Marlean Nelson

A Waterways Project Publication

Richard Spiegel Barbara Fisher codirectors Thomas Perry administrative assistant

Miriam Lock Teacher

East Brooklyn Congregations School for Public Service in Bushwick Shirley Edwards


Stephen E. Phillips superintendent Alternative High Schools & Programs

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the NY State Council on the Arts


Today I am grateful to wake up this morning and start a new day. A day that I will never see again. A day of fun and joyful times. The bottom line is just that

I am happy to be alive

to see another day because

I know that there are people out there dying

not getting to live life to the fullest and extreme.

Not getting to do

what you want to do as each day goes past. That's why I would like to thank God each day When I wake to to see another day.


One hot sizzling scathing sununer day I was walking home

I was so hot.

I decided to get a cool cold cup of water.

The water was very delicious I was so happy

to get a drink

That I ran home with peace and joy thinking

what wet water could do


A personal treasure that I have

is a birthday card that I have.

It was given to me by my mother. I enjoy reading

and loo1cing at the card. So I cherish it

each and every day;

I think about it

and if she were to be alive

I think about the fun things that we could have been doing if she were alive today.


'What's Worth Working or Fighting Hard For?

) )

Something that's worth working hard Something that's worth fighting for is my life As day goes by I try and try to stay alive Thanking God as each day goes by

thinking of how

and what should I be doing each day

How to spend my day and where to stay

to keep away from danger each day.


My Dreams

Ten years from now I wish to be a lawyer Ten years from now

I wish to see me as a lawyer

So I am going to strive for my dreams for if I don't

life is like a fish

without their fins

strive for my dreams for if I don't life is like a swimming pool without the H2O


My Car My Hair

.My car is as fragile as my hair

If you touch it you must beware

I can be as dangerous as a polar bear

or as dangerous

as the great white whale

So don It touch my hair Cause if you do

You must be very, very aware


Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Martin Luther King was a good man

he was born a king he was born a man

He fought for peace with his mighty hand

He was a nonviolent leader who fought for peace

and freedom and rights

He fought for what he believed in for you and me

he fought for peace and economy

V is for violent A is for admire L is for loving

E is for everlasting N is for nice

T is for together I is for I love you

N is for never ending love

E is for the enjoyment that you share S is for sweet


In Search of a Song Volume 301

i"-':,· n:".~rr:-=;,~~.,.,y;"V~~ ......... ,....-"..,..

~ ~

~~~~~~~~~~ a waterways publication

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