like and use key words related to the project Eg “Mangrove Reforestation in the Lower Basin of San Juan River” Total Project Cost and Duration What is the overall cost / funding requirement? Over what period / duration? Possible source/s of funding. Brief Description of Project What are the main activities? What does it intend to achieve (e.g. specific and over-all objectives)? Is this a “development project” or is it a “commercial/income-generating project” Under what sector/s does this project fall under (e.g. forestry, waste management, sanitation, food security, poverty-alleviation, women in development, etc)? Who are involved in project conceptualization, partners in implementation (NGOs,private sector, academe, etc)? Where is it to be specifically located?

Brief Description of Proponent LGU experience in implementing similar projects Relevant LGU financial data/proof of creditworthiness

Target Market How is the project “market driven? Is there a demonstrated demand? Who will be the primary beneficiaries/target groups (e.g. small fisherfolks, women, NGOs, rebel returnees, etc), or customers ? Will there be secondary beneficiaries or customers? What is the size of the market or population that will benefit or be served? What is the source of your data /information? Income Statement Provide a three (or more) year cash flow projection What is the capital requirement? How much for start up costs? How much for working capital (operations)? How will the project recover the costs? What are the estimated receivables / revenues? (eg these can be user fees, taxes, gross revenue) Pay Back Period At what point will the project pay for itself? Provide a simple Return on Investment (ROI) scenario How will the income be treated?

Any other income consideration? (e.g project heavily relies on LGU subsidy due to the following considerations…) Risk Assessment and Project Sustainability What are the main elements of risk? E.g. financial, environmental (e.g. impacts on critical habitats), health, social/political, institutional What is the potential negative impact on gender, youth, IPs, population growth/migration pattern, etc. How will this risk be mitigated? How is project sustainability to be ensured? Project Multipliers Will there be non-financial benefits (eg better quality of environmental services, reduced greenhouse gas emissions etc)? To what extent will there be jobs created? How will families be affected? Will there be positive impact on gender equality, food security, health, peace and order? Will tax revenues be enhanced?

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