What’s the Deal With Vacaville?

In my quest through the underbelly of hippy history, I keep coming across references to either a Vacaville State Prison and the California Medical Facility1 two miles south. At least three rather important prisoners were kept at Vacaville - quite possibly all at the same time. Two of them even had neighboring cells2, or so the legend goes. Quote After he [Timothy Leary] returned to the United States in 1973 it is said that he was assigned to solitary confinement next to a “hole mate” who quoted the bible in a booming voice. This “Born Again Christian” was none other than Charles Manson. Leary left his “Turn on , tune in, drop out” campaign behind in prison, he became a self- styled prophet of “Life Extension” and “Space Exploration,” “Cyronics” and finally “Cyberspace.” All these, he said in turn with great enthusiasm, were where it was at! I’ve never heard Manson described as a Born-Again, and that’s odd that this is the point when Leary began advocating what I’ve always believed is the more bullshit aspects of his theories: transhumanism. Another source3 though claims that the Leary/Manson encounter happened at Folsom rather than Vacaville. Quote “They took you off the streets,'’ Manson informed Leary, “so that I could continue with your work.” Charlie couldn’t understand how Leary had given so many people acid without trying to “control” them. Supposedly though, Vacaville is one of those locations that was implicated in the MK-ULTRA documents as having been a testing ground for behavioral modification and “brain-washing” by the CIA. I’ll have to look around for some documentation of that though. In any event, this bit on Leary4 describes Vacaville thusly: Quote […] horrendous experiments such as “anectine therapy” had been conducted on non-volunteer inmates under CIA covert guidance. Anectine stops the respiratory functions of the body and the “subject” feels as if they are dying. An attendant must keep them breathing with a machine. As the panic sets in when the involuntary muscles quit, an attendant says, “This is what will happen if you break the law .” And just before the “subject” loses consciousness, the respiratory is turned on the the “subject” is brought back from the brink of death. W.H. Bowart, the author of that article, apparently was acquainted with Leary, and upon Leary’s release from there thought to himself upon seeing Leary’s sorry state: “He’s been the victim of one of the secret prison mind control programs.” Bowart also interviewed a cell mate of Leary’s from Vacaville: Quote “Well, one day he comes back to the cell with lines on his head. They were actually very precise measurement lines. His head was shaved and it was marked with all these careful, precise blue lines.

“I asked him what the lines were for. He told me that they were going to give him a lobotomy. They were going to stick ice picks into his brain. He told me that it was really going to be great. They had him completely brainwashed. He said, ‘this is going to be the greatest thing. All my life I’ve been going through this, you get up, you get down, but now, ‘ he said, ‘I’ll be just as smart as I am, but I won’t have to feel emotions any more. Wow!’” “You think they broke him?” I asked. “Totally controlled him. They gave him a lot of those fright drugs. They kept him in solitary. They did everything they could to break his mind, and they succeeded. Look at him now…” Again, it’s all pretty speculative. The other twist that ties into all this is one Donald “Cinque” DeFreeze, leader of the SLA which kidnapped and brainwashed heiress Patty Hearst only a year later in 1974. Rigorous Intuition has a great article about this5, so I’ll quote from there. DeFreeze was a petty criminal who worked as an informer for the LAPD, until… Quote He found himself incarcerated at Vacaville State Prison “at the same time the CIA was conducting mind control experiments there under MKSEARCH Subproject 3,” writes Dr Colin Ross in his Bluebird: The Deliberate Creation of Multiple Personalities by Psychiatrists. “These experiments involved administration of the drug pemoline [apparently researching memory function]… While there, DeFreeze came under the tutelage of CIA psychological warfare expert Colston Westbrook who gained the trust of DeFreeze and other African-American inmates under the guise of the Black Cultural Association. It’s alleged that Westbrook is the source of DeFreeze’s guerilla name, “Cinque” and the designer of the seven-headed cobra of the SLA. Mae Brussel writes6: Quote After two years of heavy programming, DeFreeze’s mentors at Vacaville apparently decided that he was ready for the next step in the script: his “escape.” DeFreeze was transferred from Vacaville to Soledad Prison, near Salinas, California, in December, 1973. Four months later, in March, 1974, DeFreeze “escaped” from Soledad. But using the word “escape” is misleading; the facts are, that DeFreeze was placed in a situation at Soledad where all he had to do was walk away from the prison. DeFreeze then kidnapped Patty Hearst. Hearst later claimed that she was subjected to torture typical of so-called mind control victims. She assumed the identity of “Tania” and aided the SLA in robbing a bank. Oddly enough, she was eventually pardoned by Bill Clinton on the last day of his presidency. This just goes deeper and deeper and deeper. Anybody know any other noteworthy tidbits about Vacaville or how the three characters mentioned above might otherwise connect?

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