Where Is The Love? Why This World is a Hard Place to Be In!

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Why do humans fear and fight so much? How does this predisposition lead to the economics of greed and poverty? Considering the above, we obviously don't really know that much about human nature. Since our absolute origins are debated over so much, we can't know ourselves confidently if we do not know where we came from (and therefore what we really are). What we don't know is lost in the famous "mists of time". So, we know very little indeed about a great deal. Our religious doctrines, and the various kinds of cultism that try to enforce a clinical knowing of limits that presumptuously picture our certainties, are vain attempts at securing knowledge and understanding. This is the realm of human fantasy, the vast arena of vanity that chokes our lives with continually expanding legislative and philosophical doctrines and a simultaneous pathological divergence from nature. What is certain is just one thing. Nature. The Ancient. The Tried and Tested. The Truly Sustainable (unlike unsustainable economics theories). And wherever we fail to reference the characteristics and dynamics of nature (see http://www.global-health.0catch.com/) is where we fail. We fail through first neglecting nature and then through poisoning this planet and ourselves with our presumptuousness, the fantasies of our certainties, and the technological poisons that we lace our shriveling existence with. As such, we humans have lost our grounding in true reality... the true reality of nature. Love is a function of diversity, resonance, empathy, cooperation, sacrifice, compliance and integration. These powers are demonstrated in Nature. The whole of Nature is held together by love. Love is, in fact, the philosophical expression of the actual forces that bind the entire universe together. And these forces are supposed to be expressed throughout all of human diversity.

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However, we fail the above sociological essences because we are so far separated from nature. We fail, now, this natural essence of diversity through the generation of ongoing chemical and genetic extinctions, and cultural extinctions via 'ethnic cleansing' because we have, again, so far wandered from nature. We abuse nature and our fellow humans because we don't know ourselves or the natural realm. We can't find ourselves because we are disengaged from the essence of nature that defines us and the metaphysical matrix that hosts our origins, the purpose of our existence, and the meaning of life. The purpose and meaning of life is develop the character of love, and fashion a memory and experience (however painful that may be) that will be recalled at some future reckoning of all things. For all the torments we may have endured in this life, there is a choice to be offered us in the future that will test the nature of our character. This philosophical discourse is presented here because, often, a difficult world entraps us with the distracting and shiny objects of technology for entertainment's sake. At worst, entertainment is used by the bored to enlist the balm of oblivion, but this is not the right way to live and advance positive character. In advancing the notion that escape from an utter dependence on technological living, and the consequent searching for meaning in nature, is a good and educational (and potentially lifesaving) strategy to incorporate into your view of the future, I suggest that using technology to fund that escape is also worthwhile. This is because we are entrapped by technology and need to fund an escape to nature and beneficial knowledge by using the unfortunate knowledge we now have through our techno dependencies.

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In order to find that lost essence of love in a meaningful relationship with nature and with one's family (who ideally would also wish to reconnect with that reality, liberty and educational complex), one must become independent. Losing one's dependence upon corporate, welfare, political and sociological structures that enforce disempowerment (see http://fire.prohosting.com/ironbuck/disempower.html) is an essential goal for any person wishing to generate an income to supply an advance back into nature: a home in the country (or woods, or wilderness, or farming community), rainwater tanks, permaculture gardens, organic gardens, etc. To separate from inappropriate and damaging dependencies, at least in terms of removing yourself from under the fascism that overbearing organizations typically enshrine internally and disburse outwardly, represents a major step toward releasing yourself into greater freedom. To be dependent, and to have bureaucracies that wield power over you, is to exist within a realm of fear, aggravation and disempowerment. In being disempowered, you become povertystricken, often in body and finances, and certainly in mind and attitude. In allowing yourself to be ruled you become a commodity and a potential criminal, always just one mistake away from committing a crime in terms of the ever-growing burden of laws and regulations that the fascism in human nature continuously strives to develop. As a commodity, you will also find that uncaring bureaucracies (http://peoplepoisoned.250free.com) are greedy in terms of what they can save by not responsibly acting in your favor (especially when you are injured by a bureaucracy).

The ultimate purpose of this site is to advance a paradigm-replacing consciousness by first engaging reflection on such matters, and then achieving independence through self employment. The Internet is an ideal place to gain that independence. See: www.thenetworkmentor.com and type in the Access Code: 95992 to start your march toward financial, and ultimately, spiritual independence and resonance with nature. Other sites offering valuable information on the subject of love are: http://www.sages-way.com/rebel.html http://www.sages-way.com/collective.html http://www.forbetterlife.org/main.asp?section=values&valueID=37&language=eng

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