Yvonne Rivera

Yvonne Rivera

A Waterways Project Publication

Richard Spiegel Barbara Fisher codirecrors Thomas Perry administrative assistant

Miriam Lock


East Brooklyn Congregations School for Public Service in Bushwick Shirley Edwards


Stephen E. Phillips superintendent Alternative High Schools & Programs

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the NY State Council on the Arts

My personal treasure

It's my mind.

because it is in my head

no one can borrow it, steal it. It's my personal treasure

I wouldn't be here right now Especially in life today.


What's worth working for

It is my education without education

you will never get anywhere especially in life

don't know about others

I would like to finish school to be someone in life today that's worth working for


I am grateful

everything is corning out right nothing is going wrong hopefully nothing will go wrong at this certain moment now.

I am grateful

that I am doing good in school

pushing myself to do better in everything I am grateful


I have a dream for the future

have lots of money that I earn

finish college

have a very well paying job

live a good life



Florida I wish I could be there

Florida someplace quiet with sun Florida one place that's not New York Florida faraway

Florida a place I would like to move to Florida my fantasy and hopefully come true Florida somewhere I would like to live Florida adventures and fun.



Everyone and everywhere uses them Dangerous and no good

No good for your body

Everyone has different reactions Everyone ends up dying

Take care of yourself

Drugs are addictive and unhealthy Everyone and everywhere they use them Except for me.


I remembered the day my niece was bom. It was a beautiful day

I was going to be an aunt. Someone smaller than me.

Was not going to be baby anymore Someone going to look up to me . .My niece was born

A special experience.


I respect my mother

A mother is to be respected

She is my joy and life. Hardworking woman and mother Caring and friendly friend

Respect others and others respect her. My mother, can't live without her

My mother, I love her.

And she is to be respected.


~ ~


: -: - ... :.~.~~::.: :.:~:::'~''-'::'.':''':.

'tr..41'~ ~6t'."><' .~ •. ...., .. ....., 'Q.. •.•• .o'l: •• ~. ~>'i'fl;~~Q7..

a waterways publication

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