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Venu Gopal Mail :
Mobile : +91


 Having 3+ years of experience in ORACLE DBA.

 Experience in oracle Database Administration including installing, &
upgrading the oracle server.
 Expertise in backup & recovery strategies
 Experience in implementing the Database Environments.
 Experience in refreshing the database across the Environments.

 Creating and managing user access to the database, assigning

privileges, and roles.
 Well exposed to manage primary database structures.
 Worked on both Windows and Unix Platforms


 Working as a Database Administrator for HP India Pvt Ltd, Bangalore,

from November 2007 to till date.


 MSc Mathematics from SV University, Tirupathi in the year 2007


DBA : Oracle 9i/10g Data Base Architecture, Backup&

OS : Red Hat Linux 4.0, Windows.
RDBMS : Oracle 9i, 10g, 11G
Tools : TOAD,OEM,SQL Developer
Languages : C, SQL, UNIX Shell Scripting

 Installing of Oracle 9i/10g on Windows and Linux Environments

 Creating and managing multiple instances.

 Managing physical files of the database.

 Creating and Maintaining of Tablespaces.

 Adding and resizing datafiles.

 Checking the Data Files Consistency using DB verify utility

 Maintaining control file and Archive files.

 Creating users & Granting roles to user and profile management

 Planning and implementing Backup and Recovery.

 Performing Logical Backups (Using exp and imp Utilities)

 Performing Hot and Cold Backups.

 Providing Technical support to Developers.

 Turning database in Noarchivelog mode

 Creating and Managing Temp tablespace and indexes

 Analyzing Tablespace runaway

 Checking ORA-ERRORS in the alert.log file

 Analyzing CPU utilization

 Analyzing Process Runaway

 Managing Rollback Segment

 Setting proper init.ora tunning parameters

 Updating the Data by using SQL*LOADER and External Table Method

 Creating the Users and granting the required privileges as per business


 Adding or resizing Data files to tablespaces as per requirements


Project #1
Project : CID (Customer Identification) Project

Client : Hewlett Packard

Duration : March 2009 – Till Date

Description :

CID (Customer Identification) project has three databases (CID-DBA, CSI,

CID-PERSON ) and one service (CAS) other checks, audits and processing (e.g.
Unzipping, archiving and deleting of flat files) involved in this process are done
through UNIX shell scripts on HP-UX (HP-UNIX) platform which are automated
through Cron jobs
1. CID-DBA The goal of the DBA Application Service is to retrieve a matching
DUNS record and provide the clients with additional DUNS information if
available. D&B is a supplier of business information used by sales, marketing,
credit and procurement. The business information includes company names &
addresses, demographic profile(e.g. Industry code, number of employee, etc.)
and legal hierarchy structure
2. CSI- The goal of the CSI is to improve Hewlett-Packard’s ability to identify
and interact with the customers by uniquely and universally identifying
company site information. HP Clients will interact with the company site
identification service via CORBA and middleware (Orbix).

3. CID-PERSON-->Database containing approx 120M people Unique Identifier

(CID-Person ID), Name, Company Affiliation Source. A custom service to load
names from client applications into CID-person And return results (CID-ID and
optionally, privacy preferences) to client application database

4. The CID Address Standardization (CAS) service has been developed as part
of CID(Customer Identification) project. Address standardization is an e-service
for standardizing, correcting and enhancing addresses, which are critical
attributes in identifying a customer uniquely.

Roles and Responsibilities

 24 * 7 Production database support, maintenance and troubleshooting

 Implementation of Oracle 9i new features including UNDO Management,

Dynamic SQL sizing
 Prepared the Upgrade plan and well documented the upgrade procedures,
issue and troubleshooting steps.

 Implementation of Oracle Statspack utility for performance tuning.

 Written shell scripts and a host of SQL and PLSQL scripts for automating
daily and weekly DBA tasks and for efficient database management.
 Enhanced existing backup and recovery scripts so development database
clones can be prepared easily and automatically from production backup
 Merged database Schemas into one single schema using Export and
Import utilities
 Dynamic SGA sizing to alter database cache and shared pool size

Project #2


Client : Hewlett Packard
Team size : 3
Duration : November 2007 to February 2009

ARBOR is software by Hewlett Packard, which is basically used, in mobile
industry for Customer Care and Billing Activities.

Roles and Responsibilities:

 DBA support to Developers.

 Tablespace management.
 Tuning of SQL statements using explain plan and TKPROF utility,
 Creation of Database Objects, Performance Monitoring.
 Automation of all backups by writing Unix Shell scripts.
 Managed space related issues database
 Performing Health check of the databases.
 Maintaining Archive logs and their spaces for routine administration alert
and trace monitoring.
 Worked with export and import Utility

 Created databases on demand for test requirements

 Loaded data from Flat files to database using SQL*LOADER