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Youth Against Debt-Cebu Summer Planning

April 25, 2011

UP Cebu

People Present:
Clarissa Beth Degamo (UPS)
Carlo Emmanuel Cabatingan (UPS)
Argelyn Adlawon (UPS)
Roxan (CNU)
Christine (CNU)

I. Mini-orientation
II. Calendar of Activities
III. Seminar on K-12 issue & 6-will-fix
IV. Press Conference
V. State of the Youth Address (SOYA)
VI. Partnership with Lapu-Lapu City SK Federation

I. Mini-orientation
The formation of the NGO started year 2006, under former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo's
administration, wherein the budget for education dropped to its lowest share in Gross National Product
(GNP). Through this organization, it encourages the youth to be pro-active both in the school and in the

Official Members. Union of Progressive Students (UPS)| Cebu Normal University- Supreme Student
Government (CNU-SSG) |Sanlakas Youth (SY)|Piglas Kabataan (PK)

...from YAD FB Page:

Youth Against Debt (YAD) is a dynamic alignment of different youth and student organizations with common
issues on Debt and Education.

YAD consists of partners and supporters from the youth sector, in particular (1) Youth Formations, (2)
Student Councils and Governments, Student Organizations, and Student Parties, (3) Youth Arms of People’s
Organizations, and (4) Youth Arms of Political Parties.

Vision. YAD envisions a society departing from the traditional definition and scope of the economy and
economic development where relevant, quality, and accessible education is a basic human right and where
debt is not used to undermine human dignity.

Mission. YAD commits itself to develop and expand a constituency advocating Debt, Education, and Youth
issues towards the establishment of a young people’s movement working for social change.

Advocacies. YAD fights for the following:

• Re-channeling of debt service appropriation to education and other social needs
• Increased budgetary allocation to social services
• Reorientation of institutional responses towards enhancing social welfare
• Mobilization social services and resources for human development and empowerment
---> add them on facebook, everyone is encouraged to join the FB group, administered by national members
mostly from Manila. YAD FB Page:

II. Calendar of Activities

The members present consensually agreed that the planning of activities shall only be until the end of
October 2011, to accomodate any modifications in the activity flow by any reason deemed necessary; or any
conflict or special arrangement of the foregoing agenda, so as not to interrupt, cancel, postpone any planned
and regular activity to be hosted by the organization.

Prior to this meeting, the calendar of activities was set. Click on the hyperlink to

III. Seminar
Topic/Issue: K+12 Education & 6-will-fix,
Title: TBA (to be arranged)
Sponsored by: UPS in cooperation with YAD-Cebu
Venue: UP Cebu Conference Hall
Date and Time: June 17, 2011, 1-4pm
Budget: ₱ 2,000.00

Guest Speakers*:
• Councilor Alvin Dizon
• Dr. Enrique P. Grecia, Commission on Higher Education Region VII Director
• Dr. Lapa, CNU Academe Representative
• Dr. Ritchilieta Galapate, UP Cebu Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
• Aaron Pedrosa, Freedom from Debt Coalition-Cebu
• CNU-SSG Chairperson
• Liezyl Anne Gomez, UP Cebu Student Council Chairperson
*all to be confirmed

• Documentation, c.o. UPS
-compilation of press releases/publications
-compilation of registration sheets and relevant letters
• Logistics, c.o. UPS
-reservation processes for venue, sound system, chairs, projector
-letter of request for free usage of aircondition and projector
-physical arrangement
• Program, c.o. YAD Core Group
-finalize program flow
-prepare leaflets and certificates
-program management
• Communication, c.o. YAD Core Group
-make letters requesting organizations, schools
-ensure hosts, speakers, panelists, reactors and moderators
-ensure participants
• Publicity, all members
-press release
-media coverage, c.o. Mr. Aaron Pedrosa
-online campaign & text brigade
-university hopping campaign
• Registration, c.o. UPS
-registration sheet
-schedule of registrars
• Finance, c.o. UPS
-budget allocation
-food for guests
-liquidation of expenses

IV. Press Conference

Date and Time: June 8, 2011, 10-12nn

Venue: Barangay Luz Conference Hall

YAD-Cebu will hold a press conference as a form of publicity of the seminar aforementioned and at the same
time, to expose the current situation of Philippine Education.

All member-organization must send at least one (1) representative to be a part of the speakers for the press

V. State Of the Youth Address (SOYA)

-proposed to be co-sponsored by UP Lantugi
-to be held last week of June 2011 or first part of July 2011
-changed format to prepared speech instead of extemporaneous speaking

VI. Partnership with Lapu-Lapu City SK Federation

Very same night on the meeting date, all UPS representatives attended the regular session of the Lapu-Lapu
City SK Federation, chaired by Hon. Nicole Balao.

Included in their meeting's agenda was introduction of YAD-Cebu and a prospect partnership with SKF Lapu-

The body decided to hold a special session dedicated to discuss this further as to let YAD-Cebu prepare
suffiicient documents and presentations for the body, to be held first week of May 2011.

An attendance list and a copy of agenda was duly given by the body to YAD representative Carlo Cabatingan.


Prepared by:

Carlo Cabatingan
UPS Representative

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