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I’m available

How long do you need me for ?

Where are you located ?

Lol you’re not too far from me

I’m in a motel near you

15 Mins : $50
30 Mins : $100 👅
1Hour ; $200

Boyfriend experience is an exclusive and erotic role play

It’s a complete package where you’d get to decide anything you’d like to do with me
All just for fun

Man I don’t accept cash for security reasons such as rape, cops, set up and
I was being set up last week while a friend of mine got arrested
So I accept PayPal, bitcoin, cashapp and gift cards only
I hope you understand

For PayPal or cashapp

Payments half now and half in person. I’ll send you my cashtag/Email right now and
I’ll be on my way Asap

For Gift card

I would prefer you get me an eBay gift card from the store and also buy a condom
When you get the gift card, you scratch the gift card halfway just like this (SEND
Then you can give me the full complete picture of the card and codes in person when
I come over
That way I can build trust that you’re not trying to give me a fake card, I have
been screwed so many times by people
That’s why I’m playing safe.

I will text you my motel address shortly

Let me know when you get the cards


(WHEN HE GETS THE CARDS send to me I’ll redeem it for you . Proceed to the next

How much is this ?

I’m trying to check the card validity but it’s not popping up can you just scratch
the entire card so I can check ?

Baby where did you get the gift cards from?

I have been suspecting they sell invalid cards there

This card is not valid

It’s not about the code

The card isn’t valid I checked it myself

No it did not work dear I’m sorry I know it’s not your fault, but this is not the
first time this kinda thing is happening to me

That is why I make it mandatory to check the card validity before anything.

I won’t mind I’ll still give you my full service for 1hr


Can you just get another gift card from another store?
I’m sorry about it
There’s nothing I can do about that
If you would get another gift card from the store
Preferably eBay, amazon, steam wallet

(After client response

Then you say this)

I’ll give you an extra service and a free time anytime you request me next time
The service will be for free

(When client gets cards) tell him to send you want to validate)
Okay very good I’m already dressed
Getting ready for you

(Google a motel nearby the clients location )

Paste the address to the client
Tell him to text you when he gets there

(After he gets there )

the hotel escort manager won’t let me out baby

I haven’t paid for the motel accommodations
That’s about $150

You can send the money to me

You can easily send the money via cashapp or PayPal
If you don’t have cashapp
You can easily download it and set it up
It’s very easy
Just send the money with your card

I’m going to send you my cashtag

That’s what you’re going to use to send the hotel the accommodation fee
(When client pays for the accommodation)
Tell him

Baby they haven’t recieved the payment you sent

Can you just try it again ?

(Send him another castag)

When he makes the payment again!!

Tell him

Baby I’m sorry I made a mistake I sent the wrong cashtag to you
They are processing the refund to you now
You’ll get it in a few min

Let me send you the correct cashtag

(Send him another cashtag)

When he Makes payment!!

Tell him

Baby I’m coming outside I’m sorry for the delay

It’s the escort manage motel policy
Hope you have a condom?

I can only redeem EBay 4 digits gift cards

Any other gift cards
Find a way to collect the full picture
Tell him you need to validate card or something

Put call-08026344281
Jah bless our hustle 🙏

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