Arranged and transcribed by Paul Lennon L.T.C.L.

How to play traditional blues riffs A play-along course for intermediate players

Ben Hewlett
Arranged and transcribed by Paul Lennon L.T.C.L

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CD TRACKLISTING Track Track Track Track Track Track Track Track Track Track Track Track Track Track Track Track Track Track Track Track Track Track Track Track Track Track Track Track Track Track Track Track Track Track Track Track 1 Intro 2 Riff 1 3 Riff 2 4 Riff 3 5 Riff 4 6 Riff 5 7 Riff 6 8 Riff 7 9 Riff 8 10 Riff 9 11 Riff 10 12 Riff 11 13 Riff 12 14 Riff 13 15 Riff 14 16 Riff 15 17 Riff 16 18 Riff 17 19 Riff 18 20 Riff 19 21 Riff 20 22 Riff 21 23 Riff 22 24 Riff 23 25 Riff 24 26 Riff 25 27 Riff 26 28 Riff 27 29 Riff 28 30 Riff 29 31 Riff 30 32 Riff 31 33 Riff 32 34 Riff 33 35 Riff 34 36 Riff 35 Track 37 Riff 36 Track 38 Riff 37 Track 39 Riff 38 Track 40 Riff 39 Track 41 Riff 40 Track 42 Riff 41 Track 43 Riff 42 Track 44 Riff 43 Track 45 Riff 44 Track 46 Riff 45 Track 47 Riff 46 Track 48 Riff 47 Track 49 Riff 48 Track 50 Riff 49 Track 51 Riff 50 Track 52 Riff 51 Track 53 Riff 52 Track 54 Riff 53 Track 55 Riff 54 Track 56 Riff 55 Track 57 Riff 56 Track 58 Riff 57 Track 59 Riff 58 Track 60 Riff 59 Track 61 Riff 60 Track 62 Outro Track 63 Playalong track E (Faith in Groove) Track 64 Playalong track D (Curly Cale) Track 65 Playalong track F (Joey’s Blues) Track 66 Playalong track G (Come on Johnny) in in in in 4 .

TABLE OF CONTENTS Page 4 Book Contents Page 5 CD contents Page 6 Introduction Page 7 Articulations. Whooping Page 8 About Sonny Terry Page 12 Riffs 1-3 Page 13 Riffs 4-7 Page 14 Riffs 8-10 Page 15 Riffs 11-13 Page 16 Riffs 14-18 Page 17 Riffs 19-22 Page 18 Riffs 23-26 Page 19 Riffs 27-30 Page 20 Riffs 31-34 Page 21 Riffs 35-37 Page 22 Riffs 38-39 Page 23 Riffs 40-43 Page 24 Riffs 44-46 Page 25 Riffs 47-49 Page 26 Riffs 50-51 Page 27 Riffs 52-53 Page 28 Riffs 54-57 Page 29 Riffs 58-60 Page 30 Tab page Page 31 Outro Page 32 Ben Hewlett biography Page 33 Paul Lennon Biography Page 34 The Series and Forthcoming Titles 5 .

he studied nothing but Sonny’s style for twelve years and became well known performing in folk clubs in the UK. Paul Lamb. you should be able to work out some of his playing on your own – by then your ear will be in tune and you should be able to hear what he’s doing much more clearly. We’ve tried to get the ‘feel’ of Sonny’s playing across rather than the exact details. I bought Tom Ball’s excellent book ‘Sonny Terry Licks’ and learnt more about the way Sonny plays and also got most of his recordings to try to decipher them. and Paul should know . We think Sonny is all about the groove so keep that in mind and try both ways – with and without the drum track. In E for the A harmonica. Eventually he was able to meet Sonny and play with him on stage – I wish I’d been there! I got hooked in the 1990s and have loved Sonny’s style ever since. who told me ‘you can learn all you need to know from Sonny’. in D for the G harmonica. Some would argue against this method but I think it works and helps to understand what he’s doing. These are for you to try out any of the riffs with a rhythm section. each in the key of the riffs as they appear in the book. We have simplified it where possible to make it easier for you to pick up and have played it at three different speeds with a drum track to quantify the rhythms and notate them with some accuracy. So this CD/book is an attempt to explore small sections of Sonny Terry’s playing. in F for the Bb harmonica and in G for the C harmonica. However I would recommend you also go back to the original recordings.INTRODUCTION I was first introduced to the captivating sounds of Sonny Terry by my first teacher. 6 . and. If you pan right on the recording the drums disappear and you can hear the harmonica more clearly. having studied this book. You will find four playalong tracks at the end of this album.

I’m sure Sonny wouldn’t have thought of it in these terms but it seems to work well for learning about this style. Go to 7 . the articulations and more…so get in touch with Joe if you want to get deeply immersed in the styles of the early harp players. tongue slaps. vertical tongue flutters. He notates throat and hand tremolo. his whooping. tongue shakes. just make it up as you wish! Much care and effort has gone into producing this CD/book and the reward we are after is that you enjoy working with it. WHOOPING The words that describe my awful ‘singing’.filisko. head shakes. hand pops. and that it helps you become an even better player.ARTICULATIONS The words that you see above the notes (starting at riff 4) are an attempt to indicate what my mouth is doing at that time. rolling R’s. They are fairly interchangeable and inconsistent. My buddy Joe Filisko has gone into Sonny Terry’s style (plus lots of others) much deeper than we have here. hands open/closed. or as Sonny described it – ‘Whooping’ start at riff 14. You can practise it by whispering these words loudly into your harmonica. If your ears hear other words from those we’ve written do feel free to alter them to suit your learning. clean/dirty notes.

” he said.except for my harmonica. and sometimes with partners such as Blind Boy Fuller and later Brownie McGhee. Sonny was born at a very young age to musical parents in 1911. Some of his most famous works include “Old Jabo” a song about a man bitten by a snake and “Lost John” in this he demonstrates his amazing breath control combined with whooping and fast rhythms. An internet search will have you reading for a month and a half. played harmonica – jigs and reels – and his mother. “In them days I just as soon died . in his own words. He would have sung at Baptist revival tent meetings and taught himself to play harp as a child. It was like a friend who didn’t give a damn if I could see or not.” Revived in recent years to the acclaim of modern-dance troupes in the United States and Europe. In 1940 Terry recorded his first commercial sides. Rueben. I would recommend Kent Cooper and Fred Palmer’s book ‘The Harp Styles of Sonny Terry’ (Oak publications) – the thing I particularly like is the autobiographical part. how better than to listen to the man himself. In 1938 Sonny was invited to play at Carnegie Hall for the first ‘From Spirituals to Swing’ concert. if you want to research Sonny. the solo now appears vivid but more universal. North Carolina sometimes solo. Mossiline. was a singer. accompanied on the washboard. playing local buck dances where he was ‘the band’. When Jane Dudley set “Harmonica Breakdown” to Sonny’s harmonica. Sonny played on the street. His father. busking for money. She later described the repeated shuffle she performed in this solo as “the effort that just living might seem to mean to black people.ABOUT SONNY TERRY So much has been written about the man that I will be brief here. in 1938. and later that year he recorded for the Library of Congress. Two farming accidents robbed him of his sight during his teen years and he became more dependent on music to make a living. medicine shows around Greensboro. it was seen originally as a solo of despair in the Dust Bowl era. fish fries. house parties. This must be where his relentless rhythms and gapless phrases originate – leaving a legacy of hard study for us! He played tobacco warehouses. 8 .

you wouldn’t get that much now! Sonny Terry’s song “Fox Chase” was used by the experimental filmmaker Len Lye as the soundtrack for his short film Color Cry (1952). Sonny’s style drew him to the harmonica and it’s provided a busy life for him ever since. John and Alan Lomax and others. going as far as New Zealand where the soon-to-becomemy-second-teacher Brendan Power saw them. More recently Sonny’s track “Whoopin’ The Blues” was used for an EON Wind Farm commercial. just around the time I myself started playing the harmonica with a passion! 9 .In 1941 Blind Boy Fuller died and Sonny and Brownie McGhee moved to New York a year later at the invitation of the folk group the Almanac Singers. Pete Seeger. “Old Lost John” was used by Werner Herzog at the conclusion of his 1977 feature film Stroszek. although it is incorrectly rumoured to have been played by Ben Hewlett! Sonny worked with many people but toured the world with Brownie McGhee. The recordings and performing came to an end in the 1980s and Sonny came to his end in 1986. his long-term musical partner. In New York the duo was embraced by the folk music scene that included Leadbelly. Together they began performing and recording regularly. which ran for over 1000 performances. Sonny was apparently paid $600 a week for his part – that’s worth over $6. Sonny also had a part in the 1946 Broadway production of Finian’s Rainbow. and he also appeared in The Color Purple. the same year he was inducted into the Blues Hall of Fame.000 in 2009. How times change. Woody Guthrie.

made him in my 10 . If you follow him.Joe Filisko Sonny Terry was without question.filisko. This is indeed a journey that all harmonica players should experience. Ben will put you on the fast track to the summit of the musical mountain of Sonny Terry. Joe Filisko September 2009 www. then there is great news! Ben has taken numerous essential Sonny Terry licks and broken them down at three different speeds for you to access and learn as simply and painlessly as possible. If understanding and experiencing some of this magic is of interest to you. Sonny's stinging and popping sound. the most unforgettable of ALL harmonica players! Knowing the effect it had on a live audience leaves little doubt as to why he was in demand his whole life and why almost everyone will remember his name before Brownie's. acrobatic use of hands. one of the most well known of all blues harmonica players. rhythmic groove and pyrotechnic display of whooping.

brought to you in standard notation. am a huge Sonny Terry fan and played with the guy." -Tom Ball www.tomballkennysultan. www.Pat Missin A selection of riffs from the repertoire of one of the most influential harp players ever. Paul Tom Ball "A fine addition to the great Sonny Terry's oeuvre. pat@patmissin. as well as a very welcome addition to any harp player's library. Ben has done something here that Sonny would be proud of. tablature and audio examples by Britain's top harmonica Paul Lamb Yes great stuff! Ben has dug deep into Terry's 11 . A must have for anyone studying the playing styles of Sonny Terry.paullamb. I myself. Sonny had a style that was truly his own.

SONNY TERRY RIFFS Riffs 1 .3 12 .

7 13 .SONNY TERRY RIFFS Riffs 4 .

10 14 .SONNY TERRY RIFFS Riffs 8 .

SONNY TERRY RIFFS Riffs 11 .13 15 .

18 16 .SONNY TERRY RIFFS Riffs 14 .

SONNY TERRY RIFFS Riffs 19 .22 17 .

SONNY TERRY RIFFS Riffs 23 .26 18 .

SONNY TERRY RIFFS Riffs 27 .30 19 .

SONNY TERRY RIFFS Riffs 31 .34 20 .

37 21 .SONNY TERRY RIFFS Riffs 35 .

SONNY TERRY RIFFS Riffs 38 .39 22 .

43 23 .SONNY TERRY RIFFS Riffs 40 .

46 24 .SONNY TERRY RIFFS Riffs 44 .

49 25 .SONNY TERRY RIFFS Riffs 47 .

SONNY TERRY RIFFS Riffs 50 .51 26 .

SONNY TERRY RIFFS Riffs 52 & 53 27 .

57 28 .SONNY TERRY RIFFS Riffs 54 .

SONNY TERRY RIFFS Riffs 58 .60 29 .


Meeting Joe Filisko again has also spurred us on. and I’ve got to tell you it’s been great fun doing the research and trying to learn his licks for me as well! So that’s it for now – I’m off to start another Sonny Terry riffs book.OUTRO I hope you’ve enjoyed the challenge of getting to grips with Sonny’s style. 31 52 . when you see somebody like him performing the styles of all the old guys and bringing them to life it seems even more important that we keep on spreading the word! Ben and Paul August 2009. Actually we did ten riffs too many for this project so we thought we should use those riffs and our momentum for this style to just crack on and do another book.

and talked shop with. he organised a group of 100 Children dressed as the Blues Brothers playing the Peter Gunn Theme on harmonicas to an audience of 2. He once taught Didgeridoo on Radio 4 with Rolf Harris and has played on the same bill as. Since leaving London Ben has gone into full-time harmonica teaching. Ben and Paul Lennon introduced 850 children to the harmonica at Ocklynge Junior school in Eastbourne where all the children studied their 10-week harmonica course.BIOGS BEN HEWLETT CTABRSM b. In 2002 he successfully completed the teaching qualification 'Certificate of Teaching. Ben Has studied harmonica with top harmonica players including Paul Lamb. University of Singapore. Brittish Gas. He was a minor third addict at fourteen and still has a passion for jazz and blues. He went through the school system of exams and performances. He also had an unexpected two hour lunch with Billy Connolly while setting up a harmonica festival in Bristol. Brendan Power. This is known as harpscool. Ben can be contacted at ben@harmonicaworld. Novartis. Joe 32 . Lloyds TSB.500. Ben's students have received countless UK Harmonica Championship title and he was the first ever harmonica teacher at Dulwich College. Howard Levy. TBL.1959 Ben Hewlett became a musician at the age of ten learning the trumpet. London.BluesJamFactory. Sanofi He has also run a Blues Band workshop to provide a setting for new harp players to gain band Ben has played with Jools Holland in a blues jam Ben organised in London.he is therefore the only full-time professional harmonica teacher in the UK. Exel. Steve Baker and Carlos del Junco. With Paul Lennon he is now an internationally published author with 'Get Chugging'. The Hemsley Fraser Group. To see this in action visit www. finally escaping the mandatory classical repertoire with the discovery of Louis Armstrong and Dizzy Gillespie. he is a Guinness World record holder for 'Largest Harmonica Ensemble'. Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music' (CTABRSM). During two years of running evening classes (inherited from Brendan Power) he qualified as a Music Workshop Leader and worked full time teaching music in different settings. Ben and his team of ten teachers now visit 40 schools a week to teach five hundred harmonica students . Ben received a harmonica at the age of 7 and started playing it properly at the age of 27 having seen the Blues Brothers film a number of times. Richard Sleigh. the legendary Larry Adler. Ben runs 'Blues Jam Factory' now a successful corporate team-building and training operation with a growing client base including DHL. He ran Saturday 'learn to play in a day' courses all over the west of England and continues to teach many private students. Charlie McCoy. Instant Teamwork. Spice UK and BNI.

He is a former pupil of Bishop Wordsworth School. a blues/rock CD/book of riffs in the styles of great guitarists including and he can be contacted at: paul@paullennon. Jamey Moore and Dominic Grant (guitars) and on piano and guitar with saxophonist Howard Turner. Paul has been involved in many classical/light music ventures including orchestras. London in violin. (b. bass and singing privately along with theory. piano and composition (1976-80). 2002 also saw the recording of a harmonica sample album with Ben Hewlett for ZERO-G. harmony and composition. From 1993 Paul taught at the City Literary Institute in London and wrote a three-year jazz harmony and ear-training course. He has produced books on Music Training Basics. Other works include string quartets. Practising and Ear-Training as well as collections of pieces for piano.1957) Paul is a composer/arranger. then violin in a duo with guitar until mid 1996. Paul’s current showreels can be heard on www. multi-instrumentalist and teacher. documentaries. violin.C. a major sample company. guitar. guitar. As a music editor and copyist he has worked for many years with Dave Hewson on his projects for KPM/EMI with at least eight albums to Paul’s 33 . violin. bass and drums.BIOGS PAUL LENNON L. followed by piano in his own original jazz quartet with guitar. violin and keyboards in various bands and from 1988-91 he was the bass player and composer/arranger with EPJ. Jimmy Page.paullennon. Salisbury and former member and leader of the Wiltshire Youth and Salisbury Junior Orchestras on violin. a current production by the Spiral Arts dance-theatre company. keyboards and vocals in a 4-piece pop band. a flute quartet. and the CD/book 101 Blues Riffs for Harmonica played on guitar. He played guitar. All these works reflect an eclectic experience and a leaning towards music for dramatic and visual media. He writes from his Kent-based home recording studio and has composed and produced many albums there including the playalongs for harmonica with Ben Hewlett and spoken-word material with Shaun de Warren and Marietta Pinto-Hayes. He went on to play bass. a contemporary dance troupe.T. From July 2001 to June 2002 Paul played bass and shared lead vocals in a band based in Claridges Hotel in London during which time he built a large pad of vocal material.L. he produced Gravy Bones. guitar and flute. He has also teamed up with voiceover artist Neill McKenzie to form a production company that produces music and voiceovers for ads. a 13-piece modern jazz big band. In 1998 in collaboration with The Booming Cherries. From then he played in various duos on violin with Charles Alexander. Currently Paul is very involved in composition and recording particularly with Ben Hewlett on the ongoing Harmonica Course and also his own playalong projects for guitar and piano. Various projects are in preparation including a four album set of songs with lyrics by John Goldman. film etc. pieces for flute and piano/guitar and solo piano. Rory Gallagher etc. Since the summer of 2002 he has studied violin and piano on the Jamey Aebersold Jazz Summer Schools in London for three years running. He also played in rock and folk bands in the Salisbury areas from the age of 15 onwards and later graduated from Trinity College of Music. He also continues to teach piano. The following year he wrote and recorded the score for an adaptation of King Arthur. a duo with cello and even a 1930’s cabaret act. a jazz-oriented dance work.

an introduction to the blues for complete beginners. and articulation. fast & flashy. It teaches rhythm.Rhythm harmonica for beginners and intermediates. Volume 10 Nasty Chugs . Current details are on the website www. Different styles of 12-bar blues are covered in this volume using single notes and chugging techniques. and easy original tunes for newish harp players.HarmonicaWorld. These riffs will challenge the best of you! Volumes 11 to 16 are all in preparation including books on notebending etc. …. etc. For younger beginners – these are horrible! Volume 17 50 Awesome Blues Riffs . coming soon. standard tunes. A response to requests for more challenging material.OTHER VOLUMES AVAILABLE Volume 1 Get Chugging . Volume 8 Funky Nursery . For intermediate to advanced players. Lots of note-bending needed here! Volume 7 Funky Folk – folk tunes reworked with funky backings. plus riffs for specific situations – endings. William Clarke. All this with original backing tracks in each style.the next step on from Get Chugging.learn classic blues riffs and sound like the players you love to listen to! Sonny Terry. Now published globally by Mel Bay Publications Inc. Volume 5 Bones of the Blues – the blues in five different keys on a C harp.ten nursery tunes (each sung once and played at three different speeds) with the funkiest backings in existence – for beginners. breathing.for intermediate players. It introduces you to getting single notes and teaches you simple tunes/exercises with a series of beautiful backing tracks – for newish harp players.another chugging book but with disgusting words! Designed for children and in the style of Roald 34 .net or email us at info@HarmonicaWorld. a groovy backing track and a simple tune. Volume 6 101 Blues Riffs .ten festive tunes (each sung once and played at three different speeds) with the funkiest backings in Christendom and beyond – for beginners. the Walters. Sonny Boy Williamson. jazzy etc. NO NOTEBENDING NEEDED – for intermediate and advanced players.a mixture of train chugs. and available from all good music shops. Each chug has a rhythmic pattern. Volume 3 Blues jam Factory . Eight original blues tunes all taught in short phrases and come with the appropriate scale for improvising. Volume 9 Funky Christmas . riffs. Become an instant blues star with your own backing band! Volume 4 HarpsCool Mastermix . Volume 2 Search for the Single Note .


CLARKE. LEVY. For everyone from beginners to intermediates" LEE OSKAR L&H103 3 MASTERMIX1 HOW TO PLAY CLASSIC TUNES. CHUGS & RIFFS ON A ‘C’ HARMONICA WITHOUT BENDING NOTES HARPSCOOL A PLAYALONG COURSE FOR "A real nice approach. C.C. multi-instrumentalist and teacher.C. SONNY TERRY. MCCOY. MUSSELWHITE.C.. II 978-1-907058-00-4 VOLUME VOLUME VOLUME 6 CD THE BEN HEWLETT INSIDE HARMONICA COURSE Composed and transcribed by Paul Lennon L. POWER AND MORE. Bb. PIAZZA. NEW HARP PLAYERS L&H102 CD THE BEN HEWLETT INSIDE HARMONICA COURSE Arranged and transcribed by Paul Lennon L. For everyone from beginners to intermediates" LEE OSKAR 4 THE BLUES HOW TO PLAY BLUES TUNES & IMPROVISE IN 5 KEYS ON ONE ‘C’ HARMONICA WITHOUT BENDING NOTES BONES OF THE BEN HEWLETT 2CDs INSIDE HARMONICA COURSE CD THE BEN HEWLETT INSIDE HARMONICA COURSE Arranged and composed by Paul Lennon L.GROW WITH THE RANGE. THE BEN HEWLETT CD HARMONICA COURSE INSIDE Arranged and sung by Paul Lennon L.T..L. L&H106 Arranged and sung by Paul Lennon L. NEW HARP PLAYERS L&H104 A PLAYALONG COURSE FOR "A real nice approach. He went through the school system of exams and performances.L.L.L.T.T. "T h w is c ha o t ur M we se HO is HN ne ju ER e d" st YOUNGER PLAYERS NEW HARP PLAYERS NEW HARP PLAYERS DEVELOPING HARP PLAYERS "A real nice approach.T. He was a minor third addict at fourteen and still has a passion for jazz and blues. SINGLE NOTE A PLAYALONG COURSE FOR "A real nice approach..T. £9. L&H110 CD THE BEN HEWLETT INSIDE HARMONICA COURSE Arranged and recorded by Paul Lennon L.L. NEW HARP PLAYERS L&H102 BLUES JAM FACTORY FACTORY A PLAYALONG COURSE FOR NEW BLUES PLAYERS AN INTRODUCTION TO PLAYING BLUES ON A DIATONIC HARMONICA IN THE KEY OF C "A real nice approach. London in violin.L.L. He is a former pupil of Bishop Wordsworth School. For everyone from beginners to intermediates" LEE OSKAR L&H118 978-1-907058-12-7 978-1-907058-14-1 978-1-907058-16-5 978-1-907058-30-1 978-1-907058-32-5 Ben Hewlett became a musician at the age of ten in 1969 learning the trumpet. F PLUS G MINOR 50 AWESOME 17 BLUES RIFFS A PLAYALONG COURSE FOR INTERMEDIATE HARP PLAYERS CD THE BEN HEWLETT INSIDE HARMONICA COURSE Arranged and transcribed by Paul Lennon L. finally escaping the mandatory classical repertoire with the discovery of Louis Armstrong and Dizzy Gillespie. For everyone from beginners to intermediates" LEE OSKAR 101 VOLUME VOLUME 101 BLUES RIFFS FOR DIATONIC HARMONICA IN C IN THE STYLE OF THE WALTERS.99 (UK) Recommended price 9 781907 058332 Sonny Terry Blues Riffs Hewlett & Lennon ISBN: 978-1-907058-33-2 .. For everyone from beginners to intermediates" LEE OSKAR SEARCH FOR THE HOW TO GET AND USE SINGLE NOTES ON THE DIATONIC HARMONICA 2 "T h w is c ha o t ur M we se HO is HN ne ju ER e d" st CD THE BEN HEWLETT INSIDE HARMONICA COURSE Composed and transcribed by Paul Lennon L.T. Godfather Dennis Corble gave Ben a harmonica at the age of 7 thus unknowingly sowing the seeds of a lifelong love of this instrument! Paul is a composer/arranger.C.L. SONNYBOY II .T.L. MILTEAU.C.C. 60 SONNY TERRY BLUES RIFFS FOR INTERMEDIATE HARP PLAYERS SONNY TERRY VOLUME L&H108 VOLUME VOLUME VOLUME 18 VOLUME CD THE BEN HEWLETT INSIDE HARMONICA COURSE Arranged and sung by Paul Lennon L. For everyone from beginners to intermediates" LEE OSKAR RHYTHM HARMONICA FOR KIDS 10 BLUES RIFFS A PLAYALONG COURSE FOR FOR DIATONIC HARMONICA IN 6 KEYS A.T. 978-1-907058-02-8 978-1-907058-04-2 978-1-907058-06-6 978-1-907058-08-0 HOW TO PLAY TRADITIONAL NURSERY RHYMES ON A ‘C’ HARMONICA WITH FUNKY BACKINGS A PLAYALONG COURSE FOR NURSERY FUNKY 8 CHRISTMAS HOW TO PLAY CLASSIC XMAS TUNES ON A ‘C’ HARMONICA WITH FUNKY BACKINGS FUNKY A PLAYALONG COURSE FOR 9 NASTYCHUGS A PLAYALONG COURSE FOR "A real nice approach. L&H109 CD THE BEN HEWLETT INSIDE HARMONICA COURSE Composed and performed by Paul Lennon L. Salisbury and former member and leader of the Wiltshire Youth and Salisbury Junior Orchestras on violin.C.T.L. D. For everyone from beginners to intermediates" LEE OSKAR 5 BLUESRIFFS A PLAYALONG COURSE FOR BLUES HARP PLAYERS "A real nice approach. He also played in rock and folk bands in the Salisbury areas from the age of 15 onwards and later graduated from Trinity College of Music.C. piano and composition (1976-80).C.C.T.

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