Stephan Liu Block 3 The Historical Accuracy of Fallen Angels Fallen Angels, by Walter Dean Myers, is a narrative about

the Vietnam War. It follows the life of a black soldier named Richie, who enlisted in the Army to fight in Vietnam because he had nowhere else to go. Fallen Angels is historically accurate when talking about weapons used, but the exact story of Richie is absolutely fictional and not true. Fallen Angels is extremely accurate when talking about locations, situation of the war, and equipment used in the war. Fallen Angels starts out describing the draftees who joined in on the war. It describes most of them as lower-class people, and a lot of them were minorities. This is extremely historically accurate, as a lot of draftees were either poor or a minority. During the Vietnam War Era, many of the upper-class university students were able to be exempt from the draft, so the brunt of the war was taken on by minorities and lower class citizens. The book portrays this extremely accurately as it talks about how Richie signed up for the war because he did not have money to go to college while Peewee was also an African American soldier. This is following history and showing how a lot of the draftees were minorities or lower class citizens. Fallen Angels also talks about the difference between the camps at Chu Lai and the camps at Tam Ky. Richie states that the camps at Chu Lai are much more advanced and safer, while the camps at Tam Ky are primitive and dangerous. According to Wikipedia, Chu Lai was a marine base from 1965-1971. It was also a major airfield and far more south than Tam Ky. Tam Ky, on the other hand, was a site of heavy fighting and situated right in the center between north and south Vietnam . Clearly, the book is historically accurate in this instance because the larger and more south camp, Chu Lai, was much more safer than the camp situated at a site of heavy fighting, Tam Ky, just like Richie described in his story. Not only that, Fallen Angels describes pacification missions that

but all of the characters throughout the story never existed. The book uses Brunner to document this important detail in history about avoiding drafts. Myers is able to incorporate many factual events into his story. the book is historically accurate because the story of Richie s pacification missions is the exact same thing as the Civil Operations and Rural Development Support. but the reason this book is historical fiction is because Myers uses fictional characters and a few fictional events . Richie is a black soldier from Harlem. the book states that peace talks were happening in Paris in 1967. This means that the book is obviously historically inaccurate as it got the dates off by one whole year. Also.Richie and his squad are sent on. This is false because according to Wikipedia. Fallen Angels documents how soldiers escape drafts. Once again. Therefore. many followed in their footsteps to escape the draft. the book states that a Vietnamese woman used her child as a human bomb. Finally. the Paris Peace Accord did not start until 1968. Clearly.S. First. Also. This is where the line of fact and fiction is drawn. Fallen Angels is extremely historically accurate in regards to most historical events that happened during the war. On May 12. twelve New York men actually burned their draft cards publicly. Richie states that he and his squad were sent to villages to convince the natives that they were the good guys. 1964. which was an actual operation by the U. Richie himself was never documented as an actual soldier who went on this adventure. all the characters in Fallen Angels never existed. the book must be assumed to be historically inaccurate because there is no evidence to back up the claim of child suicide bombers. Brunner states that the reason for the lack of troops is because many people escape drafts by burning draft cards. Myers gives an extremely realistic portrayal of the war through the events and the graphic details. Throughout the years. Other than a few facts false about Fallen Angels. most of the characters are historically inaccurate. military to spread propaganda and gain the faith of the natives of Vietnam. there is no evidence that children were used as suicide bombers. For instance. After extensive research. Even though there might have been a lot of soldiers like Richie. These pacification missions actually outlined the Civil Operations and Rural Development Support.

Most of the major events throughout the novel follow real historical events that happened in history such as pacification missions and the difference between Chu Lai and Tam Ky. Clearly. is the specific deaths of people like Carroll. Many people died throughout the war. One of the events. making it a historical fiction novel. The deaths of people like Carroll were obviously made up in order to portray the graphics details of war. making the book historically inaccurate.that do not affect history. for instance. . Myers s Fallen Angels is an extremely historically accurate novel. so individual deaths really did not affect the course of history. The difference between this novel and a real historical narrative is that Myers uses fictional characters and a few incorrect dates.

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