Links I am married I am also separated I am an acquaintance I am also a lost unidentifiable soul Neither night shelter nor abode Under

the open sky rests caravan of stars I do not yearn for the glitters of stars ए I seek only a hazy North Star Along its destination lies the traveler’s path “ ए ऐ ”

“Dreams galore for sale at the bazaar yet a wall at every step Keep faith, my friend, the destination is beyond the mountains” Semanth I do not desire the mountains This traveler is in love with the path Dreams reside only in the eyes Bazaars scares me ई I have been sold many a times How can the walls bar the traveler path ! My path is the flowing water.

Shyam This poem extended itself from an exchange of feelings with my friend Semant Harish on Facebook. His couplet within quotes on my 3 stanza poem led to rejoinders/extension. I have attempted to translate it; retaining the meaning & essence for the benefit of readers.

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