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2007. Its current employee force consists of more than 4500 unique individual. April 2000. In this report we have studied different practices of management in Mobilink. Like company overall and goal and mission or objective that it wants to accomplish by adopting different management April 2001. . under the brand name of Mobilink.69%. Mobilink offers both postpaid (Indigo) and prepaid (Jazz) solution of their customer. Pakistan mobile communication limited launches its operations in august 1994. Furthermore. Initially it was a joint venture between Motorola & safe group. Mobilink became the market leader by introducing new products and services that took full advantage of new technology over the years and I hope that it will tend to do so in the coming future and provides stiff competition to any challenger that poses a threat to its leadership in the market.Executive Summary Currently there are six diverse companies making the mobile industry of Pakistan mobile being one of them.6% stake in PMCL. Mobilink hiring takes place through its webiteand is known for offering competitive packages to its employee. Orascom Telecom took over management control of the company and as December of 31st. Later on. later increasing it to 68. it training and appraisal programs are an essential part of the HR department. Osasco telecom bought 38.Mobilink was AWARDED a 15 years license in July 1992 to established and operate a digital cellular telecommunication system using the GSM standard. Orascom telecom owns 100% of the share capital of company.

. It¶s contain in depth analysis of companyµs structure. Mission. and culture etc for the past one decade. In today s world . communication now is of vital importance.A s the world is processing towards a foster and a quicker pace.ABSTRACT Man in his natural psychological state wants or needs to interact with other is being saved . values.time is money and with efficient and less time consuming communication . Our report is about a major cellular company that provides a global access in the world of communication.cellular technology is of greater importance .in the complex and ever growing world of communication .it surely shrinks the world as it is in true sense ³global´. it¶s his inborn desire .

Programmed or non-programmed decision 15. Division of labour 13. Ethics & values 7. Mission and vision 4. Structured of ill structured problems 14. Goal and objective 6. Management strategies . Characteristics of Mobilink 3.Table of Contents 1 . Management style 9.An introduction 2. Decision making process 16. Research methodology 5. Social responsibility 11. Organization structure 8. Manager skills 10. Culture in Mobilink 12.

Swot analysis 18.17. Critical analysis & recommendation 20. Conclusion 19. Questionnaire .

With a soft launch on 1st July 2008. A brief account of the growth in telecom sector is given below. Technology is backed by Alcatel. until April 2001. Now that the competition has been introduced in the telecom sector some very positive impact have been observed on the growth of the sector in short growth of the sector in a short span of time which is expected to continue to grow for at least next five years if the daring investors influx continue as in the last 3 years. had a market share of 40. Currently providing service only in Karachi. Mobilink is the largest cellular service provider in pakistan. As a market leader Mobilink serves more than 31. .An Introduction Growth of Telecom sector in Pakistan: Although wonderful growth has taken place in the Pakistan telecom sector but most of it can be attributed to the c cellular growth. and company is using ZYXEL Customer Premises equipment.Net. the ORASCOM group is diversifying its service portfolio by setting up new business and also expanding through acquisition. Recently. they started offering DSL broadband through a wholly owned subsidiary. In Pakistan. Mobilink is now the second WiMAX internet service provider in Pakistan. the Pakistan Mobile communicated Ltd (³MOBILINK´) started its operation in 1994 and. In addition to cellular service.In April 2001. OTH took over management control of company. WiMAX service will be sold in under the brand name µMobilink Infinity¶¶. Similarly Value Added Service has growth but is still a drop in the bucket.5 million subscribers.2%. Fixed line is still awaiting a takeoff. representing a market share of 39.Mobilinkµs corporate postpaid package is sold under the brand name ³INDIGO´ AND PREPAID BY THE OF ³Jazz´.Company is in place for launch of wireless broadband service through WiMAX based technology. Link.

Everything is clear and described on the website navigation is clean and on one seems to be lost on the web. Mobilink website is designed to perfection and give impression that professional are sitting behind to manage it. Mobilink GSM (PMCL). Mobilink recently started GPRS services with Rs 500/month of unlimited usage this treat for GRPS users those who want to take their office with them . which in my points of view are somewhat high. With professional approach and skilled staff behind Mobilink is the premier choice for subscriber nationwide. As people really on Mobilink services that¶s why Mobilink still charging high rates people especially business class hesitate to switch to other cellular company.Comany is large and has the largest subscriber base in Pakistan. Mobilink is giant in this the reason that they are still expensive as compare to other like Ufone & Warid Tel. Mobililnk has the good infrastructure and network is established well. As the completion is growing I hope the rates will be cut down to attract more subscribers. Highly only problem I see with Mobilink is the call rates.Characteristics of Mobilink Mobilink Pakistan Premier cellular Company claims be to have 10 Million subscribers nationwide what you call such accompany pioneers giants whatever but the fact is that Mobilink is the largest Cellular Company in Pakistan. a subsidiary of Orascom Telecom . Mobilink is major cellular company and will The stand in first place many years to come.Mobililnk being the pioneers of introducing cellular company networks in Pakistan.Mobilink give them ease with reasonable charges.25/min still expensive as compared to Warid but giving incentive to subscriber there is an additional cost of Rs 25 to add friends and family member which is not fair. Mobilink also started with 3 friend and family member with a charge of 2.

To achieve this objective. which is why cover you in 8000+cities and towns nationwide as well as over 120 countries on international roaming service. In other words. . we speak your language. Compared to our competitors.and has become the market leader both in terms of growth as well as having the largest of customer subscriber base in Pakistan. both the post-paid(indigo) and prepaid(JAZZ) brands are the largest brands of their kind in Pakistan cellular industry. we offer both post-paid (indigo) and prepaid (JAZZ) solution to our customer s. we also offer a host of value-added-services to our prized customers. We pride ourselves on being the first cellular service provider to operate on a 100% digital GSM technology in Pakistan that also provides state of the art communication solution to its customers .Mobilink offers exclusively designed tariff plans that cater to the communication needs of diverse group of people. In addition to providing advanced voice communication services that makes the lives of millions that much easy. mobilink places high importance to its coverage. At the same time. from individual to businessman to corporate and multinational s.started its operation in 1994.a base of over 30 million and growing. everywhere.

MOBILINK MISSION To be superior communication Service Company in Pakistan which provide the best value to its customers. business partners and shareholder MOBILINK VISION To be the leading Telecommunication service provider in Pakistan by offering innovative communication solution for my customer while exceeding shareholder value & Employee expectation. . employees.

RESEARCH METHODOLOGY The research techniques that are adopted for the purpose of this study are as follows: PRIMARY DATA COLLECTION 1 Formal interview 2 Informal interviews The formal interviews include people from management and the informal interviews included people from lower management. Limitation One of the major limitations while carrying out this research was lack of cooperation on the part of management of the mobilink in providing the data regarding the company and its policies. . SECONDARY DATA 1 Internet search 2 Newspapers We have tried to attain the maximum authentic and complete information regarding company.

Mobilink takes into account the promotion. through good advertising. added over 3 million subscribers last year or 65 percent of the country¶s net additions and just months ago. mobilink continues to add subscriber at breakneck speeds and defy analyst expectation. The GR department conducts daily clinics to keep a check on the .GOALS AND OBJECTIVES To increase and stabilize market share According to research firm pyramid Research. mobilink has captured 63% share of the Pakistani mobile market today and is the leading cellular company of Pakistan. Employee development In order to maintain a motivated and committed work force. Mobilink does this by their marketing and sales department. To have the largest subscriber base in Pakistan Despite the arrival of two new players-AL Warid and Telenor into an already competitive Pakistani mobile market in 2005. training and growth of the employee. they completed 1crore customers. safety. Mobilink. Mobilink is continuously striving to not only stabilize this market standing. owned by Egyptian giant Orascom telecom.

ETHICS AND VALUES 1. quality and value beyond their expectations. empowerment and honors. . Business Excellence 3. We respect and esteem our employee and all stakeholders. Trust & Integrity 4. Respect for people 5. Total customer Satisfaction 2. Corporate Social Responsibility Total Customer Satisfaction Customer is at the heart of our success. Respect for People Our relationship drives our business. They have placed their trust and confidence in us . we strive to anticipate their needs and deliver service.In return. We believe in teamwork.

and with social responsibility.Trust and Integrity At Mobilink. we recognize and fulfill our responsibility towards our country and the environment we operate in it. As the market leader. We take personal responsibility for our action and treat everyone fairly. and by honoring our commitments. We contribute to worthy causes and are dedicated to the development and progress of the society. . we take pride in practicing the highest ethical standard in an open and honest environment.

ORGANIZATION STRUCTURE Total strength of employees 4500 Top Managers 75 Middle Managers 750 Lower Manager 3675 .

the regional managers are free to make decision but the final authority to approved those decision or suggestions rests with the top management. .MANAGEMENT STYLE Strategic business Department Project Communication department Operation & Customer care Department IT Department Finance & Accounting Department Administration & HR Department Centralization or Decentralization The authority in Moblink is overall centralized but the middle and lower level manager are allowed to make important decisions and the employees are provided with broad framework within which they are free to make their own decision and take risks as long as they are consistent with the company µS mission and goals.

. 3. Mobilink top level management is to identify opportunities for innovation. Technical skills (Lower Management) Mobilink lower management has the technical skills in order to deals customer directly. 2 .Human skills are necessary for both levels of Mobilink management top and Middle as well.MANAGEMENT SKILLS 1. Technical skills are most important for lower or frontline manager. Human Skills 3. Conceptual Skills (Top Management) Mobilink top management has ability to use information to solve business problems. Human Skills (Top & Middle Management) Managers with good human skills are able to get the best out of their people . Technical Skills Here is the brief description of the above terms: 1 . Conceptual Skills 2.

we recognize that an educated. but work towards sustaining and enhancing human and financial capital for the future. Our Corporate Social Responsibility goes beyond philanthropy and donations whereby we take into full account the impact that mobilink creates on all stakeholders and on the environment when making decisions. healthy society is Pakistan¶s key to ensuring sustainable development and we do our best to give back to community we operate it. and aim to ensure a workplace that necessitates open and respectful communication and exceptional quality of service to internal and external stakeholder. These values sum up the culture at Mobilink. Each of values guides the way we work as an organization and ensure that we not only meet the needs of our employees and stakeholders today.SOCIOECONOMIC VIEW Mobilink believes in playing an active role in supporting the community and social development of Pakistan. Behavioral norms and decision making. These values have always been at the heart of our business principles and success. Strong Culture MOBILINK corporate values serve as the foundation for its culture. .

. Offices parties were held once in a month¶ either formal or informal. Exceeding employee expectation 3. on this achievement the company gave a month¶s salary as bonus to all its employees. Innovativeness 2. Taking work 5.1. Employee motivation Organizational success: when Mobilink completed its 10 million customers.

management decides to solve that problems. The span of control is narrow and horizontal differentiation is medium. Structure or Ill Structured Problems According to the Manager the Company deals structured problems usually and also have the solution for these day to day problems but some time it face ill structured problems as well.Organizational roles are properly employee are vividly defined.The integration level is high. There is high vertical differentiation because of tall hierarchal structure . Degree of specialization is also high . then according to the problem level . The jobs. The head of commercial division has a group of people working under him as an integrating department. There is no role ambiguity and no role conflicts. They work in groups and teams. the duties and responsibility of ea Division of labor is high. Programmed decisions are generally made by lower or middle management at Mobilink and non programmed decision are made only Top management. regional manager report to the VP of their functions.DIVISION OF LABOUR . The hierarchy of authority n the sales department is that: Salesperson reports to sales manager. Programmed or Non Programmed Mobilink has made both types of decision programmed and non programmed as well. Directors report to the Vice President which report to the CEO. .

The marketing executive at Mobilink admits that understanding markets and customer is the bedrock on which business planning and strategy built. .DECSION MAKING PROCESS The marketing research process includes the systematic identification collection analysis and distribution of information for the purpose of knowledge development and decision making.but the way in which the organization could and should use the data.Mobilink marketing executive further says that our research process is designed so that we take more care to understand our goals and constrain and use this to deliver better value to our costomers. Mobilink hires Custom marketing research firms to carry out specific projects. they focus on providing better research techniques that unable to understand why and how costomersmake choices and a better research process. The designed and outcomes of a market research projects have reflect not just the results from data . Without our customer needs and wants or understanding demand our business will be under constant threat from competitors and may be falling to extract the maximum value from market. Mobilink provide excellence in market research through their extensive experience in telecommunication working. based on understanding the business and commercial context.Market does not sit in a vacuum.

MARKETING RESEARCH PROCESS Effective marketing research process by Mobilink consists of 5 steps. Step One: Step Two: Identifying and Defining the Problem Developing the approach & Establishing research design & Strategy Step Three: Collection of Data Step Four: Performing data analysis Step five: Reporting & Representation .

STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT The findings mentioned reflect three types of major strategies. 2. it appears that for the past few years (1990-2003). This transition is obvious in Mobilinkµs repositioning itself and hitting the market with a new face with catchphrase ³Reshaping communication´.the new jazz customer will also get Rs. On the basis of findings. The main reason for this change is mainly to keep up with the competition and to retain and increase its market share.100 free airtime.400 in airtime . Mobilink had a focus on internal growth. All this is evident from the fact since the deregulation of the mobile service industry of Pakistan. Corporate level strategy Business level strategy Functional level strategy Corporate Level Strategy As their corporate level strategy they have entered into partnerships with different organizations. Joint Promotional Agreement with Various Organizations 1 1. Mobilink has undertaken various efforts to ensure that it changes its stance from concentrating on its existing market to growing its market presence. Jazz member Get member: Opportunity for customers to become the brand¶s ambassador and at the same time earn Rs.Mobilink¶s Nokia 9500 off .

Moilnk has always made successful attempts to distinguish their products or services from their in the industry. They make their product unique through: Advertising: 1. Highly creative people in the marketing dept. bringing in famous personalities from media to endorse their packages Distinctive Product Features 1. 2. TV commercials. GRPS enabled . Billboard.Business Level Strategy As their business level strategy it has focused on Differentiation strategy ever since it started. Value added services 2. Online billing 3.

There are certain areas of Pakistan where PTCL connection are not available. GRPS and inexpensive. but Mobilink has its service in those areas. 2. New Technology 1. Introduced GSM tech-bye to AMPS. the PTCL cables have not reached yet. . 2.Exceptional Service 1. 2. Only cellular service in Pakistan to provide coverage on the M2 motorway.

and with trust and respect.Functional level strategy Sales and marketing 1 . empowerment and harmony. I respect and esteem my employees and all stakeholders. Respect for people My relationship drives my business. . I recognize and fulfill my responsibility towards my country and the environment I operate in. Trust and integrity At Mobilink. Responsible corporate citizen As the market leader. and treat everyone fairly. 2.The marketing department immediately identifies and responds to the customer needs. I take personal responsibility for my action.Comes up with interesting marketing strategies which include advertising. I take pride in practicing the highest ethical standard in an open and honest environment. and by honeying my commitments.Differentiation advantage. I believe in teamwork.

OPPORTUNITIES It can also the company has opportunities in the fields of wireless and 3G technology. sales and customer service. THREATS With lots of competition coming into the telecommunication industry of Pakistan. .SWOT ANALYSIS Strengths The company excels in marketing. Further capitalize on the emerging trends of value added services. It has the advantage of having a huge and loyal customer base. buyer¶s growing bargaining power is the strongest threat to the company. Weaknesses Network problem is the biggest weakness for Mobilink for which it faces major criticism or complaints. The company is also vulnerable with post paid debts.

How do you classify your Managers according to your management level? Q 13.Describe characteristics of your Organization? Q 3. How your Decision making process involve while taking any decision? Q 14.How may Types of Department you have in your Organization? Q 7.Give us some brief introduction about your Organization? Q 2. What are your view about social responsibility either it is classical or Socioeconomics? Q 9. What are the Goals of Mobilink? Q 12. What are Core values of your Organization? Q 5.What is Mission and Vision of your Organization? Q 4. Which kind of organization Culture either it is Strong or Weak? Q 10. Which type of your Problem do manager face mostly? Structured or Illusructured? Q 11. Describe your Management level? Q 6.What are the Decision criteria of your Organization? Q 8. .QUESTONNAIRES Q 1. How you make Management Strategies? . .IBRAHIM ZAMAN SPECIALIST SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT www.

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