 1953-1954 “Cleopatra”(1941.F.Slattery: Captain Guy Grantham: Captain John F. Parry: June 1941-March 1942 March-August 1942 August 1942-July 1943 1943-1944 September 1944-May 1946 May 1946-January 1948 January 1948-1949 January 1950-1951 October 1951-December 1953 December 1953-October 1954 October 1954-1956 . sunk Mediterranean 16 June 1942): Captain Geoffrey N. Peter L. Podger: Captain Cuthbert M.

badly damaged 1944 and not repaired): Captain Ian A. Mackintosh: Captain George A. Evelegh: Captain John G. sunk English Channel 23 October 1943) Captain Lachlan D. 1949) Captain Patrick W.W.Edwards: Captain P.B. Macintyre: Captain Thomas M. Brownrigg: Captain Victor E.152 “Charybdis”(1941. Brittain: May 1943-May 1944 May-December 1944 December 1944-? . McCarthy: April 1942-March 1943 March-April 1943 October 1943-January 1945 January 1945-? 1946 “Spartan”(1943.P. Sydney Smith: February 1942-September 1943 September 1943-August 1945 August 1945-1946 “Scylla”(1942. Longley-Cook: Captain William P. 1946): Captain Eric W. McLaughlin: May 1943-January 1944 “Royalist”:(1943) Captain Markham H. Hewitt: Captain Wilfred G.Longley-Cook: Captain Henry J.M. Voelcker: August 1941-June 1942 June 1942-October 1943+ “Sirius”(1942. Brooking: Captain Roderick L. sunk Mediterranean 29 January 1944) Captain Patrick V. Haynes: Captain Eric W. Ward: March 1942-November 1943 November 1943-July 1944 July 1944-1946 “Argonaut”(1942.

Tuck: To New Zealand: August 1943-November 1944 November 1944-? 1946 “Diadem”(1944. Clifford: Captain Arthur M. Robertson: Captain Lennox A.153 “Black Prince”(1943): Captain Dennis M. sunk off Crete 22 May 1941): Captain William G. Ionides: December 1943-April 1945 April 1945-? March 1948-1950 “Fiji”(1940. Knapp: Captain Hugo M.W. Norris: Captain Gerald S.C. Trentham: Captain Nigel S. Martell: July 1940-March 1942 March-December 1942 December 1942-September 1943 September 1943-April 1946 April 1946-November 1947 September 1949-March 1951 March 1951-March 1952 March 1952-February 1953 August 1955-April 1957 April 1957-1958 . Denny: Captain Alfred S. Evans: Captain Charles L. William-Powlett: December 1939-October 1940 December 1940-May 1941 “Kenya”(1940. Russell: Captain Dering P.A.R. Brock: Captain Theodore E. 1950): Captain Eric G. Benn: Captain Peveril B. Gladstone: To New Zealand: August 1943-April 1945 April 1945-? 1946 1946 “Bellona”(1943): Captain Charles F. Podger: Captain David P.K. Boswell: Captain Patrick W. Henderson: Captain Colin C. 1958): Captain Michael M. Lees: Captain Gerald V.W.

Saunders: May 1941-May 1942 “Gambia”(1942.A. Carne: Captain Humphrey G. Munn: November 1941-September 1943 September 1943-March 1945 March-August 1945 August 1945-1946 July 1946-1948 February 1950-August1951 August 1951-September 1952 September 1952-May 1954 May 1954-1956 April 1957-November 1958 November 1958-December 1960 .C. Davis: Captain Charles A. Price: August 1940-February 1941 February 1941-December 1942 December 1942-October1944 October 1944-? 1947-1948 January 1949-October 1950 October 1950-1952 “Trinidad”(1941. Dunsterville: Captain William J. Dundas: Captain Stuart H.B. Scott: June 1940-June 1942 June 1942-May 1944 May 1944-April 1946 April 1946-October 1947 June 1948-December 1949 December 1949-October 1950 “Mauritius”(1940.L.W.Stanfield: Captain Lord Ashbourne: Captain Thomas J. 1952): Captain Leicester C. Stephens: Captain William W. Curzon-Howe: Captain William D. Hilken: Captain Edward O. sunk off Norway 15 May 1942): Captain Leslie S. Mansergh: Captain Newton J. Gretton: Captain Walter Evershed: Captain Edward T. Donaldson: Captain Robin L.F. Durnford-Slater: Captain Peter W. William-Powlett: Captain Ralph A. 1960): Captain Maurice J.L. King: Captain Wilfrid J.E. Jacob: Captain Addison J. 1952): Captain John G. Paton: Captain Henry A. Baker-Cresswell: Captain Vernon D’A.F. Edwards: Captain Christopher M.154 “Nigeria”(1940. N. Robertson: Captain William P.

V. 1962): Captain Terence H. Pennefather: Captain Alastair D.R. Robin: Captain Michael G. Salter: Captain Theodore E.C. Burnett: Captain Roger S. 1957): Captain Jocelyn L. Wellby: Captain Alwyn D. Ballance: Captain Jocelyn S. Lumby: July 1942-February 1944 February 1944-February 1946 February 1946-July 1947 October 1950-June 1951 June 1951-February 1953 February 1953-November 1954 November 1954-1955 1955-1957 September 1957-April 1959 April 1959-May 1961 May 1961-July 1962 “Uganda”(1943): Captain William G. Currey: Refit: Captain Richard R.S.R. Podger: Captain Philip W. Collett: Captain Edmund N. Storey: Captain John Hughes-Hallett: Captain Ian M. Lenox-Conyngham: February 1942-December 1943 December 1943-January 1946 January 1946-1947 October 1948-March 1950 March 1950-1951 October 1952-December 1953 December 1953-December 1954 December 1954-March 1956 March 1956-November 1957 “Bermuda”(1942. Currey: Captain George K.155 “Jamaica”(1942. Back: Captain Jocelyn S. Scott: Captain Harry P. Andrewes: Repair: To Canada: September 1942-September 1943 1943-1944 1944 . Campbell: Captain Frank A. Bethell: Captain Clarence H. Howard-Johnston: Captain Humphrey G.

Bratt: June 1944-? March 1945-? 1946 March 1950-April 1951 April 1951-August 1952 August 1952-1953 . Portlock: Captain John G. 1959): Captain William R. Bt. Thomas: Captain Ronald E. Harkness: Captain Cromwell F. McLaughlin: Captain William P. Goodenough: Captain Earle H. Hamilton: Captain Arthur R.A. Stirling-Hamilton. Butler-Bowdon: Captain Frank R. Thring: Captain James C. Oliver: Captain Patrick V. McCarthy: Captain Sir Robert W.: Captain Thomas L. Allen: Captain Michael G. Slayter: Captain Richard W. Amery-Parkes: Captain Kenneth L.J. Twiss: April 1943-May 1945 May-October 1945 March 1950-April 1951 April 1951-July 1952 July 1952-1954 1954-1956 July 1956-December 1957 December 1957-1960 “Swiftsure”(1944. Stopford: Refit: Captain Maurice E. Hezlet: October 1942-October 1943 December 1943-September 1945 September 1945-1946 October 1952-April 1954 April 1954-February 1955 February 1955-July 1956 July 1956-January 1958 January 1958-1959 “Ceylon”(1943.Ravenhill: Captain Cecil C. 1953): Captain Robert D.156 “Newfoundland”(1943. Lloyd-Davies: Captain George A. 1960): Captain Guy B.

Stacey: Captain Simon A. 1972): Captain John E. 1957): Captain W. 1978): Captain Richard E. Hamilton-Meikle: Reserve: April 1960-June 1962 June 1962-April 1964 April 1964-1966 1966-1972 .John Yendell: Captain Edward W.: Captain W. Washbourn: Captain Ronald E. Tosswill: Captain Donald H. Lloyd: Captain Geoffrey J. Kirkby: Refit: Captain Dudley T. Scotland: Captain Ian L. Bt. Goodhugh: Captain Michael L.157 “Superb”(1945. J.W. Connell-Fuller: Captain Earl Cairns: June 1945-April 1947 April 1947-December 1948 December 1948-January 1950 January-November 1950 November 1950-June 1951 June 1951-September 1952 September 1952-April 1954 April 1954-December 1955 December 1955-1957 “Tiger”(1959.Geoffrey A. Taylor: Captain Alan K. T. Graham: Captain Hardress L. K. McGeoch: Captain Evelyn F. Robson: Captain Raymond M. Cassels: Captain George M. Brewer: March-July 1959 July 1959-April 1961 April 1961-April 1963 April 1963-March 1965 March 1965-1967 1968-1972 August 1971-May 1973 May 1973-August 1975 April 1976-January 1978 January-June 1978 “Lion”(1960.C. Buzzard. Bankes: Captain Richard G. Scott-Moncrieff: Captain Sir Anthony W.M. Hutchins: Captain Patrick W.

Plugge: Captain Ronald D. Butt: Captain Bruce M.M. Clutterbuck: Refit: Captain Roland F.158 “Blake”(1961. Parker: Captain David J. Mackenzie: January 1961-1962 1965-1969 October 1968-April 1970 April 1970-April 1972 April 1972-April 1974 April 1974-October 1975 October 1975-December 1976 December 1976-January 1979 January-December 1979 . Herbert: Captain David M. Tobey: Captain Peter G. Eckersley-Maslin: Captain Herbert B. 1979): Captain David G.

159 (f): GUIDED MISSILE DESTROYERS INDEX: “Antrim”(1970): “Birmingham”(1976): “Bristol”(1973): “Cardiff”(1979): “Coventry”(1978): “Daring”(2009): “Dauntless”(2010): “Devonshire”(1962): “Edinburgh”(1985): “Exeter”(1980): “Fife”: “Glamorgan”: “Glasgow”(1979): “Gloucester”(1985): “Hampshire”(1963): “Kent”(1963): “Liverpool”(1982): “London”(1963): “Manchester”(1982): “Newcastle”(1978): “Norfolk”(1970): “Nottingham”(1983): “Sheffield”(1975): “Southampton”(1981): “York”(1985): page 163 page 164 page 164 page 165 page 165 page 167 page 168 page 160 page 167 page 166 page 162 page 162 page 165 page 167 page 161 page 160 page 166 page 161 page 167 page 165 page 163 page 167 page 164 page 166 page 167 .

Slater: Captain Richard J. Forbes-Robertson: March 1963-May 1964 May 1964-June 1965 June 1965-January 167 January 1967-March 1968 March-? 1968 1968-January 1969 1969-1972 July 1972-December 1973 December 1973-September 1975 September 1975-August 1976 August 1976-December 1977 December 1977-March 1979 March 1979-June 1980 June-? 1980 .K. Stuart: Captain Antony L. Robathan: Captain John B. Hervey: Captain Jock C. Rawbone: Captain John B. McIntyre: Captain Iwan G.N.160 “Devonshire”(1962. 1980): Captain John G. Sandford: Captain Peter W. Buchanan: January 1962-May 1964 May 1964-December 1965 December 1965-June 1967 June 1967-1968 1968-1971 February 1971-January 1973 January 1973-October 1974 March 1975-February 1976 February 1976-April 1977 April 1977-August 1978 “Kent”(1963. Turner: Captain John P. Lewis: Captain Robin A. Leslie: Captain Richard K. Howes: Captain David Williams: Captain Geoffrey C.F. Begg: Captain Bernard D. Raikes: Captain Richard P. F. Gunning: Captain Kenneth H. Clayton: Refit: Captain Alfred R. Buchanan: Captain Stephen A. Wells: Captain Andrew M. 1978): Captain Peter N.L. Emden: Refit: Captain Sefton R. Skinner: Captain Colin A.

Hayden: Captain Ian W. McLaughlan: Captain Richard J.161 “London”(1963.A. O’Sullivan: Captain Thomas G. Bartosik: Captain David N. Loasby: Captain Ronald W. 1981): Captain Jozef C. Beeson: Captain Michael C. 1976): Captain Robert White: Captain Frederick W.F. Forrest: Refit: Captain Peter D. Nichol: Captain David N. Trowbridge: Captain Richard P. Henry: June 1962-November 1964 November 1964-June 1966 June 1966-November 1967 November 1967-January 1969 January 1969-1970 1970-1973 May 1973-January 1975 January 1975-March 1976 . Ram: Captain John Garnier: September 1963-February 1966 February 1966-December 1967 December 1967-June 1969 June 1969-September 1970 September 1970-1972 1972-1975 May 1975-August 1977 August 1977-December 1978 December 1978-November 1979 April 1980-1981 “Hampshire”(1963. Clayton: Refit: Captain Peter I. Forbes: Captain Denis Jermain: Captain Peter G.

Jeremy Black: Captain Ronald G.O. Dannreuther: Captain Thomas H. Leathes: Captain Brian K. Tod: Captain William J. Scott: Captain George A. Fry: Refit: Captain Clifford J. Lachlan: Captain W. McArdle: Captain Raymond P. 1987): Captain Robert H.R. Graham: Captain Peter G. Lloyd: Captain J. de G. Davis: December 1965-December 1967 December 1967-June 1969 June 1969-February 1971 February 1971-March 1973 March 1973-April 1975 April-October 1975 March 1976-September 1977 September 1977-December 1978 December 1978-January 1980 1980-1982 August 1982-January 1984 January 1984-November 1985 November 1985-1987 “Glamorgan”(1966.E. Baird: Captain Kenneth Vause: Captain Robin E. Greenlees: Captain Stanley L. Eckersley-Maslin: Captain Geoffrey C.162 “Fife”(1966. David S. Roe: Captain Ronald C. Kitchin: Captain David J. Barrow: Captain Christopher P. 1986): Captain Richard E. Warwick: Captain Hugh Peltor: August 1966-May 1968 May-December 1968 December 1968-March 1970 March 1970-October 1971 October 1971-1973 February 1974-May 1975 May 1975-June 1976 June 1976-August 1977 1977-1980 October 1980-November 1982 November 1982-August 1984 August 1984-1986 June 1986-1987 .C. de M. Shattock: Refit: Captain Michael E. Caughey: Captain Jonathan J. Burne: Captain Rodney P. Hallifax: Captain David M.

Loram: Captain George A. H. 1984): Captain Hubert W. Turner: July 1969-April 1971 April 1971-July 1972 July 1972-August 1973 August 1973-November 1974 November 1974-March 1976 March 1976-July 1977 July 1977-October 1978 October 1978-January 1980 January 1980-July 1981 July 1981-April 1982 “Antrim”(1970. Cook: Captain John M.F.163 “Norfolk”(1970. Cox: Captain Martin La T. Walwyn: Captain Michael F. Whetstone: Captain Anthony D. M. Hutton: Captain Richard G. Parry: Captain Brian G. Michael Burgoyne: Captain Gordon F.D. Keate: Captain R. Hollins: Captain David A. Bowden: Captain William R. Bower: Captain Harry R.H. Sharpe: Captain Brian W.E. Young: Captain Jake D. Wemyss: Captain Ian R.L. Backus: March 1970-September 1971 September 1971-June 1973 June 1973-May 1974 May 1974-November 1975 November 1975-October 1977 October 1977-March 1979 March 1979-August 1981 August 1981-April 1983 April 1983-1984 . Canning: Captain Anthony J. 1981): Captain Brian G. Baynham: Captain James W.

1999): Captain David G. Brown: Captain Anthony Casdagli: Captain Alan Grose: Captain Michael J.J.F. Kerr: November 1974-February 1976 April 1976-December 1977 December 1977-April 1979 April 1979-June 1981 .G. Walwyn: Refit: Captain Hugo M. 1991): Captain Roderick D.164 “Bristol”(1973. White: Captain Alan W. Argles: Captain Peter J.F. Woodward: Captain Christopher S. Hastilow: April 1972-November 1973 November 1973-April 1975 April 1975-June 1976 1976-1977 September 1977-October 1978 October 1978-October 1979 October 1979-March 1981 March 1981-October 1982 October 1982-June 1983 June 1983-1984 1984-1985 October 1985-March 1987 March 1987-August 1988 August 1988-August 1990 August 1990-1991 “Sheffield”(1975. Franklyn: Captain Richard G. Armytage: Captain Patrick J. Symons: Captain Daniel J. Rawlinson: Captain Gordon F. Prest: Captain John F.R. Salt: December 1973-November 1975 November 1975-November 1976 November 1976-January 1978 January 1978-April 1979 April 1979-January 1982 January-May 1982 “Birmingham”(1976. Squires: Refit: Captain Alexander F. Heath: Captain Michael T. sunk South Atlantic 10 May 1982): Captain Robin J. Macdonald: Captain Hugh P. West: Captain Peter M. Janion: Captain Robert R. Bradby: Captain John B.P. Erskine: Captain James T. Weir: Captain David W.

O’Riordan: Captain A.G. and 3rd Destroyer Squadron from June 1980 until 1986): Captain J.Julian R.165 “Newcastle”(1978. Edleston: Captain Stephen Jermy: Captain Neil Morisetti: Captain Timothy Fraser: May-September 1978 November 1978-November 1980 November 1980-July 1982 March 1984-August 1985 August 1985-March 1987 1989-1990 1996-1998 1998-1999 1999-June 2001 June 2001-2003 . Harris: Captain Michael H.G. Woodard: May 1978-May 1980 May 1980-December 1981 December 1981-June 1983 June 1983-December 1984 “Cardiff”(1979. Oswald: Captain Norman R. King: Captain Derek A. Wallis: Captain Anthony D.T. Paul Hoddinott: Captain Robert N.V. 2005. Wilson: Captain Michael G.B. 2005. Coward: Captain David Hart Dyke: February 1978-December 1979 December 1979-June 1981 June 1981-May 1982 “Glasgow”(1979. Burne: Captain Peter H. Morgan: Captain Hugh A. Doe: Captain John P.D. sunk South Atlantic 25 May 1982): Captain Christopher P. Caughey: Captain Barry N. Layard: Captain Bryan Burns: Captain John H.O. and 5th Destroyer Squadron from 1996 until 2002): Captain Clifford J.H. Hutton: Captain Peter J. Erskine: January 1977-April 1979 April 1979-October 1980 October 1980-July 1982 July 1982-September 1984 September 1984-February 1986 “Coventry”(1978. 2005): Captain Charles R.

Bracelin: Captain Christopher J. Snelson: Captain Philip L. and 5th Destroyer Squadron from December 1980 until July 1984 and from 1989 until 1996): Captain Jeremy C.G. Edleston: January 1980-February 1982 February 1982-June 1983 June 1983-July 1984 July 1984-December 1985 January-April 1989 April 1989-1992 1992-1993 1993-1995 1995-1996 1996 “Southampton”(1981. Christopher Morgan: Captain Stephen Taylor: September 1980-March 1981 March 1981-October 1982 October 1982-1983 1983-October 1985 October 1985-1987 1987-January 1989 “Liverpool”(1982. Dobson: Captain C.G. Salt: Captain David S. Rowe: Captain Michael D. Essenhigh: Captain John R. Nicholas J. 2009. Hopkins: Captain Roger S. Balfour: Captain George M.H. Grenier: Captain Patrick B. and 5th Destroyer Squadron from July 1984 until January 1989): Captain the Hon. Meyer: Captain Laurence C. Herrington: Captain Hugh A.F. Tolhurst: Captain Stephen Taylor: Captain Nigel R. Cartwright: Captain John R. Ainsley: Captain David G. Hance: Captain Paul W. Twitchen: May 1981-August 1983 August 1983-1985 1985-1986 1986-February 1988 1993-1995 1995-1997 1997-1998 1998-1999 1999-2000 . Hill-Norton: Captain Harry G. 2009.166 “Exeter”(1980. Tullis: Captain John G. Wilcocks: Captain Richard G. Dreyer: Captain Hugh M. de Courcy-Ireland: Captain James T. and 3rd Destroyer Squadron from 1993): Captain Peter F.

Robinson: May 2008-April 2009 April 2009-February 2011 February 2011- . Cowling: Captain Anthony G. Blackburn: Captain Peter J. Brigstocke: Captain David A. Wigley: Captain Richard G. Blackham: July 1984-1985 “York”(1985. Ross: February 1988-November 1989 “Daring”(2009): Captain Paul M.J.167 “Manchester”(1982): Captain Anthony N. 2010): Captain Jeremy J. Hastilow: Captain Paul D.A. Clare: Captain Paul D.G. McAlpine: Captain G. Stone: June 1982-October 1983 November 1984-August 1986 1989-1990 “Nottingham”(1983. and 3rd Destroyer Squadron from 1986 until 1993): Captain John R. Stone: April 1986-April 1987 April 1987-September 1988 September 1988-January 1990 January 1990-1991 1991-1992 1992-1993 “Gloucester”(1985): Captain Dermot I. Bennett: Captain Patrick A. Loughran: October 1984-September 1986 September 1986-June 1988 “Edinburgh”(1985): Captain Alastair B. McEwen: Captain Roy A. Rhodes: Captain Terence W.

J. Powell: Captain W.168 “Dauntless”(2010): Captain Richard L. Warrender: May 2009-August 2011 August 2011- .

169 (g): FRIGATES INDEX: “Achilles”(1970): “Ajax”(1963): “Andromeda”(1968): “Apollo”(1972): “Arethusa”(1965): “Argonaut”(1967): “Argyll”(1991): “Ariadne”(1973): “Aurora”(1964): “Bacchante”(1969): “Battleaxe”(1980): “Beaver”(1984): “Boxer”(1983): “Brave”(1986): “Brilliant”(1981): “Broadsword”(1979): “Campbeltown”(1989): “Charybdis”(1969): “Chatham”(1990): “Cleopatra”(1966): “Cornwall”(1988): “Coventry”(1988): “Cumberland”(1989): “Danae”(1967): “Dido”(1963): “Diomede”(1971): “Euryalus”(1964): “Galatea”(1964): “Hermione”(1969): “Juno”(1967): “Jupiter”(1969): “Leander”(1963): “London”(1987): “Marlborough”(1991): page 178 page 172 page 176 page 178 page 174 page 175 page 184 page 179 page 172 page 177 page 179 page 181 page 180 page 181 page 180 page 179 page 183 page 176 page 184 page 174 page 182 page 182 page 183 page 176 page 171 page 178 page 173 page 173 page 177 page 175 page 177 page 171 page 181 page 184 .

170 “Minerva”(1966): “Montrose”: “Naiad”(1965): “Norfolk”(1990): “Penelope”(1963): “Phoebe”(1966): “Scylla”(1970): “Sheffield”(1988): “Sirius”(1966): page 175 page 185 page 173 page 184 page 171 page 174 page 178 page 181 page 175 .

Goodhugh: Captain David J. Clapp: August 1965-March 1967 March 1967-March 1969 March 1969-1970 1970-1973 July 1972-May 1974 May 1974-June 1975 June 1975-December 1976 April 1978-December 1978 “Dido”(1963. de Winton: Captain John M.171 “Leander”(1963.1991): Refit: 1978-1982 . Tait: Captain Michael C. Bent: Refit: Captain Brian K. 1986. 1987. 1st Destroyer Squadron from 1965 until May 1968.C. Shattock: Captain John H. Wykes-Sneyd: Captain Alfred R. Eveleigh: Captain Dudley T. and 3rd Frigate Squadron from May 1974 until December 1976): Captain Royston L. and 2nd Destroyer Squadron from May 1968 until 1969): Captain James W. Cook: Captain Thomas W.F.D. Rawbone: Refit: June 1963-March 1965 March 1965-October 1966 October 1966-May 1968 May 1968-1969 1975-1978 “Penelope”(1963. Stocker: Captain Roger E.

2nd Destroyer Squadron from 1966 until 1970. Abbott: Captain John F. Porter: Captain Peter C. 1985. Kitchin: Captain David Hepworth: Captain Harry R. Bates: Captain David J. Bevan: Captain Jeremy M. Seely: Captain A.S. Keate: Refit: Captain Richard J. Trinder: September 1963-July 1965 July 1965-December 1966 December 1966-May 1968 May 1968-September 1969 September 1969-1970 1970-1974 June 1973-December 1974 December 1974-July 1976 July 1976-March 1977 March 1977-December 1978 December 1978-July 1980 July 1980-April 1981 April 1981-May 1983 May 1983-December 1984 December 1984-June 1985 “Aurora”(1964. Janion: Captain Paul W. David P. Rawlinson: Captain Timothy M. Mitchell: Captain Bernard H. and 1st Frigate Squadron from January 1981 until June 1985 ): Captain the Hon. Gordon Tait: Captain George A. Squires: Captain Peter Cobb: Captain Michael J. Bazalgette: Captain Hugh P. de G. Mackenzie: Captain Robert R. 8th Frigate Squadron from 1974 until January 1981 .F. and 2nd Frigate Squadron from November 1963 until 1967): Captain Geoffrey C. Notley: Captain Derek W. 1987. Greening: Refit: November 1963-December 1965 December 1965-June 1967 June 1967-November 1968 November 1968-June 1970 June 1970-1971 1974-1976 .172 “Ajax”(1963.

1st Destroyer Squadron from May 1968 until 1970. Halliday: Captain David M. Hogg: December 1963-November 1965 November 1965-February 1967 February 1967-July 1968 July 1968-December 1969 December 1969-1971 1971-1974 April 1974-October 1975 October 1975-March 1977 March 1977-August 1978 August 1978-November 1979 November 1979-January 1981 “Euryalus”(1964. Conrad Jenkin: Captain William S. Jeffreys: March 1964-August 1966 August 1966-March 1968 March 1968-January 1970 January 1970-June 1971 June 1971-1972 1973-1976 June 1985-1986 1986-1987 “Naiad”(1965. and 1st Frigate Squadron from June 1986 until June 1987 Captain Kenneth Lee-White: Captain David G.S. and st 1 Frigate Squadron from April 1975 until January 1981): Captain Roland F. 1st Destroyer Squadron from until .: Refit: Captain Arthur Casdagli: Captain Roger C. 1989. Dimmock: June 1966-1968 1973-1975 March 1975-January 1977 January-December 1977 . Gueterbock: Captain David B. Roberts: Captain Roderick D. Nolan: Captain Anthony R. Eckersley-Maslin: Refit: Captain John F. Bt.173 “Galatea”(1964. Leach: Captain John O. 3rd Destroyer Squadron from until 197 . Plugge: Captain Henry C.M. Pertwee: Captain Roy W. Trinder: Captain David M. 6th Destroyer Squadron from 197 until . Macdonald: Captain Anthony J. 1987. Cooke: Refit: Captain D. Roome: Captain James W. T.1987): Captain Sir Peter Anson. Barnden: Captain Robin I.

Webster: Captain John M. Snow: Refit: April 1965-August 1967 August 1967-January 1969 January 1969-August 1970 August 1970-December 1971 December 1971-1973 1973-1977 October 1978-May 1980 1980-1981 “Cleopatra”(1966. Tullis: December 1965-July 1967 July 1967-August 1968 August 1968-February 1970 February 1970-January 1972 January 1972-February 1973 February 1973-July 1974 1974-1977 November 1976-December 1978 December 1978-1980 . 1971) Captain William R.B. Liardet: Captain Roy T.D. Skinner: Refit: Captain Kenneth A. Peter C.G. 1989.C. 1992. Thomas: Refit: Captain Hugh M.T. Butt: Captain David A. Gerard-Pearse: Captain Peter E. Branson: Captain Gwynedd I. Balfour: Captain George M. Irving: Captain John A. Pritchard: Captain Robert A. Baker: Captain John M. 4th Frigate Squadron from May 1976 until March 1981.174 “Arethusa”(1965. Layman: Captain Guy F.L. and 3rd Frigate Squadron from October 1978 until June 1980): Captain Ronald D. Le Marchand: 1973-1975 October 1975-January 1977 January 1977-November 1978 November 1978-March 1981 September 1982-January 1983 January 1983-1984 1984-December 1985 December 1985-1987 1987-January 1989 “Phoebe”(1966. Loram: Captain Peter Maslen: Captain Michael W.S. Newman: Captain Peter Dalrymple-Smith: Captain Thomas M. Berger: Captain C. and 7th Frigate Squadron from September 1982 until ): Refit: Captain Charles E. Tait: Captain Christopher H. Fawcett: Captain Antony L.R.

1993. Brewer: Captain Edward R. Low: Captain Michael L’E. Clarke: Captain William K.K. Baker: Captain Christopher H. and from until 1993): Captain Charles E. 1992. Anson: until May 1976): February 1967-January 1969 January 1969-September 1970 September 1970-July 1972 July 1972-January 1974 January-December 1974 December 1974-August 1976 “Argonaut”(1967.T. Nichol: Captain Kenneth Vause: Captain Anthony J. Tudor-Craig: Captain Thomas G. Hutchison: Captain Robert P.175 “Minerva”(1966. Layman: Captain John P. 1993. and 6th Frigate Squadron from November 1977 until April 1981): Refit: Captain Kelvin A. Lygo: Captain Peter D. Benjamin Bathurst: 1975-1979 September 1978-December 1980 “Sirius”(1966.B. and 7th Frigate Squadron from June 1979 until September 1982. and 5th Frigate Squadron from 1978 until December 1980): Refit: Captain D. Whetstone: Captain George M. Ram: 1975-1978 November 1977-August 1978 August 1978-November 1979 November 1979-April 1981 “Juno”(1967. 1992. and 4th Frigate Squadron from Captain Raymond D. Stevens: June 1979-May 1981 May 1981-September 1982 January 1989-June 1990 June 1990-1992 1992-March 1993 .

Clack: Captain Geoffrey C.G. Lloyd: Captain John A. Weatherall: Captain Michael A. Sanders: Captain Neil E. 1993. George: Captain Stephen A. Gerken: Captain Anthony M. Smith: Captain Richard D. 1991): Captain Joseph D. Moore: Captain Jeremy T. Foster: Captain Thomas A. Franklin: Captain Alexander F. McCrum: Captain Michael L’E. Rankin: July 1968-March 1970 March 1970-August 1971 August 1971-December 1972 December 1972-July 1974 July 1974-January 1976 January 1976-March 1977 March-November 1977 1978-1981 April 1982-February 1984 February 1984-September 1985 September 1985-March 1987 March 1987-1988 “Charybdis”(1969. and 8th Frigate Squadron from April 1982 until 1988): Captain Michael L. Honywill: Captain Darby E. Young: Captain Brian R. Stacey: Captain David T.P. Low: Refit: Captain James L.C. Outhwaite: Refit: May 1967-December 1968 December 1968-March 1970 March 1970-May 1971 May 1971-December 1972 December 1972-July 1974 July 1974-July 1975 July 1975-August 1976 1977-1981 “Andromeda”(1968. Pearson: Captain Kelvin A. Lawson: Refit: until April 1969-November 1970 November 1970-November 1972 November 1972-December 1973 December 1973-April 1975 1979-1982 . 1991.F. and 1st Frigate Squadron from April 1975): Captain Dennis W.R.C. Tudor-Craig: Captain Brian G. Weir: Captain Robert W.176 “Danae”(1967.F. Stuart: Captain Robert S. 6th Frigate Squadron from 1971 until November 1977.


“Hermione”(1969; 1992; and 5th Frigate Squadron from 197 until July 1978, and 6th Frigate Squadron from May 1988 until 199 ): Captain Robert R. Squires: Captain David W. Brown: Captain Peter M. Stanford: Captain Geoffrey R.T. Duffay: Captain John A.B. Thomas: Captain John B.L. Watson: Refit: Captain John H.S. McAnally: Captain Andrew S. Ritchie: Captain Alexander K. Backus: December 1971-December 1972 December 1972-April 1974 April 1974-June 1975 June 1975-January 1977 January 1977-February 1978 February-July 1978 1980-1983 May 1988-May 1989 May 1989-1990 1990-

“Jupiter”(1969; 1992; and 7th Frigate Squadron from June 1976 until June 1979): Captain David G. Armytage: Captain Geoffrey T.J.O. Dalton: Refit: June 1976-September 1977 September 1977-June 1979 1980-1983

“Bacchante”(1969; 1992): Captain Colin N. MacEacharn Captain John B.L. Watson: Captain Anthony J. Dunn: Captain Graham R. Lowden: Refit: September 1972-May 1974 May 1974-October 1975 October 1975-November 1976 November 1976-February 1977 1977-1978


“Scylla”(1970; 1993; and 7th Frigate Squadron from Captain Alastair F.C. Wemyss: Captain Michael A. Higgs: Captain Oliver P. Sutton: Captain Arthur Checksfield: Captain David G. Armytage: Captain Graham W. Lowden:

until June 1976):

August 1969-April 1971 April 1971-July 1972 July 1972-October 1974 October 1974-March 1976 March-June 1976 February 1977-April 1978

“Achilles”(1970; 1990) “Diomede”(1971; 1988; 3rd Frigate Squadron from 1973 until 1974 and from December 1976 until October 1978; and 2nd Frigate Squadron from April 1979 until May 1981): Captain John D.E. Fieldhouse: Captain John L. Ommanney: Captain John F. Cadell: Captain Michael E. Barrow: Captain Robert McQueen: Captain Alastair F.C. Wemyss: Captain James W. F. Briggs: Captain Anthony J. Dunn: October 1970-December 1971 December 1971-October 1972 October 1972-December 1973 December 1973-November 1975 November 1975-December 1976 December 1976-October 1978 April-October 1979 October 1979-May 1981

“Apollo”(1972; 1988; and 2nd Frigate Squadron from July 1974 until April 1979): Captain Richard L. Garnons-Williams: Captain Richard G.A. Fitch: Captain Linley E. Middleton: Captain Richard A. Stephens: Captain George M.F. Vallings: Captain James W.F. Briggs: November 1971-May 1973 May 1973-June 1974 July 1974-April 1975 April 1975-January 1977 January 1977-February 1978 February 1978-April 1979


“Ariadne”(1973; 1992; 8th Frigate Squadron from January 1981 until April 1982, and 6th Frigate Squadron from September 1985 until May 1988): Captain Timothy M. Bevan: Captain Timothy M. Bevan: Captain Peter A. Voute: Captain Peter J. Grindal: Captain John H.S. McAnally: April 1976-November 1977 March 1981-April 1982 September 1985-February 1986 February 1986-September 1987 September 1987-May 1988

“Broadsword”(1979; 1995; and 2nd Frigate Squadron from May 1981 until October 1987): Captain Anthony M. Norman: Captain Anthony M.G. Pearson: Captain William R. Canning: Captain Robert McQueen: Captain Anthony M. Norman: Captain Geoffrey R.W. Biggs: Captain Brian W. Turner: Captain Andrew B. Gough: July 1978-June 1980 June 1980-October 1981 October 1981-October 1982 October 1982-October 1983 October 1983-April 1985 April 1985-May 1986 May 1986-October 1987 October 1987-June 1988

“Battleaxe”(1980; 1997): Captain David B. Nolan: Captain Geoffrey A. Eades: Captain Paul J. Bootherstone: May 1981-May 1983 May 1983-August 1984 August 1984-April 1986

D. Goodwin: Captain Charles J. 1999. and 2nd Frigate Squadron from October 1987 until September 1993): Captain John F.B. Freeman: Captain Colin H. Cooke-Priest: Captain Richard F. 1996. Elliott: Captain James M. Rapp: Captain Angus J. Cobbold: Captain Niels Westberg: Captain B. Cobbold: Captain Tobin D. 1996): Captain Norman F.D Cooke-Priest: Captain Charles A. Dingemans: Captain R.Toby Frere: Captain Richard F. Perowne: Captain Richard J. Somerville: September 1980-January 1983 January 1983-April 1984 April 1984-April 1985 April 1985-1986 1986-December 1987 December 1987-February 1989 February 1989-1990 1990-1992 1992-1993 1993-1994 1994-1995 “Brazen”(1982.D. Ibbotson: March 1983-April 1985 April 1985-December 1986 December 1986-August 1988 1998-1999 . Biggs: Captain Paul N. and 1st Frigate Squadron from 1998): Captain Colin H. Nixon-Eckersall: Captain James F.180 “Brilliant”(1981. Brian Perowne: February 1982-October 1983 October 1983-May 1985 May 1985-December 1986 December 1986-May 1988 May 1988-1989 “Boxer”(1983. Burnell-Nugent: Captain James C.W. Coward: Captain Michael C. Boyce: Captain Geoffrey R.

Lang: Captain Norman F. 1999. Barker: Captain Anthony Morton: Captain David P. McKnight: Captain Fabian M. Roddis: January 1987-May 1988 May-October 1988 October 1988-June 1990 June 1990-1991 . and 1st Frigate Squadron from June 1987 until 199 and from until 1998): Captain John S. Russell: Captain Christopher W. Ibbotson: November 1983-1985 1985-March 1987 March 1987-March 1988 March-August 1988 August 1988-199 1996–1997 1997-1998 “Brave”(1986. Dingemans: Captain Geoffrey A. Bradshaw: until 1989): 1985-March 1987 March 1987-August 1988 August 1987-December 1989 December 1989-199 1991-1993 “London”(1987. Littlejohns: Captain James B. Eades: Captain Andrew B. Taylor: Captain Iain R. Gough: Captain Anthony Morton: Captain David A. Henderson: Captain Mark Stanhope: Captain Timothy P. 1999.181 “Beaver”(1984. McClement: August 1986-December 1987 December 1987-March 1989 March 1989-January 1990 January 1990-1991 1991-1992 1992-1994 “Sheffield”(1988. Gough: Captain Robert M. and 9th Frigate Squadron from Captain William C. Malbon: Captain Andrew B. Williams: Captain Robert J.C. 2002): Captain Nicholas J. 1999): Captain Robert J. Fisher: Captain Douglas G. Lewis: Captain Richard J.

Rapp: Captain Timothy P. Dymock: Captain James C. 2001. Freeman: Captain Geoffrey K. Stanford: Captain Thomas Morton: Captain Paul Lambert: Captain Christopher A. Le Marchand: Captain Christopher L. and 8th Frigate Squadron from nd 2 Frigate Squadron from September 1993 until March 2002): Captain Thomas M.J. Charlier: Captain Simon P.182 “Coventry”(1988. Leveratt: Captain Edward M. Saunders: Captain Christopher D.R. Williams: Captain Nicholas P. McClement: Captain Steven R. and 1st Frigate Squadron from and from 1999 until 2001): Captain Gordon M. Phillips: Captain Paul Branscombe: Captain David A. Hackett: Captain Roger C. “Cornwall”(1988. Snow: Captain Philip A. Lane-Nott: Captain Stephen E. Jones: until 199 January-May 1988 May 1988-March 1990 March 1990-1991 1991-1993 1993-1994 1994-1996 1996-1998 1998-December 1999 December 1999-2001 until September 1993. Billson: Captain Anthony K.F. Lambert: ?-1987 1987-January 1989 January 1989-1990 1990-1992 1992-1993 1993-1994 1994-1996 1996-1998 1998-1999 1999-2001 2001-2002 2002-2004 2004-2006 2006-2007 . Kirby: Captain Simon B. Blackburn: Captain Charles J. Wreford-Brown: Captain Richard T.

Dymock: Captain Charles R. Anthony: Captain Scott Lidbetter: Captain Mark W. Massey: Captain David J.183 “Cumberland”(1989): Captain A. Ellis: Captain Jeremy M. Wallace: 1988-February 1989 February 1989-1990 1990-1992 1992-1993 1993-1995 1995-1996 1996-1997 1998-1999 1999-2000 2000-November 2001 November 2001-April 2003 April 2003-2004 2004-April 2006 April 2006-2007 . Richards: Captain David J. Taylor: Captain John E.H. Best: Captain Simon J. Bell: Captain M. Billson: Captain Derek J. K. de Halpert: Captain Anthony K. Style: Captain Adrian J. Michael Gregory: Captain Geoffrey K. Kerr: Captain Timothy J. Harris: Captain D.Rupert B. Sloan: Captain Bruce N. Alistair Halliday: Captain Mark U. Mansergh: Captain Russell R. Cooke: Captain Ian F.B. Williams: Captain Adrian S. Ancona: Refit: Captain David Dutton: Captain Steven Dainton: 1988-August 1990 August 1990-1991 1991-1993 1993-1994 1994-1995 1995-1996 1996-1998 1998-2000 2000-2001 2001-December 2002 December 2002-200 200 –June 2005 June 2005-2006 2006-2008 January 2009-September 2010 September 2010- “Campbeltown”(1989): Captain James B. Johns: Captain Alan M.B. Leaman: Captain Alan D. Russell: Captain Timothy R. Laurence: Captain Richard D. Corder: Captain Michael P.

Miller: Captain Anthony J. Zambellas: Captain Andrew G. 2005. and 4th Frigate Squadron from 1998 until 2002): Captain John F.T. Jeffrey: 1991-1993 1993- . Harris: Captain Peter H. Chick: Captain James Morse: 1989-1991 1991-1992 1992-1994 1994-1996 1996-1997 1997-1998 1998-1999 1999-2001 2001-2002 2002-2003 2003-August 2005 August 2005-2006 “Norfolk”(1990. Potts: Captain Mark Anderson: 199 – 1997-June 1999 June 1999-December 2000 December 2000-August 2002 August 2002-2004 “Argyll”(1991): Captain John W. Kilgour: 1989-1991 1991-1992 1992-1994 1994-1995 “Marlborough”(1991.184 “Chatham”(1990): Captain Ian A. Forbes: Captain Anthony J.John Lippiett: Captain James F.N.M. Perowne: Captain Niall S. Rix: Captain Duncan L. Paul Boissier: Captain Christopher H. Soar: Captain Timothy R.R. Rodley: Captain A. Cochrane: Captain Steven J. and 9th Frigate Squadron from 1989 until 1993 and 6th Frigate Squadron from March 1993 until 1995): Captain Jonathon Band: Captain R. Michael C. 2005. Clayton: Captain Trevor A. Hiscock: Captain R. Moll: Captain the Hon. Hogg: Captain Fabian H. Harris: Captain George M. James G.R.

M. Bowden: Captain Christopher J. Sunter: Captain Norman R. MacGregor: Captain Patrick McLaren: Captain Thomas L. Laurence: Captain Adrian J. and 6th Frigate Squadron from 1995 until 2002): Captain Niall S. Kilgour: Captain Timothy J. Barker: Captain Colin L. Cooling: Captain C. Hodgson: March 1968-April 1970 April 1970-April 1972 April 1972-February 1974 February 1974-September 1976 September 1976-June 1978 June 1978-May 1980 May 1980-September 1982 September 1982-1984 1984-February 1987 February 1987-June 1989 June 1989- .H. Isacke: Captain Noel Bearne: Captain Derek A.185 “Montrose”(1994. Lord: Captain Nicholas J. Parr: 1995-August 1996 August 1996-1997 1997-1998 1998-2000 2000-2001 2001-2002 (h) Ice-Patrol Vessel: “Endurance”(from 1968 until 1991): Captain Peter W. Wallis: Captain James T.R. Nance: Captain Robert G. Anthony Johnstone-Burt: Captain Matthew J. Buchanan: Captain Ian R.

186 .