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Thoughts from

club leadership
The Board accessibility and crafting more places to
simply soak in Terrace. Next time you’re
Dear Terrans, back on campus, please swing by to see for
yourself but for now, check out the pictures
‘Tis the season for reflections on thankfulness. below!
Hopefully, each of you feel the love of
friends and family, and a sense of belonging, Thank you so much to all who contributed!
of being home today. When you were an There are still additional projects upcoming,
undergrad, either last year or in the last including a remodel and expansion of the
century, where was your home on campus? servery and dining hall. The Grad Board is
Where did you find your people? If you’ve dedicated to maximizing the impact of your
read this far, we’re guessing it was at Terrace. contributions to Terrace and the Terrace
Thanks to the leadership of past and present community, and we can’t wait to share more
board members and the generosity of so updates down the road.
many of you, Mother Terrace’s womb just got
cozier. Thank you to each of you for being a part of
the amazing Terrace Community.
Over the past decade, in a valiant drive
led by former grad board Treasurer and Food = Love,
Development Chair, Gideon Asher ‘84 and
with your generosity, the Terrace Futures Victoria Lee ‘16, Vice Chair, Development Co-Chair
Campaign raised over $1.8 million for several Abby Kalmbach ‘00, Development Co-Chair
large renovations of our beloved house.
Taking advantage of the empty house
before campus reopened, we were able
to remodel the first-floor restroom to be
fully ADA compliant and renovate the back
terraces, the lower of which is now half ADA
compliant. Slowly but surely we are increasing
Farewell to Charlotte
This month we bid farewell to Charlotte “Business Charlotte “
Camp, our incredible Finance and Development Coordinator and
unofficial house renovator. To students, Charlotte has been the
go to for anything money related - figuring out dues, payment
structures, and the target of many bribery attempts for her to
ignore sneaky attempts to stretch the social budget. As alumni,
you may have seen her design skills in the newsletter or her
cat-loving agenda shine through in email notices (her cat is on
Instagram by the way; @it_me_christine_the_cat). We wish her all
the best for all the opportunities that lie ahead of her and will
miss the safe haven her office provided all of us - students, staff
and alumni alike.

OFFICERS Suggested Events

Harry Potter Event
Open Questions Pirate Party (w/ pirate metal)
Fairie Ring Party
Should the Terrace “Fall Crawl” Cats & Corn
event enforce mandated crawling? Nuclear Thursday

Gear design Other Art

Check out our redbubble

Club Updates

The club officially re-opened on

Tuesday August 31st. Fine Beer
Wednesday, 4th Course and live
music tap nights are all alive.
All key staff have returned and meals
have been outstanding. Manuel is
serving his 2nd year as Chef (10th
year overall) and Gladys is back to
serving as Sous Chef on the weekends
– celebrating her 29th year at Terrace
(we think).

Main dining room tables have been

spaced properly for COVID precautions.
Students and staff are adhering to
all masking rules.
Extra masks and hand sanitizing stations
are now available in the Club.
New braille signage has been hung
throughout the Club.
The New Deck and 1st Floor Bathrooms were
ready for opening day
Both meet ADA standards.

Please visit our website
to donate to Terrace.

help fund the
initiatives that
keep Terrace
Got time for Terrace?
We’re always looking for volunteers to join our
alumni board committees!

Please contact Jenny Korn ‘96, Co-Chair of the

Governance Committee, at
to discuss ways to help our beloved Mother!
Kid’s Korner
Looking for an easy fall craft that your neighborhood birds will
appreciate all winter long?? We thought you might be…

Pinecone Bird Feeders

Arielle Debira ‘04
1. Each child needs a pinecone. The best is to collect (only what you need,
leave the rest for the other critters out there) a few from your yard
or local park. If you purchase them, make
sure there is no preservative or other weird
chemical treatment on them.
2. Get some peanut butter or other nut butter.
For kids with nut allergies, you can substitute
lard (yum)
3. Do a little googling to find out what birds
are native to your area and what kinds of
seeds they like. Or just go for an all-purpose
backyard bird seed for whatever region you
live in.
4. Find some scraps of string, yarn, hemp etc…
5. When you are ready to assemble your bird
feeders, lay out some newspaper or other mess
6. Use a spoon to spread the nut butter or lard
thickly all around the pinecone. Kids who don’t love having sticky hands can
use gloves for this part.
7. Next pour out about a cup of seed on the work surface and roll the
pinecones back and forth in the seeds until
they are fully coated.
8. Tie a string to one end of the pinecone
and hang somewhere outside- preferably
where you can see it from a window:) *you
can also tie the string on before you start
the messy part, but you may end up with
sticky strings.
9. Watch for birds, enjoy watching birds,
learn about birds, enjoy learning about
watching birds:)
Hi Terrans!

I got married! My wife Morgan is

not a Princeton grad but she spent
plenty of time in Terrace while I
was there so honorary Terran?
Either way here’s a pic!

Mihalis Alisandratos ‘18

My current music, an EP, is to be released on 10/19. On all major streaming

services by 11/12.

This page goes live 10/19: William Mutschler - Soundtracks (

I’ll be recording dance music next --as soon as mid-2022-- with either
another member of an 80s band I was associated with or other singers.

Bill Mutschler ‘81


"To engrave in granite highlights of the history of humanity."

The 57 page patent application I filed has _____________

Trustees : The purest form of education may be a self-directed search for

important claims approved. Attorneys’ “Strong knowledge. These summaries of vast subjects promote and encourage such efforts.

patent.” Will be issued in the near future. The _______

$80 million prototype is feasible in view of the (Entire letters available on request) Among nice comments:

worldwide mid-size cities market. “..engravings are wonderful” Justice Sandra Day O’Connor

“..remarkable museum” Shirley M.Tilghman, President, Princeton University

“..created an amazing site..” Janet Napolitano, President, University of California
Knowledgeable persons in academia agree “ Design worth the trip” TIME Magazine
“..meticulously researched” Los Angeles Times
that it is an important and valuable forward step
in education. I believe visitors may become
better citizens.

Celebration when patent issues and preview

of new OCEANS monument, all Terrans invited

All the best,

Jacques-Andre Istel ‘49
On 15 January 2020, 58 senior officers from 55 countries ( Naval War College Class of 2020)
read assiduously the granite History of Humanity.

“Thanks so much - it was a truly fantastic experience for us all.. and would like to keep Naval
Command College connected with Felicity and the center of the world.”

Captain Kevin McGowan,USN, Commanding Officer of Navy Command College.

Every night when I walk into the co-op the cashiers typically cheer.

jem ‘98
james . edward . metzger

English major turned urban planner Josh Stephens ‘97 published The
Urban Mystique: Notes on California, Los Angeles, and Beyond (Solimar
Books) in 2020. In keeping with his college habit of wearing shorts
inappropriately late in the year, Josh celebrates his connections to
California and shares his sorry, bemusement, and joy over the state of its
built environment in a collection of essays written throughout the 2010s.
Read it! It’s fun!
Eric Peñalver ‘13 married Alison Fournier on September 24th at Grounds for Sculpture in
Hamilton, NJ.

Émilie Dulles ’03, a graphic designer and stationery artist, has

joyfully navigated the uncertainty of postponed events by
honing in on bespoke artwork offerings and custom printed
projects. Émilie’s company, Dulles Designs, has been featured in
Brides, Charleston Magazine, Martha Stewart, Oprah, Palm Beach
Illustrated, Travel + Leisure, Veranda, and on numerous blogs.
Check out her most recent work on Instagram @emiliedulles
My book The Hardest Place: The American Military Adrift in Afghanistan’s Pech Valley was
published in March 2021 by Random House. Some Terrans of the 2009-11 era may remember that
I used to spend my summers in college freelancing in Iraq and Afghanistan -- the reporting for
what became first my senior thesis and eventually this book began during one of those trips, in
2010. The book zooms in on one Afghan valley and tries to reconstruct the story of U.S. military
involvement there from various American and Afghan perspectives across twenty years.

Since publication in March, The Hardest Place has gotten some nice write-ups, with a Foreign
Policy reviewer calling it “spectacularly executed,” the Washington Post writing that it “demands
your attention, even when you would rather look away,” and a New York Times write-up
describing it as “unique in its completeness.” Maybe my favorite was the historian who does the
“Tides of History” podcast calling it “deeply reported (to an extent that’s hard to describe).” It also
made an Economist top-ten list of books to read about the Afghan war and even (to my surprise,
since the CIA doesn’t really come out looking great in the book) got some muted praise
(“judicious”) in a CIA publication.

Wes Morgan ‘11

If you have news that you

would like to share with your
fellow Terrans, email
for it to be included in the next
issue of the newsletter.
Andrew Kinaci ‘10
Jon Strassfeld ‘09
Arielle Debira ‘04

3 A moving encore?
5 Tearass?
6 Equal to 27A
7 Terrace is the _____
10 Naked lunch?
14 Post p-rade buffet favorite
17 Jazziest Terrace Alum
18 Made to order
19 A sacrilege against
20 Fine for drinking?
22 A show you’d sacrifice to see
24 Fuck _____
25 A band fronted by Bill Murray or a group of painters from Holland
27 14A, 18A, 24D

1 Ground floor bar
2 Terrace is your _____
4 Club manager extraordinaire
8 Terrace’s Official Sport
9 Active cleaners
10 Denizen of Robo stadium
11 Terrace is the _____
12 Former board chair
13 What is done alone in one’s room
15 Chef who coined Terrace’s motto
16 Basement dweller
21 With 15D
23 A room and what’s done in it
24 Breakfast scramble
26 Feeling of daring?
In Memoriam
Mr. Ernest B. Adams ‘62 | Mar 29, 2021
Graduated with a BA in Architecture.

Mr. John H. Arens ‘60 | Jan 13, 2021

Spent most of his career in partnership with his father, founding CCS Corp., which
became a major factor in the coupon-redemption business. Became President in 1985.

William T. Beaver, M.D. ‘54 | Nov 12, 2020

Led a distinguished career in research on the clinical pharmacology of pain
medications. Helped establish a scientific basis for the use of painkilling drugs and
chaired a federal panel on the medical use of marijuana.

Mr. Charles A. Bernheim ‘57 | Jul 20, 2021

An avid golfer, a gourmet, a lover of the good life, and a devout collector of fine art and

William T. Caldwell, III, M.D. ‘50 | Jan 08, 2021

William ran a successful Ophthalmology practice in Red Bank, NJ. An avid fisherman
and wood worker.

Stephen C. Carlson, Esq. ‘73 S75 P04 | Sep 21, 2021

Built his career in Chicago at Sidley Austin LLP. Practiced for nearly 40 years, becoming
partner in 1983.

Mr. Joseph F. Cassin ‘48 | Jul 28, 2021

A man of letters and a lover of language and literature. Employed by Smith Kline &
French Laboratories (now GlaxoSmithKline), eventually as the Director of Regulatory

Lewis S. Coonley Jr., P.E. ‘68 | Nov 27, 2020

Served in the Army MSC and a consulting engineer at Burns & McDonnell, then a civil
and special projects engineer for the city of Overland Park, Kan.

Mr. Brian E. Cooper ‘68 *74 | Jan 17, 2021

Worked in public relations at the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the Port Authority of
New York and New Jersey.
Mr. Frank J. Giovino, Jr. ‘56 P83 | Dec 07, 2020

Mr. Donald L. Goddard ‘56 | Oct 01, 2021

Art critic and writer. His books include “American Painting” (1990) and “Saving
Wildlife: A Century of Conservation” (1995).

Mr. Nils A. Kindwall ‘44 g13 | Feb 15, 2021

Had a distinguished career in the natural resources industry. Known in the finance
industry as a pioneer of the project financing concept and served on many boards,
including John Wiley & Sons.

Mr. Walter B. Kissinger ‘51 P82 P84 P89 | May 03, 2021
Successful businessman and philanthropist on Long Island. Brother of Henry Kissinger.

Mr. Frederick O. Lamparter ‘61 | Jun 22, 2021

Trainer and consultant in customer relationships. Was an officer and pilot in the United
States Air Force.

Mr. Richard B. Lichtenstein ‘56 | Jun 17, 2020

A gentle and charitable soul, who loved playing tennis , traveling the world, at-home
wine tastings, fishing, and his family and friends.

Mr. Henry G. Morgan ‘40 *47 | June 1, 2021

WW2 Navy and briefly a Professor of Music. Became a Minister via the Theological
Seminary and served in this role for much of his life.

Tracy L. Mott ‘68 | Nov 4, 2021

Professor and respected scholar of Keynesian Economics. Classic country music lover.

Henry W. Overbeck, M.D., Ph.D. ‘52 | January 17, 2021

Widely-published medical researcher and doctor at University of Alabama.

Paul M. Rodda, R.A. ‘47 *51 | Sep 23, 2021

WW2 Vet and lifelong architect in private practice.

Mr. C. Robert Safford ‘47 | Jan 07, 2021

Gordon Francis Schwartz, M.D. ‘56 P85 P88 | Aug 16, 2021
Surgeon, Professor, and pioneering breast disease specialist and breast cancer

Dr. Betsy A. Smith ‘03 | Aug 03, 2021

A tenured Associate Professor of Chemistry at Elmira College. She would have started
her 8th year with the College this fall.

Mr. Henry L. Sweatt ‘54 P80 | Oct 21, 2020

Worked with Honeywell and supported many Minnesotan foundations.

Thomas C. Tufts, A.I.A. ‘53 | Dec 02, 2020

Korean War Vet and lifelong architect.

Mr. Mark H. Tulloss ‘91 S90 | Oct 27, 2020

Lawyer who worked in Dubai. Active in progressive politics.

Mr. Warren G. VanWees ‘86 | Apr 26, 2020

Mr. Leo O. Vroombout ‘62 | Feb 08, 2020

Lived in Florida. Holder of many patents.

Mr. James O. Ward ‘77 | Mar 05, 2021

Scholar, teacher and author. An Italophile, a lover of Scotties, and a collector of rare

Richard A. Weisiger, M.D., Ph.D. ‘68 | Apr 24, 2021

Professor and doctor who focused on “difficult cases” for most of his career. Researched
the transport of fatty acids inside and outside the liver cell before opening a practice
specialising in IBS.

Mr. William L. Weston ‘59 | Oct 17, 2020

Aeronautical engineer, designer, and tester of space and military vehicles. Kept the hi-fi
equipment humming at Terrace Club.

Mr. William Whipple, III ‘60 | Mar 22, 2021

Tax lawyer in Delaware and Brazil.
Terrace F. Club

President Schuyler Kean ’22
Vice President Derek Poletti ’22
Events Chair Bob Schofner ’22
Treasurer Nicole Gomez ’22
House Manager Andy Xu ’22
Music Chair Phillip Taylor ’22

General Manager Steve Krebs
Business Manager Charlotte Camp
Sous Chef Emanuel Gonzalez

Chair Arielle Debira ’04 Abigail Kalmbach ’00
Vice Chair Victoria Lee ’16 Andrew Kinaci ’10
Treasurer Jack McNeil ’16 Jenny Korn ’96
Secretary Jia Natalia Chen ’18 Jessica Marot ’13
Ted Nadeau ’87
Steve Feyer ’03 Lucia Perasso ’16
Justin Gerald ’07 Tristan Schrader ’18
James Holahan ’05 Ari Vera ‘12
Nick Horvath ’17 Rob Whitaker ’18

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