FOREST INFORMATION UPDATE VOL. 12 NO. 4 April 2011 Welcome to this edition of Forest Information Update.

Kind regards, Mike Smith, Editor and Director INTRODUCTION Forest Information Update (FIU) is a free monthly email newsletter sent to people interested in the inventory and monitoring of natural resources and reaches about 22,000 natural resource specialists and other recipients worldwide. FIU is produced by Trade and Media Services Ltd ( and is supported by organizations, agencies and individuals working in the natural resources field. LINK IN TO FIU Follow up this edition with discussions and news items at the new Forest Information Linked-in group at: Yahoo Group - Download this and previous editions the Forest Information Yahoo group at: FACE-TO-FACE A new facebook page has been established so you can personalize your contacts with other FIU users and contributors. FIU SPONSORS FIU is sponsored in part through the generous support of the follow sponsors – please visit their web sites, learn about what they do and utilize their services: ESRI CONFERENCE DETAILS - As the leader in GIS technology, ESRI offers innovative solutions that will help you create, visualize, analyze, and present natural resources information better and more clearly. Working with location information, ESRI's GIS software and solutions give you the power to solve problems you encounter every day. Forestry and other natural resource organizations around the world are using this ESRI software to make smart and timely decisions. ESRI provides powerful GIS solutions to more than 300,000 clients in more than 189 countries and offers mapping technology to meet today's global needs. Using ESRI technology, you too can unlock the spatial component of your valuable data and see your organization's information from a new perspective. For more information, contact them at 800-447-9778 in the US or 909-793-2853, ext. 1-1235. Or go to the web site at: FORESTS FEATURE NEW FANTASY NOVEL A mystical forest plays a leading role in new fantasy novel by Rotorua, New Zealand-


based author Sarah Groot. “The Forgotten” is the first book in The Faynon Chronicles in which beautiful Princess Sindra rises from the street to take control of her destiny as leader of Galadon Knights who have spent generations hidden deep in the forests. Now available from in paperback and for Kindle download. For more details and to buy, go to: Paperback at Kindle at NEW FORESTRY COUNTRY REPORTS NOW AVAILABLE Southern Hemisphere forestry countries continue to develop huge new forestry resources and the special Southem Country Reports have been updated and is now available. Included in the package is Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Uruguay in Latin America; Australia and New Zealand; and South Africa. The reports provide new details on the geography, politics and economics of each country; along with industry details and trade updates – all at a reasonable price. For more details, go to: Or DISTRIBUTION PARTNERS FIU is sent to each of the following international lists - all are free, low volume and secure: . Forest list – See . Global Association of Online Foresters (GAOF) - see . International Forest List (IFL) - . Nepalese Foresters - . Wetlandfriends – see and . Global e-Forum on Climate Change and Global Warming . Applied-GIS-RS homepage - . Silvinet, Portuguese-based - You may receive FIU by joining one of the above. If you wish to receive FIU only send a blank email to For questions, to submit material, or to sponsor FIU, please contact me, Mike, INPUT - This month's input comes from: Gyde Lund, Krishna Devkota, Gary Krupnick, Nelson Wong, Lance Olsen, Tina Etherington, Gandhiv Kafle, Artur Gil, Ross Mayhew, Infosylva, IUFRO, and many more. Thank you all for sharing your information! HAVE YOU HEARD? NEWS FROM AROUND THE WORLD . OZONE HOLE MAY HAVE CAUSED AUSTRALIAN FLOODS - The massive hole in


the atmosphere above Antarctica is altering rainfall patterns in the Southern Hemisphere. A new scientific study, published in Science, suggests that the severe flooding that hit northern Australia earlier this year may have not been caused by rising global temperatures induced by greenhouse gases, but rather by the hole in the ozone layer. <See Science article link below> . SIERRA ROUTERS KEEP FORESTRY GROUP CONNECTED - Sierra Wireless and Mobile World Communications, an authorized Sierra Wireless distributor in Finland, announced that Mobile World Communications is supplying Sierra Wireless AirLink ultra-rugged in-vehicle routers for sub-contractors with the Metsäliitto Group, an international forest industry group with operations in 30 countries. . GEOGRAPHY DIVIDES ECONOMY, WITH FORESTRY IN FREEFALL – This article discusses how geography divides Pontiac in Canada, with forestry communities hurting from the downturn on one side, while many on the other side commute to the city for high paying jobs. . UNITED STATES TIMBERLAND MARKETS: TRANSACTIONS, VALUES AND MARKET RESEARCH - Private timberland ownership in the United States has changed structure over the past ten years. More than 40 million acres of US timberland have shifted ownership in approximately 600 large transactions since 2000. The global timberland investment community gathered in March at Reynolds Plantation, Georgia, for the Warnell Center for Forest Business (CFB) Timberland Investment Conference 2011 to discuss the current timberland investment climate and challenges ahead. Jacek Siry of the CFB presented “Private Forestland Ownership Change in the US”. He summarized findings from his new book US Timberland Markets: 2000 to 2010 which was jointly authored with Tom Harris and Sara Baldwin of Timber Mart-South. For more information. Or email: . DNA PROVIDES SECURITY FOR REDD PROJECTS - A Singapore-based company, DoubleHelix, has launched a process utilising advances in genetics to help prevent what it describes as “leakage” (theft) of forest carbon projects. For more details see: . HAWAI’I WOODSHOW WINNERS - Winners have been announced for the Hawai’i Woodshow, the Hawai’I Forest Industry Association (HIFA) annual juried woodworking exhibition.

3 . IOWA CITY RECEIVES TREE CITY USA AWARD - The city of Iowa City has received the 2010 Tree City USA award from the National Arbor Day Foundation and the Iowa Department of Natural Resources -- Forestry Bureau. BATTERIES NOT INCLUDED... This section is devoted to resource inventory tips and miscellaneous blurbs for whatever uses you care to make. Please limit contributions to one paragraph or so. Thanks, Mike Smith. HELP! FEEDBACK TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE – “Pay it forward!” If you can help with any of the requests below, please take the time to do so. Your kind assistance will be appreciated and rewarded. OPPORTUNITIES - Several readers of FIU are seeking employment in the forestry field. If you have jobs available and are in need of good people, please consider posting your vacancies in FIU (there is no charge for this service) and the following outlets: . POSTDOCTORAL POSITION in Airborne Remote Sensing in the UT/LS at UCLA: . PHD STUDENT: LAND USE CHANGE AND ECOSYSTEM SERVICES - In the VOLANTE project funded by the European Commission 14 institutes collaborate to design new methodologies and integrated models to analyse human-environment interactions, feedbacks in land use systems, hotspots of land use transitions and identify critical thresholds in land system dynamics. This research contributes to the

development of multifunctional and sustainable pathways of land system change. . DEAN, SCHOOL OF FOREST RESOURCES, and Director of Arkansas Forest Resources Center, University of Arkansas, Monticello, AR (closes May 15, 2011. . CALL FOR APPLICATIONS - CGIAR: CLIMATE CHANGE, AGRICULTURE, AND FOOD SECURITY (CCAFS) - CGIAR has launched a new program on Climate Change, Agriculture, and Food Security (CCAFS). CCAFS' overall goal is to overcome the additional threats posed by a changing climate to achieving food security, enhancing livelihoods and improving environmental management. One critical area of research that CCAFS has identified is the need to understand the complex and dynamic relationships between climate change, agriculture and food security and how it affects men and women differently. Therefore, CCAFS is searching for women scientists who are interested in conducting research on gender issues related to the climate change, agriculture, and food security nexus. In order to fund research on gender and climate change, CCAFS will award women scientists enrolled in a PhD program or interested in a post doctoral opportunity, and who are citizens of and affiliated with an institution in Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Burkina Faso,Ghana, Mali, Niger, Senegal, Bangladesh, India, or Nepal to a research grant of $35,000.The grant application is due by 1 May 2011 . Visit the link below for further details on call for applications. . ASSISTANT DIRECTOR (Forest Industry) - Level (Grade): D1. Duty Station: OKOHAMA, JAPAN. Date for Entry on Duty: 1 JULY 2011. Duration of Assignment: FIXED TERM: TWO YEARS (RENEWABLE). Deadline for Applications: 15 MAY 2011. . POST-DOC IN GIS AND EIA at SMARTPARKS Project (Planning and Management System for Small Islands Protected Areas). Funded by Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia (FCT). task=showAnuncioOportunities&jobId=23213&idc=1 . PHDS ECOLOGY & EVOLUTIONARY BIOLOGY : Dublin, 4, Ireland. University College Dublin. PhD Studentship. Posted: April 18, 2011; Expires: May 13, 2011 . EXPERT PANEL FOR CONGRESS REVIEW OF FUKUSHIMA RADIATION IMPACTS - Gene Buck writes: “Colleagues: I'm seeking volunteers for an expert panel to review and provide comments on a 5-page summary report for Members of the U.S. Congress and their staff on "Effects of Radiation from Fukushima Daiichi on the U.S. Marine Environment." Gene Buck, Specialist in Natural Resources Policy Congressional Research Service U.S. Congress Washington, DC.”

5 HAVE YOU READ? Obtain from your local library or from the sources provided. THE PUBLICATION LIST

ARTICLES OF INTEREST BIODIVERSITY . Lian Pin Koh And Jaboury Ghazoul. A Matrix-Calibrated Species-Area Model for Predicting Biodiversity Losses Due to Land-Use Change. Conservation Biology. Volume 24, Issue 4, pages 994-1001, August 2010. . Snaddon JL, Turner EC, Foster WA (2008). Children's Perceptions of Rainforest Biodiversity: Which Animals Have the Lion's Share of Environmental Awareness? PLoS ONE 3(7): e2579. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0002579. BIOFUEL/BIOMASS . Roberts, Anthony. Is woody biomass an economic elixir? Portland Tribune, Pamplin Media Group, 21 April 2011. CLASSIFICATION/MAPPING . James A. Collins et al. Interhemispheric symmetry of the tropical African rainbelt over the past 23,000 years. Nature Geoscience 4, 42-45 (12 December 2010). . THE E-ATLAS OF GLOBAL DEVELOPMENT – Third Edition. Produced by the World Bank, the eAtlas has maps and graphs of more than 175 thematically organized indicators for over 200 countries. . H. Balzter. Forest mapping and monitoring with interferometric synthetic aperture radar (InSAR). Progress in Physical Geography June 2001 vol. 25 no. 2 1596

177. CLIMATE CHANGE/CARBON . S. M. Kang, M. Polvani, J. C. Fyfe, and M. Sigmond. Impact of Polar Ozone Depletion on Subtropical Precipitation. Science 21 April 2011: 1202131Published online 21 April 2011. . Daniel C. Donato et al. Mangroves among the most carbon-rich forests in the tropics. Nature Geoscience (2011), DOI: doi:10.1038/ngeo1123. Published online: 03 April 2011. . Scott Deatherage. Carbon Trading Law and Practice. Paperback, 346 pages. Mar 2011. Price: $185.00. . Jim Graham, Catherine Jarnevich, Nick Young, Greg Newman, Thomas Stohlgren. How will climate change affect the potential distribution of Eurasian tree sparrows passer montanus in North America? Current Zoology, online first. INVENTORY/MONITORING . Yolanda Fernandez-Ordonez, Jesus Soria-Ruiz and Brigitte Leblon. Forest Inventory using Optical and Radar Remote Sensing Chapter Actions. Source: Advances in Geoscience and Remote Sensing. ISBN 978-953-307-005-6. Edited by: Gary Jedlovec. Publisher: InTech, October 2009. . M. R. Burkart, S. L. Oberle, M. J. Hewitt and J. Pickus. A Framework for Regional Agroecosystems Characterization Using the National Resources Inventory. Journal of Environmental Quality. Vol. 23 No. 5, p. 866-874. . Danae Maniatis. Evaluating the Potential of Commercial Forest Inventory Data to Report on Forest Carbon Stock and Forest Carbon Stock Changes for REDD+ under the UNFCCC. International Journal of Forestry Research. Volume 2011 (2011), Article ID 134526, 13 pages. doi:10.1155/2011/134526. . Xiongwen Chen. Trends of forest inventory data in Alabama, USA, during the last seven decades. Forestry (2010) 83 (5): 517-526. doi: 10.1093/forestry/cpq034

First published online: October 29, 2010. . D. S. Boyd and F. M. Danson. Satellite remote sensing of forest resources: three decades of research development. Progress in Physical Geography, March 2005; vol. 29, 1: pp. 1-26. MISCELLANEOUS . M. Z. Jumaat, M. A. Rahman, M. A. Alam and M. M. Rahman. Premature failures in plate bonded strengthened RC beams with an emphasis on premature shear: A review. International Journal of the Physical Sciences Vol. 6(2), pp. 156–168, 18 January, 2011. ISSN 1992-1950 ©2011 Academic Journals. REMOTE SENSING/GIS . R. V. Sheeja; Sabu Joseph; D. S. Jaya; R. S. Baiju. Land use and land cover changes over a century (1914-2007) in the Neyyar River Basin, Kerala: a remote sensing and GIS approach. International Journal of Digital Earth. Volume 4, Issue 3, First published 2011, Pages 258 – 270. . Brittany Sauser. The Reliability of Tsunami Detection Buoys. The technology helped after Japan's earthquake, but the buoy system is often unreliable. Technology Review, 11 March 2011. . L. C. Smith et al. Siberian Peatlands a Net Carbon Sink and Global Methane Source Since the Early Holocene. Science 16 January 2004: 353-356. . Nigel Fielding and César A. Cisneros-Puebla. CAQDAS-GIS Convergence: Toward a New Integrated Mixed Method Research Practice? Journal of Mixed Methods Research, October 2009; 3: 349 - 370. RESOURCE ANALYSIS/MODELING . Harris T,Baldwin S,Siry J.2011. United States Timberland Markets 2000 2010:Transactions,Values &Market Research .Timber Mart-South.Athens,GA,USA. . Rafael Calama Sainz, Margarida Tome, M. Sánchez-González, J. Miina., K. Spanos,

Marc Palahi. Modelling Non-Wood Forest Products in Europe: a review. (pp. 69-85). Special Issue title: Trends in modeling to address forest management and environmental challenges in Europe. . FORESTS IN EUROPE AND NORTH AMERICA ARE GROWING BUT REMAIN VULNERABLE TO THREATS – Experts gathered in Geneva on World Forest Day to review the status of and trends in forests and forest resources in Europe and North America, discuss related finding from the FAO’s Global Forest Resources Assessment 2010 (FRA 2010) and consider the preliminary findings from the State of Europe’s Forest 2011, a report that will be launched in June 2011 at the Ministerial Conference for the Protection of Forests in Europe in Oslo, Norway. . Ib Friis, Sebsebe Demissew and Paulo van Breugel, 2010. Atlas of the Potential Vegetation of Ethiopia. Biologiske Skrifter (Biol.Skr.Dan.Vid.Selsk.), 58, pp 307, including 29 map-plates with legends and key. The Atlas shows the distribution of 12 poetntial vegetation types that can be mapped using environmental parameters and GIS-methodology at the scale of 12,000,000. . The world of predictive modeling. Can you predict future crimes? Or how the entire planet may change? New advances in computer modelling and predictive analystics can forecast all manner of things, but will technology allow us to accurately predict the future! From FutureTense, ABC. . Erik Kjems. The World of Geographically Referenced Information is Facing a Paradigm Shift. Sunday, V1 Magazine. 20 March 2011. SUSTAINABLE MANAGEMENT . Sarah E. Reed, Adina M. Merenlender - Effects of Management of Domestic Dogs and Recreation on Carnivores in Protected Areas in Northern California. Conservation Biology. Article first published online 10 Feb 2011. CAPTURED ON VIDEO Download videos from the web or from the sources provided. . Will Tropical Forests Survive the 21st Century? Gary Hartshorn, President and CEO, World Forestry Center, Portland, OR. Part of the 2011 Starker Lecture Series. Provided by: OSU Forestry Media Center.

9 . Forest fire in “Indian Gulch”, USA. module=item&action=show_item_full&itemurl=aHR0cDovL3d3dy55b3V0dWJlLmNvbS9 3YXRjaD92PVVoa3I0NlFpdDBzJmZlYXR1cmU9eW91dHViZV9nZGF0YQ== YOU'RE INVITED! For a more complete listing of upcoming inventory and monitoring related meetings, see: . 2011 International Conference on Mathematics, Computational Methods and Reactor Physics. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 8 May 2011. . 12-13 May. Forestry, Biomass & Sustainability 2011, Investment opportunities and carbon reductions. Dexter House, Royal Mint Court, London EC3. . 30 April-5 May 2011. Preliminary information on the 15th Brazilian Remote Sensing Symposium (XV SBSR). Curitiba, April 30th to May 5th 2011) is available at . 1-5 May 2011. Ride On The Geospatial Revolution - The American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing Annual Conference. Milwaukee, Wisconsin. . 2-5 May 2011. Joint Conference ANZIF (New Zealand Institute of Forestry and Institute of Forests of Australia). Title: Pacific Forestry. Marking part of Australasian Foresters’ celebrations of the ‘International Year of Forests’ 2011. Sky City, Auckland, New Zealand. For more details, go to: . 5 May 2011 - Call for Papers - Brazilian Symposium of Remote Sensing (INPE) 2011. Deadline for Papers Submission: November 10th 2010.
10 . 11 May 2011. PwC Global Forest & Paper Industry Conference “Changing Directions – Opportunities and outlook for people, products and markets. Westin Bayshore Resort and Marina, Vancouver, British Columbia. For a full list of speakers visit: . 16-20 May 2011. The Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute is offering the following course: An Introduction to the use of ArcGIS in Conservation and Wildlife Management. uction/ . 18-20 May 2011. 13th International Symposium on Legal Aspects of European Forest Sustainable Development. Kaunas, Lithuania. IUFRO 9.06.00 (former 6.13.00), Contact: R. Deltuvas, Romualdas.Deltuvas(at) . May 2011. 5th International Wildland Fire Conference Wildfire 2011. Sun City, Pilanesberg National Park, South Africa. . 2-6 May. BioVeg 2011. 8th International Congress on Plant Biotechnology. Bioplantas Center, Ciego de Ávila, Cuba. . 11 May 2010. PwC Global Forest & Paper Industry Conference. Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. . A Mixed Effects Modelling Course in Halifax, Canada. June 2011. For details, see: . 6-8 June. 3rd International Conference of Forestry Training Centres 6-8 June 2011 Ossiach (Austria). . 15 June 2011. How important are forests for rural livelihoods? News-breaking results of CIFOR’s 7-year Poverty Environment Network (PEN) global study. The Royal Society, London, UK. . 28-29 July, 2011 - Remote sensing, natural hazards and environmental change conference. The conference is designed to initiate informal discussion and paper


presentation in two areas that are significant for the Asia Pacific Region and especially Southeast Asia. . Call for Abstracts: Disease and Insect Resistance in Forest Trees. Fourth International Workshop on the Genetics of Host-Parasite “Interactions in Forestry”. First Announcement and Call for Papers, July 31 - August 5, 2011, Valley River Inn, Eugene, Oregon, USA. It has been>30 years since this group last met. . 8-12 August 2011. The Conference of the Asia Oceania Geosciences (AOGS), Taipei. A session on “Groundwater System: Social and Health issues” to consider various aspects of groundwater: Exploration, Water quality, Health and Social issues. For more information, including submissions, go to: . 15-17 September 2011 - International Conference on Ecohydrology and Climate Changes – EcoHCC’11. The 2nd edition of the International Conference on Ecohydrology and Climate Changes – EcoHCC’11 will be held in Tomar (Portugal) 2011. . 24 - 28 October 2011. Analysis of Zero Inflated Data. Elche (Close to Alicante), Spain. Further info: . 8th Southern Forestry and Natural Resources GIS Conference – Peter Bettinger writes: We are scheduling the 8th conference in this series for Dec. 11-13, 2011 in Athens, GA. Please send any ideas regarding practical "software updates" or "how to" presentations to me ( WHILE SURFING THE WEB…INTERESTING LINKS For a complete listing of links go to . New web site on REDD for Indonesia . In Portugal, the National Forestry Authority has provided online an information set regarding cartography of national forest intervention areas: . Society of Urban Ecology. This new international organization invites membership


from scientists, designers, planners and engineers. Contact: Jürgen Breuste at: See the web site at: COPYRIGHT NOTICE Items headlined in Forest Information Update are drawn from a number of sources. The source of the item is quoted, either by publication or organisations in line with the practice of fair reporting. Where necessary, Items are translated by TMS Ltd. Every effort is made to ensure use of paid wire service material is avoided at all times. Should users wish to utilise Forest Information Update on their own web sites, we request that this is done to accurately reflect the current layout to ensure attribution is appropriate.


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