Cute N’ Comfy Dress by Periwinkle Girl
Does your little girl refuse to wear anything but a dress? Even when the air is chilly? Then this is a super easy dress to make and when paired with leggings and a long sleeve top, is warm to boot! Have fun making a cute but very comfy dress! Suggested Fabrics: Polyester/cotton fleece and stretch jersey or cotton ribbing for the neck and hem bands. Notions: Thread, a scrap of interfacing (3cm square roughly) Fabric Requirements Guide: Main fabric: (For fabrics that are at least 112cm wide) Size 3 - 60cm Size 5 - 65cm Size 7 - 70cm Stretch/ribbing for neck and hem bands: All sizes - 30cm Other Equipment: Sewing machine, fabric scissors, paper scissors, tracing paper, pencil, straight pins, iron and ironing board Notes before you start: • • • • Read all instructions carefully before you begin It is advisable to wash and iron all fabric before cutting and sewing to allow for any shrinkage which may occur All seam allowances are 1cm unless otherwise noted Use tracing paper to trace the required size pattern from the enclosed paper patterns. This way you can reuse the patterns in future and make whatever size you need. If you do not have an overlocker (serger) machine to finish the open seams, use a zig-zag stitch close to the edge of the fabric to stop fraying It is important to regularly press (iron) the fabrics as indicated. This makes it easier to stitch straight and gives a more professional finish


Instructions to make your Cute N’ Comfy Dress:
Cut the fabric pieces Fold fabric, right side of fabric facing each other, selvage to selvage. Place the front pattern piece on the fold as indicated on the pattern and pin in place. Do the same with the back pattern piece. Cut the fabric around the pattern. Similarly, with the stretch fabric, fold with right sides together and place the pattern pieces on the fold. Ensure that the maximum amount of stretch in the fabric runs across the pattern. Cut the fabric around the pattern.

Sewing 1) Sew the shoulder seams together, overlock and press towards the back.



Cut a piece of light interfacing and fuse to the wrong side of the neckline at the bottom of the “v”. This will give the neckline some stability and to ensure the “v” part wont stretch when you stitch the neck band to the dress.


Fold the neck band in half lengthwise and press.



Turn the neckband together so the ends are lined up and make a “v” shape. Baste in place by stitching a 0.5 cm seam allowance just around the join of the “v”.


It is important to cut a 1 cm snip into the dress neckline at the bottom of the “v”.



Pin the neck band to the dress neckline right sides together. Make sure you slightly stretch the neckband to fit the dress evenly and use as many pins as you feel comfortable – i.e. lots! Start stitching at the centre front and stitch a 1cm seam allowance all the way around. Check that the “v” part of the neckline looks good and without any puckers. Otherwise it might be an idea to unpick and restitch. OK, the hard part is done! Press the neckline.

7) 8)




Overlock the side seams/armholes all the way around from front hem to the back hem.


Now stitch the side seams together, right sides facing. Press the seam open.



Press and pin the armhole opening hem to the wrong side approximately 1 cm. Stitch the armhole hem stitching from the right side up.


Stitch the ends of the hem band together, right sides together. Press.


14) 15)

Fold the hem band together lengthwise and press. Pin the hem band to the dress right sides together and lining up the hem band seam to the left side seam of the dress.

16) 17)

Ensure the hem band is evenly stretched to fit the dress. Stitch in place, overlock and press. The dress is complete! Now you can embellish the dress any way you like. I hand sewed a bow on this dress but you could do anything really!



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