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On this 25th World Fisheries Day on the 21st November, 2021, we the WFFP, representing the
vast majority of people who fish on this planet are calling for solidarity among all small-scale
Artisanal fishing peoples around the world to protect their livelihoods and communities and the
ecosystems that nourish them. In particular, we stand in solidary with fishing communities that
face state oppression, including our brothers and sisters in Indigenous communities and
occupied territories.
Today we stand together to issue a call to action to all state governments and international
bodies to support the Global Strategic Framework in support of the implementation of the SSF
Guidelines ((SSF-GSF), and to take immediate action to address the serious threats that area
facing small-scale fisheries around the world.
The WFFP demands action to address the following issues that are threatening the future of
small-scale fisheries within the human rights frame work.
Climate Change
Fisher people are engage in one of the most dangerous occupations in the world. Most of the
Small Island nations will be submerged their territories, specifically coastal areas by the end of
the century. Climate change is having a devastating effect on coastal and in land fishing
communities around the world. Sea-level rise, Sea erosion, tropical storms, gales, tsunamis,
ocean acidification, and coral bleaching are negatively impacting cycles of life and the
livelihoods of fishing communities. We are bearing the brunt of governments’ unwillingness to
seriously address climate change, as seen in the COP26. We demand action of climate change
Coastal and inland fishing communities continue to suffer the effects of COVD19, not only
because of the biomedical impacts, but also because of the food crisis it has caused.
Government relief and mitigation efforts have mostly overlooked small-scale fishing
communities. We demand more equitable response to the pandemic in our communities. We
join hands with the global communities who demand the trips waiver of COIVD vaccine.
Pollution of the oceans and inland waterways has continued unabated, including industrial
dumping, nuclear waste and dumping clinical waste, sea transportation, oil leaks, shipwrecks,
ship burning at sea and more. [MORE HERE].We demand more serious action by government to
reduce aquatic pollution and destruction of eco systems through increased regulation and
Industrial Development
Untrammelled Industrial extraction of natural resources are damaging to fisheries ecosystems
and resources, limiting access and displacing SSF communities. This includes dams, oil, gas
exploration, seabed mining, and extraction in near shore and pollution of seas which adversely
affect fishers. We demand more increased government regulation and enforcement and
monitoring of aquatic industrial development,

The ‘Blue Economy’ Corporate Takeover

In the name of ‘development the world’s oceans and inland waterways are facing enclosure and
privatization under the so-called ‘Blue Economy’ agenda that is negatively impacting SSF fishing
communities. National governments, intergovernmental bodies, and the corporate world have
unleashed a wealth of new ‘blue’ initiatives such as top-down MPAs, Marine Spatial Planning
and counterfeit multi-stakeholder consultation processes. We demand an end to ‘blue
economy’ initiatives that threated hat our rights as small-scale fishing peoples.
Industrial overfishing
Aggressive industrial overfishing threatens stocks, often using Irresponsible practices and IUU
fisheries continue to threaten small-scale fisheries world-wide. We demand that state fisheries
management policies must adhere to the SSF Guidelines, and better regulate industrial
Threat and Violence
Around the world, many small-scale fishing peoples are facing increased threat so violence from
piracy and narco-states and occupying forces, as in Palestine. We demand that the right to
safety and freedom from harm be respected and that governments take steps to eradicate
these violent threats. Also, we the WFFP as a whole stand with the human rights defenders who
engage to ensure human rights of fishing communities.
Indigenous SSF
Indigenous communities face oppression and denial of inherent fishing rights in many parts of
the work was the result of the colonial policies. We demand the recognition of Indigenous
small-scale fishing rights and the implementation of UNDRIP
Together with these demands, on this World Fisheries Day, we the SSF movement are ready to
bring real solution to key issues facing the planet, food sovereignty, nutrition and health,
poverty reduction, climate change, ender equity and ecosystem protection.
The WFFP, together with its allies, on this World Fisheries Day 2021, stand together in our
determination to defend our communities. livelihoods and the ecosystems, and we will not give
up until our rights are respected!

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