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2 | October 13, 2010

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Bargain shoppers may sacrifice service

the less likely we would be to ence like my mother did a couple To be fair, there are rare occa- Sure, I could shop at a com-
return for another dose of the of weeks ago. The cashier was too sions when someone attempts to petitor, but who really wants to
Shauna Banks same medicine. parched to continue working and return an item with the sales re- spend more? If you’re saving time
Staff writer It seems like people are glut- walked away from her post and ceipt, and they’re able get in and and money, it just may be worth tons for punishment, and do it proceeded to take her sweet time out of customer service within 15 nearly busting your butt step-
for the sheer convenience af- mixing a packet of drink flavoring minutes. ping in a broken jar of baby food
forded them by the multi-bil- into her bottled water before tak- In these shaky economic times, or having an elderly greeter haul
lion dollar retail chain. ing a long gulp. our favorite discount supercenter you in because you’ve dared to go
The worst experience is sim- Eventually, she remembered is still booming with business through the exit with something
There’s only one place people ply returning something to the there were six people waiting in simply because it’s able to under- not bagged in your buggy.
can trip over a busted jar of baby customer service counter for a re- line and she needed to attempt to sell everyone else. Apparently taking a full nano-
food, get their arm jerked back by fund or exchange. do her job. Hey, we live in a society where second to review your receipt of at
an elderly greeter and discover the By the time customers actually Of course, it can’t be all bad, time is of the essence, and we all least a hundred items is an accept-
true definition of patience. makes it to the counter, they’re or people wouldn’t keep flocking think that ours is more important able security check.
It’s everyone’s favorite discount questioned like they have just back to this iconic chain—would than everyone else’s. But hey, that’s the Wally world
supercenter, and it’s not necessary committed a crime. they? Instead of going to three dif- way. We all just have to hunker
to call the store by its name here. When someone tells the cashier On those rare occasions, peo- ferent stores, people can get their down and remind ourselves that
Considering most people visit why they’re returning the item, ple find themselves wandering groceries, replace an old office our wallets will hurt a lot less by
this store about once a week (if the cashier looks at them like around aimlessly and may have desk and refill an allergy medica- making the weekly trip(s)—even
they’re lucky), you would think they’re out of their mind. an associate ask them if they need tion all in one. How’s that for time if we may need a margarita, or
the more bad experiences we had, Maybe you’ve had an experi- help finding something. management? three, afterwards.

Free speech in Bad judgement

social media Barry Grubbs
Opinion editor of a few shouldn’t Jonathan Resendez

carries risk

jeopardize rights
The time has come to Jaz Reynolds, a receiver for Social networking can be a The saying goes, “even a few through the eye and killed by ing site be punished? Prob-
change the way Americans Oklahoma University, was valuable tool in our modern bad apples will quickly ruin the anti-abortionist activist Scott ably. But that opens up a can
view the First Amendment suspended indefinitely by society. But it can be used as a whole barrel.” When it comes Roeder. of worms involving imbeciles
to the Constitution. I’m not head coach Bob Stoops for weapon just as easily, and the to the First Amendment, this Writers for websites such who aren’t worth the time.
suggesting we change the making “insensitive remarks” results can be tragic. should never be the case. as argued that A quick Oct. 7 search on
way we interpret our laws, through his Twitter account. Young people have used Circumstance and insensi- O’Reilly had blood on his Facebook pulled up a fan page
but when total freedom of Maybe our use of social social media connections to tivity can often make tasteless hands although ultimately the for the Dallas Cowboys Hat-
speech results in the need- networking has gone too bully and torture each other humor cruel and dangerous. blood is on Roeder’s. ers Club where a member said,
less loss of human life, we far. We have slowly become for years over issues of re- From the excessive loss of lives It’s like blaming a rock or “We would root for Osama
need to change our focus. a society that equates our ligion, race and sexuality, at the Columbine tragedy to rap group when someone who Bin Laden if he were playing
Americans have recently freedom to speak with our among others. schoolyard fights, bullying re- listens to their music commits against the Cowgirls.”
witnessed news reports of an freedom to say anything we There seems to be a grow- mains a problem. At the same an atrocity. Seldom can fingers While this guy probably
18-year-old Rutgers Univer- want. ing lack of sensitivity within time, it’s rampant in our cul- be pointed at a single entity or won’t be tracked by Homeland
sity student who committed Most adults would be more certain segments of our soci- ture. a motive be explained com- Security, I’m sure family mem-
suicide following the online accountable for their words ety. Rivalries between groups pletely. bers of 9/11 victims don’t find
release of a secret video taken in situations like these. This People are fascinated with for or against millions of The logic and motives of a his unintelligence amusing.
of him in compromising situ- is not a question of age, but a their ability to get their mes- causes often resort in hateful situation are hard to compre- Infusing more litigation
ations with another man. question of maturity. sages in front of the entire speech. As long as it remains hend when lives are lost. From into what people can or can-
Tyler Clementi was State and federal lawmak- world with the click of a an opinion and no one is either end of the spectrum, not say—anywhere—will only
mocked and ridiculed over ers are becoming more fo- mouse, but they rarely stop to harmed, it’s a person’s right to when people are driven to single people out more.
his sexuality by his own cused on the government’s consider the negative impact think a certain way or believe commit violent acts on them- If a line is drawn in the le-
roommate, and the result of responsibility to protect so- the message may have. in something. selves or others, things have gal sand restricting opinion, it
the irresponsible behavior ciety from the irresponsible With the increased free- Popular Fox News TV show gone too far. The fact of the won’t be long before it’s hard
pushed him to take his own use of Internet technology. dom technology affords us host Bill O’Reilly demonized matter is an opinion remains to make out the space for free-
life. The Internet offers a far there comes an increased re- physician George Tiller more an opinion until someone gets dom of speech in between the
The roommate and his fe- greater challenge than tradi- sponsibility to use it wisely. than 20 times on his program hurt. lines.
male accomplice were each tional forms of media. If laws aimed at penalizing from 2005 to 2009 for per- Social networking sites offer While circumstance and in-
charged with two counts of No one wants more regula- these defective people will forming late-term abortions. an easy way for people to make sensitivity should never jeop-
invasion of privacy, nothing tion on speech in any form. enhance civility in cyber- O’Reilly called Tiller “a baby themselves look stupid, act un- ardize lives, they shouldn’t
more. We do, however, need to take space, I am in favor of those killer” and said state represen- professional and—look more jeopardize or compromise
Another unfortunate event steps to punish this kind of laws. tatives who didn’t stop him stupid. laws against censorship either.
followed the recent shooting behavior before we have an Freedom of speech is not had blood on their hands. Should people who post ig- The challenge is to protect
at the University of Texas. epidemic. the freedom to harm. In May 2009, Tiller was shot norant remarks on a network- freedom of speech—period.

Wesleyan’s web site could benefit from a fresh look

Erica Estrada formation about the organiza- that almost every page on Texas Even sophomore psychology use is there for the web site? The
Graphic designer tions on the web site. Despite Wesleyan’s web site appears to be major Lindsey Barnes who has faculty wants the student body to my disappointment, I went miniaturized. You almost have to been here at Wesleyan for two be more active, but that becomes
ahead with my application squint to see some of the small- years said, “I can’t find anything difficult if the pages are not up-
partially based on the fact that est text. I am not the only student when I look on the site. All I use it dated.
I had visited the campus sev- with this opinion. Throughout my for is to get Ram Link.” The university and its webmas-
I remember the day I applied to eral times before. years at Texas Wesleyan, I have Those responsible for the in- ter need to keep in mind that
Texas Wesleyan University. The To this day, nothing much has heard many people comment on formation on these pages should Wesleyan’s web site is not only
first thing I noticed about the web changed about the web site. the web site and its layout. update the information so stu- a source for important informa-
site was how small the layout was. Recently, some content on the ath- Natalie Demetre, freshman, dents won’t have to go searching tion about the school, but also a
I then browsed through the stu- letics web site, financial aid and the chemistry major said, “It needs to for their answers through other means of advertising Texas Wes-
dent life page to see what I might admissions pages have been updated be more organized, so when find- resources. leyan University.
become involved with. with a new look and information. ing what you need for school is If the information is not current
I was unable to find a lot of in- That does not change the fact much easier.” and easy to access and read, what

Does our right to free speech cause

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