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In India the saving contributes more than 26% of G.D.P. This figure
shows that the people of our country are very keen to save their money. Here
the proportion of saving is more than any other countries in the world. Here
the rate of return on the saving is healthy apart from other countries so
people tend to save their money rather than spending it.
In market various instrument (alternatives) are available to save one’s
money. These can be names as Banks, Insurance, Mutual funds, Government
Securities, Post Office Saving, Public Provident Fund (P.P.F.) and so on.
Here people use to save their money mostly in the government securities
because of the safety reasons and they neglect certain other alternatives in the
market. i.e. mutual funds.

In India people seems to be not aware about the various alternatives

available for the investment. They only go for the traditional instruments
such as banks and sometimes they do invest their money in order to save tax
in the instruments like insurance and govt. bonds. Still they are not having
the awareness of such instruments. Even the awareness regarding these
alternatives is limited to the certain section of the society.

“A Summer of Learning from Mutual Fund” 2

Now days mutual funds are becoming more popular as an investment
options as they give healthy returns equivalent to the stock markets. Still
most of the people do not have the basic knowledge about the mutual fund.
Even the insurance is becoming now days very popular because of its unit
linked products in the market. Still the awareness is very less among the

The above facts inclined us to go for the study of the industry and
expand ours as well as investors’ knowledge by doing our summer project in
one of the most reputed company in the industry at Vadodara. This 28days
were full of learning and real world experience of marketing of financial
product like Mutual Fund, this project also help us to use our knowledge of
financial management which can be considered as the soul of our project.


“A Summer of Learning from Mutual Fund” 3

Writing acknowledgement is probably the most difficult task for us as
this report is an outcome of the direct and indirect support of many, but only
some of who end up receiving a mention due to several constraints. Yet we
would be failing in our duty if we did not mention the names of at least a few
of the many institutions and individuals who spontaneously supported us in
completing the project, and without whose support this study would have
remained incomplete.
We would like to express our sincere gratitude towards Mr. Bhadresh
Jhaveri, Director of Jhaveri Securities Pvt. Ltd., Vadodara for his keen
interest and generously helping and guiding us in preparing this report.
We would also like to thank Jhaveri securities Family, Vadodara who
has helped us directly or indirectly in completing this project.
Last but not least we would like to express our sincere gratitude to Mahendra
bhai and my team of jhaveri securities and all the faculty members and whole
BBA MSU College family for their constant support and guidance because
without their help this project wouldn’t be possible.


“A Summer of Learning from Mutual Fund” 4

 Jhaveri Securities Pvt. Ltd. (JSPL) has been promoted by
J.B.Jhaveri Group and was incorporated in the year 1992 in the
State of Gujarat with the objects of developing capital market
with primary and secondary market and the related activities
associated with capital market. JSPL is one of the largest and
highly respected stock broking firms in the State of Gujarat and
more particularly in Baroda City.

 JSPL is one of the top three Brokers dealing in and around

Baroda and have served about more than 50,000 clients in
Capital Market.

 JSPL has obtained trading membership right of the National

Stock Exchange Ltd. in November, 1995 and since then it has
gone ahead and being a pioneer to develop the capital market
in and around Baroda.

 In order to give a thrust to add its value to service the investors

at large it becomes a Depository Participant of National
Securities Depository Ltd. since October, 2000. The company is
now extending its service to around 50,000 Account Holders
managed to open these accounts within a short span of time of
7 years. With a view to provide best services to the investors it
believes in man management and the people associated with it
are best selected for this kind of industry and totally committed
to achieve the highest standard.


“A Summer of Learning from Mutual Fund” 5

 To increase my marketing skills and to explore myself to the
real marketing world.

 To know about various strategies adopted by JSPL.

 To learn about various aspects of the company which come

across the whole training schedule.

 To know the each of the companies situation in the market.

 To know the Securities market.

 To explore myself to the world of field marketing and

personal selling.

 To know the perception of JSPL’s existing clients on the

different basis like Services and Facilities, Marketing activities
done by the company, Position of the company. etc.

Organization Chief

· Mr. Kamlesh Jhaveri +91-265-2361822 /

Primary Market & Money Market

· Mr. Bhadresh Jhaveri +91-265–2362027 /

· Mr. Mahendra Patel +91-265–2362027 / 2361096
Secondary Market

· Mr. Hitesh Mali +91-265–2225846 /


“A Summer of Learning from Mutual Fund” 6

· Mr. Vipul Shah +91-265–2362280 /
· Mr. Parag Shah +91-265–2226201 /
Accounts & Finance

· Mr. Rupesh Shethna +91-265–2226201


· Mr. S. C. Trivedi +91-265–2226201

Depository Participant Segment

· Mr. Shailesh Sinvhal +91-265–2226201

Clearing House

· Mr. Dharmesh Pandya +91-265–2226201 /

Branch Office

+91-2692–246950 /
· Mr. Biren Shah
+91-278–2411324 /
· Mr. Ashesh Trivedi
+91-2634–263932 /
· Mr. Mayur Mali
+91-2752–230075 /
· Mr. Ajay Doshi
+91-261-3042222-26 /
· Mr. Nilesh Patel
· Mr. Bharat Malwani +91-265-6508406
(Vasna Road) 9879005591
· Ms. Krupa Shah +91-265-2356381 /
(Akota) 9925031448

Jhaveri Securities Pvt. Ltd.
National Stock Exchange Of India Ltd.
Member :
Bombay Stock Exchange Ltd.
National Security Depository Ltd.

522/523, Fortune Tower, 10/60 Payal Tower II,
Sayajigunj, Sayajigunj

“A Summer of Learning from Mutual Fund” 7

Vadodara - 390 005. Vadodara - 390 005.
Tel : +91-265 - 2361090 / 2361805 Tel : +91-265 - 2226202 / 2226201
Fax : +91-265 - 2362956 Fax : +91-265 - 2225378
Email : Email :

5BF-2 First Floor, Taksh Complex G-5 Padmavati Complex
Vasna Road, Shrenik Park Cross Road, Akota
Vadodara Vadodara
Tel : +91-265 - 6508406 Tel : +91-265 - 6508406
Fax : Fax :
Email : Email :

Commodity Mutual Fund

303, Payal Tower-II, 136/137, Paradise Complex,
Sayajigunj, Sayajigunj,
BVadodara - 390 005. Vadodara - 390 005.
Tel : +91-265 - 2226201 Tel : +91-265 - 2361096 / 2362027
Fax : +91-265 - 2225378 Fax : +91-265 - 2225378
Email : Email :

228, Madhav Darshan, 305, Sanket Building,
Waghwadi Road, Nr. Town Hall,
Bhavnagar - 364 001. Anand - 388 001.
Tel : +91-278 - 2411324 / 2411024 Tel : +91-2692 - 246950 / 245934
Email :
Email :
204/B, Siddhi Complex, 6, Vasupujya Complex,Derasar Road
Asha Nagar, Nr. Gandhi Comlex, Surendrangar 363 001
Navsari - 396 445. Tel : +91-2752 - 230075 / 230076
Tel : +91-2637 - 231825 / 231826 Fax :
Email :
Email :
526/527 World Trade Centre,
Ring Road,
Surat - 395 002.
Tel : +91-261 - 3042222-26
Fax : +91-261-3042225
Email :

12, Shital, Lalbaug Society, Manjalpur, Vadodara - 390 011.
Email :
301/302, Payal Tower-II, Sayajigunj, Vadodara - 390 005.
Phone # 91-265-2226201 Email :

“A Summer of Learning from Mutual Fund” 8

It has been rightly observed that the significance of personnel as
managers are fond of repeating the truism that the only real
difference between one organization and the other is the
performance of people. Human resource system in an
organization is not the only unique subsystem but also a
principal and central sub-systems and it operates upon and
controls all the other sub-system

The resources system receives inputs form the organization in

the form of objectives and it results in the individual and
organizational performance that may be viewed as individual and
organizational output. both the personnel system and the entire
organizations operate under the same cultural, economic, social,

“A Summer of Learning from Mutual Fund” 9

legal, political and other constraints. Hence , greater the
effectiveness and productivity of personnel, the more will be the
effective functioning of the organization. In the essence the
survival, development and performance of an organization-
although not solely but heavily-depend on the quality of
Human resource management in the organization is an all
pervasive function and managers at all the level are responsible
for guiding and motivating their colleagues and subordinates and
creating a conductive working environment.

The HR at Jhaveri securities is handled by the office at payal

building. It is responsible for formulating all the HR policies at
Jhaveri securities. It has to handle about a staff of over 300

Structure of Hr at Jhaveri securities

Director HR –Mr.Satish Trivedi

VP HR- Vacant

AVP HR- Mr. Jasmit Shah

Personnel and Performance – Training & Recruitment-

IR- Mr.Bharat Mr. Paresh Development- Miss Hiral,
bharat Miss Hiral, Miss Tripti
Miss Tripti and Miss
And Mr Bharat Rashmi
“A Summer of Learning from Mutual Fund” 10
1) Personnel and IR- they include
-Human Resource Information System (HRIS)
-MIS (Management Information System)

Mainly includes the details of the employees at Jhaveri

securities. The information is processed in an systematic manner
and is updated regularly.

2) Performance- Performance of an employee is checked on a

half yearly basis. As increase in performance will help the
company in increased returns thus it is healthy for any
organization, big or small to maintain a check on the
performance of there employees.

3)Training and Development- it includes


4) Recruitment- Generally done by 3 consultants

“A Summer of Learning from Mutual Fund” 11


While joining a checklist of documents is prepared and that all

the forms and formalities regarding the company’s rules are
followed such as PF/ESI etc.
After this the policy documents is prepared.

Then the candidates are handed over to their respective


Induction is carried out on the 2nd or 4th Saturday of the month.

Grievance Handling –

The grievance procedure at Jhaveri securities is simple. The

grievance is first passed to Mr. Paresh at gunjan office or Mr.
Bharat at payal office. Then the complain is passed to AVP-Mr.
Jasmit shah. The checks if the complain is worth solving or not,
and accordingly takes necessary actions and steps.

Suggestion- the mechanism for putting suggestion is also rather

simple. It is a fully automatic system which is one of the finest
wed based software for getting suggestion from their employees
as well as customers.

Performance Appraisal-
-It is done Half yearly- March-SEPT.
“A Summer of Learning from Mutual Fund” 12

“A Summer of Learning from Mutual Fund” 13

“A Summer of Learning from Mutual Fund” 14
“A Summer of Learning from Mutual Fund” 15
“A Summer of Learning from Mutual Fund” 16