A Story Report

Character’s Name: Robbo Title of the story: Dumpa’s the Problem This story is about… Robbo and his sister, Callie who has an “action plan” to get rid of their stepfather Roy The Beard and reconcile their own parents. However, Callie’s plan backfires when their mum gives birth to Dumpa, their stepbrother. Dumpa is very attached to Roy and that’s why he’s the problem to their plan. The setting of this story is… • Mum’s house • Dad’s house • Shopping arcade • Gina’s Ice Cream Parlour • School • Hawksmoor Hill The main characters in this story are… The two siblings Callie and Robbo. Callie is an intelligent girl who wants her parents to get back together and at times can be very rude towards her stepfather. Robbo is the younger brother who just follows whatever Callie instructs him to do even though he does not have any ill feelings towards his stepfather.
Describe the main character.

Other important people in the story are… Roy Nicknamed as The Beard. Very much detested by Callie. Adored by Dumpa. Hope The children’s mother. A quarrelsome woman, mostly because of Callie’s actions. The child of Ray and Hope. Loves and dotes on Roy.


The biggest problem in the story is… Actually not Dumpa but Callie who tries to separate her mother and stepfather. Unfortunately the blame is put on Dumpa because of his attachment towards Roy which thwarts Callie’s “action plan.”
worksheet adapted from Education World® step by wicked step by anne fine

I/We thought this story… Tell whether you liked or didn’t like this story. • Robbo’s confrontation • Callie moves out from mum’s house to stay with her father At the end of the story… The children’s “action plan” backfires and instead of Roy moves out.Some important events in the story are… • The parents split • Roy the beard moves in • Dumpa’s arrival • Callie’s conflict with Roy • Children’s “action plan” to get rid of Roy and reconcile their parents • Roy quarrels with Hope and leaves home for a week. worksheet adapted from Education World® step by wicked step by anne fine . Callie’s the one who goes on to stay with her father. Hope and Roy tries to mend their relationship for Dumpa’s sake. Give 3 reasons for your opinion.

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