Okay, this is about Bella and Jasper, of course.

So, this is before New Moon, but like, after Twilight, like in the middle. So just say this is the NEW New Moon. Anyways, Edward and Bella re together, but everyone in the house has secrets. Well, you’ll just have to figure out. Bella is changing and drifting away from Edward. Jasper doesn’t, honestly, like Bella. He thinks as her as a liability and is kinda a jerk in this. But, he finds her interesting in a way. So, Bella’s looks like this! I know what you’re thinking ‘Finally Kristen’! I also liked Jasper’s hair in Eclipse so that’s what he looks like in this story. The whole baseball scene thing never happened. Okay, I have changed a few things so you should probably reread this, sorry! Also, I changed her blonde because Bree said it would be cute. Honestly, I think she’s cuter as a blonde.

Prologue “She’s not my fucking mate!” I growled in outrage, glaring at my so-called-brother. He rolled his red eyes, but glared at me with the same anger, squeezing the steering wheel. “For someone who’s been a vampire almost as long as Carlisle, you’re pretty fucking retarded!” he snarled back. “Fuck you, Peter! Like you know shit!” I replied sarcastically, venom leaking into my voice. He screeched the car to a stop and I slammed into the dashboard, causing a dent. He was out in a blur, on my side, yanking the hard door off and roaring at me in anger and frustration, “Get out of the fucking car, you fucking dick! I am so sick and tired of listening to you mope and complain! Go do that shit somewhere else! You’re my brother, but you can obviously see you love this fucking girl, so why do you deny?” he was breathing heavily and I was shocked at his screaming. Obviously he has a death wish… “She’s not my mate. She has Edw—” I started, but he suddenly lifted the big SUV and turned it over, causing it to roll down the steep hill. I jumped out, growling at him. The car made a giant splash, falling into the water. “Shut the fuck up! Edward is nothing but a pawn to the pixie. They’re using your mate! They’re feeding her lies and you just up and fucking left because you were scared to show your real feelings!” he hissed in my face.

“Fuck you, Peter! I’m not in love with Isabelle!” I snarled. He growled in annoyance. “Your attracted to her, you like her personality, you care if she cares, you like her voice, you like her scent, or should I remind you?” Suddenly, there were pictures flowing through my mind. That was what Peter’s power was, to weasel his way into your mind. Isabelle was sitting by a stream, a short skirt on, showing off her nice legs and a blue button up, which was squeezing her breasts. I growled in anger. She slowly lifted a hand and unbuttoned the first fasten, showing the innocent white lace under the material. “Stop it!” I hissed. Peter didn’t listen. She laid down in the sun, her long hair being swept by the gentle wind and sun. Her fingers grazed against her neck, right over her exposed bra. Her legs bent, riding up the skirt… “STOP!” I roared. I tackled him to the ground and we started rolling down the hill like the truck. He kicked me off, my brain fuzzed from Isabelle’s body. Shit. “Now, you see what she’s doing. How you want to hold her, feel her, please her…” “Shut the FUCK UP!” I bellowed, throwing myself at him again. I got the upper hand this time and we landed inside the water. I threw him down to the bottom and took joy in him hitting the bottom with a THUMP!

I swam out of the water and squeezed the water out of my hair. I growled when the pictures reappeared in my mind. Isabelle released another button, grazing her fingers over the tops of her breasts. I shot up, “Stop it, Peter! Just…stop!” I cried, my voice breaking. I didn’t understand this. I couldn’t possibly love a human. Not a clumsy, stupid, scatterbrain, mature…perfect, beautiful, luscious… Damn it! I fell to my knees as my brother emerged from the lake and wrung out his clothes. He smirked smugly down at me as I pulled at my hair. I couldn’t take this shit! My whole world suddenly slung upside down, everything falling into place as I realized the truth. “You got it now, fucker?” Peter asked cockily. I glared at him then shot up, “Yes! Then…why the fuck am I here? Shit! She’s in trouble!” I took off and I heard Peter roar with laughter. I would deal with him later. Right now, Isabelle Swanson Marie was in trouble and alone. But, I had other things to take care of … (AN: I bet your wondering about the name. Don’t worry, you’ll learn later in the story.) Jasper

“Jazz! Please, come hunting with me.” Alice, my wife, begged. I ignored her, burying my nose into a book I wasn’t even reading. She huffed in annoyance, but didn’t bother to say anything. She knew better than to order me around and kept her mouth shut most of the times. I loved Alice, in my own way. Trust me, we had had our share of sex and love-making, but she wasn’t… “Jazz!” Alice growled in annoyance. My eyes flashed up to her’s, warning silently for her to shut the fuck up. She seemed taken aback, but remained silent as I stood and placed the book down calmly. She waited as I lay back down on the couch. I turned to her, “No.” I replied bluntly. She growled in annoyance and I raised a challenging brow her way. She cringed. “But, Jazz…” she purred suddenly in my ear. It no longer gave me an erection. She was loosing her touch. Her hand reached for my shirt, but I snatched up her wrist. She winced. “I know what this is about, Alice. You want me to go hunting because the human is going to be here, isn’t she?” I hissed. Her sweet blood rang through my being, creating a burning sensation in my throat. “Jazz, you can’t handle it—” “Don’t start that shit. Don’t you tell me what I can and cannot handle. Go hunting if you want to go hunting. Shit, go hunting with Emmett or Rosalie, but I’m not going, Alice.” I growled at her. Her eyes were blank for awhile, before she finally agreed I wouldn’t do anything. She huffed one more time before opening the window and hopping out. I rolled my eyes, heading downstairs.

I watched everyone from the staircase. They all were screwed up, trying to keep their own lives together, but also causing the ones around them to fall apart. They think I was messed up because I slipped. I didn’t slip. I did what nature was intended for me to do. Kill humans for blood. Esme raised her head to smile at me. I didn’t know why she acted like this. She acted like we were all her children, when I was older and smarter than her. She pretended like we were all angels, but it seemed she was wrong. Her eyes held pain for loosing her real child and being stuck to remember it for an eternity. I truly did picture her as a good friend, certainly not my mother; but she had felt the true pain any mother could. Rose grunted from her magazine in disgust and threw back a strand of her blonde hair. Rosalie was egotistical, cold hearted, beautiful, and a bitch, but she cared deeply for this coven we called family. Due to her rape, she didn’t like to have much sex with Emmett, the last night as a human flowed through her vampire brain. She loathed Isabella, her humanness and willing to give it all up, just for Edward. Emmett came from the kitchen with Carlisle on his tail and plopped down next to Rose. Emmett had a pretty good life as a human, besides getting killed by a bear and getting turned. He loved his family and Isabella, treating her like a little sister. He had many secrets; I could see it in his golden eyes. The way he shunned from whenever he would smell an appetizing human, the way he watched their every move before finally… Snapping.

Carlisle came into my head next. The leader and father figure of the coven. He felt proud that he had saved everyone in the family’s lives and held his coven close to him. Yet, he didn’t know that his wife and children despised him. Emmett, Rosalie, and Esme all hated how they were given this life and secretly blamed him. It was a shame, really. This family was nothing but drama and death. My throat caught on fire as I heard a car door slam from outside. Ah, lunch time. I heard Edward growl softly at my thoughts, but kept pulling Isabella towards the door. They were arguing quietly, Edward always getting the upper hand by dazzling the stupid girl. She would radiate dazed feelings and it made me light headed. I growled at him under my breath, cursing my gift. Isabella’s sweet scent entered the house as Edward pulled her inside. His eyes showed love and devotion, but he was leaking off anger and jealously. I crooked a brow at his emotions. “Edward, I want to go to Jacob’s.” Isabella protested, fighting out of his grip. He let her go reluctantly and scowled. So that was the problem… Edward flickered his eyes to mine in a warning glare as I smirked. He couldn’t handle the little human. He should’ve known to put her in his place. Edward had his own secrets, too. He wasn’t the perfect golden boy everyone thought he was. Edward wasn’t in love with Isabella; he was in love with her blood and speechless mind. He couldn’t hear

or resist her so he was literally drawn to her, not love. I feel what Isabella leaks, love, but what Edward gives off is not. I felt sorry for her; she didn’t even know he was cheating on her Tanya Denali. Life sucks and then you die. Isabella Marie Swan should be so lucky. Edward glared at me again, warning me to shut up. It wasn’t like I was going to tell the girl, but…I do like fights. He growled under his breath and I grinned. I leaned against the wall, ignoring the ache in my throat, it usually passed over. But, the annoying part of the human was that she walked around the house and poisoned everything with her breathtaking scent. It was unnerving. “Bella, I will not allow you to go to La Push. It is too dangerous. Besides, don’t you want to stay here with me?” He raised a brow as his eyes positioned on her’s and she was breathless for a second, her pulse going in overdrive. I rolled my eyes to the ceiling at her stupidness. Emmett quickly walked over to say hello to his sister and she snapped out of her daze to return the gesture. I quickly headed to the kitchen with Rosalie. Emmett begged Edward to go hunting until he finally agreed and Esme was left to baby sit the human. I was annoyed with her complaining of wanting to go see that dog. Rosalie rolled her eyes as her straight nose wrinkled in disgust. After thirty minutes, finally, the human decided, “That’s it! I’m going! Edward does not control me.” she grumbled. Some certain vampire is going to be mad…

Esme hurried to catch Isabella outside and scolded her. I sighed heavily with Rosalie as Esme brought a grumbling Bella back inside, “But I’m not hungry, Esme.” She objected. Esme ignored her and peeked into the fridge, “Shoot, we’re out of bread. Rosalie, will you go out with me?” Rose growled softly, “For the human?” Esme’s tone turned disproving, “Rosalie…” “Fine! Fine, I’ll go with you.” They left me with Isabella. Oh, the irony. Isabella glanced at me from her long lashes then looked down. I sighed heavily and placed down the big book I had been reading so I could look at her. Sure, she was pretty for a human, not as sexy as the other women I had drained, but decent. It bothered me that I ranked her as pretty, or maybe even beautiful. “Hi, Jasper.” She greeted quietly. “Hello, Isabella.” I nodded in acknowledgement, “Shouldn’t you be seeing your friend?” Her face turned to a grimace and she turned her eyes away from me, “No, Edward won’t let me go.” “Who cares?” I grouched, shrugging, “If you want to go, go, Isabella.” She stared back at me. “But, Edward said—” she started.

“And, like I said before, who cares what Edward says?” I was taunting her relationship, “He is not your father.” Her eyebrows furrowed as a frown encased her full lips again, “Your right…but…” “But, what, Isabella?” “He won’t like it.” “Will you?” I questioned. She nodded vigorously, “Then go.” She started away, but paused to look at me, “You can call me Bella.” “That’s not your name.” I replied calmly. I turned to see she was in the doorway. “Your name’s not Jazz, but Alice calls you that.” She retorted. “That doesn’t count. She knows I hate that name and I do not respond to it.” She was quiet for awhile, “But, I like being called Bella.” “I don’t know Bella, I only know Isabella.” I murmured before starting up the stairs. I heard her get into Edward’s Volvo, nice choice, and start the car. “I would like to know Jazz.” She whispered to herself as I closed the door to my study. I growled lightly. Why? …

My door busted open and I turned calmly to see a very angry Edward. I sighed and leaned back onto my back so I was lying on the couch. “Hello, ol’ brother of mine.” I greeted heavily. He growled at me. Apparently, my brother wasn’t in the mood for games, “What do you want?” “You let Bella go to the dog’s house?” He hissed. “Yes, I did.” I replied, sitting up so I could meet his glare. “Why?” he growled. “Edward…get out of my room,” I didn’t have to explain shit to him. He snarled, but rightfully obeyed, slamming the door as he went. Truth be told, Isabella is nothing more than a fool. She was constantly falling for his lies, begging for direction and always looking to him for permission. So by doing those things made her nothing more than his puppet. He was molding her into the exact thing he thought she should be. The obedient girlfriend. A game. A woman who sits down and shuts up, only speaking when spoken to, never putting in an opinion because her opinions don’t make a difference to him. He thought she should be a woman who isn’t really a woman so much as a person to be owned that can abide by his whims. But, she made me feel something yesterday. Something I hadn’t felt in a long time. Yet…

I refused to allow that human girl to believe I felt any sort of familial affection or care for her because I did not. It would be wrong for me to act like I cared or wanted a family bond with her because she’d never make it that far and it wasn’t fair to her either. But, I know she has secrets. And I want to learn them. I contemplated this as Alice jumped into the window and smiled brightly at me with a small twinkle in her well fed eyes. She was hiding something. I had known this for the last few months, ever since Isabella came into the picture. She had been very sneaky and conversing with Edward numerous times. It was starting to piss me off. Alice couldn’t get anything by me, and she didn’t lie to me often because I would figure out every time. “Good morning, how was your trip?” I asked slyly. She paused and her smile faltered. I smirked, “You can’t get anything pass me, Alice. Why did you go to Italy? You’ve been gone for two days.” I stood and glared down at her as she shrunk away, “What’re you hiding, Alice?” “Um…uh…” she stammered, looking away. “What is it? You don’t want to tell me you’re manipulating the family? Going and conversing with the Volturi? Acting like a spoiled bitch?” Her face turned agitated and upset, “Shut up, Jasper! You are going to ruin a lot of stuff if you don’t stop thinking about Bella.”

I glared at her in shock. First of all, how did she know I was thinking about Bella? Second, who the hell was she to tell me the shut up? “No, Alice, you shut the fuck up! I am tired of you being all cryptic and it’s starting to bug me the fuck out. Now, you can tell me what’s going on or I’ll have to find out myself and I don’t think you want the latter.” I growled at her, standing so I was in her small face. “Fine, Jazz, but when you do find out about Bella, you’ll never have her because she’s Edward. Keep that in your mind, Major.” She sneered then zoomed out of my hands. I clenched my hands around the air she had been and growled. I’m gonna kill that bitch. Alice was a lot of things, cryptic, mean, and spoiled. But, she was also my wife and she would remain that until she signed the papers that say otherwise. She would remain loyally by my side, but right now, she wasn’t acting so loyal. I hurried after her as she ran outside. She skidded to a halt in the middle of the woods and scowled at me. “Why are you so upset by this?” I growled. “You’re ruining everything!” her voice was raw, filling with anger and resentment. Alice’s eyes blanked for a moment, she was hit with a vision that lasted for minutes. “What did you just see?” I asked. “The family. Our futures. Everything and nothing all at once.”

I said nothing because her words made little sense. “She isn’t just going to fade away. The vision of her as a vampire has never changed.” “Do you see her with Edward?” I asked mockingly. The shift of her eyes from mine told me the truth that she didn’t need to speak. “No. I see. Do or die right Alice? She doesn’t get the fucking choice anymore. Because Edward is a selfish bastard, Isabella gets to live an existence of a constant thirst, pain and lies. He doesn’t love her. He is infatuated with the thought of her and what she could become, but that is all.” “You are such a liar,” she hissed, “You say you don’t care and then you defend the human like she means something to you. You are ruining everything Jasper!” she repeated, venom running out of her mouth. Right now, she looked crazy. Really crazy. Not the fun, spoiled, care-free pixie she was decades ago. She wasn’t Alice… “Your not making any sense, Alice.” I growled back, narrowing my eyes at her. “It doesn’t to you because you can’t see it! Bella was going to be perfect for Edward and our family. Then, you had to join the picture! Bella can’t resist and now, you’re going to ruin everything! The whole fucking family! Together, you and that stupid human are going to destroy our family! But, you aren’t just going to break the family, your going to break her, too. And you don’t even care!” she screamed at me then took off. I stood there, frozen. What the fuck is she talking about? …

When I got home, all of Alice’s things were gone and Emmett and Rosalie were looking around, frowning to themselves. Emmett was the first to turn to me with a raised brow. “We heard your fight, man. What the hell is she talking about?” he questioned. “And what does Bella have to do with it? Is she so bad that Alice had to leave?” Rosalie asked next, frowning to herself. “Nothing’s wrong with Isabella.” I answered automatically. They both turned back to me with surprised expressions. They both knew that I had never answered to Isabella, much less defended her. “Where’s Edward?” I asked. “Dealing with Bella as he had put it. He said you let her go see the dog and she won’t talk to him. She actually has a backbone.” Rosalie mused, smirking a bit. Emmett laughed at his mate’s joke, but turned back to serious, “Someone should go check on her. Rose can go check on Alice.” I sighed heavily and stuffed my hands in my pockets, “I’ll go see the human.” “See? You do have a heart.” Rose’s smirk turned into a full grin as she patted my shoulder and walked past me. Emmett grinned and did the same, following his mate’s steps.

I sighed again, taking in as much fresh air I could and jumped out the wide window. I landed softly on my feet and took off towards Isabella’s house. … She was in her room, staring at a picture as I sat casually on her window edge. She had yet to notice me, or that’s what I thought. She casually looked up at me with her brown eyes and relief flooded through her. I raised a brow at her emotions as she placed down the picture. It was an unfamiliar woman grinning by a man I was guessing was her husband. A child was holding on tightly to the woman’s dress and had wide green eyes with short blonde hair. She was a toddler obviously and she got her looks from her parents. The girl was familiar, just not to me. “Who are they?” I asked quietly as I closed the window. She smiled softly. “Um, my aunt and uncle. The baby is…Marie.” She replied, wrinkling her button nose in distaste. I chuckled, “Obviously, not the best cousin.” She nodded slowly, staring at the pictures with sad brown eyes, “What are you doing here?” “Rose and Emmett wanted me to come and check on you. They said Edward was mad.” I replied. She snorted, but kept her eyes away from mine as they flickered down to her arm. She slowly lifted the long sleeve. I saw red for a second and I didn’t know why, it bothered me. I glared at the

bruises on her pale skin; they dotted around her forearms and trailed upwards. Isabella watched me silently; taking in my expression I tried to compose, “You’re mad.” “No, I’m fucking livid!” I hissed, throwing my hands up. She was acting like this was nothing. Why was she not mad? Why was she not tearing him to pieces? Because she can’t, genius. No…but I can. She tilted her head to the side, “Is something wrong with you and Alice?” I frowned. How the fuck did she know that? She sat quietly, waiting for me to explain myself. “Yes, I believe we’re getting a divorce.” I replied calmly. She nodded, pulling back down her sleeve, hiding the ugly bruises. “That sucks,” She commented, “Edward said mates stay together forever.” I shrugged indifferently, “Yes, they do. But, Alice and I aren’t mates.” “Then…why did you marry her?” she questioned. “Well, when I met her, I didn’t fall in love automatically. I love her in my own way, but she advised marriage and I went along with it.”

She snorted again, “That doesn’t sound like you.” “It isn’t.” I retorted. We went silent and I stared out the window. Edward’s scent still wafted in the air, so he was close. Probably was listening to our conversation. You hurt her, Edward. I’m gonna make your life a living hell… I heard a low growl in response from the woods. I turned back to Isabella, who was gazing at the picture again, “Why are you so close to Jacob, anyway?” She took a deep breath, “He knows a lot of stuff about me. He was always there in my time of need. He didn’t judge me or make me feel insecure. He knows everything.” As she talked, I took the first breath in this room and it was big mistake. Her scent was everywhere, hitting me like a wrecking ball. It invaded my nose and caused my nostrils to flare from the assault. I stood and stared at the prey with big brown eyes. She didn’t say anything, didn’t even flinch or cower as my eyes got darker. She was no longer Isabella, she was my prey, my food, mine…In the back of my mind, I wondered why Edward wasn’t barging into the room yet. Isabella slowly stood, staring at me with pure curiosity. The air had changed dramatically.

She squinted her brown eyes and a small smile graced her full lips, “You’re going to kill me?” I nodded slowly. We circled each other and she ended up by the window. She still wasn’t scared. Where was the fun in that? I slid into a crouch as her arm stretched out to the only exit she had. I sprung for her neck. Suddenly, she dodged out of the way and the window was flung open. My body was drawn to the fresh air, but my teeth aimed for her succulent neck. I saw the smirk on her face as I flew past her and out the window, into the tree. Fresh air burned in my nose and her scent left my senses. She leaned out the window, staring at me with the same smile, “Go hunt, Jazz.” I growled in outrage. She outsmarted me and she was human. What the fuck? Is the world going insane? Her face turned serious as she glanced up. She could sense something, “Edward’s coming. You should go.” “Exactly, turn back to Edward and be his puppet.” I growled at her. She froze up and her chocolate eyes slowly slid back to mine. “What…did you just say?” She hissed, anger flashing into her eyes. I suddenly saw a different Isabella then. She was no longer Edward’s fool, she was her own woman. Her chin jutted out as if to challenge me. I ignored her and turned away. I heard doors slam and her feet stomping down the stairs until she threw the back door open, “JASPER! I asked you a fucking question!”

I turned back to stare at her. She looked absolutely livid. She was challenging me for real. She was demanding me of things, something Alice or any other sane woman wouldn’t do. I stepped forward so I was in her face and pointed at her, “That. That right there. That’s what I want to see. Not Edward’s toy.” She scowled at me, shaking her head slowly, but keeping her eyes on mine, “You don’t know a thing.” “I know more than you.” I sneered. “I asked you a question.” She shot back, ignoring my words. “You want the answer? Fine. Stop letting the robot you’ve created speak your words and walk your movements. Letting others dictate your life constitutes is still being a child. You might not think you are one, but you are still a little girl. So, little girl, straighten the fuck up and learn to get a backbone.” Her brown eyes narrowed into slits and I could have sworn she hissed, “I asked a question.” Ignoring my words completely, and gave another demand. I had to give her credit; she was stubborn and no doubt resilient when needed. Fine, I’d give her something, “Edward’s not going to keep you around forever. He might say he wants marriage, but he’s lying. Once you die, he’s going to go back to Tanya.” “Tanya?” Her dark eyebrows knitted together. She wasn’t angry anymore, just hurt and sad.

“Yes, his other toy. He can say he loves you, but it’s all a game. You’re a game. Now, stop kidding yourself and go inside. I can’t stand your foul stench.” Pain radiated from her and she turned away, running into her house and slamming the back door. I was smug. I had broken the human that tried to dance with my words. But, I didn’t know I had made one huge mistake. … For the next few days, I didn’t converse with Isabella. She ignored my presence as well and abided to Edward’s law. The only things that came out her mouth were: Yes, Edward. I love you. I will. Sorry. And it pissed me the fuck off. She wasn’t being like the person I wanted her to be. She wasn’t Isabella, she was Edward’s Bella. Alice never came back and Rosalie said that she went to take a vacation. Vacation my ass. But, her words imprinted into my brain. You’re ruining everything!

Isabella wasn’t anything to me, but a liability as I had put it earlier. She created nothing but problems and thirst. And I hated her for it. So, tell me why I talked to her again. I was driving my motorcycle passed her house and it was dark out. I stopped my bike when I saw her on the concrete porch step of her house. As I stopped the engine, her brown eyes flashed up to me and anger flashed through her, her orbs flickering with fire. “Go. Away.” She gritted through her teeth. Hugging her legs to her chest, she stuck her eyes on a piece of grass. I blocked it from her view, standing in front of her. She didn’t even look at me as she grinded out, “Can’t you hear, you fucking vampire? I said Go. Away!” When I didn’t reply, she stood and glared at me, “What the fuck do you want from me!? I hate you!” I watched calmly as she exploded, calling me these names and that. I had to take control as she swung her fist and tried to punch me. I caught her wrist, “I wouldn’t do that, Isabella.” She froze and stared at me before tears started in her eyes, the flames going down, “Is he really doing everything you said?” Her voice broke. I nodded slowly and I watched as she snatched her hand away, crumbling to the ground. She landed on her hands and knees, sobbing softly, “I’m so stupid.” I knelt down and brushed the hair away from her eyes, “Your not. He is. Edward thinks he’s a king and you’re his palace. He wipes his shoes all over your opinions and hangs his crown on your

voice. He doesn’t control you. You can fight back, Isabella.” She stopped automatically and stared up at me, wiping away her tears, “I don’t know how.” “Well, I’ll just have to teach you.” I replied, stood, and turned away from her. I could sense her frown, “Your not going to help me up?” “No, you should be able to stand on your own two feet,” I snapped, turning to glare at her, “Or are you really a child?” Her eyes narrowed, too, but, she did as she was told, standing on her own and squaring her shoulders at me, “I don’t need your help.” “Yes, you really don’t.” I turned away again and walked over to my bike, straddling the seat, “Are you coming?” She paused, her eyes turning wide as she stared at my vehicle, “Are you sure…?” “Isabella, you control your own life. No one else. If you’re truly an adult make a choice. Unless…you want me to call Edward.” Her eyes tightened into slits and she quickly walked over to me, getting on the bike. She wrapped an arm around my waist, pressing her face into my back. I started the engine again and drove away. She squeaked in surprise from the speed, but adjusted as the wind whipped through her hair. …

We ended up outside of Seattle, resting under a tree. She told about her life, but skipped large periods. Whenever she did that, sadness and anger would merge into her being. I asked her often, but she didn’t answer. Soon, she fell asleep. “Isabella?” She didn’t respond and shivered slightly from the wind. I took off my jacket and laid it over her form. She clung to it, breathing in my scent. I smiled softly, but stopped when I realized what I did. I was helping her, talking with her, caring for her. I froze up and slipped my arm from under her. She sighed, but didn’t take notice in the movement. I cared. And it frightened me. … It was Monday so we all went back to school, besides Alice. She called Esme and said she would be gone a little longer. She was planning something and it was going to be big. I hadn’t seen Edward in a day or so and I knew there was going to be a scene at so I went to go pick up the human. She wasn’t surprised to see me. Her hair was straight and put into a ponytail. Her jeans were loose and she had on a jacket. She looked tired and worn out. “Hey,” she nodded as she straddled the bike. I smiled and started up the engine again. As we started speeding down the road, she asked me, “Do you think Edward is going to be mad?”

“Actually, I do. Just remember that I’m going to be there with you. So, no worries.” I reassured her. She nodded again and tightened her arms around my waist. When we got to the school, Emmett and Rosalie were standing off to the side as Edward growled under his breath, clenching and unclenching his fists. Isabella took off her helmet and started to get nervous when she saw Edward. Edward’s eyes found us and he growled. He quickly strode over and grabbed Isabella by the arm roughly. She winced and tried to pull away as I hissed at him. “Bella, I’m sick and tired of you hiding behind your little friend. It’s time you learned your place.” He growled at her. “No! It’s time for you to learn your fucking place! You’ve been lying to me, hurting me, and cheating on me! You can go to hell!” She hissed at him, the same fire flicking in her eyes. I was proud of her. She was taking up for herself and wasn’t accepting his shit. Edward didn’t like it. He tightened his hold, “I don’t know what’s gotten into you, but it has to stop.” She glared at him, not responding to his words. She wrenched free from his hold and hurried behind me, “I think it’s best you go hunt, Edward.” He laughed at my advice; it was bitter, “Oh, I don’t think so, brother. You’re trying to steal my mate. You’ve got her cursing, talking back, and ignoring my orders. I don’t want her around you anymore.”

Emmett’s nose wrinkled in distaste, “Bella’s not a possession.” “Stay out of it, Emmett,” Edward snapped. He watched Isabella with a small smile, “Remember, Bella. You’re still mine and Jasper will soon get bored and leave. Then, you’ll just come crawling back to me. I hope you know your place by then.” After his cruel words, he turned and got into his car, driving away. Isabella kept her face strong, but I could feel her heartache and sadness. She truly did love Edward. I placed an arm around her warm body and led her to my motorcycle. “We’ll be back,” I called to my brother and sister behind my shoulder. They nodded and hurried to class. … We ended up back outside of Seattle. She sat under the tree, reading a worn out book, but I could tell her mind was elsewhere. I poked her in the side and she turned her wide eyes on me. “You haven’t said anything since we left. Want to talk about it?” I asked quietly. She let out a deep breath. “I don’t know if I can.” She replied, “Hey, did you know Jake’s a werewolf?” She asked calmly and suddenly. I raised my brows, but answered the question, “Yes, I didn’t think you knew.” “Well, it’s not that hard to figure out,” She shrugged, “Paul almost attacked me because I smelled like a vampire.”

I sighed heavily, “Of course you would find a way to upset a werewolf and almost get killed, Isabella.” She laughed, it was carefree and happy, “Why thank you, Jazz.” I rolled my eyes, but found myself enjoying her laugh and freedom. I stared at the setting sun and sighed, “We should start heading back.” She nodded and stood with me. I led her towards the motorcycle, but paused when I detected someone watching from the trees. Isabella put on her helmet and looked at me weirdly as I growled at the branches. The intruder jumped to another tree and hurried away. “What’s wrong?” She questioned, eyeing the trees. I turned to her and got onto the bike. “Nothing,” I replied, starting the engine. She nodded, but I could feel her distrust. She trusted me, but not my answer, “It’s alright, Isabella. It’s nothing. Probably just an animal.” She nodded again and held tightly onto my waist. … “One more,” She begged as she wiped the tears off her eyes. She smiled widely and I rolled my eyes as I opened the door to her house. “Fine,” I huffed, “What do you get when you cross a vampire and a circus performer?” She didn’t even try to answer, “Something that goes straight for the jugular.”

Isabella was quiet for a second, trying to figure out my words then fell to the floor, bursting into guffaws. I stared, wide eyed, as she clutched her stomach and sent buckets of humor at me, causing me to chuckle and Charlie to frown in confusion. He walked over and stared down at Isabella on the floor, still laughing her ass off, “It wasn’t that funny.” I said. She didn’t listen, just continued to cackle. I smiled slightly at the human and introduced myself to Charlie, “Hello, sir. I’m Jasper Hale.” “Yeah, you’re the Cullen boy.” he nodded, “Where’s Edward?” Isabella’s laugh halted and she stood, leaning into me, “We broke up, dad.” His face showed shock, but his emotions poured with happiness. He saw the light in his daughter’s eyes and how she was happier with me. He actually liked me. “So, are you going to be around often, Jasper?” Isabella glanced at me as Charlie raised his brows in a fatherly motion. I shrugged at his question, “As long as Isabella needs me.” He frowned at her full name and I felt a small ache from him, “Um, good. Well, the game is on…so…” He turned away and walked to the living room. Isabella grabbed my wrist and led me upstairs; her warmth burned through my granite skin and made me flinch. She continued to pull me into her room and I settled for her small bed.

She started picking up things, searching for an object. I frowned when her shirt rode up a little and creamy skin was exposed. But, it wasn’t that I was interested in. A tattoo spreaded across her lower back. I dashed over and I felt her jump as I ran a hand up her back so I could see it clearly. It was intertwined letters. S and R. My eyebrows merged as I stared down at the letters. Isabella suddenly whirled around and slapped her hands to her tattoo, covering it. “What the hell are you doing?” She hissed. “What does S and R stand for?” I answered her question with a question. “None of your business,” She replied, “Maybe, you should just go, Jazz. I have homework.” She started away, but I grabbed her arm. “Isabella, what are you hiding?” “None of your business,” She repeated then pointed to the door, “Go. I’ll call Jake if I see Edward.” “Fine. I’m not in the mood for Bella anyway.” I sneered. She flinched from my tone, but kept her eyes strong and jabbed her finger at the door. I slammed it on the way out and called Charlie a farewell as I left. … Later that night, I snuck back into her window, opening it quietly as she slept. Her face was buried deep into a plushy pillow and her hair was swept wildly around the sheets. Her legs were in a

disarray, curling into a fetal position. I could smell her salty tears and wondered what made her cry, but I was on a mission. I didn’t see the picture of the woman, man, and child so I started to search. I had remembered its old scent; filled with metal, wool, and cherry blossoms. I detected it under her bed and reached for it. I grabbed it into my hand and dashed back out the window. … “Beautiful family,” Jenks murmured over the phone, “Also familiar.” “Really? So you’ve heard of them?” I asked. I was back in my study. I had faxed a copy of the picture to Jenks so he could look it up. Obviously, they were famous somehow. “Yes, the Marie’s were killed in a fire at their diner. You can look it up, Mr. Whitlock. Very devastating story.” I quickly thanked him, hung up, and took out my laptop. I typed in Marie’s Murders and it immediately turned into a site. My eyes quickly scanned over the words. 1999, June 12 was the day of loss for this small town in Louisiana. Sarah and Ryan Marie’s youthful diner was burned to the ground. Sarah had always been a lively woman in the small town and wished to have a child of her own. On September 13th, 1993 a beautiful girl was born by the two, named Isabelle Swanson Marie. Her stunning green eyes and golden hair was a replica of her parents. As their diner became more popular,

Isabelle got older and even started to bus and take orders from tables. And on the fateful day of the fire, Sarah was just closing up. Ryan was cleaning the grills and Isabelle was in the supply closet, putting away the cleaning utensils. Without warning, a fire started. (The police had yet to confirm if it was a power problem) Ryan tried to defend his wife from the flames, but they died together. The police didn’t find any bodies, but one. Isabelle was still in the closet, crying softly for her parents. Isabelle was then transported to live with Ryan’s brother, Charles Marie. The police had finally confirmed that someone had started the fire, but no fingerprints were found. Neither the bodies of Sarah and Ryan Marie were found. Isabelle Swanson Marie has not been seen since… I trailed off. I didn’t need to see the rest because I already knew. Isabelle Swanson Marie was fucking Isabella Marie Swan. Isabelle…Isabella? So fucking obvious if you actually do the research. … I dashed back into Isabella’s, or should I now say, Isabelle’s room and placed the picture back under her bed. I was honestly curious. The picture on the internet had showed a baby. A baby with light green eyes, satin blonde hair, and freckles.

But, Bella was pale, held no freckles, had no black hair, and didn’t have any blue eyes. I crouched over the girl, staring at her face. “Isabelle.” I called her name clearly, a striking contrast to the silence in the room. Her eyes suddenly flew open and focused on mine. For the first time, those chocolate orbs had never looked so fake. Lifeless. Unreal. I gradually lifted a hand and pressed my finger to her pupil. I watched with mild surprise as I peeled the fake, brown contact off. Her eyes widened, one lifeless brown, the other bright, light green. I stared at her as she sat up and bolted off the bed, gasping in shock. She breathed in and out loudly before sprinting out of the room. I quickly blurred after her; luckily, Charlie was working a late shift, and grabbed her arm, causing her to scream at me. “Let go!” She shrieked. Tears were running down her now red face. “Isabelle—” I started, but she screamed again. “Don’t EVER call me THAT!” She shouted then shoved out of my hold so she could go into the bathroom. I heard the lock twist before I could hurry over to it. “You know I could tear down this door so open it.” I growled. “Go away, Jasper. I told you to leave it alone, but you just can’t stop! That’s probably why Alice left your sparkly ass!” She banged

at the door, as if to get to me. I flinched away from the low blow, “Just go away, Jasper. I don’t want you here.” I flinched again, but did as I was told for the first time. As I jumped out the window, Edward was there, leaning against a tree with his hands stuffed in his pockets. “What? Did the two BFFs have a fight?” he teased. I growled at him. “Shut the fuck up, Edward. I’m not in the mood for your shit.” I snarled at him. He rolled his dark gold eyes. “You don’t know how to control her, Jasper. You don’t know a thing about her.” He grinned widely. I crooked a brow in challenge, “Really now? Isabella is a dancer. She likes reading. Wuthering Heights is her favorite book. Romeo and Juliet is her favorite movie. She likes strawberries and the beach. Her birthday’s on Sunday; she’s turning eighteen. Oh, and blue is her favorite color,” He growled from my knowledge after just spending less than a week with the girl, “Bet you didn’t know that. Now, did you, Eddie?” He snarled at me, finally loosing his cool demeanor he was trying to pull off. I smirked at him, raising both my brows in challenge. “What caused her to cry?” he questioned. Great. He didn’t know. It was good to hide her secret. She probably didn’t want him to know, much less wanted me to know. Edward’s brows rose, too. “Hiding something, brother?”

“We are not brothers.” I hissed at him. “Well, that’s news to me. Esme will be so disappointed.” He mocked, grasping a hand to his dead heart, before turning back to serious, “You can’t protect her forever, Jasper.” With that said, he took off in the other direction. I decided to go for a hunt until Isabelle needed me. I hunted rather quickly, well, it was quick to me. The sun was just starting to come up, but quickly got shielded by the clouds. My phone rang, startling the deer I was hunting. I growled in annoyance and pressed it to my ear. “Isabella?” I questioned. “Whitlock, do I sound like a girl?” The voice asked sarcastically. “Peter, what do you want?” I growled. “What’s got your panties in a bunch? I haven’t heard you this frustrated since you changed me…” he trailed off. “What do you want?” I repeated. “Nothing much, just wanted to know why you’re hanging out with a HUMAN!?” He roared into the phone. I growled back at him. “It’s none of your business, fucker.” I snapped and crunched the phone in my fist. “JASPER!” I froze up. The voice was familiar, but higher, more feminine, and stronger. I searched around the trees quickly, trying to find the source. But, I saw no one.

I frowned in confusion. I ignored my gut and took off towards her house. Charlie was gone, but when I looked up the stairs, I froze again. Staring at me was a pair of wide green eyes. Her skin was sun kissed, more flushed and tan. Freckles dotted her delicate nose. Her hair, still long, but was blonde and silky. Her eyes held permanent fire and her form had this strong aura, even though she had her hands stuck in her tight jean pockets and a careless attitude on her face. This was the girl I wanted to see. Finally, the fire came out to play. But, I should’ve known. You never play with fire. … Isabelle sat down on the bed next to me and sighed softly, “How did you figure out?” I shrugged, indifferent, “I know a guy. And I looked your family up.” Her eyes turned a shade darker, “You looked up my dead parent’s?” She hissed. I smiled softly, “I did. I don’t think they were killed by the fire though.” Her light eyebrows rose in surprise, “You don’t think…?”

“It was definitely a vampire,” I replied. She was upset at my nonchalance so I decided to change the subject, “Can you read minds or something?” She chuckled humorlessly, “No, I have a special gift. My mom and dad were very special. Like them, I can shield myself from physical and mental attacks.” “Interesting.” I mused, “Who knows?” “My parents, Jake, Charlie…and you.” She glanced at me nervously with her green orbs. I brushed the hair from her eyes as she cracked a smile, “Are you going to tell anyone?” she asked. “Well, it won’t be me who tells. It’ll probably be you.” I replied. She frowned so I explained, “You shouldn’t hide your true self, Isabelle. Keep the look. It’s natural.” She smiled, “Call me Isabella when people are around. Other than that…” … Isabelle stepped off the motorcycle and I parked in the far back. She started towards the school, but I grabbed her hood that was on her tight jacket. The rumors flooded into my ears. “Did you hear? Bella Swan is a slut. She’s first with Edward then goes out with Jasper.” “What a skank.” “I heard she’s really an orphan and her parents didn’t want her so she moved down here. She’s, like, emo or something.”

I sighed heavily as Bella glanced up at me and wrapped her shield around my form for protection. “What’s wrong?” she asked. “Rumors are going around, not that there going to bother me, but they may bother you.” I explained. She became agitated and worried. “What is it, Jazz?” I glanced back at the school and narrowed my eyes when I saw Lauren, “Mallory is starting rumors about how your parents didn’t want you.” Her fists clenched. I touched her arm gently, “Words are just words, but when words turn into actions then you fight back. But, just have a cause to do so.” I told her. She groaned, “Jeez, why do you have to be some cryptic? Your always full with wisdom.” I chuckled, “That’s what I’m here for.” … Bella For the first time, I had to fight. And it wasn’t just for me; it was for my parents, Charlie, and Jasper. Rumors were hurtful and they were even more hurtful when they were about Jazz. I felt like I brought him down with me. When I decided to keep my true face, everyone started rumors about that, too.

Finally, Lauren decided to say something in second period, “Bella, are you upset you killed your parents?” “Hmmm, seems like Mallory actually did some research.” Jasper mused from outside the door. Lauren glared at him, but turned back to me. I almost snickered, but decided to answer her, “I should ask you the same thing. Your parents must be so sad that they’re stuck with you. I promise I’ll bring something to the funeral when your dad finally sticks that gun in his throat. Too bad your getting held back again.” She growled angrily and shoved her shoulder against mine. So I turned around and pushed her back. She fell down with a yelp. I quickly left the scene with Jasper as a crowd formed. When it was time to almost go, I was searching my locker for the essay that was due to Mr. Banner. Jasper was next to me, talking about how he met Peter. I was actually interested in his tale. I handed the essay to Jazz as he finished the story and turned to see Lauren. She raised a blonde brow when she saw Jasper. “Wow, Bella, I heard the rumors, but didn’t want to believe them. Who knew you were such a slut?” She mocked as Jessica, Ben, Mike, and Angela rounded the corner. Jasper growled lowly and I held a hand to his chest to stop him, “You really shouldn’t believe everything you hear, Lauren,” I replied, “Like when people tell you you’re pretty.” The crowd that was forming ‘ooed’ and started to chant to fight. No way. I wasn’t going to fight her. I stepped into her face and glared at her. She kept her green eyes strong.

I could hear Jasper calling my name, trying to keep me controlled. He wrapped an arm around my waist and started to tug me away. Lauren grinned, “See? Told you she was a fucking whore.” She said to Jess, who tried to cover her giggle. I turned to Jazz as anger fueled me. He started to tug me again, but I stopped him. “Hold your breath.” I ordered and his eyebrows knitted. Balling my hand into a fist, I lunged around him and landed my curled fingers into her straight nose. She screamed in pain as blood gushed from the wound and fell back on her ass, clutching her bruised nostrils. As this happened, I saw the rest of the Cullen’s round the corner so they could see my action. I growled at her as Jasper held me back. “You’re the fucking slut, Lauren! How about you rumor about how you fucked Mike behind Jessica’s back?” I roared at her and Jess gasped. Jasper quickly grabbed me around the waist again and hurried out of the school. … As we road on his motorcycle, I wondered if he was mad or not. I glanced up at his angry expression. Yep. I sighed and nuzzled my face into his back. The bike jerked to a stop and he quickly got off, leaning against it as the engine cut off. He folded his arms over his masculine chest and sighed heavily, closing his eyes. I looked around, it was sunny wherever we were and it was a field. We were parked on the yellow grass, which looked beautiful when

the light hit it. I didn’t think we were in Forks. Maybe outside of California. I glanced back up at Jazz to see he was staring at me intently, yet angrily. “Are you mad?” I croaked. He was suddenly in front of me and grabbed my arms roughly, but not enough to hurt me. “Yes! How could you do something so inconsiderate and stupid?” He hissed, staring at me with dark eyes. I wanted to cry, scream, or fight back, but I didn’t have a reason to. “She talked about my family, Jazz! She said I was a slut and fucking you! What the hell do you expect?” I argued. “I told you to have a cause.” He gripped my shoulders, shaking me lightly. Tears started before I could stop them. Jasper sighed and sat next to me on the bike. I wiped the wetness from my cheeks and took a deep breath. I could feel two of his cool fingers tapping against my thigh, “Do you think I’m a wimp for crying?” “No, the best of warriors have cried, they fought for their lives and whined like a baby, but they were still strong. Tears just show you have the courage to let your emotions out in front of everyone.” He explained, shrugging. His digits tapped my thigh one more time before he smoothed his hand over my jeans. He did this a lot, and I really didn’t care. I sighed heavily and wiped the rest of the tears off my face, grateful that I had worn waterproof eyeliner. He gripped my chin in his fingers so I could stare into his honey orbs, “I saw that look in your eyes. When the fire courses through you. I like that girl. She’s the one I want around every day. The

one that’s complicated, funny, caring, and a little rough, but she’s my friend and confider.” “What kind of girl is your real mate?” I asked suddenly. His eyes widened in surprise before they turned thoughtful. His fingers tapped three times before he answered. “She would be strong, caring, funny, but serious. She could calm me when no one else could and blow my mind with little things. Her smile could dazzle my eyes and teach me to appreciate the little things. I could kiss her into submission and then fuck her brains out without making her upset. We wouldn’t be perfect, but we would be perfect for each other.” He merged his hands together. “You would be a lucky guy.” I replied gently. “No. She would scare the living shit out of me.” Jasper stood then helped me up as well. His phone suddenly rang and he pressed it to his ear, “Yeah?” There was an answer on the other line and he grimaced, “What’s it to you, Peter?” “That’s Peter?” I questioned joyously. I really wanted to meet him after everything. Jasper ignored me and answered the other vampire. “Yes, I have her and she is fine, fucker.” He snapped the phone shut and sighed. I crossed my arms, “Why are you so mean to everyone?” He looked at me, “I’m not mean to you.”

“No, you just dump a bucket of cold reality on my head to wake me up sometimes.” He smiled softly, a first, and sighed, leaning back on the bike. I joined him. “Tell me about the family.” I said, staring up at the clouds. I could feel him staring at me, “They’re not how they appear. I can tell.” He nodded, “They aren’t. The only one I trust and respect is Esme. Emmett has made many mistakes and now the Volturi is up his ass.” My eyes widened, “He kills humans?” I used the theory I had from months ago. He nodded slowly, “Rosalie doesn’t know. Alice helps him a lot with the fucking, but he mostly just can’t help it.” “That’s…well…fucked up.” I shook my head to clear it. Jasper smirked slightly and tapped my thigh again, obviously he was thinking. “And Carlisle?” I asked. He grinned widely, another first, and it almost made me go blind from the beauty, “Everyone hates him.” Again, my eyes widened, “Even Esme?” He nodded his head, still grinning, “Even Esme.” “And Edward?”

His face suddenly turned serious and thoughtful, “Edward’s sometimes hard to figure out. He seems to be the golden boy, but all he does is use people. He may have had a sad human existence, but he’s living the life now. I truly believed he loved you for a few minutes when you first walked into the door, yet, that was from you. He was giving off fatigue, protectiveness, and solitude. I didn’t understand it. He says he loves you, but doesn’t act on it. He treated you like a possession and for some reason, it pissed me off.” Smiling wryly, I teased, “Because ya love me.” He flickered his eyes to mine and they held an indescribable secret before they whipped back to the trees, “Nah, that’s not it.” I couldn’t help the giggle that slipped up my throat and I shoved my hands playfully against his rock hard chest. He flashed another grin before standing. “We should go. The sun is setting.” He said. “Wait, tell me about Alice.” I demanded again. He paused, “She’s…a mystery. She has her lies, but keeps them to herself. When everything is pointed at her, she throws it onto another person by spouting out their secrets. She has gone behind my back and done things unthinkable, which is why I’m not going to think about it. So get your skinny ass on this bike and let’s go home.” (AN: I wanted to show you Bella’s perspective. You can see there’s a little attraction, but they’re not feeling it yet. I will definitely let you know when they do and Jasper DOES run like hell because he’s scared. Typical…>:I )

Jasper Charlie greeted me at the door with a warm smile and a hello. He knew I knew the secret. He didn’t acknowledge my knowing and Isabelle’s new look. He was a nice uncle. He told me Isabelle was upstairs. I started up the stairs and paused when I heard her in the shower. I shrugged and continued up them. She was just putting on her towel and walking into the room as I strolled in. She glared at me and tried to cover herself more. She was really gorgeous. Something I hadn’t notice until she actually turned to her old self. I smirked as I dropped onto her bed and rolled under her scent filled covers so I wouldn’t see her. Her covers smelled different. Probably her old shampoo. It smelled like the sea’s breeze, cherry blossoms, and her natural feminine scent. “Go ahead and get dressed, woman.” I ordered playfully. I heard her chuckle and felt the whack of the pillow hitting me in the head. But, she followed my orders and started dressing. Isabelle had changed me. I was not the impudent prick I was a few weeks back. I actually cared for this human and what she wanted, what she cared about, and why. It didn’t bother me so much, just made me frustrated when she made up these riddles for me to figure out. She had seen my scars, listened to the story, accepted it, and then said she was hungry. She cared that I had gotten hurt, but not disgusted on it. She brought out a brighter side in me and it made my stupid life worth living. “Done.” Her feminine voice broke me from my thoughts and I poked my head out the covers.

Her blonde hair was hanging in her face, the way I liked it, slightly curled and shiny. Her eyes were clearer, unfilled with sleep. She was wearing a white camisole that showed her curves and small cargo shorts. I was guessing she decided to stay in the house all day. “I liked the towel better,” I shrugged as I stood and grabbed her iPod off her desk. I felt like music. I pulled up a website for music and started to download. “Pig.” She muttered. “I’m a guy. It’s what we do.” “Anything new at the house?” She questioned, raising her black brow as she plopped onto her small bed. I shrugged. She asked this often. Edward had decided to keep his distance from her. She didn’t want to go to the house, scared that she or I might get hurt. She feared Edward and what he could do if she knew her secret. I wasn’t. “It’s the sixtieth year anniversary of Esme’s child’s death.” I said nonchalantly. Isabelle nodded. “She told me about that. I sometimes wonder…” she trailed off, her eyes turning dazed. “What?” I broke her out of her thoughts after a few moments of silence. “Huh?” She turned to look at me.

I rolled my eyes and span in the chair so fast it didn’t register with her eyes. She stared at me, raising her brow again, “I forget, you humans can’t stay on a thought for long.” I sighed. She rolled her eyes, too, “I was saying that I wondered what it was like loosing a baby.” “I have felt the feeling from her. She emits it around this time of year. It’s usually sadness then she starts to feel depression. It soon sweeps over after a few days before the emptiness starts.” Isabelle sat up, “Emptiness?” She questioned in concern. “Yes. I usually have to leave the house for a few days. She starts to cry and clutch at her empty stomach, trying to call her baby’s name until Carlisle calms her. She usually fills with anger, but quickly sedates it.” I shrugged. She nodded slowly as her dark eyebrows merged together, “Hey, do you want to hear this song I wrote?” I frowned in confusion, “Nah, I think you’ll sound bad.” She rolled her eyes again, “I’ll sing it another time, jerk. It isn’t even ready.” I turned back to the computer and clicked on a song, “What do you think of this?” As the song filled her ears, she glanced up at him with a confused look, “It’s Jar of Hearts.” I explained. She frowned, “That doesn’t sound like your kind of music.”

“What did you expect? Songs about how a man beat his wife and ran over his only friend with his ugly ass pick up truck?” She grinned widely, “Something like that.” I stood from the chair and smirked at her, “Let’s go somewhere.” “Why? It’s nice here. Quiet and solitude.” She objected. “That’s all we’ve done for the last two weeks. Quiet and solitude. I want something else.” “You know what would be awesome? If we filled balloons with paint and threw them at the elderly!” She stood, “That would be totally METAL!” She whipped her hair around wildly and grinned at me as I watched her with wide eyes. “No, that’s mental.” I corrected. I fell onto her plush bed. “Fine. What else do you think we should do?” I pulled her down and we faced each other. “I don’t know. But, put on something more appropriate.” I grimaced slightly, staring down at her pale legs. I didn’t want Edward seeing them for some reason. She blushed for the first time in weeks and curtsied as she sat up, “What, Jaspur, ya want me ta dress aw prettay fa ya so we can go out an talk ta vamps? Well, tickle my fanny and call me Ol’ Yeller! That sounds rootin’ tootin’ fun!” She mocked in a high, ditzy, and country voice. My eyes turned wide before I started to guffaw and fell off the bed. She giggled as my amusement rolled onto her. She rolled on the

floor and cried out, grabbing onto her sides. I could hear Charlie laughing. I finally sighed heavily and picked her up off the floor, cradling her warm body to my chest so I could take her downstairs. Charlie was still chuckling, but paused when he saw us. “Where are we going?” Isabelle yelled, trying to squirm out of my hold. I didn’t answer, but grabbed her shoes and threw her slim body over my shoulder to hold her still. “See ya, Charlie.” I called over my shoulder. … Isabelle pouted in my study as I read a book. Her emotions were filled with amusement, worry, and anger. She was probably mad at me, worried about Edward, and…I couldn’t figure out the last one. She confused me sometimes. “Isabella,” I remembered her name in front of people, “Why don’t you read something?” Her brows furrowed as she concentrated on something then turned to me, “Hey, aren’t you from Texas?” I raised a brow, “Yes.” “Then why don’t you have an accent? Is it still there?” I lolled my head to the side to stare at her, “Oh, it’s still there, Sugar.” I drawled. She grinned widely, obviously taking happiness in my accent and change. She started to whine after a few minutes.

“Jazz, I wanna go home.” She whimpered. I rolled my eyes, “Don’t be such a baby.” “But, you said the greatest warriors can cry.” She corrected. “Yeah, your just whining.” I pacified. She huffed, but I found her behavior hysterical and I fell into snickers. I was surprised when she glared at me and threw her shield out so I was knocked into a bookcase. The books fell all around me and I growled lowly at her as she smiled smugly, “Alright, alright.” I grabbed her warm arm and started to pull her downstairs. Esme and Carlisle smiled warmly at us as Emmett and Rose stayed on the couch and cuddled. As we neared the door, Edward stopped us, slamming a hand on the wall so it broke. Fear shot through Isabelle’s being as Edward smirked deviously, “Seems like Isabelle has been keeping a secret. Poor mommy and daddy would be so proud.” She growled at him, “You have no right, Edward. I don’t go around spouting your secrets.” He laughed, “So, what? Jasper here has told you a few family ties? Now, you feel like your part of the family? You aren’t a Cullen, Isabelle, and you never will be unless you drop your friend and be with me.” I growled this time, “She’s not yours, Edward.”

“And think she’ll be yours?” “What is going on?” Esme questioned with a wary voice. “Not here, not now.” I hissed at Edward, “Rosalie, can you take Isabella home?” Rose stood, nodding as she grabbed her keys, but Isabelle gripped my arm, “I’m not leaving without you.” “Isabella, leave. I’ll be fine.” I replied, pushing her away gently. She stared at me with worried eyes, but Rose dragged her away. I turned back to Edward, “What the hell is your problem?” “Me? Your falling for a human and you don’t even notice, Jasper. Alice is so disappointed.” Edward mocked. I snarled at him, “I have no problem killing you, little brother.” Edward growled again, stepping forward, he loved a challenge, but he knew I could torch his ass. Esme stepped forward and pushed our chests away from each other’s, “No, but I am. You two are brothers. Act like it.” “No matter what you all try to pretend here, that son of a bitch is not my brother and he never will be.” Edward hissed and glided up the stairs. … They advised that I hunted and I stayed with Jacob. He hated deer as much as I did. I had become close to Jake over the weeks and even respected him like he respected me. He grinned a wolf grin and lopped his tongue over his shiny teeth.

“I feel nothing romantically for Isabelle Swanson Marie, right?” I questioned him. He tilted his head to the side. I sighed heavily, “Edward says I do, but I don’t really feel it. She’s my friend, I’ll give her that, but when I’m away from her, it feels…incomplete.” He put a paw over his eyes and shook his big head, whimpering slightly. I growled, figuring out his language, “I do not love her.” He rolled his big eyes and rolled over on his back, making himself comfortable. “You’re a pain, Jacob.” He shrugged his big shoulders. I quickly left him behind and hurried to Isabelle’s window. When I climbed in, she was just changing into sweats. She still had on her white camisole, but it was ridden up some and showed off her hips, which were showing because her gray sweats were hanging low on them. She smiled at me as she ran a hand through her hair, “What happened?” “Edward’s a liar and dick.” I shrugged. She chuckled, “Different day, same news.” I flashed a quick grin. Something I had never done with Alice. Isabelle slowly moved to the wall and leaned against it, her eyes going dazed. I watched her silently as her pupils dilated and I turned off the lights as Charlie passed the room.

I could hear him going to bed and I continued to watch Isabelle. I stared in amazement as her shield was suddenly visible to me. It was blue like her eyes. I gently pressed my fingers against it and watched as she gasped and stared up at me in surprised, she had been distracted. “That’s amazing, Isabelle. Your amazing.” I whispered as it slowly lowered. She smiled widely as I brushed the hair from her eyes. They suddenly grew wide as I felt myself being pulled toward her. She didn’t wait for me to lean in. She, instead, latched her hands around my neck so she could pull me down. Heat. That was all I felt. Heat, lust, and surprise. Her lips were like the sun, molding against mine in a strange yet beautiful way. My hands were everywhere, searching the body I suddenly wanted all to my own. I wrapped one hand in her wavy hair, fisting it roughly as my other hand squeezed her hipbone. She moaned, lifting a leg so it could wrap around mine. My tongue pushed against her lips, not asking, but demanding for her sweetness. She opened quickly and I shoved my way into her mouth, dominating her tongue. She followed my lead, fisting my hair for more. My mouth moved to her jaw, placing open mouthed kisses on all the sweet, flushed skin I could. Her scent entered my nose, the musk from her arousal, sea breeze and cherry blossom, thick and wholesome.

Heat. Lust. Surprise wearing off. My brain started to function. Before I knew it, I shoved her against the wall roughly and she yelped in pain and surprise. I was out the window and inhaling fresh air as her breathing left my ears. I could feel her shock, lust, and rejection. I wasn’t supposed to care. I wasn’t supposed to come back. I wasn’t supposed to give a shit about this human. But, she was the flame in my icy life. She warmed everything. I ran for a few miles before I paused and started to hunt. I had wronged myself into thinking of I was actually in love with this girl. She wasn’t for me. … “I win.” I smirked smugly, knocking over her king, Rose scowled. It had been two weeks since the tragic kiss. Edward had found a way to wiggle his way back into Isabelle’s mind. She followed his orders when I wasn’t around and didn’t have her own voice. Edward was bringing her over today and I clenched my fists when I smelled her gorgeous scent, “Isabella, I’m just saying; you should change back to strawberry. It smells good on you.” Edward advised. Isabelle nodded, sighing. I growled in my head. I moved a pawn and Rosalie followed my league, starting a new game. Edward sat next to Emmett on the couch and pulled Isabelle down next to him.

She smells fine, I thought sourly in my head. He growled lowly. “No one asked you.” He hissed. Isabelle raised a brow towards me, but I refused to show any emotion. I had avoided her thoroughly after the kiss. Sadness filled her and I could smell her salty tears before she sucked it up like I taught her to. I smirked slightly, moving my knight. Good girl. “Isabella, I wanted to talk to you about something.” Edward announced loudly so it could make her nervous. He said the words to her, but angled his face towards me to rub it in. My fist clenched again and I felt my hard nails seep into my skin. Rose noticed my distress and moved another pawn. I silently thanked her with my eyes and moved another piece. She smiled apologetically at me. Rosalie was the only one who knew of Isabelle’s and I relationship. She didn’t judge, even though she didn’t like the human. “What is it?” Isabelle asked. “I wanted to know if you wanted to get married before we changed you. I don’t want to make you do it if you’re a newborn and have to wait a few years.” He explained. My palm started to bleed with venom. Rose, the first to smell it, quickly shot me a look of concern. Isabelle choked on air, but replied, “Edward…”

“It’s okay, love. I just wanted the family to know.” He chastised her. Esme, Emmett, and Carlisle frowned. “Do you want this, Bella?” Carlisle asked carefully. She was quiet for awhile then glanced at me with a hopeful expression. I scoffed slightly and focused on the game. She sighed and nodded shakily. Edward shot me a grin and pressed a kiss to her full lips. The lips I had kissed weeks ago, which haunted my thoughts. Edward snickered quietly as my nails dug deeper. Carlisle noticed, “Jasper, are you okay?” “No,” I growled, throwing over the chess table so the pieces flew everywhere. Rose gasped in surprise then worriedly. Edward grinned again, “I need to go hunt.” “Be careful, Jasper.” Esme called behind me, but I had already left. … I ended up in Idaho and stopped short when I saw a girl. She had chestnut hair and wide brown eyes. She reminded me of the old Isabella, the one that was getting controlled by that dick. I cared and it scared the living shit out of me now. The Major, most feared by most vampires, the killer, the scarred warrior, was caring for a fucking human. I growled, striding forward so I could sneak behind the girl. Her tire had obviously gone flat and on an empty road. Nobody would know if I killed her. She whipped around with slow speed and her eyes widened when she saw me.

“Um, hi,” Her voice was soft, just Isabelle’s when she didn’t have an opinion. It made me angrier, “Can you help me? I’m so late.” I started to talk, but paused as she reached out a hand and grazed it along her broken tire, only to cut her finger on a piece of sharp glass. Stupid girl. Before I knew it, I had her pinned to the car and tasted sweet blood on my tongue. Sweet, sweet cocoa flooded my senses along with pure agony from the victim. I ignored it, feeding off her as hard as I could. She tried to push me away, screaming for help that would never come. I finally started breaking her ribs, crushing her heart so she would die quickly. Finally, the body ran dry and I threw it off of me. She gurgled then fell silent. “Shit,” I muttered as I wiped the blood from my lips. I could sense Esme, Rose, Alice, and Emmett running towards the scene so I quickly fled. That was all I could do. Feed from humans and run. I ran and ran until I reached my destination. The place I went to when I fucked up, badly. They knew how to comfort me and didn’t blame me for shit. Peter and Charlotte. (AN: I changed this part, so please read.) The door opened and Peter crossed his arms as he leaned against the door to stare at me expectantly, raising a brow, “What’cha do this time, fucker?” “Can you give me a fucking minute to breathe!?” I hollered,

pushing past him so I could throw my jacket and boots down. He wasn’t shocked by my outburst, which was what I usually did when I first got there. I called this place home, I could walk in whenever and even had my own room, but this time it felt…incomplete. Striding in, I looked around as Peter followed me. I didn’t sense Charlotte, my favorite Blondie. Where was she? I sat down on the counter and my mind drifted to Isabelle. What she was doing, who she was doing it with, and why. Peter’s voice broke through my thoughts. “Hey, fucker. Why are you here?” He questioned, raising a brow, “Why are your eyes red? And where is your wife?” I turned to him, glaring, “Where’s yours?” His nostrils flared as his red eyes hardened. The emotions I’m sure he was hiding for a few weeks, flowed into me. He was hiding something. I raised a brow. “She’s out of town. Work.” He shrugged as if to be nonchalant. “Really, now?” I questioned. He decided to change the subject, “You didn’t answer any of my questions.” “First, Alice and I broke up.” “Good. And you’re off the diet?” I shrugged, “Third, I couldn’t stay there. Isabella—”

“Isabella? Isn’t that Edward’s play toy?” Peter’s eyebrows merged. I growled at him, “Not anymore.” His brow furrowed again, “So, what’s so special about the human?” “She’s like no one I’ve ever met before. She listens and gives me these things to figure out. She challenges me and tries to demand me of things. She’s scared, but also learned to have her own voice when I was around. With Edward, he treats her like a dog. He’s molding her into the perfect wife for him. And, it pisses me off. Alice and him just use her and give Isabelle nothing in return. She looks for guidance, but when it comes to me, none is needed. She fights for herself and stands up to what she believes in—” Peter frowned, cutting me off, “You talk about her like…you love her.” “I don’t love that human.” I growled. “But, you talk about her like you do.” He objected. “I don’t.” I repeated. “Well, then. Answer what’s so great about her? A random woman can stand up for herself.” He argued I growled at him, “I don’t know what’s wrong. I need time to clear my head.” …

I stayed at Peter’s for about five days, often asking about Char, which he ignored. Finally Peter snapped. He had said the pull in my chest proved that I loved Isabelle and had mated with her. I had felt love from humans and vampires, some stronger than others, but I did not feel love for this human. Obligation? Sort of. Love? Hell no. It was dark when we were driving from hunting and Peter snapped. “She’s not my fucking mate!” I growled in outrage, glaring at my so-called-brother. He rolled his red eyes, but glared at me with the same anger, squeezing the steering wheel. “For someone who’s been a vampire almost as long as Carlisle, you’re pretty fucking retarded!” He snarled back. “Fuck you, Peter! Like you know shit!” I replied sarcastically, venom leaking into my voice. He screeched the car to a stop and I slammed into the dashboard, causing a dent. He was out in a blur, on my side, yanking the hard door off and roaring at me in anger and frustration, “Get out of the fucking car, you fucking dick! I am so sick and tired of listening to you mope and complain! Go do that shit somewhere else! You’re my brother, but you can obviously see you love this fucking girl, so why do you deny?” He was breathing heavily and I was shocked at his screaming.

Obviously he has a death wish… “She’s not my mate. She has Edw—” I started, but he suddenly lifted the big SUV and turned it over, causing it to roll down the steep hill. I jumped out, growling at him. The car made a giant splash, falling into the water. “Shut the fuck up! Edward is nothing but a pawn to the pixie. They’re using your mate! They’re feeding her lies and you just up and fucking left because you were scared to show your real feelings!” he hissed in my face. “Fuck you, Peter! I’m not in love with Isabelle!” I snarled. He growled in annoyance. “Your attracted to her, you like her personality, you care if she cares, you like her voice, you like her scent, or should I remind you?” Suddenly, there were pictures flowing through my mind. That was what Peter’s power was, to weasel his way into your mind. Isabelle was sitting by a stream, a short skirt on, showing off her nice legs and a blue button up, which was squeezing her breasts. I growled in anger. She slowly lifted a pale hand and unbuttoned the first fasten, showing the innocent white lace under the material. “Stop it!” I hissed. Peter didn’t listen. She laid down in the sun, her long hair being swept by the gentle wind and sun. Her fingers grazed against her neck, right over her exposed bra. Her legs bent, riding up the skirt…

“STOP!” I roared. I tackled him to the ground and we started rolling down the hill like the truck. He kicked me off, my brain fuzzed from Isabelle’s body. Shit. “Now, you see what she’s doing. How you want to hold her, feel her, please her…” “Shut the FUCK UP!” I bellowed, throwing myself at him again. I got the upper hand this time and we landed inside the water. I threw him down to the bottom and took joy in him hitting the bottom with a THUMP! I swam out of the water and squeezed the water out of my hair. I growled when the pictures reappeared in my mind. Isabelle released another button, grazing her fingers over the tops of her breasts. I shot up, “Stop it, Peter! Just…stop!” I cried, my voice breaking. I didn’t understand this. I couldn’t possibly love a human. Not a clumsy, stupid, scatterbrain, bossy…perfect, beautiful, luscious… Damn it! I fell to my knees as my brother emerged from the lake and wrung out his clothes. He smirked smugly down at me as I pulled at my hair. I couldn’t take this shit! My whole world suddenly slung upside down, everything falling into place as I realized the truth. She’s my axis, my home, my center, my need... She’s your mate. “You got it now, fucker?” Peter asked cockily.

I glared at him then shot up, “Yes! Then…why the fuck am I here? Shit! She’s in trouble!” I took off and I heard Peter roar with laughter. I would deal with him later. Right now, Isabelle Swanson Marie was in trouble and alone. But, I had other things to take care of … … Bella Hey, do you think they could make a TV show about me? Like Isabella, the Teenage Robot. I sighed; my brain was turning to mush without Jazz’s logic. Everywhere I looked, it reminded me of Jasper when it shouldn’t. Edward stayed by my side, or rather, I stayed by his while Jazz was gone. He said Jasper was gone for a long time and probably wouldn’t be there for my change or marriage. I knew he was lying. Jasper had to do something to leave this quickly. He wasn’t naturally a runner, but he wasn’t a stayer either. He didn’t like to stay in one place for long, but Alice made him. When Edward brought me to the meadow, I knew something was going on. He led me by hand and leaned his face down for a kiss, which I denied by ducking my head. “Edward,” I objected. He frowned in distaste. I still wasn’t officially with him and he knew that, though he already made the plans for my change and marriage.

He started to lead me towards the stream and suddenly the air whipped around my head. Wetness waved in my face and hair. Cold. I couldn’t breathe. Bubbles rose in my throat and I waved my arms around wildly. I was underwater! Edward was drowning me! My suddenly heavy hands found his face and I started to beat him with my fists. I could hear his cackle and I couldn’t concentrate hard enough to push him off me with my shield. I started screaming, but only bubbles came up. My throat clogged with water and I saw my vision slowly slipping away. “JASPER!” I screamed as loud as I could, but it came out a garbled mess. Edward just laughed harder. I was finally lifted out of the death water and sucked in hard breaths. I coughed up as much water I could and stared widely at Edward, who was smirking widely. He brushed back my wet blonde hair. I flinched away from his touch. “G-G-Get off m-m-e!” I shrieked, trying to scramble away, but his hands tightened around my waist. His lips suddenly found mine and he scraped his sharp teeth on my tongue and my blood flowed into his mouth. He moaned, thrusting his hips into mine as I finally got enough courage to place my shield around me. He growled as he was pushed back and banged against my shield, but I didn’t waver. After a few minutes, he stopped his assault and

grinned at me, “Jasper’s gone, Isabella. Get over it.” With that he was gone, and I was left, cold and scared. … Jasper After sending Peter to go protect Isabelle I started to search through the country. The Volturi’s scents were everywhere, they were following me. I growled as I heard rustling behind me. “Show yourself.” I ordered. I heard more rustling and out stepped Demetri along with Felix. I growled and crouched, preparing for attack, “Why the fuck have you been following me?” “We’re looking for a human. Blonde hair, green eyes, pretty, and smells like fruit,” Demetri replied, “We were promised Isabelle Swanson Marie.” I roared. She was mine, “She’s my mate.” Felix chuckled, “You see, Alice and Edward promised us a shield almost eighteen years ago. And we want her.” “Well, your not going to get her.” I hissed. After figuring out Isabelle was my mate, my body and mind was in tune with her. I could feel this pull towards her and my mind immediately reacted when I heard her name. Protect. Felix frowned, “You do not want to mess with the Volturi, no matter if you’re the Major.”

“Well, I advised you don’t mess with the Major. And his mate or there will be consequences.” Brenda growled as she stepped from the woods. Felix and Demetri shifted on their feet. They didn’t like the odds of me winning. “Aro’s orders to Edward and Alice were to find the shield and bring her to the Volturi so she could be changed by eight. Oddly enough, Alice saw you fall for her, so we had to wait longer.” Demetri explained. “We’ve waited long enough.” Felix sighed. “She’s mine.” I hissed. Felix chuckled, he was going to die soon, “Believe what you want, but Aro will address this in another few months. And prepare your brother, Emmett. I’ve heard he’s in store for a lot.” They left and headed east. Brenda straightened out of her crouch, “At least they’re staying away from her.” She headed back to the house. “For now.” I whispered in the dark. … Bella Edward dropped me off at my house and I immediately redid myself. He had made me put back in my brown contacts, change my brown hair back, and shoved a ring on my finger.

I hated it. But, every time I objected he would threaten and create bruises. Dark circles were wrapped around my hips from Edward’s hands. And they hurt like hell. I washed my hair with my original cherry blossom shampoo and body wash and took out the dye of brown. I took out my contacts and stared into my empty green eyes. They always got like that when Jasper left me. I sighed heavily and dried my hair so I could put it in a messy ponytail on the top of my head. Blonde strands fell into my face as I put on a camisole and small shorts. I started doing dinner for Charlie. Spaghetti. As I was emptying the water from the noodles, I turned to see bright red eyes. Peter He was right. She was hot. She stared at me then smiled softly, “Hey, Peter.” She turned away, pouring the pasta she had in her hands into a boiling pot of sauce. I stood in shock. I had been hunting and a specific drunk human wanted to fight so I decided to tear some limbs. Blood had gotten everywhere and I knew Major would kill me if I went to her house all bloody, but I had no choice. And she acted so calm. No wonder she’s his mate. He needs calming. “Hey, Belle, what’cha making? I’m starving.” I teased. We pretended we were long lost best friends. She grinned widely.

“It looks like your full. Why don’t you go take a shower?” she inquired, nudging her head towards the stairs. “Yeah, yeah, woman. We need to head over the Cullen’s tonight. Around midnight. That’s when your mate is coming.” I replied. Her brows rose, “Mate? He said that I’m his mate?” Mate…Char…I quickly hid the thought so I could answer. “Um, yes. I’m surprised you hadn’t noticed.” She smiled softly, “Yes, well, I think I figured that out when he kissed me. But, then ran. It’s good to find he’s back. Edward’s a pain in my ass.” My eyes hardened. As she bent gently bent over to hover over the spaghetti, her shirt rid up to show dark purple bruises. Edward had mishandled the Major’s mate and now was going to die. It was nice to see for a change that golden boy got his first desserts. He could burn in hell all I cared. I hated him. Isabelle finished her food and grabbed some flip flops as I wrote the note for Charlie down. He would think she was spending the night with Alice. I quickly grabbed her hand and led her out, protecting her body with mine. Major would kill me if she just got frikin’ bit by a bug. As we drove in my car, I could detect anxiousness in her being. She had let her hair down and was twirling a curl of her hair on a finger. I parked the car as she continued to play with the strand. She was mesmerized by it for a second before she sighed heavily and got out of the car. I followed after her.

Esme was outside, waiting for us with Alice, who was smirking deviously. I snarled under my breath as Esme led Isabelle inside. I pointed in the tiny bitch’s face. “One wrong move tonight and your fucking toast, Troll.” I sneered. She grinned brightly, dancing on her feet. “You would never kill me. And when Jazzy gets rid of that human, we’ll see who’s toast.” She replied arrogantly before twirling back into the house. I followed her. Edward The objective was simple. To take Isabelle Swanson Marie. Except the Volturi was impatient dicks so they burned down the place and ended up killing her parents. For twelve years we couldn’t locate her, until we found a brown eyed beauty in Phoenix. We sent Phil to be a spy and fall in love with her Isabelle’s auntie, Renee. Isabelle, being the most generous person, gave her fraud mother space and moved to Forks with Charlie. Alice and I followed and she fell in love with me. Alice then started having visions of her and Jasper and I became protective. She was my singer, plus I couldn’t read her amazing mind. I didn’t know she was a shield. Taking her would be harder now that Jasper had realized his feelings. He was coming back and fast. Since Peter, the vampire of my nightmares was now in the house, I had to get Isabelle out. Too late, Edward.

Alice was happy, worried, and anxious to see Jasper. She could detect his scent about five miles away and he was coming in angry. His head was full of Isabelle, angering me. I braced myself for the fight we were definitely going to have, but he was going to win. He might win the fight, but won’t win my prize. Isabelle was mine. Everyone in the room, besides Isabelle and Peter, froze up when they detected Jasper. The Major is back. Bella Peter led me outside with the rest of the family behind us. I was humored by their fear. Jazz didn’t scare me. Edward and Alice hissed with anger and anxiousness so Peter kept a firm arm around me. Rose wasn’t here, and I could tell Emmett missed her. I was told by Peter she would be back with Jasper. Everyone in the family was frozen statues as a gust of wind approached. My eyes, too slow to see any movement, widened when I saw a firm chest, covered by a black hood jacket, in front of me. I placed my hands on it, preparing to push it away, but his voice stopped me. “Good evening, Sugar.” Said the husky drawl, causing me to freeze, but a small smile to appear on my lips. I peeked under my lashes at Jazz, my smile transforming into a full grin. His eyes were red, a little surprising, but they were warm like Peter’s.

“You’re back.” I rejoiced quietly. “Yes. I came to steal what was mine and to have a little chat with my family.” He flickered his eyes up to the frozen statues. He turned, his hands gripping my hips so he could move protectively to him. The rest of the family followed us. I fell into step with him, leaning into his body as Peter trailed slowly behind, watching Edward and Alice sharply. Jasper placed me on the couch and Peter joined, keeping his arm tight around me as the rest of the family filed in. I had a feeling that this family reunion was not going to end well. Jasper I watched my new found mate with great interest. She was mine and beautiful, keeping my attention on her emotions and body. My head was filled with the times we shared. Edward growled lowly. I turned to my old family, raising a brow at the exuberant Alice. Carlisle frowned when his golden eyes met my red ones. “I see you’ve changed your diet.” He stated quietly. I shrugged, “I never said I would stick to it.” His emotions twisted to shock and resentment. Peter snickered quietly. “I never said you had to, but it would be nice for some respect.” Carlisle replied arrogantly. I ran a hand through my hair and sighed heavily. “No one in this family has respect for anyone, so why should I have any respect for any of you.” I retorted.

Rosalie’s eyes widened, but I quickly reassured her with a sorry glance. Emmett, Esme, and Carlisle were still confused. “What exactly are you upset about?” Esme asked carefully. Tell them, Edward. Tell them how you’re a disappointment. I pointed a finger at the two vampires, Alice and Edward. Alice pretended not to notice, keeping a bright grin on her face as Edward growled and shot out so he was in front of me. “I advise you shut the fuck up, brother.” He snarled. “I thought I wasn’t your brother, dick. What? You don’t want Carlisle to know of your betrayals?” I taunted him. He stepped forward again, causing a shoot of fear to go through my mate. Before Edward could lung forward, he was pushed back by a force. He frowned in confusion then roared at Isabelle. Her shield had wrapped around her, me, and Peter. “Stay away from him, Edward!” She hissed venomously. He snapped at her and I let a feral roar, scaring everyone. Edward took a step back, hissing under his breath, “Everyone shut the fuck up!” I growled. “Just wait a God damn minute—” Carlisle started. I turned to him with a growl, “I said shut the fuck up!” “Jasper…” Esme scolded softly.

I grew angrier as Alice’s grin widened evilly and I roared again, “Tell them, Alice! Tell them what you did!” Her grin widened so her face contorted to the new stretch, causing her to look like an elfin witch, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Emmett snarled, whipping his head to her, “You know exactly what you did! You and Fuckward ratted me out to the fucking Volturi! They’re going to kill me, you little troll!” Rose frowned in confusion and I felt a twinge of pain for her. She had no idea. “I did not!” Alice scoffed, acting to be offended as she stared at the parent’s innocently. “You lying little bitch! You are fucked up! We took you in and gave you everything!” He hissed. He lunged his large body at her, but she jumped out of the way. Peter shielded my mate from any attack. Edward smirked, “We’ll just take the human and go.” I stepped in front of him as Isabelle let out a yelp of shock, “You aren’t touching my mate!” Rosalie became frantic, “What is Alice talking about, Emmett? Talk to me!” He turned to her with sad eyes, “Baby, I—” “He’s been fucking humans, Rose. And he’s been drinking from them.” Alice chided highly. I could feel everyone’s shock, Rosalie was mortified.

“You’ve been fucking humans? I thought you were slipping up! You’ve been lying to me!?” She shrieked. I felt sadness for my sister. She had been the only one who supported me and loved Emmett with all her heart. “Rosie, I am so sorry—” “Shut up! Shut the hell up! I can’t take this! I’m leaving, Emmett! I’m leaving this house, this family, and you!” She cried, running out of the door. I thought Emmett would go after her, but he turned to Edward with wide, angry eyes, “I’m going to kill you if it’s the last thing I do!” Edward just smirked and leaned against the table, but I could feel his tiny fear, “You’re full of shit, Edward.” I spat at him. “Alice, what’s going on?” Esme asked softly, her eyebrows merging. “Stay out of it. Stay out of it.” Carlisle mumbled, grabbing his mate’s shoulders to pull her back. “Oh, don’t act all innocent, Esme. We all know you hate Carlisle!” Edward spat. She shot up, fury licking its way onto her face. “You’re not any better, Edward!” She hissed at her so-called-son, “You expect everyone to fall to your feet when you’ve betrayed this family.” He laughed, “I haven’t betrayed anything. I only owed the Volturi and they want the human so I volunteered. Now, Jasper, I advise you to hand her over or there will be forced.”

I crouched, hissing at him as I protected my mate, “Over my dead body.” Edward smirked again, “That can be arranged.” “Kill him, Jasper.” Peter spoke for the first time. I turned to him, raising my brows as he grabbed Isabelle. She gasped in shock and he lifted her shirt a fraction so her supposed-to-be creamy skin was exposed, but it wasn’t, it had black and blue dots covering the beautiful flesh. I saw red. “Jazz,” Isabelle started. I then glanced down at the giant ring on her finger before turning back to Edward. “Jealous?” He teased, raising a brow. I snarled at him, “It’s okay, Jasper. Your mate is a whore. Get over it. All the best are.” I slammed my hands on the table and leaned over it so I could glare at him, “Did. You. Just. Call. My. Mate. A. Whore?” His smirk turned into a full grin, “Yes.” Before I could lunge, a small, swift fist flew forward and Isabelle let out a small shriek. I stared down to see she had thrown a punch at him and had landed on his chin. I didn’t hear any bones crack since she had her shield wrapped around it, but her fist started to swell. He grinned again as she stumbled backward and Peter caught her in his arms. She screamed profanities. “You deserve to die, you piece of shit! You pretended to love me, told me lies, and bossed me around! I should let Jasper torch your

ass, but I’m not that bad of a person. My mom actually taught me that!” He raised a brow again, “You mean the dead one?” I growled as my mate let out a wild, agonized scream, fighting in Peter’s arms as another unexpected fist was thrown at Edward. He dodged Emmett’s hit and stared at him with wide eyes, finally scared. Emmett glared at him, breathing roughly. Edward’s eyes widened again and he took a small step back, obviously Emmett had given him an earful. “Run,” Emmett hissed and Edward was gone. He quickly lopped after him, breaking through the backdoor. I gathered Isabelle in my arms and she fought weakly with me, crying, “Jasper…” “Shh, Sugar.” I whispered to her, brushing back her hair. Peter’s stance changed and his red eyes darted up. I turned, pushing my mate back behind me. Alice had her small arms crossed and a sassy look on her face. “How cute.” She commented snottily. “Fuck you, Alice.” I hissed at her. “Yeah, we did that a lot, didn’t we? You plowed into me so many times I thought we would get tired, but we never do. Something your “mate” can’t do.” I felt a sharp stab of pain twist into Isabelle and she slowly backed away. I stopped her, grabbing her hand, “Shut up, Alice.”

She danced a step towards us and smiled, “Hurts, doesn’t it? He could just replace you like that.” She snapped her fingers. More pain. Another step back by my mate. I tightened my hold. “I said shut up!” I growled. “You might as well kill yourself now, Isabelle. Your parent’s are dead, your boyfriend tried to kill you, and Jasper doesn’t want you. It’s a shame. Just end it now.” Pain. Step. Tighten. Alice grinned twirling towards me. Isabelle gave a twinge of panic and threw her shield out to throw Alice away. Isabelle was unexpectedly wrenched out of my hold as Peter tried to lunge forward. I roared, searching for my mate. I heard a high whistle and stared at Alice as she held Isabelle tightly to her chest. They were on the staircase as my mate struggled. Alice’s arms tightened around her neck as Isabelle’s feet dangled over the edge. “Let her go, Alice!” I hissed. She shook her head slowly, smiling widely. Isabelle abruptly grabbed her small head and started to pull. Alice shrieked and they toppled off the edge and onto the hardwood ground. Alice got the upper hand by her speed and rewrapped her tiny arms around Isabelle’s form to slam her into the floor again, her body falling through. This all happened in less than two seconds.

I roared again, throwing myself at Alice so we slammed into the wall. I hadn’t noticed Carlisle and Esme; the house was now licking with flames upstairs. The family had broken apart. Rose and Emmett were no more. I was attacking my ex-wife. Emmett was being killed by Edward, I could hear his screams. The parents were arguing and Esme destroyed everything in sight then finally lit the house on fire. Alice let out a laugh as I finally got the upper hand and slammed her into the wall again, “Oh, such irony! A coven of vampires brought down by one human. This family is completely and utterly. Fucked. Up.” I smirked evilly at her, “You’re right about that.” With one flick of my hand, I tore off her head. It rolled and bounced onto the hardwood. My mate ran through my brain and I quickly jumped through the hole that her body had created. Peter was there, searching for her, too. Then the exquisite cry of my mate soared through my ears, “JASPER!” Bella I felt Alice’s small, but strong hands slam into my shield. They were hard blows, causing me to get some of them. One fist connected with my stomach and I lost concentration. I felt her arms back around my neck and I was slammed into the floor, head first.

I couldn’t cry out, too shocked to make any sound. I fell through the hardwood floor from the blow. My back hit the basement’s concrete with a hard smack. Everything went white. … I peeked my eyes open, my back screaming for some kind of comfort. I slowly lifted myself onto my elbows. I didn’t know how long I was out, but I did hear Jasper growling. I could smell smoke and gasoline. My eyes started to water so I wrapped my shield tightly around me. I froze when I felt cold arms lifting me up roughly by the neck, like Alice. I started to scream, but a cold hand clamped down on my mouth as the other moved to my hips, lifting up the tight camisole so a thumb could rub soothing circles on my heated skin. Wind and trees whipped around me and I clung for dear life to the person. I was thrown onto the grass and stared down to see Emmett. Well, pieces of him. His head was detached from his large body and I let out a scream as the mouth parted. A deep chuckle sounded from behind me. I jumped and turned to see Edward. “It’s time to go, love.” He advised, grabbing my arm. “No!” I hissed, fighting against his grip, “You can’t just hand me over, Edward!” He pretended to think for awhile, “Actually, I can,” As I fought more, he wrapped his arms around me then paused, looking up, “For the love that all that is holy! Alice is fucking decapitated.” I smirked victoriously. That bitch was finally over. Edward noticed my happiness and smirked himself.

“Don’t worry, love. Alice is far from dead.” “She is dead.” I replied bluntly. “Oh, you know what I mean, silly girl.” He chuckled. He started to carry me away. “Edward, let me go or I’ll scream!” I hissed, kicking my legs. He cackled, “Go ahead and call your mate. We’ll see what he does,” His hands were suddenly around my neck and I was forced to my knees, “I’m really sorry about this, love, but the Volturi are like the superiors in our world. I can’t let them down.” I shrieked out as his hands tightened. Edward laughed again, “Go ahead, Isabelle! Scream, cry, be weak.” I couldn’t breathe. I coughed out a ragged breath, “Jazz…taught me…t-that the best of warriors have…cried.” “Did he now? Well, you’re not a warrior or the best so…” he trailed off as his hands dug into my skin, causing blood to fill the crescent shaped marks of his nails. “JASPER!” Rosalie He did it again. Again. Hurt. Pain.

Emmett. Love. Rape. Death. Royce. So alike, but so different. They both hurt me and told me of their love. It hurt like hell, my dead heart thumping with pain. Fuck! I dashed through the trees, screaming like a banshee, trying to find some kind of help or sanity. Again. Hurt. Pain. Emmett. Fuck! Not again! I won’t let it happen again. No more pain.

Make it go away. God was truly testing my abilities. He killed me, set me up with a delusional family, and made me eternal. Edward’s a lying dick. Isabelle deserved better. I deserved better. Alice, ugh, that twat. I knew from the start that she was nothing but evil. Her act was too innocent, she liked the human too much, she was too devious. She had to go. I could smell flames rise from the place I had once called home. Again. Hurt. Pain. Emmett! Why? His name ran through my brain…Emmett, Emmett, Emmett… I crossed over his scent. His venom…my mate was hurt. I could also smell Isabelle’s blood. I didn’t care. I screamed, roaring for my love. Emmett, Emmett, Emmett…

Again. Hurt. Pain. Emmett! As I broke through the trees, I saw Isabelle on her knees with Edward over her, she was screaming, “JASPER!” At the same moment, my eyes found Emmett. His head. The one I had questioned if it was on right, was rolling on the floor, under Edward’s feet. As Isabelle screamed, I let out a bellow of agony, lunging at Edward. Again! Hurt! Pain! EMMETT! Edward laughed evilly as we tumbled. I tried to rip out his perfect, messy hair, but he shoved me away. I heard Isabelle’s warm body fall to the ground and her heart beat against her fragile chest heatedly. She had fainted. “Sad, isn’t it?” Edward taunted, raising his brow. He stood up as I did, too, glaring at him, “This simple human screwed this whole family over.”

“You’re all fucking psychopaths!” I hissed, lunging forward again. I slammed him into a tree and screamed, punching my hands against his chest. He flew through the bark, hissing at me. Fight. Rip. Kill. Brother. EDWARD! The primal beast in me shouted for me to kill, claim my mate, and drink from the human. I bit into Edward’s shoulder as he roared in pain. I was smacked in the face and thrown back. I could detect Peter’s arms around me, holding me back as Jasper gently lifted his mate. “Let me go! He killed Emmett!” I cried, my voice breaking. “Shh, Emmett’s okay, Doll.” Peter cooed to me. I screamed, my voice raw with agony as I tried my best to shove against him. Edward had taken off and was long gone. I stared down, venom leaking down my cheeks. We could only cry every decade. I had wasted it on this. I stared down at Emmett’s battered face and dead eyes. Dead. Over. Empty.

Emmett… (AN: Pretty crazy night at the Cullen house, huh? Well, there’s still Esme and Carlisle.) Esme I gripped my stomach, the empty, flat plane that was with me for the rest of my stretched out life. Carlisle stared at my hands, trying to pull them away. I pushed his form roughly. “I hate you! You did this to me! You’ve killed me!” I screamed. His golden eyes turned wide, “Esme…” “No! You took away my mortality and killed my baby! You could’ve helped him! Why didn’t you?” “There were other human’s ill—” “But, you can’t help your own mate’s baby?” I whispered, my voice breaking. “Esme—” My baby. My angel was dead because of him. I started to pray as I started ripping the curtains and knocking over priceless vases. Carlisle squeaked at every rip and tear, “Heavenly Father, I come to you as humble as I know how to. I confess my sins, those known and unknown. Lord, you know I’m not perfect and I fall short every day of my existence. Thank you for your mercy…”

Carlisle grabbed my arm roughly, “What the fuck are you doing? You’re destroying our family!” I wrenched my limb out of his grip, “This isn’t my family! This isn’t a family at all! I don’t know what the fuck this all is, but it isn’t right! It’s over, Carlisle. Everything is over!” I hurriedly grabbed the gasoline out of the garage and started to dash all over the house, splashing it on every furnish. I had little respect for everyone so I threw the clothes outside. I could hear snaps and growls downstairs, but I didn’t care. I lit a match and smiled widely as it dropped and the trail of gasoline lit into flames. Carlisle’s eyes grew wide as he stared at me, “What did you do?” “I gave us the ending, honey. It’s over.” I whispered to him, holding on tight to his body. I loved Carlisle. I pressed a kiss to his full lips and cherished how they felt against mine. The fire surrounded us, flames filled my vision, but not before Carlisle’s golden eyes blocked it. I heard his breathy ‘I love you’ as the flames covered our beings. I surrendered to the darkness. (AN: I know some of you are upset at that, but that’s how I wanted it. Sorry.) Jasper I soothingly brushed the hair from my mate’s eyes as she opened them, “Jasper…?”

“Isabelle.” I sighed with relief, crushing her body to mine. Peter sniffed the air then let out a long, contrite sigh. I turned to stare at him and his eyes met mine. As we looked at each other, he slowly shook his head. Isabelle seemed to register our movement and stared up at our old house. The roof was just about to fall in and flames were all over the wood and brick, “Esme and Carlisle…” She trailed off. Rose let out another scream, wild, agonized, “They’re dead! Everyone in this family’s fucked up!” Isabelle slowly sat up and stared around, tears filling her eyes as she gazed at us and Emmett’s body, “I did this.” She whispered. I gripped her arms roughly and made her look at me, “No! You didn’t do this. This fucking coven has been a ticking time bomb since day one. You just helped it explode.” “But, Esme and Carlisle…” “Did this for their selves. They wanted to die. It’s okay.” I reassured her. Peter rubbed the back of his neck as he gazed at the fallen house and destroyed family, “Where do we go now?” “We can go to your house and put Emmett back together. We still have money, but we’ll have to clear off the house. Call Char and tell her to book a flight for all of us. We need to get away from Forks, including you, Isabelle.” She froze, “I can’t leave Charlie and Jake. Charlie needs protection.”

“Jacob can protect him. We have to get you out of here.” Her jaw jutted out. She was being stubborn. Bella (AN: Just remember: James, Victoria, and Laurent never happened so the going to Phoenix thing never happened.) “Just go away!” I shrieked, throwing the door into Jasper’s shocked face. Charlie shot up and stared at me with wide eyes. “What’s wrong?” “I’m leaving! I’m going back to Phoenix.” I hissed, throwing off my jacket. “What? Isabelle!” he called after me as I dashed upstairs. I started ripping everything out of my way, and slammed the door in Charlie’s agitated face. Jasper was there, packing my stuff roughly. I grabbed the contents of panties and stuck them inside along with my bras. Jasper grabbed my thermo shirts and stuck them inside with my jeans before grabbing a handful of socks and zipping the stuffed bag up. He quickly kissed my forehead and jumped out the window. I shoved my way past Charlie, but he grabbed my arm as I tried to pack my toiletries, “Belle, what’s going on?” I stared at him, tears starting to in my eyes, “Stay at Billy’s until I tell you to come home.” “But—”

“God! Just do it, Charlie!” I shrieked, yanking my arm away so I could finish. I quickly packed the rest and gave Charlie a swift kiss on the cheek before hurrying outside and into Jasper’s arms. Alice My head was reattached by Edward and I gave him a nasty look. He gave me a lecture about how to be more careful. I didn’t need his shit. My phone rang and I pressed it to my ear. “Good to hear from you again.” I greeted him. He sighed heavily. I smirked, “We’re leaving Forks.” “I know, Jasper is very protective. Just keep an eye on them. Especially Isabelle. She’s very sneaky. And then you’ll get what you desire…if I don’t I kill her.” “I swear to God, you little Troll! I’ll fucking kill you if you put a hand on her!” He roared into the phone. I smiled victoriously and reached out a hand to grab his wife’s long blonde hair. She shrieked out in pain, but couldn’t fight back since she was tied. “You little bitch!” He growled, but I could sense his sadness. “Just do as you’re told, Peter and bring me Isabelle. And you’ll get your mate.” I replied coolly. He was quiet, “Peter?” I called again, crooking a brow. “Yes, ma’am.” He spoke quietly, “Just…just don’t hurt her.” “No promises.” I grinned, flipping the phone close.

(AN: DUN DUNN DUNNNN! And the plot thickens!) Bella “Did the plane ride make you sick?” Jasper asked me as he brushed the hair from my face. I shook my head as I repositioned it in his lap. “I’m just worried about Charlie.” I whispered. He wrapped an arm around my form and lifted me up so I lying against his hard chest, my head tucked under his chin. We had taken a separate limo from the others. Emmett and Rose were in front of us, traveling in another vehicle. I tightened my fingers onto his shirt, “What if they find us?” He grabbed my fist and kissed the knuckles gently, “They won’t, Sugar. I’ll make sure.” His red eyes penetrated me. His lips suddenly captured mine and I braced myself for our second kiss. His lips were passionate with urgency and love. I tried to keep up. His hands found my hips, pulling me roughly to him as his tongue demanded mine. I latched my arms around his neck, pulling his curls. I straddled him, giving as much longing and love I could, poking his tongue with mine until he was on top of me with a groan. We battled until I finally landed on top of him. The car suddenly jerked to a stop and so did I. Sitting up quickly, I ran a hand through my hair as Peter opened the car.

“You guys done dry-humping?” He teased. “Peter, shut up.” Jasper called from beneath me. He threw his bags inside and closed the door behind himself. The car started again and we started moving as I righted myself in my seat. “We’re going to Boston. Good food source, nice houses, and clear of vampires.” He said professionally, staring at a magazine. “How’s Em?” Jasper asked. He shrugged, “He’s okay, but Rosalie is still freaking out.” We had to board another plane and it was a private jet so we could store Emmett up without any questions. His body looked weak for the first time. I sat across from his unmoving form and stared in his lifeless eyes. Rosalie came to sit next to him and sobbed. Peter stayed off to the side. Jasper finally came back to me with some food. I just ate. I didn’t care what it was. After another two hours in Jasper’s arms, Emmett’s eyes slowly started to shine with life. He suddenly jumped up, growling, “Where is that mind reading dick!?” Jasper tightened his arm around my waist. Emmett quickly identified his surroundings and frowned as Rosalie let out a squeal of shock. Em shot his head to his mate’s cry and gathered her in his arms. She fought against him, growling. “Baby, I’m so sorry—” he started.

“No! I trusted you, you promised me you stopped, and we fucked every day, even when I didn’t want to. I gave you everything, Emmett!” She cried. He rewrapped his arms around her shaking form and they fell together. “No more, baby. No more.” He swore. She sobbed into his chest, holding onto to his giant form tightly. I sighed happily and sadly at the sight. I didn’t know if they were together or not, but it was good to see change. I felt the plane slow down and it skid to a stop. I gently fell back into Jasper’s chest. I didn’t remember falling asleep, but I did. A human can only take so much… … I dreamed of Edward breaking my neck while Jasper watched with empty red eyes. Black cloaks surrounded us and Jasper’s agonized scream filled the night’s air. … I jolted awake, my hair flying around me. My legs were wrapped in warm covers and my body was cool by the comfy mattress under me. I was covered in a sheen of sweat and I felt sick. Jasper’s hurting screams filled my ears again so I ran to the bathroom to empty my stomach. I felt cool, yet feminine hands on my hair and face, cooing words at me. When I was done, I was carried back to a hotel room. Flopping me down on the now hot bed, an unfamiliar vampire smiled widely at me, “Morning, Doll.” She was tall and had long brown hair. Her

smile was blinding, matching her high cheekbones, “I’m Brenda, your assistant, but call me Bree. I breathed in raspy air, “Good morning.” “Now, there’s a lot of stuff we need to take care of. We have to get a new passport and ID.” My stomach growled and Bree laughed, “Okay, Doll. Let’s get you some grub.” … As she made my breakfast, Jasper popped into my mind, “Where’s Jasper?” “Him and Peter went hunting.” Rosalie said from behind me. I turned to see her in Emmett’s arms. Amazing how she took him back so quickly, I thought sarcastically. She narrowed her eyes at me, as if she was reading my thoughts and I turned in my seat as a batch of pancakes was placed in front of me. Jasper As we started to head back, Peter wanted a wrestling match so we ran thirty feet apart, “One,” I started. “Two,” Peter continued. “Three!” We crowed together. We both dashed forward and slammed into each other. Growling, snapping, roaring. We tumbled down a steep hill and crashed into a giant oak tree. …

“So, you ready to get home? I know you can’t take the pull anymore.” Peter suggested cryptically. I nodded, the pull towards Isabelle was getting harder to ignore. The longer I stayed away, the stronger it got. I stood and held out a hand to help him up. He stared at it with knitted brows, but took it anyway. “What?” I asked. “You’ve never offered to help me up before. Belle really is changing you.” He explained. As we ran, I thought about Isabelle. When I could detect her delectable scent, I hurried into the hotel. Brenda, Isabelle’s protector, smiled widely at me and opened Isabelle’s and I room. She left with a swift kiss to my cheek, Peter following. I thanked her then dashed into the room. Isabelle was there. She was on the bed, writing, cross legged. I joined her and did the same position. She smiled at me in welcome as I reached up a hand and pushed back the hair out of her eyes. “Hey, can you do something for me?” She asked hesitantly. I nodded, “What?” She raised the sheet she had and pointed to it, “I need a rhythm for this song, but all I keep coming up is words.” “Oh, that’s easy, Sugar.” I dashed to go get my guitar and strummed a note. She stared at it and I nodded for her to start. Her voice was strong, rough, but still beautiful. “Made a wrong turn Once or twice

Dug my way out Blood and fire Bad decisions That’s alright Welcome to my silly life...” I started to find the beat and she sang louder, clearer, her beautiful voice flowing off the top of her tongue. Her eyes were flickering with that special fire. “Mistreated, misplaced, misunderstood Miss ‘no way it’s all good’ It didn’t slow me down Mistaken Always second guessing Underestimated Look, I’m still around...” “Pretty, pretty please Don’t you ever, ever feel Like your less than Fuckin’ perfect Pretty, pretty please If you ever, ever feel Like your nothing You’re fuckin’ perfect to me…” She whispered to me, smiling as I picked up pace on my guitar. “You’re so mean When you talk About yourself You are wrong Change the voices In your head

Make them like you Instead So complicated Look how big you’ll make it Filled with so much hatred…” “Such a tired game It’s enough I’ve done all I can think of Chased down all my demons See you do the same…” “Pretty, pretty please Don’t you ever, ever feel Like your less than Fuckin’ perfect Pretty, pretty please If you ever, ever feel Like your nothing…” “You’re fuckin’ perfect to me…” She trailed off, hiding her eyes behind her hair. It was good, it was great. I continued to play the melody, staring at her, hoping she would keep going. She opened her full mouth, but nothing came out. She shakily raised her eyes to mine and shrugged, “That’s all I got.” I smirked, “It’s good. You should keep going.” She dug into her pocket and pulled out something, “Destroy it.”

I stared at the ring Edward had given my mate and felt hatred burn from her. I shared it with her. She pushed it forcibly at me, “Destroy it. I don’t want to see that thing anymore.” I took the small jewelry and actually felt sorry for Edward’s mom. She had given him this so he could find that perfect woman and marry her, yet he was foolish and wasted it on a girl who was already mine. I put the delicate silver between two fingers and crushed it. The diamonds turned to dust, wasting on the bed. Isabelle suddenly lunged at me, grasping onto my hair so our lips could meet. Her hot tongue was always hesitant so I had to usually lead the way. She opened her warm lips immediately, offering her mouth to mine. My hands found her warm ass then thighs, trailing them up her beautiful legs, and spreading them apart so I could get in between them. Her mouth was the sweetest thing I had ever tasted and I couldn’t wait to have a try of the rest. Her arousal filled the room, thick cherry blossoms and woman. I wanted to taste it. She pulled me closer, tangling her fingers in my hair as my lips trailed down her neck, sucking her delicious skin. I was craving a release and I was going to get it. My hands rested on her tight jean clad thighs and squeezed before opening them wider. She moaned at my touch, the sound was music to my ears, and ran her hands down to my shoulders. Her back arched as my fingers pressed against her hot center. She moaned again, tightening her fingers into my shoulders. My mouth found her breasts, the nipples hard, and I took an erect tip in my mouth, sucking through the material of her shirt. She bit her lip, but a whimper fell through. She suddenly sat up and wrenched the shirt from her body. Her skin was flawless, besides the black bruises on her hips. My hands

ghosted over her marks, but she stopped me, grasping the back of my neck so our lips could clash. Her tongue found mine, wrapping her legs around me so she could grind into my fingers. My other hand popped open her tight jeans’ button. She gasped as my hand slipped in them and rubbed over her slick folds. Her mouth released mine, moaning as her hips moved with my digits. As one of my fingers entered her hotness, she cried out. I yanked off her bra, leaving her luscious breasts for me. My mouth found a rose bud immediately as her hands scraped my hair. Another finger entered her warmth and she lifted herself up so she could straddle my legs. She rode up and down on my fingers as I bit down her on nipples. She was so warm and hot, making my body vibrate. Her walls suddenly clenched and she became undone, biting into my shoulder to contain noise, but a small shriek exited her lips. Her lust bolted all over the room and I came right after her. I breathed a sigh of relief from the release of my orgasm. It sucked it had to be in my boxers though. She tried to catch her breath, removing her teeth from my shoulder as her eyes opened to stare at me, “That was…” “Amazing.” I finished, brushing the hair from her face. She glanced down at my wet pants. “Sorry…did I do that?” She asked quietly. No,” I shook my head, “I did.” She giggled suddenly, pressing a kiss to my lips, “I’m happy I could do that to you.” I chuckled with her, tightening my arms. She put on a shirt then crawled back into my lap.

My phone suddenly rang and I grabbed it in my hand, pressing it to my ear, “Hello?” Isabelle started to move away, but I squeezed tighter to her to stop the movement. “Enjoying yourself?” The high voice asked. I growled, tightening my hold once again on Isabelle. She stared up at me with a confused expression. “What do you want, Alice?” I hissed, trying not to break the phone. “Her, Jazzy. Just give me the fucking girl and everything will be fine,” She replied coolly, “Or we can take her by force.” “I’d like to see you fucking try.” “You’ve been warned.” She growled cryptically, the line disconnecting. Isabelle’s frown deepened as she clutched my face, “What did she say?” I ignored her words and growled, grabbing my mate by her hot upper arms roughly, causing her to wince and stare up at me with wide eyes, “You listen to me, Isabelle. You do not leave this house without someone accompanying you. I will not allow you to be hurt, so do not put yourself in harm’s way.” She nodded mutely and slowly eased her arms around me so I could hug her. We rocked back and forth for awhile as I basked in her scent.

Brenda hesitantly knocked on our door and peeked her head in, “Um, sorry to interrupt, but Rose and Emmett wanted to talk to you guys about Esme’s and Carlisle’s funeral.” I nodded, releasing the human girl, “Of course.” We walked to Peter’s, Emmett’s, Rosalie’s, and Brenda’s room. Rosalie and Emmett were there, on the couch, a little room spread between them, but they were close nonetheless. “I doubt we could even find their ashes,” Rosalie sighed unhappily, sadness twining into her voice, “The house was burned down.” “We could still throw something.” I objected as I sat down next to Isabelle on the couch. Brenda decided to stand, shifting nervously on her feet, this wasn’t her place. Peter came down next, sadness etched in his emotions, but he kept it hidden. I raised a brow at him, which he ignored and sat down by Isabelle. Rosalie suddenly became angry and snapped her eyes up to my mate, “This is all her fault!” She hissed. “Rose—” Emmett started, reaching for his mate as she shot up off the couch, but she shook him off. Brenda tensed as I growled and tightened my hold on my mate. “Oh, stop the charade, Jasper. I tried to get this, I really did, but she’s fucking human and she killed our family! Esme and Carlisle are gone, my husband has been cheating on me for thirty years, Edward is a trader, Alice, my only sister, is a fucking psycho and it is her fucking fault!!” She jabbed a hateful finger at Isabelle, causing lividness to spring inside her.

My mate jumped up and put her hands on her full hips. I tried not to stare at her tight jean clad ass and watched as she slowly sauntered in front of my angry sister. I realized now how graceful she had gotten. When she was Isabella Swan, she stumbled and fell to hide her true self, now she was as flawless as a vampire. “I don’t know what the fuck your problem is, but you better fix it!” Isabelle hissed, now in the livid vampire’s face. She was either crazy or had balls. Shock and resentment flooded into Rosalie, but anger fueled her on, “I advise you get your so-called-mate out of my face, Jasper, before she looses a limb.” I jumped up as Brenda let out a menacing hiss and stepped towards Rosalie. Emmett wrapped a strong hand around his mate’s arm and tried to tug her away. Peter watched us all calmly as I took a step toward the girls. “Isabelle, move.” I ordered at her. She didn’t budge, glaring at Rosalie, “Isabelle Swanson Marie, she’s a vampire.” She whirled around to face me. “And I’m a fucking fairy!” She screamed, her frustration finally leaking out. Everything was quiet as everyone stared at her, shocked. “WHAT?!” Bella As a little girl, when my parents were still alive, I was told by my mom that I was part fairy. I was confused as she explained to me how I was considered an alien to other supernatural beings.

My mother, beautiful and confident, controlled water. My father, strong and tall, controlled Earth. Little I, small and scared, controlled fire. I was, as my mother had said, a beautiful flame. I wasn’t very good at it since I was only four. The shield was just a gift from my grandmother, who was also a shield. But, now, now I had spurted it out without even thinking. My mother had told me repeatedly to not tell anyone I was part fairy. Fairies were usually hunted down and killed for their blood or eternal powers. When another being got a hold of our powers, there was no taking them back. Our blood was another thing. Since I was part, it was only minimum, but it was still the sweetest nectar for vampires. All eyes were on me, staring as if I was an alien. Oh, wait, I am… “Isabelle…” Jasper said slowly, “You’re a fucking fairy?” I smiled timidly, “Only part, really…and the rest are the shield and mortality.” Peter finally stood and nodded his head slowly, rubbing his chin as he strode over to us, “I have heard of fairies. But, I didn’t know they were real. They’re naturally called aliens, faes, nymphs, or harpies…but fairy is common. They have special powers and legends say that their blood is the most potent and sweetest ever.” All the vampires, besides Jasper and Peter, stared at me with hungry eyes. Jasper growled angrily at all of them, causing them to all look away. “What’re you?” Peter asked.

“Fire. I control fire or I could make it, but I’m not very good at it.” “We could always train you.” He replied easily. Rose huffed, throwing her arms up in exasperation, “Just another fucking reason for the Volturi to come.” I scowled at her, but it was true. If Edward and Alice found out, I would be long gone. Jasper growled and wrapped an arm around my waist, as if to keep my safe. He roughly pulled behind him. My shield immediately slipped around his form to protect him. I couldn’t hear what Peter or anyone else was saying for the first time. Peter hesitantly stepped forward and tapped his fist against the glass-like shield. It made a tink tink noise. “Interesting,” Jasper suddenly mused from in front of me. His strong arms slowly loosened around me and I was able to hear Peter. “Very,” He agreed. His fist suddenly pulled back and aimed for Jasper’s face. I gasped and clutched his shirt so my shield could rewrap around him. He growled at Peter as my shield dodged his hit, “Well, her shield is definitely strong if it can protect someone from a hit like that.” Jasper wrapped his strong arm around me so I was pushed against his back. We slowly stood and I realized he was in Major mode, staring at everyone, “Jazz, it’s okay.” He whirled around to face me, his arm still around me, and stared into my eyes. I gasped in shock as I stared at the black orbs, “It’s not! You didn’t tell me you were a fucking fairy and now Alice is going to see it, shield or not. She’s going to go to the Volturi then their going to come for you!”

“I’m sorry, Jasper.” I whispered. “I told you this was her fault.” Rose hissed. Jasper whipped his head to her and growled. “Shut the fuck up about that, Rosalie or we’ll be planning your funeral next!” She jumped and her eyes grew wide. She quickly sat down and looked at the floor. Everyone was quiet. Peter broke the silence, “We need a plan.” Jasper “Jazz,” Isabelle complained as I slid into the driver’s side. Brenda got into the back and readjusted her backpack. I was happy to have her to accompany my mate when I couldn’t. I ignored Isabelle’s complaint and started the car so I could drive out of the hotel. “Jazz, why do I have to go to school?” She whined. I tried not to look at my mate. Her legs were encased in tight, light gray skinny jeans. Her shirt was a dark green tank top. Her feet were covered by a pair of new black and white converses. Her hair was straight and thick, in her face like usual. At first, I objected of her going to school, but Peter then explained that we could plan while she was gone and she was safer there than in our house since Rosalie and Emmett smelled unfamiliar vampire scents in the woods. I just didn’t like the idea of horny teenage boys staring at her all day. Brenda agreed to go with Isabelle and we sent them to school the following week. “It was not my idea and it’s less dangerous here. I don’t want you hurt, Isabelle.” I replied coolly, keeping my eyes on the road.

“But, with Bree?” Isabelle cried, “She’s frikin’ crazy!” Brenda chuckled from the back as she inserted her blue contacts into each red eye. My mate crossed her arms and gave an upset pout as her jaw locked in a stubborn hold. I sighed. Not this shit again. “I am perfectly safe with you, Jasper. I don’t need to go to school.” She sighed heavily as I parked in front of the high school. Students strolled around, laughing and playing around with each other. Brenda giggled, “Good God, we have entered Degrassi.” Isabelle whirled in her seat to glare at the laughing vampire, “I hate that show.” “What! It’s getting good! Clare and Eli just broke up.” Brenda objected as I turned off the car. “Who cares?” My mate asked dryly as she turned back around. She crossed her arms over her full chest and stayed quiet. Brenda rolled her eyes playfully and got out of the car. All the guys stared. Yeah, Brenda had a pretty good body. Her rack was full and perky and her stomach was flat. Her hips were wide and suggestive with nice, long legs to match. Her light cinnamon brown hair was in a straight, pulled back ponytail so it was fully out of her face, which was makeup free. She had on a hot pink t-shirt and tight jeans. Her tennis shoes were simple. She reslung her backpack over her shoulder and watched the humans with a bright smile. I sighed heavily and strode over to the passenger side, throwing the door open. Isabelle stared at me defiantly, her jaw jutting out

stubbornly. I leaned in, meeting her glare head-on. She looked away. “I’m not opposed to making a scene,” I checked her body up and down, “little human.” Her eyes shot to mine and I felt embarrassment and resentment flood into her, “You wouldn’t.” She hissed. I leaned forward so our lips were inches apart. Her heart sped and I smirked, “Try me.” She stared into my eyes for a second and I watched as her’s turned darker before she huffed and grabbed her bag, jumping out of my expensive vehicle. I grinned widely as I clicked the button to lock the car. I wrapped an arm around my mate’s full waist and pulled her inside as Brenda skipped happily behind us. We ended up in the office. I strode to the desk with Brenda as Isabelle stayed behind in the chairs, sulking. “Hello,” I glanced down at the nametag on the middle aged red haired woman’s chest, “Mrs. Lee.” She looked up at me then gasped and dropped the stapler she was using. I smirked at her and listened as her heart fluttered. “H-How can I h-help you?” She asked quietly, downcasting her eyes as embarrassment and lust radiated off of her. Brenda rolled her eyes and pushed me out of the way, “I’m Brenda Brown and my friend back there is Isabelle Marie. We just need our schedules.”

Mrs. Lee appeared flustered and I heard my mate snort, amused, “Oh! Oh, yes! I’m so sorry. Of course.” She quickly filed through some papers and gave Brenda a couple of sheets, including a school map. Brenda happily skipped out of the office. She hadn’t been to school in thirty-five years. Smirking, I grabbed my mate’s hand and led her out into the hallway. Everyone was getting ready to go to class, but sometimes trailed behind when they saw Brenda, who was leaning against the lockers. I pressed a kiss to her lips and she deepened it by swiping her tongue over mine. One of my hands buried into her thick hair as the other squeezed her hip. She whimpered when I parted from her. Then I remembered. I quickly dug into Isabelle’s bag and took out a small pistol. I handed the gun to her as Brenda looked around to check if any of the humans noticed the exchange. My mate appeared shocked and pushed it away, “Jazz!” I chuckled, “It’s for protection.” “I’m not going to shoot anyone!” She cried quietly. “No, but you may shoot a vampire. It has silver bullets. Just aim it at a major artery, like the heart, groin, or head. It’s just in case Brenda isn’t there,” I told her, “It won’t kill them, but it will keep them down for awhile.” She pursed her lips then took the gun so she could tuck it back into her bag. I had put it on safety so it wouldn’t go off. Brenda frowned, “Does she even know how to use a gun?”

Isabelle flickered her eyes to the vampire, “My dad’s a cop. I think I’ll be okay.” She replied sarcastically. Brenda chuckled and I led them to their first class. I pressed one more kiss to Isabelle’s lips then let her go unrelentingly. She smiled sadly at me then ducked into the room. As soon as she did, lust bolted from the room. I growled. Fuck this. Bella I was put in the front of the room, next to a brown haired boy. He was almost as tall as Jasper and his hair hung down, straight. He had an after shave and radiated bad boy. His body was lean and his muscles were prominent. His dark eyes flickered to mine then he looked away.

(AN: I think he is SOOOOOOO frikin’ sexy! He looks mysterious and sarcastic. My type of man!) I glanced back at Brenda and she mouthed at me, “Talk to him. He’s cute.” I rolled my eyes and stared at his tapping fingers, which were moving against the table relentlessly. It was starting to annoy me as he began a fast beat. I glared at him, “Would you stop?” His smirk reminded me of Edward’s; crooked and dangerous, “I’m sorry?” “I didn’t stutter.” I replied sourly. “Obviously. But, aren’t you supposed to be a little nicer, Isabelle?” He raised a dark brow, smirking at me. My eyes narrowed as my hands itched to shoot the gun I had in my bag, “How do you know my name?” “Everyone knows your name.” He told me quietly, “They’ve been waiting for you, Flame.” I froze at my childhood name and stared, wide-eyed at the man. He was still smirking, staring at me smugly. “I take it you remember then?” He raised a brow. I nodded slowly, still eyeing him. “Y-You’re a fairy?” I asked quietly.

He chuckled under his breath as he lifted a finger. I watched with great surprise as his finger turned red then burst into a small flame. I gasped and he laughed as he lowered his hand. “You’re a fire, too?” I questioned. He nodded, smirking at me again, “How did you…?” “…know your parents?” He asked quietly. I nodded, “Well, they sent me. I was in Hanoi, but your mother missed you and I offered to go to the real world to search for you. Took me a couple of years, but your finally here. Flame, this is bad. You’re in the world of vampires and we need to get you to Hanoi. Your parents feel the darkness and you need to head back before it’s too late.” He explained seriously, his eyes locking with mine. My parents were alive? And what the hell is Hanoi? I gasped in a quick breath, “I just can’t leave.” He leaned closer towards me and whispered, “He’s going to steal your light, Isabelle. You have to get away from him.” I was confused, but before I could answer the teacher walked in and started the class. By the end of the class, I was anxious for some answers. When the bell rang, he leaned down to whisper in my ear, his breath hot on my skin. “I warned you.” He hissed before turning and leaving the classroom. Brenda seemed as confused as me and we quickly strode to the next class. I yearned to see that guy again. He knew more about fairies than me and he had talked to my parents when I thought they had been

dead for the last ten years. I paused in the hall when a preppy cheerleader jumped in front of us. “Hi! I’m Tiara!” She introduced cheekily. Bree scoffed, “Are we supposed to give a fuck?” Gym was next and we both rounded the girl so we could head towards the room. I hated gym, almost as much as Bella Swan. It wasn’t bad actually, but I hated putting in effort for nothing. The school uniforms for gym were too tight and squeezed my form. The shirt was light blue with a bulldog on the back with tight small shorts. I felt overly exposed as Brenda and I strode out of the locker-room. I felt the uneasy feeling of someone watching me as Brenda headed outside with the rest of the class. Suddenly, I felt cool breath on my ear and tingles snatched into my veins. “Lookin’ for someone, Sugar?” Jasper’s voice asked me, his accent on full force and strong arms wrapped around my hips. I gasped as his cool thumbs raised my tight top, brushing over my hipbones. I turned in his arms, “No. What are you doing here?” I asked, frowning at him. “I wasn’t going to let my mate be here all alone. Especially with Brenda.” He smirked. “Oh,” I smiled, “You weren’t so mad about it in the car.” I replied, teasing him happily. I was glad to have him here. He chuckled as his hand found mine and he pulled me outside. Brenda wasn’t surprised to see him, but the other students were. They gossiped frequently on the bleachers, my name and Jasper’s

mixed into their voices. Jasper, Brenda, and I sat on the back row. Jazz shimmied me into his lap and pressed a kiss to my hair, which was hanging down in my eyes. The coach hurried to the front of the giant track. He started to explain what our activity was for today, girls are doing track while guys do football. The coach let Jasper sit out for today since he was new and because I wanted to stay with him, I came up with a plan. I grabbed Bree and led her towards the track. She frowned as I leaned to whisper in her ear, “Hold your stomach and groan.” Her frown deepened, but she placed both hands on her abdomen and gave a weak whimper. I smiled as I dragged her over to the coach. All the girls watched us with knowing and annoyed looks. “Um, coach,” Brenda groaned over my words so I slapped a hand over her cold mouth, “Brenda’s not feeling well and I think it might be Mother Nature’s Gift.” I told him quietly and I felt Bree’s mouth formed a small smile. He sputtered, obviously taking great displeasure in a girl’s period, but huffed quietly and pointed us back to the bleachers, “You girls sit down. I don’t want you to…um…break something.” I rolled my eyes and led Bree back to where Jasper was sitting with an amused look. He was sitting in the grass and I decided to join him. I straddled his waist, wrapping my arms around his neck so I could hold him close. Brenda giggled and laid back so she could roll in the grass. I closed my eyes; I was glad the sun wasn’t out today. A dark shadow suddenly loomed over my perfect world and my eyes shot back open.

“Flame,” A deep voice called to me. I froze in Jasper’s arms as he growled and tightened his arms around me. I turned my head slightly to see the tall, dark haired boy watching me. “Oh, hey…,” I didn’t even know his name. Brenda leaned over to whisper to me, “His name is Terrence.” “…Terrence.” I finished. His muscular arms were crossed over his heaving chest. He seemed upset as he glared at Jasper. I felt Jazz growl angrily, but I placed a hand to his chest to stop him. “What the fuck are you doing with a vamp, Flame? I thought Sarah and Ryan were just kidding, but they were obviously serious!” He hissed, staring at me incredulously. I stood up slowly and stared at him, “Jasper…is my mate, and I am his.” He snorted sarcastically as the other teens dispersed to their activities, “I’m your mate, Flame. We’re supposed to be together. Your mom and dad wanted me to find you so we could go back and be with each other.” He took two giant strides forward and grasped my hand in his. I frowned and I was whipped behind Jasper, who was growling uncontrollably at Terrence. I was so confused. I was still getting over that my mother and father were alive then Terrence was supposed to be my fae-mate. I leaned my head around and looked at the two of them. Terrence’s eyes looked like hot lava, glowing red with anger as he glared at Jasper. His hands were shaking, holding fires as he tried to control

himself. Jasper wasn’t any better, his eyes were as black as night. His form was shaking with a large growl. Jasper wasn’t backing down and he definitely wasn’t scared. I grasped his arm, “Jazz.” I started, but he pushed me back roughly into Brenda. She leaned in to whisper in my ear. “Put up your shield.” She ordered quietly as her hand grasped my arm. I fought her off me and grabbed Jasper’s arm, yanking him towards me. I hardly moved him. “Jasper Fucking Whitlock! We’re at school! You two are NOT fighting!” I hissed as some students’ attentions were directing at us. I got in between the two men and tried to push them away from each other. Terrence was the first to snap back to reality, his eyes turning back to brown, and grabbed my arm, pulling me towards him. Jasper snarled, grasping my other limb so I was pulled towards him. “Let. Go. Of. My. Mate.” He growled lowly, tightening his hold until I winced from the pain. Terrence caught my cringe and spat back, “You’re hurting her!” Brenda decided to intervene, “Both of you stop or you’re both going to hurt her!” Jasper loosened his grip in response, but wrapped a strong arm around my waist to pull me to him roughly. Terrence let me go then stomped away with a lingering gaze. I sighed in relief into Jasper’s chest. He was still growling, but I pressed my palm to his chest again, calming his being. He relaxed at my touch, but pushed me behind him.

“Major,” Brenda called quietly, fiddling with her fingers nervously, “He’s gone. You can release Belle now.” He growled lowly at her, but didn’t move an inch, tightening his arm around my waist until I winced. Brenda hissed right back. “You’re hurting her. I don’t care what your problem is, but if Belle dies, so do you! Now. Let. Her. Go.” Jasper slowly unwound his arm from around my body and I fell to the ground with a small thump. Brenda quickly checked my body for any injuries and helped me up for awhile. “Jazz,” I tilted my head to the side, “Are you okay?” He was quiet for awhile before growling loudly and spinning around so he could grab my arm. I yelped in shock and pain as Brenda yelled behind us. I let Jasper drag me behind him as he cursed profanities. “JASPER!” Brenda screamed as we nearly ran towards the parking lot, “What’s going on?” “Fucking vampires! I could smell their scent a few miles away!” He snarled, pushing me roughly into the car. I hissed a curse at him, which he studiously ignored and got into the driver’s side as Bree slammed the door of the backseat. “Fuck, Jazz! I can’t just show up to school on my first day then ditch!” I shouted at him, rubbing my arm, which was bright red. He growled lowly at me. “Sorry, I don’t speak that language,” I mocked sourly, “Try English.”

“Not in the mood, Sugar.” He told me quietly, but I could tell he was bucking up since he called me Sugar. I smirked and reached across me to squeeze his knee, “I could get you in the mood.” He flickered his now dark eyes to mine as Bree groaned and pinched the bridge of her nose, “Could you guys not do that when I’m in the car?” I rolled my eyes, but let go of Jasper’s leg and turned to look out the window, my arm crossing across my chest. … The next day, Jasper and Brenda went to school in order to keep appearances. Jasper forced me to stay home, growling that he still smelled the vampires. I stomped around in the bathroom in frustration. I had just taken a shower and in a towel, my blonde hair sticking to my back and face. I didn’t want to stay home. I didn’t want to be with Peter, as odd as that must’ve sounded, but I wanted to be with my mate. I know he was aggressively protective, but I was worried he would hurt Terrence, the guy who had all the secrets and answers I wanted. My stomps limited and I quietly paced, running hands through my wet hair. I stopped short as I heard Peter’s voice call to me. “Belle, I know you’re mad, but come out so I can keep you company,” He pleaded quietly. I sighed heavily and shimmied on my underwear. I put on a pair of snug jeans and a white, fluffy

sweater, which was loose around my body. I dried my hair as I stepped out of the bathroom. Peter was on my cushiony, hotel queen bed. I crawled onto it with him and laid down in the crook of his arm. He held me to him tightly. Peter and I had a weird relationship. He was like a big brother, but also a person I could talk about with problems, something I could never do with Emmett, which was my first brother. Rolling my eyes, I realized that he was watching Jersey Shore. I turned to him, “These are the people you should kill,” I mumbled grouchily. He gave a mocking pout, “No way! America needs these people!” He did a hard fist pump. I smiled softly, but then turned serious, “Peter? Jasper told me you have a mate. Charlotte…” He froze, “Um, he did?” He shifted uncomfortably. I sat up and pressed my palm against his chest. “Yeah, I want to meet her…,” I tilted my head to the side so the damp strands tickled my cheeks, “When will I be able to?” He suddenly sat up, causing me to fly off the bed and onto the floor. My head struck the hard wall and I whimpered as I clutched the small bruising. Peter didn’t seem to notice, his eyes far away. “Um, I’m gonna go get you some food. Yeah, you’ll like that. How about a hamburger…?” He rambled, but before I could reply, he took off out of the door and it slammed behind him.

I frowned and slowly retracted my hands from my head. It was still aching, but I knew I would get over it. A ringing sound was in my ears, and I thought it was the headache, but when I listened more closely, it was my phone. I groaned and crawled back to the bed, reaching over the covers so I could grab the ringing technology. I pressed the green button and brought it to my ear. I cleared my throat twice and answered. “Hello?” I greeted. “Love, great for you to answer your calls.” Edward replied sweetly. I froze up and silently cursed under my breath, “Oh, such language. You know, if you were with me, which you are going to be, you wouldn’t be speaking that way.” “But, I’m not.” I grinded out between clenched teeth. “I said you will be. Once James kills Jasper, I’ll come for you and we’ll go to the Volturi so we can change and train you. Then you’ll be treated like the royalty you should be.” “James?” I hissed, ignoring his words. Who the fuck was that? “Yes, Isabelle. You’re very important. To me and the Volturi. You are my mate and I will claim you.” “I’m not your’s and I never will be! Get over it, Edward. I may have loved you—” He cut me off, “And you still do, love—” “Stop calling me that! I’m Jasper’s! He’s my mate—”

“Shut up!” Edward roared in the phone. Even though he couldn’t get me right now, I still squeaked quietly. He chuckled darkly and I heard his frantic, upset breathing, “Obviously, you’ve forgotten what I’m capable of. Jasper’s going to die today and I’m going to mark you as mine. My venom will course through your veins. My lips will kiss your’s when we get married. And my ring will be on your finger for the rest of eternity. And try not to intervene today, I don’t want that cute, blonde head of your’s to be hurt. Who knew I could actually love blondes?” Then the phone went dead. Tears fell from my eyes and down my red cheeks. My shaking hands searching frantically for Peter’s car keys. I screamed in fear and anger, my brain now hysterical. Get to Jasper. Get to Jasper. Get to Jasper! I squealed in happiness when I found the keys and hurried out. I didn’t know where Peter went, but I didn’t really care at the moment as I flew down the hall. I ignored Rosalie and Emmett’s room and I repressed the phone to my ear as my breathing went erratic. My finger held the number one so Jasper’s speed dial immediately filled the screen. Clicking the green button, I ignored the elevator and ran down the five flights of stairs. “Sugar?” Jasper’s smooth voice held confusion. “J-Jasper!” I cried breathlessly, clinging to the phone for dear life and stopping on the stairs, “Get out of the school! Right now! Newborns are coming! Go to an open space and lure them away from the students!” He muttered a ‘fuck’ and I heard Bree asking what was wrong. His strong bike engine roared to life and I could hear him speeding down the road.

The phone was passed to someone else, Brenda, “Izzy? What’s going on?” I froze up as I felt cool breath on my neck and I knew it wasn’t Peter. I whimpered then cautiously turned to see a tall, black haired man. He was pale and his eyes were a shocking, cold burgundy, ruining his handsome features. The phone slipped through my numb fingers and the vampire’s tough foot connected with it, crushing the metal with his solid shoe. My eyes stayed locked with his as he smirked, “Hello.” He greeted quietly, his voice heavy with a French accent. My lips sputtered, unable to form a coherent sentence. He chuckled softly as he took a tread towards me and I stumbled back, my heart going into overdrive. He licked his lips. “The Volturi sure are desperate. I mean, what’s so special about you? You’re blood sure is sweet though. There’s only one scent that could be that good…,” His eyes widened, grinning, “You’re a fae,” I froze and he seemed to take that as a yes, “I bet Aro doesn’t know that. I heard that fairies are very beautiful. Now, I know that it isn’t a legend.” “Asshole,” I replied sourly. He grinned again and took another step forward, “Get away from me!” He laughed yet again and grasped my arm in his frosty hand. He started to pull me down the stairs, but I wasn’t cooperating, screaming like a banshee and kicking at him. His arms held my limbs in place and he carried me away. …

Jasper Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, FUCK! I was so fucking stupid. I wasn’t paying attention hard enough and now Isabelle could be in danger. I handed the phone to Brenda as I sped my motorcycle down the road. I could hear the vampires following us. About eight of them, two others in charge. “Izzy? What’s going on?” Brenda asked warily. I didn’t hear a reply, but Isabelle did give a small whimper. I could hear the shuffle of feet and a small gasp. All of a sudden, the phone made a deafening clatter sound and a crunch before the line went dead. “FUCK!” I roared, screeching the bike to a stop. My mate was in trouble. I threw the bike down and Brenda jumped off just in time. She hissed small profanities at me, but followed as I headed towards the hotel. I stopped short when I heard the clash of rock hard flesh behind me. I whirled around to see a redhead vampire woman snapping her teeth inches away from Brenda’s face. I lunged forward, but was cut off by a man attacking me. Growling in outrage, I threw him off, but grabbed both of his arms to rip them off. He hissed in pain as I landed a foot on his back. The redhead was suddenly thrown right beside me and hit a tree. She hissed in outrage and tried to leap forward, but Rosalie suddenly launched out of the woods, a teen girl newborn ripping her blonde hair. Rosalie screeched in horror as they rolled in the dirt. Emmett was the next to fall in. A tall blonde haired man strode in after him, shirtless with ripped jeans on. His blonde hair was in a tight ponytail and I identified him as James.

The redhead, Victoria, kicked Brenda off of her and another vampire caught her, holding her tight to his chest. He was tall and burly, almost as big as Emmett. Brenda struggled with him, but then gasped as he suddenly turned to ash. We all watched in amazement as Terrence stepped forward with a challenging look and giant flames in his hands. I heard a horrified yelp and roared in anger as I saw my mate being dragged by her damp, golden strands to the small clearing. A black haired man, Laurent, smirked smugly at me as he sat her in the sitting position. She cried out in pain and tried to struggle. “She’s a good shield, but not good enough.” He grinned, giving a hard heave to her hair. I growled loudly, crouching low. My mate filled my brain, protecting her was my main priority. James smirked and walked around Laurent to grab my mate. Brenda pressed a hand to my chest to prevent me from lunging, but she was right, too many newborns and James could kill her with a flick of his finger. He bent down to her level so he could stare into her eyes. She sneered at him then drew her fist back so she could punch him the face. I watched in awe as his head snapped back and he screamed in pain. A small gather of smoke was puffing from his features. Isabelle had used her powers to burn him. I could feel smugness, fear, and nervousness radiating off of her. Her eyes met mine, but she immediately cried out as a hand connected with her face, slapping her. She clutched her cheek as tears gathered in her eyes. I roared at the salty smell and lunged. Brenda could not stop me.

Emmett took out a vampire first while Rosalie stayed behind him, gathering the moving limbs, detaching the last four. I tackled James down and detached his head. Laurent was taken out by Peter, who suddenly determined to arrive. Victoria decided to grab my mate, but I threw her frail body out of the way and sunk my teeth into her hard neck. She hissed in pain, flailing her wild limbs and hair. My hand connected with her fingers and I started to tear them off, causing her to scream out. She called James, her mate, in agony as I dislodged her head. … “She’s okay?” I questioned, standing quickly with Peter off the couch as Brenda came out of Isabelle’s room. She nodded enthusiastically, clasping her hands together, “Her heartbeat is starting to pick up. You can go check on her.” I hastily walked into our room and saw her spread out in the bed. Her long legs tangled in the covers as her hands splayed across the pillows. Her sun-soaked hair blocked the view of her face so I brushed it away. A small smile littered her face and her light green eyes fluttered open, her full lashes drawing back to create shadows on her skin. Her emotions suddenly skyrocketed to panic then she lunged at me, whimpering slightly. Her hands rubbed mine then she went to my limbs, checking for any injuries. “You’re okay!” She rejoiced.

I laughed lightly, glad to have her awake, “Of course, Sugar.” I turned her around and her head fell onto my chest. She sighed deeply, remorse clouding her features. “I’m sorry.” She whispered. I frowned, “For what?” She righted herself up, staring at me like I had two heads, “I shouldn’t have left the room. I put myself in danger and I’m sorry, Major.” She used the word Major and gripped my leg. I smirked at her. She was a seductress. But, she knew how to please me. “And then Edward called—” I whipped my eyes back to her’s as a blush filled her cheeks. “He called you?” I growled lowly. Just thinking about him made me want to rip out that ugly hair of his. My hands tightened to fist around her waist. She nodded slowly, “He said I was his mate and they would train me then change me and I could be treated like royalty.” I growled again, holding her tight to me, “But, I disagreed with him, arguing that I was your’s, but then he got mad and explained that vampires were coming so I hurried to get to you. But…” “Laurent found you.” I finished. “Yeah,” She pouted her full, shell pink lips, “Then he killed my phone.” I chuckled, “I’ll get you a new one.”

“Thanks.” She whispered as her face buried into my chest. I nodded and wrapped my arms around her again, “I love you, Jasper.” I stiffened. Then realized that I had yet to tell her those important three words. I mean, she was my mate and I loved her with my entire being. I clutched her even tighter. “I love you, too, Sugar.” I whispered as I buried my face into her hair. … Rosalie had the nerve to feel remorseful as we put Carlisle’s ashes into the ground with Esme’s. She gave out a little sob and Emmett wrapped his arms around her. I rolled my eyes, but allowed sadness to fill me. Esme was like a friend to me and I had cared for her. “We should head back.” Brenda said quietly as Peter finished burying the parents. I nodded and we all headed back to the hotel. I was surprised to see Isabelle up, sipping on some tea and on the couch. She was staring at the TV, but it wasn’t on. I cautiously walked up to her and gasped. Her eyes were red, like how Terrence’s had been when he was angry. The tea suddenly fell from her hands and crashed onto the floor. But, that wasn’t what everyone wanted to catch. My hands shot out to catch my mate in my arms. Bella

All I remembered from my dream was running, darkness, and I was hot. Sweat rolled down skin as I tried to escape whatever was behind me. A flash of blonde told me. At first, I thought it was Rosalie and I rolled my eyes internally at myself for having this dumbass dream. I wasn’t scared of Rosalie. Then, when I looked more closely, I recognized the handsome face in the shadows as Jasper. His eyes were red and cold. Recently, he had switched back to the animal diet for me and promised not to take another human life. I was thankful. I took a small step back and watched as a wide, cold grin stretched his face. Alice and Edward suddenly stood beside him, the same eyes and grins on their faces as they stepped towards me. I screamed out Jasper’s name, trying to wake him from his spell, but I heard nothing. My voice was nothing, just words that flew into the wind. I turned to run, giving up the chance in trying to converse with Jazz, but paused when dark cloaks floated towards me. The last thing I remembered was Jasper’s honey voice next to me ear, “I love you, Sugar.” Then his teeth entered my neck. My screaming filled my ears as I sat up, my limbs flailing wildly with the covers, imagining they were vampire’s fingers. I froze, heat flashing up my spine as a drip of sweat trailed down my neck to my breasts. It was so hot in the room, causing breathing to be impossible. I vigorously wiped the sweat from my forehead as I stepped out the room. My green eyes searched for Jasper, but he was nowhere to be seen in this big suite. I gave up after banging on Rosalie and Emmett’s door, which where there was no reply, and decided to take a cold shower.

After my long shower, I put on one of Jasper’s big black t-shirts and boy shorts. I didn’t feel like getting dressed in anything else. Pinning back my hair, I searched for some ice tea then settled onto the comfy couch. I stared at the television, wondering if I should turn it on. I needed a distraction, but… I hesitated as I reached for the remote. Suddenly, heat exploded all over my body and I let out a blood-curdling scream. My ears rang with shrill voices as my vision went red. … My eyelashes fluttered as a bright light filled my vision. I was in a white, fluffy bed and my hair was bouncy with curls, sweeping across the cushiony pillows. The heat was gone, but my chest was heaving as I looked around wildly. Where the hell was I? The light was shining through an open window and it looked like the sun was setting. That was weird. I wasn’t in my hotel bed and Jasper’s golden eyes weren’t staring at me. I jerked up to the sitting position and stared down at my body in shock. It had a healthy, tan glow radiating from me and my hair looked shinier. A white, simple dress was wrapped around my body. It was low in the center of my breasts, showing the fullness. It stopped over my knees and flowed down elegantly. My bare feet cautiously hit the wooden floor. I walked slowly to the door and reached a hand out to open it, but someone beat me to it.

“Ah! You have awakened!” A deep, familiar voice rejoiced. I was so confused as I stared at him. He was tall, towering over me at 6’4. His hair was slicked back like how Carlisle’s had been and blonde. His face was unpredictably beautiful and handsome. He was so youthful, about twenty three, but I could tell he was smart from his energetic and intelligent blue eyes. Suddenly, recognition flooded through me and I lunged at him, tears flowing from my eyes, “Daddy!” He laughed throatily, “So great for you to remember your old man.” He replied saucily, wrapping his arms around me so he could hold me close to his hard chest. After awhile, we broke apart and he grinned at me, taking my hands, “Come, Isabelle. Your mother is waiting for you. We’re so glad you have returned.” I nodded as he pulled me along. It was shining outside and everyone seemed to be having fun. They were all beautiful and youthful, dancing and laughing around. It was a giant lake and I watched in amazement as a tall brunette stepped out of the water, dripping wet and her dress clinging to her skinny form. She smiled at me and my dad then sauntered away. Dad chuckled and led me to another woman. She was young, too, about twenty and was blonde. Her hair was like a waterfall of sunshine and reached her waist. Her body was like an hourglass and the white dress she had on just burst the beauty. She turned around with a bright grin, her white teeth spotless, and her heartshaped face was completed by wide jade eyes and freckles. I identified her as my mother.

“Mom!” I cried, running to give her a tight hug. She stood fluently, her dress moving like an elegant river, and caught me in her arms, crushing me to her full chest. She pulled back to look at me clearly. “Look at my little girl! She’s all grown up now, Ryan! You’re going to have to watch out for the boy faes. They’ll want to get a piece of her!” She exclaimed in a soaring voice, smiling dazzlingly. My dad chuckled with my mother. I grimaced, I needed answers. “Mom, Dad, I’m so happy to see you guys, but do you mind telling me where I am and how can I get back home?” I questioned. They both turned serious, frowning, too. “Um, baby,” Mom rubbed my arms, “You can’t go back. You’re supposed to stay here and be with us. Then you can marry Terrence.” As she said this, I felt a hand slip into mine. I gasped at the hot feeling and looked up to see a smug Terrence. Mom squealed as Dad wrapped an arm around her. “It’ll be ideal.” Dad nodded, smiling. “No! No! No! I have to go back home. How did—” “No, baby, you can’t. You see, when fairies die—” Mom started. “I’m dead?” I squeaked. Dread started to heave into my brain. “No! Of course not, but we called to your spirit and it came down. Since we are your parents, we can call you back whenever. And

since this is where you belong, we brought you back.” She reached for my other hand, but I rushed it back. “What? You can’t just take me away! I have to get home. Jasper will be so upset.” I exclaimed. Terrence tightened his hand on mine until I yanked it from his grip. Dad suddenly grabbed my arms to restrain me as I saw my mother’s distressed and fretful face. I started to wrestle with him, shoving my hands against his solid chest. Unexpectedly, all the fairies that were once smiling and having fun were surrounding me, suffocating me. They all grabbed onto some part of my body; my hair, my arms, my hands, my legs, my feet, any part of my skin as they muttered words of staying. Swiftly, the entire swarm stopped and let me go as the sky crooked dark. They screamed, outcaves of beautiful voices merging together as they cried in panic. All the faes headed towards the river and dived in as I watched in incredulity. The stream glowed a bright white as everyone soon disappeared. Terrence hopped in subsequently as Dad and Mom stared at me. Dad jumped in first then mom grabbed my hands and brought me towards the water. “Mom!” I shouted, “Let go!” “Honey, we have to go! He’s coming! The darkness is here!” She cried, placing her feet in the glowing water. “What darkness? You mean Jazz?” I frowned as she pulled me down with her so my feet were in the immaculate lake. “Yes! Now, we must go before he steals your light.” She said urgently, pulling my hands again.

I snatched them away, “No! Mom, Jasper would never hurt me! You’re lying.” Her eyes turned dismal and confused as she finally sighed then vanished into the lake. The glowing halted and I was all alone in the gloom. I started to meander around, running as heat warmed my body. My head felt flighty as I screamed for Jasper then fell lifelessly to the hard, grassy ground. Jasper “Dammit, Jasper, I’m not a fucking doctor!” Brenda screamed at me, outrage forcing its way into her emotions. “Why was she home alone anyway?” Rosalie asked apathetically. Peter frowned as he stared at Isabelle’s silent and still body. They had placed her in our bed and put a damp wash cloth onto her forehead to take down her body temperature, which was racing at 113 degrees. I ran hands through my hair viciously, pulling at the strands as I paced back and forth. “Okay! That’s it, let’s do the treatment.” I sighed heavily. Peter nodded and grabbed the syringe off the end table. He cautiously took a step towards Isabelle as my dead heart tightened in anxiety. Before the needle could prick her skin, my mate bolted up, covered in a thin sheen of sweat. She stared at us with wide eyes and frowned when she saw Peter creeping towards her with the syringe.

“Ahhh! Get the fuck away from me with that thing, Peter!” She cried, shoving his hand away from her. He smiled widely as Rosalie and Emmett snorted. Brenda’s eyes grew wide as a giant grin settled on my face. Isabelle’s eyes met mine and filled with tears, “Jasper!” She was suddenly in my arms and her lava hot lips molded to my cold ones. In the back of my mind, I vaguely remembered everyone leaving the room, but I was too focused on my mate’s body. She felt soft and hot, burning my hands wherever I touched. Her small, heated fingers moved up under my white t-shirt and caressed the skin, scraping her nails over the granite. I groaned into her mouth and grabbed each luscious butt cheek to lift her off the bed. I slammed her against the wall, attacking her neck with my lips. Her nails dug into my back as her legs wrapped tightly around me in a vice grip. She slammed down on my obvious erection and I growled, holding her to me as her nails reached up to scratch my hair. Her breasts were arching into me. One of my hands was buried into her hair while the other was holding her to me by her waist. She groaned in frustration until my hand found her erect nipple and she whimpered in relief. I ripped my black shirt off her and found only rosy nipples. I trailed my hands down to her hips, much to her demise, and then lowered my lips to her breasts. She moaned, a mewling sound she couldn’t seem to control, and I smirked. I glanced up to see her face and body was a delicate pink, her chest heaving as her breath came out in raspy gasps. I traced the tip of my tongue over her nipple and she mewled again, grinding her hot center into me.

“Bed.” She whispered as her head buried into my neck. I grabbed her ass again and headed back to the bed. We fell together and I twisted so she could land on me. She glanced at me from beneath her long lashes then grabbed my shirt, only to rip it open with her human strength, causing me to groan. She slowly started to rock her hips, heat flooding my manhood. Her small hands reached down to unbutton my jeans then slid them down. “Jasper Whitlock goes commando. So there is a God after all.” She commented. I chuckled, but paused as her hot fingers came in contact with my dick. I purred, bucking my erection into her whole hand. “Fuuuck,” I groaned as she squeezed then went up and down. She did this for awhile then suddenly her hot mouth enveloped my erection. I hissed, grabbing a hold of her hair as I hit the back of her throat. She relaxed her gag reflex then started to go up and down, my dick sliding to the back of her throat. A low growl was settling into my chest as my hands tightened in her hair. She swallowed around me, sucking in her cheeks then scraping her teeth. She started to go faster as my balls tightened and the snap in my stomach fell over the edge. My climax shot down her throat and she smiled widely around my cock. She smirked as she detached her mouth from me. I grabbed her hips then pulled her up under me as she giggled in happiness and surprise. I pushed some arousal and lust her way and her back arched off the bed. She moaned, clamping her nails into the bedspread as I toyed with her underwear. “Please, Jasper.” She begged. I glanced back up at my mate to see she was now a deep pink, gasping for big airs. She was beautiful.

I settled in between her legs and spreaded them apart. I pressed my tongue to her panties, feeling and tasting her soak beneath them. She whimpered and I took that as encouragement to press harder into her. She arched off the bed again, desperately trying to remain controlled. I wouldn’t let her as I nuzzled the damp fabric then pulled it swiftly down her legs, causing her to gasp I sank my tongue into her hot depths. She tasted just like she smelled; fruity, salty, and woman. She cried out, moaning my name with other profanities. I smirked as I flicked my tongue over her clit. I could feel her wall clenching as I entered a finger into her. She whimpered slightly, opening her legs wider until I threw them both of my shoulders to get a better angle. “You’re so wet, Sugar.” I commented. “Jazz…,” She pleaded, “more, please.” I added another finger and with that, she climaxed, shrieking my name out as ecstasy exploded all over the giant suite. I could hear the others leave quickly, lust pouring off of everyone on the floor. As Isabelle was seeing stars, I positioned myself at her entrance then slowly slid in. She was so wet, so it really wasn’t a problem. She arched her back again, urging to me to take her virginity. She cried out as I broke through her thin barrier. I smelled the small blood from her stretched center. I might’ve wanted her blood, but wanted her body more. Her legs wrapped around me again as she gasped for air, her face now red, “Shit, you’re so fucking tight.” I threw her legs over my shoulders to get a better angle as I speedily pushed in and out of her.

Her walls clenched and she came, but I didn’t stop, going even faster. She screamed my name as I finally reached my high and I quickly diverted my teeth from her neck and into a nearby pillow, ripping out the feathers. She was breathing heavily, her color a vivid red. I held mine, trying to control my bloodlust. Finally, my eyes lightened to a dark gold. “You ready for round two, now?” She asked slowly. My eyes darkened to a steel black as I picked up my mate and threw her over my shoulder, to the bathroom. Bella After having sex in the shower three times and changing into clean clothes, we finally emerged from out room. Two upset eyes and two amused eyes stared at us. Bree and Emmett’s were internally laughing, but Rosalie and Peter’s, not so much. Jasper casually plopped himself in an armchair and put his hands behind his head, grinning. “Do you have anything to say for yourselves?” Rosalie asked harshly, an annoyed edge to her voice. “Nope.” Jasper replied simply and I couldn’t help the giggle that slipped through my lips. Jasper smirked at me then quickly pulled my body towards his, pulling me onto the couch and into his lap. “So,” Jasper prompted as he played with the strands of my hair, “What’re we meeting about?” “Jasper!” Brenda hissed, “This is serious! While you and Izzy were fucking, Emmett just made a huge fucking decision!” She was upset, muttering profanities.

“What?” I asked softly. Emmett, my rock, my big brother, stared at me with depressing black eyes. I shook my head slowly as I comprehended what he was saying, “Emmett…no.” Rosalie fell onto her knees and let out an earsplitting keen of misery, grasping at her blonde tresses. Peter’s eyes flickered down to her, emotionless, his teeth clicking against his pastel tongue. Brenda whimpered slightly, sniffling, “Emmett,” she started, “You can’t do this to me, to your mate!” Bree had always been close to the Cullen’s. She was changed by a random vampire and never met him, but stayed with the Denali’s for awhile before meeting the family. She disappeared to tour the world for a few years, Jazz had told me, and formed a tight bond with Peter, Charlotte, and Emmett. Jasper sat up and I fell against the arm of the sofa, breathing intermittently, “You can’t be serious.” He nodded his head gradually, “I’m going to die.” … I plopped down in my seat and studiously ignored Terrence. He was watching me, I could tell, his dark eyes burning into my head. Bree kept a close watch on him from her seat, but stayed quiet. Jasper wasn’t at school today. He wanted to guard the lines of territory with Peter, but would come pick me up after school. When he wasn’t here, it was just more aggravating.

Once the bell rang, I jumped up, but Terrence gripped my wrist in his hot grip. I cringed as he tightened it and I tried to yank my limb away. “Let go!” I hissed at him. “I saved you, I proposed to marry you, and you saw me in your Hanoi vision. Why won’t you just stay with your parents and me?” I winced as his grip got tighter, “Because I don’t want to and I’m with Jasper! Listen, I already have enough problems. The Volturi is after me, other vampires are trying to kill me every day, and my brother is going to die! I honestly don’t have enough time for you and my parent’s bullshit!” Brenda finally decided to intervene and pulled me away, hissing at him. … “I’m going to go around to get the car. Just stay here and don’t move!” Brenda told me seriously. I had totally forgotten we had parked in the front of the school, not the back. Only a few people do and everyone had left. Brenda couldn’t run in her natural speed since humans were all around in the front. I sighed and went to sit down, but I saw a shadow move in the trees. Narrowing my eyes, I stood up and headed towards the woods. When I was deep enough, I took out my small pistol and aimed at the shadow about to jump to another tree. A loud shot blasted and hit something. “FUCK!” A vampire screeched, falling to the ground in front of me. It was a man, obviously, with dark brown hair and pale skin.

He wasn’t as strong as Jasper, more like Edward, but in immense pain. “Oops! Sorry, still getting used to this thing.” I hastily apologized. He looked up, gripping his bleeding thigh, and stared at me with angry crimson eyes, “You diminutive bitch!” I frowned, my lips slipping into a pout, “Now, that’s not very polite. Just because I shot you, doesn’t mean you can go all butch on me.” “Fuck you,” He grouched as he shut his scarlet eyes. I repositioned my revolver, “Who sent you?” “Like I would tell you shit.” He replied resentfully. I rolled my olive eyes, “You can either tell me or my mate.” His eyes shot open at that and fixated on me, “Mate?” “Yeah, Jasper Whitlock.” I was conceited about it. He froze in trepidation, “Major Whitlock?” “Yeah,” I shook my head, “He won’t like that you were pestering with me.” He was soundless for awhile before snorting and rolling over onto his back. I paused when I saw the bullet pushing out of his slacks, venom flowing from the wound, “I doubt that.” I scowled and shot his shoulder. He keened in pain, clutching the new lesion, “Shut up.”

He started to creep towards me and I hurried to fire again, but missed by an inch, the pellet grazing his cheek. His lips were pulled back over his white teeth and I tried to shoot once more, only for it to be out. “Dammit, Jazz!” I hissed and threw down the small gun. I chanced a step back, but stumbled over a small rock, falling on my ass. He was inches from me now and grabbed my ankle in an overwhelming clench. Just as I was about to put my shield up, a truck sped around the corner. It speedily curved towards us and I fastened my eyes, protection firmly around me. I heard a giant BANG and a body hurled into my shield, scaring the ever-living shit out of me. I shrieked as I peeked under my eyelashes. The man’s repulsive face was pushed firmly against my shield, but then slid down, venom descending with it. I lowered my powers as Bree stepped out of Peter’s new SUV with a smug look, tossing back her caramel hair, “Ready to go?” I rolled my eyes again, but nodded as she took my hand and helped me up. … “Can’t we ever get a fuckin’ break?” Jasper roared, throwing up his arms in aggravation and rage. I sat on the couch, patiently waiting for him to stop as I fiddled with my fingers. Brenda was pretending not to listen, flipping through a glossy magazine with jaded eyes as Rosalie stayed in a corner, her eyes drenched with venom. Emmett was consoling her while Peter pouted next to me. He glowered at Brenda hatefully.

Bree sighed and raised a brow at him, “What?” “You. Crashed. My. New. Car.” Peter growled laboriously. “And?” She frowned. Peter threw his hands up then stomped of the room, heckling explicatives underneath his breath. “This is getting exhausting, Jasper. We need a plan.” Emmett mumbled from the corner with Rosalie. Jasper whipped his eyes to his former brother, “I know.” Emmett shot up, glaring at Jazz, “Then fix it.” “It’s not my fuckin’ fault that you killed and fucked a bunch of humans! I could just change Isabelle’s name and take her outta the damn country, but I’m also trying to help my sister! Don’t fuck with me right now, Emmett!” Abruptly, my vision went crimson and the hairs on the back of my neck stood up, heat flashing up my spine. I shrieked out before falling limply onto the sofa. The final thing I saw was Jasper’s dark, frantic eyes. … I was wet. Wet? And cold.

Very cold. My eyes suddenly shot up and I looked around to see clear, sapphire water. My first response was to flail my arms and try to get air into my lungs. Blistering hands suddenly clamped around my wrists and pulled me up. I gazed around, disoriented, but breathed in as much air as I could. My lungs were ablaze, beseeching for liberation that I was hastening to give. I looked around and almost groaned out loud when I saw where I was. Hanoi…again. Staring into my dad’s apprehensive eyes, I pushed him away, jumping up on my feet. This time I had on a white baby doll dress and my feet was bare. My hair was longer, reaching my waist in coiled locks. God, I look like a Barbie. “Are you okay, baby?” My mom’s voice asked from behind me and I turned to see her, staring at me with teary sea green eyes. “I’m fine.” I snapped and stood, gliding benevolently towards her when I meant to trudge. I mutely cursed fairies and their fluidity. “I’m sorry, okay? I just needed to tell you—” She started. “What!” I lashed out at her, “What did you need to tell me that was so damn important?” She gasped atrociously, affronted, “Your powers are strong and you need to let them free, so…” She brought her hands together

and her eyebrows merged, concentrating intently on something. Her fingers began to smolder and I stared at her in awe. In her hands, was a garnet sphere, twirling in the air. She reopened her eyes and smiled vibrantly downward, “this is for you.” I diffidently took it and watched as it immersed into my skin, “What…?” She smiled again as Dad stood next to her, the sun shining on the both of them, “You need protection and if you play your cards right, that can make you as powerful as me.” “Th-Thanks.” I smiled sheepishly. I was kinda upset now, after I had yelled at her. “No problem, Isabelle. Just be careful.” Dad advised, “Something big is coming.” “I know, the Volturi.” I rolled my eyes, waving a hand dismissively. “No, Maria, she’s in New Hampshire, but won’t be as bad as you think. Give her a chance.” Mom explained softly. They both stepped forward and mom pressed a kiss to my temple, “Be careful, baby, and come visit sometime, we’re only a dream away.” My head swirled and I felt a push to my torso. My being fell softly into the ice cold water, taking me into the deep. … “Isabelle? Sugar?” I felt hands anxiously press against my face, “Can you hear me?”

My head was ringing, causing me to groan from the strong pulse, “No, go away.” I heard his deep chuckle and the alter in the bed or coach I was in. I was obviously on his chest since I couldn’t hear any heartbeat, just hollowness. “Isabelle, open your eyes.” He ordered softly, pressing a kiss beneath my right ear. I shivered unwillingly and pressed tighter to his unbreakable body, my eyes fluttering open. The first thing I saw was bright honey eyes, staring at me with amusement and then a well-built arm slung carelessly over my waist. I flipped over and stretched like a cat, wiggling my limbs and ass, causing Jasper to groan. I fluttered my eyelashes at him in an innocent way. “How long was I out?” I asked as I sat up, disoriented. He put his hands behind his head, “About two days. You’ve got a pretty bad fever, over 118 degrees.” I frowned, “I feel fine.” “What were you dreaming about?” He skewed his head in my direction. “It wasn’t really a dream…My mom and dad called me to Hanoi to warn me.” Jasper froze up, “Like last time.”

“Yes.” I nodded, standing from the bed. “They shouldn’t do that. It hurts you.” He protested. “It doesn’t matter,” I objected quickly, “We need to go to New Hampshire.” Jasper’s eyebrows fused, “Why?” He demanded. “Maria. She knows everything that’s going to happen. Mom told me. She said to give Maria a chance.” I told him. “Maria?” He hissed, jumping off the double bed, “I told you that that was over! That part of my life is OVER!” He wrapped onto my arms agonizingly. “I know, Jazz, but if you want me to stay safe you have to go and talk with her. It could give you answers.” He paused, letting me go unhurriedly, “Fine, but you have to stay here with Brenda. Emmett and Rosalie are heading towards Denali for awhile and Peter’s coming with me.” … “I’ll miss you though.” I protested halfheartedly, tears softly running down my red cheeks. Jasper smirked down at me, “You’ll be fine. Just for an extra measure I’m letting Peter stay down here for an extra day so Brenda can drive Emmett and Rosalie down to Alaska. Can you handle that?” I snapped at him, “I’m not a fucking five-year-old.”

He chuckled deeply and pressed a kiss to my waiting lips. I opened my mouth to allow his tongue to slide in. I wrapped my arms around his neck as he did the same to my hips. We heard a throat clear beside us and I broke apart form my mate swiftly to see a pleased Peter. “See ya, Major.” Peter called as Jazz left out the door, temporarily turning to wink at me. I smiled delicately, waving a feeble hand. … I flickered through the channels, bored out of my frikin’ mind. I plainly gripped my tresses, pulling at the roots as my feet itched for velocity. “Hey, now, Baby doll. None of that.” Peter smoothed away my hands, “Jasper would kill me if I ruined the merchandise.” “Ugh, I’m sorry, Peter. I just get really anxious when I’m not around him.” I replied sourly. “It’s okay. I get anxious when I’m not around, Char either,” He paused there, “Isabelle, you know how you would do anything for Jasper?” I nodded slowly. “Well, I would do anything for Charlotte. And that means anything…One day…you’ll understand.” “Peter, where are you going with this?” I asked carefully. His burgundy eyes met mine before flickering back down to the rug, “Just don’t hate me. For whatever I do to you for these next

three days, just don’t hate me,” His voice broke, “And tell the Major I’m so fucking sorry.” I nodded again, not sure what to say, but I put my hand on top of his, “You know I could never hate you, Peter. So…no worries.” He smiled softly, nodding. Jasper “Ah, so nice to see you again, Major.” Maria slowly turned, two other vampires, Eric and Riley defending her, and she eyed me up and down, “You look well.” Her eyes seemed tired, worn out, but still the vibrant red. “So you’re working with the Volturi?” I asked quietly leaning against a tree. They had just finished killing a human in the woods and the blood was stale, demolishing the clean air. She snorted humorlessly, “I was. Alice and Edward are conniving little sons of bitches. They took out half my army just to make me help. Then they dangled you and Peter—” I stopped her, holding up a hand, “What does Peter have to do with this?” She raised a black brow then frowned, “Peter didn’t tell you, Major?” Fury and betrayal merged as I comprehended her words, creating a foreign emotion for me. Peter. My real brother had betrayed me. For fucking what? A deep growl sounded in the back of my chest as my thoughts grew dark.

Both of the men vampires took a step back in fear while Maria’s expression turned apprehensive. Peter’s fucking flight hadn’t been deferred. He knew I was going to figure out so ran like a coward. I turned away, but Maria blocked me. “Don’t do anything you’ll regret later, Major.” I nodded once before taking off. (AN: Okay, things are about to get a little crazy and jumpy so just hang on.) Bella Peter had left about five hours ago and Brenda wouldn’t be here for another day. I lazed around the house, pacing around my phone as I waited for a message from someone. Anyone. Anywhere. Sighing heavily, I fell back into the sofa; I was becoming frantic from staying in this close-fitting suite. I must’ve dosed off because when a trilling resonance broke through my muddled mind, my eyes jolted up. I quickly jerked off the sofa and grasped the vibrating cellular phone in my hand. Clicking the green button, I hurriedly pressed it against my ear, “Jasper?” “Oh, I bet you wish it was.” Alice’s annoying voice replied smugly. My expression immediately clouded over, “Alice.”

“Isabelle, how are you?” “I’m sure you know.” I retorted bitterly. She laughed extraordinarily, “Isabelle, you haven’t changed at all.” “Fuck you, Alice. Now, what do you want?” I asked with irritation. “Well, the Volturi are on their way and I was wondering if you were going to meet to hand yourself over or just come by force?” I could practically see her raised perfect brow. “Sure,” I growled, “Where do you want to meet?” I heard her intake of breath, she was surprised, “You’ll figure it out on your own,” She paused, “Oh, and Isabelle?” “What?” I hissed as I stripped off my PJs. “Bring the necklace.” I glanced over at the end table and stared at the jewelry. When Alice and I declared out friendship, we had gotten matching necklaces, it now meant nothing. “Same goes for you.” I heard her small chuckle before it disconnected. Jasper Peter was always fast, almost as fast as Edward, dodging trees as I roared his name. I could sense him up head and I knew he had jumped into the branches to hide his scent. But, I was always good at tracking, too. He hurriedly bounded to another until we reached the city.

His emotions were making me madder; sadness, agony, fear, and acceptation. He was right in front of me; a dirty alley was going to be his ending. Our friendship slowly crossed through my head. Flashback The last of them were changing now and I knew Maria wanted them well-disciplined. Sometimes it felt good to punish them. One had been extra violent so I told Antonio to watch the last three. I dragged a shaggy haired man to the old barn and watched as his wide red eyes flashed open. He was weird to say the least. He suddenly shot up, glancing down at his old watch, “Oh, jolly shit! I’m later than a fat chick on a diet walking down Elm Street! Shit, shit, shit! I’m fired, oh, well, you know I could always go into prostitution…”He said in one breath, rubbing his chin in a thoughtful way. His head abruptly whipped to me, HOLY SHIZNIT! Your eyes are, like, red, man. You should get that checked out.” He scratched his head, “Ya know, I think I’m lost, good sir. Do you mind telling me where my fucking house is?” I rolled my eyes to the broken ceiling, but didn’t reply and started away, “You’re a vampire, dick. You have no home.” He was quiet for awhile, shock taking over his emotions, “Hey, aren’t vampires really fast?” I turned to his fully, “Yeah.”

He grinned wickedly, “Does that mean I could cop a feel and no one would notice?” End of Flashback I slammed him against the brick wall and roared in his face. He squeezed his crimson eyes shut, breathing in raggedly. “I take it you heard the news, then?” He questioned jokingly. “SHUT UP!” He shut his mouth, “How could you fucking do this to me? You were my brother!” “Jasper, I have an explanation—” He started. “It’s over.” I shook my head, and squeezed on his neck. Just as his cranium was about to pop off he screamed in agony and pain. “They have Charlotte!” Bella I’ve never given much thought in how I would die—though I’d had reason enough in the last few months—but even if I had, I would not have imagined it like this. As I put on my comfiest pair of ripped skinny jeans, camisole, and a baggy sleeveless dark hoodie. I tied up my converses quickly and grabbed my cell phone so I could make my last call. I did doubt they would kill me, but you never know. It was snowing, white flakes basking down over my skin. I didn’t shiver like I would since my fire had boosted up. It felt good actually. I pressed the number one and green button as listened as someone picked up.

“Isabelle?” Jasper’s frantic voice asked. I could hear choking and sobbing in the background. I smiled gently, so he hadn’t killed Peter yet. “Don’t hurt him, Jazz. You’ll need someone to cry on.” I snickered as I entered the beginnings of the forest. “What?” I could practically hear his frown, “Sugar, where are you?” “Well, I wouldn’t know per se, but I’m on my way to meet up with the Volturi.” I replied. It was quiet for awhile before I heard a feral snarl, “Get your skinny ass back to the hotel!” “No, Jazz, I’m not going back. Listen, if I don’t make it through this, I’m sorry.” I whispered the last part, tears finally spilling into my eyes. “Isabelle,” Jasper hissed, “Go. Home.” “No, no, I can’t.” I glanced up to see a clearing, “Listen, I gotta go, Major. Take care of everyone for me.” I started to lower the cellular device. “Isabelle!” He bellowed into the phone and I brought back up the phone to my ear, “Don’t do this.” “I love you, Jasper.” I vowed one more time before burning the phone into ashes.

As I reached the clearing, I saw Edward first; gorgeous, red eyed, and lean, and then Alice; miniature, dancing, sprite with ginger eyes, like she was trying to eat humans, but also animals. “Love, so great for you to show.” Edward smiled lovingly and my stomach churned. “I’m not cowards like both of you.” I replied snottily. Alice giggled highly, “Of course your not. You’ll be perfect.” I raised a brow, “Says the girl who tried to kill me.” It was Edward’s turn to cackle, “I will always love your dark humor.” He stepped forward and brushed his artic fingers over my cheek. I shivered from his icy touch, but was too stunned to move as he leaned down to capture my lips in his. My response was to push at his chest, but his mouth forced mine open and his tongue dominated. Finally, he released me and smiled as Alice clapped behind us. “Ah, young love.” She sighed gleefully. I scoffed and felt heated anger fuel through me. I quickly gripped Edward’s wrist and his dark red eyes shot to mine, pain filling them as I burned through his granite skin. He hissed in pain and I was suddenly in the air, over the plants, and into a tree. I groaned in pain as my shield wrapped tightly around me, buzzing slightly. Edward leaned over me as his wrist started to heal. He smiled easily at me then suddenly broke through my barrier, grabbing me out of it. I shrieked and started to fight against him, it was hard to use my powers when I didn’t know how to use them.

Alice clapped again, grinning madly as she turned away from us. Edward stood me up by the arm roughly and turned to where Alice was. “They’re almost here. Just five more seconds.” Alice squealed. Just as she said that, I saw dark cloaks emerging from the mist. I sighed with relief; it was good to just get this over with. They emerged, about twenty of them, all dressed in black. They seemed to fall back and let Aro and his brothers pass. Aro was tall, almost as tall as Edward and I couldn’t tell if he was beautiful or not. I supposed his features were perfect, yet delicate. His skin was a translucent white, like onion skin, and it stood in shocking contrast to the long black hair that framed his features. His eyes were scarlet, the same as everyone around him, but the color was clouded, milky. He stopped in front of us and I was astonished by his fluid strode. Such surreal grace! Edward chuckled and pushed me forward roughly so I stumbled in front of Aro. He smiled down at me softly, clasping his bulky hands together. “Ah, Isabelle, it is great to finally meet you in person.” He said gently, keeping his eyes leveled with mine. I scowled at him. He had killed my family, almost tried to kill me, and wanted my respect? Hell-to-the-fucking-no. “I wish I could say the same.” I replied maliciously, placing my hands on my hips.

His eyes widened in surprise, but kept he the easy smile on his face, “May I?” He reached out a hand for me to take; Peter had told me that he could read your mind in one single touch, and I didn’t need him knowing I was a fae. I smirked up at him, “Whatever.” His icy hands clammed around mine and he closed his milky eyes. I eyed the rest of the guards as they stayed completely still, watching me with hungry eyes. “Oh!” Aro suddenly exclaimed, causing all his guard to jump and advert their alarming orbs to him. His eyebrows were furrowed as he gazed at me in deliberation, “You’re a shield.” I smirked again, smug, “Yes, I believe I am.” “Edward and Alice said nothing of this.” He frowned, gazing at them. “Edward and Alice are idiots.” I shrugged as if it was the simplest thing in the world. He was quiet for awhile, Edward and Alice growled, and then laughed loudly, cackling as he doubled over. The rest of his vampire league chuckled nervously. “Glad I amuse you.” I sneered. His hands squeezed mine as he smiled. Then all the red eyes flickered up to the front of the forest and my head whipped around just in time to see my savior. “Jasper.” I grinned. He strolled in casually, hands tucked in his dark jean pockets, “I don’t get why I have to keep telling people to unhand my mate.”

Aro’s hands slipped from mine as he smiled, “Your mate?” The others followed him in; Rosalie, Emmett, Brenda, Peter, and, surprisingly Jacob with his pack. Alice smiled widely at Peter for some odd reason then let out a high whistle. A weak girl, stumbling over her pale feet, was pushed forward with a bag covering her face. She was gasping for air, her blonde strands of hair falling out of the sack. It was pulled roughly away to show her black as night eyes. “Charlotte!” Bree and Peter both called at the same time. The big vampire that had her, which I identified as Felix, pushed her forward and she fell onto the ground, shaking with fear. Peter raced over to her and pressed kisses to her pale, ashen face. I backed away and towards Jasper, who wrapped a strong arm around my hips. The Volturi took a few steps forward as Aro paced around lithely. “So, Isabelle, you used to be mated with Edward, is that correct?” He asked softly. “That is,” I paused, crossing my arms, “What’s it to you?” “Well, I was just asking a question, dear one. It’s good you kept it in the family though.” His eyes slid to Jasper, who let out a hiss in anger. I scowled again, “Jasper, it’s been awhile, hasn’t it?” “Yes, I reckon it has.” Jasper drawled civilly. Aro laughed again, “You reckon? Ah, that country slang of your’s.”

“How about you cut to the fucking chase already, Aro?” I shouted, throwing my hands up in annoyance. There were a few gasps from the crowd. Jasper rubbed his thumb over my hip, “Easy, Sugar.” Aro leaned down so we were leveling each other, “Yes, easy, Sugar.” I could feel my eyes darken a fraction, “I advise you get the fuck out of my face, dick.” Aro’s face fell and a rumbling growl fell from his mouth. Jasper pushed me behind him and snarled right back. Then… All hell broke loose. A small girl, small like Alice, with short blonde hair and blazing red eyes lunged forward, but my hands shot out and she was turned into crispy ash. Aro watched in amazement, but not the least bit sorry. Alec fell to the ground around the ashes, probably Jane, and keened, “Jane!” Alice tackled me from the side and I decided not to use my powers to hurt her. This…was personal. She gripped my hair in her small hands and yanked, causing me to shriek and throw her away with my shield. Her body dug into the earth. “Ugh! You little bitch! This was an original.” She screamed, bolting towards me. I rolled my eyes, but prepared for her attack,

wrapping her small arms around me so we fell to the ground together. Jasper and the rest were burning the guards now and trying to keep everything calm as the scared vampires tried to run. Peter and Charlotte cut them off, stopping them from escaping. Aro and his brothers were starting to panic, but stayed in the center, watching me. I finally got the upper hand by my shield and pushed the squirming pixie into the dirt. She fought, but I heated my hands. This was it. She sat up once and my hand jerked through her chest. She gasped, pain registering in her eyes as she realized I had broken through her chest. On the other side of her back, I held our friendship necklace and crushed in my palm. “Isabelle,” She whispered, her white lips inches from mine, “I’m sorry, if it’s worth anything.” “It’s not.” I shook my head softly then my hand caught on fire and burned her body through and through, turning her being into ash. Epilogue Something cool and wet was rubbing against my center and my foggy mind was starting to wake up. Ecstasy bolted through my body as I comprehended a cold tongue on my clit. I started making those noise again, the noises I couldn’t control when Jasper did that.

My back arched off the comfy bed, grasping his hair in my hands and pulled him up to me. His lips met mine softly, pecking once then twice as a tongue entered my mouth. My taste was even better mixed with his. His hands, one on my waist, and one buried in my hair, squeezed me closer. My hips grinded into him and he entered me in one thrust. I arched again, putting the heels of my feet into his ass to bring him closer. Mewling sounded from my lips and echoed around the empty cabin house. My head buried into his neck, groaning in pleasure and ecstasy. … “What was that for?” I whispered, turning to him fully. He shrugged his shoulders and I smiled. I secretly loved his wake up calls. Ever since the Volturi had been vanquished, everyone had calmed. It felt good to feel that way. We had moved from Boston, down to Texas and got a cabin in the woods, a few miles from the main house, which Terrence and Brenda, who were now mates, Peter and Charlotte, and Emmett and Rosalie. I slowly kissed my way down his chest to his hard abs. he propped himself onto his elbows as his eyes darkened, a smile lifting his lips. My tongue met his freed erection and I circled my tongue around it before sucking it into my mouth, his zingy taste entering my mouth. “Izzy! Jasper! You two better be covered up! Time for school!” Brenda banged on the door. I groaned as Jasper growled softly, bringing me up to him. Bree barged in, Terrence behind her, watching with amused eyes, as she placed her hands on her full hips.

“Get off him, Izzy. Time for school.” She said, throwing my bag at me. I groaned again, kicking it off the bed, “I’ll be down in a few.” “I’, giving you ten minutes then I’m back up here.” She called over her shoulder as she left. … After getting dressed, I straddled Jazz’s waist, who was still naked in the bed, the blankets covering his hips. His hands found my ass and slapped our pelvises together. I moaned. “I’m going to school.” I announced lowly. “Good.” He replied shortly as his lips found my neck. “I have to go, Jazz.” I whispered as his tongue and teeth melted into my skin. “Go.” He said simply, his erection pressing against my clit. I moaned, tangling my fingers into his hair. “I’m going…” I trailed off, pressing a deep passionate kiss to his waiting lips. “IZZY!” Brenda screeched from the living room. Jasper chuckled as his lips released mine. I groaned in frustration then pressed a kiss to his chin before standing. I grabbed my bag and walked towards the door “Love you!” I smiled.

“Love you, too.” Jasper called, winking at me. THE END!!!!!

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