To Success with Women, Even If You Already Have a Girlfriend, for the Smart You™

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001. Ten Lowdown Secrets to Success with Women, Even If You Already Have a Girlfriend, for the Smart You™
Copyright © 2008 Ricky Tran. All rights reserved. Are you a saver or a woman magnet? Take the test to find out! It's an interesting fact that you can become a millionaire in two different ways: Either by being a big-time saver, or by being a big-time cash magnet to support a grandiose lifestyle. Now, call me irresponsible, but most of us would rather be a millionaire of the latter type. But when thoughts turn into action, most of us would run for the hills and opt to be a saver instead. It takes courage to want to become a millionaire through attracting big bucks into your hands! When it comes to (troubled) relationships, most men opt to be big-time savers as well. Ironic as it seems, their attempt at reviving the relationship ends up accelerating it towards annihilation. "Sweetheart, what did I do wrong? Let me make up for it, pretty please!" This kind of surrendering of leadership role to the woman and thinking gives guys empty beds to sleep in. Irony level II: She leaves him, he goes after another woman, and the same reversal of dominance repeats. Woman after woman leave him for his perceived genetic weakness in a world, where the fittest-to-lead survives and passes on his genes. But if those men mature their courage to become women magnets (but for the rest of this post, we'll call women magnets "leaders of women"!), they will have women flocking to their beds for the rest of their lives. And indeed, it takes courage to be one. The following ten golden rules reveal to you the core of mindset of such woman magnets, or leaders of women. The test, which measures up how well you perform, when it comes to your being a woman magnet, comes at the end, after you've trodden through all ten golden rules:

Rule #1: Always show her your willingness to leave her, if she starts to misbehave, or is unwilling to compromise. I've had an acquaintance call up his ex everyday, literally begging her to come back to him, and on these occasions, telling her how much she really means to him, and the things he would change on his part, to get her approval for another shot at the relationship. Where's the part where real lovers compromise? She never did came back to him. Another way of rephrasing the rule is this; "never look needy to a woman, look as if she's the one needing you. And if she does misbehave, or is unwilling to compromise, let her go. There are far too many fishes out there in the vast ocean that is love." ☆~★~#1~☆~★

#2. All women want someone to tell them, "follow me." Don't let this be you: I knew of a 40 year-old drug rep who was down on his luck with the woman he dated; she dumped him after a seemingly endless series of dates. His story: "Okay, I know that she wanted to go to this place to eat, do this and this at such and such place and time everytime we went out together. And so far, I've been pretty good with that. We've been doing what she wanted. But then, I start talking about what I want to do, and she starts to bitch and complain like the world was going to end! What the hell is wrong with women these days? [I don't know, is there really anything wrong with them?] Do you know what goes on at cocktail parties? A woman, who sees you with a cheap suit on, will assume that you make zilch, and give you this dirty look. But the moment you belch on-andon about how you make over $100,000/year, she'll start tugging on your arm and demand to go out on a date with you." What he did after: Went to an offshore (Caribbean) medical school, thinking he needed a higher income level in order to get and keep the next woman. Ricky's comments: Whoa, talk about a bad case of transfer of power. If he had simply reversed the flow of power from the woman back to him, she would have fallen head-over-heels for him, instead of having to pursue a lengthy degree that will lead to a lifestyle not much better than that of a successful businessman.

Lead women. Don't ever let them lead you. ☆~★ A FOLLOWER: (Inviting women out for lunch). Where would you like to go? A LEADER: (Inviting women out for lunch). Come with me to such and such place [you choose the place, not her]. ☆~★ A FOLLOWER: (At the movies). Which movie would you like to see? A LEADER: (At the movies). We're watching this movie [whether she likes it or not, but hopefully you'll both enjoy it]. ☆~★ A FOLLOWER: Could you please get it for me? A LEADER: Go get it [, or you'll kick her precious hinies if she doesn't, because leaders, like you, don't tolerate bad behavior from subordinates]. ☆~★~#2~☆~★

#3. Know what kind of relationship you are in. There are only five possible boyfriend-girlfriend relationship types. Which one would you rather see yourself in?  The platonic relationship, laid out bare between two people, from the start.  Used::user: Emotional sponge::emotions unloader Favor performer::free-labor reaper Assignment buddy::freeloader/slave driver/benefit reaper Flower giver::freeloader Spare wallet::freeloader/leecher Nice guy with nice car that will make other women turn green with envy::freeloader/glory borrower/glory stealer Man who takes her out to five-stars restaurants::freeloader Unconditional lover::conditional lover (condition being he must never be from this category)  The sex friends.  The backup relationship, in case she wants someone to marry in the future, because he seems well-off.  Real boyfriend::real girlfriend (may, or may not lead to actual marriage). Oh, the importance of baring, or obtaining a statement of relationship intent from the start! Also, note that the above list is mutually exclusive of one another, ie. the boundaries are rigid, at least in her mind, anyways! For example, a man who takes her out to five-stars restaurants, while she plays the role of freeloader, can never, in the sun's life-time, get her to perceive him as a sex friend, w/o help from the Almighty from high above. But theoretically speaking, platonic relationships have the greater chance of flowering into something more, if given a nudge by external factors. ☆~★~#3~☆~★

#4. Know that all things regress, or tend to the average, or neutral zone. Another way of rephrasing this is that all actions have equal and opposite reactions (towards the neutral zone). For instance:  You treat her too nice; she'll start being a little less nicer to you.  You treat her a little poorer; she'll start being a little nicer to you.  You don't give her attention; she'll seek it from you. (Does not hold for established relationships. This is a prime reason why marriages end in divorce).  You give her too much attention; she'll start to ignore you. (Does not hold for established relationships).  You treat her like a princess; she'll want to step on you. (Does not hold for established relationships).  You buy her stuff (flowers, presents, dinners); she'll start to become more suspicious of your motive and think of you as being manipulative. (Irrelevant, if you do it to reward her for having laid you, or given you fellatio).  You never buy her stuff; she'll want to show you her generous side.  You act like you want her; she'll start to dislike you.  You act like you don't ever want to have her kids; she'll bear your child :).  You make her happier; she'll make you a little sadder. (Does not hold for established relationships).  You make her sadder; she'll make you a lot more happier :).  You show her your willingness to leave her; she'll want to stick with you till death do you both part.  etc. ☆~★~#4~☆~★

#5. All rules are meant to be broken... by her! There comes a time when a woman will test your ability to maintain control over her and yourself, which usually occurs between the second and third date. And she will test you in two ways:  Canceling (important) dates, or get-togethers, at the last minute.  Making you jealous by calling up, talking to, or talking about other guys, in your presence. Use these opportunities to counter and kick her butt instead, or to show her how strong you really are, emotionally speaking! You will gain more respect from her doing thus. How to pass her test(s):  Date canceler. YOU: (On the cellphone). That's the biggest bullsh1t I've ever heard! Are you trying to test my patience by wasting my time? I could have re-scheduled my time for more constructive things, had you called me up a few days earlier to tell me about this! Either you get your butt over here to my place, right now, or you go find yourself another boyfriend! (Hang up).  Jealousy conjuress. YOU: That's nice. Did you have fun (being with/talking to/talking about) so-and-so? YOU: (While she's talking to that other guy on her cellphone). Enjoy your conversation. ☆~★~#5~☆~★

#6. Know what turns women on. If you were told that most of our political leaders lead with their personality, few lead with their intelligence, and fewer yet lead with their good looks, it immediately becomes obvious to you that people tend to look up to leaders with great personalities more than those with good looks. And you already know that when it comes to women, leaders of women are really women magnets. So never assume that you're too thin/fat/tall/short/bald/hairychested/pimple-faced/broke to approach women, because your personality matters more to them. Exception: Chinese women place greater emphasis on being able to speak and write the Chinese language fluently than any one of the above. So keep this in mind the next time you're looking to date one. ☆~★~#6~☆~★

#7. Show your anger once in a full moon. Don't keep her wondering where all of that ugly stuff comes from when it finally springs out on an established relationship. Try knocking on something when you become angry, but never ever turn your anger on other people, especially your girlfriend. Another good way to dissipate anger and stress is to just hit the gym and let it all out. ☆~★~#7~☆~★

#8. Don't drown in her menstrual temperament, surf it instead! All living things experience change. Women are no different. Be aware that there comes a time in a woman's menstrual cycle, when even she will not want to hold her boyfriend's hand. So, a little patience and understanding goes a long way towards maintaining healthy relationships. ☆~★~#8~☆~★

#9. Abandon your left brain, activate your right brain. This rule has three parts:  PART I: Learn to take women's words and/or advices (especially those from women closest to you [your mom/aunt/cousin/platonic girlfriend], especially about how to entice other women) with a grain of salt, as what they say is often the total opposite of what they intend or mean. "Well, you asked me for advice, and I gave you one [albeit the incorrect one], didn't I?" :)  PART II: Just as it is okay for men to bullsh1t about anything, it's okay for women to tell casual lies mostly anytime. Learn to see past this trivia for the harmless thing that it really is.  PART III: Emotions prevail when it comes to women. Women would rather employ their emotional intelligence (this occurs on the right side of the brain), than their logical intelligence (this occurs on the left side of the brain), if given the chance. Noncoincidentally, the most efficient way to get a woman to fall for you is to appeal to these four of her basic emotions: happiness, sadness, anger, and surprise. Nice guys try to appeal mostly to her happiness, and occasionally surprise her. Alpha males and jerks kick more butt with women because they appeal to all four of her basic emotions, ie. a woman's happiness seems more uplifting to her (higher high), after a jerk has made her cry (low point).


#10. Avoid saying, "I love you," until after you've laid her, lest she annihilates you completely from her world, forever (a.k.a. the rejection). Like most guys, you have been saving up for that BMW car model that you've always wanted. Well, guess what happens on the day that you wake up to find it sleeping in your garage? You won't want it anymore! We usually stop wanting things the moment we are in possession of them. In terms of women and relationships, the moment she knows that she's got your full devotion (a.k.a. the moment you tell her, "I love you") is the moment that excitement begins to slow down for her. Thank the Almighty from high above for oxytocin; the hormone which increases and replenishes a woman's romantic vigor, keeps her attached to you, and is elaborated soon after you've laid her. Hence, if you let a woman know too soon that she's got you, you risk slowing down her excitement for you to a halt. Make her want you, and make it last! ☆~★~#10~☆~★

This e-book is the tip of the iceberg only!! These 10 golden rules actually comprise a FREE blog article that I wrote. Visit my blog site at www.rickytran.com for more great FREE articles such as:
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☆~★~Take the test below~☆~★

The test to measure up how well you perform as a woman magnet:  Question 1: Do you always show her your willingness to leave her, if she starts to misbehave, or is unwilling to compromise?  Question 2: Have you always told your woman, "follow me"?  Question 3: Have you always known what kind of relationship you were in from the start?  Question 4: Do you always keep on the back of your mind that all things regress, or tend to the average, or neutral zone?  Question 5: Have you survived her test(s) of date cancelation(s) and/or jealousy conjuration(s)?  Question 6: Have you always known what turns women on?  Question 7: Have you shown your anger once in a full moon?  Question 8: Have you avoided drowning under her menstrual temperament and surfed it instead?  Question 9: Have you abandon your left brain, and acted from your right brain, when it comes to women?  Question 10: Have you avoided saying, "I love you", or writing her love letters until after you've laid her? If you rank +7/10 on this test, you're doing pretty good as a woman magnet.

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