Our recently published account of Pia Duysen, the pipe smoking lady from Denmark, and the detail from a 'mac' cartoon showing a pipe smoking prime minister has provoked a heavy post. 'The female pipe smoker is not the rare bird your feature suggests' writes one specialist tobacconist who has a number of lady customers for the small bowl pipes — not necessarily those designed for feminine use. PANEL O F HOUSEWIVES At Ogden's, the pipe smoking panel which for the last three years has These three serious reported back on the acceptability of pipe smokers (top) changes in pipe tobacco blends and were spotted flavourings and pronounces on new among the Swiss brands, is made up of 14 Liverpool and Belgian teams housewives. at last year's They meet for an hour four days a DunhillPPD week, or twice a day when there are conference pipe several products to be evaluated, and smoking regard themselves as offering the same competition. category of expertise as skilled wine Winner in the tasters. They are all cigarette smokers women's section who have been given six months trainwas Madame ing in pipe smoking and are now fully Windelle, on the capable of making objective compariright. sons based on 18 different characterAnd the istics between a standard product and preoccupied three a new blend. (below) were The tests are carried out in a series representing of blind tasting sessions which can take Britain. six days to complete. We are not told whether these professional tobacco testers have been converted to pipe smoking when off duty, but not a few of the ladies responsible for running some of the most prestigious smoke shops in the USA take pleasure in the pipe, are skilled in its use and prefer it to all other forms of smoking. REMARKABLE TIMES In duration pipe smoking contests, like that organised by Dunhill for delegates to their last Principal Pipe Dealers' conference in London, they Thb smiling team achieve remarkable times, but conis the Ogden's pipe tinue to look charmingly feminine smoking panel— while doing so. sounds like a parttimejob in a million... 31


October 1933

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