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IDBI Bank : RFP – Financial Inclusion Project

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(Implementation of IDBI Bank Financial Inclusion Project)
Tender Reference Purpose Request for Proposal for an end-to-end solution for IDBI Bank’s Financial Inclusion Plan involving Supply, Customization, Installation, Operations, Maintenance of required Hardware & Software, Facility Management in addition to Delivery & Support for Financial Services April 27, 2011 Rs.10,000

Pre-bid Meeting Non-refundable Cost of Bid to be paid while submitting the Bid Documents. Bid Guarantee submitted along Documents to with be Bid


Last Date for Submission Address for submission of Tender Date of Opening Technical Bids * Contact Numbers Fax Number E-Mail address

May 04, 2011, 12:30 PM General Manager, IDBI Bank Ltd., IDBI Tower, 13 th Floor, Cuffe Parade, Mumbai-400005 May 05, 2011 12:30 PM

022-6655 3458/2437 Mobile No. 09869203706 022 22187539,

*In the presence of the authorized representative of the bidders (authorization letter from Company to be submitted) Technical/Commercial bids will be opened. Only one representative will be allowed to represent the Company. Bank reserves the right to change the suggested evaluation schedule. All Bids would be opened at the IDBI Bank .

IDBI Bank : RFP – Financial Inclusion Project

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Preface .......................................................................................................... 7 1.1 About this RFP ......................................................................................... 7


About the Bank ............................................................................................... 9 2.1 2.2 Vision Statement ...................................................................................... 9 Mission Statement .................................................................................... 9

3 4

Pre-qualification Criteria for Bidders .............................................................. 10 The Project: ................................................................................................. 13 4.1 4.2 4.3 4.4 4.5 4.6 Background ............................................................................................ 13 Consortium of Service Providers ............................................................. 13 Changes to Consortium .......................................................................... 13 Engagement of multiple bidders .............................................................. 14 Cooperation between Multiple Bidders .................................................... 14 Predominantly an OPEX-model ............................................................... 14


Scope of Work .............................................................................................. 15 5.1 5.2 5.3 5.4 Target group: ......................................................................................... 15 Basic Banking Products & Services ......................................................... 15 COMPLIANCE Requirements .................................................................. 16 Third-party Risks and Mitigation by the bidder ......................................... 17


Responsibilities of the Bidder and the Consortium ......................................... 18 6.2 6.3 6.4 Render Financial Services ...................................................................... 18 Meet Human Resource Requirements ..................................................... 19 Ensure Technical Deliverables ................................................................ 19


Functional requirements ............................................................................... 22 7.1 7.2 7.3 7.4 7.5 7.6 7.7 Overview ................................................................................................ 22 Enrollment of Customers ........................................................................ 22 Account Opening/Product Registration and Activation ............................. 24 Delivery of the SmartCard ...................................................................... 24 Replacement of SmartCards ................................................................... 25 Smartcards for agents ............................................................................ 25 Customer Operations .............................................................................. 25 Page 3 of 83

IDBI Bank : RFP – Financial Inclusion Project

Reimbursement to Bidder towards Enrollment, Registration and Card7.8 issuance .......................................................................................................... 26 7.9 7.10 7.11 7.12 7.13 7.14 7.15 7.16 7.17 7.18 7.19 8 Handling of Cash by the Bidder: ............................................................. 26 Bidder’s Operations at the customer contact points .............................. 27 Customer Account Operations ............................................................. 28 Interface with Rural – ATMs & Point of Sale Terminals ......................... 30 Status marking of the Smartcards/accounts ......................................... 30 Account Closure by the Customer ........................................................ 30 Remittance Services ........................................................................... 31 Other Products and Services ............................................................... 31 Management Information System: ........................................................ 31 Review and Monitoring Mechanism ...................................................... 31 Internal and External Audit .................................................................. 32

Technical Specifications: .............................................................................. 33 8.2 8.3 8.4 8.5 8.6 8.7 8.8 8.9 8.10 8.11 8.12 8.13 8.14 8.15 8.16 8.17 Technology Architecture for the solution ................................................. 33 Inter-operability ...................................................................................... 34 Data Backup & Contingency Planning ..................................................... 34 Technology Controls ............................................................................... 34 Basic functions of the Application ........................................................... 35 Smart Card Specifications ...................................................................... 36 Biometric/Finger Print Image Acquisition ................................................. 37 Minutiae ................................................................................................. 38 Integration with UID Scheme ............................................................... 38 Cardholder’s Indentity Data ................................................................. 39 Handheld devices: ............................................................................... 39 Fingerprint Scanner ............................................................................. 40 Central Smartcard Management System .............................................. 42 Intermediate System / FI Server .......................................................... 42 Interface with Core-Banking System (Finacle) of the Bank .................... 43 Card Personalization: .......................................................................... 43


Bidder’s Response and Opening of Bids ........................................................ 44 9.1 9.2 9.3 9.4 General Terms of Bid submission ........................................................... 44 Preparation of Bids ................................................................................. 45 Contact details for submitting the proposal: ............................................. 46 Proposal format ...................................................................................... 46

IDBI Bank : RFP – Financial Inclusion Project

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................................................19 10...4 10..........8 9............................................................................10 10..............................................23 10...............9.............................................12 10..................................... 51 Opening of Commercial Bid and Evaluation ................. 59 Intellectual Property Rights ...VIII ..................8 10.................................... 50 Organization of bid ........... 66 Termination ...........................................1 10.......................................................................... 69 FORM-III ............5 10........................................................ 70 FORM-IV .................................................................................................................................................. 56 Right to Alter Quantities ............................. 64 Publicity ...13 9..........................................9 10.......... 73 FORM-VII ........6 9......................... 48 Performance Guarantee ...... 65 Confidentiality and Non-disclosure ........... 54 Awarding of Contract ........................ 64 Corrupt and Fraudulent Practices ....................................... 63 Indemnity ........... 61 Compliance with Laws ....... 66 TECHNICAL BID FORM TECHNICAL BID FORM TECHNICAL BID FORM TECHNICAL BID FORM TECHNICAL BID FORM TECHNICAL BID FORM TECHNICAL BID FORM TECHNICAL BID FORM FORM-I ....................................... 71 FORM-V ...................5 9......22 10....................13 10...................................................................................................................12 9.............................. 66 Jurisdiction .................................................................. 62 Cancellation of the order .....................................15 10...............................................10 9....................24 IDBI Bank : RFP – Financial Inclusion Project ..... 47 Clarifications to RFP and Pre-Bid Meeting .........................................................11 10...........6 10................. 51 Examination of the bids ...3 10........................................ 50 Opening of the bids ....................................................................................7 9...............................2 10........20 10..........14 10 Technical Bid ........................................... 51 Evaluation Methodology ..... 72 FORM-VI .17 10..................18 10................. 54 Terms and Conditions ...................................................................................................................... 63 Inspection of Records ................................ 47 Commercial Bid ................................................................................ 78 Page 5 of 83 10...............11 9........... 65 Arbitration ...................................... 68 FORM-II .....................................9 9.................14 10....................................................................7 10.................................................... 74 FORM..........................................................................................21 10............... 59 Representations and Warranties ................ 66 Effect of Termination ........ 65 Force Majeure .................................................... 56 Terms and Conditions of the Proposal ...................................16 10............................................................

...28 TECHNICAL BID FORM TECHNICAL BID FORM COMMERCIAL BID COMMERCIAL BID FORM-IX .............. 80 FORM-I ...............25 10.................. 81 FORM-II ............26 10...........................27 10.......................................................................................10...... 82 IDBI Bank : RFP – Financial Inclusion Project Page 6 of 83 ......................... 79 FORM-X .............

5 In view of achieving the said objective. the name of the Bank was changed to IDBI Bank Limited and the new name became effective from May 07. For the purpose. 1964 as a Development Financial Institution and came into being as on July 01. Bank shall adopt Information and Communication Technology (ICT) mode coupled with Business Correspondent model.3 In order that the name of the Bank truly reflects the functions it is carrying on. IDBI Bank : RFP – Financial Inclusion Project Page 7 of 83 .2 In response to the felt need and on commercial prudence.1. a new company under the name of Industrial Development Bank of India Limited (IDBI Ltd. 2004. 2003 [Repeal Act] was passed repealing the Industrial Development Bank of India Act. with effect from the effective date of October 01. 1. payments and remittance facilities etc.1. The Bank has been accordingly functioning in its present name of IDBI Bank Limited.1.1. Operations. Maharashtra. Cuffe Parade. 1.1. Such financial services include savings & current a/c’s. It was regarded as a Public Financial Institution in terms of the provisions of Section 4A of the Companies Act. IDBI Ltd. micro credits. Customization. In terms of the provisions of the Repeal Act. 1. Hardware & Software. It continued to serve as a DFI for 40 years till the year 2004 when it was transformed into a Bank. the undertaking of IDBI was transferred to and vested in IDBI Ltd. Maharashtra – 400 005. 1956 on September 27. 1956. WTC Complex. 1964 vide GoI notification dated June 22. 1. Facility Management in addition to Business Correspondents and agents to Deliver & Support Banking & Financial Services. micro insurance & investment. 1964. Mumbai.1 ABOUT THIS RFP 1. 2008 upon issue of the Fresh Certificate of Incorporation by Registrar of Companies.1. has been functioning as a Bank in addition to its earlier role of a Financial Institution. Originally it was constituted under Industrial Development Bank of India Act. Devices. Financial Inclusion means delivery of financial services at an affordable cost to the vast sections of the disadvantaged and low-income groups for inclusive growth. 1.4 IDBI Bank is in the process of implementing its Financial Inclusion Plan in selected villages PAN India. Company under the Companies Act. Thereafter. In terms of the provisions of the Repeal Act. Business Correspondent (outsourced third-party) would render Banking and Financial services within the norms stipulated by Reserve Bank of India.1 IDBI Bank is a new generation bank. IDBI Bank and the bodies associated with the Financial Inclusion.6 The Bank requires an end-to-end solution in an OPEX model (except for the cost of Smartcard) from an outsourced agency involving Supply.1 PREFACE 1. in the short term and all the banking and financial products in the long term. Maintenance of required Smart Cards. it was decided to transform IDBI into a Bank. 2004. Installation. Industrial Development Bank (Transfer of Undertaking and Repeal) Act.) was incorporated as a Govt. 1964. IDBI Bank is having its Registered office at IDBI Towers.

1. network and security systems) required for end-to-end solution would belong to. which term may be understood based on the appropriate context.1. No contractual obligation on behalf of IDBI Bank whatsoever shall arise from the RFP process unless and until a formal contract is signed and executed by duly authorized officers of IDBI Bank and the successful bidder.12 All offers of the bidders shall be unconditional and once accepted whether with or without modifications by the Bank shall be binding on such Bidder.7 The Human Resources and Infrastructure (facility.1. be maintained. managed and operated by the Bidder and their consortium members. 1.1. application. 1.11 The Bank has no obligation to accept any or the lowest quote. software. 1. 1.8 The Request for Proposal is issued for inviting proposals (sealed Technical and Commercial Bids) from Service Providers.15 This RFP document is structured to enable the Bidders to fully understand and acquaint themselves with the requirements of the Bank.10 The RFP document is neither an offer letter nor a legal contract.14 The Bank may modify any/all of the terms of this RFP and shall be entitled to award the contract to a selected bidder with / without modification of any conditions contained herein. 1.1.1. 1.1. IDBI Bank : RFP – Financial Inclusion Project Page 8 of 83 .1. but an invitation for offers/responses. The Bank reserves the right to cancel the RFP at any point of time.1. The section headings or any other headings do not have any contractual sequence and the submission of responses to RFP should be based on total understanding of the document.1. hardware.1.13 However. 1.16 While this section is a Preface to the entire document.9 A Service Provider together with their Consortium members submitting the proposal in response to this RFP shall hereinafter be called “Bidder” or “Consortium” interchangeably. this is a binding document between Bank and respondents till the completion of selection process and notification of award and till a contract is signed between Bank and the Bidder in the process in case both parties initiate and expedite certain actions pending the execution of a contract. 1.1. the following sections are meaningfully segregated for better understanding of the document.

2. develop processes leveraging Technology. fastcycle knowledge into innovative products. IDBI Bank : RFP – Financial Inclusion Project Page 9 of 83 . create possibilities to reach the business goals & position the bank as a rising star in the financial horizon. 2.1 Bank envisions to be a Trustworthy.2 The Bank uses Information Technology in all spheres of its functioning by connecting all its branches.2.2 ABOUT THE BANK 2. Efficient & Strong Bank committed to increasing its Market Share by generating innovative Customer-Centric services and products igniting the Passion and Creative talents in Human resource leveraging Technology to expand the clientele & deliver Quality and Value leading to Customer Delight.1 Amplify the frontline capabilities to Serve Customers.1 VISION STATEMENT 2. dynamically locate & empower people.1. service centers and extension counters through its WAN and implemented Finacle Universal Banking Solution with 100% coverage.2 MISSION STATEMENT 2. 2.

is willing to and has capability to incorporate new standards with respect to Financial Inclusion prescribed by Institute for Development and Research in Banking Technology.1. 3. IDRBT.1 The principal bidder should be preferably a System Integrator for providing Financial Inclusion solution based on ICT model for normal banking operation and including Government’s Electronic Benefit Transfers like Pensions & NREGA payments etc. 3. 3.7 The principal bidder should be willing to extend the services anywhere in India. 3.4 The principal bidder should be the provider of technology solution capable of integrating with the Core banking solution of the Bank and should meet the requirements under the RFP. Branch or Representative Office at Mumbai.3 PRE-QUALIFICATION CRITERIA FOR BIDDERS 3.5 The principal bidder should be financially solvent having networth. Bidder should enclose the list of their support centers across India. System integration should be based on the industry best practices. RBI. IDBI Bank : RFP – Financial Inclusion Project Page 10 of 83 . implementation. Government guidelines with regard to Financial Inclusion Plan. Bidder should be capable of integrating with the UIDAI based Financial Inclusion architecture including specifications being finalized by UIDAI/ NPCI without any additional costs to the Bank.10 The principal bidder should provide documentary evidence for having tied-up with the main participating agencies.rbi. software.1. Unique Identification Authority of India.3 The principal bidder must be fully aware of the RBI ( www. 3.1 BASIC QUALIFICATION 3.1. 3. 3. etc in the solution.11 Bidder should have back-to-back support in relation with the OEM's whose products are deployed in the disaster recovery.1. system ). etc.6 The principal bidder should have strong organizational strength to undertake and execute large projects including hardware.8 The member of the consortium undertaking the role of Business Correspondent / Business Facilitator under the Project shall confirm to the requirements of RBI and Bank’s internal policy. 3.1.9 The principal bidders should preferably have their HQ. for a large Private Sector Bank or a Public Sector Bank (copies of purchase orders / reference letters to be enclosed).1.2 The principal bidder will be single point of contact to provide the solution to the Bank. networking. positive 3. 3. with a solution based on a proven and field-tested technology that is already in operation for at least one year and.1.

2. 3.2 TSP may also be a Consortium. The solution offered should be currently running successfully. 2009-10 & 2010-11 (prov.2. The Consortium should designate a Lead Consortium Partner. The list of offices with details must be submitted.)) should be submitted. However. the consortium should not comprise of more than three partners and one of the partners must be registered in India under Companies Act 1956.2. 3.6 The TSP should be in this line of activity and should have executed similar projects in at least one Public/ Private sector banks in India during last Three years. (Copy of Memorandum. (Copy/copies of purchase order and reference letters to be enclosed) 3. telephone number. reference letters and a certificate from the concerned organization giving complete particulars of the organization and name. 3. 3.2. 3. IDBI Bank : RFP – Financial Inclusion Project Page 11 of 83 . Audited Statement of Accounts (Cash flow. Copy of the relevant agreement should be enclosed.7 The Service Provider should have been engaged as TSPs/ System Integrator (SI)/ BC/empanelled Vendors in at least one Public / Private Sector Bank for similar Smart Card based end-to-end Financial Inclusion operations.3 The TSP should be a reputed.) for last three years (2008-09. financially sound company having a proven track and field tested technology. Copy of the Certificate of Incorporation should be submitted) 3.2. Article of Association. (Copy/copies of purchase order. The agreement should clearly outline roles and responsibilities of partners of the consortium. Turn over etc.2.4 The Technology Service Provider should have a tie up (through an agreement) with an organization eligible to become Business Correspondent and engage Business Correspondent agents as per the guidelines issued by the Reserve bank of India. The Business Correspondent should have executed minimum of one financial inclusion Project as BC.2. The TSP shall mention name of the Business Correspondent entity and submit copy of the agreement executed with it.9 The TSP shall be the Original Equipment Manufacturers or should be capable of procuring the devices from the OEM’s.3.8 The TSP should preferably have their HQ or Representative Office at Mumbai and presence / capable of servicing from various major cities. the company should be registered under Indian Companies Act 1956. e-mail ID of the person signing the certificate be enclosed with the proposal. 25 companies and excluding Non Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs).2.2. including Sec. A certificate from the concerned organization giving complete particulars of the organization and name. 3.1 The Technology Service Provider should be a company registered in India under Companies Act 1956 for a period of at least 3 years up to the date of issuance of this RFP.5 For Business Correspondent services. (Declaration in case of OEM or Authorization letter from OEM in case of latter should be submitted). telephone number.2 OTHER QUALIFICATION CRITERIA ARE:- 3. e-mail ID of the person signing the certificate be enclosed with the proposal).

in case of individuals and in the case of entities. be owned or controlled by such persons (The declaration in this effect must be submitted by TSP in company's letter head).10 The TSP should not be a director or officer/employee of the Bank or a relative having the same meaning under Section 6 of the Companies Act 1956.3. IDBI Bank : RFP – Financial Inclusion Project Page 12 of 83 .2.

mobile-phone based technologies. at its discretion. financial.e. 4. 4.1 Bank shall have sufficient notice (a minimum of 90 days) of intentions of exit by the Bidder or any of its consortium members.1. personnel.1. Bank may.3 Bank wishes to outsource the end-to-end solution to a Consortium of Service Provider led by a qualified Bidder.3 CHANGES TO CONSORTIUM 4. IDBI Bank : RFP – Financial Inclusion Project Page 13 of 83 .1 In the context of Financial Inclusion.1 BACKGROUND 4.2 The Bidder.3.2.3 The customer data and all other records & confidential information held with the respective parties shall be handed over securely in a suitable form to the new vendor or as directed by the Bank.4 Bidder will indemnify Bank of any transition-related risks or disruptions to services or incidental damages arising from changes to consortium. where integrated handheld devices would be used by Business Correspondents / Business Facilitators and/or their authorized agents to deliver financial and banking services. 4.3 These technologies shall support online and offline transactions and operations and be inter operable with the Core banking solution of the Bank and UIDAI architecture.1. 4. 4.2 In the event of exit of the Bidder or any of its consortium members.2 The technology architecture supporting this strategy involves a combination of various technologies like smart card technology.3. biometric identification and authentication. 4.2 CONSORTIUM OF SERVICE PROVIDERS 4. terminate the contract in whole or in part.2.1. 4.1 Service Providers shall have a tie-up to form a consortium through back-to-back agreement for the complete duration of the contract for providing end-to-end solution. 4.4 With the objective to increase the reach of banking services to the financially excluded segment as well as to provide banking and financial services using innovative channels the Bank now proposes to roll out its product “IDBI Bank Financial Inclusion Plan”. constitution of the members to the consortium etc.2. etc. 4. the Bank envisages extension of Banking & Financial Services to under-banked & un-banked areas through ICT based “branchless banking” model.3.4 THE PROJECT: 4. contact / contact-less cards. technology and any other infrastructure that would be required in this context.3. as one of the key participants of the Consortium should assume responsibility on behalf of the consortium members for providing endto-end solution i. 4.

6. cash on hand. 4.6 PREDOMINANTLY AN OPEX-MODEL 4.6. Maintenance of required Smart Cards.5.1 Bank reserves the right to award contract to more than one consortium to cover the existing or extended scope of the work. other liabilities etc. managed and operated by the Bidder and their consortium members.1 In a situation where multiple-Bidders are deployed by the Bank to support this solution then the Bidders would develop required interfaces and co-ordinate joint operations so as not to impact the interests of the Bank and the services rendered to the customers. Devices. Operations.6.3 Selection of Business Correspondents and agents at the servicedelivery points shall be in consultation with the Bank and shall confirm to RBI & Banks guidelines.6.5 The handing over procedure for data.4. IDBI Bank : RFP – Financial Inclusion Project Page 14 of 83 . systems. Installation.4 ENGAGEMENT OF MULTIPLE BIDDERS 4. network. Hardware & Software.4. hardware. support services.5 COOPERATION BETWEEN MULTIPLE BIDDERS 4.1 The Bank requires an end-to-end solution in an OPEX model (except for the cost of Smartcard) from an outsourced agency involving Supply. The technology solution provided under this project shall have interfaces with Bank’s Core-Banking System (Finacle). shall be as prescribed by the Bank. 4. Customization. 4. be maintained. if the Bank so desires. 4.3. and security systems) required for end-to-end solution would belong to. application. 4. 4.4 Individual accounts of the customers of Financial Inclusion shall be maintained on Core Banking Platform.6 Bank reserves the right to change the Bidder or any of its consortium members with reasonable notice to the concerned. Facility Management in addition to Business Correspondents and agents to Deliver & Support Banking & Financial Services. facility.3. 4.2 The human resources and infrastructure (systems architecture. software.

e.1.2 The scope of the current project.2 BASIC BANKING PRODUCTS & SERVICES 5.4 The geographic locations that fall within the scope of this project can span over rural. being one of the ICT-cum-Business Correspondent-based banking channels.1. Bank may extend services to other areas as well under this project.1. IDBI Bank : RFP – Financial Inclusion Project Page 15 of 83 .1.2.3 5. However it is proposed to extend the ICT based solutions to nearly 5000 villages with the population less than 2000 PAN India by 31 March 2013.1.2. semi-urban.2 5.2. 5.9 Pension Fund Old Age Pension Fund Unemployment Fund Subsidies Grants under various popular benefit schemes.1.2.1. may extend to all or some of the envisaged villages depending on the performance.1. urban and metropolitan areas PAN India.6 Third Party products Rural Housing. No Frills Account) Overdraft facility (Inbuilt in Savings Bank account) General Purpose Credit Card and Kisan Credit Card Receipt and Delivery of Small value remittances NREGS (National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme) .1.1 Initially Bank is planning to introduce ICT-based banking outlets in about 119 villages in India having population more than 2000 (most of the villages will be in Maharashtra and a few villages in other states) by March 2012. EBT (Electronic Benefit Transfer) – The following proceeds of EBT will be directly credited to the customer’s a/c:• • • • • 5.5 SCOPE OF WORK 5. 5. 5. The anticipated target group could comprise of about 3 lakh customers.1.1.7 5.2.Amount received from the government will be credited to the customer a/c as per the details provided by the govt.4 5. 5.1.5 Savings Bank account (i.3 It is proposed to cover all the households estimated at 1400000 under the Bank’s Financial Inclusion Plan using smart-card system within a defined timeframe.1.2.1 TARGET GROUP: 5.8 5.2.2. Education & Personal loan & Agri products Utility bill Payment services like Electricity/Telephone bills etc.2.1 5. 5.1 The basic set of products that Bank intends to offer under Financial Inclusion Plan comprises of: 5.2.

Reserve Bank of India. RBI. It includes 5 disciplines:Service Level Management. IDRBT and Bank’s policies 5. The 6 Service Support disciplines are:Configuration Management. State Level Banker’s Committee.5.2 Service management process based-on ITIL standards – The main focus under ITIL is generally divided into two main areas viz. 5. Key-Management. 5. Institute for Development Research in Banking Technology. 5. processes adopted for rendering services.3. maintenance of records. Problem Management. etc would confirm to IDRBT’s “Open Standards for Financial Inclusion”.5 Information Security standards for end-to-end solution would confirm to ISO 27001.1. Service/Help Desk and Release Management. Change Management. Incident Management.3. Bank Terminal (also referred to as Point-ofTransaction terminal or Handheld device in this RFP). legal and Bank’s policies and guidelines. COMPLIANCE REQUIREMENTS 5.3. IDBI Bank : RFP – Financial Inclusion Project Page 16 of 83 . Continuity Management.6 Business Correspondent / Business Facilitator and agents deployed for rendering outsourced banking/financial services will confirm to RBI’s guidelines.3. ITIL Service Delivery and ITIL Service Support. specifications for interoperability.3.3. and involves a number of management practices to ensure that IT services are provided as agreed between the Service Provider and the Customer.7 The business practices. 5. State and Central Government etc. Service Support is the practice of those disciplines that enable IT Services to be provided effectively.3. CERT-In guidelines. and IT Financial Management. IT Act 2000.1 The entire activity under this solution would be guided by and confirm to policies and guidelines and legal provisions of the Bank.3. accounting norms & procedures etc for Banking and Financial services shall confirm to regulatory.10 Any such other product/services which may be decided from time to time by the Bank. Capacity Management. Government.3 Smart-card specifications. Service Delivery is the management of the IT services themselves.8 Customers enrolled under the project shall meet “Know Your Customer” norms as stipulated by the Bank/RBI.4 Biometric standards would comply with RBI’s “Report of the Working Group on Standards for Raw Images of Finger Prints” 5.2.3 5. 5. Availability Management.

regulatory authorities and third-party external auditors for conducting periodical audit and arrange for necessary access to relevant information / assets under the control of the Bidder and other consortium members.3.9 Accounts. Collateral Securities etc.4. that may arise through the action of its employees. 5.3.2 Bidder shall indemnify the Bank from transaction risk (from system error. transactions. records. claims. human error. agents. 5. agents. 5. customers.4.4. remedy any of the identified risks.5. 5. 5.3.4. controls and operational procedures should ensure protection of the Bank from loss. IDBI Bank : RFP – Financial Inclusion Project Page 17 of 83 . based on risk perception of the Bank. and co-operate with the Bank’s internal audit teams.12 The source-code should be held under Escrow arrangement with the Bank or mutually agreeable third-party.4 Bidder shall indemnify the Bank and hold the Bank harmless against loss or liability. 5. actions or proceedings if any. disclosure or frauds.10 The solution should confirm to and integrate with Micro-ATM and Mobile banking solution proposed by Inter-Ministerial Group recommendations for Financial Inclusion as and when the same are enforced on the Banks. audit trails etc. 5. services. related to banking and financial services should integrate with Core-Banking eco-system 5. lost or overwritten due to inappropriate update procedures and the potential for frauds.4. develop strategies to measure.6 Bidder shall maintain adequate documentation. controls etc. monitor and mitigate those risks and implement new controls.5 Bidder shall assist the Bank in identifying potential risks in the solution.3. negligence and mismanagement) and fraud risk (loss to earnings or capital due to intentional deception by employees.4 THIRD-PARTY RISKS AND MITIGATION BY THE BIDDER 5.11 The solution should confirm to and integrate with UIDAI’s directions on Financial Inclusion.4.1 Bidder and their consortium members should ensure that in addition to security features deployed in the technology. contractors etc. 5. etc).4.3 The Bidder shall indemnify the Bank and provide a system free from risks arising out of data becoming outdated. 5.7 Financial Exposures & Performance risks from third-party service providers under the project would be regulated and mitigated through Financial Guarantees. external entities.

1 The Bidder will be responsible for the end-to-end solution covering the entire scope of this RFP and would assume the role of Systems Integrator.1 Render banking and financial services as entrusted by the Bank under Business Correspondent Model at designated locations to all the customers of IDBI Bank duly complying with the RBI guidelines.2 6.1. IDBI Bank : RFP – Financial Inclusion Project Page 18 of 83 .2.3 Bidder will provide an integrated end-to-end solution that includes apart from technological solution and technical services.1. 6.1. 6.2 One or more of the consortium members will have to qualify and render financial / banking services under Business Correspondent Model duly meeting regulatory requirements stipulated by RBI for rendering specified banking and financial services (refer to section “Basic Banking Products & Services”) and those entrusted by the Bank from time-to-time.1 SCOPE OF RESPONSIBILITIES 6. Complying with the requirements under sections Consortium” and “Cooperation between Multiple Bidders” “Change in 6.7 Bidder shall also man and manage all the incidental activities related to the scope of the RFP.2 RENDER FINANCIAL SERVICES 6. 6.5 Bidder will act as the single point of contact for the Bank and represent the entire consortium.6 RESPONSIBILITIES OF THE BIDDER AND THE CONSORTIUM 6.4 6. 6.1. 6. 6.2 The roles and responsibilities of the Bidder will also include those stated in greater detail in other parts of RFP. facilitate and deliver financial services to the targeted customers. 6.8 Bank will enter into a detailed agreement with the Bidder clearly defining the roles and responsibilities and the terms of engagement for the infrastructural support and services extended to the Bank.1.4.1. other services like integration of various technological and functional components.4. 6.6 Bidder would be responsible to resolve all issues that may arise from the end-to-end solution.1 Bidder shall be responsible for Compliance with mandatory compliance requirements indicated in the section “Compliance Requirements” and at various specific requirements indicated in other parts of the RFP.1.2. supporting organizational structures and skilled human resources to educate.1. Indemnifying the Bank of risks indicated in the section “Third-party risks and Indemnity” and specific requirements indicated in other parts of the RFP.3 6.

requisite qualifications and skills and deployment experience for all critical activities. 6. voice guidance in the local language. enrollment system.2 Banking Terminal (at the customer contact point) shall support smartcards.4.6 Bidder will exercise due diligence and only engage persons having established identity. 6.1 The Bidder shall provide hardware. well trained personnel and extend necessary mentoring and operational support to the intermediary network of agents etc. mobile and easy to carry.4. maintenance. Government or the Bank from time to time.2 Bidder shall confirm that every person deployed by them on the project has been vetted through a third-party background check prior to their engagement. the Bidder shall have to replace the said person within the time limits stipulated by the Bank.3 Bidder shall manage the activities of its personnel or others engaged in the project etc. their agents or personnel engaged in the project is not satisfactory or is detrimental to the interests of the Bank.3 The solution should also be able to support a model that does not require issue of a smartcard where the authentication would be based on the IDBI Bank : RFP – Financial Inclusion Project Page 19 of 83 . 6. contractors. 6.4 ENSURE TECHNICAL DELIVERABLES 6. etc of the Bidder or its consortium members for any assignment under this project. intermediate switching. software. subcontractors. 6. etc.3 MEET HUMAN RESOURCE REQUIREMENTS 6. Proof of such personnel screening should be submitted to the base branch and obtain the consent prior to their engagement at our Bank. ability to support multiple products and services.3. Business Correspondent or their agents on its own. digital fingerprint scanners. by virtue of engagement of employees.5 No right to employment in the Bank shall accrue or arise. printers. connectivity. backend Banking software. and will be accountable for all the personnel deployed/engaged in the project. Where Bidder fails to comply with the Bank’s request.6. etc.7 Bidder will involve designated officials of the Bank in selection process of agents. receipt printing.4 In case the performance of the Business Correspondents. provide training and operational support for the end-to-end infrastructure supporting the IDBI Bank Financial Inclusion Plan including the handheld devices. biometric-based (finger print) authentication. 6.3.3. 6.4.3. digital cameras. personnel. connectivity. integrity.3.3. 6. agents.3. redundant power sources for continuous operation. Bank may replace the said person.1 Bidder shall provide a strong.3. 6.8 Bidder extend all of the outsourced banking and financial services by deploying such personal that have high integrity and meet the qualifications and other criteria stipulated by the Reserve Bank of India. technical services. 6.

consumables etc.4.16 Bidder shall own and operate entire infrastructure including the frontend systems.7 Bidder shall supply Smart cards as required by the bank for the project. loans. 6. 6.4. as may be identified by the Bank.14 The architecture should meet industry standards.4.12 Bidder shall provide services of an Intermediate System (supporting functions like Card Management. maintained and managed by the Bidder. remittances etc.) that is owned.6 Further.4. software. interoperability and confirm to best practices that minimize costs and risks to the Bank.11 Bidder shall deploy an architecture that should be scalable to handle large number of customers and handle large volumes of payment and receipts of cash in the unbanked areas.4.13 Bidder shall provide interface and establish connectivity between Intermediate System and the Core Banking System. the solution be capable of being quickly scaled up to meet large scale issue of smart-cards. Maintain and Operate handheld devices. support equipment and application software that can support both online and offline transactions.biometrics stored on the handheld banking terminal or held on a remote authentication server. in case the total number of customers/account holders exceed the anticipated numbers. 6. Card Management System and Key Management and other related process using Bidder’s own assets and personnel. 6.4. 6. 6. IDBI Bank : RFP – Financial Inclusion Project Page 20 of 83 .4. Banking Terminal/ Handheld Device Management. at the service delivery points would be at the cost of the Bidder. in any part of the country. 6. 6. Bidder shall ensure that this solution is based on a reliable and scalable architecture so as to handle higher volumes and at larger number of locations all over India. MIS Solution etc. 6. Switching. 6.8 Bidder shall undertake Personalization of Cards.15 Bidders shall supply infrastructure at their own cost and operate the solution on behalf of the Bank.4 The proposal may be rolled out to cover various other products & services to other customers as well. other operations at the service delivery points. fee-based products such as insurance premium. the intermediary switching solution and card management system etc.4. 6.4.4. that is capable of handling transactions/ Customer enrolment data both in online and offline modes from a large number of devices deployed in this project. 6. 6.10 All the hardware.5 The solution should have adequate provision to support marketing of Bank’s other products such as deposits. Bank may at a future date seek transfer of ownership of the solution to the Bank if it so desires.4. scalability. BC Management.9 Bidder shall Supply.4. reliability.4.

printer.21 Bidder will have to deploy the solution at the designated locations within the time period specified for the purpose. 6. 6. registration. user training.4. 6.20 Bidder shall ensure that the service is rendered in a manner that is comprehendible (simple and easy to understand) to the customer and the conduct of the agents would encourage and promote the customers to use Bank’s services.17 Bidder shall provide devices required at the villages for enrollment. 6.19 Technical specifications of various components involved in the IT solution are dealt with in greater detail in subsequent sections.4.4. software. 6.4. technical training.18 Bidder shall provide hardware. Bidder shall ensure that faulty front-end equipment should be got repaired or replaced within 24 hours. should be maintained by Bidder for immediate replacement. spares.4.4. technical documentation. IDBI Bank : RFP – Financial Inclusion Project Page 21 of 83 . finger-print scanner.23 Adequate number of spare machines / batteries etc. camera. back-up power /batteries. training materials etc. software. point-of-transaction such as mobile device. facility management and secure environment for supporting the end-to-end solution and functionality stipulated in the RFP.

7 FUNCTIONAL REQUIREMENTS 7. banking services.1. 7.4 The solution should have a provision to support small remittances. 7. 7. account management.1.1. remittances. the technological solution together with the human resources shall be able to support deposit taking.1.3 The solution should also be able to support a model that does not require issue of a smartcard where the authentication would be based on the biometrics stored on the handheld banking terminal or held on a remote authentication server. 7.2 The authentication of transactions would be through matching the biometrics/fresh sample of fingerprint with the minutiae on the smartcard. having provision to support multiple accounts and other financial services.1.1. electronic bill payments etc.2 Bidder shall enroll customers to various products using the same solution. insurance. 7. 7. 7.8 The entities deployed by the Bidder as Sub Agents for extending banking and financial services on behalf of the Bank shall confirm to RBI and Government guidelines.1.1. financial literacy and advice.1 IDBI Bank Financial Inclusion Plan would primarily use chip-based smart card carrying the photograph of the cardholder and other details.1 OVERVIEW 7.6 The Financial Inclusion Solution would be supported by an independent IT infrastructure that would have interfaces with Bank’s Core Banking Solution and other existing Technology Solutions. lending.9 The solution provided by the Bidder i. Other schemes and banking products would also be offered to customers of target-group based on the policy of the Bank. 7. Enabled with interconnectivity. with reliable fingerprint identification facility.2.5 The system should be able to support products and services specified in the section “Basic Banking Products and Services”.1. Actual products and services would be offered gradually over the period of time based on the Bank’s policy.2 ENROLLMENT OF CUSTOMERS 7.e. Customers may enroll themselves for several products IDBI Bank : RFP – Financial Inclusion Project Page 22 of 83 . multiple accounts of the same customer using a single smartcard. 7. these representatives of the Bidder will extend banking and financial services on behalf of the Bank to its customers at their (customers’) respective villages/habitats during the time window and at the frequency stipulated by the Bank.1 Every customer in the target group will have at least a savings bank account with overdraft facility.2. 7.7 The card holders should be able to perform selected banking transactions through authorized representatives of the Bidder.

reporting enrollment data and related information.simultaneously or to different products at different points-in-time. authorized agents extending financial/banking services on behalf of the Bank.15 The physical documents and application form will be delivered at the designated location of the Bank.13 Having captured the enrollment data.11 Bidder may be required to enroll the customer in the presence of such personnel and on production of such documentary evidence/support that RBI or the Bank may prescribe duly complying with customer due-diligence (including extant Know-Your-Customer requirements and Anti Money Laundering guidelines). 7.3 Bank will entrust the process of enrollment to the Bidder.2.2. as may be required to discharge their roles and serve the target-customers.. 7. and provide a secure transmission channel to Card Personalization Centre.10 Bidder would also ensure that required supplies of stationery and other consumables are made available with agents for uninterrupted operations. 7. Bidder may engage his representatives to carryout the operations duly complying with Bank’s norm and other associated norms of RBI/UIDAI/IDRBT/IBA/Government/Legal guidelines. 7.5 Due care and security should be accorded to all the related physical documents. 7. IDBI Bank : RFP – Financial Inclusion Project Page 23 of 83 . 7.6 The equipment provided for the above stated front-end activity should be robust. 7. which includes Bank’s branches. 7.2. 7. with necessary devices/instruments at their cost to electronically capture all the relevant details of the customer.2. 7. digital raw images of required number of fingerprints. storing.8 Bidder should exercise due diligence while selecting and training competent personnel to discharge Bidder’s roles associated with the solution.7 Bidder shall ensure that there are adequate number of spare machines.2.12 The raw images of fingerprints will confirm to ISO/IEC 19794 and standards prescribed by Reserve Bank of India vide their “Report of the Working Group on Standards for Raw Images of Fingerprints”. consumables etc are stocked or organised in time so as to restore services at any service-point by the working day (from the date of service-outage). 7.2. digital photograph. 7. digital images of the support documents etc.4 Bidder will equip Bank’s authorized field functionaries. policies etc. the Bidder will securely store and transmit the information required for Card Personalization to the location authorized by the Bank.2. 7.2. Bidder’s authorized representatives etc.2.9 Bidder shall also ensure that the agents are retrained and kept updated with Bank’s new schemes.2.2. processing and transmitting.2.2. reliable and easy-to-use and customized to Indian rural conditions. The Bidder should undertake enrollment to each of the products (as may be required by the Bank) as per the customers’ choice and bank’s policy.14 Bidder will confirm to security best practices and any other guidelines stipulated by the Bank while capturing.

7.4 DELIVERY OF THE SMARTCARD 7.3. 7.5 Bidder may be required to associate such persons as the Bank may stipulate to witness or confirm correct delivery.7 Suitable interface should be provided in the software solution that allows bank’s officials to view and authorize the opening of the account/registration for the scheme/product/service.6 In case the smartcard is not properly activated. card-personalisation and delivery) for additional schemes/products and services at the customer contact point. System should be capable to calculate.2 System should be capable of handling all registrations and deregistrations (subsequent to initial enrolment.6 The front-end.5 The scheme/product or service may require authorization by Bank’s official before it becomes operational. 7.3.4. 7. 7.3. back-end and intermediary systems together with the personnel handling the process should be capable of enforcing all the controls required by the Bank. 7.3 ACCOUNT OPENING/PRODUCT REGISTRATION AND ACTIVATION 7.4. Bidder will address the problem and reissue the smartcard without any additional cost. 7. indicate and load the charges to the transaction amount at the front-end system or the backend-system as per Bank’s policy. 7.2 It is the responsibility of the Bidder to ensure that the cards are delivered and issued to the right person at the place stipulated by the bank.7.4.3. 7.4 Card activation is distinct from activation of an account. the person authorized to deliver the card would activate the card after successful verification of the fingerprints against those stored on the card by matching the live sample using the device/ terminal provided by the Bidder.3. IDBI Bank : RFP – Financial Inclusion Project Page 24 of 83 . No transactions shall be permitted using a smartcard until it has been issued in accordance with the Bank’s guidelines and has been activated.3.4. 7. 7.1 The Smart Card will be delivered to the customer by the Bank’s official or by the Bidder at customer’s village / habitat as may be decided by the Bank.3 While handing over the smartcard to the customer.7 The customer will operate his/her account through smart-card after activation process only.4. backend or at branch level as decided by the Bank for each of the schemes/products and services.4.1 Every customer Account would be opened in the Backend banking system after all the mandatory information about the applicant/customer has been captured.4 In case required.3.3 However the account/scheme/product/service will be activated only after fulfilling the stipulations given by the Bank.4. 7. 7.

defective card. The solution shall have parameterized control to set online/offline/both at each card-level /account-level/ transaction-type level/ transaction valuelevel or a combination thereof.1 Bidder’s representatives extending the services to Bank’s customers are required to authenticate themselves to the front-end systems through a smartcard and biometric/PIN. 7.6 Bidder will be reimbursed by the Bank as per the contracted cost.6. All such access would be based on authorization.3 Mode of transactions may be online or offline.7. 7.5 7.2 The access to front-end system would be restricted to only a select authorized agents.3 In case card requires replacement due to loss or mishandling by the customer.6 In case of prolonged absence or indisposition of the appointed Bidder’s representative.4 Every transaction would be recorded on the customer’s smartcard. etc will be borne by the Bidder. 7. 7. Any costs associated with reissue or fresh cards. 7. 7.1 REPLACEMENT OF SMARTCARDS Replacement of the Smartcards may arise due to various reasons. administrative lapses of Bidder.5.6.4 7. The front-end system should validate the agent’s credentials before allowing any access to the contents of the front-end system.2 The smartcard-holder will carry out all the banking transactions through the authorized agent in the villages.6. concerned agent’s smartcard.6. Bank will insist on appointment of a substitute within a reasonable time.3 All the transactions conducted by the agent will have to be registered in the agent’s card and stored therein securely until the next successful end-ofday operations. 7. 7. then the Bidder shall make alternate arrangements for extending services without any interruptions.5.5. then the same may be replaced with a fee to be paid by the customer.7.5 In case of loss of Smartcards of the Bidder’s representative or nonavailability of the Bidder’s representative.7 CUSTOMER OPERATIONS 7. IDBI Bank : RFP – Financial Inclusion Project Page 25 of 83 .7. 7.5.1 Each smartcard will be attached to one or more specific agents for operations. the front-end system and the backend system. SMARTCARDS FOR AGENTS 7. 7.7.4 Bank will determine if a cardholder may be allowed online or offline or both types of transactions. 7. 7.2 If the need for replacement arises due to wrong input of data. 7.7. etc then the Smart Card will be replaced without any additional cost to the Bank or the customer.

enrolment.1 Reimbursement for these costs would be claimed from the Bank as per the contracted price on a monthly basis. Bank would pay at contracted Consolidated Unit Price for each Personalized Smart Card.10 Bidder would obtain application/ enrolment forms for other permitted schemes like loans. as and when they are offered by the Bank/subscribed by the cardholders.8 The services availed by the customers may vary.9. Bank may extend other services also to these cardholders.2 Bank will entertain claims for reimbursement from the Bidder only after delivery of the smartcard/transactions in the Smart Card to the Customer duly following the process and procedures stipulated by the Bank.7. insurance etc.9. 7. identifying customers. 7.7 Bank would determine from time to time the schemes or banking services that may be extended to the customers through these cards. 7.8. 7. IDBI Bank : RFP – Financial Inclusion Project Page 26 of 83 . savings bank accounts are being offered. 7.8 REIMBURSEMENT TO BIDDER REGISTRATION AND CARD-ISSUANCE TOWARDS ENROLMENT. 7.12 The related procedure would be finalized by the Bank in consultation with the Bidder. 7. HANDLING OF CASH BY THE BIDDER: 7.7. maintained.3 This Consolidated payment shall cover all the activities undertaken by the Bidder.1 The funds that would be required to make payments to the account holders will be made available by the Bidder or his authorized personnel. card personalisation. 7. their representatives/personnel or other third-parties (authorized by the Bank) under various stages commencing from obtaining the list of customers. 7.7. managed and operated by the Bidder.4 Payments will be made on a monthly basis for all the Personalised Cards delivered during the previous month.8.7.6 Entire infrastructure required for these activities will be owned. transport of the physical and electronic records. 7. 7.9 Although initially. 7.5 Reimbursements to the Bidder towards subsequent registrations shall be claimed from the Bank on monthly basis.2 The Bidder will be responsible for the security of the cash drawn from the branch and the cash received from the customers towards any banking transaction.7.8. supply of the Smartcard.8.7.11 These applications would be securely forwarded by the Bidder to Card Personalization Centre for capturing the required details and enabling the access to these accounts through the same Smart Card as has been already issued to the customer. secure transport of the Smart-Card and delivery of the card to the account holder.6 A customer may have multiple accounts linked to the same Smartcard. 7.8. 7.

7. etc. fingerprint data etc.10 BIDDER’S OPERATIONS AT THE CUSTOMER CONTACT POINTS 7. 7. maintenance support.10.5 These Smart Cards will be used by the Bidder’s authorized personnel to identify themselves to the device and authenticate all the transactions.10.12 The procedure for payment and settlement would be shared with the Bidder in detail by the Bank. receipts of transactions. procedure for balancing & reconciliation.9.10.10 7. 7.10. maintenance of record of the lost cards. 7. etc will be prescribed by the Bank.11 One copy will be retained by the Bidder for records. etc for front-end operations even to such other Business Correspondents.7. operational training.3 Bidder will indemnify the Bank for all losses / risks associated with the cash in transit.10. Cash receipts from the Customers and Cash balances held at each of the locations. would be stored. The second copy shall be handed over to the designated branch. 7. cash balances held or handled by the Bidder.10.4 Bidder will account for all such cash received on a daily basis by providing the Bank evidence of all Cash payments made to customers. 7.1 Bidder will be responsible for physical custody and upkeep of the systems/devices provided for front-end operations.5 The formats and the details to be furnished. transactions.8 The Bidder should also be able to take a printout of the Opening Balance of Cash.10. 7.9 The printouts shall be obtained in duplicate every day.4 Authorized agents of the Bidder who are permitted to operate the frontend systems would also be issued Smart Cards wherein their identity. requests for issue of new cards. 7. 7. Bank may at certain locations deploy Business Correspondents independent of the Bidder. In such cases Bank may require the Bidder to provide technological support to these Business Correspondents Bidder shall provide all necessary systems/devices. IDBI Bank : RFP – Financial Inclusion Project Page 27 of 83 .6 Bidder would be permitted to operate any number of times during the authorized business hours of the Bank’s designated branches.9.10.9. 7. their representatives or other intermediaries appointed by the Bidder. 7. 7. etc should be recorded in the front-end terminal through which the transactions are being effected. 7. Closing Balance of Cash and the list of all transactions in between. help-desk. Bidder would also be responsible for cash and accounting of transactions.7 Bidders should be able to know the cash balances so as to balance the physical cash available at any point during the day.6 Cash replenishment and cash usage. troubleshooting support. details of exceptional transactions.



7.11.1 Customers who wish to receive or remit funds shall approach the authorized representative of the Bidder. Customer will furnish the Smartcard. 7.11.2 The Bidder will verify the identity of the cardholder using the name & photograph on the card. 7.11.3 Bidder may verify additional details of the customer if stipulated by the Bank. 7.11.4 Customer is permitted to transact in online mode only through the Handheld device (such as POS) to which the card is linked. 7.11.5 Customer is authenticated by verifying the fresh fingerprint sample (obtained through fingerprint scanner at that time of every transaction) with the master templates/ fingerprint data stored on the Smartcard. 7.11.6 The requested transaction is put through only if the conditions stipulated by the Bank are met. 7.11.7 The successful cash transaction is concluded by payment of cash or receipt of cash by the Bidder depending on whether the transaction is a withdrawal or a receipt. 7.11.8 Further, each cardholder will be permitted only certain number of transactions for each category within a given period (e.g., one transaction per day of each transaction type). 7.11.9 Initially account holder may only undertake one transaction per day of each transaction type. 7.11.10 These stipulations will be parameterized at the backend banking system and enforced at the front-end terminals so as to permit only such number of transactions per transaction type for a given card. 7.11.11 Bank. These details will be furnished to the successful bidder by the

7.11.12 Receipts will be printed for each transaction. One will be handed over to the cardholder and the other would be held with the Bidder for records. 7.11.13 Each transaction will have a unique reference number for the Bank and the same would also be printed on every receipt. It should contain information like Account No, Date of Transaction, transaction type, Amount, Village name, POS machine number through which transaction takes place, transaction serial number [which can be re-set], etc. 7.11.14 All transactions are to be logged and the logs are to be preserved securely for future reference for time-periods stipulated by the Bank. 7.11.15 It should be possible to build audit trails of the transaction using the unique transaction number from the audit logs. 7.11.16 It is recommended that transactions are stored on the front-end terminal (handheld device with the Bidder).

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7.11.17 All transactions made using a particular Smart Card shall be recorded and stored. 7.11.18 The number of transaction history stored in the card would depend on the availability of memory on the card and would be decided mutually by the Bank and the Bidder. 7.11.19 All online transactions, where permitted by the Bank, shall be uploaded to backend banking system at frequencies stipulated by the Bank. 7.11.20 The details of transactions conducted on a terminal would be uploaded to the backend banking system atleast once a day i.e. during EOD. 7.11.21 No further transactions would be permitted on the terminal after the Day End operations until the next day’s BOD. 7.11.22 Where the number of transactions are more, Bank may stipulate shorter intervals for updating the data. 7.11.23 Where the online transactions are permitted, it would be required to download the account balances from the backend banking system during the Begin-of-Day operations. 7.11.24 It is preferable that Bidder every day at BOD updates and synchronizes data held in the handheld front end terminal with that of the backend banking system. 7.11.25 Where there are any stop-payment instructions, need for freezing balances, reversal of credits, etc., Bank would in such cases convey the same to the Bidder and it would be the responsibility of the Bidder to update the backend and front-end systems suitably to enforce these instructions. 7.11.26 The account holder may request for statement of account and the Bidder at the village will provide a printout of last 10 transactions together with the outstanding balance in the desired account(s) using the front-end equipment. 7.11.27 The receipts and statements should be in bi-lingual (English and Hindi / regional language) and / or local language as may be stipulated by the Bank. 7.11.28 If the card is not utilized for a certain period, say three months, it may require re-activation by the authorized representative of the Bank. 7.11.29 Bidder may assist the customer by pursuing with the Bank.

7.11.30 In case the card is lost by the account-holder, the matter shall be reported to the Bidder, who will record the necessary information and send the application/request to the Bank for issuance of duplicate card. 7.11.31 An acknowledgement of the lost card shall be given to the customer by the Bidder. All further transactions on the lost card are to be blocked immediately. Bank may charge the customer for issuing duplicate card. 7.11.32 transact. 7.11.33 Until duplicate card is issued, the customer would not be able to Hence Bidder shall reissue a fresh card without much loss of time.

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7.11.34 The procedure for issuance of duplicate smartcard would be similar to the enrollment process except for the resubmission of the account opening form. 7.11.35 The credentials and digital images of fingerprints etc. should be tallied with that of the original records stored in the system ensuring that there is no impersonation. 7.11.36 Bank. 7.12 The details of the procedure would be provided to the Bidder by the

INTERFACE WITH RURAL – ATMS & POINT OF SALE TERMINALS shall have a sample that is authentication or centralized

7.12.1 Bank may introduce smart-card enabled ATMs that provision to authenticate transaction based on fresh finger-print matched with minutiae stored on the smartcard or a remote server authorized by the Bank or UID authorities database database.

7.12.2 Similarly, Bank may wish to extend services using Point of Sale terminals for extending services to the smartcard holding customers. 7.12.3 The Bidder shall build necessary interfaces for enabling use of smartcards (those issued under this project) on such ATMs and PoS terminals. 7.13 STATUS MARKING OF THE SMARTCARDS/ ACCOUNTS

7.13.1 There shall be provision in the system to block, activate, deactivate, marking as inactive, specify asset code (based on IRAC – income recognition and asset classification for borrowal accounts) suspend, revoke and restore transactions using any specified smart card and accounts. 7.13.2 The systems should be able to effectively enforce these conditions and related business rules both in online and offline modes. 7.13.3 There shall be a provision to communicate Bank’s instructions on change in status of smartcard/account centrally. 7.14 ACCOUNT CLOSURE BY THE CUSTOMER

7.14.1 Where a customer wishes to close his/her account, a proper request has to be recorded with the Bidder at the village. 7.14.2 The instructions are to be entered on the handheld device and authenticated by the customer. 7.14.3 This information is quickly passed on to the front-end and back-end functionaries. 7.14.4 All dues between the Bank and the customer are settled at the time of closure. 7.14.5 The customer will be allowed to draw the balance amount through the Bidder’s terminal at the village.

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7.14.6 The changed status of the account has to be updated at all the relevant places. 7.14.7 Detailed procedure for closure of accounts would be stipulated by the Bank. 7.14.8 Smart Card has to be surrendered if all the accounts related to the card are closed. 7.14.9 The system should permit recording of nominations, settlements of death claims etc. 7.15 REMITTANCE SERVICES

7.15.1 Bank would extend electronic cash/fund remittance facilities to customers under this project. Bidder’s solution should have the capability to effect fund-transfer from one account to another account within the Bank and inter-bank. The solution should be able to send and receive funds electronically. These could be using NEFT, RTGS, ECS, inter-account transfer, etc. within the Bank or across the banks. 7.15.2 Necessary interfaces have to be created with bank’s Core Banking System, NEFT/RTGS/ECS etc. 7.15.3 Customer should be able to remit funds and receive funds using the front-end system with the agent. 7.15.4 The solution provided by the Bidder should confirm to RBI, Government and Banks guidelines. 7.16 OTHER PRODUCTS AND SERVICES

7.16.1 Bank would share the operational guidelines for other products and services that would be extended through this channel. The same shall be shared with the Successful bidder. 7.17 MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEM:

7.17.1 Bidder shall put in place a robust MIS system in order to monitor all the activities connected with the IDBI Bank Financial Inclusion Project. 7.17.2 Bidder shall assist the Bank in defining exception transactions and monitor all such exception transactions from a central location in the Bank. 7.17.3 It should also be possible to centrally monitor and obtain reports on cash movement, cash balances, cash payments etc. at each of the front-end functionaries. Bank should also be able to obtain various reports on customer wise, Scheme-wise etc. as and when required. 7.18 REVIEW AND MONITORING MECHANISM

7.18.1 Bank may, if it so desires, appoint a dedicated Nodal Officer for a cluster of villages to monitor the Business Correspondents exclusively. The Nodal Officer shall report to the concerned Branch/ RH. Head Office will be monitoring the overall performance from a central location. The solution shall IDBI Bank : RFP – Financial Inclusion Project Page 31 of 83

7. 7.2 Bank will utilize the services of internal or external auditors for ensuring proper operations by Bidders.2 Bank will evaluate the Bidder on an ongoing basis and may take a suitable decision for continuation/ termination / expansion of contracted services based on the performance. 7. The Bidder is required to extend all necessary cooperation to facilitate audit process. card-personalization.3 Bank may also arrange for a random verification of enrollment/ payments. 7.18.19. IDBI Bank : RFP – Financial Inclusion Project Page 32 of 83 .3 The project shall confirm to Bank’s policies and would be subject to Internal and External various types of MIS information reports to enable monitoring and managing the effectiveness of the performance.19.18. etc for better control.19 INTERNAL AND EXTERNAL AUDIT 7.1 Bidder shall have adequate audit controls and track normal and exception transactions. 7.19.

solution should comply with IT Act 2000. The architecture should meet industry standards and best practices that minimize costs and risks to the Bank.2. customer enrolment system. 8. Bidders are requested to indicate details of their software application with innovative business model and the distinct advantages of their solution. authentication of transactions through fingerprint matching.1.2 TECHNOLOGY ARCHITECTURE FOR THE SOLUTION 8.2 The standards.8 TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS: 8.2 The technological details indicated in the RFP are suggestive. Electronic-Commerce. secured communication. uploading/downloading of transactions/ customer enrolment data through online or offline mode. application.3 The most effective and reliable technology architecture will be identified by the Bank that will support the strategy for all India roll out. 8.4 The Bidder should be in a position to implement a proven technology and should be able to roll out the systems at short notice. Internet Technologies.2. transaction processing.1.2. 8.1. security and networking systems that support the requirements of the project shall be preferably based on Open Systems Architecture and support interoperability. Biometrics.4 The Technology architecture should be compatible with interoperable Aadhar based online transactions. 8. operating systems. This architecture is detailed in the micro IDBI Bank : RFP – Financial Inclusion Project Page 33 of 83 . 8. generation of Audit trail including failed transaction. legal and bank’s business & strategic requirements.1 The proposed solution will support authentication of customers. 8. IDRBT for Smartcard.1 The IT hardware. generation of printed acknowledgement for completed transactions. software. The technologies and the solution should support bank’s strategy. scalability and Internet/Intranet and extranet capabilities.5 The system should be scalable and interoperable and work with different types of handheld devices and Contact / Contactless smart cards provided by different Bidders. RBI & SCOSTA.6 The smartcard related technology used for Financial Inclusion shall confirm to IDRBT’s latest standards. 8. portability. services and operational capacities to improve productivity and performance and customer service. The solution will provide for simple queries and various types of MIS report.1. Financial Inclusion. ISO 27001 security architecture. etc 8. guidelines & standards prescribed by Cert-In.1.1 OVERVIEW 8. 8.3 Any alternate technologies based on open standards with equivalent/better security functionality and other features will also be considered for evaluation based on relative merits and their ability to meet the regulatory.1.2.

6 Bank would stipulate the archival policy for all critical data. ISO 8583 for transaction interface with backend systems should be adopted. 8. charges and the information captured relating to the customers. 8.1 Bank would like to have an interoperable architecture to support the FIP as also UIDAI’s Aadhar based Banking transaction.4. 8. balances.7 Bidder will comply with the bank’s policy on data-backups.4 Data Backups must be tested periodically for restoration.3.4. The device should have the ability to process the magstripe debit card transactions with Aadhar authentication. 8. 8.4.1 The operations and technology supporting this facility shall at all times confirm to regulatory and legal provisions and the requirements of the Bank.4. 8. 8. IDBI Bank : RFP – Financial Inclusion Project Page 34 of 83 . Software.3 of the micro ATM Standards.2 The Bidder should provide technological solution with a highly reliable and scalable architecture that confirms to international standards and best practices. account information. The device deployed as part of the solution should also meet the standards specified in the micro ATM document: Hardware. when the solution is finalized by the bank in collaboration with its partners.2 It will be the responsibility of the Bidder to retain all records for future reference to meet internal.3 Bidder shall build necessary interfaces and extend banking/financial services as per bank’s policy.3 INTER-OPERABILITY 8.4.5. disaster recovery and business continuity requirements. software.ATM specifications laid down by IBA and UIDAI. 8. 8.8 Bidder shall have a robust Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Management.5. 8.3 The data to be retained includes information compiled/processed/ stored on account of the transactions. The device should also include the magstripe card reader specified in the section 6. 8. 8. complete data backup and other data safeguards including disaster recovery in respect of the IDBI Bank Financial Inclusion solution.3.4 DATA BACKUP & CONTINGENCY PLANNING 8. applications etc.3. 8.4. Security & Processes. programs.1 Bidder will be responsible for data protection.2 Bidder shall build suitable interfaces to service smartcard issued by other service providers where the smartcard and its architecture confirms to IDRBT’s guidelines.4.4. legal and regulatory requirements.5 Bidder will have system in place to handle disruptions in service to the customer and ensure quick remedial action. ISO 19794 for Biometric. ISO 7816/ISO 14443 for Smart Card.5 TECHNOLOGY CONTROLS 8.

10 Bidder shall provide technologies with highly reliable functionalities to support encryption on the smart card. in transit and in store.3 Security of the individual’s identity and transaction data must be maintained while the data is in use.5. demand/term loan schemes.5.6. cash receipts. PoS terminal.5. as required by the Bank.5. cash withdrawals and cash payments to service various deposit.9 Bidder should ensure that end-to-end solution is ISO 27001 certified and the certification is maintained throughout the tenure of the engagement. 8.12 Strong authorization mechanisms should be provided to enforce principles of least privileges.5.5.5. restricting access. 8. IDBI Bank : RFP – Financial Inclusion Project Page 35 of 83 .13 The solution supplied by the Bidder should provide timely tracking and reporting of events / violations to bank’s policies.1 Management of Account life-cycle for savings/term/recurring deposit schemes. using at least 3DES or higher encryption standards. limiting amount of money that can be transacted etc. replay of transactions etc. 8. 8.8.14 Systems should be available to support uninterrupted services to the customers duly meeting the contractual obligations of the Bank towards thirdparties and customers. process and people through a competent and mutually agreed third party. 8.6.4 Raw Finger print image should be stored without compression and confirm to RBI guidelines.6 BASIC FUNCTIONS OF THE APPLICATION The application software must support a minimum of the following basic functions.) should be overlaid on this model to capitalize on technology investments. micro insurance etc. Integrity of all transactions should be secured from end-to-end. 8. for de-duplication of finger print information.5. transmission software. 8.5. credit. 8. intermediary devices and servers and support secure communications between various devices/components. utility payments.5. 8.6 Delivery of other government and financial services (like utility payments.11 Authentication mechanisms should reliably verify individuals. cash credit/ overdraft schemes.5 Fraud prevention technologies should be implemented for detecting multiple enrollments.8 Security audit should be carried out for the technology. 8.2 Cash deposits. Data storage requirements should be adequately managed. devices and other systems interacting with each other and generate audit trails to support accountability and non-repudiation requirements of the Bank.7 Enrollment process must be scalable to handle huge numbers. remittances.5.5. 8. 8. 8. insurance schemes offered to customers under this project. 8.

8. Reconciliation and reliable updation of credits and debits transactions through centralized batch posting. 8.1 The Smartcard must confirm to the latest version of Open Standards for Smartcard based Solutions for Financial Inclusion.6. 8.7. 8. 8. 8.3 Voice guidance in local language should be provided for transactions to enable the Customers to follow the transactions. Any other specifications required by the Bank from time to time.6. 8. provision to collect commission.7. RBI. cash receipts.6. charges etc. fees. remittances. Balance-sheet.7 SMART CARD SPECIFICATIONS 8.5 Uploading / Downloading various transactions from one tier to the other within the overall system covering Online and Offline transactions and maintain data integrity.2 Should confirm to ISO 14443/ ISO 7816 standards for contact less/ Contact Smart cards and support read and write operations. books of accounts.10 Dormant Flagging for Inactive Accounts. between two accounts. reports for submission to Auditors. between customer account and office account.18 Generation of Control Reports for monitoring and control including reports on the Cash entitlement.6. 8.4 Transfer transaction between two cards. 8. etc.8.6. 8. application and posting of commission/fees etc for various services / facilities offered to customers based on parameters. Government etc. 8. IDBI Bank : RFP – Financial Inclusion Project Page 36 of 83 .12 Asset Classification for loans and advances 8.6 Pension/ Wages/ Other disbursements through centralized batch posting to the credit of various accounts of the customers.6.11 Account closure module 8. 8. payable to Bidder/ third-parties and claims from Government/Bidder/third-parties.6.6.7 Batch-balancing.8 A report generation module for generation of various MIS reports 8.17 Record and maintain detailed audit trails of all types of transactions (financial or non-financial) duly preserving pre and post images of changes made to accounts. parameter files. 8.6. Similar provision for posting debits to various accounts. reconciliation.15 Calculation and posting of commission/ fees etc.6.9 Highly parameterized enquiry module for online query of data yielding standard or adhoc formats and help-line related activities. cash on hand at every service delivery point. balancing of books.6.16 Generation of Statements.6. as per bank’s stipulations 8. receivables/payables.6. cash paid.13 Interest calculation and posting for deposits / loan accounts etc. cash drawn. between two office accounts.6. 8.14 Calculation.

8. printed on it.8 BIOMETRIC/FINGER PRINT IMAGE ACQUISITION residential address. date of birth. 8.15 Should guarantee card worklife of at least 5 years.10 Application area will contain personal information.16 The card should allow the reader to compare the fingerprint template stored on the card and the live finger print of the card holder read by the fingerprint reader.7. Bank may require additional information to be stored on the Card. etc.17 Should specify the breakup of the space allocated in the smart card for various requirements like User Certificates.11 Should provide for 10 accounts. Fingerprint Templates corresponding to a minimum of 6 fingers & maximum of 10 fingers.8 Should have a minimum of 32 K EEPROM memory for customers and of 64 K EEPROM for Agents rendering banking/financial services.3 The card should be of best quality PVC/polycarbonate material. 8.12 The data relating to each account will have corresponding Account No.14 Provision for Unique number for card serial numbers. Should be durable and should withstand flexing/abrasion/ static electricity/humidity/magnetic field.7 Key Length Supported (1024 to 2048) Symmetric Key Support (DES/ TripleDES Algorithm) 8. 8.8. Smart Card Operating system.6 8. 8.7.7. instruction to return the card if found lost.7. Customized application and future applications.4 Should be of standard dimension 8.7. details of the last 10 transactions and Closing balance. 8.7. Applications provided by the smart card bidder. 8. validity.1 The minimum requirements for image acquisition shall confirm to RBI guidelines and currently should be the Setting Level 31 as defined in the ISO/IEC 19794-4 and is as under: Setting Level Scan resolution pixels/ centimeter (ppcm) Scan resolution pixels/Inch (ppi) Pixel Depth (bits) Dynamic range (grey levels) Certification IDBI Bank : RFP – Financial Inclusion Project Page 37 of 83 .7. 8.7.9 Card will have the photo of the customer as per design approved by Bank.7.13 The personal information will have name.7.5 Card operating system shall be compliant with SCOSTA-CL standard of Government of India 8.8.7. secure storage of information regarding multi accounts.7. date of issue. 8. 8.. Opening balance. 8.

2 of the micro ATM specifications. Bidder shall indicate their consent and preparedness for the same. IDBI Bank : RFP – Financial Inclusion Project Page 38 of 83 .9.5 The images are preferably stored in uncompressed form as per RBI guidelines.10. 8.2 Minimum number of minutiae for enrollment would be 30-35 and for verification 25-30. Bidder shall indicate the minimum number of minutiae recommended for enrollment and the achievable maximum. The same may be relaxed to 16 for enrollment and 12 for verification based on the strength of the function.9.9 MINUTIAE 8. 8. 8.8.10 INTEGRATION WITH UID SCHEME The biometric specifications should meet the standards set by UIDAI. Bidder may indicate the list of compatible algorithms (with version).2 The fingerprint image acquisition and iris scan shall confirm to requirements and certifications proposed by IDRBT or UIDAI. Bidder would be required to meet the said specifications as and when timelines set by UIDAI or IDRBT.2 Once UID is implemented.1 System shall have provision to store the customers UID number on the card as well as the front-end device/ server’s database.9.8.3 The Bidder should be capable of integrating with the UIDAI & NPCI specifications without any addition to the cost thereby facilitating interoperability. 8. 8. the system should be able to authenticate the cardholder using UID database in conformance to Bank’s specifications. 8. Recommended maximum number of minutiae for enrollment and verification is 60.10. execution time and security aspects.1 The quality of finger-print and minutiae meets interoperability requirements and confirms to the latest version of Open Standards for Smartcard based Solutions for Financial Inclusion. 8.31 197 500 8 200 EFTS/F 8. 8.6 Solution should be able to comply with IDRBT’s approved compression algorithms .WSQ or JPEG2000.9. 8.8. memory resources. etc) 8. 8.4 The minutiae should be compatible with third-party Bidder’s algorithms.10.4 Minimum of 6 fingers & maximum of 10 fingers image data shall be captured and stored on server.8. 8. make/models of scanners and authenticity of compatibility (certification by reliable organisation. which are detailed in section 6.3 Maximum number of minutiae to be sent to the card may depend on transmission time.3 Minutia record format shall confirm to ISO/IEC 19794-2 standard.

and at least 8 hours of continuous operations 8.12 HANDHELD DEVICES: Should have built-in PKI support Multilingual support 8. card issue date and Unique ID (UID).1.1 Should confirm to ISO 14443/ ISO7816 and ISO 18092 standards for read and write operations.2.5 secured modes.9 Application should be upgradeable in the field Agent based rule definition IDBI Bank : RFP – Financial Inclusion Project Page 39 of 83 .8 8. primary identification (code representing nature of identity proof submitted by the customer).11. 8. customer name.12.1 The Smartcard Data Architecture meets the latest version of Open Standards for Smartcard based Solutions for Financial Inclusion 8.2.5 The record structure and card architecture shall be compliant with specification of IDRBT.4 Should have online connectivity possible.1 General Requirement:8.12. 8.11. and also have ability to transfer data using online methods.7 Fingerprint system should be able to match the live fingerprint against templates stored on the customer card 8.11.6 Should be battery operated with several days in standby.2. gender.4 The integration with UIDAI for authentication should follow the API’s published by UIDAI from time to time. customer’s mother’s name.11 CARDHOLDER’S IDENTITY DATA 8.2 The device may be a single integrated system or could be in maximum of 2/3 components.11.3 All required devices should be freely (easily) available to carryout the activity on a large scale.12.1 The device meets the latest version of Open Standards for Smartcard based Solutions for Financial Inclusion 8.4 Variable data on the card shall be customer’s address and linked-card number.2. date of birth. preferred language of the customer.12.2 Static and dynamic data about cardholder residing on the smartcard shall at a minimum meet IDRBT’s standards All communications with the handheld devices should be by Handheld Device Specifications 8.12.12. 8. 8.10.3 The details of static content include card number.1.2 8.11.12. 8.8.1. 8.2. 8.

8 Uploading and/or downloading of transactions to/from Intermediate system through online connectivity as well as through online modes 8.3.4 In case of any communication failure.1 Contact Area . it will ensure that no data is lost during transmission 8. These downloaded transactions from the backend should be written subsequently in the respective smart cards during the next visit of the customer.3 Scanner device needs to generate clear distortion free images using the advanced optical methods. then the paper used must be of superior quality. Capability of hand held device.12.2 Comparison of the above fingerprint with fingerprint template stored on the smart card 8. multiple fingers (single image records).12.12.5 the device should be capable of undertaking the following functions:8.12.1x1 square inch. and to transfer/upload the transactions either through online connectivity or online modes.7 Locking the device from further usage whenever the business agent failed to upload the day’s transactions to the intermediate server even at the End of Day or reached the permissible limit of transactions 8.4 8.13.3 8.3.3. 8. Page 40 of 83 IDBI Bank : RFP – Financial Inclusion Project . devices/systems Secure communication between handheld device and all other 8.6 Maintenance of full traceability and audit trail of the transactions 8.3. Protection from strong ambience lights should be provisioned for this.13 FINGERPRINT SCANNER The Fingerprint Scanner to be deployed needs to have following minimum technical specifications – 8.1 Reading fingerprint of customer 8.3. 8.3.7 Validation of cards with respect to authorized hand held device Authentication of the customer Secure storage of transactions Facility for online connectivity Voice guidance for transactions 8.12.8 The handheld device should be able to maintain a database of linked customer accounts.3.6 8.2 Each record shall pertain to a single subject and shall contain an image record (consisting of single view) for each of one or more fingers.5 Printing reports/ Mini statements.12.13. In case it is a thermal printer.1 Scanner device should be capable of capturing and transmitting either minutiae or raw image as required.3. 8. 8. receipts with a printer Impact printer is preferred.12.

15 Scanner device should be protected from strong ambience light. Scanner device should have temper resistant design. temperature variations.13 8. Scanner Device must be immune to Electronic Discharge.11 Scanner Device should be ready to use with ease of integration and interoperability 8.5 Grayscale finger image data should be stored.2 8.3.3 8.14 Scanner device must be resistance to impact and shocks. to avoid alterations to the physical device and/or connectivity modes with the various components to prevent relay or bypass attacks.7 Scanner device should be capable of sensing the Live-scan plain Finger impression.3. 8.3. recorded and transmitted in uncompressed – bit packed form.13.4 Minimum requirement for image acquisition should be the Setting Level 31.17 Scanner device must have broader range of applicability.12 The Scanner Device must confirm to ANSI-378 standard to meet the Data Interchange requirements set by the standard. 8.13. IDBI Bank : RFP – Financial Inclusion Project Page 41 of 83 . as defined in the ISO/IEC 19794-4 and Scanner device and algorithm used for developing minutiae shall be configured to address security requirements of the bank and protected from unauthorised changes 8.18 Scanner device must be capable of generating audit logs and customizable reports of security events that should be reported to the central repository.13.13.13. in the form that the dust and humidity levels should not be damaging the scanner surface.19 Bidder should provide Scanner Device ID and record it in general record header. especially for use in extreme conditions and climates.10 Scanner device must encrypt the finger minutiae with 3DES or equivalent strong encryption algorithm before transmitting it over the network for authentication. 8.13. 8. 8.6 Scanner Surface should be dust and humidity resistant. Pixel Depth – 8 bits 8. 8.8 Scanner device should use precise and fast processing algorithm to ensure efficiency and reliability. 8.4 Minimum Capture Size – 13 mm wide x 17 mm high Pixel density of 500 ppi with ±5ppi. whereby only live fingerprints will produce an image & also protect from use of residual images 8.13.13. This would require the Scanner Device to have strong antispoofing features.13.13. 8.13.5 Dynamic Range of Scanned image – minimum 200 grey levels prior to comparison. 8. 8. humidity and similar environmental variables.13.3. Adequate security measures are desired to protect this data.13.13.

The process of generation. 8.15.14. software and required technical support will be provided by the Bidder.8. Bank should be able to choose which applications to be present on the card and create new products and services internally. 8. Blocking. Issuing.1 Card Management to track cards issued. Updating.5 Ensure that all the download done reach the appropriate handheld device and the update is done in the corresponding smart card.3 Intermediate System will push software upgrades. maintenance and revocation of keys needs to be provided.15.15.14. if any.1 Services of an Intermediate System consisting of the related hardware. 8.manage the entire life cycle of the smart card and its applications.4 Ensure that all the upload done from the various handheld devices/Laptops are properly accounted in the system with various status flags. Replacement and Re-issuance.2 Only Authorized or registered devices can connect to the Intermediate System 8. via POT devices every BOD. any terminal and any card product of their choice.15 INTERMEDIATE SYSTEM / FI SERVER 8.15.the system can support multiple applications on a single smart card. derivation. It will also have following additional functionalities. 8.Cards need not be destroyed or recalled when new applications are launched – instead it should be possible to upload and delete applications from existing cards in circulation remotely e. IDBI Bank : RFP – Financial Inclusion Project Page 42 of 83 .6 Secure communication between all devices/systems end-to-end.2 Life Cycle Management .4 Multi-Application Support . to the handheld device during every BOD and ensure that all the handheld devices are having the latest version of the software 8. 8.3 Standards Based System – should be compliant with industry standards and permit the Bank to select any card. giving Bank control of the cardholder e. as required.15. 8.15.14. 8.14. through out the card’s lifecycle till removal of the system form the database. 8.g. The Intermediate software will have the capability of switching and connecting the front-end devices with the backend Banking Solution in a secure manner.g. Maintenance and Operation of the System will be done by the Bidder.6 Key Management System – Key Management System should be deployed centrally for the Bank and it should permit security framework of interoperability between bank terminals although the terminals are supplied by different Bidders. 8.14.14 CENTRAL SMARTCARD MANAGEMENT SYSTEM 8.5 Post-Issuance Management .14.

8.1 The Accounts of customers covered under Financial Inclusion would reside on Bank’s Core Banking System. 8. The physical copies of documents etc that have been collected from the customers should so be securely stored.17 CARD PERSONALIZATION: 8.16. The features and business rules specified in the Core Banking system should be extended by the Bidder’s solution. multiple accounts to single card and multiple accounts to multiple cards.16. In case bank chooses to allow the Bidder to run these operations at Bidder’s premises. This software will include following functionalities: 8. IDBI Bank : RFP – Financial Inclusion Project Page 43 of 83 . software and support personnel will be provided by the Bidder. entitlement to receive remittances under various schemes.4 Card personalization infrastructure should be located within the premises of the Bank.8.1 Card-personalization system consisting of related hardware.3 The Bidder shall develop and provide interfaces for the Backend system to interact with Core Banking System (Finacle) of the Bank. All this data in physical and electronic form are property of the Bank and should not be used by the Bidder without bank’s express authorization.16.4 Audit trails should be stored for all transactions and should be accessible to the bank’s authorized personnel whenever needed. in such an event Bank would be given access to conduct audit of the systems and processes.3 Photographs.17. Audit trail should be able to track the transaction end-to-end. there should be provision for linking multiple cards to single account.17. raw finger print images etc that are scanned at the time of enrollment or thereafter have to be securely stored. application form.17.17. 8. 8.16.2 Although currently one card would be issued per account. Maintenance and operation of the system will be done by the Bidder. Documents of proof of identity / residential address.2 Provision for downloading and uploading transactions off-line and online should be available 8. 8.16 INTERFACE WITH CORE-BANKING SYSTEM (FINACLE) OF THE BANK 8.

if accepted by Bank. 9.5 Any technical or commercial bid submitted cannot be withdrawn / modified after the closing date and time for submission of the bid offers unless specifically permitted by the Bank. 9. 9. 9. 9.1. 9.1.10 All out of pocket expenses. However. form part of the final contract between Bank and Bidder.1. All responses by the Bidders to this RFP document shall be binding on such Bidders for a period of 180 days from the date of opening the Technical Bid.1. 9.1. the same shall be deemed to be provided by the Bidder at no extra cost to Bank. payment schedules. functional and technical specifications. boarding and lodging expenses for the entire life of the contract should be a part of the financial bid submitted by the Bidder and no extra cost shall be payable by Bank.3 All responses including commercial and technical bids would be deemed to be irrevocable offers / proposals from the Bidders and may. IDBI Bank : RFP – Financial Inclusion Project Page 44 of 83 . 9. timeframe for implementation etc.1. 9.1.7 In the event the Bidder has not quoted for any mandatory or optional items as required by Bank and forming a part of the RFP document circulated to the Bidders and responded to by the Bidders.1.9 In the event. payment by Bank shall be made for the lowest quote.1. 9.12 By submitting a proposal. Bank has not asked for the quotes for alternative prices and the Bidder furnishes the alternative quotes in the Bidder’s financial bids. hardware.1. bill of materials while submitting the response.1 The Bidder must use the entire information furnished in the RFP including scope.2 All responses should be in English language.1.11 The Bidder at no point of time can excuse themselves from any claims by Bank whatsoever for their deviations in confirming to the terms and conditions. other annexure and other terms and conditions. the higher of the quotes shall be taken for evaluation purposes.4 Bidders are advised to attach a letter from an authorized signatory attesting the veracity of the information provided in the response.9 BIDDER’S RESPONSE AND OPENING OF BIDS 9.6 Each offer should specify only a single solution which is cost effective and meeting the tender specifications and it is the responsibility of the Bidder to decide the best of breed solution. 9. travelling.8 Bank concludes that everything as mentioned in the RFP documents circulated to the Bidders and responded by the Bidders have been quoted for by the Bidders and there shall be no extra cost associated with the same other than the cost quoted by the Bidder. the Bidder agrees to promptly contract with Bank for any work awarded to the Bidder. The Bidder cannot take the plea of omitting any charges or costs and later lodge a claim on Bank for the same.1.1 GENERAL TERMS OF BID SUBMISSION 9. detailed requirements of architecture of application. as mentioned in RFP documents.

9. The Bidder shall submit a Demand Draft / Pay Order for Rs. The Bidder should provide detailed information wherever applicable.23 The Bidder shall submit Bank Guarantee for Rs.1.1.14 Bank reserves the right to reject any or all bids in full without assigning any reason whatsoever.2 Technical Bid indicating the response to the technical and functional requirement specifications 9.1. should not carry any sections like ‘to be discussed’.13 This RFP or clarifications or writings issued pursuant thereto shall not be construed as an obligation on the part of Bank to award a purchase contract for any services or combination of services.1.2.20 To assist in the scrutiny.1.00.5 The bidder has to keep the Technical and Commercial Bid in two separate sealed covers marked as ‘Technical Bid for Implementation of IDBI Bank : RFP – Financial Inclusion Project Page 45 of 83 . ask any of Bidders for clarifications to their offer. in writing by Bank. 9.1. ‘As per brochure’ etc.9. ‘Available’. 9. Bank may. ‘Accepted’ . 9.1. is not acceptable to Bank.19 The response to the bid ‘Clarifications’. 9. ‘As orally told’.4 The bidder has to submit his response in hardcopy and softcopy in Microsoft Office document formats for Technical Bid and Commercial Bid. PREPARATION OF BIDS The bidder has to submit his response to the bid in English language 9.1. ‘Noted’.17 The offers containing erasers or alterations shall not be considered.15 The bidder has to adhere to the time schedule of activities mentioned in the RFP and no request to change the last date or extend period / time for submission shall be entertained by Bank. Bank reserves its right to extend the date/time for submission of the responses without assigning any reason by notifying in the Website / displayed on the Notice Board.1. evaluation and comparison of offers. 9.21 Bank reserves the right to separate the scope of hardware supply from the total contract and procure itself from a suitable Bidder.(Rupees Ten Lakhs Only) towards Bid Guarantee for 6 months issued by a Public Sector Bank. ‘interpretations’. corrections or alterations in the offer. 9. at its discretion. 9. However.2. 9.18 Filling up of the information using terms such as ‘OK’.1.000/(Rupees Ten Thousand Only) towards cost of Bid (non-refundable).16 Any additional or different terms and conditions proposed by the Bidder would be rejected unless expressly assented to. 9.1 only.2 9.3 Commercial Bid furnishing all the relevant information as required as per the Bill of Material 9.2.000/. There should be no hand-written material. ‘assumptions’ etc. Correct / proper technical information of the product being offered must be filled in.

2. 13 th Floor.4 PROPOSAL FORMAT 9. Financial Inclusion Department.Financial Inclusion Project in IDBI Bank’ and ‘Commercial Implementation of Financial Inclusion Project in IDBI Bank’.1.2. Bid for 9. A masked copy of the entire Price Bid and Bill of Materials after masking the prices should accompany the Technical Proposal.6 The Bidder has to keep the Demand Draft for Rs. Cuffe Parade. The proposal should contain an Executive Summary. IDBI Towers. Mumbai – 400 005 9. This is required only to ensure that the Commercial Bids are submitted as per the required formats. 9.4. Bidder’s products and services provided as part of the procurement.3 envelope should have the hard copy and CD for CONTACT DETAILS FOR SUBMITTING THE PROPOSAL: Primary Address: IDBI Bank Ltd. It should be placed conveniently so that it can be verified prior to opening of Technical Bids. Any deviation in this regard shall make the bid invalid for further evaluation.2 The Bidder needs to provide an undertaking on the veracity of soft copy submitted with the Hard copy submitted in the format “Technical Bid Form IX” 9.3 The Executive Summary should provide an overview of the Bidder’s organization. 13 th Floor.2. A brief description of the unique qualifications of the Bidder IDBI Bank : RFP – Financial Inclusion Project Page 46 of 83 .1 The Bidder’s proposal should effectively communicate their solution and be presented in the specified formats for Bank to assess alternatives. 9. Mumbai – 400 005 Alternate Address: IDBI Bank Ltd. IDBI Towers.000/.000/.10. WTC Complex..2. WTC Complex. 9. Cuffe Parade.. 9. Financial Inclusion Department.1.4. the Commercial details are to be kept under Technical portion of the bid. It should be ensured that no pricing information is a part of the Technical Bid.4.(as mentioned in 9.22) and Bank Guarantee for Rs.9 First sub envelope should have the hard copy and CD for Technical Bid.10 Second sub Commercial Bid.8 The Bidder is advised to submit one Master Envelope containing three separate envelopes as mentioned below:9.(as mentioned in 9.10.23) in a separate sealed cover titled “Cost of Bid and Bid Guarantee”.00.7 Under no circumstances.2. 9.

4.5. time and venue shall be entertained by IDBI Bank : RFP – Financial Inclusion Project Page 47 of 83 .1 Against each of the functional requirements.6. All communications are to be addressed as per the address given above.2 The bidder must provide his response to technical requirements in MS Office Suite of Products form in a structured and neat form.5 TECHNICAL BID 9.6.6 The bidder needs to follow the Terms and conditions envisaged in the RFP without deviation in general and should submit an undertaking to the said effect as per the format in annexure “Technical Bid Form X” 9.4 The proposal should explain in detail with regards to the consortium Bidders in case the offer is a consortium bid. 9. the bidder while giving their response should change the information furnished by Bank under Technical.4.should then be provided followed by a summary on capabilities and past experience in implementing such projects.6 CLARIFICATIONS TO RFP AND PRE-BID MEETING 9.1 The Bidder should carefully examine and understand the specifications/conditions of the RFP and may seek clarifications. A maximum of two participants from each bidder will be permitted to participate/ attend the Pre-Bid Meeting. 9. All clarification/queries on the bid are to be sought in writing at least two days in advance to the pre-bid meeting. 9.7 All the bidders forming the consortium need to provide a confirmation of abiding by the Terms and conditions envisaged in this RFP and should provide an undertaking to the said effect individually as per format in annexure “Technical Bid Form XI” 9. 9. 9.6.3 Further bidder shall indicate the names of the participants for the preBid meeting by e-mail to reach us at least 2 days prior to Pre-bid meeting. No request for change in date. The numbering should be done separately for Technical and Commercial bid. if required. Functional and other requirements in any of the columns. bidder’s response is required to be noted for each of the sections as described under specific sections.6.5.5. 9. 9.4 The commercial bid should not contradict or deviate from the technical bid in any manner.5 All pages of the Bid including Brochures are to be numbered as Page – of ---.4. 9. but not section wise 9.4.2 The Bidder in all such cases must seek clarification in writing in the same serial order of that of the RFP by mentioning the relevant page number and clause number in the pages. A summary of the activities of each Bidder and the relevant expertise is to be enclosed as a part of the Technical.3 Under no circumstances. for implementing the Financial Inclusion Project in total.4 Bank shall hold a Pre-Bid meeting to clarify all the queries raised by the bidders. 9.

The prices should include the charges payable for carrying out any modification.6 The Bidder has to include all costs like Travel.6. 9.7. that need to be incurred. Levies. Installation. 9.8 Bank may modify the RFP by issuing addenda for any reason at any time prior to the final date of submission of RFP. Lodging & Boarding. duties.7.6.8 The prices quoted shall include transportation to the respective sites and insurance till completion of the acceptance process by the Bank.7 COMMERCIAL BID 9. the same shall be reimbursed to the Bidder on production of satisfactory proof. Cost figures should be presented separately for each of the bill of materials mentioned as per Annexure Commercial Bid Form -II. 9. Local Travel expenses. charges and levies. duties. 9.6. etc. 9.7. Bank also reserves the right to delete one or more items from the list of items specified duly notifying the changes on the Bank’s website. The benefits realized by Bidder due to lower rates of taxes. Excise. etc incurred during the implementation as a part of the Bill of Materials and Bank will not bear any additional costs on these. changes / upgrades to the Financial Inclusion Project or other equipment or IDBI Bank : RFP – Financial Inclusion Project Page 48 of 83 . duties. Cess. 9. 9.5 Any additional expenses incurred by the Bidder due to increase in taxation. charges and levies of State or Central Governments.4 All costs should be inclusive of all taxes.7.Bank and no individual consultations other than the pre-bid meeting shall be entertained. 9.2 The Bidder to quote in Indian Rupees only and bids in currencies other than INR would not be considered.7.7. 9.7 All the clarifications given by Bank shall become part and parcel of the RFP and bidders should give their responses duly taking into consideration the clarification given by the bank.7. 9. 9. Insurance. 9. as applicable.9 Bank reserves the right to alter the requirements specified in the RFP for any reason prior to the last date of submission of RFP.7 The prices quoted by the Bidders shall include all costs such as Taxes.7.6. at the date of signing the Agreement and subject to deduction of all statutory deductions applicable.5 No additional clarifications other than the clarifications asked for in advance shall be entertained.1 The commercial bid should be enclosed in a separate sealed envelope. VAT.6 The clarifications of Bank including the queries raised by bidders would be sent to the bidders by Fax/Post/Electronic Mail and this is binding on all bidders.6. if any. 9. charges and levies shall be passed on by Bidder to Bank. All modifications shall be notified on the website of the Bank and it shall be binding on them. Custom Duties.3 The prices and other terms offered by Bidders must be in force for a period of 180 days from the date of opening of the commercial bid.

9. 9. excise. changes in import duty and other taxes.10 The price bid should include all the costs for the industry wide changes to the solution or changes that may be required due to a change in law arising during the subsistence of the agreement and the Bidder should provide with the details of all such items considered in the RFP.1 9. after the submission of the price bid and up to the date of invoice.3 Enterprise / Corporate / Universal license Individual license. maintenance.7.7.15 The bidder must also furnish separately the recurring / revenue expenditure. 9. testing. cess or charge.14 Terms of payment indicated in the RFP shall be final and binding on the Bidder and no alternate terms and conditions proposed shall be considered. custom duty etc. 9. shall not affect the Rupee value of the commercial bid. 9. conversion and ongoing costs like cost of upgrades. Prices shall be inclusive of all and any costs to be charged. the Bidder should include costs for Facility Management and Maintenance in the Bill of Materials. other than entry tax or octroi. or Statutory authority for any of the items or supplies made by the Bidder for any reason including the delay or failure or inability of the Bidder to make payments and paid by Bank.7. inflationary pressures over the contract period etc. 9. supplies.13 For all the taxes. such as installation. preventative maintenance and support.12 All local entry taxes or Octroi if applicable shall be reimbursed by Bank on production of relative payment receipts or documents. taxes. for each of the items/modules Number of users (Slab wise) Page 49 of 83 IDBI Bank : RFP – Financial Inclusion Project .7. 9. Municipality. 9. This includes implementation costs.17 Proposals should identify all costs for software and hardware based on a five years useful life. tools. training. cess.7.7.9 The Bidder is required to guarantee that exchange rate fluctuations. Bank has to be reimbursed by the Bidder for all such amounts on being informed with documentary evidence. levies.7.7.11 In case of any revision (upward or downward) in Government levies.7. the benefit or burden of the same shall be passed on or adjusted to Bank. such as cost of installation.7. Items that are not produced directly by the Bidder should be indicated as such. duties. software updates / upgrades. that is required to be made in order to comply with any statutory or regulatory requirements. over the validity period of the bid. VAT. penalties.2 9.19.7. proposal should indicate costs separately for: 9. Panchayat or any State Govt. documentation. charged by the tax authorities of any State including any Local authorities like Corporation. 9.19 In case of licensing. training. and any other element that could be interpreted as the real cost of procurement and any ongoing expenses due to the Bidder.7. 9. Mandal.18 It is expected that the Bidder shall provide a detailed price breakdown for the proposed system.7.19. 9.16 As the Total cost of the Solution is required.19.7.

1 9.9.9 ORGANIZATION OF BID 9.5 9. if offered. Bank shall reserve right to ask for PROOF OF CONCEPT on working of the newly introduced Models in the market.9.9.1. Bank shall be entitled to invoke the performance guarantee without notice or right of demur to the Bidder.2 The commercial bid should be submitted in a sealed cover containing the following:9.9.2 Covering letter duly signed by the authorized signatory Table of contents Page 50 of 83 IDBI Bank : RFP – Financial Inclusion Project . Consortium details Letter from consortium members Bidders response to functional requirements Bidders response to technical requirements Technical Bill of Materials without any commercial details All Formats required to be submitted duly filled in Soft copy of the technical bid in formats supported by Microsoft Office suite of products Covering letter duly signed by the authorized signatory Executive Summary Table of contents Letter with details of authorized signatories who can represent In the event of non performance of obligation or failure to meet the terms of the tender.7.8 9.20 The bidder is required to prepare detailed Bill of Materials for implementation of the project and incorporate the same as per the format of Commercial Bid enclosed.1.1.1 The technical bid should be submitted in a sealed cover containing the following:9.1 The Bidder should provide a performance guarantee in the form as provided by Bank equivalent to 10% of the contract value valid for a period of One Year and it has to be renewed every year at 10% of the respective year’s value.4 9.4 the bidders 9. 9.10 9.9.9 PERFORMANCE GUARANTEE 9.9.6 9.9.3 9.21 The Models that are proposed/ marked for withdrawal from the market and the models under quality testing should not be offered.1.1 9.5 Any other (Please specify) Cost of Equipment 9.9. on the agreed terms & conditions before considering for empanelment.

11.11 EXAMINATION OF THE BIDS 9.12 EVALUATION METHODOLOGY 9. 9. Mumbai. For any reasons. WTC Complex.3 Bank may at its discretion call for clarifications from all / any of the Bidders and bank reserves its right to disqualify the Bidder whose clarification is found not suitable to the proposed project.3 Bank reserves its right to change the date and time for opening the technical bid duly publishing the information on the bank’s website.2. functional fit of the solution to the IDBI Bank : RFP – Financial Inclusion Project Page 51 of 83 .2 Bank shall scrutinize the technical offers to determine whether they are complete.9. whether required technical documentation has been enclosed. 9.11.10. if Bank does not function on the date of scheduled opening.10.10 9. whether any errors have been made in the offer. Financial Inclusion Department. whether the documents have been properly signed etc. 9. 9. Cuffe Parade.10.4 All the authorized representatives of the bidders present at the time of opening should sign in a register evidencing their attendance and also on the covers of the bids 9. 9.11.4 Bank shall also verify whether the bidder has responded in full to the RFP or not.1 Bank shall do a preliminary examination of all the bids so as to ensure that they are complete in all respects and all documents have been properly signed.2 No further notice shall be issued to the bidders with regard to the opening of the bids. The short-listing will be based on various parameters such as compliance with pre-qualification criteria as per terms of the tender documents.The bidders’ representatives should present themselves at the above mentioned venue along with the authorization letter. However Bank may at its discretion waive any minor non conformity or minor deviation in any offer. IDBI Towers. the bids shall be opened on the next working day at the same time at the same venue.11.3 9.9. 9. This is binding on all Bidders and Bank decision in the matter shall be final.4 Bill of Material along with the costs Soft copy of the commercial bid in formats supported by Microsoft Office suite of products as per the format OPENING OF THE BIDS 9.1 Opening of technical bids: The technical bid shall be opened in the presence of bidders’ representatives at 13th Floor.9.1 Bank will prepare a list of empanelled Bidders based on evaluation by a Committee of the Bank.

12. presentations.12.4 Bank reserves right to call for a presentation on the features etc.12.6 Technical evaluation will take into consideration the capability of the bidder to implement the proposed solution. etc. etc in addition to technical compliance of the solution offered by the bidder vis-à-vis the technical specifications given in the technical bid forms.9 The Bank may use the services of external consultants for bid evaluation. the price bid submitted will be considered non-responsive and accordingly rejected. 9.12. if the clarifications/ additional particulars sought are not submitted within the specified date and time.12.7 Only those bidders whose Technical bids have been found substantially responsive would be intimated by the Bank about their responsiveness and about the revised/updated Technical & Functional Specification (if any). referrals. if any. The bidder has to submit the clarifications/ additional particulars in writing within the specified date and time.3 The Bank may call for any clarifications/ additional particulars required. they would also be advised to submit fresh “Price Bid” which should either be equal to or less than the prices quoted in the Original Price Bid where there is no upward revision of specifications. The commercial bids of the technically empanelled bidders only will be considered for commercial bid evaluation. If the Bidder does not agree to revise the same within 5 days from the date of notification to revise.2 Prior to detailed evaluation Bank will determine the substantial responsiveness of each Bid to the Bidding Document.8 Bill of Materials (masked price schedule) submitted along with Technical Bid will be first evaluated and if the Bank.requirements of the Bank. The bidder’s offer may be disqualified. 9. may request the bidder to revise the bill of materials submitted at the same price originally quoted in the pricing schedule. past experience. 9. responses. 9.12. In case of normalization and/or revision. Substantial responsiveness means that bid confirms to all terms and conditions of the Pre-Qualification Criteria and Bidding Document without any material deviations. 9. 9.5 Bank reserves the right to evaluate the bids on technical and functional parameters including possible visit to inspect live sites of the Bidder and witness demos of the system and verify functionalities. from the short listed Bidders based on the technical bids submitted to make an evaluation. 9. site-visits (if deemed necessary). 9.12. IDBI Bank : RFP – Financial Inclusion Project Page 52 of 83 . technology. deems it fit. if required. on the technical bids submitted by the bidder.12. during the evaluation. response times..

The bidder shall take necessary permission from the site owner and demonstrate the features and performance to Bank at their own cost.14 Bidders Presentations/Site visits / Product Demonstration 9.12.12. 9. Bank prefers the Bidder to provide details of any two organizations as Reference Sites with the details of contacts at the respective banks. Its decision shall be final and no correspondence about the decision shall be entertained. 9.17 All expenses incurred in connection with the above shall be borne by the bidder. 9. of all the technically short-listed Bidders.12. 9. Bank may at its discretion as a part of the evaluation of the technical bid may request either all bidders or any of them to arrange for this demonstration of their product more than once if felt necessary before opening commercial bid. no correspondence shall be entertained. 9. 9.12.19 Bidders should arrange for visits to the reference sites wherein the product is successfully implemented by them. Bank would preferably want to have an onsite reference visit or a Telephonic conversation with the concerned.10 The Bank will evaluate and compare the Price Bids.12.15 Bidders are required to prepare for making necessary presentations as a part of the final evaluation in accordance with the responses given for the identified requirements any time after the last date for submission of bids. 9.11 L1 will be decided on the basis of sum total of the price quoted in the Price Schedule 9.18 Setting of evaluation criteria for product demonstrations shall be entirely at the discretion of Bank. Bank shall bear the travelling. IDBI Bank : RFP – Financial Inclusion Project Page 53 of 83 .16 Bidders are further required to be prepared to demonstrate the proposed solution by arranging for a product walk-through at their own installations/principals/R&D labs duly meeting the specific requirements / issues raised by Bank.9.13 Evaluation criteria.12.12.12. Normalization of the Commercial Bids will be considered to bring all the technically short listed Bidders at par for computing total cost of ownership. evaluation of the responses to the RFP and subsequent selection of the successful bidder will be entirely at Bank’s discretion. The procedure will be declared at the time of commercial bid opening.12.12. if required. However. The decision of Bank in this regard shall be final and in this regard. boarding and lodging expenses related to its own personnel and Consultants.12 Bank reserves right to normalize the commercial bids based on total cost of ownership.

The date.2 Commercial bids shall be opened in the presence of authorized representatives of the qualified bidders and the commercial values quoted by each bidder shall be read out.3 Commercial bid valuation shall be considered as below in case of any kind of discrepancy 9. Bank releases the order either in Full or in part or place more than one order towards the contract based on project plan 9.8 In case the bidder does not accept the correction of the errors as stated above.6 If there is discrepancy between unit price and total price. No conditional or qualified acceptance shall be permitted.14.5 If there is a discrepancy between percentage and amount.13 OPENING OF COMMERCIAL BID AND EVALUATION the correct total shall be arrived at by Bank 9.13.1 Commercial bid shall be opened for the qualified bidders who are short listed after technical evaluation. 9.9. the amount calculated as per the stipulated percentage basis shall prevail 9.1 The Bidder whose commercial bid is accepted will be referred to as selected Bidder and Bank will notify the name of the selected Bidder by display in the Notice board of Bank 9.14 AWARDING OF CONTRACT 9.14.14. the bid shall be rejected.3 The selected bidder shall submit the acceptance of the order with in seven days from the date of receipt of the order. the unit price shall prevail 9. be awarded and the order shall be placed on selected Bidder. All the authorized representatives of the bidders should sign in a register so as to confirm their attendance.5 On failure of the selected bidder to stipulated time.13.14. 9. the amount in words shall prevail 9. 9.13.7 If there is a discrepancy in the total.2 The contract shall.13. 9.4 Bank reserves its right to consider at its sole discretion the late acceptance of the order by selected bidder 9.13. time and venue of opening the commercial bids shall be informed to the qualified bidders. Bank shall be at liberty to from the other technically qualified Bidders same RFP by calling for fresh commercial IDBI Bank : RFP – Financial Inclusion Project accept the order with in proceed with procurement with in the purview of the quotes either considering Page 54 of 83 . The effective date for start of provisional contract with the Selected Bidder shall be the date of acceptance of the order by the bidder.13.4 If there is a discrepancy between words and figures.

8 Bank at its discretion may cancel the order placed on the selected bidder without giving any notice in the event of bidder’s failure to submit the Bank guarantee and / or performance guarantee with in stipulated period from the date of execution of the contract 9.10 The performance guarantee will be discharged by Bank and returned to the selected bidder in Ninety days after the selected bidder‘s performance obligations under the contract are completed without any default and accepted by Bank. Bank shall invoke the Bank guarantee and / or performance guarantee before expiry of the validity. in case the work is not completed and the guarantee is not extended accordingly. Bank shall notify the selected bidder in writing before invoking the guarantee. IDBI Bank : RFP – Financial Inclusion Project Page 55 of 83 .9 The selected bidder shall be responsible for extending the validity date and claim period of all Bank guarantees as and when it is due on account of incompletion of the Project and warranty period. at the time. equivalent to 10% of the value of the contract price valid till completion of the project and warranty period 9.existing commercial quotes or the initially selected bidder stands disqualified for further participation in the subject bid 9.7 Within seven days after the execution of the Contract agreement.6 Within 21 days from the date of acceptance of the order by the selected bidder. 9. All stamp duty charges applicable on the agreement shall be borne by the selected bidder 9.14. place and in the format prescribed by Bank.14. the selected bidder must submit a performance guarantee. as per the format provided by the Bank. the bidder shall sign a stamped “Contract agreement” referred to as Contract in this RFP.14.14. with Bank.14.

or to cancel the process in part or whole. 10.1 TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF THE PROPOSAL 10.5 Responses submitted by a Bidder to this RFP represent a firm offer to contract on the terms and conditions described in the Bidder’s response. Responses must clearly state the length of the bid and its explicit expiration date. 10.1.1. and without reissuing the RFP. The aforementioned material must be returned to IDBI Bank when submitting the Bidder proposal.7 The proposal and all supporting documentation submitted by the Bidder shall become the property of IDBI Bank.4 Due to the nature of the evaluation process. In case the Bidder is not interested in responding to the RFP.6 The RFP and all supporting documentation/templates are the sole property of IDBI Bank and shall NOT be redistributed without the prior written consent of IDBI Bank. the RFP documents and any annexures must be returned to IDBI Bank immediately. proposals must be valid for a minimum of 180 days from the date of proposal. to request one or more re-submissions or clarifications from one or more Bidders. No Bidder is obligated to respond to or to continue to respond to the RFP. 10. by providing an addendum on Bank’s website till the award of the contract. in part or whole.8 By submitting a signed bid. or upon request. during the RFP process. The Bank reserves the right to issue revisions to this RFP at any time before the award date 10. The proposal must be signed by an official authorized to commit the bidder to the terms and conditions of the proposal.1. and approval and procurement activities that may occur.1.1. Bank reserves the right to alter the specifications. Each party shall be entirely responsible for its own costs and expenses that are incurred while participating in the RFP and subsequent presentations and contract negotiation processes. Violation of this would be a breach of trust and may.1. to revise the RFP. 10.1. 10. the Bidder certifies that: IDBI Bank : RFP – Financial Inclusion Project Page 56 of 83 .2 Bank reserves the right to accept or reject any and all proposals.1.10 TERMS AND CONDITIONS 10. Additionally.3 The Bank may revise any part of the RFP. 10.1 Bank invites the Bidder’s attention to the following terms and conditions which underline this RFP and which provide a statement of understanding between the interested parties. inter-alia cause the Bidder to be irrevocably disqualified. Bidder must clearly identify the full title and authorization of the designated official and provide a statement of bid commitment with the accompanying signature of the official.

In the event of any deviations from the requirements of these documents. The Bidder represents that all software and hardware to be supplied in response to this RFP shall meet the proposed Bidder solution requirements. 10. 10.8. which is suitable for the Bank. they shall be deemed to be included within the scope of the deliverables or services.11 The Bank is not responsible for any assumptions or judgments made by the Bidders for arriving at any type of sizing or costing. 10. The Bidder shall be required to independently arrive at a solution. Hardware.1. In case such conflicts of interest do arise. necessary or customary part of the deliverables or services and are required for proper performance or provision of the deliverables or services in accordance with this RFP. after taking into consideration the effort estimated for implementation of the same. the Bidder must indicate the manner is which such conflicts can be resolved. 10. 10. The Bidder also acknowledge that the Bank relies on this statement of fact. The Bank shall not be responsible for any assumptions made by the Bidder.1.3 No attempt by the Bidder to induce any other bidder to submit or not to submit a bid for restricting competition has occurred. in order to achieve the desired service levels as well as meeting the requirements of these documents.1 The Bidder has arrived at the prices in its bid without agreement with any other bidder of this RFP for the purpose of restricting competition.10 IDBI Bank would enter into a contract with Primary Bidder who shall be responsible for delivery and overall implementation and provide a working solution of all Software.1. If any services.2 The prices in the bid have not been disclosed and shall not be disclosed to any other bidder of this RFP. as if such services. functions or responsibilities not specifically described in this RFP are inherent. 10. human resources etc and shall be responsible to coordinate with other associated Bidders and submit both Technical and Commercial Proposals. therefore IDBI Bank : RFP – Financial Inclusion Project Page 57 of 83 .1.12 The Bidder represents and acknowledges to the Bank that it possesses necessary experience.1. the Bidder must make good the same at no extra costs to the Bank.8.8. functions or responsibilities were specifically required and described in this RFP and shall be provided by the Bidder at no additional cost to the Bank. expertise and ability to undertake and fulfill its obligations.10. The Bank at all times will benchmark the performance of the Bidder to the RFP documents circulated to the Bidders and the expected service levels as mentioned in these documents. under all phases involved in the performance of the provisions of this RFP.1.1.9 Each Bidder must indicate whether or not they have any actual or potential conflict of interest related to contracting services with IDBI Bank.

Bidders should provide complete details of any subcontractor/s used for the purpose of this engagement. subcontractors etc.13 The Bank shall be under no obligation to accept the lowest or any other offer received in response to this tender notice and shall be entitled to reject any or all offers including those received late or incomplete offers without assigning any reason whatsoever. wages.1. All remuneration. of Bidder shall be paid by Bidder alone and the Bank shall not have any direct or indirect IDBI Bank : RFP – Financial Inclusion Project Page 58 of 83 . agents. the Bidder shall be solely responsible for performance of all obligations under the RFP irrespective of the failure or inability of the subcontractor chosen by the Bidder to perform its obligations. The bank will publish on its Website about changes. contractors. of such employees. as applicable. which is outside the scope of power vested or instructions issued by the Bank. 10. vested under the purchase contract to be issued for this tender. If there is some solutions/ services being offered by a bidder which is unique. the Bank expects the Bidder to fulfill all the terms and conditions of this RFP. the Bank reserves the right to award the contract to them irrespective of bids. dues etc. agents. deeds or things done by their employees. The Bank also reserves the right to delete one or more items from the list of items specified in the tender. subcontractors etc.16 The Bidder is responsible for managing the activities of its personnel or the personnel of its subcontractors/franchisees and will be accountable for both. 10. whether the same is within the scope of power or outside the scope of power. engaged by Bidder and shall be vicariously liable for all the acts. subcontractors etc. and / or to listen to any representations. Bank reserves the right to appoint more than One service provider/ bidder. contractors. It is clarified that notwithstanding the use of sub contractors by the Bidder. if any. claims. 10.14 The Bank reserves the right to alter the requirements specified in the tender. The Bidder shall also have the responsibility for payment of all dues and contributions. towards statutory benefits for its employees and sub-contractors. No right of any employment shall accrue or arise. subcontractors etc.neither accepting responsibility nor relieving the Bidder of responsibility for the performance of all provisions and terms and conditions of this RFP. by virtue of engagement of employees. by the Bidder. contractors.1. for any assignment under the purchase contract to be issued for this tender. The Bank reserves the right to make any changes in the terms and conditions of purchase.15 If required by the Bank. Bidder shall be the principal employer of the employees.1.1. deeds or things. agents. The Bank will not be obliged to meet and have discussions with any Bidder. The Bidder shall be vicariously liable for any acts. Further. 10. contractors. agents.

10. However. The Bidder shall hold the Bank.3. patents and other intellectual property rights of any nature whatsoever. at its choice and expense: (a) procure for Bank the right to continue to use such Deliverables. patents and other intellectual property rights of any nature whatsoever.1. manage. or (c) if the rights to use cannot be procured or the Deliverables cannot be replaced or modified. 10. (b) replace or modify such Deliverables to make them non-infringing. provided that the same function is performed by the replacement or modified Deliverables as the infringing Deliverables. Assignees and Administrators fully indemnified and harmless against loss or liability.3. including copyrights.2 In the event that the Deliverables become the subject of a claim of violation or infringement of a third party's intellectual property rights. claims actions or proceedings. if any. that may arise from whatsoever nature caused to the Bank through the action of its employees. conclusive and binding on the Bidder and Bidder shall be liable to pay on demand the actual amount of such loss / damages caused to the Bank . negotiate or settle such claims. the Bidder would be given an opportunity to be heard by the Bank prior to making of a decision in respect of such loss or damage. agents. contractors. The bank also reserves the right to delete one or more items from the list of items specified in the tender. and make available all reasonable assistance in defending the claims (at the expense of the Bidder). and subcontractors.liability or obligation. if any. claims or wages of any of Bidder's employee. RIGHT TO ALTER QUANTITIES 10.17 The Bank shall inform the Bidder all breaches and claims of indemnification and shall grant the Bidder sole authority to defend. contractors. accept the return of the Deliverables and reimburse bank for any amounts paid to Bidder for such IDBI Bank : RFP – Financial Inclusion Project Page 59 of 83 . Application software. agents. The Bidder should ensure that the Hardware. Bidder shall. its successors. including copyrights. subcontractors etc. The written demand by the Bank as to the loss / damages mentioned above shall be final. to pay any charges.1 Bidder warrants that the Inputs provided shall not infringe upon any third party intellectual property rights. operating systems supplied to Bank shall not infringe the third party intellectual property rights.2 10. Bidder warrants that the Deliverables shall not infringe upon any third party intellectual property rights.1 The Bank reserves the right to alter the requirements specified in the tenders.2. The Bidder has to ensure that third party rights are not infringed even in case of equipment / software supplied on behalf of consortium as Bidder 10.3 INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS 10.

3. The Bidder is liable for penalties levied by Bank for any deviation in this regard. agents or distributors of the software 10.3. and test the software without any further charge. drivers. grants the Indemnifying Party sole authority to defend. The indemnification obligations stated in this clause reflect the entire liability of the parties for the matters addressed thereby. The Bidder is required to customize the software as per bank requirement either at Bank’s site or at off site. IDBI Bank : RFP – Financial Inclusion Project Page 60 of 83 .4 Bidder acknowledges that business logics.5 The Bidder shall ensure that the software provided meets all the technical and functional requirements as envisaged in the scope and annexure of the RFP. However Bank shall not bear any kind of expense. Notwithstanding the foregoing. 10.3. The Bidder shall provide for all tools. implementation and roll out of all the solutions required as per the RFP with in the accepted time schedule 10. manage.Deliverables. and makes available all reasonable assistance in defending the claims (at the expense of the Indemnifying Party). installation. consumables required to install.6 The Bidder shall install the equipment and commission the software for customization and user acceptance test at the Bidder’s own cost as per the accepted time schedules.7 The Bidder shall be responsible for delivery. negotiate or settle such claims. expense and cost to Bank 10. work flows.3.3. customize.3 The indemnification obligations stated in this clause apply only in the event that the Indemnified Party provides the Indemnifying Party prompt written notice of such claims.8 The project shall be deemed as incomplete in case the desired objectives of the Financial Inclusion project as mentioned in the scope of the project are not met and in case the system is unable to facilitate the Financial Inclusion processes duly supported by various requirements as envisaged in the RFP. delegation and decision making processes of Bank are of business sensitive nature and hence shall not be referred to other clients. Notwithstanding the remedies contained herein.3. testing instruments. charge. 10. the Bidder shall be responsible for payment of penalties in case service levels are not met because of inability of the bank to use the proposed solution 10. fees or any kind of costs in this regard. along with the replacement costs incurred by Bank for procuring an equivalent equipment in addition to the penalties levied by Bank . neither party is authorized to agree to any settlement or compromise or the like which would require that the Indemnified Party make any payment or bear any other substantive obligation without the prior written consent of the Indemnified Party.

4. agency or authority. or the giving of any notice to. 10. approval. 10. 10.8 Except to the extent that the same have been duly and properly completed or obtained.4. statute. joint venture party. no representation or warranty by such Party in this Agreement.10. governmental instrumentality or other regulatory. will not require any filing with.1 The Bidder warrants that they have obtained all necessary corporate approvals to enter into an Agreement and that no consent.2 Bidder warrants that it shall perform the Services in a professional and workmanlike manner and materially in accordance with the applicable specifications in the RFP as per Industry Standards.9 To the best of its knowledge. 10.4 The Bidder represents that it has the corporate power and authority to enter into Agreements and perform its obligations thereunder. validly existing and in good standing under as per the laws of the state in which such Party is incorporated. writ. and no document furnished or to be furnished to the other Party to this IDBI Bank : RFP – Financial Inclusion Project Page 61 of 83 . any court. delivery and performance under an Agreement.3 The Bidder represents that it is duly incorporated. 10.6 The Bidder will not violate or contravene any provision of its documents of incorporation. or any other entity or person whatsoever. The bidder further warrants that they are under no obligation or restriction. licensing requirement. or permit. order. governmental or public body. that would in any way interfere or conflict with or that would present a conflict of interest concerning.4. 10. or withholding of objection is required from any governmental authority with respect to the entering into or the performance of this project. delivery and performance under an Agreement entered in case the Bidder is selected.4. delivery and performance of terms and conditions under Agreements by such Party and the performance of its obligations thereunder are duly authorized and approved by all necessary action and no other action on the part of such Party is necessary to authorize the execution.4. The execution. regulation.4.4. any obligations under this project.5 The Bidder represents that the submission of responses to the RFP execution. rule. injunction or decree of any court.4 REPRESENTATIONS AND WARRANTIES 10.4.4. governmental instrumentality or other regulatory.7 The Bidder will not violate or contravene any law. consent or approval of or license from. governmental or public body. after reasonable investigation. 10. agency or authority by which it is bound or by which any of its properties or assets are bound. nor shall they assume any such obligation or restriction. 10.

protect and fully compensate Bank and its employees/ officers/ staff/ personnel/ representatives/agents from and against all claims or demands of liability and all consequences that may occur or arise for any default or failure on its part to confirm or comply with the above and all other statutory obligations arising there from and Bank shall give notice of any such claim or demand of liability within reasonable time to the Bidder. having a direct impact on the transactions contemplated hereunder.Agreement. adhere to. hold harmless. permissions. hold harmless.. their business. and in the event of any failure or omission to do so. as may be necessary or required for any of the purposes of this project or for the conduct of their own business under any applicable Law. etc. shall indemnify.3 The Bidder agrees that the Bidder shall not be entitled to assign / sub lease any or all of its rights and or obligations under this tender and subsequent Agreement to any entity including Bidder’s affiliate without the prior written consent of the Bank 10.2 The Bidder shall promptly and timely obtain all such consents. or upon reasonable diligence. keep indemnified. contains or will contain any untrue or misleading statement or omits or will omit any fact necessary to make the statements contained herein or therein. licenses.5 COMPLIANCE WITH LAWS 10. Government Regulation/Guidelines and shall keep the same valid and in force during the term of the project. 10. or in connection herewith or with the transactions contemplated hereby. amalgamation. consolidation. defend.5. comply with and notify Bank about all laws in force or as are made applicable in future. not misleading. IDBI Bank : RFP – Financial Inclusion Project Page 62 of 83 .5.4 In case Bank undergoes a merger. There have been no events or transactions. keep indemnified. in light of the circumstances under which made. approvals. defend and protect Bank and its employees/officers/staff/personnel/representatives/agents from any failure or omission on its part to do so and against all claims or demands of liability and all consequences that may occur or arise for any default or failure on its part to confirm or comply with the above and all other statutory obligations arising there from. their employees or their obligations towards them and all purposes of this tender and shall indemnify. this RFP shall be considered to be assigned to the new entity and such an act shall not affect the rights and duties of the Bidder under this RFP. takeover. change of ownership.5. etc. should have come to the attention of such Party and which have not been disclosed herein or in a schedule hereto. pertaining to or applicable to them.5. reconstruction. or facts or information which has come to.1 The Bidder shall undertake to observe. 10. abide by. 10.

and 10. 10. employees. resulting directly or indirectly from or in any way arising out of any claim.1 The Bidder hereby indemnifies Bank and shall always keep indemnified and hold Bank and its employees.6.10.8 and/or breach of confidentiality obligations of the Bidder contained in this RFP. 10. sub contractors in the performance of the obligations of the Bidder under this RFP.7.6 and/or breach of any of the term of this RFP or breach of any representation or false representation or inaccurate statement or assurance or covenant or warranty of the Bidder under this RFP.2 Bank’s authorized / bonafide use of the Deliverables and /or the Services provided by Bidder under this RFP.7. trademarks. agents. officers.7.7.9 and/or willful negligence or gross misconduct solely attributable to the Bidder or its employees or sub-contractors. against Bank 10. 10. who are deployed by the Bidder. 10. that are not occasioned due to reasons solely and directly attributable to the Bank alone. claims. 10.5 and/or claims made by employees or subcontractors or subcontractors’ employees.1 Bank reserves its right to cancel the order in the event of one or more of the following situations. (hereinafter collectively referred to as “Personnel”) harmless from and against any and all losses.7.3 Serious discrepancy in the quality of service / hardware / software expected during the maintenance process . 10. IDBI Bank : RFP – Financial Inclusion Project Page 63 of 83 .6 CANCELLATION OF THE ORDER 10.6. copyrights or such other Intellectual Property Rights. actions.2 Delay in customization / implementation / installation beyond the specified period that is agreed in the contract that shall be signed with the successful Bidder. costs and expenses (including attorneys' fees) relating to.4 and/or breach of any of the term of this RFP or breach of any representation or false representation or inaccurate statement or assurance or covenant or warranty of the Bidder under this RFP. suit or proceeding brought against Bank as a result of: 10.7 INDEMNITY implementation. rollout and subsequent 10. liabilities.7.7.3 and/or an act or omission of the Bidder. 10.6.7. personnel.7. 10. directors.7 and/or any or all Deliverables or Services infringing any patent.

The scope of such audit would be limited to Service Levels being covered under the contract. 10. which shall be subject to the requirements of statutory and regulatory authorities.1 All Bidder records with respect to any matters covered by this tender shall be made available to Bank or its designees at any time during normal business hours. giving. and cooperates with the Bidder in the defence and settlement of the claims .7.7.2 "Corrupt Practice" means the offering.8.9. receiving or soliciting of anything of values to influence the action of an official in the procurement process or in contract execution AND 10. utility model. provided Bank: 10.7.3 "Fraudulent Practice" means a misrepresentation of facts in order to influence a procurement process or the execution of contract to the detriment of the Bank and includes collusive practice among bidders (prior to or after bid submission) designed to establish bid prices at artificial non-competitive levels and to deprive the Bank of the benefits of free and open competition.9. industrial design. examine. The cost of the audit shall be borne by Bank. mask work or trade mark in the country where the Deliverables and Services are used. sold or received.9.8 INSPECTION OF RECORDS 10.10. which would be used by Bank.1 As required standard contracts per Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) directives.4 The Bank reserves the right to reject a proposal for award if it determines that the bidder recommended for award has engaged in corrupt or fraudulent practices in competing for the contract in question.10 The Bidder shall at its own cost and expenses defend or settle any claim against Bank that the Deliverables and Services delivered or provided under this RFP infringe a patent. to audit.12 notifies the Bidder in writing. provided that the auditors would be permitted to submit their findings to Bank. it is that Bidders / Suppliers / Contractors observe the highest of ethics during the procurement and execution of such in pursuance of this policy: 10. trade secret. 10. as often as Bank deems necessary. 10. copyright. IDBI Bank : RFP – Financial Inclusion Project Page 64 of 83 . and make excerpts or transcripts of all relevant data. Bank’s auditors would execute confidentiality agreement with the Bidder.9 CORRUPT AND FRAUDULENT PRACTICES 10.11 10.9. Said records are subject to examination. and financial information would be excluded from such inspection.

g. without limitation.12 FORCE MAJEURE 10.10. with full details as soon as possible and in any event not later than three (3) calendar days of the occurrence of the Page 65 of 83 IDBI Bank : RFP – Financial Inclusion Project .1 Bidder is prohibited in using the name of Bank in any publicity material without the specific written permission of the Bank 10. except to the extent provided for in this Agreement.9.11.2 The bidder shall ensure that the Confidential Information is revealed only to such persons within their organizations as would be necessary to perform its obligations to the Bank. 10. either indefinitely or for a stated period of time. 10. 10. officers and agents to whom Confidential Information is revealed a similar obligation of Confidentiality in the form of a Non-Disclosure Agreement. which is reasonably acceptable to Bank.11 CONFIDENTIALITY AND NON-DISCLOSURE 10. The Recipient shall also ensure that the Confidential Information is not used for any of its business or other purposes or such purposes of any other person 10. to be awarded a contract if at any time it determines that the firm has engaged in corrupt or fraudulent practices in competing for or in executing the contract .5 The Bank reserves the right to declare a firm ineligible.. performance failures of parties outside the control of the Bidder (e. A breach by the respective employees of the Recipient of the terms of the Non-Disclosure Agreement shall be considered as a breach by such party of its obligations to the Discloser. disruptions in power supply). The parties shall be bound not to disclose under any circumstances any Confidential Information to any other person. 10. Such NonDisclosure Agreements shall also be executed by all the Personnel.11.1 Agreement to the extent said failures or delays are caused by causes beyond that party's reasonable control and occurring without its fault or negligence.2 A party affected by an event of force majeure shall give the other party written notice.12. including.10.11.3 The bidder shall also procure from their respective employees. governmental actions.12. provided that.1 The Bidder agrees to receive in confidence all Confidential Information and agrees not to reveal the same to any other person under any circumstances.10 PUBLICITY 10. force majeure shall apply only if the failure to perform could not be neither party shall be liable for any failure or delay in performance under this avoided by the exercise of due care by the party invoking this clause and such party does everything reasonably possible to resume its performance.

and a third Umpire appointed by such Arbitrators.1 The Bidder agrees that it shall not be relieved of its obligations under the reverse transition mechanism notwithstanding the termination of the assignment.1 All disputes and controversies between Bank and Bidder shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts in Mumbai and the parties agree to submit themselves to the jurisdiction of such court.15.15 TERMINATION 10.3 Bidder breaches any of its obligations set forth in RFP and the said breach is not cured within 30 days after Bank given written notice 10.15. Arbitration shall be conducted at Mumbai in English language. IDBI Bank : RFP – Financial Inclusion Project Page 66 of 83 .16 EFFECT OF TERMINATION 10.16. Each Party shall bear the costs. If force majeure applies.15. dates by which performance obligations are scheduled to be met shall be extended for a period of time equal to the time lost due to any delay so caused .14 JURISDICTION 10. 10. if not resolved by mutual discussions between the parties.14. 10.cause relied upon.13 ARBITRATION 10.15.13. Bank shall be entitled to terminate this RFP if the.4 The Bidder fails to give a plan of action to cure the breach within the said 30 days 10. or its breach shall. 10. the interpretation hereof.2 Reverse Transition mechanism would typically include service and tasks that are required to be performed / rendered by the Bidder to the Bank or its designee to ensure smooth handover and transitioning of Bank's deliverables. 10.1 Bank shall have the option to terminate the RFP in whole or part thereof by giving the Bidder at least 90 days notice in writing provided that bank agrees not to terminate this RFP during which period the Bidder shall complete the implementation of the project 10.2 Not withstanding any thing contained herein above. This Project agreement shall be governed by the laws of India. maintenance and facility management.1 Any controversy or claim arising out of or relating to this project and the services to be rendered by bidder under or pursuant to this project Agreement. The Arbitral Tribunal shall be composed of one Arbitrator to be appointed by each Party. be settled by binding arbitration in accordance with the Arbitration and Conciliation Act. 1996. 10. fees etc of the arbitrator nominated by them and shall equally bear the costs of the Umpire.16.

3 Same terms (including payment terms) which were applicable during the term of the contract should be applicable for reverse transition services Kumar Neel Lohit General Manager-Financial Inclusion Encl: (1) Technical Bid Form-I to X (2) Commercial Bid Form-I to II IDBI Bank : RFP – Financial Inclusion Project Page 67 of 83 .16.10.

(attach Xerox copies)./ Partnership/ Proprietory Concern etc) Date of Establishment: Name of Chief Executive: Name of Contact Person and Phone No: Line of Activity: Date from which the bidder is experienced in similar type of activity: Products Developed / Serviced (Attach product literature) Details of Quality Certifications Obtained for the Company & its Products.. / Pvt Ltd Co. Total Number of Employees: Date: Signature of Authorized Official with Seal IDBI Bank : RFP – Financial Inclusion Project Page 68 of 83 .CONFIDENTIAL 10. such as ISO-9001:2000 etc.17 TECHNICAL BID FORM FORM-I (Implementation of IDBI Bank Financial Inclusion Project) BIDDERS PROFILE Name of the Company: Address of Registered Office / Head Office: Phone Number (with STD Code) Fax Number E-mail id Constitution (Public Ltd Co.

/ Pvt Ltd Co. Total Number of Employees: Financial Background Turnover Net Profit after TAX Total Assets Total Liabilities 2008-09 2009-10 2010-11(Prov.18 TECHNICAL BID FORM FORM-II PROFILE OF EACH BUSINESS CORRESPONDENTS/ CONSORTIUM MEMBER PROPOSED FOR THE PROJECT Name of the Company: Envisaged role of the Company: Address of Registered Office / Head Office: Phone Number (with STD Code) Fax Number E-mail id Constitution (Public Ltd Co.. (attach Xerox copies)./ Partnership/ Proprietory Concern etc) Date of Establishment: Name of Chief Executive: Name of Contact Person and Phone No: Line of Activity: Date from which the bidder is experienced in similar type of activity: Products Developed / Serviced (Attach product literature) Details of Quality Certifications Obtained for the Company & its Products. such as ISO-9001:2000 etc.CONFIDENTIAL 10.) Date: Signature of Authorized Official with Seal IDBI Bank : RFP – Financial Inclusion Project Page 69 of 83 .

CONFIDENTIAL 10. Of Qualified Support Personnel & their qualifications Whether adequate trained Manpower.19 TECHNICAL BID FORM FORM-III (Implementation of IDBI Bank Financial Inclusion Project) PARTICULARS OF REGIONAL / BRANCH OFFICES OF______________________ Number of Offices: Within Maharashtra: Rest of India: Total Number of Offices: Please furnish information about Offices in the following format City / State Address Name Person of In-charge and Phone No No. knowledge base & stock of spares available for support Date: Signature of Authorized Official with Seal IDBI Bank : RFP – Financial Inclusion Project Page 70 of 83 .

Attach (a) reference letters for these contracts only (b) copy of Purchase Orders for each of the model) Date: Signature of Authorized Official with Seal .(Implementation of IDBI Bank Financial Inclusion Project) List of Major Banks/ Government Departments/ Agencies to whom Smart Card based Financial Inclusion solutions have been offered and related references: (provide copies of such major contracts executed) Name of the Bank & contact details Details of services offered Equipment Supplied Contact Person Phone Reference details of major contracts executed.

21 TECHNICAL BID FORM FORM-V (Implementation of IDBI Bank Financial Inclusion Project) FINANCIAL POSITION OF THE BIDDER (Enclose copy of Audited statements) (In Rs in Lakhs) 2009 Audited (A) / Provisional (P) Paid up Capital Tangible Net Worth Total Assets Total Sales (net of excise) PBDIT Profit after Tax (A) 2010 (A) 2011 (P) Please attach annual reports / duly audited financial statements for the latest two financial years.CONFIDENTIAL 10. Date: Signature of Authorised Official with Seal IDBI Bank : RFP – Financial Inclusion Project Page 72 of 83 .

Job / Task Agency Name & Address Experience the Agents of Validity of tieup or agreement Note: Copy /Copies of understanding/ tie-up/agreement should be enclosed.22 TECHNICAL BID FORM FORM-VI (Implementation of IDBI Bank Financial Inclusion Project) STATEMENT OF TIE-UPS/ AGREEMENTS ENTERED FOR THE PROJECT S.CONFIDENTIAL 10.No. Date: Signature of Authorised Official with Seal IDBI Bank : RFP – Financial Inclusion Project Page 73 of 83 .

Whether easier back up and retrieval mechanisms are built in to the solution proposed? Business features Process Continuity Indicate the architecture and data-flow Justify Justify Justify Specify security measures detail Describe Give your assessment Indicate response times the the in Indicate the band width required & tools for optimization Comment Describe Describe Whether the proposed solution is all set for DR Replication should the Bank decide to implement 2. Protocols Used Feature Specify the standards/ protocols supported/used Requirement Specify detail in Bidder’s Response IDBI Bank : RFP – Financial Inclusion Project Page 74 of 83 . Architecture of the Financial Inclusion System Whether Architecture Proposed is Centralized? Whether the solution proposed is “high performing?” Whether the solution proposed is “highly available?” Whether the solution proposed is “Scalable?” Whether the solution proposed provides reliable security end-toend? Whether the solution proposed is having redundancies Whether the solution proposed has “no single point of failure?” Whether the solution proposed has a “Good Response Time” Comment on the Bandwidth utilization by the proposed solution per user & Any optimization tools are available.CONFIDENTIAL 10.23 TECHNICAL BID FORM FORM-VII (Implementation of IDBI Bank Financial Inclusion Project) Feature Requirement Bidder’s Response 1.

Features Network diagram Indicate Mandatory Bidder’s Response Platform and environment on which software runs (operating system. number of cards issued per minute. Bandwidth and Other Details The bidder should indicate the type/band width for each type of connectivity in the present network architecture at each level. 4. Any specific interfaces to external databases such as Certification Authority. Interoperability Interoperable with Servers in the bank Other Specify protocols Desired the Comment on the interoperability of the solution proposed with other applications/platforms. Cryptographic algorithms and management systems to be used. etc Structure of batch. database. security environment supported/offered) Smart Card platforms. simultaneous users. applications. reporting tools. etc) issuing process (immediate. Workflow and processes for activities and lifecycle phases all key relevant The method to be used for updating cards (online push. etc.CONFIDENTIAL between different components/modules in the total solution 3. by national IDBI Bank : RFP – Financial Inclusion Project Page 75 of 83 . personalization systems and Host Security Modules supported (including data synchronization for contactless or dual-interface cards) Capacity in terms of cards. Is a detailed architecture attached? Card Management Software 5. pull through scripting or action lists) Certifications or approvals authorities if required.

cover all the equipment Server. if any. model.) Bidder’s Response 9. backup speed. No.e. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Type of Hardware (eg. Application.CONFIDENTIAL 6. configuration. Handheld devices.) Make Model and Quantity Proposed Use 7.. Middleware. at Bank premises or Bidder’s premises): S. etc. 1 2 3 4 5 Software (Operating System.Server/Switch/ OFC etc. List of Hardware Proposed to be used by the Bidder (Please. scanners. Automated Tape Library Unit Feature 1 Specify the Automated Requirement Give specifications of Bidder’s Response IDBI Bank : RFP – Financial Inclusion Project Page 76 of 83 . Requirement Give specifications of all the components of external backup system proposed (make. No. etc) location-wise (i. External Backup Feature 1 External Backup system proposed shall provide for speed backup. Details of Software Proposed to be used by the Bidder S. bench mark details with the proposed server/ storage. etc) Bidder Version No. Licenses Required of 8.

etc. model. if any. Any Other Equipment Proposed by the Bidder and not Covered Above (to make the solution fully functional as per the architecture proposed by the bidder): Feature 1 2 3 4 5 11. configuration backup speed. Training that will be imparted to Front-end (field) functionaries Feature 1 2 3 4 5 Training Schedule No of persons to be trained per site Content Location where the training is provided Training material Requirement Indicate no of days and total number of hours Minimum of 2 persons Indicate broad areas of proposed training Indicate Indicate willingness to provide a copy to the Bank To be brought in by the Bidder Bidder’s Response Requirement Bidder’s Response 6 Equipment required for training IDBI Bank : RFP – Financial Inclusion Project Page 77 of 83 .CONFIDENTIAL Tape Library Backup system config proposed Performance of the above all the components of Automated TLU system proposed (make. 10. bench mark details with the proposed server/ storage.) Please note that Redundancy for automated Tape Library Unit is NOT required.

Mumbai 400 005 Dear Sir. warrant and confirm as follows: The soft-copies of the proposal submitted by us in response to the RFP and the related addendums and other documents including the changes made to the original tender documents issued by the Bank. in all respects._____ hereinafter referred to as “RFP”) issued by IDBI Bank (“Bank”) we hereby covenant. PBG.CONFIDENTIAL 10. Yours faithfully. Authorised Signatory Designation Bidder’s corporate name IDBI Bank : RFP – Financial Inclusion Project Page 78 of 83 . confirm to and are identical with the hardcopies of aforesaid proposal submitted by us.VIII (Implementation of IDBI Bank Financial Inclusion Project) CONFIRMATION OF SOFT COPY To The Deputy General Manager IDBI Bank. Sub: IDBI Bank Financial Inclusion Solution Further to our proposal dated XXXXXXX. IDBI Towers. Financial Inclusion Department. WTC Complex.24 TECHNICAL BID FORM FORM. Cuffe Parade. in response to the Request for Proposal (Bank’s tender No. 13 th Floor.

WTC Complex. We understand that you are not bound to accept the lowest or any bid you may receive. Cuffe Parade. support and maintain IDBI Bank Financial Inclusion Project in full confirmity of your requirements as elaborated in above said RFP for the amounts mentioned by us in the Commercial Bid or such other sums as may be agreed to between us.25 TECHNICAL BID FORM (Implementation of IDBI Bank Financial Inclusion Project) BIDDER’s UNDERTAKING LETTER Date: FORM-IX From: To The Deputy General Manager IDBI Bank. Yours faithfully. PBG. Financial Inclusion Department. We agree to abide by our Offer for a period of 6 months from the date of last day of Bid submission and it shall remain binding on us for acceptance at any time before the expiration of this period.CONFIDENTIAL 10. install. Mumbai 400 005 Dear Sir. submitted along with our Technical Proposal. do hereby offer to produce. We. We hereby agree to all the terms and conditions stipulated in the RFP except for the variations and deviations of requirements as mentioned by us in the Compliance Statement. We undertake as a part of this contract for successful operation of the IDBI Bank Financial Inclusion Project including WAN and its expansion in future by the Bank during the warranty and AMC period (if contracted). 13 th Floor. ATS/AMC Performance Guarantee in the form and in the amounts and within the times stipulated in the RFP. IDBI Towers. to provide Contract Performance Guarantee. the undersigned. We undertake. having examined the complete RFP document (along with its annexures). (Authorised Signatory) In the capacity of ______________ Duly authorized to sign the Bid for and on behalf of _________________ IDBI Bank : RFP – Financial Inclusion Project Page 79 of 83 . as Bidder. deliver. if our Bid is accepted.

Main RFP / Section Clause / Clause No. conditions and specifications mentioned in the RFP. of the Response Place: Date: with seal Signature of Authorised signatory Note: If there are no deviations the bidder has to give his response by writing ‘NIL’ in the statement IDBI Bank : RFP – Financial Inclusion Project Page 80 of 83 .26 TECHNICAL BID FORM FORM-X (Implementation of IDBI Bank Financial Inclusion Project) COMPLIANCE STATEMENT We certify that except for the following deviations. we agree to abide by all other clauses. terms. Sub Deviation Specific Page no.CONFIDENTIAL 10.

for the due performance of the Contract in the form prescribed by the Bank. We agree to abide by the Bid and the rates quoted therein for the orders awarded by the Bank up to the period prescribed in the Bid which shall remain binding upon us. Financial Inclusion Department. PBG. placed on us. We understand that you are not bound to accept the lowest or any Bid you may receive. install and commission the system in accordance with the delivery schedule specified in the Schedule of Requirements/ purchase orders issued from time to time.(Rs. IDBI Towers. in competing for (and. (Signature) (Name) (in the capacity of) Duly authorized to sign Bid for and on behalf of IDBI Bank : RFP – Financial Inclusion Project Page 81 of 83 . if our Bid is accepted. this Bid. WTC Complex. Cuffe Parade. in executing) the above contract. if the award is made to us. Until a formal contract is prepared and executed. Reg: Implementation of Financial Inclusion Project Having examined the Bidding Documents. If our Bid is accepted. we. to deliver. we will obtain the guarantee of a bank in a sum equivalent to prescribed percent of the each of Purchase Order Price. 13 th Floor. in confirmity with the said Bidding documents for the sum of . offer to supply and deliver the ----------------(equipment name).CONFIDENTIAL 10. Dated this…………………… Day of………………………. We undertake.2010.27 COMMERCIAL BID FORM-I (Implementation of IDBI Bank Financial Inclusion Project) To: Date The Deputy General Manager IDBI Bank. Mumbai 400 005 Dear Sir.. we will strictly observe the laws against fraud and corruption in force in India including "Prevention of Corruption Act 1988". the receipt of which is hereby duly acknowledged. the undersigned. ) or such other sums as may be ascertained in accordance with the Schedule of Prices attached herewith and made part of this Bid. shall constitute a binding Contract between us. We undertake that.……………. together with your written acceptance thereof and your notification of award.

switching costs. hardware._____per card Rs. Cost of services of Card Management System including related software. Person month is considered as standard 25 working days per month._____ per card (one time) Rs. software. cash transactions. cost of consumables (printer paper.______ PointTransaction month per ofper Rs _____ per instance of 3 days’ training Rs. excluding technology costs indicated in 5a) covering all connected activities specified in the RFP including cash handling. 6 7 Rs ________ per person month XXXXX XXXXX Note: * the quantity is given only for comparison to arrive at the lowest bidder. mini statement etc. hardware. interfaces. Cost of Customization of software beyond the scope of RFP Any Other Cost not included anywhere (Please mention details) .______per card per annum 2 3 4 5 (a) (b) Rs. insurance. cells) and connectivity.e. Consolidated Cost Per Agent for extending end-to-end banking & financial services (i. handheld terminal together with scanner.. etc. card personalization with photo and relevant data and delivery of the card to the customer. etc and also interface with Bank’s existing Core Banking Solution (Finacle) Training and handholding for Agents for a minimum period of 3 days per agent. Cost of Operations (ongoing – 5a + 5b) ** Consolidated Cost of extending end-to-end technology (i. cash transportation.CONFIDENTIAL 10. and centralized terminal management services._______ per Rupees One Lakh of amount transacted (cash or transfer transaction). backend FI server storage. No. etc. excluding BC/agent costs indicated in 5b) as narrated in the RFP including services. etc as narrated in the RFP. etc per point of transaction.28 COMMERCIAL BID FORM-II (Implementation of IDBI Bank Financial Inclusion Project) Sr. Grand Total Rs. balance enquiry. 1 (a) (b) (c) Particulars Unit Price (Rupees. One-time setup cost for hardware._____per card Rs. printer.) Quantity* Total Price (Rs) Smart card (one time costs) Cost of Smart Card 32 K (customer) Cost of Smart Card 64 K (agent) Cost of services for enrollment. facilitating enrollment for new schemes.. account opening. facility management. software including RDBMS. while the bank would make payments only on the actual which may be less IDBI Bank : RFP – Financial Inclusion Project Page 82 of 83 . middleware and other infrastructure.. facility management.e. services like mobilization.

The Bidder shall undertake all other activities covered under 1(c) except that activity connected with opening of the account (since it is already available in CBS) Unit price per Card in Rupees Rs. we declare that all the terms & conditions as per the RFP were read by us and we are agreeable for all the terms & conditions. ** Cost of Operations is broken down into two components.2 TDS will be deductible as per rules prevailing on the date of payment of applicable items. Bank may appoint agents on its own.4 Further. scanners. what would be the Cost of services covered under 1(c) of the Commercial Bid. 10. Date: Signature with Official seal IDBI Bank : RFP – Financial Inclusion Project Page 83 of 83 . card-readers etc and also Agent for conducting operations and extending banking services.________ per card.28. 10.28. in which case the Bidder undertakes to provide all technology related services. 10. installation charges. In the event that the data/information about these Accounts are shared with the Bidder.28.3 The Unit Price mentioned in the bid would remain valid for a period of FIVE years irrespective of the quantity actually deployed.1 The prices will be inclusive of all taxes. duties. printers. Service Tax wherever applicable will be paid extra. insurance. levies.28. This information would not be considered for reckoning “L1” however the Bidder shall be bound by it where applicable Bank has already opened several accounts in Core Banking System for residents of the villages that are required to be covered under the scope of the RFP. The entry tax & octroi will be paid extra as per actual on production of original receipt. Together these two components shall cover all the activities envisaged in the RFP at each of the customer contact points. Each point-ofpresence requires technology support like handheld devices. etc (but exclusive of Octroi and Entry Tax) applicable all over India. 10. These accounts are under Savings Bank Scheme.CONFIDENTIAL than the figures indicated. Bank is under no obligation to procure volumes indicated herein above.